Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 21, 1891 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 21, 1891
Page 6
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DROWNED. upon tho beacn o( sanJ, V/bca tlie night's fierce storm was o'er, .And the morn.ns's tender band Touched with l[gk\ tbe. \vrccl;-strcwn shoro. Fishers in tncir suits al grey Fo-.incl hsr body \vbore it lay OD:(i and lifeless on the store. "IT ]' \vcr ot £joiri£ to marry you," . \vith n toss. "I would go stage tomorrow. I lore it-— I '8ca-.it;.'u! \vas s'ae^und talr: •Vale as marble: and her hair •Seemed l'.i;e solilon threads just spun rFrora a sur.imor noon-day sun; -And the cur'.uir.s of nor eyes Fa:ne:ied down by fringe of goid £3 k! ike uny :;zure skies. Underneath their vah*t fold. Sean-p a dozen summers old Wnsthis liu-ln maid they round, Cold and lifeless on the ground. 'So the fishers sadly spread On the Ucacb n ragged coat: i.iii! ui-on ii Bjanty's dcad» lifted her into their boat. Tearfully, these Ushers brown Sowed in silence to the town. 'Where the busy, bustling throng. 3ialf in sorrow, half in sons, On its way moves up and down. Jn the hi'.y chapel place. With a smile upon her face, •Like an .angel did she seem -Smiling in a happy dream! -Mow the Ushers hear tho peal Of the solemn music steal Th,rou;rh the chapel's scented air; Now with heavy hearts they Uneel While the good priest lifts his prayer For their little maiden thore: "'God of Heaven, earth and love, !i,ook upon us from ubove IE Thy mercy while we pray! .•Doth a. mother far away .^Jong to see her child again? 3Ical, 0 God. her grief wita love 1 •Comfort with Thy bless3d grace Ml who miss this little face. Bless, O Qjd. these fishermen: •Fill their hearts with love; and whe They like this fair child shall sleep- When life's nisged hilLnnd steep Shall be climbed—we pray thee, talce Them to Thee, for Jesus' sake! For His sake, kind God. Amen!" Then the Ushers said; "Amen:" "Twas us if an angel stept In tho chapel where she slept. When the service was dismissed, Came the Ushers old, and kissed— Kissed her tenderly, and wept. She was laid beneath a tree Near the ever-sobbing sea, Vrhere the birds in summer-time Sing and tell in saddest rhyme, Mow tiii;, little rose, unknown, 'On the ocean's swelling wave To the sandy shore was blown; Bow the Ushers came to weep, -Krc they put forth on the deep, Here beside the little grave! —Frank Dempster Sherman, in N. Y. Jndo- pendent. OERALDINE-'S FAILURE. The Lesson Laamsd by Experience on the Real Stage. lin scenes! Ha, * Bra,vo! bravo!" There vras vociferous applause with liands as ivcll as voices. "My dear, that girl is a born actress! Sow different private theatricals are nowadays! When I was a girl- Really— they will have her on again then!" * ^ The curtains dividing the audience 3rom the mimic stage were once more •virawn a little apart to admit a pretty •- with dark, rippling hair and spark- eyes, who advanced to make her &ow in recognition of the plaudits tvhich rang through the room. "Who is she?" asked a visitor. "A. Miss Geraldine Norton," was "whispered back. "Hasn't any money, Jives with an aunt who rather dislikes private theatricals. Might set her face against them utterly,- only, luckily for the girl, she is engaged to a well-to-do yonng fellow— Sydney Ascot— else she'd Ii«rve to be a governess." •"Isie here? 7 ' •"Oh, yes! Behind the ia, ha!" Sydney Ascot was behind the scenes. indeed, at the wings, with his back against the wall, his arms folded, he lad witnessed, with the gravest of Saces, the triumph of his betrotheo'', in "•The Belle's Stratagem." "By Jove, Syd!' doesn't she do it •swell?" exclaimed a friend, standing- at ius bide. '-Why, man, what a solemn •countenance! Aren't you pleased?" "Pleased!" was the response. "I •Rvishto Heaven they'd — they'd hiss her." "'By Jove — why?" ' ''"Because such applause is enough to •fcurn a girl's head and give her false notions. She'll believe she is a genius. All this will make her restless to ^achieve more public glories, and be discontented that she can't; while you 3tnow, as well as I, Ted, what a vastly 'different affair is the real thing from ^che imitation. The successful amateur imagines he or she has but to step from the mimic to the real stage ,to score an etitial victory, and, oh! the disapppoint- ment! Geraldine is too fond of acting as it is." "Here she comes," Downes, who deemed away round the wing. "Oh, Syd, what did you think of me?" exclaimed his betrothed, dancing up to him "Was it not delightful? And to kuo\% it's all over! Oh, if it were only Every, every night! But you' don't say «rhat you thought of me?" "I thought you excellent-for an amateur." on th< ad ore" j "Bcuinisc they upplaudcd you," he smiled. "Supposing- they hari hissed? People nre hissed on the real stage, vou know." She flashed an angry glance ;;t him from her dark eyes. '•I love acting- better than anything-," she said, pointedly. "I dorl't believe what you say. I thin!; you cruel, unjust to s.-iy it; iir.d I beg-in to fancy we may not be as happy tog-ether a's we thought. At any rate, we shall disagree on this point." "Geraldine!" "It's true. 1 loreactins-. Oh! I would so like to be an actress." "Geraldine! Geraldine!" cried a young girl, running- up. "Come here." dear; old Mrs. Hudson says she miisf be introduced to you. Ever}- one's talking- of your success." Geraldine nodded triumphantly, and glanced back- at her betrothed, as"much as to say: "There, you see." .is she, hurried off. ''She is one of the sweetest, dearest of girls," reflected Sydney, as he slowly followed: "and they will spoil her. If they only Imew what 'getting- on the stage' means, they would be careful not to turn girls' or male idiots' heads by their folly. I will see Geraldinc's aunt. Tha-ak Heaven, I shall soon be my darling-'s guardian and protector." Geraldine slept very little that night, being too excited with her success. Sydney Ascot slept, perhaps, not quite so much, for thinking of her. The following afternoon he carried out his intention of seeing- Miss Frob- shere, the aunt of his betrothed. "My dear Sydney!" exclaimed the old' lady, "the girl's just lost her head about it. I wish all the private theatricals were at the bottom of the sea. that I do. If a girl, or a young- man, is only praised enough by friends, they think they have hut to step upon the real stage to become at once a Charlotte Cushman or an Edwin Eboth. There is no fever like the acting fever. Why," added the old lady, to Sydney's surprise, "I even caught the disease a little in my young days; only my parents, Heaven bless them, stamped it out." '•I don't mind private theatricals," put in Sydney, gravely; "save where it leads to false ideas, and—" "My dear boy, you can't separate the one from the other. Xow there is a letter come from the Grig-gses to Geraldine, wanting her to play Polly Eccles in 'Caste,' and since not a syllable can I get out of her. I tried by the m ost enticing subject. 'My love,' I said, 'I was thinking about your trousseau.' 'Oh, aunt,' she interrupted, 'don't disturb me. I want to learn this part. The Griggses have given me such short notice.' Here she is." As she spoke, Geraldine came slowly into the room, through the conservatory. Her eyes were fixed upon one of Samuel French's little yellow play- thank God, until I find her!" ejaculated Sydney—"until we can persuade her to communicate with us." IJut such a result did not arrive. No notice was t:il;en of the tidi'drtisements he put in Uie pupars nearly every day, imploring- hc*r. in mysterious sentences. to make her who^o.'ibouts known—assuring her that all things should be as she wished if she only would write. "Perhaps she has succeeded; she really had talent," remarked Miss Frob- shere, compassionating the suffering of her once prospective nephew. "Perhaps she has secured an engagement and gone on the read." Sydney shook his head. "If she has, she has paid her thousand dollars for it," he replied; "and even then, I think she would be so delighted that in triumph she would write to let us know." It was no good studying the columns of the dramatic papers to see if her aunt's forlorn hope was correct, for. of course, Geraldine had changed her name. How was he to find her? Oh, if he could! She might go on the stage, she might do any thing, if she would only let him watch over and protect her as a husband. But six months passed away, and there was no word, no sign of Geraldine. What might be happening to her? What privations, what suffering might she not be enduring? Me knew' she would endure much before her pride would let her acquaint them with it. Sydney Ascot, during these months, was never at rest. Night and day, when he knew rehearsals were on, he haunted the stage-doors of various theaters. Be took upon himself the role of actor, and xvas constantly paying fees to theatrical agents for impossible engagements, which .gave him the right, however, to drop in at all times at their offices, but never did he sec or hear of Geraldme. "I must give it up. She must be traveling," he thought, dejectedly, as he sat one morning at breakfast. "I can't search all through the country," He was scanning the advertisements as usual, when his eye lighted on this: "To ladies and gentlemen with histrionic talent. Vacancies. For further particulars apply to Rossmere, No. — Ninety-seventh street, New York City, between three and six p. m." "It's a last chance. I'll try," decided Sydney. At three he was at the house, when he was shown into a rather large, dingv VALUABLE TREE WASH. A Mixture Thnt Will Keep the Orchard Clcitn of Bugs and Worms, About two years ago I cut a rcccpe for a tree wash from your valuable paper, and it has kept lay trees clean of bugs and worms; in fact, I could not do without it, as the borers do not trouble the trees, and I tli'ink you ought to publish it again for the benefit of those of your readers who have not tried it. I copy it verbatim: ' "Take stone lime, slack and prepare it as for an ordinary whitewash, in an old ban-el or box. Take enough at a- time to make a bucket two-thirds full of the proper consistency for ordinary whitewashing. Now add one pint of gas tar, one pound of whale-oil soap dissolved in hot water, or one pound of potash, or strong lye from wood ashes, then add clay or loam enough to make the bucket full of the wash of proper thickness to be applied with a whitewash brush. If the trees have had the earth ridged up around them, take the earth away from around tbe collar and apply the wash to the body of the trees from the limbs to the ground or down to the roots. "Its advantages are, first, it will destroy the bark louse, and give the tree, a bright, clear and healthy appearance. Second, this wash will drive all borers that may be in the trees and the moth will not deposit eggs on or about the trees the same season the wash is used. "All who grow apple,. peach, dwarf pear, quince and ash trees, should use this wash; don't fail to use it because not patented and sold at a high price. I have known cases where peach trees have been badly affected by the borer; they have all left and the trees become healthy and vigorous with one application of this wash. "Again, mice and rabbits will not girdle trees where this wash is used. Apply in May for borers and general benefit to the trees, and in late autumn as a preventive against mice - and rabbits. ' Use this wash annually. Gas tar applied pure will 'kill trees."—Cor. Farm, Field and Stockman. PS WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD, ",|!f ot ^ crs ' ' Fr 'end,"'ls worth its weight in gold. My wife suffered more in ten minutes with either of her other children than she aid altogether with her last, after havina used four bottles of "Mothers' Friend." It is a blessing to expectant mothers, says B customer. HENDERSON DALE, Carir.i. 111. Having-used two bor'Jes my sixth child was born with no pair comparatively. Mrg. L. O. Vau££!C«n, Sheridan Lalce, Col, Wonderful—relieve? much suffering. Mrs. M. M. Breweter, Montgomery, Ala.. Sent by express on receipt of price, SI .M |*r hottla Sold by all druggists. Bock to mothers Dmiled frse EsAUriEtD BZGULATOB Co.. At'-mta, Ga. by Ben Fisher 4th street. Dr, C, McLane's Celebratec LIVER PILLS WILL CURE A few doses talcen at the right time will often save a severe spell ..oi sickness. Price only 25 cents at any drug store. Be sure arid see that Dr. C. 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Addrcn «t once, S'l'l.XSO.V It CO., 1-UUTLUiII, fflALNK. The Grcftt. Kn^li-ili Prescription. A successful Medicine used over years in thousands of Cures Spermatarrlixa,, Weakness, Emuisions. I 'and all diseases caused by abuse.* [BEFORE] indiscretion, or over-exertion. [urrxR] Six paclcages Guaranteed to Curt when ay other* fail. -Aslt your Druggist for Tho Grent £n c luh Prencription. take no Rubfitjtute, One package Jl, Six S5. bv mail. Write for Pamphlet. Addresi Eureka Chemical Co., Itctroll. Allcb, r.F»r sale by B. F. Keesliniz. marS<l*wly V/INTER PINEAPPLE, - books, her lips moved. Miss Probshere shrugged her shoulders. "Ah, Sydney!" exclaimed his he- trothcd, looking 1 up, her eyes dancing, "I hope vou don't ivant me t.n n-ri nnf> remarked Ted it best to slip The girl's checks flushed a little deep*ar, a hurt expression settled on her ^features. ' You are not very enthusiastic, at -any rate," 'she said, her -Kp-curlin™-. ^Ycra shall hear what the others are "saying—that I'm born'for an actress." "Their praise is very injudicious, my love, if- it makes you think that your t -acting here would be accepted at once x>n the real stage. There would be a Sot-of hard work, of drilling-, of heart- "burnmg- disappointment,- my darling-, Before you could obtain even half a suc- eess in a second-rate part." "CoTnplimentary, certainly," she ex|* sJlaimed, with a short laugh. •"[Hhere is a true saying," he smiled— "'•'Sa.-ve me from my friends.' Their applause las sent many a young aspirant on cfhe .stage to sup cruel disappoint- menY There, darling, you are very c*ever ;as an amateur. Be wise, and think mine the truest praise, .Thank Heaven, little wife, you have not to experience the falseness of any other." hope you don't ivant me to go out? I really must get this by teart. Oh, it's such a nice part—I wish yo-a'd give ma my cues." "All right," he rejoined, taking the book. "Wfcat a good fellow!" and she began. "Well, what do you think, eh?" "Why. I've seen Ada Eehan—a born actress," he said, quietly; "and I must own you don't quits understand the character. Of course it may please your friends of last night—" Geraldine snatched the book from his hand. "If you can not approve, you need not insult, "she saiK, coldly, haughtily."He is right, Dine. What he says is for your good," put in Miss Frobshere. "My dear aunt, at present being dependent upon you, you of course may say what you please," replied Geraldine, as, with the stately step of a Fanny Davenport, she quitted the room. She did not appear again -while Sydney was. there. . He went away down-hearted. That • golden future,' which he had regarded as so securely his, seemed vanishing in the dim distance. The next morning, while he sat'at breakfast, a hurried note reached him from Miss Frobshere. "Come to me at once," it ran. "I am distracted. Geraldine has gono!" Gone! For a few seconds he sat motionless, ,unable to realize the words. Then he sprang up, and was soon hastening to the villa. It was qliite true. Geraldine had gone to bed early the previous evening, and next morning her aunt had waited breakfast for her half an hour; then had sent to her room, to find its occupant flown. In vain they searched—not a clew could they discover. They both guessed tho truth, and the letter each reef; /ed that afternoon confirmed it. Sydney's was to this effect: ... • "MY DEARSST:— I am, I feel, about to cause you great pain; but leas not avoid it. I release you; I ask you to release rne. We think so dlftc'rently on some points, that I feel we suouldnever DD happy as man ana wife. The fault wouia be mine—I own ft. I am conscious of histrionic talents -within me, which would fie endless misery and regret, did I suppress I can not suppress them. I know you room, with dark merino curtains over a recess-window. The walls were liberally plastered with the photos of actors and actresses of the day. Theatrical papers wore scattered on the table and floor. Several applicants of both sexes wore already there. N ot the form he sough t, and Sidney, having tipped the small boy who acted as usher to summon him last, stepped into the deep shadow of the curtain, sat down and waited. Knock, knock! in they came, dupe after dupe, with hope and ambition or hopeless despair beating at each heart. But no Geraldine. It was drawing near six o'clock; only one applicant was now waiting beside them. are of a different opinion. One day you may have to acknowledge that my Wends of last night were right, and you, were .wronj. In plain words, I am going on the stage, and I mean to be—If not an Ada Kenan, .at least a success. There 1—it must rest with you how we meet in the future; for I love you, and shall novur love another so well, if ever again. "Yours affectionately, . , , . "SERALDINE. "Is it to be, I wonder, adieu or au rtvair?" , "I will find her," cried poor Sydney. "Heaven help her! • she knows not what she lias done. Ignorant, trustful, ambitious, she will become the dupe of every theatrical agent, every impostor —if not worse. How, too, will she live? She has no money —" "Yes, she has," put in Miss Frob- shere. "Her savings bank book has gone. She has over a thousand dollars there—she'll draw it all out/' "It will be enough for her to live on. himself — a showily dressed, much "made-up young girl—when the door opened, and— she, Geraldine, entered. At last! Sydney caught Ms breath, his brain whirled, he felt suffocating, then he recovered and looked at her. Oh! Heaven, what a change! The face was still pretty, but so pale, so lined with anxiety, the cruel hope deferred that maketh the-heart sick. She knew the other, for the latter spoke: "Got no chance yet, my dear, eh?" _ "No," replied Geraldine, listlessly, sittting down. "I've come here to try; but it's the old thing, of course—a fee, and promises never realized," "You'd best follow my advice. Take to opera bouffe. You are pretty, with a good figure! You'll get engaged for that, just to stand, on in a crowd. It keeps off starvation. Then, in time, you may be intrusted with a line or two to speak." Sydney saw the hot blood leap to his darling's cheek. "No,", she said. "Never that. I'll starve first" "That's just what I fear you will do, my dear," 'remarked the actress, as, summoned by the boy, she left the room. As the door closed, believing she was alone Geraldine .dropped her head on the table with a moan. "If this fails me," she almost sobbed, "what shall I do?—oh, what shall I do?" "Return to mo, to your right home in my heart, my darling, my love. Oh, Heaven is merciful to me, for, at last, I have found you, Geraldinel" He had advanced. His arms were extended; his countenance convulsed with emotion. Geraldine had sprung up, then recoiled. "Sydney! You!" she ejaculated. Then, "No, no! I never can return—never!" and she bowed her face in humiliation. in shame upon her hands. "Geraldine, from the hour you disappeared I have been seeking you," he said. . "My love has increased at every failure. Will you not give me some recompense for my devotion? Will you, indeed, : ruin my life forever? Will you never forgive?" "I—forgive you! Oh, I was mad- mad!" she murmured, lifting her wan face. But already his arms' had encircled her, and after one effort at release her courage failed, and, weeping, she sank upon . his bosom, aware that at Jthe darkest hour the sun had again risen in her life. ' ' ' One of the • prettiest and most con- .tented wives is Mrs..Sydney Ascot, also one of the- cleverest amateur actresses in her set. .She-is'always ready to take a part, and her husband is always inter- ested'in her success. Once-a pleased spectator remarked .that she was an 'actress lost. to the stage. • She'gave a little laugh, to conceal a shudder, as she replied that "she. had no ambition that way, ; indeed. Oh, dear, no."—N.-Y. Weekly. A Jfew Jluskmclon That Will Xo Doubt Ijccomc Very Popular. In the latter part of November last we received, by express from California, a large, heavy melon, without any indication of its sender. Its appearance and flavor were so strikipgly different from any melon we had ever seen before that we had an accurate drawing made of it, after which our illustration has been engraved. We have since learned that this melon was grown in Napa County, Cal., from seed received from the Sandwich Islands,. It is introduced under the name of Winter Pineapple Muskmelon. The outer skin of this variety is distinctly and peculiarly corrugated—not netted—of a light green color, striped and blotched with bright yellow. In Iinslo¥,Lanier &(!()., 17 NASSAU STREET, Mew York, BANKERS, FOR WESTERN STATES, CORPORATIONS, BANKS AND MERCHANTS. INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITS AND LOANS NEGOTIATED. i WANTED for DR v SCOTPB """ « til beantilul Eloctrlo Corsets. Sample free to those be. r cominjr agnate. No risk, onick «ilu_ Territory (rivon,Million gm««,urf: AddlST* DR.SCOTT.842 Broadway St..N.Y. S TOPS A-". unnatural discharges ill 24. houra. Adopted by tbe German Government for Hospital &Armyuse P.S.C. is put up for American trade in 3 patent bottle hold, ing;syringe (see cut) At druggists, $1.00, Includin % Syringe, o r sent, sealed, for $1.10 Tho Von Moh I Company, Cincinnati, Chio, Solo American .-> sea ui. F. KEESLING, Agent, Logansport, Ind. ^'it Gonorrhea in 3 days. No Stricture No Pain. SURE CARRIAGES! I make a. specialty of manufacturing 13uby CarriaRes to «cll direct to private i>nrUe«. You can, therefore, do better with me than wiili a denier. Carrinttea Delivered Free of Charge to nil points in the United States- Send for Illustrated Catalogue. CHAS. RAISER, Wlfr. 62-64 Clybourn Ave,, Chicago, III. TO WEAK MEN Suffering from the effect* of youthful errors. e»rl7 decay, TraeHuK weakness, loet manhood, etc., I will Band a valuable treatise fsealed) containing fall patticiflars for homo cure, pRE|rof. cliarge. A eplendid medical work; ehoiild be read by every man who if nervous and debilitated. Address, Frof. F. C. FOWLEB, Jloodus, Conn, ROF.DIEFFENBACH'S SURE CORE for SEMINAL, NERVOUS "4 URINARY TROUBLES i" YOUNG. MIDDLE-AGED »n<l OLD MEN. HO ST0MACH MEDICATION, NO UNCERTAINTY OR DISAPPOINTMENT,lintposl. lively relieves the worst eases tn 2t liours null permanently euro ID lOOdnvn. 15 (lays treatment on trial by .-o'.uru raall for SI. Circular" free „ THE PERU DRUC CO., Soleasts.fortheU.S. 189WIS.ST., MILWAUKEE,wfs. WI2TTER PINEAPPLE MUSKJIELON. shape it is almost globular, as seen in our illustration. Its flesh is of a dull, light green color, melting, and oi a rich, very pleasant, decided pineapple flaror; and so thick as to occupy fullv three-fourths of the bulk of the fruit. A special advantage claimed for this variety is its long keeping quality. By gathering the melons before they are fully ripe and storing them in a dry, cool place, secure against frost, they are said to keep in good condition for several months, and may be ripened at any time by bringing them into a warm room.—American Agriculturist. HAVE YOU KOFFIflRN'S HARMLESr HEflPflCHE POWDERS. the Best. ALL HEADACHES, hey are not a Cathartic :TO For some of the choicest lands In IVESTEKS! K.A^'8.A.S,.bolh clear and incumbered. Improved and unimproved. P?"Senu forOuriilntor ertvthltt we.wni .Exchange for LAND, II>k.\t:K8, ME1CCHA-NJ>IS.E AHII STOCK. ACdreoa A. B. FAliKEii. BUzlae, Sent County, ilinaM. A -iVrLD, fighting- hen should never be kfcpt for hatching-, as she will rarely prove satisfactory as a mother. IS YOUR WIFE WELL? THE WOMEN OF AMERICA ARE THE LARGEST CONSUMERS OF S. S. S. ITNEVER FAILS TO RESTORB BROKEN DOWN HEALTH WHEN CAUSED BY [IMPOVERISHED BLOOD t ._ , : OR THE CARES OF $?£! :V,..';'.' THE HOUSEHOLD. .vS? OVER TEN THOUSAND '^ ; ' OF THE BEST WOMEN OF THE COUNTRY TESTIFY TO THIS. Don't fail to send for our book oa U**d disease*. Hailed froe. Bwrrr Snccmo 0»~ Atlanta, O*. TRAINS LOGANSPQR/r K^CT BODNB. New York Express, dally 2-66 am Ft Wayne (Pas.)Acem., excpt Sunday 8:18 a m San Jlty & Toledo Ex., excpt gundayll :Z5 a m Atlantic Express, dally 4-06 p m Accommodation Frt., excpt Sunday.. 9:26 p m WEST BOUND. PacI He Express, dally 7 -52 a m Accommodation Frt., excpt Sunday" 12'lo n m Kan City Ex., except Sunday '. 3A5 o m Lafayetu: (Pas.) Accra., excpt Sunday 6K8 p m 9* Louis Ex., dally....... 10:3ipni Eel River DIv., Loeransport, Went Side. Between JLo^uDKporit and Clilli. EAST HOUND. Accomodation,Leave, except Sunday.lOKX) a m Accomadatlon, Leave " . " 4:40 pm WESTjBOTOD. AcCOmodatlon.Arrlve.exeept Sunday, 8-10,1 m AccomoiJatlon, Arrive, " ; " 4:10 pm Lake Erie & Western Railroad Co. "NATURAL GAS ROUTED Condensed Time Table IN EFFECT MABCH 1st 1880 • Solid Trains between' Sandusks and Peoria aijd Indianapolis and inch!- 1 ganClty. . ; _._. DIRECT Connections to and from all points In the Cnlted States and Canada. Trains Leave Logansport and connect witn the L. E. A W. Trains as follows: WABASH R. E- Leave Logansport, 4:13 p.m.. II20 a,m. Arrive Peru .4:36 p.m..ll:« a.m. L. E. 4 W. H. E. Leave Peru, ' North Bound 4:«p.m SonthBound n-30n.ni WABASH E. H. ..... LeavsL'ogansporl,3:45p.m.. 7:50a.m Arrive LaFayette, 4:55p.m.. 9:2oa.m L. S. & W. B. R. ' Leave LaFayette, EastBound , l:50p.m •WestBoond 5:10p.m H. C. PAKKER, Traffic Manager, C. F. DALY, Gen. Pass. 4 Ticket. Afrt, '.NDTANAPOLlS. OTB. 8:19 a,ns 8:55 a.m 10:40 a. n- A Chicago druggist retailed 2000000 of B. P. Keesling and Cullen & Co.,6ole Agprjt.a in Loeansrjort,. JUDICIOUS AND PCBSISTEHT Advertising- has aJ-miys proven 'g successful. Beforo placinrany Newspaper Advertising consult LORD & THOMAS, JUVKKTISrSO ACEXTS, n l» 4!) ILndnlp^ Str~u CHICAGO A JV-.EW HIRES' IMPROVED ROOT BEER THIS PACKAGE MAKES FIVE CAILONS Correspondence. «llctc£t, valnable .nformation free. Usual discount M CUKE FOB DIABETES, . WRIGHTS ' disease RIK., -ndrodt allmocti; WM. T. HK-Dt^-y dfc CO., ZiitSuIta 9 tree t. - - Chicago, III, Weanufec s-epeclrclty of macufac- turlnn Baby Carriages to «ell ill- recc ft».pr!vaRc.part!eo. You : can, thnroforo,.do oetier -with us tlinri wish a dealer: We send Car- Tiacos to,all nolnts within TOOmllee oICI:lcaf.'o.eVao«iCc]inrgc. Send for catalogua. fi2-Si-C! jfeoarri ive.. CKr P chlchMter'i Eiicilth'DUnand Brmmt. ENN^Y^JPflLLS >-//»^^ .-•»re (( »lw*T»':roit»ti«,'ILADII* Mk 1 ^^ • X'.H ttJiU Dracrisl for ChicJiater'i -Knatiih Dia-&\\ .The most APPETIZItfO 'and -WHO! JlSOMB ' TEMPERANCE DRINK in the world. Delicious and- Sparkling:. •• • TRY U Ask TOUT Drujfglat or Grocer for 12. : C. E. HI R ESJ ' ^"jPRI UA B E1.PH 1*. rm. ELECTRIC BELT j*': r, Tor CMchater'i :E nqtlt Brand ID Ked aa£ Gold *,- lOftlfed-wtth fclua ribbon. - Tike ' «ul«((u- , umpf for.JJtrtleulftH, taatlmonlili ••»<) feller for C«U<a,"<r>fnur,l>7 return MU, , lO.OOO TaitimoDli!9. frame Paper. Ckleh enter . For Sale by B. F. Kjesllng, Druggist iuiLmra) n,r<,i,.h.i». DISCKKTIOXS orUXCkSSKS BEIT AKO, i(»d e - for .ili.pcclOc pur , ; OnrsnUTO Wmbma, Bii-ing Krot!.v.'llll<l,.S»oUi. Ing, CnnthiuouB Ciinroi'tfl of'mctriclLV; through all-WKAK 1'AKTS, ronoring thum to IIKAI/TH and Vl(!OIM)l.'S STKKNOT1C Kli'Clrft- Ui.rrcnl- Kelt InsUmUy, or wo forfeit iS.OOO In cnsh. KK1.T and Saspemlirr Complnlt ffi; , IK 1 up. Wont exes -jr- ' - IK 1 up. oiilcd p . S"^!U ( ' nr "' ( ° H"-™ mouths. Soiilcd pimphlot Froo. 3AKBEifELEOISICC0..1«9t«6iillcSt., CHICAGO, ILL w. L. DOUGLAS and otllcr specialties tor Gentlemen, , j Ladles,etc .arowar- ranted, and so stamped on bottom. Address W. .L,. DOUGLAS, Jfrockton, MOM. Sold by J. B. WINTERS.

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