The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1937 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1937
Page 10
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Casualties And Thefts Are Deductible on Tax Returns 'llils U' the IKIli of sit .irtlclcs en deiluc|f<)n(> the :iitugc lax- pjyer mty wake on Ills federal Income tax.'return, *, • * My NEA'Smice '' To innkc Deductions on your.In- conie v ;tax: return 'for losses by;fire or theft or oilier casualty of the kind,'you >icediit':,be engaged In biiitncss, ndi be Wftktng s, business man's return. Jf your home Is'biiviicd'down ov damaged, by flit or flobd, or your 'automobjle .burns, or your sum- nici buiienlow blows nuny Ini a windstoiiH, you may deduct the amount of the tloss. If biiiglai^i go through your lioiise nnjl rob you. you can deduct the loss,; but you lia've to'be nUle .to' show -that -Uic articles were stolen! If n'vdlanioiid ring Is miss- Ing at the end, of the yenr and you don't know whcthci It was lost : or, stolen, •: you'd belter be suu It \\ns stolen befoie >ou deduct the, loss; Naturally; 'if/your loss.\vns. : mai!c up bj insurance. jou<cfin'l deduct it on income la\ leports But If \om Insmnncc' dldnt, fully covci join loss, \ou can deduct \ a fail estimate of the dlffcience Belay Is Costly Losses of tin; casualty cliissiflca- tlon ai'C dcductaWe only In the year In which I hey' were suffered, if your summer collate blew down In 1934 and you hadn't visiU'd' It until this' year and never knew of the damage, that's just too bad. Unless you tot It on your 193-1 income las report.. as a deduction, it's too late now. lie careful not to confuse .such deductions for actual losses by fire, theft or casualty with de- iM'eclallon. If you .own a building which becomes useless through old atje and deterioration, you can't deduct that as a casually. . That comes under the depreciation deduction, .and '.should have bc»n taken out each year a 'little al a time, spread over a period! to Ihe probably useful life,of. the building or other equipment.':' But if burglars', liot the iuihtl> stiver, or 1 floods carried tiway the rfige during the year, consol yourself with the . thought: "At least I-can deduct It on my hi .conic Lin x't" Nl\l Automobile., i. is ind SlllA llXCS lllcl Illdl l»0|)ll list- full. Ill Mlc ftderal lax rflurn, I 'The'Editors '- Constilutioi ITo 1 the and 'Court It ts dlgheaUenlhg to > see the ' great of time and words pouicd ont-r o\ci thts proposed supreme cotnt iefqrm The M&sc'scs aiitt': Joshuas of the country aie^ splitting hnlis' to no olhcr pbrpojo than to make music while 'Rome bums" \ It is lituU to umlcrslnml) how 12} million people cnn becoiuc so interested in the opinions oOnlne and we .sec n whole iiallou of people vcncrntlii'E It like sbine "Art Of The Covenant [.ontalnlnt, commnndments 'from on hii aiid \vc .see the , luliuls of n vir anil incigcllc i,OM.ii)]]]cnt tlid 01 account.'of f it. •It Is 'a visible frtcl.tlint all -those countries now being ubvcriicd tin del (Hclatoishlp — n^cism 01 Com ' imjii'lsm— (lie was Uroutjli about through the failure of th existing ljo\'ci'niucnt lo funclion In. tho Interest of tile masses due lo some fixed and .set princ'iplc thought lo be Imlolablc nut i these rivers of piecertcnl niiist be ci'os.sed, • whelhcV v wadcd, swam 01 inftert— c\pediaiicj <lc- old men It our foicfalheis, imcduciitcd I J; cs the\ must hiuo beeii, hart showii^no 'moic nbllltj limn soiiic of om statesmen of todav luls country ne\ci ,would ha\e c\|>n\\il- cd ouuldc* Ihe confhieb of). Ihc firsl little coton> at Jime&tonit But \\hcn slftr\ntion tlnenlcned the'm nnd fhcs iiyw f-xl buffnlo nnd giceii pnstmes Uc\ond, tl'ej wad^d, swnm^ bujll lafli s nnd crossed over to me olhei side Thes' had no ' state 1 ; ilghli' then and woxildn t lm\c been limnpcrid \ Ith anj if tiles yhnd We shouldn't foiget tlmt tlic most lijing time of Ameiicnii life A\as dining the foundlnu of the first 13 colonies nnd tint thev •»ere hqt ulesscd \\ith n constitution 01 the' Inlcipictcis Iheie- of, >ct they yieio stiong enough to oieithrow .1 poweiful nnd .111 tocratic got eminent I ha\e no objection to the high sounding phiases of Ihc core,tilu- lion but the supreme com I is nn _mands 11 »s lonir as ihcreMs want >n the olhii— and I? we, don't In which ha\e been atlachcri to oui cie'uio crntlc fonn\ of povcmmcni, upul the (.oiiblUtilion In (lie ntcicst of Ihc inii5!jes we will go he'wny'iof .some offlhe ollier'nu- toiib, aild It wilt Ijc light ll\nt we| .hould If oui Boteinmcnt finis to I function Much depends upon vlmt the .BCrilleinen do about" It; Jno R Wtbslei Bljlhcville, ArK Grand Jury Proposes Gambling Be Licensed TOLEDO'.iUP>—The LucnsCOM.l- ly.grandyjiiry. In n special rcpon Ins icconuu'ernkd 1. .Ssgrngnlioi) of houses of ill fame for s the" mbinl protccllon ol children; 2. Licensing of gambling.houses or new laws to nmkc their opora- lion- a felony. '3. MOvc pnllleness aucl i.gooil nature on the part of public stir- v'iinls Art lUsplayi'il wouldn't if it hadnt been tor the, TOLEDO. (UP)—Spanish paiul- enemies of Democincj who \\nnl- ed to ictnlii the kin' So thu stiuggle of ilie oilglnal 11 colonl"s for a- democifttic form of yo\cm mcnt was lost Our conslllution and supicmc court ln\e bem so ingi lined into ths minds of * the Amei lean pco pic bi those enemies of demociacv ^ho ask and e\pcct favois fiom the king until the ico.iit^t. U.IBIL ing.s brought, lo Ihc United Slales for the CnrncBie .International Ex- hlbitlon In 1936 n'n:l barred train fhip'mcnl Home because 'of the civil war in Spain, arc. being shown in Toledo's Museum of Ail. Hed squirrels are • found of mushrooms and they dry mian ;ilies of them in -the forks of tree Birds Lo Fealhcr Your Ncsl UNBELIEVABLE 4 FACE OF TODAY'S HIGH MARKET CAN T| 5 SLAUGHTER OF PRICES BE TRUE! Tito Miracle Is Hcre^THE Ihrill Has fcamc-The Sensational Event thai Applebaum Bei OFFER MHMHftflHBHHHHHHHIIIHI In A Complete "Sell-Oiit" to the Bare Walls-A Bone-Fide til WARNING! THH 'K JS STORE IS This qUilt consists of 48 different birds—each one the official bird of "the:-various' slates., perched among the :!lo\vcrs chosen by Ihc'mine state ' 'The Illustration shous onl\ a few of the blocks but ser\Ls 10 giveid good Idea of hbu attractUe it can be Dlrccllons conic \vith nil ptfltrnis, (tiling jou the correct colon; to use. .While Ihcsc mo 1 outlined jou could work the birds in solid and make n true work of Rrt 'the complete scries of 48 designs C2840T. comes In NUMO hot irontttansfcrs vhtch will make T fitll-sUcd finilt. If you prefer 50U> mav^giit'lho 12 hot iron tnui*fcis for tltc New England ami NorthlAtl.alitISislates as,C284!T; the Soulh Atlantic states as C2842T; the "central |}ntcs as C2843T, and the mountain and Pacific stales as C2844T.'" '" \ ^ . .. :' To 'pf(to?> Rjlc'^ for number desired C2840T.'<4^! transfers) . is ; 60 cents; C2M1T,-C2842T. C2543Tuiul Ci«UT--Bre 20'cents cacli!- Ati- C.-es:^ you?, order to'^YTHDj'lLLE! COXnilEB..,HEJV'S 'MAKE IT YOWtiLLl; PAI'tUTR 'BU11LAU. BUA tbl,, KANtAlj OtlV. Jl6. B« sure lo gUc name a«d complete addict \ POSITIVELY QUITTING FOREUER I his is dm seumil silt in 1(1 ^cirs in liiisuuss I luis out thniibimls of rriuiuls rvnlixu the values when \\L tit foutd lo K'^L i silt 1 V! RY PRICI AND 11PM GUARANTEED UN'iir soru Me result II L is' I I" limit |U miles f i Hit iiioticlloi r (it tistoincis SlOllC WH L f!L CLOSED 1IJIS!)A\, \\I DM SOU, irnl IHURbI>\Y !0 RTMAIUv AND AURAN(,F SIOCKIOHUMMI) DISl'OSAI Promptly Friday at 9 A. NL we throw open our doors to a Money-Saving Event you chandise - -Much of Spring goods, just arrived - - included in this mighty sacrifice. - - As only by coming here can you appreciate the buying opportunities before you standard quality merchandise at Give-Away Prices--Read these u Hof Prices am Friday, 9A.M. 10c Unbleached 5 Yard Limit 2 Box 2 Box Limit MEN'S PLAIN DRESS Limit To Customer 15c Valul w i\Icn's.-' Stotil ' V 5!)e. I.iulios 1 Full Fashioned Silk HOSE / '••', 9Sc Value , ' Ladies' House Slippers "MARTHA MAID' Ladies' Undies Reduced 7!> c J. SUI'S COC wv !)Sc Ladies 7Q i y $1.9o Ciepe & SalinSUr.S §2.05 Ci'epe & KatinSl-Ii'S , '$1.95 Cftpc GOWNS: $2.<>5 Crepe «JO O4 GOWNS Wfc.fc'f & NKGLIG.EESV*««3 $•!.')-> .GOWNS' Van Raalte Larkwood Ladies Hosiery 71le Grade h'OSE Sl.OO Grade HOSE SI.15 Grade HOSE iicaiiiiu- zs.c I'.cather Palm Gloves 18c Ladies' and /Children's Whipcord -Hiding PANTS JODPHURS One Lot Ladies' Purses Values'to 51.95 25 c S!.!)f) Values $2.!)5 Values -Viilucs-.Tn fl Chiltlrcn's ^ to S7.!)5'i GOWNS& .:,i NEOhlGKKS .i 50c Formfit ^ HKASSIKKKS SI. 00 Formfit: : CQC »RASS1KUES . - WV Mens Star Brand WORK SHOES §1.95 Men's Work Shoes $1.68 $2.95 Men's Work & Army Shoes - $2,39 $3.95 Men's Work & Army Shoes-$3.39 Good Grade lied Ticking Yd. 9c Selling Out Even DRESS Rel Van Raalte LADIES' UNDIES 5!)c Grade JIJIC 1'ANTIES : •'11 • Men's White WASH PANTS 7. it Grade PANTIES si. on (ji-iui PANTIKS ift 13 SI. 0.0 Wash Pants Sl.l!)-l.(i!) Wash l';iiits si. 08 \Vash Pauls 25c (trade S oz. Feather I'roof Ticking Yd. 19c 790 §1,09 $1.38 YOUR CHOICE One Group. Values from §3.95 fo $7.95. Wool DRESSES NO TRY-ONS - - | ' NO EXOHAXGES The, Popular Gcorgianna LUL New Spring, Fust Color We FROGKL, At Close-Out PriceslrA $1.95 Dresses $1 $2.95 Dresses •..-- $\ $3.95 Dresses •..'$< $5M Dresses 7.. $& $2.95 arid • S3.!>5 ]<adics' Silk ^a Dresses! 95 Oui At HUY jYOUR •NEXT WINTER Ladies' •Winter COAT Coats Ladic ' WinlJ Coal CHILDREN'S'.-STAR BRAND NEW SPRING S HOE S is&~ Going Out of Business Prices SI.I!)'Value S1.C9 Value Sl.Oo V;il 1K , Children's QOC . '.Children's ' §13!' Children's s-J I SHOES tf§ SHOES SHOKS ill Arouse-Startle-Astouitd Thousands-As As Low As 35c DOLLAR idation of All Merchandise of A- never see again in a long time Thousands of dollars worth of mer- Id type does not do justice in telling you of these Remarkable Values j urge you to be here - - Tell your friends - -Seldom are you offered ilize! PLAN TO BE THERE BY ALL MEANS. 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SANDALS New Novcllv Spring Slar Brand Novelty, - Spring" Dress Men's S2.9K Novcll S Men's S:$.!ir> While I'l'dwin Slvle' Park Fell Ha ml Shows Advantage of Bidding Major Suit First i'hls Is Ihe first of a strles of ' six articles reviewing (lie jirln- ciplcs ot bidding advocated by S, Oarlon (,'limrlilll, oulstiiiidlri? Iciiirnamcnt slar, who r'cctnlly liubllshod MIC first book on ilu- plleato bridge tacllcs, enltllcd "L'ouiriicl Illilciliijr Tacllcs at Miildi I'oint 1'lay." • • * Uy WM. K. MeKKNNliY Secretary, American lirMRO l.CMiio A native of areal Neck, u I., Mr. Churchill has long been recognized as one of the country's great- 40542 VQJ3 # 10 9 7 6 2 *<! A A ,1 1093 Vli + K Q J •! 3 * K Q 8 7 ¥8764 A * J 1090 heart hull, iic provided for thts con- Ung'cnoy, and was able to stand the opponents' forces and make his contract, doubled. Vermont Co-Eds Live , On $2.50 Per Week A1C.QI17S Duplicate—None vul Sonlli \\Vbt Norlh Kml IV I A Pass , '\ A r> .J. i'jisis ,- r> V *• Double Opening l(>'ail--A A. *•' 10 , VI,. (UP)-Llvillg on $a.50 a week each, 46 University of Vermont co-cds arc applying successfully the Ideal of "cooperative housing" under direction of the woman who conceived tlio idea 25 years ago. Two dormitories, renovated by She university, are supervised .by Prof. Eeitha M. Terrlll, Homo Bionomics Department head, who prepares Iho menus and buys the food. Bird nests arc important export articles ot Hie Malayan islands. More Hum 3,500,000 ncsla of .the edible swift have been Imported to China- in one year, for .coiii version into birds' nest • soup. duplicate bridge players and the inner" circle of bridge htars its Is regarded also as one of the icaU'.st analysts, Ills theories of u, while considered rcvolu- lonary when first propounded lave ((really Influenced the dcvel- ipmeilt of bidding tactics. It has generally been accepted by experts and beginners alike tliat vhcn a player holds a six card mi- lor and a five card major, he ihould bl<l the minor llrst, and sliow Today's Contract Problem South,' as denier, has passed. Willi 1 West's balanced hand discounting Ihc establishment ot more lliati (me lon'« card Irick, what principle, should control his choice of im opcti- ih{! bid considering Kast's n'os- •slhlc responses. (Blind) A A K !l 8 V J53 + QJIO * A 109 Phoenix (Blind) All vulnerable. * Solulion In ncxl issue. NOTICE 01' SC1100J, Pursuant (6 Act Number '30' of ,935 Aiaclcd by (he General" As- .cmbly 6f tho Slate ot Arkansas, >ald act providing tbr Ihe cle'c- lon ot School Director's to be cle'cl- cd at a special school Election lo bo held In each School District ot .ho Stale of Alka hsas on tho third Saluiilay In o( each year. Tlie following polling places shall tit open between tlic hours ot 2 P. M. nnd G:30 ?. M. oil Saturday, March 20, 1037, for the aforonieh- Uone<l election; nisi. Sclioul Voting Pliicc 1. Osccola . Court/ HOMSQ 2. Ltixorn. Liixorn High School 3. nosa School 4. Clear Lrtkc Clear Lake School 5. BlHhcvlllo" • . Sr. l[!fch school (i. Oosncll Gusiicll'School 7. Huffman School SpllbOl School High School UnzeU's Store Ciirsuh. Luko School Olty Hall Lynch's Stdro Boynt&n School' School 8. Itfllllgun. 0. Ifj. 11. 13. 10, id. ii. 10. 31. tho sl'x-live distribution by later rcblds of his major suit. Church!!! dl;ngrecs with, this theory, and lo- day's hnnd sliows the basis for hi view. Churchill was South, and in his analysis of the bidding he points out llial, had he opened the hanj with one club, as some authorities advise, lie would have had lo bid five hearts on tho second round of bidding, or he would have had to suppress Ihc heart suit entirely, hid five clubs and (jotic down one. 3y first bidding his five care Armorcl Sliawncu Pecan Point Carson Manila Nodeha BoyiitoVi Whlltou Yai'bro Box Elder. Dell Skidway Wilson ixmc Oak Tomalb Kclser Promised Lund Rcete Number Nino School High School School School School School' iBank School School School 10 47. Burde'.ic ' Biirdc'llc school ITcownli •• • Hatcher School . Blow-nil 1 - School School Shady-G. School Bank Bldg. Scliool i School School •School Brown Brown school Hoiisc Utllc River UtUo'R, School Black-Wntcr school Bldg. 38. Ekroii 39. Shady Grove Lcachvlllo 1 Pawhcon JIalf Moon Jlickman Flat Lake 54; Rocky; School Bldg. 55. Sllllninn Siillman School House !S6. Dyess School Bldg, Road 7 and Colony Center WINNIE \IiRGIL, TURNER County Examiner. 3-10-17 Expounder of Socialism HORIZONTAL '1,9Socialist of last century. 5 Polite. 12Jcruscr,, 14 Having » veil. 16 To scalier. Answer (o Previous Puaile . 19 Father. 2! Laughlcr sound. 22 Wnser. 23J3ultcr lumps. 25. Cabin. 26 Devoured. 28 Freedom from \var. 30 Death notice, 32 Prophets. 34 Public i disturbance. 35 Brink. 36 Low (rucks, 38Wilhin. 33 Dregs. 40 Sound ot sorrow. , 41 Toward. | 42 Prepared .". f. lettuce. ' ot modern socialism. 18 Large' melons. 20 To instigate;. 22 Still. ' 44 Beer. 46 Vigor. 47 Took oalh. 49 Tip, 50 Those who win. 52 Golf teacher. 55 He was a news England. 56 He was by birlh. VERTICAL 2 Region. • in 3 Scarlet. 4 Note in scale. 5 Penny. 6 God of war. 7 Bugle plant. '8 Sweet secretion, 9 Commander. 10 Preposition. 11 Corded.cfoth. 13 Song for two.'5! Southeast. 15 To jump. 52 Afternoon. 16 His arc 53 Sun god. the foundation 54 Upon. 25 Pronoun. , 2SPerlafn!ng to air. 27 Great fake. • 59 Company. . , 31 Flour box. * 3 2 Turfs. 33 Delivered.. 36 To guide. 37 To halt.' 39 Bang. 40 Excuse. 43To affirm- ' 44 Barley spikelet. 45 Before. 47 Courtesy till?. 48Unit ot work.- 1 49 Northwest. 50 You and I. ; • 93:50' Men's Style''. Park" Fell

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