The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1948
Page 10
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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION . Tc UflM* p+r IVn* iwr dMT ...... *c , Month ptr Un« ......... ....... We Oount «T« »ier«c* wwdi t* MM liar A on*v*d lor thrt« or »U tlm«* kod before expiration will b« ch»r«- tb» numbtr of tim«c t&a Ad »Pand »dju*im*ni of, blJI mid*. All CU— tiled. Advertising copy iub- WltWd by per*OM re*ldlutf out*lde ol |t>« eltf muii be accompanied by cub. •»!«• m»f b* #**lly computed from {.*)* ibor* t»k>l*. AdTtftUt**; Dfd*c for Irngulv l«*«r- ttan* ufcw the OM Urn* r»U. No ncpoDAibitltr will »• uk*;. for •lor* than • one Incorrect )a**nJon ot int c!M4lfL0d Mi Ml ids ar« retlHcWd to lh*ir VTQCMI eUuiricatlon. ujFl« and tXP*. The Courlw rwenrw tb« rtgbi to «dlt 01 reject &nj *d. >partm*nt For K«nt Two room »nd bath unfurnished downstair* and two rooms lurched UMtiln. 411 X, Sycamore. Call J62S. 4,9-jjfc-U Three room furnished apartment, J22 N, Sixth. Phone 4336. 4,9-plt-13 Nice furnished efficiency apartment, hprtrooni, private entrance, close in. 218 R. Davis St. 4;9-pk-13 Two room Itirni&hed Apartment, cou- le only. 101 E. Cherry Street, phone Apartments Wanted Thre* or four room* *U 4023 or 2126. unfurnished, UnfurnlslKKl three or four room •partment or tous«. Cull 3802 niter CoupN wiint* furnished or unfur- eUh*d house or apmtment, or will b-iy furnltvite to get po?A«mlon- Cnll Grog»n Grocery, WZ ». Mn!n street, irie- Business Service Directory* Auto Supplies and S«rr/ces CHAPMAN B«RV1OE STATIOH M*ln * OlvUlnn Phnn« 2563 Don't endanger your fa iiy with Jfculty tire* — BU~X LEE Tm«S. ia>li-ck-tr Jeep "parts now -available »t POOLE MOTOR CO. W« fl»n Hit Rtl your n«d« O«i Kenuln* P*rt« from »tet« line. fclibW TOOIX, OWNER * OPERATOR South Hl«hw»y 01 *t 5teele, Mo. Phon* at«*l» 49 Household Goods KON-IfUtlTATINa to h«n«a bill bov It doe« clean ruga. Get odorlea* Flna >'o*m. )>eal'» Flint Store. 4|10-o,k-5;IO KIKBY VACUUM OIJIANIH. Otiaran- «i tor llle. junrtatl Hawk*. »«]e«nian. Phon* 3339 foe d«Fnonitr*tlon. ««-!*-« JMMRDIATJC DRUVERY PERFECTION COOK STOVES HUBBARD HARDWARE COMPANY 213 W. Main Phone 2015 ' 4-6-ck-l,'} S«« Un for Venetian Blinds. Immediate Delivery * From Our Stock E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. "Friendly Building Service" 3I» w. A*h. Fhont ttl 130-ck-t JJ W. can deliver your ne«f Maria; WRShcr loday. ADAMS AFPUANCK COMPANY. 20« W. Main, Phone 2071 * Instruction • Instruction. Trained Practical Hurowi are In demand—full or apare time. Kasy to learn al home with Wayne Plan. No. hlsh aeriool or previous ex- IJerlcnce rpcewaty. Clet free tnrprma- tloji. Wayne School o[ Practical Nvira- Ing. Box BX, c;o courier New*. Insurant* For ComplnU Insui-Riica Protection Call 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Plnnncd Protection K OTKb BUII.DIKa . ASH ST. «|I-ck-« Laundry Laanarr dour Willis Belle Oreeu now oelweeii 61 Highway and Flfili street In Rear ol ctilcVasiwb*. Plione 4200 Cilrt«ln« lnundtrrd »n<l itrelcheil Moved from 214 8. FranVUn lo 1CH1 W Wherry. 3'30-pk-430 loan* our eom- - NOT the Cheapest— But the BEST! We have been nuildng niici Installing quality canvas awning for 22 years. Carney Awning . Company 1. PHON* 1»Tl • ii»|-pii.4iap Money To Loan On farm land or city properly. We also buy notes. CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Building 1 Real Estate Loans P.M.A. lyians 6% Home Loans t Farm l.onns Commercial Loans TERRY ABSTRACT AND REALTY COMPANY U W. WALNUT P«ON« 03»l Book, BOOKS Juveniles, Bibles, ReHgiow* Books, Reference Books, Dictionaries, Text Books, new and used. Tri-States School Suppl Kt ». WBST BT. PHONK 3753 Building Material in Prices on Quality WALLPAPER E. Gv Robinson Lumber Co. "Friendly Building Service" Wf W. All) Phone SSI -SPECIAL Do your own work and nave Rent *. concrete mixer, wheelbarrow snd shovels. Any other tools you may need. Also For Sale HAY and COAL Phone 4489 Box 659 BIytheville, Ark. S-3-ck-tl Receiving new Dottge JOB- RATED trucks weekly. Sne IB foi-Mmmeriiate dejivcry on ew Dodge Job-Rated Trucks. BLYTHEVILLE .MOTOR CO. Dodge-Plymouth Dodge Job-Rated Truck* 117 S. Second St. Phone 4422 4-(>-ck-20 When you build or remodel think first of Wards. We can save you money on bathroom fixtures, sinks, wallboard, roofing, siding, insulation, attic fans, water systems, water heaters, and paints. Call 591 »nd ask for estimates. Use your credit. MONTGOMERY WARD 4-7-ck-tf Foods "sca » , ro . cer i »"<1 Market. We,, IJ>k« Bridge, o. R. Brooks _ __ Renck for Hart's BreadT Homs-Mnde Pi M from City H«ll Phone 2462 ' '" hen5 - '•"r'celil^o" y, phone 3582. 4,7-pk™ Florists 3 IS-pk-4;l Household Goods llndi^Dwl Pulnt Store ""Ml.** PERSONAL LOANS Automomil-llr- ,alure--comaker-furnltur«. Quick. prU ate aerylce. Peraonajl^cd attention, oma In or telephone. 2S28 CiENIBAL CONTRACT ' FURCHASI COHPORATION 1» W. Aah Si BlrlherJlK Ark Money to Loan Do iron need a loan lo repair or re- odel? No down payment, no mor- .g«. no red tap* rHA APPROVED RAT! it, ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor riiona JOM Lynch Bulldlnx Blyth.Tille. Art I • -13-ck-u Hotice Oet A Dexter or Sncert Queen wnKtier ' A °AMS APPLIANCE COMPANV nS" 03 W. Main—phone 2071. 4,2-c»;-5;2 AI, 8U1.UVAMH RtSTAOHANT All VeBetahles Well Spa.sorirrl Across ;rom Cltj Hall Phone 24M 3 J3-ct-4>22 hlrf u p ^? money- Swap with ua in H'lirman's SwfcB shop. 40. x in.. Phone 8H loijj ck v Personal •>Ice of X N ' 3 REaTAUR '"T rrom Cll'y 'H»|| * ""phon^MSl ? »ometninK you don't 65 r.a DPM H einK you don't w!f?l . " n l K " T1<1 •>'• 'T- tncn Hviflrnana Swap 8hop. phon. 65» «a ' "*'"• r.a-cl-lt Ptrtonal Plumber Services WI HANDLE ONLY THI IEST! Come And See Them HERE ARE A FEW OF OU* FINl RUNNING CARS-^LOW-PRICEDI Ford Tudor—A(tr*r<iv« J,ow Prict 1941 Chevrolet Coach—New Motor 1937 Ford Tudor—N>w Reconditioned Motor 1»4« Ford Pickup Truck 1945 Ford Pickup Truck 1944 Ford«lbNst Truck with slake body Plenty Others Now At 5th mt Walnut ompang Phone 4453 COTTON PLANTING $EED~ ' o. r. i,.-14 State Certified. Blue Tag, Deluded and Treated. 100 Ib. new bags BRYAN FARMS PHOK» 100 Services We can Save you up to 50%* on PAINT JOBS Wt hat« tnre« iTKXlera KprRV unit* r.n will rto •nr.klnd 01 job.'Ten.nt nous, moul root, JIO up. wllh No. 1 aluminum pMnl, Wrlte-pftotyi CHARLES KENNEiMORE KALE OSCEOLA, ARK. PKONK 57 4]7-plc-5|7 Lawn Mowers sharpened and repaired. BIytheville Ma- :hine Shop, Plione 2828. 211 S. Second. 4-6-ck-tf Sporting Goods *!• SULLIVAN'S RESTAURANT Bt«t Cortee In Town AcrOM from Cllj Hull Phone 2462 3;23-ck-4'22 A TrKNTIONTlSH EMF EN Visit our improved sportsmen's park. Good fishing, pi^ nic grounds. Plenty of park- r space for your car. Minnows for snle. Cold drink and •sandwich stand. Location: East End of Big Lake Bridge, •<oulh side of Highway 18 ". R. BROOKS, Proprietor. -l-12-pk-]3 Sewing aHcTTnirmpi. bttttanholM. Mrs. « Cherry. Phone 3131 BELTS. BUCKLES. Covered button. m. r "-"• "" Mll! "- Alm » "•" ima Crowrtcr. ^/none 3--»39. ir no »ii" . «0« H. Fltlh St.' 3.20-ck-<-20 Typewriter TYPEWRITERS" on 0 po'rw^ Uh ' 00mr> " nd «'"""'DON EDWARDS _ Tt " X Btoona twrtUr Uan at. Ph^n »3M l< ek U Tj?** TTriNO. Phor-,« MM or t, Cats, and Pets *»lf r Bluclt thoroughbrM *u- old CocXer Spnnlel puppies ------- ...... 1 *" 17 Farmers Column BABY CHICKS U. S. approved, pullorum controlled. ? 13.50 BLAYLOCK HATCHERY Ptiona 3172 3-31-ck-tf N. Highway 61 1 Thouosntl* in this terri'.ory »ay "H> • Jeep!" - COMK JH «nd let Kllln Pool« mox- you lh« n«w Postwar J««n--rmve It rourMJf—«nd you'll Jcnow wliy j«i> cu»tomrr« prrionnlly t-ouch tor Its «•:- l>ur)xw« n^fulnesK nikd cost spieatl ov«r » rtrlrty ot Job«. 1'OOIjT. MOTOR CO., XI1U Pool», Owner «ud Op«r«tor. s. HKrnvnj «i >t fiiff)., MO 'Pnone, 8t«l» VI. , 4.i|l).nk-17 for Safe, Farm 1 h«r« .lock »nrl griln. poultry ind ration r.rrti* for M|«. priced rp««jn- sbl». coll or wrll» o. w. Smith. D««- tiir, Mluaurl, <;i-pk-S]7 HI Acr« hill farm. New nix room hoiiw, ono l»rij« atock b«rn. one »m»H ham. • l«r«r canrrftt cellar, good well. Rood rence all uronnd. chicken homes, and ftntotcff hou«e. young ortmard, pond. Half tiiiartrr from «tore. not of- lice. «cnool «nrt church. A good utoek larm. Jim X<x>n>, Attlrn. Ark. 4[7.E>K-31 , 1« acre* on HlKhw* Vy o Hi WI-BI of Adrnncft rTeir'arownwoad. 115 I *crr* in cultivation.-3 5-room housffi, ' two harn>. This /»rm csn he Knlri at 1AO or 80 or 100 or !20 term lo cult ,purch*js«r. On nasusnger hn* roulP, school, mull *nd mlUc routtw, Prlr^rt >55 p*r acr«. Half CMh. PoM«**lon-now. ; Owner BKN H. HARRIS j Sikeston, Missouri, or , W. M. BURNS, Realtor Plione HSfil, Blyllieville, Ark. E. T. Hubhnrri, Salesman for Sale, City Property Two Jou, two neK- hnltdttizK. VOIHIK irres. .Soulh I.anKe St.. l.p:ichvllle )1;>«0. Abstract, deed. Mri. Mcador. 4[a-pk-S,2 On Holly Street A rral de£lrable four room home Hnrclwooil floors, sheet rock, flivlfili, newly decorated on lot 75x150. Priced to sell quick. A NKW SIX room dviplex. renting for »50. price 13.700, In West End. NORTH SIDE ne»r new nigh scnool sue: ona new six room home S4.HOO; one five room house fj.150; one four room house (1.800. If you wnn* to buy or sell, phone FIELD. ' ' CrROCKR? STOR*;? Co)«t« stock ol groceries, notion «nrt drus.t |],500i MOCK and fixtures »3,000. Bell to move i or win rent or lease hulLrilns with i lour rooms nnd, bath living qxiariers. Onr Jortton eight foot meat CB.SC, only { nsert six [Months; one Toledo SCR Its; J OIIP Osbonifs Nnilonal sHcer, new; one NfVtlonnL ca^ti register; hue M fool Rial's show cas.e marble base; one 1 H loot ro tinier, walnut finish, 15 ft. shelving; one pSturorm scnle: two four- loot /Iviorrscent lights; thlny feet Neon; one lour-hole Ice cream box In- stnlled by Seal Test Co.: one fotir- tnot -hren[l rack liiBtalled by Tin Top. WEST END GROCERY, Haytl. Mo. Highway 84. If imeresiert. call 23-L 2. or come and s«e Jonii Hollonnon, Haytl. Wo. Box 221. 4]«-j>k-13 House in West part of city, five rooms and bath. Bargain at ?3750. Cales-Worthington Co, 115 S. Third Plione 2751 or 2843 or 2367 after a p.m. 4;»-pk-!3 USED CARS FINEST SELECTION IN THE SOUTH! -GET 'EM WHILE THEY LAST!- 1942 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1941 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1941 DeSoto 4-Door Sedan 1942 Pontiac 2-Door Sedan 1941 Dodge 4-Door Sedan 1941 Plymouth 4-Door Sedan 1939 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1938 Chevrolet Town Sedan Most of these Cars have Radios and Heaters 40 others to choose from Easy GMA.C. Payment Plan SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY , We Never Close 301 W. Walnur Phone 578 Sales Depr. Open til 8 p.m. For Sale, Miscellaneous Help Wanted, Malt FERTILIZER . '3-9-18 & 6-8-12 Miss D P & L 14 Certified Cotton Seed. PLANTERS COOP. Phone 720 3-22-ck,4-15 FIVE ROOM KESIDENCE. "\yith bath. On bus line, now- vacant. Price ?-l,000, $1500 cash. Terms. , H. C CAMPBELL Phone 4446 or 2930 Office 210 S. Second "I have no sidelines" ror quick aale: a grocery business. Klve living rooms on Highway. Sl&ou. Phone 239«. 3,31-pk-4114 New ca[e. doing (toon business. Brut location In Manila. See Jiunes Coats. T.i horsepower Firestone outboard . ru ,_ , molur. 12 lool plywood brjM. Dyer linr- .-, *° neat "«"• '»-3«. (or apeeUl tier, call 3351. 4,o-pk-16 : ™ m l>« 1 lo> work. MUM he »ble to leive i|J P" '« i town Immediately. O»r furnished — cellenl pay. See Mr. K Kitchen cdhlrvet. oil cook stove, dining room suHe. Phone 961. 4' y 10-p*.-14 'Cinders, dirt. fertilizer. 81.50 Load delivered. Phone 3781. 4[10-pt-14 For a»lit: Intcrnntlonsl plcX-un hay ftfer, good condition. J. H. Rh<xfp<i Hteete. Mo. Phone 48. *7-ptt-14 Spotted Poland China Boars Sired hy Delta Challenger, outstanding son of. Wilson's Cliallenger. Boars are subject-to registration and priced right. D. Ben Holly, Cooler, Mo. 3-30-pk-4-16 J»«7 Chevrolet plckuti. phone f»73 The healthiest chicks on the market: AAAA Grade Pulloreum-Tested. BABY CHICKS AAAA 1U4.95 AAA 13.95 A A ? 12.95 JIM BROWN STORK 3-18-ck-tk 50s200 foot tot at Yarhro CR!! 36ST •r ««« J. C. WhHUi Kt Tarhro, I.ANGLEY'S GRIST JIILL is now /or sale at unusually low price. Call 2G80 for information. 4-8-pk-22 Cirocery store doing n Rood business. six room modern home with store. One block off Main street on Lilly. All for sale. Will take Jn a five, or six room house In tmAav purcell Grocery. 125 Lilly. . 4;B-pk-15 New find used Mills Ice crennl freezer* and hardening CAblncts. Also Netson soclft fnnntftln. Write Buford Thweatt. Curiuhcrsvlll*. i\o. Phone 743 or 5GIJ. ' 3;3l-pJc-4|I4 Good motor scooter, priced for tjiiick snle. Call 44G1 after 4 p.m. 3-31-ck-tf AL SULLIVAN'S RESTAURANT Fresh' Sea Foods Daily krks, Noble Hotel, 4,9-pk-lS MEN l7-24.-wrlte your own ticket" lor ihe Anns technical training you want—good pay while you !e»rn. Set your Army snd Air rorce ReorulllOE Oince. City Hall. Blytherllle. 4]7-ck-l4 Help Wanted, Female CREDIT clerk needed. Young woman with previous bookkeeping experience to post, take credit applications rresn sea roods uany <•!.(! folloW-llp SCCOUnts. Salary Across from city Hnii phone 2465. in line with ability and past I;M —±" ]experience. Apply to Mr. Kessler. MONTGOMERY WARD. 4-9-pk-l4 Crosier aneivadore Frlgidfttre. Oood condition $10. Phoue 398 Osceola. 4 12-pk-15 rny.s. and 4;l2-ck-l(j Panel curtains, throw flrapes. Phone 3626. iving room set (100. chrorrxs dinette set S50. and sink 575 Mrs M C Hrntih. Route 2. Leachvllle. 4 l2-pk-19 Bin-rough's CASH REGISTER. 801. Practically new, call 2-27-ck-tf For Sale. Car* A Trucks FOR BALK: — In perfect ahap«. o.m. One A-modtl Ford Call 7»J after 4:c« HOUSE MOVING. Thirteen years experience. Plentv O f equiDmcnl. References fevel- Vif -, * n ! mlatio " renairinif. Virgil Foicy, phone 2J05 _ S-iO-pk-449 o*t: one bluck und 'py. About six-month* i I 2103 or 2942. 1946 SWBFORD truck, excellent condition. Two speed axle, radio and neater, fog 'i(fhts and anot light, vacuum trailer brakes,' air horn. 5 _ ___ n i>,ni mi^ jui Ulliv ^ 1ODVI. .*.rj Rf i'-''7 lnrtlTlrtll " ll y <iM>«n«ilBl,YTHKVII.l.K MOTOR CO. "" ~ "*- r^cQmmpnriert for ' o t j? o c* JC*L t\i «* idnmnni «n<i rnro-1'I' S. Second St. Diniie 4422 nlc « condltlona rattijup. post opertulre conditions. ptos:* of internal ornana. faulty posture, exiremenl obeally. and niatcrnlty. Mrs. I.eon Seherer. SplrelU Dealer. Pnone 369J. ntlnl Jn your home. _ 4,3-pK-Jl Farmer's Column State-Certified Burrielle in - Improved Arksoy Soybeans. Burdelte Plantation. Burdetle phone 782. USRD TRUCK' SPKCUUS 1941 Dodge lAVR two speed axle. New jviint job, heater fTSO. 1!>42 Dodge half ton nick- up. New motor and point job r'or snle: One Alils chalmer Model crawler tractor. Completely rebuilt. 1VH5. I'Mll Byrnm Implement. 4,7>ck-2V See us for used truck*. 4-7-ck-tf BT.YTHKV1U.E MOTOR CO. im., «-,., 217 s - Second St. I'hone 4422 4-6-ck-13 Pure Ogden Soybean Seed. Hale Seed Farm, Phon* 702,' Rurdelte. 4-7-ck-tf 1040 Flymo\ith lour door nedi.n. 1300 CRsh. CICAH an H .. rnnernl Home. C*l •<7 Fnn! plcknr •M lrb» DtTta, » tooth. Korne truck. J.dfto mllw Five room house located on North HighwayJjl, inside city limits. Ideal spot, for business j ~A~Ir^rn7 location. Immediate posses-; sion. House can he moved to rear of lot and space on Hiph- wny could be used for store or shop. Two hcdroom home einiip- d with automatic hot water heater, Venetian blinds, jja_ .?e. only three blocks from main business district. Owner •an move in today. Beautiful super modern nome. Two large bedrooms, automatic gas heat. Attached garage. Large spacious living and dining rooms, sun- porch, breakfast bar. FHA i approved and. financed. Built I for enjoyable living:. One ofi our best locations. Comfortable well - located duplex. Hardwood floors. Well insulated, quick possession .„,„ Can be financed. Son or call i tor >' MAX LOGAN Realtor Lynch Building, phone 20:14 \3-ck-17 For Snle OLD NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICE lOilO tl N, W Help Wanted family wanted to work on rarrn. m«n to drive tractor. Nlc« S room house. elcctncltr. school 1ms. Inquire at Sha« """e Store. 4>i mile. South of Manila. Henry C. Wright. 4<12-pk-lQ Private Rooms FurnlBhed room hair block from Main street with or wHhout kJciaJS urlrllege.. Phon. 40«S. Ill K. Ash _ 4:l(l-pk-I7 Bearoona lin> Chlckasawb*. 0^3875 _ «UZ-pk-13 Bedroom with all convenlencea. 231 ». £>>Tls. phone 3I«0 or 4224. 4ilo-pk-14 Bedroom, men preferred. Phone 4443 4;iO-pk-17 •Mroom. 314 X. Ninth. Phon. 2338 3130-pk-4|a2 to town. Men only. 324-pk-<,24 Room, front entrance. Bath. Or room •nd board, m W. Rose Street. •,,.?" < J, r , 0 ? 1111 Cl05<1 J10 Walnut. Light housekeeping room. Phone " 2fl - 3]15-pk-22. Bedroom convenient to bath. Ste«m fiemt. Phon« 3325. 61 i w M »ln. ^^^^^^^ »|15-pk-4|l« For Rent t»me garden space. Phone 4S05. 4J7-pk-n Two room furnished house on Rose Street. Call 3633 or 2486. 4-10-ck-14 Cumberland rfusphprry plant*. PJione 3:IM - <;3-pk-lB .SRJcs. He prepared In case or fire and thclt. All «lws. D fc P Bargitln 3lore. J10 E. Main St. Phone S923. Good lawn Ofrt for sale. .IOYNF.R A-. HOLMES Phone 3205 Tomato plants now ready. Marplobr CJvill state, and PonrlerosA l.-Sc per ttos-on 221< West ChlcXatnwhn. nhrjnr -SKI6 or 3757. 4 ; !l'pk-23 Notice lrtnK nov rar lo Callfnrnla. Will tnree proplr. Hi each. Call lf* Sallba. City Meal Market. 1 *- No - 8 «:io-pn-n R to Ssn nirso. c»llf. will tnke Tliurfiday morning. April Help Wanted, male . Call 356* or 4 l2-pk-15 H10HWAY ADVERTISERS. Jackson. Miss., ha* exclusive established terrl- * - Jor A *AieK cxcctittve. ZSOO artvertlsli^p RITU and KneclaHle*. lor llrms only. Thlr. Is a hlcn Income pojlllon for man of Integrity. Write lull particulars for personal Interview 10 Box 1195. <jl2.pK.l3 Rrllahln man with car wanted to call on farmers- In E. Mississippi O'oiln- Iv. Wonderful opportunity. 515 to S20 In a day. Nn rxperlencc or capltol re- qmrrd rcrmauenl. Write todar. Me- Ns COMPANY, Dopt. A. ITeeport. Rent A New Thor GLADIRON Automatic Ironer Reasonable Rates—Free Delivery BLYT1-1EVILLE WILLYS SALES Telephone 554 CHECK WHEEL BEARINGS Worn wheel bearings ran tails* nasty accidents Bud cosily repairs. Why l*k« chances when our mechmiicn will check ami r«p«ck vmir h«HrinR« in x jiffy. Drive in tomorrow ... Drivt away KNOWING your tearing* will not fail. BRING YOUR TRUCKS TO OUR MODERN SHOP! 'WALNUT AT BROADWAY *OIAL sss FOR~SER

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