Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 28, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1896
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'tf u> l r > THE LOGbMSPORT J VOL. XXI. ^SUNDAY JUNE 28 1896. NO. 155. 65c to 98c Shirt Waists for 50c. eoraci £f WAfi - URlffON BRANCH 2308 "PERSON EFTECTST- SHIRT WAIST DAY. Tomorrow Eastern Gold Democrats Plan to Pu Up a Good Fight, ".. •"?"!••• ' * T •*•* VII. till) ill 11 y \_f I a giitlwringoT democrat iiiowuiiJTriihi.v iifhis home We will Display on our BARGAIN TABLE in center aisle 25 distinct styles of newJShirt Waists ranging in price from 65 Cents to 98 Cents And you are at liberty to take your choicejof this lot of Superb and Elegantly made Waists for Cents. $i.$5 and $1.50 Ones for 750. Calicoes, Cheviots, Percales, Lawns, Dresdens and all the Pretty Effects. We are also offering Great Things in our Wash Goods Department. Wash Goods Remnants at Just Half. Whitney to Corne to .Chicago and D rect Affair's—No .; Bolt from Convention.' Likely. Jv'ew Vork.'J'una.'aT.-^-llon. Wi'ilhintC triey had of {-'em-nil vei 2 \Vesl I'i'1'ty-scvi.-mli street;;' it ;i Mr. \\!iitney's inteiy jpUj. to l^avc t'b agi) oji Tuesday/', j|'i» apartnu-r.ts in tht'Audiloi to conduct there the.'.banK-'o'f'the eastern gold democrats'.j'. : ,:5iaiator Hill in town Saturday'^Wd/'eoJifi-j-ri-d with Mr; Whitney-as jo i'\irlner ari : iu, „- ineiits. In tho •i'';i(.iier'i;ig.:rt':=M 1 r.-WjTi 1,7 m-y's house Friday 'liiglvt we.re \VjJliam J 1 '. Han-ity, eh'aii-'n'i;,r. .of the national for .Pennsylvania; Carlos.French, ...... tioual eoniiiiilt<cniati 'for Connecticut,' nnd the I'tillowing national.i:omr.n;t.U-c- nien for other stales,-, Jleiij.-i-mJnl'lVCa- of Illinois; .losiah Quincy, iil'.\ii)ss- : aeluisetts; Miles IJoss. of 'New-Jersey;-William K. Slu-elinii. of.'.^ew York/arid DradK-v 3,i, Smallevi of,' \V;;j7joE-f'. '• ''-'' Coiiinido a Silver Mujorit,y. , ': " r.; has been ili ? cussi<jn.:of lntc:a's- to what eonrse the «/i.siu-in gold demo Is should adopt, if'free silver [.-is jammed down their tjiront.s--ln' th '.Cliicug'j convention, whicJ).it>to met. _. .Inly 7.. Mr. \Vliiincy! Se;i.a,wr;irill and doniourats of rjjil'joHal •ivhp.hi-.ve K'07jo over rhe,fi^;it!os,cbelieye tbati he free si I vermen in'^jie.^oiivent ion nioi-o than a innjorit.«;Jior'.rt'frec •.plank. The hopelL>.ssi).f3s;uf .the .'to. bring about'any. o.iKu- ; result _ ii'a monny plank,,w ( ;is. w lmi't(e'd.at th'is, g'iit'liei'ing Friday.^jgh.t^ilt was ppintod. out, thoivh; .by,.Ujos:t:Kjvho ot- 409-411 BROADWAY. Clothes up to Date . . Have been in great favor at our establishment. Fact U no one has a finer line of woolens and worsteds to select from than onrg. ImportantFeatures . . . in the make-up of our clothes work their superiority. We are not the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best, f Carl W. Keller, Tailorfand Draper. 311 Market Street. LOST $15 By Paying $100 for your bicycle when you can get OUTINQS for $85 and $65, We have'an assortment of SECOND HAND MACHINES which must be Sold, Call and make an offer. CYCLOMETERS OILS CEMENT ENAMEL i TIKES EJfAALEUXG BELLS VULCANIZING ' LAMPS GRAPHITE • REPAIR KITS j SADDLES TOE CLIPS ' BRAZING LOCKS . , .- OLD TIRES Made Good as Now ZINN & COMPANY. go.ld d'-Knocrals have mo'rg jlum.the n«c- tsjpa-ry Bne-third of the d«^t-g<tt(t!<.in the oqn'vehi'ion to prevent a 4'bini.aotion not exactly, to their Hking^'IlJt. will- take two-thirds of tlie delegates ;to make thp^nomination. At tlie -conference Fridny;nig-ht there, was a good'dea] iso'.ld about, the. appointment 1 , of a steering coiuiu'ittec- to make the fig-ht for the eastern gold dempcrats at Chicago and tp^detej-mine what final course shall be pnrpued if the free .silver plank is adopted. \ .• 806 <••':•:<, : : Oppom n Bdit, FOURTH ST. There were men at Mr. Whitney's conference Friday night who advocated 1'bblt.on the part of the gold democrats of ^ew;York, Pennsylvania and Maryland)'and the New England stater. There were other democrats at -this conference who protested against any such -course. Mr. Smalley, fpr instance, has always insisted that the delegates who enter a convention should be bound by its propeedlngs and Mr. Sinnlley has not favored u bolt on the part of the gold democrats:' Indeed, there w<*re other,dernporofc at Whitney's home Friday night, who'de- clared that they should liglit.tto,.bring nboutthe nomination of a^cpnitexvatlvo n democrat as-possible aiid^tliejii'nbid-j by the result. It would iio l ijo.,pood, they said, for the golcl ( ..denioc.rats 'to bolt the convention; it haw aJVa-yjiibntin the policy of the democratic,.party to abide by the determination .of .,t,ha--nr* jority, and the gold deinocrat,S;\:oujd:,d6 as they 'pleased during the caij)pa,ij?n- if the candidate at Chicafj-o'.ilidVliot.s'u^t them. The majority of t^'osi;,,who attended Mr. Whitney's conferonce.iF^i- day night were, it was declared ..opposed to any bolt of the gold democrats.nt Chicago. ' '.,..• Will 1'iit Up'n Good •fight.-.. '-.,, ; With the aid of a steering eoounittei; which is'to be appointed and wjth tlie fact that the gold democrats ]i,pld-over one-third 'of the delegation jin,d., can: thus prevent the nomination of a free silver democrat, or rather, a free silver .democrat not to their liking. Mr. Whitney and his'friends said that'they were prepared to put up a. good fight. All admitted that the Chicago convention was going to be a troublesome convention, and Mr.- Whitney and Senator Hill have said that they expected to be mobbed by the rabid free silver-'men if they pursued their figh't too . far. Mr. Whitney- said Friday hiphtj,tbat he was ready to face.the battle',, and Senator Hill In Albany the other, day. declared that eastern, democrats wo'uJ,d, RATIFY''TH'E'.NOMINATION. Ulff McKlnloj- 'I>oraonstrRtlf>ii at Ciiuuin, O—MftrdliliiK Club* I'uriKlo. Canton, 0.;-d>uuc ~~7. —Maj. .McKinley ilenied emphoticfflly Saturday nmrning that tho executive, committee had been selected. Ali-reports-purporfing to set forth its composition ..are mere guess work. A number of men who have been iskcd to act on the..committce cannot Serve', nnd us others mu.st be found to take their places, the whole matter will be withheld., .from the public till the committee is', completed, ft -vvns •umori'd here Saturday that both Quay md G'larksou will be invited to take nn i:tive part in the campaign. Canton yas in festal nt.r.ire SiiMirday. Every lou.selioldor who-has a cent to spa re lias pent it for flags and bunting. Eastern Ohio is comin'H-..Jierc to ratify t,he nomi- "on. 1 At i»-o,o'clock ]0,ono vocifer- LS and eiifhusiiistic McKinley men rrived from Cleveland with a tloxej amis mid niaivliiiifi' clubs. le 'l'i|i|ie.e:inoo club'was the chief at- ract-ion, a.nd was handsome in appcar- and niove'uient. Large rle'lt-ga ons are arriving from Stt-ubi-nville, oiingstown, KHSI l.ivei-pool and from ny >-nia!l -places. There was a par- do in the afternoon, and speeches •Oil) a,stai;d in tlio city lot. Tln-speak- •s. other than. Maj, McKinley, were Kirli.'s Kmory SiSn'ith, of Phj.ladelphiu; lines II'. 1-1 oyt,. 'of Cleveland; Con- •essman 1!. \V. Taylor, of Kasl Liverpool, who represents' MeT\inley's district; .liidgi! F. K. Dillenbaiis'h. of Cleveland, ana 1'resident \Volcott, of the Ti])j)t'c::noe oluli. In tin-, everting there- was- an elaborate :j)nrade. whieli Ma'j.' McKinley reviewed from a stand 1 built for the purpose on his front lawn. NEATLY DONE. Mob in Maryland Quietly Carries on a Lynching. Cocking, the Murderer of His Wife and Sister-in-Law,' the Victim—Author. ities Completely Surprised. GAN'T.BE ENFORCED. il.l School IUMIHI? Klii(j I.IIH- I>c<; La riata,Md.,'J-une 2~.-TJosoph Cock inp, who was a wa i ti r •,'••'')a J here for the murder on. April 2:j of his wife and sister-in-law, was taken from j:ii! fit an eariy hour Saturday morning- and hanged. The' mob executioners had been quietly organised, and the authorities were taken wholly by surprise. The eitixi!i'»i of the town had no intimation of the allair, and did not suspect •that anything; was'wrong- until at Sunrise they fo«IK) the body of " the wretched man liiingijig lifeless from the liml> of u tree a few yards from the jai] building." • Kjllcil Ills IViro aiKl llor Slstor. Cocking: was Iwrn in England in 1SCO For^several years h« liar] boeji the pro prietor of a country store at, Hill-Top, a haink-t n miles from, this place. On the night of April. 3D his wife. Mrs. Mary Cocking, arid," his sister-in-law. Miss Daisy Miller, .Vere murdcreil in their rooms, being-.'.beaten and hacked to death with a hatc,het.. Cocking-himself was found lying on the floor of the cellar, his clothing-• bespattered with blood nnd several slight scratches about his face and hands. His feet were tig-htly bound with n piece of rope. IJis story wax that,two men had entered , the house and after assaulting- him j ILLINOIS' CHOICE. Will Freavnt Samuel 1'. Mct'onncli to tb» IR'movruMc Convention. Chicago, June £7.—Samuel P. McCoc- jiell is to be placed in nomination na4 supported for president by i,he Illinoi* deleg-iitioii in the democratic national conveution. Jf he is not landed in the lirst place on the ticket it is the intention of (Jov. Altg-old and his associate delegates to continue the fight and »e- care for Mr. McConnell the nomination for the vice-presidency. The outline of this prog-riiiiinje for the Illinois delegates came from the executive .mansion at. Springfield. All the -IS delegates elected Tuesday are now working- in his direction, with the possible exeep- •ion .of those from the district which Hand captured. These nre to be pre- •ontcd by the unit ri;]e from voicing-any inti-McCoiniell opinions. It is announced That there will b» meeting- of all the 43 Illinois dele- ates at the Sherman house June 30. udg-e McConnell's candidacy will bo iscussed then nnd defmitp pfans rnad,o 'or the presentation of hi.v name to the ^hicag-o convention. Mr. McConnell for ' the last year has been one of (lev. Alt- ffeld's elo.sost politfcnr friends. He is one of the orip-inar silver men in Illinois. As early as isg-f. when the democrats wore casting nbotiT for somethinsf to which to attach a hope of success this year, he on me out. for fret? silver. RATES^KOR VETERANS, lo ThoHc Who Attend Champaign, 'ill",.' June -'7.— In the cir- e.uit court here Judge Wright, decided that the. Maie.knv requiring tlic national. Hag to bis displayed over -every KchoolhouKu in' the state during 1 school hours H-US unconstitutional nnd void. In doiiis: so he.ij'ua.sjmd the indictments which were reci'iirly .'returned by the grand jurx-affuins't- Oov. Alrgeld, 1 the .rtiHtees nt' the University of Illinois ivre and the officials of the city schools for violation of the law. The prosecuting- attorney made a motion too late 'or a olmnpu'of 'venue. The court se- •erely .criticised .stJie. state's attorney or .-.permitting .'the 'indictments to be returned -by thty riiml' jury.- • ' ' IOWA'S 202 Sixth Street. Fresh Water Yeast! Hakes the purest and sweetest Bread- TheflBread Recipe on separate Slip is PERFECT. THE BUCKEYE YEAST CO., ASHLEY, OHfO. VCl'ASS PROTECT YOUR [EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co. Tbe well-knownJSpeclalJsts 1 of New York have appointed D. A..HATJK as ggent for their celebrated Spectacles and «j Glasses, every pair guaianteod, T). A. H AUK lias complete assortment and Invites all to satlsff theraseltea of tae groat superiority of these good* orer any minofactured, at tho store of 1>. A.|HAUK, Sole|agMu"j"r O .toPedJlers Supplied. : ' . , 8«X0|-<;entennlul to Be Olwt'rTed thu First /'• >V««k In October.' ". ; • Burliiyrton,.vla.;- Jiine-27. — The Iowa state, •seini-centehn'a! commissioner* held, their ;fixst meeting here Friday to arrange the. -programme and settle tho, date r .of the celebration. .The. city coni- inMjohers 'met >virh them'..' The semi- centeriaial wJH.. : be beldaluririe- the first week in.Ootobep.-'nnd^vnr'be.on a grander scale thnfi any event of {hut nature ever • attcnipted : '>in : 'Io\va. .Cleveland, Stevenson. McKinley and the demo eratjc nominee 'will all be invited. McKinley is']il<ely.'To''be.he're for a day. The governors of.; sll: adjoining states will be. in attendance, on Governors' day, eneh bringing his entire'staff Commercial'' Tru'vafiiiV Elect omcom. e*himbus,'o.-, June 137. — The supreme 'council 'of . Vthe- .United Commercial Travelers udjourne'd ; 'it.s annual meeting Saturday, after, .electing: the following officers: Supreme'-cou'nselor, James A. Kimbnll-, SaliuaV.-Kan'.'ysiipi-eine junior counselor, li. FvSom'errille. Dayton, 0.: supreme pa,st;c6unsolor, - K. X. ..Hull, Cleveland, 0. ; supreme secretaiy, C. B. '•Plngg; Columhusj O.; supreme .treasurer, W. A...Caq:ienter i .Oohnivbus, 0.; supreme. -conductor, Charles W. Kice, St. Paul, Minn.; supreme- page, W. L Day, iConcordia., Kan. j.r supreme' senti .nel, ; C..B, Hobbw, Boston, Members of the. executive committee to serve- two years euch-rJaiTies C. Fennimore and •£., C. Tense, both of Columbus, 0. I'laocd Very Low lllu J-I Indianapolis, Ind,, June L'7.—Com- mander in Chief Walker, of, the Grand Army of the Kepublie, urges department commanders to ascertain atone* the number of comrTKtes that will nt- bound him and "thrown him "into'the-l t?nd the national encampment'at St. cellar. He explained the absence of | /•_»»'• s '" n "-Scptejnber 2. 3 and 4._This the cord about hi« hands by stating-that he hr.d severed it, by means of a piece of broken glass. Sutiiuetvd by thn Police. An investigation satisfied the police that Cocking was the perpetrator of the c.rinu> and a perfect chair, of circumstantial evidence pointed to him ax the murderer. He was 'indicted and taken to Baltimore for safety, the excitement having been so great that the authorities fenced violence. After a few weeks' stay in the Baltimore jail Cocking was returned to La Plata for preliminary hearing. His counsel asked that tho •ase be tried in St. .Mary's county, and the ca.se was set for trial in the next term of court at Port Tobacco. Since his return Cocking had been morose .and taeiturn. -He refused to discuss, the murder or his chances of ucquittal on the grave charges against'him. Several theories have been advanced information should be sent to C. W. Horr, chairman accommodation committee, St. Paul. The Western Passenger association nnd the Central Traffic association have named a on»cent-a-mil« rate for their territory. The ha If-fa re ra te east of Buffalo will be equivalent to about one cent a mile; .The Southern Passenger association has named a half-fare rate, and from the Pacific coast the rate will be half- fare. All tickets will be limited. FILIBUSTERS CAUGHT. Revenue. Cutter Stop* the Voynffo of tk* City of Key Weat. Key West, KJa., June 27.—The steamer City of Key West, \vliich left her* Wednesday with a filibustering expedition ana arms and'ammunition;' supposed -to be for Cuba, arrived here Friday .night in charge of tieut. Hay, of the revenue cutter Winona, she having been captured off the Florida reef. The I •**.*,» %^>jj,,u4i.u wu uii- .c iui iuu ret'i, i ue by reMKlents of the county, but the AVInoiia also c apturedthcst earner Three ri'nl rmit.lVR for th*» ilnafnwllir /4r,»fr.l A I T7i_-_ i , . , . . . *"*vw real motive for the dastardly murder has never been discovered. GENTRY Jurr Finds TO HANG.. Murd«n in Him Uullty of ' • Flrit Decree. .. Philadelphia;-June 27.—The jury in the trial of .Tallies B. Gentry, the actor, for the/murder-iu this city on February 17, 3595, of Margaret W. Drysdale, his actress sweetheart, who was known on the stage as Madge Yorke, rendered a verdict Saturday morning of guilt}' in the first.degree.'• .The jurors retired at 9:45 ro'elock Friday night and .until their return to .the court room at 11:45 o'clock nothing was heard from them. Gentry is a physical wreck, and as he heard the pronouncing of his doom, his appearance was pitiable. Medal of Ifouor Awarded: Friends, which is now .on he.r way her*. The cm-go and men onboard the City of Key West were to Save been transferred to the Three Friends. Her arrival has created great excitement. An. immense, crowd was on the wharf. Great indignation is expressed by Cuban and American residents. Big Falturu In Ohio. Uhrichsville, 0.,'June 27.—The Boyal Clay Manufacturing company, of this place, said to be operating 1 the largest sewer pipe works in the world,, has at- signed to Ross J. AJexander, of Bridgeport. The factory, a four-story brick structure, located at JJidvale 'station, on the Cleveland, £orain <fc Wheeling railway, contains eight acres of flooring- and a yard' containing :2 acres of pipe. Too imich slock nnd a Jack of orders, with pressing liabilities, i» given as the cause of the collapse. It Washington, Jnue 27.— A medal of ---------- ..... _,,„.. „ honor hau been presented to Charles took 300 men to operate^the plant at full 'Stacey, Mte private Pifty-lifth- Ohio capacity. The assets and liabilities are volunteers, "for moat distinguished gal- | said to be about equal. lantry in action at Gettysburg, Ta,. July 2, 1SC3." Mr. Stwcoy, ^blu'n took' udrjuiccd positioji vn the skir mish line to. ascertain the location oi confedcnite sharpshooters whose held the place until the' company of which he was a member vwit bncJi to the niajn line. Rnllrbnd Solil. do tlw'ir best to bring a.bout the best re-- eulto of a frightfully ugly situation. .',• Fire at PliilnrtolphlK. . , i.' • Philadelphia, June • 27:—^The -ladies' furnishing store of Berg Brqs.,:.ii234J », 2.14S North Front street, WHS gutted jy.fire Saturday morning', The-loss is i2's;ooo on stock and *10,000. , QH rthe. jullding and ia covered"by. insurance. TJie ndjolniiig grocery 'store of John. , Scott wcw damaged priuoj'pafiy 'by-'^wu- Ua- to the extent of $5,000,..aEd-othcr stores noar by were also damaged. v ^ I'aitor Fowell JLIboritei'.''' ^ r " •Findlay, O., June 27. — The;;drbaii' oui-t overruled the lower court and djg- iharged llev. Joseph Ebben PoweTI7tfie Cpisoopal .rector convicted -of -fraj^djf- cnt registration. The Court heidvth'at ae indictment \va<s defective inr.Uts ordingjand did not sufficiently..de-,. crf'be "thS crime. It did not pass Upon of hlsgnilt. ", : St.'. Louis, June 27.'—At roon Safcurdhy the St. Loui's &'Sari"Francisco railroad was sold under deerr.T of -foreclasure is- svieil by the federal court. There was 'liiit'.'.onc bJdder^—K.C.. Henderson, of New Vork, coujjsel for the reorganization .committee. The purchase .price was fixed at $1,25.0,000, rnn'd 1 these were Sir.. Henderson's figures. On Jfonday next a temporary organization of the 'new company will be effected. -Mr. D. Too Hot to Mvo. Monongnhela City;JPa., June 27.—Because it ^vas too hot to Jive Joseph Moore committed suicide. While hunting 1 a cool place around the house he became, exasperated and fold his wife it was "too hot to live." The next thing she heard of him was when, his body was found hanging to a tree in an orchard. Washington, June 27,—The sentence of ton years imposed on Jacob;Peeora,.. cony.icted In Kansas of murdet; in'J891', ; '| by the presi 'B, Kobinson l>as been selected forprcsi- • dent, and the headquarters will remain 'in St. Louis. ;.'. ..'.'.'..'.•-.'.• ' ' , Forced.-to A'«nl(f .u Boston, June 27;—The Mffteor Dis- pateh" conipiuiy,. ..-inBunfacturerg of p'neunjatle tnbea;o,with.-an : 'offico at 80 State street, has assigned to Oakes Ames. ,,The company uras chartered in Maine iu.1880 wjth.ftcipitarb.f: $500,000 It was an adjunek-tp.-fShe.': Jiamson Consolidated Store'-Sisiiylcjeuconipnny, which owned ;ftnd controllei4it;an,d is tho ehieJ creditor. . It is exited ithat the company will pay in fuli;j;:'', ; ,i;",, A Itomurkabi^' Occident. Chicago, Juno 27/.'-r-:-''A" : s!ra'rill stone snappe'd"ffom undcKi i H4"fiie'6f.abicycle wheel storuck and TtWeajii I'lttle boy near Hlnsdaje. The icb ilipiyi^ iptt h is death In such n .remarka.ble^nauncr was three- year-old . Ernest''igpiilicUwelji, «on of Pranz Schl ickwein, -a..'^ruck• fnrm«f. Appoint! Bertr-pii-h'S- SUOOVHMM. Berlin,. June. 1 2tii*'Fii<i'-'e!mneror has appointed Hew ]3reiffcld i ; J .ttieml)er of tlio Prussian- councir-'ofittiltei ; . ..* ..'.,.. • ' '. v' .> (j •* —- j"^«i«>*.urn*j -i-ru«aju.n- cyuncji •-oT.'pi.n'Le', as J. russian eight years imprisonment with.ded.»»c- minister, of c<*lnerccrto succeed tfrci- tions for good behavior. "'•' - " -.— ... - . . . World's Kecord Broken. Red Oak, Ia., ; Juno 27. — The world'* record for stallions was beaten a quarter of n second by John K. 'Gentry at Pactolus park. . He was sent against time,maltlngthemilein2:03yiajoddoia( it easily. Only -bu^other horse in tho world, Eobert J., hag erer made a faster mile. W»» Married In a Balloon. , Warsaw, 111.,- June 27. — Joseph T. Jackson, of Keokulc, wa« drowned in tbey^ssifesippl just above the city while 8^iJfhig.'.'' > f6r minnows. Jackson was married In a balloon at Qnincy July 4, lSB3,,'Biid;hJs wife survives him, ! .' --.'Ulooe Trottet Moving. ' Iowa..-Falls, la,, June S7.—Frod CuJ- b«rt,;champion pedestriaa of tho world, who started out from Kcwanec, ^Vis., May 1,'to encircle the glob<' on foot on a wager'bf $10,000, arrived here nine days ahead oi time ajnd in fine condition. Orltlnh steamer Wrecked. London, June 27.—Advices Teocivet! here say that the British ship Rootiish ])a.l'es, Co.pt. McCarthy, from Taooma, \pril 28, for Port Pirie, South Australia, has been wrecked on the island of Vaton, In the Pacific obcan. Her crew have arrived at Sua va, Fiji .Islands. -- ------ ^^-.... All the sewer pipe factories in the Central pipe combination will shut down indefinitely on July 1, President Recrlvo» Keir Dtplomktx. .Washing-ton, June 27^—New diplomatic representative* of Japan and th*' Argentine Republic were formally re-' ncived by the president and duly recognized in their official capacity. ' Both^ ceremonies of presentation occurred int (he blue room of the white house ani • the introduction in each case, was made by Secretary Olney. The usual formal, expressions of good will were made by' the two ministers and the president. Muko a Klch Jlanl. Cold water, Mich., June 27.—The residence of George Monroe, in Bronson. township, was entered by burglars and' robbed of $700 in cash ::;-.d a-valuable' gold watch. i 1 311nlst«r UUcliargea. T,oledo, 0., June 27.—At Findlay Friday the circuit court ordered the dis- chnrge of Kev. Joseph. .F-bben Powell, tlio-Kng-lish luinister who was convicted in the common pleas court of violating 1 ;. the i-cg-istration laws. The indictment '"' was held lo be faulty. Xhe authorities of Hancock say they will lake the case to the state supreme -court. .London, . . BuJuwayo to tlie Pall Mull Gazette says that the British position at Fort Char-' ter has faJlen into the linnds of the ' Matabeles. Tlus report, howevif, is not confirmed. Crnr CHHO«IH the Fete. • St. Petersburg, Juno 27. — The popular fct« which has been fixed to take jlace on the day of tht: state entry of .he csair and cKmr.n into St. Petersburg hjis boon canceled by order of the emperor. Grikln Elcvntor ljurned. Qnyon, Ont:, June 27.—The roller nill nnd grain olevntor of H. If. Me- ^ean was burned Saturday morning, joss heavy; partly insured.

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