The Tribune from Coshocton, Ohio on May 10, 1929 · 2
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The Tribune from Coshocton, Ohio · 2

Coshocton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, May 10, 1929
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FRIDAY EVENING. MAY 10. 1939. PAGE TWO THE COSHOCTON TRIBUNE Aren't We All Like This ? We like to save but we like style We like to be in vogue and in velvet at the same time. Happy folks are making a bufiinens of looking gilt edge without feeling.the gilt of extravagance . , , They enjoy "kcepingup with the Jones' " as long as it doesn't take tobacco out of the tobacco box. This live new fashion institution points tho way to correct styling-right saving and well being. Golfers Complain of Cows, Birds, As New Hazards On U. S. Courses By LE8 CONKUN I. N. 8. SUIT Correspondent, NEW YORK, May 10. Birds of the air and beasts of the field are rapidly being added to the hazards which face the duffer as he winds his torturous way thru the bunkers and sand traps of these United States. The latest menace to the golfer Is the cow the gentle. Inoffensive cow. It has been discovered that she has a fondness for golf balls. This amazing fact came to light recently at Pittsfield, Mass., when a cow was butchered. In her stomach were twenty-nine balls. Investigation revealed that she had been pastured In a field adjoining a of the executive committee laughed at these strange reports untU one day when he got off a 250-yard drive and was unable to find it. He immediately launched an investigation which revealed that a degenerate old crow was the sulprit. In the crow's nest in a nearby tree were found seven new balls, left there In storage or to hatch. Linksmcn In South Wales also were harassed last year by crows which stole balls at the rate of a hundred a week. The golfers finally were forced to use old balls in the danger zone. It may be that the birds are merely retaliating, for numerous instances of golfers killing birds with their Men s and Young Mens Suits $19.50, $22.50 to $39.00 These Bulls are tailored by Michaels Stern Ac Co. and Hydo Park. Here you'll see the newest styles end colors. Every Suit a top-notch vsliie. Prep Suits With 2 Pair of Trousers 13.90 16.90 18.90 These Suits are splendidly tailored from fine All-Wool fabrics, in smart new colors and patterns. Spur Athletic Union Suits 75c Steel twist Nainsook, especially durable and non-shrlnk-able, Triple stitched, made with brace-back and waistband take-up. An unusual value. Other Athletic U. Suit 48c, $1, $1.48 Athletic Shirt and Drawer, 48c, 98c BLUE CHAMBRAY Work Shirts 67c A fine quality Chambray, well made, S8 Inches long and extra full cut. All Blzes Wk to ll4. Compare this Shirt with otheri at higher prices. CHAMBRAY SHIRTS Double shoulder, triple stitched. 85c Regular $1.00 value. White Broadcloth Shirts $1.48 $1.95 $2.95 Beautiful quality Broadcloth, with long and medium point collars attach-? ed, every Shirt tailored to fit perfectly. Collar Attache d Shirts In colors $1.13 to $3.50 Oshkosh Overalls $1.75 The best Overall made. Every pair guaranteed, they must make good or we will. Sprlng-0 All Overalls, at $1.25 Work Trousers, Special at .... $1.59, $1.95, $2.95 course in Plttsneia, ana ior years drives have ueen reponea wit, run we had been deriving sustenance from . last year. According to the news the slices and hooks of golfers. stories, the golfer always made a So when you smack a ball straight birdie on the hole where he struck and true over a hill but can t find the bird, It, the thing to do may be to lookj Other birds airplanes offer an for Bo-Boss as the eulprit. Even as annoying hazard on links around she chews her cud and contemplates Oarden City, Long Island, where nu- you with a benign and Innocent gaze, merous aviation schools are located she may be munching that new Dun-, Tyro blrdsmen seem to er.Joy swoop- lop which set you back six bits an ing down over the spot where a hour earlier. nervous golfer is sighting a crucial The cow's husband was added to .putt. the list of golf haiards during tne winter. A golfer was playing over a snow-covered course In New Jersey, using a red ball. It Is stated that a bull in an adjoining field became enraged at the sight of the crimson gutta percha and chased the golfer right off the course. Golfers at the St. Albans course . . .. J y.A l on ijong isiana were y"'lcu mat year by the frequency with which balls disappeared sfter being driven over a certain hill. The chairman 1 Leading Hitters Nation! League Player and Club Pet High, St Louis 431 Stephenson, Chicago ,. .423 OTJoul, Philadelphia .. JB7 Frlsch, St. Loula J87 Terry, New York , .38a Leader a year ago, Grantham, Pittsburgh, .455. American League Player and Club Jamleson, Cleveland .. Foxx, Philadelphia .... McManus, Detroit .... Pet .408 .403 .391 Clancy, Chicago .390 Gehrig, New York .... J 83 Leader a year -ago, Kress, Louis, .468. et This New Store is the home of Heal Economy. Our low overhead expense, together with our buying connections enables us too offer you merchandise of the best quality at prices that are so low or lower than you'll buy anywhere. WE INVITE COMPARISON. The Lorenz-Hunter Co. THE NEW STORE IN THE MASONIC TEMPLE BLDG. ' ' NATIONAL LEAGUE Team Won Lost Pet. Chicago 12 6 .667 8t. Louis 11 1 -611 Boston 9 6 .600 Pittsburgh 8 8 . .500 Philadelphia .... 1 9 .438 New York 6 8 .429 Cincinnati 7 11 .389; Brooklyn ....... 6 11 .353 AMERICAN LEAGUE Team Won Lost Pet. New York 13 4 .750 Philadelphia ....12 5 .706 St Louis .11 8 .579 Detroit 12 10 .545 Cleveland 9 11 -50 Chicago 7 12 .368 Washington 5 11 .313 Boston 5 1J -294 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Team Won Lost Pet, Kansas City 14 5 .737 Minneapolis 15 6 .71 St, Paul 1 8 .636 Indianapolis ....10 10 .500 Milwaukee 7 H -389 Toledo 7 13 .350 Columbus 7 1 -333 Louisville 6 13 .318 mm Sammy Byrd, Warming Yank Bench, Is Best Golfer In the Big Leagues By LES CONKUN I. N. S. Stall Correspondent. NEW YORK. May 10. Many golfers who read of the prowess of Sammy Byrd on the links wonder why the youthful outfielder of the New York Yankees sticks to the game of baseball, in which the fills the inconspicuous role of a substitute, when he might be gaining fame and fortune in greater measure as a golf pro. With a little practice Byrd can get into the low 70's, and it would be no trick at all for him to give the leading linksmen a stiff battle should be devote his entire time to the royal and ancient game, Sammy's explanation is that he ltkes baseball twice as well as golf, and that his greatest ambition is to become a big league star. At present his Job consist of wearing out trousers on the New York bench and pinch-hittlng now and then, but the day may not be far distant when he will be called upon to replace one of the veteran Yankee outfielders. With the Albany club In the East ern league last year, Byrd hit ,371 and almost won the league batting championship. He was taken south by the Yangees again this spring and pummeled the ball so vigorously that Manager Miller Huggins decided he was ripe for fast company. Byrd couldn't beat Babe Ruth out of a job on the ball team, but he could and did trim the Master Mauler on the links. And the Babe is no slouch as a golfer. Byrd gave Huggins golf lessons, after which the manager would drill the rookie in the arts of batting and fielding at the ball park. When Huggins decided to retain Byrd he came In for a bit of spoofing. It being alleged In some quarters that Hug was carrying Sammy as his golf j instructor. I The versatile Sammy Is the best TOMORROW AT 9 A. ENTIRE STOCK of the SILVERT DRY GOODS STORE Will be Put on Sale at 50c ON THE DOLLAR and Less. Hundreds of Items at Giving-Away Prices. Be on Hand Early MDSE. BROKERS. STORE 6TH And MAIN STS. COSHOCTON, O. YESTERDAYS RESULTS National League Cincinnati 7, Philadelphia 5. Pittsburgh 4. New York 3. Chicago 11, Brooklyn 2. St. Louis 5, Boston 1. American League Cleveland 4, Boston 3. Wiisliing'tcn ti. Detroit 3. New Yoik 7, St. touts 3. Philnd.Mplua 9, Chicago 2. American Association Milwaukee 10, Columbus 7. Toledo 6. Kansas City 4. Et. raul 6, Indianapolis 4. Minneapolis 15, Louisville 6. GAMES TODAY National Lea Hue-Cincinnati nt Boston. St. Louis at Brooklyn-Chicago at New York. Pittsbiu-gh at Philadelphia. American League-Philadelphia at Cleveland. Washington at Chicago. New York at Detroit. Boston a,t St. Louis. American Association Columbus at Milwaukee, Toledo at Kansas City. Louisville at Minneapolis, Indianapolis at St. Paul. golfer in baseball. Jigger Statz, formerly with the Cubs and Robins and now back on the coast, formerly held that distinction. Byrd learned the two sports at the same time he was playing ball and caddylng at a tender age. At Birmingham, where he was debating between a career as a ball player, a golfer and yes, a bricklayer, he finally decided to drop the brasaie and hod in favor of the bat. Byrd says he doesn't like to play golf during the baseball season, the baseball swing is different from a golf swing, and he fears that a diet of golf would Interfere with his batting stance. Like Byrd, the great Walter Ha, grn at one time was undecided between baseball and golf as a career. Golfers claim Sammy could duplicate Sir Walter's feats on the links, but the twenty-two-year-old outfielder is going to stick to baseball because It's more fun. The action of a squirrel in stealing a ball in a tournament at Hill-crest, N. Y., last year, cost the en raged owner of the ball a stroke. The chief hazards on the public links are the ham-and-egg golfers of both sexes, who count that day lost when they do not pick up at least one dozen golf balls belonging to somebody else, The only safeguard Is to mount a bicycle after driving off and pedal down the fairway after the ball at top speed. Warsaw Winner in First Game of Tournament j The Warsaw high school baseball team won the opening game of the class B tournament at New Concord this morning from the Frazeysburg high school nine. The score was 7 to 1. The pitching of Kanuckel of Warsaw was the feature of the game. The Warsaw slab artist whiffed 14 Ftazeysburg batsmen, and In addition knocked out a home run In his first appearance to the plate in the first frame. Kanuckel's battery mate, Allen, alio socked out a lour-sacker In the Initial Inning. It was a seven-Inning game. The Fraseysuurg team made Its lonely run on a wild throw by the Warsaw catcher in the fourth inning. Catcher Allen attempted to toss out the runner trying to steal third and overthrew the base, allowing the runner to soore. Here is the soore by Innings; R H Fraseysburg .....000 100 01 3 Warsaw 200 131 x 7 0 lngton, C. H heavyweight, knocked out Numb Meyers, Canton (1). Wrestling Reculta At Newark, N. J.: Paul Berlen-bach, former light-heavyweight boxing champion, threw Farmer Bailey, of Omaha, with hcadlock In 13 minutes. Sonnenberg's Foes Fear His Wild Rush By COPE LAND C. BURG CHICAGO, May 10. Qua Sonnenberg, the former college football star, who now holds the world's heavyweight wrestling title, got fame and fortune by capitalizing on fear. This ii the claim of Joe Malee-wlcE, Polish mat artist who is a contender for Sonnenberg's crown. "Sonnenberg hasn't much science or skill and wins his matches with a flying tackle, which is a knockout punch," declared the Pole. "Even the leading werstlers of the work are afraid to take chances against Sonnenberg's kayo leap and consequently they don't show their best against the champion." Maleewlez declared that wrestlers are fearful of Sonnenberg because of Why not make your "discovery" today? A new delight! Tha world's finest coffees Wended and roasted to perfection and actually ovn-fresh ! Never before waa auch coffee goodness available for m m you. now tne famous Boseul vacuum can lets us offer you Bos-culCoffeefullstrength -,full flafer-fulj aroma In no other way can you get this. A real diaeorery to a eoffee lover! COFFi DKNY YOURSELF THI BEST COFFEE' the danger of a below-the-belt punch from the tltleholder. He said he would ask permission of wrestling commission in the future to permit the wearing of a protective belt against Sonnenberg and his followers, now rapidly adopting the flying tackle "hold." "If I wore a protecttng cup I would rush right in there at Sonnenberg and would forget about the chances I would be taking against letting him get across his flying tackle," said Malcewlca. "This tackle business isn't a hold at all and really should be barred by commissions. Sonnenberg simply charges at his opponent like a wild bull, strikes with the full force of his body and renders his opponent senseless or half-crippled so that he then can easily pin him in the event his blow diA not completely kayo his antagotusf? Opponents fear the immediate Intense pain and the subsequent possible permanent Injury that would follow one of the champion's flying tackles, if caught under the belt, "NEVER DID I SEE A MEDICINE LIKE KONJOLA" Modern Compound Restored Man To Health And Strenirth After Attack Of "Flu". I LAST NIGHT'S FIGHTS 1 At Elam, Pa,: Joe Dundee, of Baltimore, welterweight champion, outpointed Johnny Ketchell. of Chester, Pa. (10). At Philadelphia: Eddie Reed. New York negro, won decision over Joe WHton, Philadelphia 8. At Kenton: "Tut" Jackson, Wash- 1 vtl5 1 Vs. v K : . MR. NICHOLAS T. CAION "I have never seen a medicine that could even compare with this new Konjola," said Mr. Nicholas T. Caton, Route No. 3, Fresno. "A severe attack of the "flu" left me In a weak and run-down condition. I had Just about lost my appetite entirely. I was so weak and short of breath that I could hardly walk. I needed something to cleanse my system of the poisons, and to build me up. "By the time I had used fow bottles of Konjola, my health troubles were all gone. I am strong as I was before I - was taken down with the "flu". My appetite has returned, and is as good as It ever was. Konjola surely deserves all the good things said about it and I shall never lose an opportunity to praise if Konjola is sold in Coshocton at Page Si Lorena drug store, and by all the best druggists In all towns throughout this entire section. Greater "WHtRE BX)N j at A. & P. Stores on Quality Foods QUALITY MEATS Meat Market, 431 Main St., Coshocton Bacon Fancy Breakfast 3 to 5 lb. piece lb. 23c Smoked Calla Ham ' ' lb. J8c Round Steak lb. 37c Hamburger lb. 23 C Veal Steak lb. 45c Veal Roast, shoulder cut lb. 28C Choice, juicy Chuck Roast lb. 24c Pure Open Kettle Rendered Lard 2 bs 29c Flour Sunnyfield Pure Cane Sugar Milk 24ia lb. sack 25 lb. sack White House 3 tall cans 89c $1.39 25c A. & P. Grape Juice Bokar Coffee pint bottle 23C lb. tin 47C Bread Butter Grandmothers large single loaf Sunnyfield 4 Vi lb. prints lb. 18c 51c Fyesh Fruits and Vegetables Grapefruit, 64 size 3 fr 25C Texas Onions 4 ls- 25C New Potatoes 4 25C Pineapples, 24 size 25C Head Lettuce, large size 2 or 25C Columbus Warehouse, Central Division is

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