The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 13, 1948
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YOL. XI Y—r BLY ™Stn^^OURIER NEWS • f.nurier i«^_..i~-i . ,. ., _ . ~~" " ~~~" • — Ml^Ao I MJo»5OUl* 1 Blytheville Courier Bljfthevllle Dally News M Mississippi Vnllev Leader Court Decision L/ MayBeSoughton Miners' Pensions Lewis Threatened With New Fight Over Plan's Legality By Charles II, Hen-old United Press staff Correspondent WASHINGTON. April 13. | U.P.I —John L. Lewis was threatened today with a new court fiuht over Three directors were also cgality of lhe miners pension plan! by lhe board at last night's n adopted vestcrdav in <:Mllm<* ihn In «i*rva rnr »«i-~,c. .,/ Blytheville 'r Sov iet Leaders Seek Military Pact With Italy r, Al'RIl. -Q j ~, -,.,_ iniiJLio |.n;u.ijuii ]tinII adopted yesterday in .settling (he 29-day old soft coal strike. As tlie 400.000 miners began •-vu.u-uu 111 it tv i « uc&ftll streaming back to work, an industry spokesman said soft, coal operators BOOH would ask the federal court to hold up oper " - ' the ritiestion under lhe ... clarified. /m. Specifically, he said, lhe operator: '•'••fill contend lhal the plan violate: Directors Elect Officers The annual election of officers of the Blytheville Y was held at the regular meeting of the Board of D'rectors In the "Y" rooms last J. W. Adams was elected president to succeed Alviu Huffman Jr Rosco cralton and jack Thro were elected first and second vice-presidents, rc.spcctively, and JMarvey Morris and liermon Carlton were re-elected to the offices of secretary and treasurer. Three directors were .j lhe board at last night's rucviiiiK to serve for terms of one year. They were Mrs Glenn Ladri, Oscar Alexander and Louis Applebaum. These . ese ,„,„„, directors will be seated at the May tionv mpeUtlo nf M 10 Knn^^ .1. ng of the board. . " •* *"^ *'"tmi HIUIL u» In other business the board voted hold up operation of the plan inililj to .support the, world .service uro- the niiestion of pension eligibility gram O f the Y. M. c. A. and inaii- Tafl-Hartley law Is I gurnled a move to cooperate with the Memphis -- -••'•- ...t: plan violates the law by permitting payments to union members not employed by operators who contribute 10 cents a ton to the, welfare fund. The return-tn-work movement n the coal fields brought predic tions that production would re turn to normal by tomorrow. Th Office of Defense Transportation said » would ml)ve promp ,| } . in revoking Its resfriclion. on use of coal-burnlnjr locomotives. Steel industry spokesmen predicted it would take from one to two weeks for steel production to reach the pre-strike. level. Some government labor experts were fearful of new disruptions in production if Lewis and the United Mine, Workers are penalized for the pension strike. Some miners were reportedly angry over the contempt charges facing Lewis but even they were expected lo abide by his rc- turn-to-work order. Lewis is scheduled lo go on trial tomorrow for contempt of an April •i court order which directed him to call off the strike "forthwith " Federal Judge T. Alan Oolds- borough, who will hear the case "Y" In .sending a ...,...,,-, ^ J14 ox.iJdiiig a Rroilp ol Blytheville boys lo the camp there in July. H was announced at the meeting ...... that portion of the Memphis camp 2. will be assigned to the Brylheville travel abroad" "V from July 12 to July ~26 Plan is Advanced Ahead of Showdown On Election Day ROME. April p. (UPi-The Inde- pe.ndent morning newspaper II Tempo charged today that Soviet Foreign Office Deputy Valerian 7.0- rin had drafted a plan to seal off Italy and engineer a milllaiv alliance among Ilaly. Russia" and ^ugoslavln I,, event Hulls,, <.„„,. munlsls won next Sunday's elec- papcr said the plan was «•an was reported by a "source which does not fear denial." Zorln recently w R5 reported to be the mastermind behind the Czechoslovakia coup and the Russian-Finnish treaty juled that termination of the strike '" w ' n <lows of 11 gcslerday—10 days after -Jie order] Tvact °r Company —did not clear Lewis of the con-! Hl snway 61. temot charge brought bv the eov- erninent. ' * Many Return to Mines I p ' m yesterday and , .. ..„*...,, , v .rllurs ' • PITTSBURGH, April 13. (U P )-*!""* Settlement, of the United Mine ha1L workcrs pension demands sent| | j Torrential Rains Fall in Arkansas Fierce Wind Causes Some Damage in Blytheville Area IBy United Press) Heavy rains deluged Ihf length and breadth of Arkansas yesterdav pouring as much as three Inches upon some sections, but no immediate danger from flooded rivers was expected today. The rain in Blytheville «•«„ accompanied by a strong wind which broke three sections of plate glass ' in windows of u, e ntiwcll Phillips l.n/-t or Company building on South i? 1 m' . , . ..' iiuai-ierj oeneve that such ?& T^VT? -- P^r^^-srssi- "Urda^r^^rL J ,T i f ,, l , h ,f. '?" ."»•»" -" «» <« .-,.,.,.,.,,-, uiin^n LIriiiy The plan, according to the paper rraiillcr« n " !( " !<te ClOSl " 8 "' Itnltnn 2. Suspension of all exports and avcl abroad. A military alliance among Italy Russia and Yugoslavia. 4. Formation of "a militia of the People, formation of popular tri- huna s, and calling to the colors of all classes from 1913 to 1928." All arms and equipment for Italian troops would be furnished by Kilssla, the paper said. The peoples' militia would lake over control of the regular armv and weed out officers with anti- Lcfilst leanings. Yugoslav officers would train the militia in defensive moves In Sicily and In offensive Plans toward Switzerland and France. "The United Slates will launch their f lra t attack against. Eurouc through Sicily, which must ',. strong in defense." II Tempo : »,id the plnn read in p«rt. Surprise Move Expected Political observers meanwhile expressed belief hussla has only until tomorrow to spring any eleventh hour surprise that may give a boost to (lie Italian Communists' waning election prospects. These quarters believe that such Republicans Staging Popularity Contest at Polls in Nebraska Mr Gaylorri p. (ioriwlrl , OJ ,=° DMAt ! A ' N ' b " A '"" ' 3 < U ' P ''- AI1 ° f »>« lop candidate, ,„,. lhf 94I Republican pre.sideiulal mmlna.ion clashed for lhe firs, Ull « ,„,„„ Hi Nebraska's free-for-all preferential primary. * Today's vollhg may t «u lh e story of whether c «en. Ooimia, Mac- Arlhu, sen, Robert Tari, or Oov. Thomas E . „,«, „„ slop \ " £ ,. of Harold E, Siawen's drive in the MldWesl. Besides these tour. Oov Earl*— _i Warren of California, House 8pea!(- * KOUUTKKN 1>AGKS warren oi California, House 8pea!(- « er Jot> Martin of Massachusetts and i I i ft * Hen, Ai-thui Vandenberg of Mlchl- | |/)VrAAC IA rlATt sun wnrc entered as passive eandi- i JufCwCj IU LlCLI nates. They were placed on the bal- I ' •••»»*• i Officers April 26 ;,«" «uit-- rmeiTci as passive candidates. They were placed on the ballot without their specific permissions and never campaigned. President, Truman's name stood alone on the Democratic: ballot Todiiy was the pay-off for lh« terrific campaigns staged peiwuial- ly by Dewey. Taft and Stassen an,! hy friends of MacArihur on Ins t-'cnernl's behalf. They battled es- uecially lor the stale's , farm vote. , rm oe, usually the deciding factor in Ne- Two Nominationi Submitted for Each Pott to Be Filled Nominations lor the annual elec- House Expected Angered School To Provide Big p a *,,,«„ RJ.I. v c...ji^n,J. ^atron Attacks Luxora Principal Fund lor Planes Appropriation of $2,376,100,000 Due To G«f Quick Okay By Frank rlleairr Hulled JVeM Slaff r,irre.«|M>iiiteiil WASHINGTON, A,, r |l 13. H< I' , —Th« HIMIM- today reftlvril » i,||j to bolsler If. s. «l r p,,«.,.r »lfi, «.M«.IW.OOO for ntv ,,,„,„.,' «ulde<i mimllrn, , n< i (illollpM a] r '.' rrafl. Th« Apprtiprliiloiu Cum. milter, moving r»|lldly, finnully «l>l>rnvfrt 4he hill »ml ,„„,;, WASHINGTON. April 1:1. ,u >• i. Thi! House ApproprJalioiis C.mniut - -.......,.„,.., ,,„ ,,, e an.,,,,1,1 elec _ tee today asked Congress lo v,,,,, . two weT 1 """ "^ " le "" >m S2 ' :i7fl ' 1M - ll(W oulcklvTo , , A r in mo weeks were returned last >'°'« and Niwy can buy „„,,,' Polls opened at » a.m. and were ^ B ,nr^ nS «op-ions1- ^AfeT^ •« '" - t----' n.vji nLniiiiiu.i sent about a quarter of the nation's soft SHS coal miners back to the pits today. ™? T-Tfsa.'«T-«T- -f!--..- i_ . . J \ f T.A Warren in Southeastern Arkan- fL bn ""- of the rain wllh However oacK to tne pits today.]"," . """"-'s. auitigart n)l t|-oii3«nds of miners , 4 ' nch " a "d Brint-loj'h were reported preparing to sl t ( t | lnc ne'i out" pending tomorrow s 'ffedenl Court hearin^fBShe eoni^^ * polls next Sunday. It was recalled that the ace move by the western powers, the prooo- "' to return Trieste to Italy, requir- sal . ' " ^- '""' wim ..a. iv ICLUII] irie.sie lo Italv 1-ennir nches S ' nd'n"? u C •»«»»«« « d at le "l t"™e days before u.f ,11 nciics ann Brink 1m vi^^i i..,« ct fn™ .n. a - *«u *i_ , .. . * ^ the UMW -- --..^ J ...,, , ri t,ue ivi,,,, . - -- . appealed by telegram, telephone and !'«t at pine Bluff late°"Th'u'r«la7 radio for the miners to return to al ™ 1» feet below f]oorista»e' work. In resuonsp .^ai(„,„,. _,.,, The Ollachita was expected to P " "" '"" '"""™" rork. In response, scattered pits! Tne Ollachita w. egan opening late yesterday and "se to n to 19 feet iroduction increased today. Thursday where th Burdette Man Heads County TB Association ^ .... ^v. uii.t A utriuL *z 11.15 mij iari two . elfect. -aa.s felt through the penin- Wlthoiit waiting for Communist counter-moves. however. Italian hammer at~the^ weak points' of thp mounting crescendo of forthrialu oratory. Premier Alcide rie Gasperl. Kays Sullivan, of Bnrdelte iva* ....... w , j-juim.'iie, was nominated to succeed Mrs Roland Green as president of the Missis- at. Arkadelphia .. ,,,e fioodstage is 17 feet; and to reach the 20-foot floodsinge at catnden Sunday The White River was expected to rise slightly, but no floodstages were indicated except in the Clarendon sector where the river already continues high because of the Mississippi flood. Rainfall over the state included- Arkadelphia 1.1] inches Blythc- yillc. 1.45. camrien 195. Cornin? 1.91. Dardaneile .79. El Dorado 13!! stumping the Communisl NortH" taunted the Communists on the Trieste Iss.le in » speech at La Spezia. "We have In our hands the signatures of three great powers and lack only the fourth to return Trieste to us." he said y 'Iliis was lhe first state primary which of the party's presi (iemia; hnj'cfuls hail a chance to light it out. In the previous primaries (hit, year, nne or another or lhe men has not liled. The. namtf: of all seven candidates were entered by a non-partisan committee which was determined to ?ive voters a chajice to show ho*' they felt abciil each of the party's leading men. . In effect, today's balloting was a popularity contest with Republican •—••••" • onciiun. cnairmnn of the lecornniendcd amount bv nnn n Nomlnaling Committee, last, night ' menu offered horn the ii.,,, '"., " announced the rollnwi,.. „„,„<„,„„. l n- .„,„ ,.'".'. . Ue ."" l ' st " OU1 »nii ,• H ii ' v '" Bhl ""•'»••'o'l'iri'd from the Mouse r Announced the roM<,wl llR uanciales: | He said lhe anumnt alls s mrt . > ,n?V '"**£"<• «'"»»•» ^»" » X00.1 maruhl" "f , ectll^ lou , • nrt \». re . Henderson; (or second proposals. * " Jr",!!^"I?"!} 1 },'• °- ' lh ""'P»"» '''he Approprii.|.lons Commillet .In) &,£££. ^--w:. i^rt-,':n- «.r ^^-: - - - !is^ n j 3p i«:hS T^followln, were no, ated for i'"n, "„= 'wS^ the the liopularily contest with Republican "ett^Harold Anderson. Ijllio ; voters ciisling nne vote for the man , Si ""'"d Boone. Monroe Ci R they would like most to become Foy Eterdeson. Marshall Bl president They also voled separate- ' Rol!1 "d Bishop. Den Mack loriR.n'all at t The.y also voted separately for dflegjiles to the GOP an<{ Democratic conventiocis. id Marvin IP Smith, ( ^........ ,joiii.- A w> . v_»iiHrn, Gilbert D. Hammock Jr.. Hunter The GOP delegates are noi bound Kllnbl '°' D - E - Rolilron, Bvyan Mlley, lo follow the results of lhe pref- Lcnnal '< i JoJuisoM. A. A. Pi-ertrlcli- ereiuial election but most candi- *° n a " a Stewart w. Frelman. dates indicated that they would I, ,' " nt vlcp president rollow the chnife of voters at the I Presiclenlial candidate receiving , . - i »••• ".' * ' Jii.utni.inju •rain Jr.. | And it recominencled Mini Con- whi'i i I""" '""' tllf wllolp '•""" " V( ' r »<> While, Forreslal now, so he can shut plnc- C. Otrard. lug orders nl once. To 1'rnrltlit 3.2IM1 fliui^, I'lie defense forces, nrislnally rr, ssss-w*- A:e,r rlc " \^ F^ '-».-..-.r,E ™., ... * ICIU1HI1. 1^ mOllIK^ cldfHl.n 1..1., 1 ...... Rebel Leader The rcliel-cimlrciiled radio uf Co miibln niinouneetl that Dr. Dnrlo I'.chnndla, aliov,., opiwsltlon, Liberal I arty lender, hiul demanded that I'lralrit-iit OspltiR Perci formally re- nnnnnn . " "'"' llnlrsfcr the government .raw.oon lo lhe Liberals. RlnlLng In notiola killed mciie limn :i.'i ncrsons and Injured over 200. (NEA Tclepholo.) conveniion. Slassen came to the Nebraska primary with the power and pre-s- lise of his smashing victory In Wisconsin wh'eie he won 18 ol lhat .'tale'.'i 27>rlelegates week. Mac- 12 monllis slnrlliiR July j. \yill lie extra funds, anil a 'head slnrt ^=^^=^^rv^^^^ I ft wasannounce7\ha7'oThe7n'a"mrs n ™*, wo<llllf be »bnul double the I mav be entered In the rare* hv n*' t^ ' ^ '"• military aircraft pro- tltlbns. rttiuton at the end of ion, but only ,. | half of what the Air Kon-i- nml ! H was aiiiioimced last night that I Navy say B ,e Iheir combine I nee /•irn.-al ln.,^flA> ...111 _-. i_ . I .... . . •'.... ^1 Ml I 11 LI I (. 11 JICCU.S. entei'ed. Slas*tn Han Mnmentum Stiissen, the. first avowed date lor president, has smoothly-functioning g a several Jaycees will return to Le- Arthur won eight in Wisconsin ai* P* ll to soon to present a club char Dewey was blanked, raft was not '--'-"-----• • - - With fund, nnw <;onm,Utee said the Ar , rt tin Jwa., oreanlMtfiby the"Jayra'c's"here!- MWinl'"ii'.h»"aT^ 4 ' A Eroun nt mvth»vill* in*.*.,.... *.. ....... night. r th for the tills amount Is adequate lo enable. (the Industry i o toll up lo .to able degree of. nroduo|lon -—, -.^ ........ —x.. « 4i ,,. .vial y Tvennv. Lincoln Russia so far has failed to re- Neb., chairman of lhe MacArthni spond to the Western allies' pro- , ior-President Club, said she • — » " ft ^"V^^^V^^B ] lr ^l^- Wi ^ , - . t lllc iiiMii.Miy io loll UO 10 a IPR*nii Ihroughoiu lhe S3J(i Sa^d^MiP*" VaW. last nl«hl to able degree o( nrodiiotlon an l Tnfl had one art van I age 'rlUffcuf LlffSL ^ " lld , " f 1 ' 1 l"> >» sent' "virie a .wild base for ful'ine' exnan The Ol.ioan was bscked hj Nebia !! B ?^ " ' S "" <: thh * >nn " ™<*< sl '°"l'l '"'".me n c, e kas regular party organization, led )CBr ' Isary," Chairman ,l«|,;, Tnber re by Sen. Huph Butler. R. Neb. I ported. CL Farm Bureau Committee to Help at Clinics ~s.,,.n i/oirj, uitjaiiizniion by Sen. Huph Butler. R. N;b. MacArthur'A drive in lhe staLe was orsanized b.v-the National MacArthur lor President Onbs which sent many outstanding speakers here lo plump for the geneiil Dewcy, Sia.ssen and Taft each claimed victory today as voting started. Mrs. Mary Kenny We" te to Uav i-rieste I.Q llaly. "' , . lhl ™ le '' S Wo " ld w '"« Fort Smith .07, son 3Q. .35. Harri- i [Manila Youth &^S££ SEI f^ ''" Cra ? h ^A^cers recomlC b K?g™ ^^ ^" ^lltOmiO nnminnti.-.n. :^ _ _ .-> - ^ '" e Wllf=0ll 1.10. AllTrniia 1^-7 ol nn \- 1 .i.jpi County Tuberculo-sis AwcTia- inpHh ° l ^^ V 19 ' '""^sboro one t, n ,* n, ^ .:„_ . . ^u<_i» , men. Little Hock 1.20. Mena 95 - sented to the executive board for formal action at their next meetinc- Steve Ralph, of Osceola was nominated ^a.•; first vice presidcn" .loe Wheeler, of Lcachvilie, scron-i vice president: Mrs. W. R. Bro(vll . Manila, third vice president- Mr? W. 8. Bntkett. of Basseti 'secretary: ana Joe Evans;, of BlytheviU° treasurer. The nominating committee which met with Mrs. c. G. Redman executive secretary for Mjssissipol County Tuberculosis A«o=iat on consisted of Chairman L H ^ u try. of Btirdette. Chester c Dane hower, of Osceola. and Mrs H W Wyllc of Blytheville. ' Pacif _ port. ..I-.1UJC a,i,,- N^braska Republicans beliei'cd (heir primary would hive a prettier infiueiice than that of any othar state in the selection of the Republican The results. Uiev argued, were certain to have a"psychological cllcct on voters throughout the nation. None ol the Testimony of < officials made public by the committee, disclosed dint (he money will be spent largely on new models of exislini- planes. And it will be spent at once —IwsslMy within 25 days Of the tola!, lhe Air Force would «el 11.47:1,100,000: the Navy. $!)o:t (100 Part of the money Is In cash, and part In contract authorization. And Is lo liquidate previous bile clinic for t:hest X-rays, which r°p 0 !™?;,i M .A , , will-cmeu It,, schedule for Missis- L, °." f, ^ ' I""",'!' "^ (ii ' sdos .<inpl County at Leachville. on April 20. Mrs. C. G. Redman, executive secretary for the Mississippi Countv Tuberculosis Asso:iat.ion. is making tours of vicinity to be visile;' and will appoint local committee j- | a te r """* ' lhal getting: a fiO-clay purchase: iiragrnm for months All officers recommended bv the w!i"" ; °,'\'^ '••'•'• •'^arKana 1.9S. | -None ollhe candidates coulrl nominating committee will be ore i I ' A "8 llstil t-". Black! „ claim to be a "na.ive so„* of l , "°" s lcr lne c " nlc - <; wi " b " dpll>1 '- ^,,t«H ,„ ,i,- ...-":,..*'!' be P'°- Rock 1.50. Clarendon 1.72, Cotter i MANILA. Ark.. April l3.-Mr. and i stale the r'lkr ar", ]™£t of v. tlle nllnl «<l nn <l orRimlzations set up for K3. Georgetown 1.65. and Helena I Mrs - •'<"•- Samples of Manila were Artniir's brx «en when iiL , Mrh ''».»'' -"hediile. , 1.28. notified bv tele c r»m V«,^..H D .. , h ,,i^ '„. l" w ". ler f..^ ll<:n |hej .slum,)- L G Nnsh president of the Mis- j ,,„„,,„ tairxrtt /-•«,.^.*.. ci r* i _ _ I •' P'KUoALrJ.V], A|>lil 13. Inter-American Meeting Resumes In Looted Bogota BOGOTA. Colombia. April 1:1. (UPi—Chief delegates of the ninth Imor-Ameriian Conference were scheduled to resume a semblance of formal se.-sions at a a.m. CCST) lo- ivun. .ioe. samples of Manila were! notified by telegram yesterday that 1 their son. Snnford A. Samples 19 was killed Sunday morning in an aotomobilc wreck near San Francisco. Calif. No details of the accident were given in the message, which was sent by Capt. L. j. Hudson, commanding officer of the U. S. Naval School of Electronics Materials on Treasure Island. Young Samples was stationed as a trainee at the Treasure Island Naval Base, locnted In San Francisco Bay. Funeral arrangements were in- day c' C ,,,ile weekend" rioting "tlTat wln'be'rond^d TH"*' SCrVtcM wrecked their conference citv. I p", w ",.,*?' Herman D '-> vl » - ' »'«. hear the report o! | ^ ^."UX ?„"S, Se- Partition of Holy Land Is Achieved, Zionists Declare sl^isS.sHiSSS:^™^^,,:^, to assist in the clinic. Central location.-, for the clinics will b? deler- lecords ana indiviriua: merit Capital of Costa Rica May Fall to Insurgents . . ii'nled 40 community leaders lo i , i work with Mrs. Redman on tlv; | . IH clinics. Filch commilleenian will assist In the work in his community. Those appointed are: W. O. G:\l- yean end Jeff Hauls, of Flox Elder; prc.«.s conlerencc today that Ih- rtilicn of Palestine had be?:! achieved, wlib a Jen-lslt jit'stc'Ve't up anu fiiiiflionijiR. Tlie spokesman. Maj. Michael European Food Shipments Start First Cargo Loaded At Galveston, Tex.; Others to Follow WASHINGTON, April 1:1. (UP)_ I'nul O. llolfman, admlnisti .tor for economic coopcrnllon, annoiiniu 1 lodny that the flr.,t emergency 'nl fond 101. Europe under " a »21,000.000 -Mlrnenl" program „ oelng .loaded at Gnlv^ton, Tear. The cargo Is S.COo Ionic ions ol whvia. it i.i vi,,. i, r!)V Miipmiiia ot 45.0BO tons to be sent lo Fnuu'c during Hie next 10 days. It Is be- uiB loaded aboard the l.uc-kcnbuch Liine.s! Jolin S. Quick. This is the first loading'of looci- stufls In II,,. »ai.OM.O:o program ail- lhori»d l>y HoltniAn !r,si Fririav for Austrlii. Orecc-c. Frmice, Italy" an 1 the Nctlierlnnds. The uecrl of ciiimlrU-.s h dpsci-ihetl as "urgent." Hulliiuin's ofilci- diMilaswl tli.ii lumorrovv the] Ihiwklm Surkk" will he lrwdi-<l »| Oulvesloil. T,,'. !• rank Aduir Moniue will be loaded at the siiinc port on April 17. In addition, a Q.COO-lmi cargo will , .- o w he put aboard lhe Richard Hopkin willi an ice pick. J. W. the | , .. t in Hlylhevllle, >»d |>. c. XMMcr OsceuU 4-ounty >kll on Ba ••«« Po)lu»'liiii the stabbing, ivltiM>Me<l by tin« high school students and a ichool employe, Tedder surrenderH' I" Ueputy Sheriff Herman Spicer of Luxora. Walls Hoxplial attendants thin moniliiK i-eimrled that Mr. Cad'v had' Jin-nt a "good nlglif ahd -was no lougei' In K serious condition. He' hud beej, it-ported In R serious co.i- tlllion Iwle yesterday, Members ot lhe Luxora facullv sold 'I'edder's three children Ie:'t iiiothcrleius several years ago. had lieen scint home from school Friday- iM'tium- H w/« believed they had »• toniaglons skin allnienl. Tender sent his children baeV to' fultonl win, Instructions that they were not io be sent home again. Howeicr. one „( u le lr teachers yes-. lerilay recommemied to Mr Cady that incy be sent home again > AlUvks With Hrlef W.rnlT-, Mr. Cad.v fg,K(n told the children lo HO home and slay until ther were cured. Tedder Immediately cnme lo the school mid. went di-. leetly lo MI. Oady's office. Wllli no warning other'than a wiijjle profane oath, Tedder Slacked Mr. cady with the Ice pick and .slablieri him once about the head, U-Ji.-e In the chest and once under' an arm. The at.tnck w»s witnessed by Christine Thoi|ie, Peggy Roger* arid Jatnes f-Hrrt. all students, arid- Miss Kdlth McOnnkls. secretary 19 Luxora Superintendent T. D. Wll- kln.v They were across the hall m Mr, Wllklns 1 oiflce. where the »tu-. (lent* i.eie being measured /or their: Bradiiation caps and gowns. TiHlcli'i then gave himself up ta IJcpuii Sheriff Spicer. "I j.lst now tried lo kill a man," Oepuly ainMl/I Spicer quoted Tedder us tellliiB him." Myron Nallling pt Cwceola, deputy prosecuilng attorney lor SoutM Ml.wlsslppi County, was report ' ' his ofllce lo be onl of town and m) specific charges haye liled agaliiKl Tedder.: Mrr Na_ will rctnrn^Salurday. his offlcew Osrcoln |>eitce officers believeqj clay liinl tiling of charges ««fc' prellmuuiry, hearlnj will be AtiSm until Mr., Niilljing's return. t f Aisi>llxnl \Vel(h» KM Poun Tenner Is a large man, --' r nlioill LtOO pounds. Mr. Cady'« weight was e.sllniated as about 173 pounrfs. School records lisled Tedder as a reliri^d policeman, unemployed at Todder biuuglit hi.s children to iixnin iroiji jilriheviile, late lait ,.•«!• and they entered Luxora Hlgii School shoi'ily belorc Christmas. It was not knoiin where Tedder had Iwcn a policeman. Blyllievllle po- llousion on April 19. on April 22 lhe same port, the Adnlr Uaglcv Daniels will be lilled wilh whent loV France. Olln-ii |,> Re All ,„ a l "T>in .j-l n I I »••«» - -, .. ... *„, „ ti^Luinii ui TTU1IU lie .schedule* ol slilpincnix to War I and to be receiving * »6o » the other nations on lhe in-Rent lUi will b? announced upon llirh- loncl- "S." Hoirmnn'f, office anid. Disclosure of liie Miiji.uent fame us loiidurs of the recovery lice said he had been a night watchman at a COUCH oil mill there bin had never been on the police fore*. They said lie had lived in Bly- J liicvllle a number of years. He wa*4 icponed to be a veteran of World noiuh government pension. After lhe allaclc, Mr. Cady Wis taken to lhe office of Dr. D. H. Ulodgm here before being taken lo inosrau, were reHdv'lo ask Congress i !"f BI > lUwv " l<; hMpllal. He wa., now forsUOflWoool" |,,±n a'd ^"L 1 " "" '""• siclR »' s nf "^ V ippropriuiious. "'reign aul ,, Ari anis. Lu.vora coach, and thi •itudcni. Jnmcs Ford. They niay appear on Capitol Hill i ..,, "'"', •* -- vi:«,i miu jc.ii unuis. ol BOX Elder; r..,, -.-;••—• -J. ..IIUH.U-I ,. s onrlv a.s Thursdnv in nci, r«. staDDing occurred about • WASHINGTON. April n. njPl- J 50 " ^'"Cll.v. Pawheen; E. N. Bu- ! bV ^1-^ hv Vn ' *"", C - "'"""' ""'""^ '"' b " : ^ "I''""' W 3W W3 iSj I'H"' f"^''' d " ri " g "' e '"- Sl P* 1 " Cl»rls reaching the Slate rvr»rt- ' ? a " k "' Boynlon; John Koyi, and ""^ c ^. d , b .> J!.!?;»'" l !. <:(lb ". l . <!t ' :-W»cln,g aulhori^tion nl^T! lori Ol sehonl ' Tills i.s Mr. Cady's first year u I iii'iiiniiii «,,, ror S4300000 Principal of Luxora High School. Hireling at I'el , oon. The remaining »1.033.003 OM) was Hc l "' d "'"S 1 " school for about ieje; - tcn In- k «,,iK,., 1 .„ L - _ . ... : '• eighl jears in other towns befor* coming here. Rciwrts reaching the stale Dcpart- *vv>/^i ls jcacnmg tne Stale Depart ' —*'-'•'*'•'", u<"n. n^jyi, KH-.I ment indicated today lhat iirur Lcr °y Carter, of Leachville, Ruff gent forces are about lo capture (*"" VSI ""' CK '""'- Boh Bryant. Vail: San .lose, capital ol Costa Rica ' ! Bilrn<! J' Thnlkhcld. Bob McKinnon - -•—- -•-* .^,^, t u. ann (] comnntiee appointed to tery To Probe Revo/f WASHINGTON. April Investigate whether the menl's intelligence had warned tlie Stale De] of the revolt In Colombia. Trip Investigation «•«[ j determine whether prevailing conditions make continuation of the election was declared TheZ^l Gel^ai'cmlnc, 'ihe :^^ hv ^£""" ^' Xriierr^Ul r^nf ^ ill'??"" """^W H.00.000.- Aviv n,st i.ight. II icjencd t American |)jo|)os,-il lor a Pnlcsli con- cnce in Bogota. One of the fir.-it items on th? f-.gcnda, if Mic conference is con- 'inucd. was expected lo be consld- CMrrnce J. Broivn R "o ^oih^ l>1 ' ati < > ii of a;i aiili-Communist rr.s- member.« of the investicatlmr ormin ' olutio " eouchcrt in the strongest, are Reps. Clare B. Hoftman T i r °f ible lerm *' -u. K.. i secretary of State George ~ ducted by an Executive Expenditures Subcommittee hearted by Rep. . . man Mich., anci John \v. McCorn'iack" ' ., D., Mass. Marshall, ai, his first, post-riot press .Weather Arkansas forecast: Partly cloudy and cooler wilh senile red thunder- nm! South tonight. Warmer Norili- wrsl portion Wednesday. Minimum this moniinp—5S. Maximum yesterday—HI. Suivi-t today—O:.!]. *Siriirirc tomorrow—5:30. Precipitation. 24 hours to 7 a m t <xl iv—.1.4.1. Tola! since .ran. 1—20.02. Mean temperature imidwav between high and low—G8. NuraiHl niraii fur A|iri|.-r,i. , This Il;,lr I.-jNl Vear XTiluinum Iliirs innrnint; •'iO. M.txiiiituii yesterday - na. Prfclpitation, Jan. 1 to this date .T f\a -•- - ....... v ., , contcrence yesterday, blamed ternational Communism for , weekend ol looting and bloodshed Hint devastated tlon-iuovvn BosoU •ind caused more than 4CO deaths. Marshall made it plain that he believed the Communists dclibriate- I authorized to he applied lo liie pub' lie dem ihroiign a Treasury sale of notes lor Ilial amount. The Treasury can oftcr Its SI.COO.- of Dell; Claud Duncan and Mrs. B] ,''' 1C , '""' F. nav of Holt Mrv,,,. r«,,i, «•,=„_ ' rat( ' Jcwisl Iru.stcesliip. nnri seli'cled a provisional council ol 37 mernbc-rs in- -1-1 -i- » d!- '^^".r^ ?'« --''P- obligations - - BH«-h -nda-le^: £ wl^"^,^ T'a^i4"ov^ the larger appropriation, it was Legion junior baseball team here. He was graduated from!,,,' Manila High School in 1047 when l he enlisted in the Navy to take an' advanced course In electronics Invalid by '. F - a *J of H H " Moon; >.talc alter the British mandate expires May IS. T.'ic pro.-iammiou that a .scpi,- ii .slaie no\v was He was home on leave three weeks ago. Addition to his '" 11 in j'd I I'll (,S IHC ' pH In tHa youth is survived by four brothers I TI, -' • 1 "'"" 1 James, Roy and Curt, all of Ma- Len? IsTd"' ^i'* "'"" Pr " ( nils, and Vergil Samples of Detroit T'°<loro picado Mich.: and three sislers. Mrs Maxme Samples of Cardwcll. Mo and Mrs. Alma Oalyean and Mrs Flora Johnson, bolh of Manila. Mrs. Johnson is ill In Walls Hospital in Blytheville and has not been notified ol the death of her brother. jly came as Jews and Arabs carried Calrtcron. the government's candl dale for president who was riefeat- British Troops Cut Off From Base in Vienna VIENNA. April 13. iUP>—A Hum- ERP Program Assailed By Russians BERLIN. April 13. lTJP>-The shall indicated, the Communists j ^. hoped to forestall approval of a.'i NPW lOrlf ^Jf/\<»L-«anti-Communist resolution and *•, '^ W ' OrK JtOCKS the same time embarrass the. Western w-oild ?.nd try to influence the Italian elections nrxi, Sunday. New York Cotton M;iy • Illlv Oct. Dec. . 372-1 hitch low 3744 .Win x n ,-ir,20 37-14 MS-1 32.13 .1K11 .12(5S .1WI 3218 3226 3190 32:S —_ U.V.V C-J.L ^a^a 3191 3192 31156 3ISa < U s Steel 2 p.m. storks Beth steel Coca cola ['" Gen Electric '.'.' Gen Motors N Y Central North Am Aviation Radio Socony Vacuum Stitrirbaker Slanrtarrf of N J Tcxns Corp . . '.'. ' Packard 34 S-R Ifil 35 56 H M 11 7-8 9 3-8 17 1-8 IS. I-R 79 1-2 SR 1-R 4 3-1 Coal-Burning Trains To Resume Operation WASHINGTON. April n. iUPl — The government today removed all restrictions on coal-binning railronu operations. Cancelled, effectin- at « p.m . were, a recent order which cut coal- burnui[. railroad operations 2S per cent and another order which would have imposed another 25 per cent reduction Thursday, i The action was taken Jointly r>v •fl.ihe Ofti:<. ot Dcfensr Transportation and the Interstate Commerce Commission. Soybeans - May 1-* July (Prl,,», f. . h. rhlratn) . 3SS 389 I:.W An:" ina ' an " Tompkins of Burdeitc; Chester j On Long Training/ Flight RftMwell. New Liberty; and Charles WA3HINOTON. April 13 iUPi. Lules. of Lute's Corner. The Air F . . i.- Lules. of Lute's Corner. [The Air Force announced today I hat The mobile clinics are directed to !» Rroup of B-2!)s Is en route tri Fui-all pe..«)ns over H. and are con- iSlenfeldnruck. Germany, on a "rou- rtucicd tn order lhat stat» health! tine tiaininf. Ilipht." offirs officers may check lhe initial siage- of any active cases of tuberculosis. . . The Supeilorts. pan of the Stra- tPRic Air Command's 301st Homo Group started talking off shortlv 'oelorr. inidiilght. Inst night from the . . — mini- . . — ber of British troops were reported European recovery program mearis cut off from their Vienna garrison ' "Germany's division. Europe's par- tonight by a Russian road block UUon. and war." a Russian official a oc . on lhe highway io the Britlsh-oper- charged today. -per- atcd Sctiwcrhat Airport Eisl ot lhe cll V Tlie Russians were . Co1 - Sergei Tulpanov. political and information officer of the So- reporied io vlpl military government in Ger- asserted also that the Mar- o havc begun demanding pholo-'den- many, tlty c.irds at the roail block between slia " P |a n Is "arr attempt to save Vienna and lhc airporl. They set lnc sinking capitalist ship." up the block to serve as a check i Hc l °M a youth meeting in the point yesterday. i Russian Zone of Germany lhat the 'tlie photo-Identity cards coustl- i P |an w °»i!d seek to "retain old re- lute a lypp of identification with actlonary governments, and to re' 3 Women Nominated as . . Smokv Hill Air Force base at s» whlch British troops generally were , - tllm factories 'to Ihelr war criminal American Mother of '48' nol eriuipiied. The demand for them Ttilpanov's attack on the plan . . , Mrs. Maude Minur Schmidt, ST. ,>f A box-car ol DDT spiay solution moaded at « Gosne,, s,d Belle While Niion. 18. of Monroe. 1 a. The foundation said Mrs. Nixon was lne mother of three children tomorrow for in the Mississippi County malaria control program. W. O. Stinnetl, malaria con- irol supervisor here, said today. The car-load contains more than and had been wleclrrt to represent t ^ iit ^ stair becnn.v: slip "reared a j S.400 gallons of lhe spray'soil aa' 'lamily thai is » rrcdit »<i llu- com- ( Bis lit spray crr-ws are current lite | munitf. | work ln Ult county, he Slid. ------------ ........ " Stolen Auto Kecovered , t A 19« Ford coupe belonging to (Western sectors. nla'rTj If, ™*M 'l° m .1, ^w"- 1 * I *"'"" h^b^en'wuslde'rM b^WeS- ' place in lhc 200 block on West Mam tern aiithorilfes since the ' street but police found it aban- East-West split March 30 w j Cnltnn Melt 1 Street. , on South - r , walked ont i»f th« AIIM ConirM l Covtnci!.

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