Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 26, 1897 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1897
Page 21
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Blankets, Comforts, Cloaks, Gloves, Hosiery and Underwear for large and small. P. S. We have just received a full line of Cen- temerie Gloves in the new clasp. DO YOU EAT MEAT? <»•»••»•+» Of course yuii do and you can buy the choicest cuts ot Wm. Rowe. Cor. Broadway and Fifth Sts. Phone 247- E. H. GRACE, D. D. S. DENTAL PARLORS, 816 Market Street. New Aluminlte Rubber Plates. JJANLEY & SHANAHAN. Buy«and Soils Second Hand Goods. Give us a cai;. 209 6 <* street Dr Ex- S Hunt, —DENTIST— All the latest llecovorieii in medicine and •ppllances to relieve pain In extraction or fill- lug of teetb. Modem methods, modern prices. All work fruamntecd Office over John Gray's on Fourth utreet. C U Telephone No. SiS. Now Is Your Chance. You can buy you a home or PHJ off yiur »Ortir«irP by sendirirM. M. Gordon a buyer for Real Escaw. Who will divide ihe commission with J ou, M. M. Gordon, street. Old Pbono office 30fi. residence 189, DK. C. D. EVEESOLE'S DEDTAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug Store, Corner of Fourth and Market Streets. W. J. Barnett, s U cce, B ortoc.L.woii. Undertaker, Embalmer and Funeral Director. 417 Market street. Calls attended day or nifr&t The finest outfit in the TJ. S. Col. C. L. Woll, will remain with mo. Oflloo 16. Residence-Mutual. 65:0. TJ. 1«9. When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GO TO- F H. Wippermari, KN Fourth Street Opp. Court House Entrance. Undertakers ^_—_ .^ 303 Market street, HoppeBulldluff . Daniel Killian & Co. Calls promptly attended to, day or nlpht. Mr. Killtan was for many years foreman for Cfaarlt 8 L. Well. Telephone 261. McConnell & McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILY PHAROS TUESDAY, OCT. 26, 1897. OITY NRWS Caviar 25c can at Kothermel's. The great sale started yesterday— Golden Rule. Clare M. Ray has taken a position at J. D. Taylor's jewelry store. Dr. Calvin Carney, ot Carroll country, is in the city on business. Good yard-wide sheeting at 2Jc a yard at the great October sale—Golden Rule. Tomorrow evening a big time is expected at the bazaar, wuen it will close. There are many fine articles left, which can be bought at a low price. A prominent resident ot the Southside requests the Pharos to invite the city scavenger t-i -isit that part ot town and haul away the accumulating slops and oflall. He claims the Southside is being overlooked. Kokomo has two immense colum- blads for her park from Old Fort Sumter. They weigh 15,000 pounds each. They are the very guni which Ma] Anderson answered the attack on Fort Sumter in 1861, South Carolina objected to their removal, bat too late. SEW friTEBLT WELL. To- for to Trenton Rock WUl be Reached Mght at a Late Hour. The Pharos telephoned at 3:15 this afternoon to C. P. Forgy, at New Waverly, and found that the drill in tbe oil well there bad reached a depth of about 860 feet, penetrating a dark slate, turning to reddish color. Tne drillers say tha symptoms appear qultie favorable striking oil. They expect reach Trenton rock-tonight, probably by ten or twelve o'clock. As they must penetrate Trenton rock some ten or twenty feet betore finding oil, the result will not be known before early morning or tomorrow. B/ request of the drillers, men are kept there to watch operations, to see that nothing is done to "doctor" tne well. OIL NOTES. The directors ot the Logansport Gas and Oil company, at a meeting last night, approved the contract recently made for drilling wells. Tne limit for completing a well was fixed at fourteen days. Work will be commenced as soon as a location is designated. The well in Miami county,situated on the Blair farm, tour miles east ot New Waverly, came in yesterdav. Sand was reached at 886 feet, and after continuing tne drill 25 feet further, operations ceased. There was neve/ any showing of oil in this well and its failure was expected. Peru Chronicle, Monday; The wall at Mexl=o reached the sand last night. Salt sand was reached at, the first screw. At last writing they were 12 feet In and had no showing of oil. Later reports are that oil has been found. Later— The Mexico well proved a complete failure. CHICAGO Received Dally bj N. W. Milner, at Q. A. R. Building. Chicago, Oct. 26, 1897. Wheat—Dec., opened. 93j@93'Jc; high, 94jc; low, 93o; closed, 94|@Ac. Wheat—For May, open, 9J|@9iic; high, 91|c; low, 90Jc; closed, 91Jc. Corn—For Dec., opened, 25*-|c; high, 25j@26c; low, 25fc; closed at 25j-e. Oats—Dec., opened, 18Jc: high, I8fc; low, J8c; closed, 38|c, Rye—Dec., opened, 47*c; high, 4"Jc; low, 47c; closed, 47Jc. Pork—For Dec, opened, $7,77; high, 17.80; low, $7.72; closed at $7.75, Lard—For Dec., opened, »4 27; high, $4 30; low, $4 22; closed, 14.22. Ribs —For Dec,, opened, 14.47; high, 14 50; low, »4.42; closed at J. 4 J E, kegs today, 34,000; left over, 5,000; estimated for tomorrow, 43,000. Market opened slow, 5c lower; cl osed easy. Mixed, |3.55@»3 95; heavy, $3,25 @3 85; rough, $3.25@I3.35; light, f3.52@3.92. Catrtie—Receipts 8,000; sheep, 16,000. Dec. wheat—Curb, 94*c; puts, 93|- ic; calls, 95Hc. TIM *URPH)f In "Old Innocence" nt the Opera House Friday Sight. Clsver, popular and characteristic Tim Murphy, one of our most eminent American representative come- deans will present his highly successful double bill at the opera house Friday next, consisting of the merry success in three cheering acts, "Old Innocence,"a play destined to be more popular than droll Tim's original "A Texas Steer," and the dramatic sensation "Sir Henry Hypnotized," a most unique originality, most webome in comparison to many of the so called one act plays before the public today as it introduces this prominent artist in many widely different, lightening change character impersonations of many world- famous actors and statesmen. Onr Club Election. At a meeting of the Our Club, last night, the old officers were re-elected as follows: President—E. W. Kelly. Vice-President—Ed. Grace. Secretary—Henry Kammerer. Treasurer—H. M. Sbideler. Board of directors—Joe Taylor, chairman; Herman Dewenter, Henry Kammerer, Joe Frankenthal, John Kuns, Edward Donovan and P. J. Pierce. The members of the Elite mandolin orchestra were elected to membership in the club. This splendid muscal organization will give a series of concerts In the club apartments during the winter, the first on next Tuesday evening, Cloak department never so complete as now, and all at sale prices— Golden Kale. Parfag Completed. The last brick was laid this afternoon, between Third aod Fourth streets,and the work of paving Is virtually completed. Logansport DOW has something over a mile and a half of paved streets, and is proud of the improvement. Heit year will see the work continued. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. Candied pineapples,cherries, J.J. R. Attend Silver Leaf dance tonigh. Hon A. R. Shroyer is greatly improved. Rehearsal tonight of the Elks' minstrels. Robert Hlghtower is over from Marlon, on business. Atterd our great October sale, now in progress—Golden Rule. Miss Alta Young returned today from an extended visit in California. W. E. Sweet is down from Chicago. He is in the grocery business there. French imported dress patterns at $2.96 at great October sale—Golden Rule. Mrs. Charles Young was called to New Waverly today by the Illness of her mother Cashier Thomas, nf the Logansport State bank, was at JTew Wave.rly today on business. The convention or the Second Indiana district Woman's Belief Corps, will be held in this city tomorrow. A marriage license was denied John Olem and Susie Gloser today, The girl's father said that she was not of age. Jarnes Welsh, a youag man residing near the Panhandle shops, was prostrated this morning by a congestive chill. Bank Examiner Caldwell left h"re this afternoon, going to Fort Wayne. He found the Logansport banks in sound condition. Denry H. Koontz and Elizabeth Welch were united in marriage in 'Squire Fender's court today, that magistrate officiating. The board of commissioners of the Northern insane hospital held a meeting today and completed business of importance for the fiscal year, In the circuit court today Judge Chase ruled for the plaintiff In the case of A. Jones vs. John Redwood and wife to foreclose a mechanic's lien. Gbarles Vigus and Sam Small, sent up from this city April 27, 1895, for three years for stealing chickens, were discharged, this morning, and are again in the city. Mrs. E. A. Proctor, of Peoria, and Mrs. Levi Vincent, of Wesson, Ills., returned to their bumes today, after a verv pleasant week's visit with the Hurd tribe, at Walton. In the Circuit court today judgment was awarded the estate of the late W, P Watts against the Al Gotschall farm, on a foreclosure of mortgage. Demand $665.72. The voting- contest between the six little girls for a doll, will close tomorrow nlgnt at the bazaar, also all articles on chances will be raffled, lome and make the bazaar a success. Judge George E. Ross was at Hartford city, yesterday, defending ihe case of Charles A. Clouser vs. the Pulman palace'Car company. While on a trip west «140 was stolen from Clouser, and he is suing to recover that sum. D. D. Fickle today filed the complaint of Sue Bowles in a suit for divorce from James T. Bowles. Plaintiff alleges for eight years past, the defendant has utterly failed to provide for her snd their three children. She also demands the custody of the ihlldren. Charles Bottorff, of Kokomo, and Will Woods, of Galveston, were arraigned in 'Squire Fender's court today upon the charge of throwing itones at a Panhandle passenger train at Galveston July 19th. Bottoroff gave bond In the sum of 1300 for his appearance Wednesday and Woods plead guilty to the charge of trespass and paid a fine and costs, aggregating Si 5.50. Anoka Jiewslets. Corn shucking has commenced. Wheat looks well for the chance it has had. Jack Reser and brothers have the best field of wheat in the neighborhood on D. D. Dykeman's fifteen acre field, south of Anoka. Last Friday while Mr. Moore, residing on George P. Dykeman's farm, was away from home, John Riley Bolen went into the house and Gripped oft his clothed and got into oed and scaied Mrs. Moore almost out of her W!DS, and she ran to her neighbors for help. Jack and Franr Reser went to her assistance, and they soon routed him out, but he left the bed in a very bad condition. Last Saturday night the farmers organized a company to drill for oil at Anoka. Sunday Ex-Postmaster Meshach Berry and family went to Onward to visit Mi. and Mrs. Samuel Brooks, their nephew and nelee. Onr Shoes Fit ^ Liie gloves And they wear Like Iron. We treat our customers Fair and square Because we appreciate Their trade. Onr prices are Low— Wonderfully low— And quality is High- V ery high— And we want Your trade. Elias Winter. Department of Pen Art Hall's Business College has engaged Mr. Andrew Frederick to take charge of the Penmanehij) clBEsee. His time wiil be devoted eiclueirely to thJs line of work. Losansport needs a First Class School of Pen Art, and we take pleasure in annonncin? that we are cow prepared to give the very beft instruction that can te had. Mr, Frederick Is a GRADUATE of the Zanerian Pen An School. CortimbUB, 0 . and wae an instructor in that school until engaged oy Hall's Business College. C. F. MOORE, Pres. Hall's Business College, Second and Third floor, KeystoneBuilolnp, Logicsport, Ind. REAL ESTATE Reported for the Pharos br Serb V. Velser, Atgtractor. John H. Lux to Eufas Magee— Lots 9 and 59 J. B. Shultz 1 3d add, Soubhside. $1. Rufus Magee to May Lux— Above property. »1. A. N. Donaldson to Jackson R. Rean— PC sec 24, Noble tp; 10 acres, 12,500. Levl Blatt to Abraham N. Helvle —PC of lot 1 sub Ozaodlah & Richardsville res., Tipton tp; 57 acres. §2,500. Mary A. Rochermel, ec al to Margaret C. Hill— Pt lot 61 W. L. Brown's add, s side of Melbourne ave and e of Barren St. *5. Mary A. Rothermel to Louisa B. Quirk— Pt lot 61 W, L. Brown's add e side of Barren st, s of Melbourne ave. to. Edward H. Dah,ell to Gel la M. Dalzell— Ei of lot 31 G P. Altoner. $42. Tneoflore E. Coflman to Ann Ijams— Lot 36 Wall & Booker's add to Walton. $200. Attention, St. Matthew's Command cry, Knights of St. John. You are hereby ordered tn report at armory tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, Oct. 27th at 7.30 sharp, in full uniform, except chapeau and sword. Ail members are urged to be present. JOHN R, Fox, Capt. Tbe UonglatiS-Hanna Case. Judge Chase ruled on the Douglass- Hanna case today. He found for Douglass for $2,100, but set aside tne judgment as to Burgman. minor Points of Slatmeri). In American homes a visitor staying for a night should indicate when he or she desires to retire. In England it ii the mode for the bouse mistress to indicate this. Not so here. Amusing perplexities arise from one nationality not understanding another, even on such a minor point of manners. Before paying a visit it is best to Lave the time of departure understood by all parties. Should the time be prolonged, from the hostess, not the host must come the invitation. It is the woman who should have charge of the interior arrangements of a house. A few days after leaving the guest should send an appreciative letter to the hostess, who should in due time make recognition of the sama*---Good Housekeeping. Housekeepers who have been using a cheap alum baking powder cannot imagine how a trial of Cleveland's baking powder would surprise them. The light, dainty cake and biscuit would warrant the small difference in price. Guarantee* Qrocor* m Authorized te !+»• fetck your money if yon d* not tad Oereliujd'* tb» beat tattaf ponder yon have. CT*T ucd. Clerelaad B»ldni: Powder C«L,H.T. Tailor and Draper, FASTIDIOUSIMEN an always well groomed and wall dressed. They start right by having their clothing made by a flnt claM tailor, from the latest styles la handsome fabrics, well-fitted and elegantly finished. There Is no one InJ Logansport that can do this to suit the most exquisite tastes or that takes the patngjto please, as we do. Carl W. Keller. 311 Market St, THE ART OF DINING. Definite Information Concerning; the Details For the Uninitiated. Kot every one knows how to dine, and the novice ac a formal dinner oftea suffers untold agonies for the want of a little definite information on small points which are as second nature to the habitual dimer out. Good Housekeeping includes in a paper on social graces some practical bits anent the art of dining, among them the following: Punctually a quarter of an hour before the hour all guests should reacli the house. Of all places delaj- here tu unpardonable. At each plate and in front are wineglasses or a water tumbler and a carafe between every two or four persons, while at the left are bread and butter plates and knives. On each plate is a napkin, between the folds of which peeps a roll, and at the right also an individual salt and pepper caster, with whatever knives and spoons are needed for the courses. At the left are forks, the oyster fork O'Utside of all. The concave portions of spoons and forks are uppermost and the knife blades turned inward. In formal functions everything is served from the side, only the first course of raw oysters being on the plates at each place when all are seated. When this is removed, there is a plate underneath which remains while soup or bouillon is served, after which that is taken away. The waiter removes plates or places them in position froiii the right of the guest. Where a viand is offered for the guest to help himself it is done from the left. The attendant wears white cotton gloves and holds the dish upon a folded napkin. Guests help themselves and pass along the olives, almonds and other trifles, nothing else. A second serving of the same viand is never offered. Whenever a dish is undesired a grest never refuses, but simply affects to eft, though he need not. The most lamo*vs diner out of New York eats no course dinner. "If I partook of one quarter of the feasts which I am supposed to enjoy, " said ho, "I should not now be living. I cat a bit of bread and never touch wine.'' Unless invited to some entertainment after a formal dinner guests are not e'.i- pectcd to remain more than a half hour. In cities such a function frequently precedes a theater party or a dance at some residence where all invited are known to be expected guests. In leaving the dining room each has taken a menu, which is often a work' of art, showing originality and appropriateness to the occasion. That brief calls should be made upon the dinner givers within ten days after the function is incumbent upon all who have attended them. Where distance prevents this an appreciative note should be forwarded. It may be well to state here that bouillon or soup is sipped noiselessly from the side of the spoon token from the side of the plate farthest from the diner. Fish is taken with a fork while holding a bit of bread in the left hand. Salad is never cut, but cheese should be. It is then placed in bits on biscuit or bread and conveyed to- the mouth. Strawberries served nnhulled are held by the stems and dipped in individual dishes of powdered sugar. Oranges, peaches, apples and pean> are peeled and cut across, while bananas, after peeling, are sliced and eaten by the help of a fork. Peas are usually conveyed to the month by a fork. Tho American fashion of partaking of core is to break it in two and eat it from the cob. Bread should never be buttered in the slice, but only in small broken pieces. Fruit seals should be taken from the mouth by the fingers.. Booming Billiards. There is every prospect of a revival of billiards during the coming season, both in Chicago and Xew Yort. Another effort is to be made to get the professionals together. and from present indications the movement is likely to be crowned with success. It is proposed to hold a tournament in New York city for the world's championship at 18 inch balk line, anchor barred, and shortly afterward a handicap tournament in Chicago, which it is fair to presume will attract leading players. Broader Athletic*. Harry McMillan, president of the Amateur Athletic union, advocates the enlistment of national, state and municipal j governments to aid In the promotion of j athletic sport,, and also recommends the ' organization of a regular and cii il army and navy national organization tor the promotion of smateor sport. He also advocates the formation by railroad and other large business corporations of amateur athletic clubs, the same to hold championship athletic meetings annually. Reasonable Prices. The most Reasonable Tailor in to'.rn is Ci'aig. He will make up a Suit lor you that for Price. Style and Fit Cannot be beaten. His Stock of NEW AND STYLISH FABKICS For Fall and Winter. Up-to- date and includes everything desirable. Call and inspect. W D. CRAIfi, Tailor 416 Broadway, Next o Frazee's, D OLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. WM. DOLAN, MANAGER. Friday Eve. Oct. 29. Return Eogagemect of the Eminent Comedian. TIM MURPHY In a Great Double Bill The Laughing Success in Three Act*, "OLD INNOCENCE" and the Great Character Novelty "Sir Henry Hypnotized" In which Mr, Murphy gives hig impersona- 1 ions ot Fameus Actore, assisted by Dorothy Soerrod and Olnej 1 J. Griffin. PRICES.. .25c, 50c, 75c and 11.00. Seats on sale at Johnston's drug store. THE SHININfi LIGHT —The New— Wtieeler I Wilson SEWING MACHINE is the most Up-to-date. 308 Third Street. J. Hbwell, Agent SOTICE OF ASSIGNEE'S SA.LE. Notice Is hereby given, that I, the undersigned trustee, under a deed of assignment, all the goods, wares and merchandise of Edwin M. Wslden, will offer for sale at public auction tit the law office of Frank M. Klstler, on Fourth. street, in the city of Logansport, Indiana, on the 6th day of November, JS97, between the hours of 1 o'clock p. m. and 3 o'clock p. EJ. of said day; the whole and entire stock of goods, wares and merchandise of Edwin M. Walden, assigned to me for the benefit of his creditors, consisting of a stock of boots, shoes, rubbers, rubber goods, felts, legging and such goods as are generally kept in a first-class shoe store, and all the fixtures belonging to said etore, which is located on the ground floor of the building known as No. 315 Fourth street, Logansport, Indiana. The purchaser to pay one-third (J) cash, one-third (J) in sixty (fiO) days and one-third (J) in one hundred and twenty (120) days, and fnr the deferred payments will give security to the approval of the trustee. Dated this 25th day of October, 1897. FRANK M. KISTXJIK trustee. Hoyt Wanted In England. The Gentlewoman says that Miss Hoyt, the woman golf champion of America, •would be warmly •welcomed In England if she could arrange to compete in the ladles' open championship to be played under the Authority of the Ladies' Golf onion next year »t Great Yarmouth. ,lti» Hoyt be»t Mi*a Sarg-ent's record on the Eswx county links by itx strokes, hisr ovi showing the 97. How to Make Camphor !«•. To 4 ounces of pure olive oil take a half ounce of white beeswax, a hall ounce of spermaceti and a half ounce of gum camphor, broken into small pieces, as camphor takes a little longer to melt. Put all in a small earthen crock and set in hot -water to melt. Beat -with a silver fork until yon can just pour it, then pour quickly into large mouthed jars, as it stiffen* rapidly. __ To the Point. MV Bryan made a telling point against the Bepublican currency- policy •when he remarked that if the gold; standard was such a fine thing it wa» curious that the people should be mad» to pay a tourist ooprmisaioo. $100,000i to try to persuade Europe to let «• ge* ridofit _ _ ,; Irlnfc Joan of New York, Oct. 25.— Mia* Maud Gonne, "the Irish Joan of Arc," wa» a pa«a»i.- ger by the Lrticania. teat arrtTed B»t- •uraiy night, Biahop W. 8. Perry, of Iowa, wa* also on board.

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