The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on September 1, 1939 · 14
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 14

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1939
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V PAGE FOURTEEN THE DAILY HOME NEWS, NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J., FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1939. CHURCH PLANS LARGE EVENT i St. Joseph's Will Sponsor Free Picnic Sunday At Grounds Final plans have been completed for the free picnic to be sponsored by the members of the St. Joseph's Greek Catholic Hungarian Church at 30 High street, It was announced aft night, by the Rev. Theodore Fcdas, pastor. The affair Is scheduled to take Jilace Sunday at the congregation' picnio grounds. St. Joseph's Grove in Stelton on Plnlnfield avenue, between the Lincoln Highway and the eurer highway. Activities are to begin at approximately 2 p. m. and bu?s will transport those without car.-, to the grounds, leaving church at '0 High street at 1 p. m. and for. .inuing throughout the day. I:u Jacobs and his Central Jersey Favorites will supply American dan:e tunes and the Gypsy Ensemble of the "Semantic Violinist" will furnish Hungarian dance music. American and Hungarian vo-calhta will entertain. invitation to attend the affair has been extended to the Board of Chooen Freeholders and the Com-mistioners of Raritan Township and the general public. The Rev. Fedas is general chairman and is to be assisted by the trustees of the church, Gregory Orori and Michael Munkacsy. Finance for the affair are to be supervised by Julius JJarosy. Ccarge Toth and Ladislaus Toth head the reception committee and the refreshment tickets will be in charje of Steve Bodjiar, Joseph Ha-lusk- and Mrs. Nicholas Szucs. Refreshments will be served by Peter Szulllgan Jr., John Kuczma, Michael Fetruslta, Alexander Haszara, John Cross, Alexander Kapale, George Valln, Andrew Szegcczky and George Szogcczky. The women of the church are In charge of the game party and included are: Mrs. Alexander Takach, Mrs. John Toth and ills. Joseph Haluska. Xt'.lve Hungarian foods will be and served by the following: Mrs. Frank Zur, Mrs. John ;re, Mrs. John Pfeiffer, Mrs. George Toth, Mrs. John Vasrilly, Mrs. Ladislaus Toth and Mrs. Geot-je Hapak. Transportation ar-langcments are in charge of John Czipi.a, Ticket Committer Distribution of the complimentary ticketa for the picnic Is in charge of the following group: 3allnt Ezabo, 224 Hamilton street; Menyhert 8zabo, French etreet; ooseph Takacs and Joseph Horvath, 75 French street; Charles Czirolt, 13i Easton avenue; Julius Cziko, i3 Easton avenue; Hungarian-American Athletlo Club, Somerset street; Albert Bessenyl, 688 Hamilton road, and Ladislaus Szentpe-tory, Hamilton street. Also John Kovach, French street; Frank Tednak, French street; John Voth. 12 Easton avenue, Joseph So-tak, 77 Central avenue; Julius Bedia, F rench street; Pound Store, 71-73 Church street; Benjamin Shohet, 27 church street; Ladislaus Gyarmatl, fomtrset etreet; Stephen Gerenc-t, Hamilton street; James Ge-lancser, Hamilton street; Central Jakery, 19 French street; James tabo, 62 Plum atreet; and Joseph :,anjecsko, Hamilton and High t'ree"s. Others In charge are; Joseph Corn: a, 210 Somerset street, Peter ; tevtns, 66 Duke street; De AngellJ brothers, French street and Jersey ; venue; William Polansky, 75 1 rench street; Joseph Goldstein, 6.1 . rench street; Zoltan Bugy, 104 '. rench street; H. W. Brown, 1 'rench street; Bode Drag Store, '.JO French street; Frank Sabo, 114 .'rench atreet; Joseph Kocsis, 212 i'omerset street; Alexander Varga incoln Highway; Arthur Berko- its, Woodbridge avenue and School ttreet; Simpson Metz, Woodbrldge i venue; Stephen Traskl, 210 Hamil-t m etreet; John Egressl, 234 Ham-i ton street and Edward Arky, 81 'rench street. Alto Joseph Haluska, Somerset t'ree'.; Steve Valler, 214 French itrset; Joseph Kolschar, Somerset i reft; Joseph Sagl, French and : onvrset street; Andrew Dudas, Tatrrson street; John Poscony, : rer.:h street; Peter Biro, 108 I reroh street; George Lizak, Som-ttset and Scott streets; Andrew i.ak s, 216 Somerset street; Albert llos'.i, 62 Central avenue; Richard '.ac::, 60 Easton avenue; Joseph ' laknyl, Somerset street. 8,500,000 PERSONS DIED IN WORLD WAR NEW YORK, Bept 1 m More than 8,500,000 persons were killed in action or died of wounds and other causes during the last World War. The Allies, including the United States, contributed 8,162,115 lives while the central powers lost 3,386,-209 men. Thesis figures do not include thoss wounded, maimed or lift helpless for life through blindness or other causes. With 65,038,810 men under arms during 1914-18, more than half that number became casualties, the total being 37,491,186 or 57.6 per cent of those under arms. OBITUARY Deaths Funerals County Taxpayers Declare Assessments Third of Value Middlesex Tax Board Amazed to Hear Property Owners Discuss Low Rate; Long List of Appeals Filed In Towns North of Raritan River Admissions were made by some $600; Mrs. John J. Bellew, Borough MISS MILLICENT SWAFFIELD Miss Millicent Swafflcld, well known here, general secretary of the Greenwich, N. Y., Y. W. C. A. an ddaughter of Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Swaffield, of Plainfleld, died yesterday at the Uugglni Hos-fital, Wolfboro, Jf. H., after a two months Illness. Miss Swafflcld went to the summer hne of her parents at Lake Winnepeasaukee, N. H., in June and was taken 111 there. She had intended to return to Greenwich in September. Resides her parents Miss Swaffield leaves a sister, Mrs. Lester Britton and three brothers, Harold, Douglas and Paul Swaffield. The funeral will be held Saturdav at 2 o'clock at the Baptist Church at Wolfboro, N. H. MRS. R. ALBERT LA CASSE Mrs. Anna La Casse, 39, wife of Technical Sergeant R. Albert La-Casse of Quincy, Mass., died Tuesday at Fort Banks Hospital, Fort Banks, Mass. Mrs. La Casse was born in this city and was a daughter of Mrs. Francis Sypek of South Sixth avenue, Highland Park. Besides her husband, the deceased is survived by a daughter, Mrs, Helen Hillman, three sons, Elmer Mes-seroll, Jacob Messeroll and Donald Messeroll, all of Highland Park; four brothers, Joseph and Frank Sisco of New Brunswick; Andrew Slsco of Syracuse and Adolphus Sisco of Highland Park; three sisters, Mrs. Helen Parker and Mrs. Stacey Louth of South Sixth avenue. Highland Park, and Mrs. Martha Minncttee of Long Prairie, Minn. The funeral was held this morning at Notre Dame des Victolres Church, at Whitehall, N. Y., with Interment in Boardman cemetery, Whitehall. MRS, ELIAS Z. BEy.VETT Mrs. Anna M. Bennett, 73, wife of Elias Zeller Bennett of Buckelew avenue, Jamesburg, and a Gold Star Mother, died yesterday after an illness of several months. Mrs. Bennett was the mother of Ellas S. Bennett of the 328th Infantry, Company C, 82nd Division, who died during the World War in France. Mrs. Bennett, whose husband has been In the sea food business in Jamesburg for the past 42 years, was well known. She had lived in Jamesburg for the past 40 years and was a member of the Ladies' Auxiliary of Star Post, American Legion of Jamesburg. Besides her husband Mrs. Bennett is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Minnie B. Day of Neptune, N. J., a sister, Miss Minnie Martens of Jersey City, and two grandchildren. The funeral will be held 8unday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the Bennett home and will be conduct- property owners, north of the Raritan river, at tax appeal hearings yesterday before the Middlesex County Tax Board at the County Records Building that their proper ties were assessed at one-third of j true market values, although in j many cases they petitioned for re-! ductions. The county board was amazed to learn of the low rate of assessments and sought to impress upon the property owners that they can expect no reductions when they are paying on an assessment lower than some of the larger municipalities In the county. The testimony was vastly different than given in appeals heard on Now Brunswick property owners when taxpayers complained their assessments were In excess of market values. At Perth Amboy hearings many property owners complained of high assessments and produced evidence to show that assessment! were greater than true market values. Appeals were heard yesterday on properties in Dunellcn, South Plain-field, Piacataway township, Raritan, Metuchen and Middlesex borough. The assessments were defended by the local assessors. County Commissioners Peter H. S. Hendricks, Sol Rubensteln and John F. Fitzpatrick reserved decisions on the appeals to permit an Inspection of the properties. They arrived in Metuchen at 8:30 o'clock this morning to start the Inspection and will continue a tour of the districts until every parcel has been inspected. Dunellen Appeals Listed The appeals.flled by Dunellen property owners follow: Francis F. Kruse, Jr., personal be cancelled; Ada G. Nash, 384 Prospect avenue, personal $100 be cancelled; Peter Gmlelewskl, 582 South avenue, land jsoo be reaucea to $600. building $2,100 be reduced to $1,500; A. T. Florey, 107 Jackson avenue, building $2,400 to $1,600; Henry and Rose Engeseth, 459 Mountalnvlew Terrace, building j $4,800 to $2,800; Bangt and Justice Lofgren, 2R0 South Washington ave-1 nue, land $1,400 to $1,200, building; $3,000 to $2,500; Frank J. Schubert, j 629 Bound Brook road, building ! $4,000 to $2,000; Frank J. Schubert, j 627 Bound Brook road, building $3,000 to $2,000; Estate Paul Ratti, I 364 North avenue, land $5,000 to $3,000; building $7,000 to $3,500; Sidney O. Logan, 403 Lincoln avenue, building $3,600 to $2,500. Also Dunellen Rescue Squad, 415 North avenue, land $1,000 be cancelled; Home Building and Loan Association, 605 Bound Brook road, land $1,000 to $800, building $6,500 to $4,500; Thomas J. Devlne, 412 First street, building $1,700 to Park, land $1,800 to $900; Petrone Atkuounos, Ralph avenue, land $300 to $150,, riscataway Township The Plscataway township appeals Included: Hnm. Ownun Lnan Corporation. Stelton road and New Brunswick avenue, building $3,000 to $1,500; Michael Worona, land $325 to $200; Gregory Tracuko, land $150 to $50; Mr. and Mrs. George Laureyns, 19 Church street, ibuilding $1,500 to $1,200; John Dlener, Elizabeth street, building $1,600 to $1,200; George Hatrak, land $400 to $150, building $1,600 to $1,200; Frank Di Leo, Stelton road, land $700 to $600, building $1,200 to $800; Herman Dost, Fourth street, land $225 to $200, building $400 to $250. Also Evelyn S. Schomp, 348 New Market Road, land $1,600 to $1,000, building $4,500 to $3,000; Edwin K Martin, Rushmore avenue, land $250 to $200, building $1,700 to $1,300; Mrs. Andrew Smith, Ellis Parkway, building $1,500 to $1,100; Frances Ferenchak, Rushmore avenue, building $1,700 to $1,500; Antonio Santo-wasso, Poplar road, building $1,000 be cancelled. Also Catherine BlazczakowskI, Palisade avenue, building $1,200 to $1,000; United Real Estate Company, Prospect avenue, land $500 to $200; Arthur H. Garrecht, South Washington avenue, building $1,800 to $1,300; Arthur C. Wadley, land $8,500 to $6,000, building $10,000 to $1,800; Arthur C. Wadley, land $3,400 to $1,700; Ada Lacarelll, land $720 to $400, building $2,700 to $2,000. Raritan Township Appeals The appeals of Raritan Township follow: William M. Cumlnsky, Edward avenue, land $2,300 to $1,800, building $2,100 to $1,700; William Cumlnsky, Marion street, land $400 to $100; William Cumlnsky, Edward avenue, land $300 to $200; John Sauer, land $200 to $100, building $1,750 to $1,500; Mrs. Meta Stadel, Possum road, land $720 to $500, building $500 to $300; Uniform Building and Loan Association, Hillcreat avenue, land $200 to $100, building $1,400 to $1,200; Uniform Building and Loan Association, 62 Lexington avenue, land $200 to $100, building $1,400 to $1,200; Uniform Building and Loan Association, Hillerest avenuo, land $400 to $200, building $1,650 to $1,500; Oliver Lowich, 13 Barton street, building $1,225 to $900; August and Mary Contardi, land $800 td $440; Penn sylvania Railroad Company, peron-al $500 be cancelled. Metuchen Appeals The complaints filed by Metuchen residents, follow: Home Owners Loan Corporation, Rector street, building $2,800 to $1,500; Home Owners Loan Corpor ation, 12 New Brunswick avenue, building $500 be cancelled; John P. and Olga Tompkins, 68 Rector street, land $1,300 to $1,000, building $3,500 to $2,500; Wasll Tkacuk, 176 Central avenue, personal $700 to $200; Stephen Eosso, Middlesex avenue, personal $200 be cancelled; Helmut and Anne Espenchied, 14 Rose street, building $3,000 to $2,600. Also Albert S. Johnson, H. Richard Segoine, Douglas M. Hicks, trustees, 395 Main street, building $5,000 to $2,500; Richard V. Mulligan, trustee, 65 Pearl street, building $2,000 to $1,500; Albert S. Johnson, H. Richard Segoine, Douglas M. Hicks, trustees, Middlesex avenue, land $3,910 to $2,500; Elmira and Rudolph Slovenz, 25 Barnstable street, building $1,600 to $1,000; Nicholas Constantine, 554 Middlesex avenue, land $320 to $100, building $500 to $200; Albert S, Johnson, H. Richard Seeoine, Douglas M. Hicks, trustees, 484 Middlesex avenue, land $4,000 to $3,000, building $3,000 to $1,500. Also Mary P. Deveney, S63 Central avenue, buUding $2,500 to $1,200; Fred Hubble, 924 Middlesex avenue, land $1,920 to $900, building $1,200 to $1,000; Ida and Fred Pfeiffer, 87 Middlesex avenue, land $1,000 to $500, building $2,000 to $1,000; Huy ler E. Romond, 279 Middlesex ave nue, building $3,500 to $2,750; John Gangl, Main street, land $500 to $300; Greta Nlebler, 61 Middlesex avenue, land $1,200 to $500, build ing $4,000 to $3,000; Charles W. Hill. Ill Lake avenue, building $4,000 be cancelled; William L. Greaves, 8 Central avenue, fand $160 to $150, building $2,200 to $1,800; Adolph Spltzauer, 66 New Bruns wick avenue, building $2,700 to $2,-000; Charles P. Hull, 203 Wood-bridge avenue, building $3,800 to $1,000; Herman Shteir, Amboy avenue and Matrstreet, building $2,200 to $1,000. Also Mary O'Brien, 21 High street, building $2,600 to $1,900; Willis P. Paget, 120 Harvard avenue, building $1,500 to $740; Tide Water Associated Oil Company, 21 Amboy avenue, personal $75 be cancelled; Mary B. Potter, 379 Middlesex avenue, building $3,100 to $2,500; Ir ving A. Hansen, Woodbridge avenue, land $3,400 to $1,700, building $7,500 to $3,700; Nell Powell Ayers, 295 Amboy avenue, land $750 to $600; building $3,000 to $1,800; Irving Hansen, 39 Woodbridge avenue, land $6,500 to $3,259, building $13,000 to $8,500; Alma C. Strand, 1 Maple avenue, building $3,400 to $2,000. Middlesex Borough Among 27 appeals filed by Middlesex Borough property owners were nine appeals by Charles T. Piber who requested reductions on a tract of land. The other appeals follow: Casey Weiss Coal Co., Inc., land $6,000 to $4,000; Joseph Spreen, Ramsey Lane, land $1,000 to $500; building $3,000 to $1,500; Domlnlck DeVincentz, personal $100 be cancelled; Gulf Oil Corporation, Watch-ung Estates, personal $100 be cancelled; S. Aboumrad, Pleasant View Park, building $1,700 to $1,000, S. Aboumrad, Lincoln avenue, build ing $2,700 to $2,000, Also Ralph Megllola, Watchung View, building $3,500 to $2,700, per sonal $150 to $100; Carl F. Finck, Bound Brook road, building $7,350 to $5,250 and land $1,900 to $950, personal $200 to $100 and building $12,-400 to $7,750; Achlllo Magllochetta, Ramsey road, building $8,600 to $6,600, personal $200 to $100; C. J, Kupper Associates, Inc., building $3,400 to $1,200; Felice Caplane, land $(00 to $600; North American Build Ing and Loan Association, Lincoln Boulevard, land $2,000 to $1,000, building $3,000 be cancelled; John P. Kozlk, Park place, buUding' to $1,000. i FOR QUALITY BUY AT 139 ALBANY STREET Phone 29 Remington Meat Knife f $1.00 Value JLlPt? SQUAT JELLY GLAisES YELLOW MIXING BOWLS 39c MASON IDEAL FRUIT JARS Quarts Pints FKUT JAR TOPS RUBBERS HALL CHINA OtfA. 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Nafey waa held yesterday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Timothy Kane, 120 Huntington street, and at St. Peter's Church where mass was celebrated by Rev. Eugene Davis. The pallbearers were Joseph Mulligan, William Ryan, George Smith, Raymond Smith, Raymond Felton and Charles L Lenry. Interment Walnut utreet, building $100 be cancelled; United Management Com pany. 102-108 North avenue, building $8500 to $7,000; Harold Della-vore, 247 Walnut street, personal $100 be cancelled. South Halnflrld The following appeals were reserved for decision in South Plain-field: John Darledanas, Murray avenue, land $450 to $250; William J. Co-lucla, 123 Sterling avenue, building J2.900 to $1,700; John Glullano, 110 New York avenue, building $200 be cancelled; Mabel M. Matto, land $150 be cancelled; Henry and Mary Brynlarskl, 1063 Sherman avenue, building $1,400 be cancelled; John W. 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W ear at Unbelievable Economy Price. wm In St. Peter's Cemetery. There I Uni srm be f'uretl to $400, build. Wm. F. Harding Co. Funeral Directors 102 Somerset Street Theme 607 lri(f $2,100 to $1,00; Vail Company, Park avenue and South Plnlnfield avenue, land $7,2S0 to $3,800, building $1,000 to $100. Also John H. Pickering;, 2401 Plainfleld avenue, land $1,000 to $900, building $2,22S o $2,100, personal $.100 to $110; Eva Zawatsky, PlninfleM Terrsee. bulldin? $700 to $600, W'nMyslau Wele. 711 Hamilton J. II. MAIIER AND SON Funeral Service r:wn 1100 25 EASTON AVE. wert many floral remembrances. Mm, JACOB SniATZM AN Mrs. Rose Schatzman, wife of Jacob Sohatzman, of 37 Oliver street, died yesterday at Pthel Hospital, Brooklyn, where sh had gone for treatment. Besides her husband Mrs. ftohatman Is survived by the foili ng rhildren, Ruth, Ceceha, , ,lnulPvnrd hllimin)f $1,fi00 t0 ,ji40o, iii-rjr ni iiTin.p,rmin $100 to $50. , ..ha zman. Also Julius Durkhardt, Fox Plana, The funeral was held this mornlnR p(,mna, $2nn b cancelled; Horry at the Seha'znian home and Inter- omeUmik. Park avenue, land $350 . , , n. ... vun urw teme.ery. j t0 tm. M,rff!,ret Rnosman. Hleh- ; Undertaker Geni Rft W. Bourne had charge of arrangements. LADY ATTENDANT CHAS. E. DARLING FUNERAL DIRECTOR 70 Welton Street riione S3 r.arllr.g Service Takes Care of All V'iii'n and Provides for Every N'eml Complete Funeral Service T Detail Carefully Arrangwl W. H. Quackenboss & Son 98 Albany Street New nmniwlrk, N. J. -PHONE fc-Larx fun-riil I'arhir. for Vour C'nnenlnre tady Asitlntant Id Take Cart of Ladle. IN MEMOItlAM In memory r t our helnved mother and (trnndmriiher, Elita Wel-ensee, j vho furled away A'lRi'.st 21. 1337. j "fi"ne thre Jr,ir3 but not for- j po'ten.'' j MP., and MR 3. WIl.I.AP.n WHITE, ' PP. , Fl'.KD WKISENJiEE. Wlb-I I.AP.D WHITE, .TP... MR. and MRS. ROOERS GROVE R. ; DIED P.KNSrTT-On Thursday, Aug-, list 31, 1M9. Anna M . wife of Elins 7-eii.T Emne't, In the 74th year of her n?. P.el.iiives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funernl at her reMdonre on Hur:-fw n venue, Jame-'hurg, on Bund.y, September J, . at. . 2:30 o'clock. Interment In Fernwood Cemetery, Jim" "burg, N. J. land Park, land $200 to $ino, bulld-InK $l,3r0 to $lM0j Fred Boosman, 1044 New Market avenue, land $325 to $150, building $1,000 to $00; Fred P.ooman. 3041 New Market mad, land $2!)0 to $1.V, building $S0O to Shop at Kern's and Save Rein's Sells Better Quality for Less NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. Cor. Hiram & Ncilson Sts.-Tel. 2093 & 2096 JOHN E. GLEASON Funeral Director and Embalmer Phone 700 14 Throop Ae. Fresh Killed Turkeys rt q 10 pound average lb. vOC Prime Rlbi of Beef lb. 22c Sirloin Slcak, quality steer beef Oft Top or bottom round lb. av:7C Chuck Rwwt, best cuts Ib. 17c Plata or Navel Beef Q Freab or Corned - lb. OC Shoulder of Lamb, whole chucks lb. 17c Frying or Roasting; Chickens .... lb. 24c Rein's famous Hamburger . ...2 pound 29c I 11.11- HI. .Mil. Country Roll Butter Ib. 27c Potatoes, U. S. No. 1 15 Ibi. 23c Potatoct, U. S. No. 1 . 25 lb bakct 40c Sunkitt Oranget .... 15 for 25c Apples, extra fancy . ...22 lb. basket 59c Peas, fancy Calif. 2 Ibi. 19c Sweet Potatoei 3 lb. 10c Lemoru dozen 19c Corn, fancy jc!d?n bantam imn 19c Peachei, fancy Eiterta 6 lbs. 25c 1

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