The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1932
Page 3
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1932 BLYTHEVILLK. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE They're Probing Two States' Election Sj'rlnicn Must Either Get Tennessee License or Hire a Surveyor, f.'.'.'Cl-.OIjA. Ark.—Edith Mlssis- •M.: cuiinlY s|iorlsnien.-who ii ••'Vis pad have I:EMI wunt tc H ;;l at their pleasure on the var i'.:.-: islands cf the Mississipp NVir near here, lire apparentl' 1 ul wl'h suakiir? a choice tv:ir.n paylne a 515 Teuiic i L'MJnx rcens"! foe or cmployin' a tinvcyiiij party before they star fn iir.inial J;OOSP or duck limits. j r while an rpiiiion 0:1 tin nf Arkansas hunters on • : |," '.-iand-.. written by Assistant /.i -.i-iH'v General 1'at Mchalicv !v i it 1 -;'' in answer lo a request CKHI; J. K- Chillis of Kciser. is a n '.-a iutirr;UiM3 treatise on the'ery <-f establishment of the !;• ri:dary line between Arkansa's ::ril Tti'.ne.'SLC. it leaves the : -!i-'n:!!i siill with ihe problem i.l ilctenninii:-j where the boundary v 'tin: is an:l makes Ihe |«int clear j' a Tennessee hunting licensr *• - in order on Tennessee soil antl : ot nfceyrarv on Arkansas ground Ccvcrel warnings have been is-' ••!!•() reef-inly by Ihe Tennessee •r&w warden lliat the law as to hunting licenses would be enforced t'.i the islands of the Mississippi against Arkansas hunters, anil the l:sst warning made .special icKraicc to Island 35, which i" opposite Wilson and Colder, Lake, and Island <0 which is opposite Harvard and other noinls in Crit- lcr.;!en county. Ownership of the islands with u.Miecl to law enforcement, particularly in liquor case's, has been inch a disputed question in the j'.art. with each stale passing the responsibility for enforcement tf the other slate, that the islands hnvc havens for outlaw:' rncl have been nenerally conceded to ho "no man's lands". Munv of them arc nearer !( the: Arkansas bank than to the Tennessee banks and local sportsmen, net without some preced- c i;t, resent the attitude cf Tennessee authorities. Mr. Mehalfey's opinion, given at the request of Mr. Childs, point; out that the boundary bctweci: Arkansas and Tennessee was established as Ihe middle of th! main channel of Ihe Mississippi liver. The middle of the chr.n- i rcl 13 still the boundary, Mr. Me- I •. hnffcy said, except where then. K. has been a sudden shift in th! course of the- river, kncwn as ar r.vuision. in which case the boundary remains at Ihe former loca li:n of the main channel. Inasmuch as the present location the west, side of the main chan- i:e.l (i the island: claimed by Tennessee is due. in t^csl cases. I- avulrior.s. this ruling holds littl tcmf;rt lor Arkansas sportsmen. Charges that ballots were purchased in Delaware and I'cnns.vlvania in the November 0 ek-r.llon are iincli; iiivtsligiUiin \iy Ihe House Campaign committee in \Vr.shiiKlan. Above Uavis Wilson, rlncl counsel o tin.- icmmHteo. is making his report, Members of the rdiiiinltci? shown litre. l.'lt to ri t ;l!!. ;ire Julin I 1 'Nelson, Maine; Loving Black, New York; Chairman Heal.sill rMijon of AikiiMV!-; and J-M:\:'- t'.ilk, O';i'J. MI1S •ran Green-Brown-Plati num Is Airaijinctl in Municipal C'Hirl for Tukiin; Spool ')! Thread. Paul Grecnwell, E. A. Haynes, Jo'nn Winslow, Joe Han. Dr. ii. u. Sims. F. j. Austin. D?2 IVttis, Dr. J. A. Saliba, Dr. I. R. Johnson. J. T. Glover. Willie Wilburn, Mr. Phillips. E. M. Huffman. M. D. Bryant, W. E. Taylor. M. II. Blnkc- more. John Palmer. Dr. Thornton. Marcus Evrard. Mrs. A. G. Little, A. G. Kittle, Miss Mocrc. Zola Jarbo, Whitten Goodman, Tony Seal, Ben Wiggins, Rives Allen, Francis Carpenter. Charles I'onn. M. E. Pickett, S. M. Ho:a, Mrs. Marie Morgan. H. J. Reiber, Ellen Bryant. Dixie Crawford, Allen Rushing, Cecil White, Earl Damon. Mrs. Bancroft Terry. Bancroft Terry. Miss Frances Miller, Mrs. Ira i Haley, Mr. Aulrey, J. M. Fowler, S. W. Crane, Jack Parker, Mr. Caiman. W. T. Barnctt, Taylor •Freeman. Mr. Woodard. George Hunt. J. M. Anderson, Fred War- :cn. Harry Kirby, Elton Kirby, Mrs. Marie Hlckmnn. Dr. Moore. Pithlic Library., Kac'm^ Dclicil. (innlmuos Open * ( larcrny, ;])•' inln^lunn that ID 'MC:I| Ihi> picked ll up. iipiwmrd aud loll); tmi;' S'M! sill! I'J Win Freil Sandefur William Carney - Rock Mrs. Carney, Mr. Edgar Herrick, £„, „„, Horace Walpoic, F. H. Acton, Mrs. ?. H. Acton, Mr. Bradley, R. D. HughCE. Marvin Sawyer, A. B. airfield. Mr. Webb. Miss Baltic Smiddy, Harvey Mor- . !s, Otto Kocntitzky. Mrs. Ouo| <ochtitzky, B. A. Lynch, George Im'r, M. M. Callawny, Mrs. W. T. Oberst, Miss Selma Lentz. Jfiss Laura Bassetl, Mr. Elkins, Mis. Ei- uns, Miss Winnie Turner, J. W. Incuse, Mrs. Jontz, Mrs. C. 3. Emitli, TjOuis Wilson, Ernest- Fry, Blvthe.ville Vocalists Right to Attend Meeting. Teachers In negro schools of Crlt- tenden. Greene and Mississippi counties met at Osceula Saturday for the annual district inciting. Annie Cnrrie, Jeannes supervisor, was I in charge. In the elimination contest for declamation find music Roheil'Sea- lioni and Elmira Shepherd won In the declamation contest and the Blytheville high school and grammar school departments won in the quartet and choruses. These will go iruary slate meet. Miss Willie A. Law-son. county superintendent, was the principal sjieakcr. Her subject, was "Keepine Faith in Children." S'r: used for her theme, "Home may fail, parents may fail but children never lail" in urging a more sympathetic understanding between parents children. Ilecause of the continuous ! creased inli-ri-sl in re-iiding, llr-' , filylbeville library will ope-nite Icr ihe ]ii*esent. Ljven thoi.yh Hie recent drive for funds did not briuj iri siinU'Lint roveniie to keep the library for anothvr year. Ti^e annual ro['.:>rt showed that fl.-.'iM-d v.llli p'l I:- ilidii'l IIUih'1 1 :: :.fl Wlll'll ' 111' ;u: thul mi clerk "' i.lier wiilUm 1 . a :n !. lln- llnrail. '1 in- cianayfr <if Ihe !::• l.:nl ciuii-bi ht-r nil -'<.:! :,n nrliiki <,ncf Ix-fiur. ; .I'.-i!••(- Cunniiu'liatn an-i pled ll'r ! •A* ,:i.:n'.^ uuilty I.IL-H atid told In i 1 Ir !. t:i -hl-i ulliif todly \vllll her l.ilhor. : A i-luuye of robbriy nvalnsl ; l>;u ::,•!! Ml!fl«-ll waii dismlsv-d! ,1,'sii-. .in ;i!-<iuill^l for llic di-[i'i"l-. |::nl. Thi' ]nov.-tuliii:: witness, pro.,! j i'Siv.u!. ^uivc the (lefi-nihinl sii!iH'| r:ni-y while he was { kill r alleinpLeil lo i fioin Milcliell, revi'lvcd it. and Intel ihe l.illcr V,!:LII he was slow paying llic ivinnintler of the mr.ncy. U .w part ni'''"l'-<"! 23.865 bcoks were circulated last year with about one-third of cktrlbnted free lo thns; who w.'ri: Hub Sampies, chained with :is:iiil: wllh InloiiL In kill, cnlfrc-l i ile;i nf net Kiiilly. The case V.MS Consent Decree Settles R. C. A. Anti Trust Suits unable to join the library. The r;nt jcontmiiud mitll_ tuduy lor prelltn- shelf and flnts lolalr:! SIC^. (' In the past month ttior: was a 400 per cent Incicuc over the sain: month in October, 1930. In discussing the local library siliiaiion it been panted out thai in Forl Smith, which lias n public tax and endowment fuid for its libiary and which Is open Irani noon until o o'clock in the ovi'iiia 0 , wii^i three librarians in charge. 2">.COO books wci; cirrulnled In trie j past year. Tins is approximately 1CUO more than was circulated here [in a library supported by donations am l. and which is open only in the nf- I terncons and on? evening n \ve?k Ultlo Mll'/.i CiiX'on, Hollywood's liaby slur, Li all mixed ii]> like inlnbow llicse days. l^r HIM (Ire.'ii br'jv.'n LiCiCiC.s have SOUL. plailnum blond suddenly, alon;; with Ihr '.i-csser; of nisiny nf sciccn tlslurs. Ileic's Mlt/1 with ht-r new "color Job". Bomljors' Sel Lantern to Step Train . Carrying French Premier. PARIS, Nov. 21. (UP)—Premier Edcuard Herrloll considers llui /,* I bombing of Hit railway tracks over 'which Ills Iraln wns to p:« iwir i - NunU's more a (.'cmonslrall'm by , lireton lUilunomlMs than an at- tcmpL against his life, bul thsm -• were p'oss-IMIltlc.'; uf nil IntcrnalUnal . investltjalloii. 'Hi? boiulilng lore up the railway"-" tracks nvnr an old (|imrry wlnre the bombers were bollevcd to nave •jlitnln-.-d their explosives. Poll:» iiS"" llrM were Inclined tu iHlicvc l''.c •. fact (hal llerrlct'c train was h 1 :- nbiil .',cl:c;iuli; -iiivcd Ills life, bu', ., tlicy later discovered the bDinbcr.i .. liinl pl:ic?d a red lantern on Ih? truck In .Mop the Irnln tjfare It'/'' Hiu-hcd t.-.c .scone of tlio explosion.. AI'liijiiuli Hcirlclt dl-J net believe..., tun Lomb.'i:; Inlenilcd to 1:111 him [he revi'iili'd (ho international tcoiv; >( Ihe Inchleiit In an Interview wllh . .lulled rivss. Di'portallou of a ccr- n:p'-udcnt of Adolph Hitl=r's Nani" h;w.'.p;ipi-rs In Cit-rmany wa.s an- nDiinc'.'d i-i\>:\ lifter U.e bombinj. "Depression Flower'' Is Social Fad PORTSMOUTH, N. H. lUP) — Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burnham used an airplane to locate their .letter do^ afici 1 it had stroycd from Ihcm '.vlillc they were on a hunting liip near here. The Rev. E. K. Latimcr, pa-lor!'"'tl wiilcli lun but one librarian. nf the First Christian ciurch her' spoke on "Heallh" In which he urged cooperation of the negroes in Mrs. Ernest Pry, Mrs. Byron. , he collnt ,„ tlie aiili-tubcrculosis Jorse. Byron Morse. Frank D:ng- j drive jn an cffort to kccp the (,,,_ ey, W. W. Hollipeter, Mrs. W. W. | ^^"o y - V nmna\s"cI*P ! mc'-B\\\tt. Hollipeler. Mr. Healon. Mrs. Hea- ] a dcmon strallon in toac'-.ln^ *on .Mrs. Swearcngen. Charles Af- . g tO u r aphy Hick, Mrs. Charles Afflick, George : . p rn if C Z.' r r o w-"-Hr<l of i'" ._., . — _ „.. ,' L 1U11.-XJ1 ^j. O. *Y ^,. .],1LU, V' ' A. and M. college at Pins Bluff, !ioke to 0'^ farmers who f.seiiibled for ti-e afternoon session. His subject was "How the Farm:v Mi" Have Food and Money (he Y-2ai Round." J. A. W. Shivers, Blythevilb, told of -the benefits of njgro ^is- i tory in the high school as given in j tlick Hubbard Mrs. E. Mrs. George M. Bernie. Hufcbard, • WILMINGTON, Del., Nov. 21. lUPi—The yovcrnmen'.'K null-trust i siiilji against the Ilacllo CorpDratiDii of Americn LIIU! others were'settlcil loday when u consent decree was sl(!iii'd lisrc by the indue of the United States "dhtrlcl com 1 !. The decree of Injunction,'drawn! up by Bovennncnt attorneys and I n^rccd to by t'ne defendants, se^:i [ .forth numerous stipulations' lo j which 1?. C. A. must conform In | the matter of domestic, stcck, and iorcign contracts. trie and Manufacturing company ]s nnd enjoined the defendants from attempting lo restrain b> means of patent licenses or similar devices in violation of (he Sr.eiumn null-trust law. I'll married nl of de l.uv Or Wedding Ceremony Down llic w™ , li: * :| - whllc , m " s . 1 ° r lih( ' •t- nr» • ii n • couplrs. who are nuiiileil by mln- To Depression "rices tstciT, in brief ceremonies perrorm- doesn'l cn:;t tis ST. I.OUIS. (UP)—The "ieprcs- slcn tlorar" Is Ihe latest social, fad .. here, tl:oii|{li il mny not be found .' In liny flornl shop. . .- •• To mnke this flower, put a small- piece of conl or coki: In a l>r,vl. Over this |»ur six tablespcons cf. -. : water. .<lx tnblufpoans of sail, Ihrse lablcspaon:i ot bluln>,' nn:l two or. Hives drops of mercurochromc. Hoon a flavor having nil lr'3 llnl:! of red nud blue will Ijcglu to tnk-j shape. II will resemble o'.ored ',' HIOES or a rose. "The reaction Is simply thai of',' , llic salt and water," according ID.' ed nl the alike, (jive llic preacher'11. E, Wlcdennanu, SI. Louis chom-" i sion iiricc. I kin Dell by an nlflco n dollar", he icpllcd. The minister lx-ciimc n busliii'So man for the lime beimj by incet- iny the negro';; price, mid nn I\K cdcmmiy wns performed. The ordinary fo^ for Justices ot Gclllns; married much us It oiic I; did. A nc^ro! wns nsked at Ihe innrrlai;e license | oltlce ictlay if he wanted the ct-r- i I cinony ptrformcd Iherc. To his I I Inquiry of "how much do 11 coslV" , • he was lold Hint a minister, who 11 directed llic complete clvorc:-1 wns in llic office, would mnrry n-cnl of the General Electric coin-i him, and lhal Ihe ciislomury fee pauy and llic Weslinghoinc Elec-' wns $5. "Thnt uln't I ho deprcs' win "Invented" thd flower. W,YTHKV1U,E HYK, KAH, NOSK AND THUOAT CLINIC Unnm 210 Ingrain lildj. DR. J. A. SALIBA I'liur.o 418 IN DEBT UPPER!. Joins Bn- I the text. Wco:L*on. compiled by Carter O. tain, France and gium In Plea. Bel- Masonic Leaders of This County Given State Honors; WASHINGTON. Nov. 21. (UP)—} OSCEOLA. Ark.—Honors, belli A fourth European nation appoa'.e-l i elective and nppoinlive. were dis- •CDntinnnd rrr.m i'nqc Onei Jenkins. Lois Davis. Mtixine Cro;h Ri'.ey Jones. Max Logan, J. W. A ; - ams. Pearl L:e, Jimmy William:. Floyd Wilson. Bernard Gooch. Caldwell Beauty shop. Welch Foster, Joe Caglc, victor Stilwell. W. J. LcRoy, Frank Simmons. ler Caldwell, Loy Welch. P.ober 1 Grimes. C. VI. Ramey, Billy He; sie. Louis Wilson, Pat O'Bryant Bess Page Walton. II. L. Reynolds Miss Belle wrntsill. Donald Hill A. U. Gwyn. W. O. Blue. M. L. E. II. Mason. Horace Culp Bill Dolan. E. B. Lyman. E. I'. Bcrnm. J A. Leech. Arthur Nab2r.s. F. N Whitncr, Jeff Roland, C. S. B.^s gelt, A. M. Washburn. O. Shcnyo W. L,. Robertson, John Buchanaii L. Fowler. Edgar Herrick. W. A. Pickard. Jimmy Lrdtotter. B. .!'•••• del. o. C. Ganske. W. C. Lojgott. J. J. Hargcll. H. L. Harp. R. J. Dodson. j. j[. Fowler. Henry Reidman. Henry Humphreys. Harvey Morris, J. A. W-ebb. C. G. Redman. J. W. Meyer. J. L. Guard. R. S. Carman. Roy Ho- can. R. o. Cash, W. J. Kuox. Homer Davis. Adolph M?ycr;. Ma> Meyers. H. Higrfill, J. it. Roney Unique Cleaning Service. E. M. T?r- ry, A. B. Holland. C. H. Hall. W. M. McMullins, Hubert Potter. F. B joyncr. L. a. Thompson. Harn Taylor. Parris Simon. o=car Bail?y O. G. Hnbbard. Eddie B. Dr/ii M. N. Nur.n, Mrs. Belt. Raymonr Curlin. Jimmy Cohen. Dan M. Dnnkhi. Adolph Crafton W. T. Barnctl, Ern?a Halsell. Jim my Bell, John Caudill. W. L. Her ncr jr.. T. G. Seal, Jack Apple bainn. Mrs. May Aldridgs. Willinn l-ing. J. Mell Brcoks. Richard Ji: l 'el. w. M. Williams. Roland \Vo! for -. C. A. Hovey, L. E. Gay. A 0- Hudson. A. B. Hall, S. Joseph J^k Saliba. Bob Dsnt, Paul Elam 1- A. Baudwin, H. Talbot. I,. E Baty. W. j. Wnndirllch, Ri.ssell Mar: "° Lavender. Charl?s Johnsoi Frank Gri»sby. King Matthew Drink ;Wate7^iTMeals Oood For Stomacl Water with meals helps stomac juices, aids digestion If blcatc v,ith gas add n spoonful of Adler Ika. One dcse cleans out poisons and washes BOTH upper and lower towels. EC Id in dlytlievllle by City Krug Store. —Adv. E-2 to the United States for ws-- relief todity ns Pi'e.sident Hoover completed arrangements to mint President-elect. Roosevelt tomorr.v.-. •> 'he "Hint of a White House study for a discussion of the whole field of foreign financial iblienlioiis. The request for d3bt- revision was presented by the minister of Cz:c''io Slovakia, who asked p-st]xinem?nl of his country's Sl.500.000 piym-3nt ue December 15. Meanwhile il was stated in a high fficinl quarter that, plans fcr Ain- rican participation in 111? world •ovcrnor Roosevelt along with th^ of the Royal Arch chapter for the ?bt problems. ~' Czccho-Slovakia thus joined Groat Britain. France and Belgium in rging ll:c United Stat?s to r;con- :cier (he European war <bbts. conomic conference probably \voiil'l discussed by Mr. Hoover an:l irlbuled Irecly auions Mississipp: | county members of the suveriil: fralernal or^anr/ations which lio[(l their granrl chn;;t;-r meetings in f.iltle Rock ibis week. J. a. Iliinn cf Oscecla v.-as elect- id Krand senior warden-of the Masonic Lodge-, and \V. R. Allen, past- master of the Osccola lodge, was named district deputy! j inacler fcr the Tenth District, .MIC- | cceding Frod Stuckey of f-*panto. i who was clcc;e;l grand junior] deacon. j E. R. Began, master of Ihe Os- crolr. Masonic tiistricl deputy ledge, was named rrand hi»h pri^n FORT WORTH. T«xas. (UP) — Must intelligence be llqiildnletl co?" will be Hi; question discusse.i 35- Dr. William Trufanl Foster, nu- hsr and :conoin!sl of Newteu. \fas3.. before tr.c Texas Stale Teachers Ariocialion here Nov. 25. O'.her •-•r'nediilecl speakers are Fourth Arkansas District, which comprises chapters in noiii'.casl j Arkansas, and Mrs. Bo^an wa: 1 rc-appoinicd District Deputy Gran:! j Lecturer for the Fifteenth -^'kr-n-| sas Disl.rict. cf Ihe Ordrr ol j Eastern Slar. | Others from eastern ftrkansi- i who were elected or apimiutod | include Dr. R. E. Tucker of Mon- ctte, elected associate grand patron of the Eastern Star. Mrs. Bessie Barnes cf Ljpanlo elect::! grand warder of the Mine rr- x>radp Taft. sculptor of Chicago, jfaniialion. and Mrs. Chas. nnd Harold Rugj. professor cf pducalion, Teachers College. Columbia University, N;w York. ford of Blylhevillc. named representative lo Ihe Stnlc of Men Hampshiri. INTO THE VALLEY OF DEATH "Nature in the Raw"—as portrayed by Jithn Cfiarlton, after the famous painting (Jc/iicting the heroic Charge of the Light Brigade in the /ace of a withering fire at the battle uf Bala- kluva in the Crimean War (!854). "Nature in the Raw is Seldom Mild"—arid r«u> tobaccos have no hliice in cigarettes. Don't Lose Your Home Lands forfeited to Drainage District- No. 9 for taxes may be redeemed or re- purcliased before January 20, 1983, without paying penalties. After thai; date penalties will have to be paid. Communicate with J. T. Coston, Attorney, for full information. This November 21,1932. E. N. AHLFELDT, Receiver, Stuttgart, Ark. No raw tobaccos in Luckies —that's why they 're so mild W I? buy the finest, the very finest tobaccos in all the world— but that does not explain why folks everywhere regard Lucky Strike as the mildest cigarette. The fact is, we never overlook the truth that "Nature in the Raw is Seldom Miltl"—so these fine tobaccos, after proper aging and mcllowing, are then given the benefit of that Lucky Strike purifying process, described by the words—"It's toasted". That's why folks in every city, town and hamlet say that Luckies arc such mild cigarettes. It's toasted" That package of miid Luckiai «*

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