The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 10, 1934
Page 5
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 10, 193<J BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.). COURIER BIT! Here Comes Winter's Advance Guard! Roarhit; ill over Hie Mississippi and Missouri Valley £[al;s as far couth ns the Czurks. winter's iidvancc s;i ard is capturing slate r.fler tl;ile. A heavy snow tlmiUcl uiulir temperatures upproadiinjj mo sprciui rapidly eastward. Al;ove, a tnow-plow shouldering its way Ihroiitili drifts in SI. Paul, where Irut- J lie wns blocked fur 2-1 hours by drills five and ten feet deep. River .Biles Another Piece Out of Niagara Falls With ^'crashing Vonv. another piece of the brink of Niagara Fails dropped lo the foot of Hie cliff oil (hi; ..Ca'tKHliiin sidr 1 hoar Terrapin •'•RocM/ shown in Ihe forcssround nbove. The '(totted circle shoivr where tilu reck was dislodged in Table Rock, and the, arrow points to the mnssive limestone debris where it fell. Geologists predict thai caverns will put an end to Niagara Falls within a 'feu- thousand years. Czech Troops In Balkan Crisis Czccho-Slovak iroopi c! this type, modern in training and equipment, would te amoii" Hie fii.l c.ill.J lor .duly if preservation by force ol the unity of tlu Litllo Entente iYu B o-Slavia, Cwcho-Slovakia Ru- innina) resulted from thc Yu e o-Slavian-Hungavian crisis. The pholo ivas made recently at Pni-ue at J-ic [°^ n ^ cclcbrnlion of formation of the first Czech army units In Trance 20 years" ago. Tndecpupiels Make Their Bow (Wow)! SHOP EARLY • Only • 13 More Mopping ,s C/n/i7 Christmas /or Kiddies for Family for Her ' * * * Walmil-Cciltir Chests Beautiful wHlnut finish Cectiir Chests, slnylc ov double deck style...A gift (Iml any womni) will appreciate... AH moclcrulc-. ly priced. HUI3BARD FURNITURE CO. Such sifl.s iig compncl5, wiKcli- cs, rings, necklaces, weekend bags, purses anil other ylfls can be round ai Pat O'Bryant, Jeweler. * * * LOVELY GlI-TS OF PERMANENCE. .. WATCHES, DIAMONDS, NOVELTIES, LEATHER GOODS, PEN AND PENCIL SETS...STERLING AND PLATED SILVERWARE. GUARD'S JEWELRY STORE !!•' YOU WANT, TO CilVE SOMETHING REAL PERFECT Make It, Dnnicl Green House Slippers for Her or for Him BOOTERY Good Shoes mid Hosiery' LAUIES LEATHER JACKETS Zipper style, light or - dark brown, $10. New Mead Clothing Co, •**+ Dear S.m : We kuov,' lots of little slrls and big ones who wiint H permanent for Christmas. How about it? MARCiARET DEKN BEAUTY vou a Oieal Uane, this, dog went In for, inolherhoodja a big way. • Originally iherc litlcr, but-otic, or'them-was accidental^ • ' are pictured! answeiing the dinner Icniier .prize flghl• cUawplon,• UjJAstoria," L)T GUTS' SHE'LI, AIJOI1!-; Atomizers, Perfume .sets, Bridge Cards, Compacts, Pangbum's Candies, Houbigahl and Coty's Perfume Sets; Heating Puds and oilier acceptable gifts. BELL'S PHARMACY BEAUTY. BRINGS • IfAPf'fNESH II you iTally wanl. u> uiid:e her happy llils (Jlirirtim.s include in your gifts one ol our- permanent waves. GRACE ELANORE HJIOPI'E GIVE SOMETHING PERSONAL Satin and Crepe Negligees... Velvet and .Corduroy Robes... Corduroy and Crepe PHJUIIIIIS '...Satin and Crepe Undies. THE FAMOUS Joe Applcbaum * * + LOW-BOY WAfFLl MAKtft Bakes golden urovm Wiilllc.s exactly to your taste. Hcul inriiciitor tells when to pour batter. (Mental ' cspantlon hlnsc allows 'batter to raise. Beautifully finished in cliroii- Hlm Plate. - 1 $5.95. HUOBARD HARDWARE CO. ' *'t * . poK AL\VAVU ACCEPTABLE Especially, If UV U K nev; sheer-clear Allen A. . . 1x to «1:35. .• . nlso Laclto House Slippers at .popular prices. At Hie New York Stoic FLOYD A. \VH1TE A slock ol JACOBS CANDIES ' PAHKUURST CO. * . +• + Fresh frugranl' FLOWEUS— Ihc most iipproprlatc ijlft. Tlicy ncvci 1 ollcnd old or young. Telet'i'iiplied tuiyivhere. HUATON'S HOME OP l-'LOWEHS * + -J Thc Gift Supreme The modern scrvanl Hint banishes kitchen drudgery..,the new Hotpoltit RUIIBC wlih hl- siieed Cfilrod unite..,sold on convenient terms If desired. Several models to select from.' ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. ' "At Your Service" + * + Handbags for Auntie! liancl- ; bags for Mother! Hiindbuus for Hie Little Woman! Llljle evening dcliuhls loo, In metals and sequins, and brocade.';, ilmt will bri:]^. .lasting pleasure. Every feminine mime on your list cm: W checked with a 'siinirt H.indbui; from the NEW YORK. STORE for Him He Needs Gloves uiui we have u large .selection of KiiLskins and Imitation pigskin at !)8c, ; 51,.1Q und Jt.Qa... Lined or Unliucd. J. C. J'ENNEY CO. * * * Spuj'Ls EniiipiueJil- Golf Clubs, tings and Bulls... Guns of every description..: Escrelaiiic equipment or nil. .kind,s...Hunlint' clothes and accessories. . . AH Mwior « t c I y I'riecd! 1IUBBARU IIAItDWAIlE CO. LUUNtilNCi ItOBjSH Black Hal crepe wllli contrast- Ing trims, .$10. New Mead Clothing Co. PAT O'lHiYANT. jeweler, BCSUi bill (olds, fountain pencils, rings, mtcd nipiwr sets, cigarette cases, lighters, watches, chains and bands.. + * + Al Hayncs' Men's Shop can be found ylfls for (lie man from Kc up. Miiy we suysjest hnnrtkerrhiers, lies, pajamas, shirts, scarfs, loun^int'. robes. liiiUs, Iwlts and buckles? Kce our stock bcture niiikiiiu your selection. I'UIIK SILK PAJAMAS All 'colora,' plain models $5, Lounging styles $6.50. New Mead Clothiny Co. * .' + * I'cr Him We SugRcsl A l'i|K, Cigars. Sliavinj; Bet or Shiieller I-'ountaUi Prn. BELL'S PHARMACY A Cwiilortable Uliair-tor Uad! How lic'ci lore H comfortable chair ;dl his own,.. You'll lind all styles, tlacs and prices 111 our complete slock. ItUBBARD, FURNITUnii CO, VISIT OUli TOY LAND MS slock of licw toys of nil kinds at PAUKHUIiST'S * + + TOY LAND NOW Ol'EN Mothers and PiiUieis, us well ns children will enjoy a visit lo our complete Toy Dcparl- meiit. J, C. PENNEY CO. + * + A COMPLETE TOY UEI'AKT- MBNT— for nil it|;es, Evevy- llilny nioderulclv priced. OBERST STORE CO. : + * + W« FJnve Wtvil They Wiinll Skates, 'I'rlcycles. Scooters, Bicycles, Coaster Wagons, Buddy Dikes, .22 limes' (Stevens' Hamilton mid Springfield), Pocket Knives, Flashlights, Watches, Hunting Knives, «uck Jones Air Rifles Mini Scout Knives und Axe. 1 ;, Including currier. ' Burke Hardware' Co. "We Bell lor Less" + * * Visit our ,loylmnl. i Wn-spcchd-. tec in dolls and toys of nil : kinds. LOW PRICES, ' I. UO3ENT1IAL, INC. TOY LAND IS OI'HN Uols, Teddy Benre, Trucks, Popguns, Airplanes, Fire Eu- t'ines, 'Tool, chests, Games,' Chcmfcnl Sets, Piralcs, Play Houses, Doll Dishes, Scwlni; 8cls, Trltyrfe.v, WngoJis, »oll BHBuics, Tables and Chairs, Story Books, Christmas Candles and other Interesting Toys. BEN FRANKLIN STORE ('itoylunti I Door Eis.l> . + * • * IIUttllY! llUItKY! Illglil now we Irnvn alJiiast every kind of u Bicycle, Tricycle and Wagon, but we n<i- visc Immediate selection as replacements arc hard lo get this year. HUBBAflD IIARUWAIlIi CJO. Every ClilliJ N'ceots One o[ course, it's the new I. E. S. Study Lump— "Better llglil means better sight"— Floor and Table Models. Buy From Your Dealer or ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWKK CO. , "Al Your Service" TO!} BOY« -AND CiJKUi Blcycic;;, Wugoiis, Desks; Doll Cabs. Dolls, '('oys ol all kinds. Kirkindall's 5c & IHt Slurp Uicych: Tires, floriis, Kuddk-s, Baskcls, Handle Clrips, Spokes, Wheels, films, Brake Parts, liepalrliif. CARNEY'S SlrOP, lia S. Mill, j'libiio OW, REALISTIC FLOWERS-wir- fii(jes, vnscvs nnd potted plants. Call 4'^8-J. MllS. OEO. W. UAK11AM SHOP UAIILYI You will be pleased with our RClcctioii of ladles', men's,' ami children's clothing and gin, uouds, Rcsi- Konubly priced, . • I. ROSENTIIAL, INC. ATl'EN'I'ION MENt A sniHl\ cnsh payment will give your wife the )»rfcot Kill— A HOMK. Sec pur listings. Thomas Land Co. THE IDEAL GIFT A. thcutrc Coupon book for Ihc fnmlly or friends, $2,50 und $5. ' Good Any TUncI Ritz and Rpxy Theaters ELECTR10 . percoluloiB, cre, heallhB' pads, lamps, vucr nlulors, swcowrs, wulllo Irons. POPULAR ; PRICES. WALPOLE ELEOTOIO SHO1> See our imimmolli slock of Quality Gifts. Largest, nml most comptcte in Northeast Arkiiasas. "EvcrjUilnii you wanl." PAUKIIUUST CO. •:."'•' * '.''#' -;* • • +' \ TIIKIM.INU till T —one lhal will lirlng" many hours of happiness and pte- inc— u new DODGE, PLYMOUTH, or CHRYSLER . . . America's most beautiful cars. Barnctt Auto Sales I'hond UBil Only twelve move sho|h ])iny days until Chiislinas. Otjidil ware— dUies — i,llver< \\urc— luni|vs-lo niuko the, "Homo Boiulirm." Pal O'Biyant, Jeweler * + + Ameilcn's h'lneil Glfll Karncn Living Room Fmniluio ...Mudo to ondiiic tlu-oughout the ages. ..Slnijlc pieces or complete suitet. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO: ' Iluvo your PUBNITURE up- holstcred & icpalred. Jor a pei- fecl Christmas E ut. SPECIAL I'RfOES. J. W. JENKINS' & SON . "US R, R.— plioue rjtl , &MOKEKS CEDAR OHESTb J^AMPS LOUNGE CliAIRS TABLES 8KORET,'ARYS CHAIRS MAGAZINE RACKS nOQKERS CHILD'S RQCKEKS RUQS TAYLOR 'J'OTS DESKS MATTRESSES MIRRORS And inmiy nlliui llcms. UHAKLKS S. LEMONS HouiMiold Fuiintuic Modemtcly' Pilced + + , * UKKl> KNM' iiLANKrriS 70\80 Deep Knap Double Blankets In n islde ie'eelloii of Ijcaiitiful plaldi. 50 per ceiil wool - - 5105 J. 0. PENNEY CO. * + > * V und Musical insuumtmts I'AUKHURBT CO. i ' for Home HOLIDAY SPECIAL Outiiirs $5.nri PARKHUllST CO. + + * Cut flowers or Muowmu pliinls lilvn Xrims cheer in Die home, i'liice your oritcr tiirly. IIKATON'H HOMK Ol' 1 11.OWKR8 ALL SIXES Xnuus Tree ON STANDS. Si>cclnl prices. Place orders cnrly. 212 \v. Uavis. Call C70-J. Conslanl Enjoyment lor the entire family with Hol|»mt Automalic Electric Water Healer In the home... let as give j'ou the details. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. "At Your Service" Gifts of Permanence A ELECTRIC) Hiuigo ur RADIO «-ou(d bo ; a iwrfect yifU WalpoJc Electric Shop * * + " !jc pirktl ulll One UxlU Hnlcrt In oil and Ihreu Ix^ ugr- Bell's Ait Studio Pciiiuiiejil nrcaths for (he tcmrlciy. Runcmber dcp>irlul loved onus ul Xiiin.s. HEATON'S HOME Or FLOWERS Rcmcmbei — Only twelve- moie shopping days between now and Chiistmas.

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