Voice of Sumter from Livingston, Alabama on November 28, 1837 · 2
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Voice of Sumter from Livingston, Alabama · 2

Livingston, Alabama
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1837
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Mweomtta newer under out c-oautution Let u forest the east, excepting in tbe lessons of tbrWojaace ami moderation which its experU MM Jbrdf.- Far thai coble State, which I in part rep rsssar. S know I cm with confidence an - tieipate kef eearse. Too generous to ramem - roud ( resent them too great to practice them she will aver be true to :, the cause of liberty, the constitution, and the U- yuHh - MAacioo Cptt, Oct. 12, 1837. Cool. D. H. Binekam . Shi Tbe undersigned, composing the Dele-' gatioa of the couotiea of Marengo and Sumter, reapectfully request, if time and your convenience will permit, that you visit tba point at which Mc- urew's shoal are situated on tne iemfceckoee river, wild a view of enabling yourself M furnish went at the approaching session ot tbe xegtsta-- tore, tuck information in regard to the practica- ; tulity ana probable coat of their permanent terno- m aa mav serve to remove ouiecuun- nuitn Aave heretofore been urged to apptopriatkms for tae object. In making this request, tne unaer-igned lake occasion to remark, that if the recon-voisance be made in due season to answer their rpurposes, they are confident that an appeal on their part to the liberality ot tne legislature tor a reasonable remuneration for your services Willi not be made in vain. Respectfully, - JOHN RAINS, B. G. SHIELDS, W. W. PAYNE, , W. J. ALSTON To Capt. P. II. Bimghax. Mtttr. Rains, Shitlds, JiUlon and Paynt: Gehtlsmek Upon the receipt of your letter of the 1 2th inst, requesting me to make an exam ination ot Mcurew's shoal?, on tbe lomttackbee, 1 repaired to that point on tbe river. Have made the examination, and herewith hand you the result of my observations. These shoals, present the ' - . .'I most tormidabla obstruction in tne navigation ot I me river neiween bi. oiepnensauu xeinopous. My examination has been confined exclusively to tUs point, as, when these shall have been remov- ed, the others will be found of trivial importance, and easily overcome. The obstruction in the navigation of the Tom- beckbee, known aa McGrew's shoals, is situated about two miles above at. Stephens: is aoout tnree i j. : .... i l.j of the river, which at this place is about one hun- J 1 dred yards wide, and consists of a solid, horizon-1 tai strata or bed, cnieny ot sana stone, wim wnicn t is associated various tragmenu ot otaer rocks, I and pctrmed shells, it u ot an exceedingly na- ble oualitv. and mav be easily broken. The sur-1 face, from the best examination I could muke. I appeared uniformly, to be quite even and flat, I presenting very few excusent or superincumbent I rocks, i he depth of water found to be from two to five feet, with a flood tide, which in ordinary tides, is said to rise about a foot. From tbe character of these shoals, as they have been found to exist, it will become necessary, to render the river here permanently mvtgabU, to open channel throughout their entire extent. This channel, to ensure perfect safety and certainty, in passing at the lowest stage of water, should have a width of at least forty feet and an average depth of six feet. To secure this depth of channel, will require an excavation through the rock before described, averaging three feet in death. Upon that data, I have predicated an estimate cf the quanity of rock to be removed, and find that it amounts, in round numbers, to 4500 cubic yards. - ''wfl-iTYiirrj' mmrnncn, inn mm 11 tint labor, necessary to effect an equal amount of ex cavation, would not probably exceed one dollar and fitly cents per cubic yard. But here, the labor must be applied under great disadvantages : At the lowest stage of the river, the water upon the shoals affoards a depth of two or three feet, this depth is daily effected, by the regular flow and ebb of the tide; and such is the turbid and muddy character of the stream, that it is difficult to discern objects at a depth of even .two or three feet under water besides, it ia a subject of doubt with me, whether, owing to the exceedingly friable qualiry of the specimens of rock I have been able to procure, it possesses sufficient tenacity to I . n . inn oi ousting wun any auvauiageous eneci, Ibis, however, remains tor experiment to test and should it prove ineffectual, the process of opening a channel will be slow and tedious, and will consist of cu(tin; the rock away by means of large cutsets made tor the purpose. Under these considerations, I bave assigned five dollars per cupic yard, aa the probable cost I of effecting the excavaboo, making the total cost of opening a channel through these shoals of the dimensions above mentioned, twenty-two tbou aaad and five hundred dollars. To provide for contingencies, let tbe sum be stated at twenty-five s thousand dolbus, which I regard as amply surli- X cient-to make tbe river permanently navigable at r tbese shoals, at all seasons of toe Tear. Above Ibesc shoals, there are two others of rock formation, one at Thompson's plantation, in the neighborhood of Coffeeville, tbe other in Ihe vicinity of Woods' Bluff. The one at Tbomp- son's plantation is represented to be about thirty I yards in extent, and is formed by the passage of V two parallel views or state of rock, across the bed M tbe river, at tbe distance oTsome twelve or nf- ! teen yards from each other, rising within two or three reel or tne surface at low water. These i ruins are said to be narrow, and the water above, , below and between them, has a depth often or t, twelve feet. 1 Under these circumstances, their removal would be attended with little labor or expense. i Tbe one at Woods' Blun is sua to be less diUi I cult. With the exception of these three rock I eboais, the other obstructions in tne navigation of 1 Ac Tombeckbee to Demonolia, consists wf sand- ' iiara- im nt which I have seen and examined. r Tbsaeare formed by the sinking of loos in the ; cfeaoael oflbe river, against which sand and graA rel has accumulated. Tbey may be easily im-i proved by tbe removal oflbe logs, and tbe coa-l etruetieei elettees, which consists of driving a ; row of piles from either shore oflbe river towards ( the middle of the stream, and nearly coincident with tbe line of low water mark; thereby eontract-- ing its width, and creating a current, the increas- ed velocity of which, by Its continual action, will i wash out trie deposits or sand ana gram ana car- ry rt away tnte ttw! ap eaoicp uciow I Tbo cMutrttctiea of thaaa Jttcet win beet- I tended frith little labor 01 expetae . after the ne I cesser? piling machinery shall bure keen provid- I ed: ami their introduction into tHir rivers would 1 be found to anawer a moat Valuable purpose 1 improving their navigation. Regarding (be im- provement is the navieation of our rivers, to be ot incalculable impottaneejto the sections ot conn - err Doraeniur on them, it atlords me great piea- sura to have it in any power to contribute ia any way lowaraa etlecting an object so aesir-oie, The time seems now to have arrived, when our Legislature cae no looser in justice to those whom they represent, withhold the means, at their cammand, from an application to a liberal ana I judjcj0us system of Iaternal Imprevemenl, espe c tally as it shall relate to the improvement of those great natural channels of intercommunication, with which our State is so well provided. - Private and individual enterprise has projected and com menced several important worka of Internal Im provement, which at no distant day will command the transportation of the productions of tarn dis tricts of country, situated beyond the limits of our -own state. These all connect as subsidiary I channels ot communication, with our principal n vera, upon wnose oosora htm portions or these prooucuoni will be borne to our commercial Me- ,nd wj, 0Mtitule ,ink, in mogt great 1k,4,r.. ii;m...iw th. I thoroughfares ultimately destined to"cennect the J auaiiuc wuu ine Mississippi ana we wim ui i Mexico with the treat Lakes, i J Respectfully, your eb't serv't, D.H. BINGHAM, Civil EngV " Oct. 27, 1837. REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERS APPOINT, ED TO EXAMINE THE STATE BANK The following extracts from the report ofathe Commissioners, (Messrs. Kaint. Korkstgat. and Mitchell,) to examine the State Baok, we ry ' ' S " oion oi neonesauy we publishers of which being Stale punters, are m possession of the original :-Jlfm,0r. l-J.-rl T! , , uwu-i-igi-o, comraiBwopera.aprjointea oj .-. v..lu vu- Uob of Ihe Bank of the State of Alabama, have the honor to report, mat they commenced their exarainatton as early after their appointment as circumstances would permit, and, with but little intermission, have been engaged in examining tn books, Sic. at all times, when not in use Ly " u mw unc : .. a The following is tbe state of the' Bank on the November, 1837, by the statement made """ w general loeqger : ir. vnpuai oiock 61,217,243 45 2,483,411 00 Circulation account Individual depositee - 495,499 84 Coiitnon school fund 161,443 40 . f .. 64,750 67 ,289,287, 00 V,r,a' payments g fund uot received ;4,lCeVM um i It ' ' $ 7047 1 1, " S'e JJ'k Mongomerv a Do. (.-- rM$6l 76 B'k Columbus, Mi. ' 649 84 499 C2 7,706 46 133,817 49 f Louisiana, N. O. f America, N. Y. urplus Revenue $4,873,045 03 Cr. discounted $3,135,833 35 f Exchange 766,336 60 12,040 63 827 62 183,900 S3 6,435 31 379 62 Roal state Pern ment expense Branck of Sx''k Mobile iluntsville - Office Bank U. S. Mobile Com. B'k Columbus, Mi. 4 00 56,389 35 8,730 00 Pl'rb and Mer. B'k Mobile, Bank of Ya. Richmond Bank of Mobile Profit and loss 25,762 41 35 25 $4,192,775 37 Cash ' " '" For'n notes, $27,730 00 Circulation, 434.357 00 ecie, 223,132 66- bSo,269 37 Composed of revenue fund,S4U4.1S6 65: University fund, $282,016 34: three ner cent fund, $431,075 56; six percent loan, $100,000. un tne nrsi oay ot November, we counted the specie in the vaults, and tne circalation in the uuuua ui .uo v.iii,iuiq moo, me money in tbe imuua w kvi, iu iuuua ine amount neces - sary to balance he cash accouut. We have care-1 uliy examined the account or bdls of exchange The meeting of Ihe Stockholders and Direc-and have not been able to balance it; thevou- tors of this Company was held at Flat Rock, in chers to balunce this account are in a very de- this State, eu the 16th inst. It ia represented to .....6w. , - 6 ryji ios; in oio re- nave been animated with the best spirit, and no ce.pt books of bank atiomies since 1826; and at idea was entertained ofabandonimrdie work.-A lr Atirrant irul mn . - tin O ... b . , ..M.g ,Tj exeruon in ar power, we nave not been able to find vouch- era sufficient to Dajence the account by aconsi- dcrable amount. We do not. by any means, in- tend to infer, that tbe present cashier, or any of his predecessors, bavt, in any way, attempted to defraud the banks, or apply any pettiea of tnese bills et exchange te tbetr own use. ' ' i Aoere was great neglect on the part of a pre- vwus board ot directors, in net bavrog a settle- ment with tbe ilnte Conslantiiie PerkWtsq. bank attorney. W e have in vain endeavored to aettle bis account; we have applied to thePre.id.nt ano yasnier or tne nana, ana neither of them could give us any information on tbe subject tbe rresioem reierree i us io jur. v . v. rerun, who the best; but it was not deemed advisable to com-D w,,,?n T' comnulle nppoioted to set-1 mit the Company until it is ascertained whether tie Willi Mr. Perkins, and transfer the business in nut haiula la Ina auAMMliiw hank ... - a -MiKiiwugmis-un, , . . , - . vve called on Jnr. ransn. who informed us that the committee attempted a settlement, but never wkww. in cumpivung iu . x Mt mere is a large deficiency in this account is certain and we nave not neen ame to nna where it occurred. a ne account uas never oeen seiued. nor does it appear that an attempt has ever before been made to aettle it, since the bank was establish. 80 mncb time has been spent in endeavoring te settle the account of bills of exchange, that we have not examined the notes; but have no doubt that, from the same causes, that account, on set- ticmcutwill be found in a similar situation. flu annexed statement will ahow tba amount of notes discounted on ninety daya; with the a-raount done foreach county, and in each month, dwsui the banking year. I be total amount uis- counted on aond issues, or. notea having one, two and threa years run, under the 21st section of an I act approved SCth June, 1S37, ia $979,936, and 1 tor tne loiiowingjcouniies Bibb county $(13,800 ; . ,,. 9oo 44,500 . 66,375 1 120,350 . 64,450 , 77,700 2,900 99,319 j2i,250 ' " 11,800 f . 1,300 1C,9C0 i - 22,440 )5,495 p,.22.0!7,, .29,000 Blount E.. Dallas " ,' H Fayette - Greene ' Jefferson ; ' Marengo Marion ' Perry Pickens Shelby St. Clair Sumter-'Talladega s ' Tuscaloosa .. Walker Wilcox ' The amount of notes talfen to euend 6ebft due to the bank under the second section of 4hel act sfreved SOtb June, 1S37j is T 1.19,437. The operations of the provisions of this ,tk r.k. ... r a ..'ri..l. j ;ti ..i .Fa: of the act referred to, has tad the effircUo de. pnve me dsiik or, tne means ot purchasing tX- change; and by aieforcncr to the state of tie bank, as reported, it will be observed that tlie amount id circulation, witt the amount due indi vidual depositors, is greater than the capitalstock of the. bank including tba one million -of Stat bonds..- -The 'a ger portion of the credit ef individual depositors', is the proceeds of notes taken to extend debts due theV bank on bills of exchange. The proceeds of the notes haveno't ,been appli ej.but the amount to Ct. in this wv is not sub ject to be drawn out to 'increase the circulation. 11.V. WUS wi bc8cen h ,hnt ,fiere ,'sto j- ,ne inkiBw -fUBd 2S9 2S7-J'and to CrA of 8UUlJ tcveoue V the Uniui States j33 sir 79. Jf the bowd were authorised to. issue upon this cop tal stock, t would rive them , M ramoantrn(l to $423.1C4 79 tb invest In chance. It is essentially necosaaW that 'laZ tuewti should r-LrniK I arrangement should bo made te enable this bank to purchase exchange based upon the shipments of Cotton j which js the only means of replenishing its vaults with specie, and meeting punctu- II.. .U! f 1. .... ii. n. mitj uicit iHtviiieiua ui reim-anuai interest. We have examined tbe docket of the bank at torney, and fiad bills of exchange" in suit to the amount of$ 298,U 94; also Vome notes, but nof a very large amount, j There are .many esses of long standing, where no returns have been made by the eh nits ; some are returned,." no property found." Although, we have no meaty j w ascertaining me exact amount ot Dad delta, are disposed to think the amount larger-thin has been heretofore reportedV,-' - , We have not cossiAtfht it our duly to report theaCCtMBtroTmemhera of iho bfnl nf iiiral. 18s mat information1, if- required, can at anv time be obtaihid from me cashier but. would suggest the propriety of a joint committee to-jex- iiuncimu uicu koiim ,iiiu wir puioion. some of them are larger than the solvency ot the parties tb thrpuper would . tutbqrtse. -. a uo uuuuiii uu uuiiu much, previous iv ine 1 5th Septemberi the day on which the bank con vention met, was $726,300, and previous to the first of October, wbea by the advertisement, it appeared the bank intended to commence itsdis- lunts, were $914,925. On the first -and, se cond discount days, some few notes, were discounted for $2,000, and all for $1,000.; .Towards the close of the discounts very few were taken for more than $500, and many, very many, stand on the offering book, without being acted on at all, the money giving out before tbe notes GE04TGIA LEGISLATURE. This body having just got cleaverly under way we have as yet but little intelligence as to what they are likely to do. - The election of Judges took place last week for all tbe Circuits, except the Chatahoochie, Coweta and Cherokee, which do not take place this fall, when all the incumbents were re-elected except Judge Morgan of the Southern Circuit, I who was beaton bvMr. Oofcrf Mrn introduced.' and will lik! -j able discussion, to wit: One to organize and establish tbe Supreme Court. One to authorize limited Partnerships. And one to abolish tbe Central Bank, with thers I ol less interest VtUmbvt Knmnrtr. 1 . ' ; Tht CharUtUm and Cincinnati Rmil Road. t iommiuee was appointed to negotiate lor tbe purchase of the Charleston and Hambtirsr Rail Road; for each share of which they are expected to eive $125. the sellers to take hre tew .w. in Ihe new Company. ! . ,. ; , ? The whole route has not been fully determined on. But the following points bave been select- led, viz : Columbia, the Valley of tbe French Broad, BuU Mountain Gap.and Itnoxviite. Tbe question of accepting the grant of Baa king privileges by North Carehna, was not decided, but Ufl with Directors, because of ke being cou- pled with the condition that die Road shall rua through Rutherford county. No doubt if enter, tained that it Will take that route, because it ia Banking privileges will be granted by tbe other I 0..1 ' " - ' " . . v Committees were aptxiinted to solicit Dccunia. ry aid from North Carelina, Tennessee and Ken lucky, ' ben. IIaTNC was re-elected President and bis salary fixed at $6,000, but be refused to le- eaiva more ihenaUm n M.i MN.iii re-appointed Chief Engineer, witk a salary of $3,000, aad $2,000 for travelling expen-ec, ThrnDttr$at a lAoUTbe Mount Holly Re. publican mentions that Job Irick, while hunting deers in the pines of Burlington county, a few "7 go. snicu tnree oeers at a mm. fJVOSTOJi, NOVKMBEtt tS, 1337. , The time is now upon us when it is very natvrmt to enquire the cause why provisions and the ne. cessaries of life cannot fee bad in wis quarter from Mobile and New Orleans. - We publish Jo-day the report of that scientific and active Civil En gineer, Capt BirtOHAjt, m the reicaval of those formidable obstructions t4tL rr-ift oft' Tombeckbee River, known a icGrew'a toa near St. Stephens, by Which it will baf seen tU. sum of money ve"? lirht, cou pare4 tjf the im. ports nee aud Uu..ty cf" tue wou' " it an ed to these dreaded barriers. We t t' ttbepaUJ riotic represenlativeeorlia,eri ,4 f 'tntef, who called upon Capt. Eir'' nfrinfu -..'p on the subject, will pio the l --:'y etn " prtj nation by tbe Legisla. e at its pre t ' sfon, indthuij .1 fortLe Lei'eof the int' -k-t iik uilaui ncneiirti, a 1 i fori vi a Inrji harvest of tLanks anI ude! '' On our first pevcepubSsh ef leiler politely banded da by the gen tlemali to whom aJes-ed, giving in dear and f.Jfotn;;u teP interesting facta retativi to tbe Uiiappyr.i r.j the gallant Fanmin and Warp, and U t,.;fer partofjheir mert.The future hlstory'df Tex and the characters jof mrxisrn' war, vwill rescure the memory of these heroic men,; from oblivion j and no statement hes set been made to the world so accurate in its details aftfie one in que'stiob, because no person liying hiirllhesame opportunity of knowing tlu fach, aalbe author of thutfetter,-the youthfiil and respected; JaMuki T, Bxbwjt. Since his return from Mexico,, we nae had tke pleasure of becomiifg acquainted with Mt JBrown, anc( give as our opinion why hewas'Treserved in so remarkable a manner Ant his fine personal appearance and gentle manners, wok upoft. the bumantty of the Mexican otleers - As ft bis mor al character and love of truth, w have cobveiaed with gentleman pf high, respectability who have known liim from his cradle, and thejf assurjfus, he stands without a blcntisb. fe.This letter ihri may be relied on as histor ical authenticity or, thVi facts, and. as such, we coraiuend tt to the nerusal of our readcrei; r iw' . t3 'INAUGURATION. ' Dn Tuesday 21st instant, A P. Basbt Govj embrelect of this State j was installed fiito omce, at!2M. We have been kindly furnished wittfa' copy of his Address, delivered io presence of both ...... - -T .i...rtw,niiy of citizens, before taking the oath of office: We challjnveihe address in our next That public curiosity may be satisfied, we give the following article showing the precise mojori-ly of Bagby over Oliver for Guveraor 1 v "In pursuance of resolutions previously sdoDt ed, the members of the Senate convened in te Hall of the House' of Representatives, fr 1" e purpose pf counling the " voles" for Governor. Having perlormed this duty it appeared that the vote received . , . . J , 5 Mr. Bagby, were;, 1,900' j By Mr. Oliver, 17,663 Bagby's majority, : ; . , . :'L ' 4.187 -Mr Bacby was then declared to be dulv elected Governor for tbe next t wo yeareV. s ' f enave just returned trom a trip through tbe Western and Northern ' portions of this county, and we cannot refrain from expressiogTour gratification at the indications of general prosperity Which met tbe eye on every side. , Without di-paragement to other portiena of pur rich and pro. ductive county we feel called upon to say. that we have never seen se abondant crops. Cotton and Corn, and so fine a farming country as that thro which we passed, oa the road leading from Liv ingston to Sumterville, and in tbe immediate vici nity of, and west of the latter place. There is certanly no spot on the Globe that caa surpass this as an Agricultural country.jiot even the Red River or Mississippi vallies. .i'vt. ;tv 4- ; . The following is an extract of a letter from a highly respectable House in New York to a Mer chant of this place. .What the writer says of the late elections in Ihe Empire State is strictly im partial, for he himself is V an vBuren man. . Tbe system of intrigue, "deception and puffing" en the part of our rulers, whs have disgraced the govern ment and ruined the people, baa at length wove a fearful deathty for its guilty contrivers." Public opinion w universally condemning tbe mad and foolish "experiments which have reduced the touotr fiom its proud elevation to iu present cripplea and helpless stale.' 1. 5: 1 - " .... ,-- v . , ... arm. ' ' , -.V'',Ww:ic)s, IOV. 10, 1S37. "Con on h brincinr rood nrices. Tba but Liverpool acceuaU show some depression, but we are strongly of opinion that it will be only tempo iT -f "V'v ''' " Elcctioh returns from our Sute have come m from n considers ble portion. - Tbe chance is tremendoua. AU fbeee counties bave been tbe slang -holds of Few Bursa, and etsry ene, aa far a. beard from baa gone against him. New York City has given a majority of about 3000 votes a- gainat tne Van Duren ticket . Tht Stats Wvt cpkUty rnchitumittdH Joeara M. Vhitb, rate delegate (a Congreee from Florida, has finally determined to settle per manently in that Territory. , -. The second volume of Davis' Life of Bun ba Tbe Journal r been f SAnwn from the creC . Ws v ..iiw im iBj,,..,, . amounting to 20,tjOO,OOi5, ' draw m&kino a i.if.l . " rrom circulation .JYo wonder s . U ":. ti,. wuiJ.'Lli'.T:. r ' ri -orotiunarroy by 600. f b cities ine Umpire Slate lt t cities. The I moire Sink. :. , Li ' ' " " -1 Areplytothe.T V f the Reporter unnecessarvT l SJ ticlewaap-M, Editor mu l a1p:r,Vt!ledhvthat gret; C.The RalecS A, fc. ra,i, kat Its next Legislature ofthaf f ' if Aa'nwtratton. men 69, VTh. , ballot,ahowmy 6 majority for tht overw Of New. Jersey, fa 17LKiGji rysr - r. This Vd an- -niit9& j- . nfoMryotir .,';. in aJ e-(ire new dreis. We were k erf favorable an indic.iion oflts'.i" . "if we rettf to see achaWi It had gron, so familiar to the s j, t fence products a melancholy . Jt "4,, 855 ,5"o-Uunt Iien4 V,-to msmo Jhc'ilegistir'hia listairrj-ainfllyolunie, and will d, tiauj an imparjial, consistent Journal so lonz as" its cnliimim . i.i- . ' ( the G.uSr;-: vv:".''. - v- TIIJi LKfliiii ATiior'". 1 T ?eveyl measures of importance are I -V body f but whether anv .J .1.... ...:u into laws, or if so ,hat mcauM. trxj deririv. nravinn.lu ' . , . .It 'I - -0-. r--..- y w, lnn uuw ot tortus. f Banks constitute a aubject of eaarost - j Some change will probably be tnadlL 1Z ber oflbtybuecfory.iheood. ofibeir.l ment, and the like. It is not' enwgb, !, i ......v vumuuvicc 1 11 1 imporiant ibjtlil should reeei such ,d, as mt. tfc i. i1 Without ini- jfr"!L-iMa-.narr?r .k. ,i.J.. : : ise'eafiy a day at possible; to rosun-irt. ,i ' j oltpecie Torlheir bills. - Measurts.. u j, that thia resumption will notbepesitiw.a;'s ' d6nite period. .Ntf'hinii short faeiM til ' w It render our curt ency K-h s i' J ' be t but ft may be improved by tU i 4 stfchrneasures as shall promise a peii return ftmvTrlwe.fve'rat! that tbe amount of specie in the Banks iu4 tw increased: because, to enable the B' U ti- sum, merely by ithdrawinf fhcU -t ,a ? v' (rvurcircumiun. udui ue amount of f , of tbeit fc:"i would augment ihee-Smasjett 01 ine uin- 10 a rearrui extent. i vmm now iu aeiialiop 'before the Legislau.t, 4 1 view to this object, are the exieutien. of tbe lket of redemption on the State Bonds, see to eati them neociable lor specie ; and lae r of the Lnki to'purchase C'.'.as !l same purpose we think tavorau., .. . tneesures. TsiecoiiwM Monitor. - - - f A bill is in oren-ess before (he Hues of Bep resentativea'wbicb - proposes to ehingetU Ui of meeting of the General Asseir" to 1- I'ondo ia jf-?-her.-fc t - SHS STAY-LAW QCESr.C.V. ' : A discussion of soma interast tr k jhcaja the Mouse ef R vesentalives, oa Jbuudsy, oa a bill introduced by Mr. Brazier, to wthorwea stay of execution for twelve moouVia ill cease where the nlauituT should rJlsa toneemm paper of the bant oi tne Btateoi awwoi branches in satisfaction of the debt; haaotta, operate upon cases arising put ef eotiriicl already entered intcii! a. m. . a 1-L.. m at ai Tbe joint comroiUee raised utrtoreeorirWMet. the two Houses requiring an intwap10- the affsirs of the Slate bank, bave oieiuei V) the election of B. F. Porter Chairtnaa ; aal we may presume the duties 01 this corommw - immediately pressed to some impoiiaat reeutt ; IdroaMATioN from Cawada. VTt 1 wnifrosi Burlington (Vt.) that ever a hundred xwmvn. left Meotreal for tne United otaies, e-r -whom bad come to Burlington. The remoni caused by tbe serious apprehensions of sew-, Danctt to vaiisaa. ; nesd.y last between Henry S. F.- r.:il kit.., nr Jnlin F. II. Cleibone. m j - c.... line nhnve CoWO" hMa. h.ra ihe Military Road crosses, sad f OHillIHBn" r"" - J. iP 1 l. k. Afki. .W. and asreee 1 sua 1 1 fauuiiu irr aasw Maaw d thai row MMJI II WW II.'- . I - . . u. .u J .Cik.l lima m Vl WnUHl rnvvi B"" .. wm " ----- isisnSi Afrit. Star. ! ' 7 ' 2' n. 1.1S37. : J muvww v.. "a. set. An eoniornuiT w 100 iui " , . j n...Lu i lei-r u .nihariza the UUU( ne HI Ft U kor.h nublisbed U) m "r"u'J """."' , .rr.VLI I... Months- whole amount issuea awing " - VeVIWOODBURT, Sec'yofOieireajur;. t-. r"- ' - - HneaTOWH. 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