The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 10, 1934
Page 4
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. "PAGE FOUR BLYTHEV1LLE >HJ<, HLYTHKVlLLJB COUB113JI- NEWS "IF lOUTUJtH NEWS UO PI1BZ.IBIIKR* 0 R RA1WOOK •' * tJA NBB 4(<»rtt COURIER NEWS •oil, vnunmij 'MvHrtiKinii (i-ii?>><tnt<Ltlv«i rMHS.v Dalllti loo. • N*K V'ort 'Clilnvn 1 •> out Unlii 4a"r.iw Cm. Uempbli. i fjn Evt * gundaj M»JA Entcn'd as* second i'sis inuller »t S?ly li.i.jXb, oinct at biythevllle, hi- Vjvi?" Mnsa.v 111,id j j,u ol Congress. Oc- tft>* ;o,.r <i. Kin. i in Mif, L~.:V or sivturviue ISe per {.-•I vv.i In «rtvtn'i .' - riiilliu of tiO wile*. |3.0* p*I >t in a^ moui,a us* lm u.tee montb*; i'.- u. |.itimi zones two So ilx, Inclusive, -i I'l'i'if. In rtmes SCVTO <mo eight, UO.Oli i^iypblr in cdviiuco c/i oj National Planning Btings on a Hu -y Long Oonicliiiic--; ilic ttidl'riMit itcniK in (liu <!-".'• l\Ll, i tio lip IdgcUlCi' I110TC dUfiO- ly iiiati you'd liitnk ;>.l lirst (ditncu. Jkii. «. .1 Jidly yjimple: Tno \MICS - :i few days ;iuo V«|)urt- otl that (lie Nalidiwl Planniiu; Hoaril t'.r submit) ud 'il;; liiiflin^.s, nftor .SWJIL' inoiitiu of study, ui'giiiK long-nuigc iiationul 'planning "us a menus of rich- cv life for the musses and »n intljspcns- able bulwark against violunl explos- JCiilS." Thio hiirdly out of tliu oven l-pfoie another ' Hlory ciiinc lloating lues Hie wire's— thi.i 0110 H dispiitcli rcpovliusr Unit (he incll'ablc Hucy. Lonjf ol loui'-iiina was nrcpnring lo rtiii for tlie pix'sidency in No\v two items NOWIII as fnv dp.ut ,ts ilie pules, when yon lirst, (hem But tiiuy arc directly and logicjiilv connected with 'each other, ' ul lei .ill It docs not dike more than a nio- niuii'i thought to make -une i'wilix,i: that tin-, projected presidential candidacy of the loud voice from iJaton Rouge is mi excellent example of tlie "violent explosions" 'which the national plamieis' jcport I'orccasls. l''oi theie is aiwa;v;< this to ru- membcv about Senator. Long: lie is, aitei all, the spokesman for u large Jiunibci ol people who feel that, if he does not speak for lliem, nohocly will. He may represent liemagoguery at iK nio'-l (liingernns, but he also rejire- wnh ,i l)!idfl J.nt pou-erftil i-esentment «lndi i-, boiling up from the bottom of the kettle and which is • bound to hcivu an outlet. ' » -i People dri not hand political power ovei to Midi men out of pure jjervors- ilv 01 viong-lieadedne'ss. They do it .out- of ih'spfi'alion. Suth men comu to tb c top on a wave of public unrest; and this « n - lOht appeals only u-Jien lai'tfi; numbers 1 people grow convinced that it is hopeless loi (hum to expect to get any- uhui. b> proceeding along more orthodox HlRS 'I he imfitling fador in all tlu, (tepn; ^ion has hucn Hi,. f,,, ; t tiiat it has Lecn. without any obvious phy- C.UIM>. We have U,e pldnt (o ,,il .0111- !,i. 0 |)le with an anco of everything they need, if we can only Ibid the wiy to set II going. If wo don't .succeed pretty soon In devising some sort'of broad plan that will enable us to do it, the number of people "'ho arc not horrified by tdc thought of Huey Long in the White Jlourio is apt to swell to an alarming total. • . —Unite Cation. The Closed Door Mr. W. K. Her.slein, in Im address before the Blythcvillo Chambei- of Commerce last weelt, made it plain, ire (liink, why the war dtibl.s cannot l)e paid and why their collection \wuld be ol' very doubtful benefit to the United States if they could be paid. \Ve wi-.h he hmV'ma;lc it equally plain that the same .set of circumstances Hint ii]{ik«s collection of (he war debts impossible ma'KCS the high protective tarilf system a destroyer of American prosperity. We hear a lot the?e days about Ihu joss of America's cotton export trade. The farm board's price lixing efforts are blamed, the plow-tip is blamed, the Bmikhead Inw is blamed, and so is the 12-cenl loan. Well maybe all ol! these things (it .somewhere into the picture. But the real villain behind the scenes, is the cold fact Unit foreign ciisto'mfi-ij can't buy American cotton, for the same- reason that they can't pay the war debts—they haven't got the American money .with which to pay. And they can't get American money in. tuiffieienl <|iiantities to absorb our exportable- .surplus of cotton and other commodities, to sav nothing of paying the war debts, until we permit! them to sell t o , ls gooc]s ,| lcy produce. When the United States was a debtor nation the tariff system worked— though not to the uniform advantage of-all American citizens. Our interest and principal' payments on what we owed Europe provided Europe with the money lo buy our goods. But now the tables are turned. Europe owes us. She can't pay us and she can't buy our goods as long ws ive shut outdoors to her gootls. Pi-cscnt-iltiy socltu slUmlfous nrny wc m new ""(I tnli'imtc, but in (lie last analysis it is tl lc same heroic slrusglo to win ihc minds and hearts of men /rom tlic cnli of the wovW Uie flesh and tlie ctovil. -Eilvffril D. Koliklutlt c.wciHli'q secretary of Mctnodlsl Doard of Homo Missions. . * * t No pnulcnl nntlon crm aiiord to to unarmcrt In the world lo(lny . __ L(llnnlot DllPonl * * * Japan auuit be prcimrud lo face vvitli (inn dctevmlmllon tiny power ™ ill advised as to expand Its navy in rtlsrcgtml of Japan's-fnir olfci-s of n disarninmctit n»re c i!icnl. -Admiral Mnira Ostiml, Jnpaiu-sc mlnlslcr ot Uie navy. * . » • I» Hit! past r w ta, pi-cuy-sowl ,a lalkln B lo llgcrs, uul , )0 t so eo0( , w , Ul c[c|j!l|1Ilts _ -Alfred E. Sinilh, dctllcnliiiB new ttov York V.DO, SIDE GLANCES By George Clark MONDAY, DECEMUEH 10. 193J ^spi^^^. ':/ ]'i^i ^•':-. >' '.' ''"|T'--ju' -,*£:.:^-''^>/' '* \'=i, \-''i' 'k ><L- .V.VN HUM ISTHII. ,„,.,„ „„„ -»• It'"!" ..nrk in i, Illjriiry. .«;„. lntl» <u lnv« Mill, I'|)M M|( l(| I' Iliuimh >«iitm-ij UKII|II»I 1,1,,, ,,, '"•' ""> "K. S.VIt.UJ KIl.M. <<"l<'> A»» Mii-fl. fHT|, : || H,;\. 11.11.1., irriilih; nnil iirninliii-iii il Nil ri>Kt>Kril 10 V.M.ICHU lll;\. M/l'l, ,nelrif i;|,l. Wllliii'ul I'l-l.-r'. Imon-lntKr VuK.,1,, t ,,". (i Klut ultu u «> vt-t. Onv 1.11:111 • lie nlfriii/* n l'»rty at wlili-ii n rilitn !• thm l'fr<-r. Ifnrnlllu Imti ' 'In l>«> dr.-oUi.4j ,. ,,i|. Iii-r tlipli fjitnt-r,,,, j,, i, „, „„ tnj I In- "itiir ilnn lur, lirt'iiKu her ' t l «Mer Uli • lip »» tlll'lr inuliiril i he n»k. fu-r ncrrt-i. ITit-j • II r ••Ilium Ilirrr Ann Ian, |)l;iiir l>rli>r rr*r II ullrnctcd tij - II DUD l.-MU-lhfl.. nrrt til,M Ml-li-rli'ii JIM lur I'luriila t-i ilM-Jr nrrlvni tea ttvr unit it ? PHI" iu,ii.|, he yrcriy -frlrml OUTOUKWAi WHY, NO -I AlMf V TO BE FUNNY' \ IM HFJLPIN'YCU ; \ I'M TRYtN- TO GET YOUl? SHAPE - 1 ME^ftlsi _ / TRYIN TO 8f MORE I LIKE A LADY -GOSH, I YOU COULDN'T FIT / " LA.DY'5 DRESS / SHAPE, WGLU -NEVER MIND TRYIWG TO BE A LADY- TRY TO BE A GCNTLEMAN.' THAT'LL SUIT ME. fwi c . 7 U8t b6 s ° meth i»S wrong wilh me. I have to itel borry for a guy before I ran f;i!l in Cove with him." Proper Food and Training Are Better Than Laxatives IIJ», ll-,.. ,.,... w A tt]tifJCiIt\ hilHur, Journal of tho American Medical Association, and of Hy- Kcia, lh« Hf.ilth Magazine' Somehow a good many mother.* liivc (lie nation that n baby mould have.Its bowels cleaned onv irlinclally once cnch week, « 5 it night lo be . bathed til least once i week, but, preferably every tiny The things usually u sc a to .orcc llio activity of (he child's :otvel arc syrup of figs, licorice lowder, castor oil, or some similar . strong medicine that doctor.,night hesitate to give without special Indications for (heir use Unfortunately, these children jrow up with thci,- bowels so In-, icllve- Hint 11 requires'at teustl Ivo grains ot calomel or some- iiilng equally strong lo l>i-| t ig iboitt n result. Strangely .-enough, persons v;ta .voiilcf hesitate- to list digitalis- in I'n'csU 'HsoiiBC or ether lo iirodimi •ctlbc a medicine for'the bowels In most cases, the bowels' if children will act without nny ar- tificial'stimulation-If the child is iropcrly trained and properly fod In tome cases the life of .the child s so completely inactive tlmt its bowel get's lazy. The mother, uollclng • i !ljs ; s ikely to give It n strotif; cntlim-Ife n»d us a result tlie bowel nuiU completely. is to train Hie infant by -—jiig H on tlie lap after. Iccrt- »B. while it sits on a .suitable vessel. Tlic clilltl is kept thus until t. responds, tut not- too loim il it docs not, respond. Occasionally an Infant, glycer- nc-.suppository or n small red or he- mother's finger suitably greased can give the liilllnl .slim-, ill's mirt In u Jew days the child will develop tho habit. Even this sort of artificial .nim- ulallon should not. be indul»nl us iu iroii.iliiiilly, however, (hm th" child becomes unable to tlo with- FOT older children the addilioi o some green vcudnblc lo uii "'"'•. (he use of a wholewheat c"- 1 will sometimes be a suircicr.t stimulus to « suitable bowel 11C - tton. Most important of all ho-' ever, is establishment of a' habit Unfortunately, if tliu Kccommc- datioiis me limited, the child nny Uc crowded out atitl forced Into postponement by adults Rom- to wort ai ,d U y children R oiiiR -o school so (hat » wcll-establish.-l nfter-brcakfast habit iciirt, to become nil afler-liinchcon habit ami hen an after-dinner habit.'ml! u aV^ MlW ll '' '"* children find , M { ,, ; , rl ,, — Uliti llii'Jr uioiljL'is art- greatly concerned OUT i!u'j r nclitcs and Ihcir bowels and that by bruising n considerable amount' of pressure on the mother | ">• ciin gel a good <fcal more 'attention by refusing tood „„,, rof , '"" lo liavc n bowel nclton ic more they diet llicms-lvr.;. Ho more, concerned Uu i,,.-j:, rr , become over their diets ami '\mv\ net on. Tlils i.s what [|, c Urefjc; call a vicious circle. The mother •~M> gets herself tni 0 a MUI^ u j child's health. Diving a sulficicut atnount of fresh vegetables, fruits, water msd wlioJcwhcat cereal in Hie child's diet will help It m ovcrcoiiic any tendency lo clironi; constliiation. Onc2 chronic constipati-j!'. is »:-- tnblii'hcd, the most careful study by the doctor, the muse, and till! Barents is required lo eurrcet the condition. the Ldito tor i Letter Box in? Bill Straight ITo Tlic Editor:] To Mr. Bill Yap. Well your Idler eamc safe to Irani! and I nint, tftid lo yet it. Hilt you could a left off calling me ;i parasite. You '•'''lite like a man out of his head. What are you all hct lip iibout? well that's the way with an old lERoramus. I !,tra you in town Saturday but cut across because I didn't, want to meet yon face to lace because I fcnciv you (niiildn'l be satisfied until you got my n n . Kcrs nil tanked up in jour hair mid you got cnoBli trouble without liayiiig any rules. Now Bill the trouble with you is your head is cmptyer than your stomach. It's nil hay wired. You know a man has to have some hind of brain food. What do you read Mil. m bet you don't, even read your town paper. Oi course yum- tic.vd is empty, you don't know what's BO- "E.on in the world. Imictul O f buying books and papers you buy mirt Hint's iiuc rcafon , '• Wllo. you h'.lll fjllii, ynll I Know, um, . C . 1USC 0| f * u ' r neighbors told me ;m about it THen because i .save m y money' "ml j-ol a line homn „», ^ 5. ccl iiiHl some BWrt ['i«,ll,es von lull me u parasite. Km- lisle,,, utn. kct this n, your head str;lis i u , f It wasnt for ijs parasite-, pnylnp la.xcs you wouldn't havp i, 0 ro-ids no streets, no elcclri/ii,.|,t s ' „„ .jchools lo educate your children ". fur you know that you don't pay tiny tax, and it we landlords .were to move out mid i akc OU1 - moncy ntiti no;, advance you to make a crop on-lbat the briars find bob cals would lake Mississippi County. Now laugh tint off Now 23111, iiiiih talking ihtoii"h your .stomaai and lalk throiirh your head ,, m u c . .,•,„„,, j,.,^ Bill, and this whole"biscuit iiucs- yoti. Kill u will toon b v xm'is. 1 XOVt CO O.V WITH Till! S'tOH) CHAPTER XVI A NN went to her room, uridrcsso'.' aud tot In ocd. The day thai bud sinned out well had gone Hat. somehow. Uowustairs Peter smolieil scr oral clgarcts. lie licaril Ann's il^ni Etc])3 above as she moved aiiou! liic room, t'lnally. oil RMS still Ho sot uu then and wont upstairs Ann lieard bis door open and clnes Afler a little sbe was asleep. She slept deeply, restfully. until suddenly slio ivas ivl<le atvnke, A shriek, a \vfld yell tbal shattered the stillness urotigltt her to a sitting position. "Peter! Peter!" Almost Instantly the door was lUina open and Peter wos silhouetted there In his dark rolic. lie came over lo her boil. "Auji. what In liio vs'orlrl — vvcre you screaming'.'" "No. of course not." .Ho sat down on Hie lied. Then tliey heard l!io sbrlek agatri. "Peter, n'iiat Is It?" Sbe was clinging Jo him. "It sounds like the devil — like hell's turned loose." t'cter saf'J. He gently disengaged her arms an.) stood 11 p. "Bel up and lock your door. Ann. while 1 have a look around. J J rob ably some practical loiter," say | never licaid Hiiyuilns as devjlisb as that." "1 «enilimc line." Juan ialil. "You do." i'ctcr saw. "Iml »liy Hie imritiiglu call. Jinnr "Little slsto; vfir' cIcH. i;ct Jier breatli good." "flood Heavens." said 'Why didn't you say so? wo'll liaVe to go over." Anu nodded. "It ^oimilf 111^ croup. I'll get tlie mustard." SLe flew to the teltetieii. I'lie/ followed' closely on Juan's (Jan i 1'c'tet j Ann "\Vhat age Is your niu<- "Throe." Ami cuprseil (i "I. Ike the father, ' an , woman nncrlutl, with' in, oolt at "No." answered fetor, i 'UilvQ bei uiollior. I'lxacuy.' Aim and I'elct wcie tiotii nia when they led Uie siioii 'He.laden, if liosalle weie si /IMS was 6 u re to need eloilii;!- 100 And a dress or two opicre ivoii!^ ^clleln tbc BCriris ol .il.irlp it Lena. Vliai made- I'jiei HiliiK .., «KII our traveling eoal [ s i,, rls all(1 licf Bn(| a ( , f.™!". "-I""*'"' l>c ' cr . "M"' 0 """ 'Of Sinn and Carl. " His onvelopliis robe. Peicr'3 icel wore sbocil oiul scclilcss. Aim's naro feet wcro lu while sandals. Sain Jiad gone for a doctor. Lena told them, but the Maby's brcnihlnp was niiicb v.'orso. They had tie came 'rlghtciicil and sent Juan toi holn. It «•»« croiip. as Ann liad uesseil. Lena Liad nevt-r board ol Ipecac but she was fairly ailent In helping Aim witb tlie plaster 'ami incllliji' vaBellito vvlilch was on band for bruises and sores. Il was an all-ut{jlit vigil. Ann an<l t'ctcr stayed until tho iJocsor arrived and tbo litilo p.nlerii's breaililnfi beeaino more natural, and she Had dropped Into sleep. "Stay with Marie. Lena. Air Kendall am) I will get our own luealifasl." Ann said. I'oicr thought tlial was hind ol Aim. Mo ilioiiglu. too. thai lie haij Jiover st'Ca tier loot; as swec-t aj Elio nail wlieti she was stooplr.p over ilie Clirly-nalreil Hcsnllo. sent ly loosening flosalic'B gown at the tliroat and deftly smoothing tlie plaster ou (.ho small chest. Ann liad looked like a chilil. herself, ii'ltli Her bronze iiafr tumblins over (lard coau I'll gel breakfast and you talcc your siesta, as Juan would call IL hefore Tlic Italian ironiaii and lic-r tnw Hand followed ibeni lo the doiji l.ilkliif i-oluljly. This bud iipcn on ol tliclr diKgcft days. Truly. ti, C j, tourists spcni freely. KK weeks |iasse:l swiftly Peter said nuihjj); a rctumlne They ], t( | drlrc-u him pa where Ann wa Ybor City, CDllJllllI IKIll Interesllne Lalln scmlou'icm. nicv, had driven across Candy bridge Ic SL Petersburg. wbt c i, An[1 ^ I »kc a little girl drc«(. ( | „„ fqr party-jo orderly „,„! c , eai , „. tbo ain-actlve homes ECI on crd,, 1 sreeu Inwus." They d rnve lo g " '• sola tor turf bathing, ami one ', Peter liad gone tarpon telling That was o long day (or",\ and she had TUD out «>• nicei car. "1 tbouglit yon ivqllld neveri^ set home. Where are HIP Hsnv « "Where are ibe Will s -ou : listen 10 Her'! Did you expect n:t:i to bring a 93 pound tarpon homey"'"You didn't!" ;l "Wo did. f( iras a tough taltle.ff Allen had bis picture made witi,S it." ; ; "Why didn't you?" . :,' "I tlimiglu you'd take niy word for ft." ! luncheon." I'oier suggesied p on tlie way back. "Tired. Ann?" | "Noi much." she auswerpi! ainrd- fly. "1'oicr. Isn't h patbelic how little Sam anil Lena know about raising children?" "I'retiy Ignorant, hut still Juan itosalie look fairly "U was just a rag llosalle was wearing." "Would you like to drive to town and get her some things''" and little heallhy. [ "Think ol fishing all day and''' tiieti noi bringing your lisli uoino.'y> Ann scoffed. "If men aren't funnjK Peter—" "There's a telegram for you. Peter frowned. A lelegram meant only one thing, fie was needed at "I'm BOin,; too." Ann readied A ^ '?" at """' " was l>osl ' tor her noKll-ee at ilii fnm nr n,J.' ' e y uncann >' llovv '« feal '••"" '^s nicked a piacc for us. ior uer nos,ll»(Je at tbe fool ol Hit j ,, cr „„„<,. ..,.,j |ove , 0 _ an(1 , don , t F< , l( , r „,-,, ..„„ a 3llor| |Qaso ao , , home, and he didn't want to eo. "Well, wo pack." he said, slowly. after reading the message "" • "Oil." "You'll bo sorry to go. too." Peter said. "Yes. It has been lots ol fun here." lias picked a piace for us." bed. If Peter were going to rto an Insane, foolhaniy thing like look- ins around, she would he right !w- hliid him. liut lust as Peter's liaitil touched luo hey In ilia front door a voice called. "Mr. Peter, please,!" Peter flung the door wide. "Juau. you litilo devil!" Tile small boy stood griuuitig, pleased with the, ciciicjiieut he liati caused. Ann laughed hysterically "Juan, what do yon mean by yelling like, Uiatr "Mr. Peter, 'please. I knock and nobody hear mo. So I cry like a bird." "Like a hirtl?" from Peter. "Uko a devil bird," said Juan. * • • SSQAN you beat ftf" i'e(cr said. lost In admiration ol Juan's rrowcs3 for a moment. "1 can need any 'siesta'." "Not if it's a beauty sleen." t'cter said. It was his lirst compliment Ann found herself Hushing. It Peler bail admired Ann's elil- cioucy In the sick room, she mar- vcleil over Peter, 'moving easily about Uio small kltc-lulii;-nnudling pots and pans as thougli ho l;uew what 10 do with them. "Peler, what ean'i you doV •Think I'd tell you?" Ann lauylied. Sbo was feelins very contented this niorulug. All tliu trouble of Clio night ocfor? j .. was gone. She and 1'cicr werei »Itogctlier. It meant aicetlog thai friends again. After breakfast, | Kendalls, adapting herself to ueiv won't have 10 stay there long II it {[' doesn't suit you. "['II send blm »\'f|i wire telling him when we are'JI; leaving anil about Uio time to < pect us. I am wiring oiy molhl also." Ann said nothing. Peter said. -Ann. you're not wor rj'ltiE about anyilifng--" Aim smiled at him. Sbe couldn't tell Vctcr bow frlEhioned sbe fell, how she dreaded going back. The past with its hurts and disillusion- mem scenieit very far away sometimes, and the life here eery real. ,k dome meant a different llfejf they drove lo town wbere Ann stioviJCU Cor an hour. Peter watch lug and occasionally making sug- sesllnus. "What si/o?" the Italian storekeeper askeil. "About ibis ' Peter strclcticd out bis arms to an approximate measurement of Kosalie's Bbort , conditions. It meant seeing Tony, battling Tony, perbajia. And may. IG lierself. And there would lie Valeria. Aun wuudcrcd if Peter were as troubled as slic. It he dreatled putting thcso days o! peace and quiet contentment beblnd tbcm and meeting Ilie liroblema tliat wcro alicad. (To lie Cuntinncd). \upe you teep oul of jitll. With great disrespect for vou Jill, I am your friend, Simon P. Loi\ Prc-Chrislmas Sermon Series at Baptist Chlirch• cation and"glorrdcation" Tin: uuriKiv.! <:f (lit wrics fa t« i nuriilj; Di-ci-mbcr a wric.-j ol ! pii^nt tin: full earthly ministry I l!!lli!irtl'i liav:: b,:i-n played sine jcrmons Is in prosress al the j n[ the Savitnir and to add n dctu- i the lime of HWIIHT lu ituelen first Baptist church, Ihu t'cncial'or meaning lo the Christmas sea-! Greece body. ICJMC bfins. "Wlml Clmsl W«:: sbn~Vo' receive tin; fi ,...„ „ - MaUc -" jtliu scries il will be ncccssnry ui Each aini'.lay evening tlie pas-jl'tar all the\wrnions. according til; lor, tbe Rev. Alfred Carpenter, will |the Rev. Mr. Carpenter. I; [portniy in siicri-ssion' why Christ! .Special musical iiroiji'inns iti iwiis inadi- Hi';:],; made, under llHv'arcp"'!.! with tile scries and Rpiillt lltiw and imidi! n curse; also liowjot the Clirislmas f.easim have bii-i!| >H<> ivns jnaclc redemption, Kaii'.-li.'i- jiirraugcil by Mrs. P. L. Tlptotl' 'nlinn ^ml trlrtrin^-iti^,. , ITlUvlf <]ir.'/-lm- t\f tin, ^u,,rnl- !j . . . i music director of tlie church. OUR BOARDHNG~lbC~SE 13y Altcrf - -iowels iloc.s not help iha conslliwtlon. but Is likely i u ma !;s it much worse.«bll"hmciu O r ; , regular habit of ouifitylnK din bowel , s |n~ luo-sl impovtanl fealurc ,,f ov .. v . willing .ouMijyiiu,, hl ., ,.,,,[,,. Chlltli-cii iliouhl i,i tt -,, s (x , glu ., itdciH.llo fnrlllii,^ f,,,- |,,);|ui; sai'o (if Mils piin. ol Uu-ir 'I'llC 1 IVIllilil- ,|M- C ( *i /Umanae, ; .borrt. srssippi admitted to son , American poet _.. > reach & Cotalof a>i even. 50. HOW VO LAV- DM TJLKNKtl. ^J3 COLORS YO S/MD f\H\ U^fc,^ ^4 IN YO CASTLE-."ROYAL "BLUE AN' GOfD/ WHtNJ AH WALV<;S HII-A UP CtNTR/X\_ ABtNOO, t^^i TM* BOYS -RUN OUT OF TI-\' J^**.i^. TOOL HALL TO RUB "DICE ON U',S SCTS U\fA OFT- UE6AX.LY /--EGAD.THER^S SPACL ON TH&T3.E TOR ^AY FArVttLY COAT OF A"R,SAS — U^-fV\-I WILL HAVE \T INCLUDED,YES/ — THEM YOU MUST "FETCH HlrV\ OVER TO

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