The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE SIX fat, Fifty, S'hoeless Still ' Wishes He Could Sock 'Live 1 Ball. HlylJwvllle* baseball Yans' will find thi ttory particularly In- ierdlaf rememtiernf (he dajs vhtn Jackson performed with BKjheUtles famous independent tfam of .some 13-years .ago, a(ler belli* outlawed from" orjanlMiI lia-eball A teammate, bjffde Risberg, was al**o an ex member of the "Black Kox. 1 By KJGIIARi) ' NbA Ser\!« SpofK Wrilcr •GRFENVILIF fe C-r-at as an alderihaii, Shoeless. Jo«. Jackson b gunning a liquor store heie ind 'ajs he doing n very niciS bust ness. ^ I got Uo autos sajs Joe and money In Die bank 1 i|i liappy Hut hed b» happj Iieie ' Joe V'ould, event If' business were bad ' and/ he were broke. You s;e. 'thl Is home to him It was here 23 vears ago that Shoeless Joe _ gangling, youth,, came out of the backwoods and started .50 blllhclj down the bascbtl! trail that v>a to hn\e such -\a untioh and un happj ending It was here Unl Ihej ga\e hln: tic picturesque nickname, Shoe/lev Joe You don t ha\e to coax the oldest inhabitant'! to tell jou how it came about fahoeless Joe the slory goes wn pilchiilg one da> oh sure pitch Ing 'caise Joe could do an) tiling on the ball field except majbe think —\\hen his shoes (he \\nsiH much used to them) pinched him and .raised.. blisters on his heels. the) burned with piln but Joe flasn t one to quit ire Just pulled off those ornerj shoes heaved them over to the sidelines and pitched the rest of the game In his bale Teel From then on he was Shoeless Joe Ibrown Out of Bastbali 1-or, Making 12 Series Hits' , Joe Is « respected citizen nnd a beloved neighbor here Thej Just can t believe that Joe did anything yrong Not their Shoeless Joe They have all the spirit and lion" of the doubt which filled the heart of thnt little boy who Irottcd along side Joe us ho left he Cook Coiintj grand jury room during those dls illtsiohuig dajs of 1020 when the- famous White So\ turned Block under the hot glare of imesllga and clutched Ills sleeve nnd W4O *s H« *W«Aiieo SEVEN along- .with ' sevcli Ohlcagn tipping the beam, as the boys say and In (hat lime Joe at 230 poiinds-^55 more than wher has learned how to read nud (o he wns the terror of'Clie American write and to riiii a busiiics.s, but'he how to reconcile So you . could hardly say. Sh'oe- less joe Is pining. a exile tion pleaded i . Joe Joe '>n«t icirneil ..„., ,„ „.,.„,„.,„,. limself to. llio bewildering things lint happened to him. nor to for ;hc Jiulge Kciiesjiw Mountnln Lnn dls foi exiling liim from the game ie loved Sure snys Joe 'id ]o;o to bo' n the game—Kite to have some 1 htng nnythlng to do 'A 1th It nut d rilhei be oiiL Ihnn (o be In and bossed by a czrtr. Jackson \Uio Is cttliel- 43 50 >ta\ed (jtltte sure Mhich) pro bawbatl nioiiuil Captures 50-Yaid Dash In Cincinnati Races OSOEOLA n. aii otr ties foimer Oiceola hMi school ,.. II Please^ ""* jl , 'Tlie , legend doesn t tell Shoeless Jcle|satdUo the boj hul JUhat hid groipi to manhood nay. ia-!n the audience it might pleas- him to know thai Joe wits It ain { so j » Joe fetls no shan)e^ i nesa parts np until a few sea O He tried lo get reliistnted thre' untcis bnek so that he could man- ige the local minor league club but Judge Lrvndis ignoring the pleas of the Greenville UtlMnrj kept the dooi* lo'Xfd to ratkso . (he Id wrt.of like to be pins ing w daj^ 'says JOL cause I think ftHh-tbls,U;eiy ball, i could give (.111 a run for llicli Iliones Series of '17 Oa\e ' I \ Jut Blsejst Thrill He likes to sit \Ulh the bojs and !«lk about (he old dnjs 11 riDII lin _^1- i _ i. _ 1, Joe fetls no ' S han,e^boi,t the falk about (he"oK dajs i,,"a r ab happen „« of 1019 Oh,tf Cl olher fii.n l,e\els fo ball, ,g me, orh L", d , '± ?™^ " le "^ !s 0( oro "^J« *«• .bOLMhe'C thai, sorry series Ttpu see he %as ind s^ft n «eut 01 achievement did he like to recall now ft w^ expected that lie would say ' the 4t>8 batting av erage. I got In m> first year in baseball tack In 1911 It was a sur prise when he said quietly and sUth a bitter smile . The Ihlng I like to think of most n o mos is nij World Series record of 1919 the one I got put otit V base- ase- ball for I made 12 hits in that series and nobod>— not even the Babe-eser did that until Pepper Murtln come along n few ugnrs am •Twelve hits—and the out of Insebnll Ba-sebali SUH Joe's.First Love throw and Seventeen years have come to bat k — ,_.. v »uvi t v iiiv; jumi e«me of the 1917 World Series be tv,ecn hi.s While Sox and the Niw York Qlanls ' 'That ga\c me mj biggest liirlll I guew saj, joe That » fls l|ie gnme »hcn Helhie Elmmermaii chased Eddie Collins ncros; the St. 6 *! 11 !'^'" "".««< *1 ru an »lth,nie and PpL W h on base aii <lil hit for two bases scorln- us nnd we win the ball gnme t Joe hasn t wen u big league game since 1932 when he dropped into the Yankie Stadium one afternoon while visiting New York Clt) s(nr w _ lug his heels to othei trackmen In collegiate competition now Mel- latest feat »as r to capture the r so laid duh In the annuil niMw Inter carnival of athletics wearing (he tolors of the Uni- ! verslts or Cincinnati and defeating pen Willis Kentucky ace ] •Lapldcs rail the 56 'jards S 2 5 (.ecoiidi^toiwin the the fiature/ nlj)\ellc (prj Cincinnati fh(, ' ; ' m 'In 'uio'lmmil ilelylii C?ai-hl^\ 'ThuiV '^ualirtg the r 4 sfiTohd ri{c lias j> }reliu»rtwbl? rgit break r and ,5plehdl4« nih! thro igli m, good flnlsber rfe,wlll io l^ p, OV! qne.of_^u Ip the varsity team iiihl conVfltiot.-,^ <i»v nl record pv a School Board Makes In- I forma! Decision; Ditdy Is Ex-Crimson Tider Joe : Llldy, assistant- '. freshman footfall coach at the University' of 'Alabama and former Crimson 'fid- lockle, ..will,be olfered a'contract: as head coach at Dlythevllle h>h school, Ml was-informally Indicated at a meeting of the Blyihcvllte school board .last night.. Dlldy was".'one of n' number of applicants fOr 'Ihe Ddsitlbn' wlilch will ,b«, vacated, G Uslle, also a former Alatiama plav- tr, who led the Blythevirte dhicka-1 saws through.three-scnsauonal «a'- i .sons. Like Laslle. Dlldy played a tackle position on thi Alabama squad, nnd was a manter of the Alabama- team that swept to a one- sided victory over Stanford fn the lose Bowl-at-Pasadena on Jan i' co^h '/Vf been an "Distant coach at Alabama since he finished '« playihg career, • ' •* The sciioil board is prevented Uy law rrom offering u contract to a member of the stair of the district .s schools until after the March • Mississippi County Champion- WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10, 1937 10 -cause- any damage/Here's what' want yew to do: ... '"Wlien'Coblj comes to bat. 'in the first inning i want, him walked. And Mien he comes down to flrst you George, you get Into n» argument with lilm. shove him. Kicic lilni. JWil'inake sure you get Him into 1 flgm. T:icn, see, Hie two of you'll to thrown out o( i)ie ball game Anil without Cobb, inc'Tlgm c;m't win," « • ? Travis Ordered to Hit ' Alas, however, for piirposss of £tory -telling, the frjiit never came QtL Cobb must have su.specte<i 'omeUiIng because for the first lime In his -life lie refused to get right ._ Into the iwliig of things. Moriarty stepped .on iiis toe.s, shoved him, ca)led him a yellow, no-accounl and bore it. , Bui Cabb grinned To get back to Mr. .Travis for a moment, all tills light talk Is Die result, 01 hf difficulties with Pitcher Earl Wiillchill. The Earl didn't •think Travis was much of a ball player nnd opposed.the move making him a regular over the smootli- fielding Ossic Bluege. And it. so happened that every time Earl was on the mound Travis commuted his worst blunders. -That, of course, made matters u;, and the Bart never hcsitated ; to say so in most emphatic language. Travis never retaliated—verbally or physically. The management ° board r . However, only two directors ire to be named and c. M Burk «"<M.'A.,Leech. now board | ,S 'S a , re candidate., for re-olecS < Ihom, opposition. The board's nl- !if °i "f reflcclcd I" an informal vnte .last night is lantnmoimt to "ie voting of a contract to' be «/- freil DIMy lalcr. , Superintendent of Schol&s' w n Mcdiirldn said this morning . that. ie would try to prevail upon bllcly. o come here for spring £ a piac I". which is lo< £ 1,!,J in ^j, Usllc. now on leave of absence for «mS? gr ' tl , ( ? mc -" ce «i-vK vlilitary institute, where lie l s 'fto 'c- Hue. coach under Head coach l.ey Hubert. 'will be here' at tlia me but DJWy iviir probably £ ^c ye part, in the spring ^ ns if he. comes, liere.-Hosvever Is necessary, that. Dildy obtain IT " e r e Ms —< "> to .conform -with credential i,, n , .... _. v* i>jiy.-jt.<ijjj'. in? management .Manilas Lions came through with a .fine cage record this year win- dirir >'t like his submissive mannei ning their first Mississippi comity championship and also uinnin- I ? n , d ' /ea " n ^ (llat Ms ! »' M and con- an invitation tournament at Monette. . I ™encc iyas being broken under the Members of the team are. front row (kneeling left Chester Myers, General Mobley, j lmior Thompson, °R 0 v DC »x Isaacs; back- row left to right: Bin Shockley, Cllfronl White, Jack. Beirv. Rfrt WiiNnme n^ni^t., _„• i _ - . / to lenlon. Max Bert Williams., captain,..and Raymond' English volcdjhe most valuable player In the county tournament. By RICHARD McCANN NBA Service Sports Writer Mr. Cecil Travis 'took his boxing jloves off long enough the other nay to sign a contract to hjht 154 nain events at shortstop under the iiismces of.the Washington American League baseball club this sum- ner. • - .. Afr. Travis" has"'"had the boxing : loves now for abut ig. though, " .-«» 41UHU \\\\) tionths. He has bsen wearing them for the benefit of enterprising news photographers who had enough ..„ ...nj.: uc uouiitain goat in them to nnd his re Ttiscaloosa in-limj); * woodland hillside home in Riverdale, Qawgia. Von would have thought Mr Travis , w as a 9-yenivold bride, or sum- pi", the way they took pictures of him. Always, of course, wearing the «l"»« They snapped him chitchat with gloved hands' and . w members of Laslle's 1935 Ar ansas chaniplonshlp eleven MIM-i t Byroii ' a(l > Di ^ cm veteran- guard X ! > ; 10 . gloves. a ri, ,.pi(clier-brought.iup r... .-»!_. ^ ' i • ' • ' •-• i ' •• ;-VirT' - [••'•V* 11 -' UIUUXUC.IUP *'jJ !l P.-:^°? f S«i '.Bees' f>o m --:-Ne w r PWis,. -Wiere,he\wqn', % E amfe >• /• 11 ''". r> / a ,"^efs -'iiew>pflpermeii ^_ ^•«">vt. <iuw nutny games ''d.wiir.foV, the. flees i/f.easdij, Bill,. repl|e ( (: : - ••• . By,'NEA'Service, HEW YORKpBddlc Rdllsh re .tllK tl\n t lif ',, 1 i.. ^ ..-. Wish i coulda "stepped up to the I coulda banged one out of tl c lot My eyes are tis good is ' Schnlk esnglit 1755-games, for " --- v" Jiivnto longer igftlnst solilhpawii />o reich out- Chicago' While Sox, Bui Joe would hnve a little trou- )>ns caught 1587 Cubs. -. gone do»n swinging since - g-tttng -iround the bases He \ .Shoeless Joe was barred from bise- Read Courier News Want Ads WHAT TOMUH MUKS TUi it^ftatn ttHnct IS< t*t ri of q 11 flfl.l,, hn> U- p«l n«« it untli k» fnWuj'oJT l*< «*, Y OU meet a friendly whiskey when you sample Crub Orchard. It^a TOP RUN , whiskey, and it's real Kentucky bourbon all the nay through. And it's now aged 18 months—rich and mellow. Taste i TOP.RUN—it's welcome news to tongUe afld throat, and to poeketbooks, loo! IUT10M1. OBTlim MOOUCTS CORPORMlOK, Hffl YMtX i' o i< 11 -i A •'.•'. i"- ', ^ ;"r?cna|k?s patching Mark •'''• • i ' •' • •••• .on see, It mnde talk around the Ajnerican League wlien Mr. Travis •bop, Clark Grifflth, wrote to him orrenngi ;hini-a raise if hcVwould lirpmlse'' to come out swiiioinK i'his Season;. '.'...• . .•YOU Wf irieaA eiipUBh,'; .raid Mr. .Grifflth. "Yon "gotta; be mean to be a great ball player.-Ott tough.'Get mad start <y .fight: .Punch somebody in (he nose/Anybody.. Just so long as you • iThosc.,war-like words, comiii^ fe Mr ' O rilmh - were most .,,„-:' > the citfaens. They never ••' liHI'KOVE VOUK , PROPERTY NOW We'll ••• he! p :' ; you secure a' FJIA loan: • • • Wall Paper' Paints - Varnishes Auto & Window 'Plate Glass. IjLYTHEVlLLE PAINT ,and WALLPAPER eo JJlcticoe BW r . i >hoile 880 Proclamation Special City Election . Mr.-.-W.',M..-Williams, the Aldermen from the CUj? of Klylheville; : bavinr; tendered his resignation from that r>osition to hecome effective upon' acceptance .'Vr'i'hi. Mayor, and the same having this day been. a?ceplcd. : I, Cecil Shane, Mayor .of the City of Blytht- ville, Arkansas, do hereby proclaim (hat there is a vacancy in the office of Alderman front the First Ward; and I do hereby call a specia? election to be held on April G, 1937,-for Ih'e- purpose of eleclinp an Alderman lo fill out the •'- imexpired •. term of \Y. M. Williams. ' , Cecil Shane, i ,' , 'Mayor of,the-City of Blylhevilie, Ark. March 10, thpught it possible for him to =-0 a;omid putting chips on people's shoulders like thai, the old gentleman being a sweet old soul, given to adopting children and such other acts of mercy. ; Cnub vs. Morhrly ' But, altliougii as a figliter himself. Mr. Gii/fth couldn't beat any more than a hastv retreat he's always been n inatch-maker and ringside rooter, He WL-; the story njniEclf about the time he matched Ty. Cobb anrt^George .Moriarty It happened in 1307 when the old-gentleman was ;nana»En» the New York Highlanders as" th-v were, knon-n. The Tijers came to .towii leading u.e icAgiie with .the Highlanders paitti n .r behind then, Gi'ilr was confident that his t?am --- -— n 1 -" imn "JUt • II1U tjtll Fox pondered and scljemed and , The next day in tiis; .clublioiise before, the first ? nme"or thc'sc- nes.-lic said lo his first baseman' Hoi Chase, ''You're out of the game e, today.. Hn I, aim you,", he called to .•• - - ' " J"-"'i , l(t CiXilLU LU aeorge Moriarty. Iiis third baseman, ."j ou're playing- first," .•ViVJIiih?" said Moriarty. "I'm p l av : WIT first-bul. Mr. Oraffltli; I . . > ,;,"^! cr yo11 ""ind." said Gviir. .: Ydii won't be in there long enough ' laiints, they once ordered Cecil unofficially to take a i»ke at the pitcher. HC never carried out the order. Hence the • light talk this season. Tile dispatches fail lo inform us if Ule" young shortstop is going lo be paid on n bonus plan according to the number of fights he has this season. This secrecy, however, is easily understood. They're probably a-feared that if the financial details were made known Mr Mike Jacobs would promptly'step in ami ask for in per cent. This UmpirjeV;Meth'oi| By NEA-Service" ' HOT SPRINGS, '.Alk. — 1-S'osly Peters,, former star drop-kicker at the Unlyeislly of Illinois, Is learning ; to (;be 'a'-, baseball" umpire at Ray 1 Doan's school here. ' Peters, ever ,ln Imieh wjlh grid- Iron ; doing's at his ^Inin Vimler, reports that- Coach Boh Zuppke *-ill have .only a prayer at Illinois ,ie.xt fall. .•-.:.-. i- • i' •'It'll'be a meeting of the Imlt .ind blind when Illinois and Chicago play, and thai game with Nttre Dame! Well, Zu'ppke thinks Notre Uaiiie is a good team only between the 20-yard lines, but I .o.d him lie'd rx-ttcr wall jjp the north end of the stadium !or the Irish v'iH be running aut fo there when 'they start clicking." PnVate Formuja Relieves PflfS Get quick relief ivirh Thornton'** ^^or. .rile. Oinunent; from terrible "Hff-. TI >e. ; priirat« ; formula used by ^orld s oldest rectal clihic in SUCMSS- 'ultreatmentdf^.OOC) sufferers Sold on a Money-Back Guarantee by Kirb'y Drug Co. - Main Cut Rate . Hi-Way'biit Rate Loinbardi Snores Loud, So Rooms By Himself !!>' NEA Service TAMPA, Pla.-Ernle . Lombard! Cincinnati Reds' catcher whose prominent nose .has brought hini the nickname of "Schnozzle" can nk his appendage for brin»- ". him a room by himself . hi twuiing camp. Lombard! snores so loudly that no one wauls to room with him Despite' his satisfaction with this situation, Ernie i s peeved. His lon» legs make it impossible fo sleep in Pullman berths ,, Government loan Cotton Phnne 167 APPLEBATJM I3ROS. COTTON CO. Bertie BIdg. . MytheTiile, Ar*. Step info Spring with a pair of these smart TOWN SHOES ._ For Your • Entertainment »nd Comfort Weds. - Thurs. Also Paramount News, riclbrial "ami Comedy •^Admission—. Matinrc—10 & Z6f. Night—1C & 30c ' TUESDAY. MARCH Hi—. \ S50.00 BANK NUJHT! \ } Thomas Jtorrison «-as called for the $25 | a sl nielli—But he iras not brescnl—Making Hank HKl'ilsiT ne.vl ii-ecl; S!5.00l SOJT}'. Mr. iMor- lison.. '--a ;' i . ,, . • Cominp Soon: •' PARK AVKNUE MKUtKK SEA DEVn.S WHEN'S YOUR HIRTHUAY READY, WILLING:* ABUK LAST'OF;-MHS. GHENIOY PENROD & SAM Here is the proper shoe for (own wear, according to the Englishman's consm-a- live standards. This handsome shoe will be secm\in IJlytheville this spring wherc- evcr well-dressed men consrcgalc. R' s an all-purpose shoe for all occasions and is patterned by Crosby Square expert cobblers after a hand-made original by a famous • London bootmaker. All sixes. As usual the besi is alwqys af MEAD CLOTHING Co 316 WEST MAIN STREET Rlylhevllle's Headquarters For Particular Men ROXY Admission always io c g. 2Cc Show every night. Matinees Fri- Sal. £ Sun.. Fri. 4. Su ,,. Ittali- nees, at ,2:15. Saturday Matinee at 1:15. •" " Weds. - Thurs. PAL NIGHTS! 2 AduKs AdmiKcd for Trice of 1 AH Children—10c - with Tioscoo Karncs ,<. j.ynn J t>serman Comedy—"r.iucuibod'' Friday Only SPECIAL On Our Stage ' Friday Afternoon and Night Uncle Jim's KLCN Cotton Pickers Follies IS People Stast Show —All New Show- Tell Your Friends Bring: the Whole Kamllv No Advance fn : 'Prices' '

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