The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1937
Page 7
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. w . Me . OSc We ' CUSSiFIED ADVERTiSING INFOKMATION l);tilv'-rate (>CT. Mile for coiisi'c live Insertions: One tifie wer. line Y'A'0 limes por line'per liny Three times per line per day •six thiiM per Jine per day . Month rale per line :...... bards of Thanks: 5(Jc &. 15c Minimum charge 50e Ails . ordered for three or (,is liiws and stopped"• before expiration will he charged for the number, of licies the ad appeared and • uOjusln'ioit of Ijill inadc. J •'AH Clii-ssiticcl Advertising eqpy Kuliimllttl -liy persons residing oiit- side- of tiic city mm', lie accompanied ivy eabh. Kates may Ijc easily computed from above .table. Advertising ordered for Irregular ' insertions lakes the one (line rate, No responsibility \vill be taken :• for more than one incorrect insertion of anv classified ad. Bus. Opportunities V/e'have an opening for 2 ambitious young men. Attractive compensation for those we select. For appointment call 67. 10-ck-13 On (iOOtl Prices Itecmiililioned , ars For Real Beauty Culture 1S)..T.HE COM1NO PROPKSSION Learn this pIcaEnut work which pays well. New class opening—sidle supervised Reasonable Tuition Mrs. William Berryman Etainc Beauty Shop lousiness Directory MOST COMPLETE STOCK SPKAV AIATGKIAI.S Bt«l IN'SKCTICIDKS ill this locality For ;i^c on a.'I Fruit, Trees, Shrubbery and Vegetables Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. J. \V. Shousc Wilson Henry Sit- 1'JoG I'Oltl) V-8 COACH. Original I'aint. Low Mileage. (Jtiuil 'rircs, I'lenly of IVp In i\lti(or. A Harbin .. ^1 I»:t3 CHIiVltOLKT COACH. Car Hits Undid K Healer. ('Iran IJ|i)i'«l.s(rry. Ituns IViiecl. Others Would Ask S115. Our 1'rlec' Is $1 11)35 ClUvVltOLlii' COACH. Color Jllarlt, <Joinl Tir^s, iMcler in Vrilcel Cuucti- . lion. \\'t- Save Von Sjt) ; On This Car. Buy It Now . 1'or Only .' J3 K).™ c u K'V K o L t; -r TOWN SUDAN. This Car Is (he Hlan d a r d Juries. Is Lifihlcr iii V^'elghl. (lives Cood Cus ISlilcase. rUiuiii- [fed with Trunk, Kadio. ^'Htl Would K\iicel To I'ay ISIorc Than We Are Aski»K T''"v This Car. A Guild Buy At S: . •n:;tKAl'l,AMi COACH. This Car Is Clean In Kvery Krspeel. Has Cuod Tires. J.tiw ^Jileage. \\'o Keihitcil This far To .. $39.= J35 TfiliHAI'LANK SUDAN. 'J'iiis (Mr 'rRideil In On '37 Model Tcrraiiliine by Local Ucsiilcnt. Tills Car Is In I'erfecl Condition and Ciirrys a Re- diiecd 1'riec l-or This Week Only { $280 52 Ii Fiiniishwl, sleaiubealcd Apaitmciil. Telcplioiies 107 and 571. Uc klf Vt'K ATTKNI) TO ALL UETAU.E Let's Talk It Over—Phone 100 K C. KUIUNSUN LUMISKli CO. , ^ -j,-. -jio.'i Uniforms & eiiuipment for base oall, h;i!ulb;ill, softball, Eoccer ball • tennis, track & boxing. Best Prices "MV COAL IS BLACK— 1! UT I TIIKAT YOU WHITE' I Also Pay Best- [ J rices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Piionc 107 Coal & Wood 11 You Want Wood, We Have It! Ash & Oak. Kentucky Lump Coal, SG.oO ton Economy Coal Co. 221 W.'Cherry Phone 44 Alabama, Illinois, Kentuckv r; o A i, Shaver-Foster Gin Co. I'hoiic 278 Cliicfcasanbii & !i. H Shoe NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP 121 West Main. Simon P. Lcc in cliargc •i t'holos FREE with Each Orde for Half Sole Job CITY SHOE SHOP Try us once Then Iry.iis'lwiec Alter ilhaf'j-Dii'll let us Uo your sliba.\s-ork the Hi-sl, ot your life. M'M..ITJ|ilCMA.Y & J. It. KOI.t •1 doors cast pciincy's' iec hedrcoiu, lurtc elossl. adjoins bath. 212 W. Kentucky. a-ck-l-U STOUB HUILD1NG on \V.~J\lain St., near new laetory site, Jlen- onablo. L. l-'o\vlcr. J-ek-tf icriy Fnrnlslieii. BEDROOM, balli. Call 5liO. •le room I'urilislied aul.. 1U1S W. Ash. Call 'H5-W, Mrs. Goeduin. )9-tr Modern 4 Itoom FUUNISHI-:!) Apni'liiieiil. Plume : M. :!!io ut room furnished r.partmonl. 10'Jl \V. Ash. Call illiH. 27-c-k-l( WALNUT Till; I'LA R&G AT Fll-Tll ST. LACK TO IHJY'A Uenewt'tl K (iimrunU'cil U S K I) C A H H '.'W I-'OKII V-8 TI'IKIK, Coluf: dim sii'tnl. l.uuhs & linns' '3:! roil]) TTJIIOK. Model "'*" ' 1 Cy). Neiv Tires & i'ainl 5HJ5 v-8 in; J.U.VK ;. i FOIt !> i;ourii. I iernsc '37 Unfurnished or l-'tirnlshcd six mom modern cottage, eteeliie. relrln- "' a < ; »UVKOLK'r SKDAN, l.'n- ration, near Bratio and high Dually Clean One..,:,.-.. schools, 909 Holly, Cull 402. 25c ktf i Mfidern 3-voom fURNISHKll Aparliiicnt, 22'1 Dotijjai). Airs. A. A'crl, -Ui! kit newly (tcrontti'fl nnrurnishr<l rocms, arljoiniii'.; bath. Private entrance. Couple (inly. Apply at ")1G S. Franklin alter 5 l>, M, fit kll Kooat and I^oan'l $6 PER WEEK Snjoy comforffi of steam heat, not and cold water, uood lood, all for this low price. Veatmdy Hotel 111 ];. Main Lost Car Has Clean Uiiholslrry. Cood Tires and Smooth Kunniii" Motor. Formerly Owned by I.ncal Citizen. License fci 1937 Includes! For Only — T It U C K S — I rOHlt "H" MODKL I'ICK-Ur. In I'crfccl Mechanical Conililion, Has New Tires ami 1931 License. The Best, liuy in Town 1335 LVTICKNATIO.VAL 1'ICK- Ui'. Vou Can Look at This Truck anil Tell It Hasn't Had Hard Use. Goud Tires All 'Itmind 1020 CHEVROLET 11,: T K U C K. Kims' 1923 FOR!) l\t. TON TRUCK. -•••••• D'nvu It Off For Only S IS ISK CIIEVIIOLET l't. TOiN T It Ii C K. Dual "\viicels. Cood IJcd and Ucady r l'o Go For Only 4 HORSE MULES 2, about lOOD Ibs. cadi. Colo^: blue & sorrel. 2, ahaut 800 )lis. Color: dark, white nos=; btaek. RKWARU. Ralph Brakensiek o rldaho Grocery, nassell, Ark. 10-pk-ia Wanlofl '.(i CIIL'VKOI.KT COACH. '37 : Luense. A (Jooil Buy: fur SUK> — T It 11 C K H — 'I 'HO CJIKVliOl.r.T LOUR \Vheel Ifcisr .Slake IIiHl>'. A (fooil Stock Binly Sti'lS •'Hi FOKI) V-S TKUC/K. ,NciV :'••'• Mclor. Save On This 1 One SS15 i; F(»!I) V-8 TUIICK. Ke- eomlilbneil ami Ucsdy To Co '. ?: 31 CIIKVIJOLKT' 1 {r Wheel liasc IVilh Hiidy. Only .. S^i>3 la Cl.HvVltOLi: 1 !' IMClv-Ul'.. A-l Comlilion. Nrw I'itiAt 33'J5 Snutlll)c«n Pa.vniciil - ICasy Terms Phillips Used Car Lot I'lninc 810 ' Hoy Calvin, JIgr., Used Car Ofl'i. LAUNDRY, rouijh dry or linislicd. Good \vork. Mrs. Mick, (ilti L-.ikc. a-pk-D For' Sale S?cd Coi'ii fot 1 Sale Charles $2.00. Mosley I'roltlle W, Eavly stiriii-lse $3:00. scrml- tion OS ft .by (jovcmmenl : lest. \v. j. otrrick and Sou, Colloiuvoo'l l r i»m, Jonesboro, Ark. lO-pk-13 New Bargains! We have some e.speclnlly yood bar- E«lns hi cars, inlets and pick-tips. Kcc Onr's nefoic Y<"i Buy! Inlernalloiiiil i'.j TOD PlcK-lJ|) 1835 Ford I',?, Ton Truck 1029 Chevrolet Sedan 1031 Chevrolet Roadster 1930 Oaklnud Sedan Delta Implements, Inc. CottonSeed!!! . BTONEVILLB — »!Hj JIAIJr & 11AI> nEST. PRICES Blythcville Gin Co. UEfO DltlCK. Clicai). A. K. Curler, (i(>7 N..51U.SI.'. 3|i k-l-3 PLUMBING! Fixtures, pipe, flllmiis, »1! halh- rooin aorcssorjes, .valves, electric valet systems for favniH. Wutcr soflcners. lillci's or liny, other Item connected \vjth phnuuini; or lict\l- ""PETE" .THE PLUMBEP. CHEVROLET We Iluyu 'As l''mc A USKI) CA|{ H«lt't'ti<m As There Is In Hlylhcvlllu' > • l,|)i)k ' Over! IIiw<. |\|n",v Kcal IJiir- Tu Cltwse I'Vom! iu:)5 A-J t!|ii;vin)|,ivr l.'(miWi"i\ MAURI ED MAN |p nil] loeitl Bid- eery it^ency., Supply uvcrylhln'j! lo Irnstworlhy person at no money risk. Karnlniw up (o .$200 hi a llionih. Dctlills miitlctl free. Wrltv XANOL, 10H Moninoiilh, Ciiidn'- nail, O. ACT QUICK. IOM (:iu:v(H)ii;T COACH. Heal (louil (Hiy ........ 11)35 f'im» ii Ciimllllon 53ti3 i-onii v-s cpui'i;. ijuflio iKM>C5i: ctji>M-. ((aridi!' '].ci\v Milf with U I'ly i'fres t;i)Ac u. lUIIti C|HiV|{»l,KT I Si -I' ' ' ' For Sale or Koiil MY HOME,'319 W. Main. Mrs. S. S. Sternbcrg. Call 08i. 8-ck-tl Pair youiiB (Iralt marcs nnd liair ness, reaioiiable. Ounrantccil to he .sound and fiooil worker. Wt. 2,500 ibs. Joe'Craig, Phone 'M.. ' : ' a7o kll SPECIAL BARGAIN New Pour Row PLANTER For-Model A "John Deere Tracloi Also Several Good • Used CULTIVATORS PAULBYRUM <locil '35 CllliVlfOLhT TldJCK, ' L COTTON SEED! ! ! pi'L .NO. u cpvroH SEED carefully Euvert'for mir own iiCiAirj. . : . ; .\ :, !eclric:.(;m Co. LU^ORA, AiiK. Male Help Wanted KLKC'l'KIO & WELDING AT BEST PRICJia PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE 19 OI'l'OMIiTKISTS Over Joo Isaacs' Store "•WE IWAKli T'.!\I SEli" Phono 6JO Ill IJTti, Alexai]d3r...Ciraham Bell,' patented an apparatus loi trans- "tKo.or more telegraph!-- . cal eienuls fcimiiltaiKously" on a 53BB2S Gay & Billings, Inc. Coal - Kcc-il - Kindling I'liuiie 76 BWS3USKHH3HKBB Hiivc Yon Visited Our Now JU«ilmv Service-Slnlion? ^'Jiile, liopo Ciawlhic (iooilycar 'i'irc.s \VIII:iiil naileries [load Service On - .(!;« - Tires - AVrecks 21 UOUH SKUVICI-; Call 0311 Fur I'roiupl Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co. ' Wrctkcr Service - fins & Oil Open All Niyht Phillips Service Center Plume* 377 .- ^10 U'. '»'UN ihes .. ia:i|> rtnti)' v-s IUS4 K()J! l> TRUCK V-X ITUK-Ur Phono 700 BLVTIIKVILLK Superior Conl & Mining Co. li.'isy (i. 'ai. A. P. I'liymcnt I'lrin Torn little Chevrolet Co. . I'hone (ij,'i Mules For Sale DELTA iMPLIuiIENTS, INC. MIN.VOWS (i. C. Ihiwt.s, 300 K. Main Six |icad of Oood -MULES for sale. Sec Paul Uyrum. . 5ckW 24 Hour Wrecker Service : 1'ricps Joyner Motor Sales . Cull 1000 Storage We JI.HP ,\ limited supply qt nice Alhilfn Seed, anri price Is altmctlve: Also: several tons of Slomville No. "4-A Colton Seed ono year from the breeder, We inbcrt nnd ginned them and slate tested. .We hnve. several hundred .bniihel'; of Beans and Pens. Will (it'll or Iratlc fm any o^hcr variety of Cotlon Seed ov Beans L. R, Matthews Gin Co. 'Id. 1311-13 Yailno, Ark. Colloii, Cotton Seed and Coal 100 Block SOMETHING W, I WOUDEP- V HUH? <PH,VEH.' JH W "THOSE \DON T ASK ' ME.' JUYS AGE'SO ) LES GIT ; :OVeR THERE EXCITED DID GET AWAY • DOtJT WE'LL JUST MOSEY AROUM AW' PAY A FE\V VISITS TO OUC FRIEMDS TOWN - B6 OOWM-HEAPTED, PAL B(JCK UR t N)) HKR HUI)I)1KS A. CHf\V46BO MPO5 \ ftVV inc. I'hoiic 111 Neiv Used Car I.nt Lorulcd in the West Main St.. Ballerics HATTKKY SEKVICE Call J. Ben Clune rhonc 8 at Tom Jackson's Wanted To Buy WE I'AY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Hubbard 2nd Hand Furniture $tore rfionc 1031 We Pay $6-§7.sO i>cr Ion for Scrnp Iron, Ratliator.s §1$1.50, Melals 3c to 12c lb., also buy hides'& old butteries ARIAN AUTO I'-VUTS 128 E. Main Phone 170 WE BUY es 5 Wool & Scrap Iron ISIythcvillc Iron ft Mclnl C». Cherry & R. R. Phone '118 Poultry & Eggs rOULTltY WANTED We pa.v lilghcsf market prices for all kinds poultry. Pjsiier & dailies at Oainc.s Grocery & Market, 11 w. Main. BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES ' Custom Halchiiij : i\IAIJILYN HAl^C'HKUY" Hwy. (il North, Blythcville Personal WASH_T_UBBS C.;-rjTA!WLV t AlNT iSO't uiVffER. CCNT.WCT. WHV i, i JUST THOUGHT HE MIGHT <5U!T TH£ \ .-,-HOVV WHEtJ HE F;MP5 "' OUT HE'? 60NNA. FIGHT LULU BELLE. "j\,l p]\T| GET VIGOR AT OMCiS! lUAjl^. Ncw Qstrcx Tonic Tablets contain raw oyslcr invigora- lors and other stimulanls. One dose peps up organs, glands. Jf| not delighted, maker refunds Icwj cents paid. Call, write Kirby Bros, fcrug Stores. Voting \vliilc i'lymouth Rock JIEN'S, SI.50 each; rooster f re p vyith' each 13 hens or single rooslTS 51.SO. 4blrat!-Joliiison Poultry p.\rm Barfield road. Farm Loans $500 Up ALSO LOANS ON BUS1NKSS BUILUINO3. KBSiDEKCES, FILLING STATIONS. Don H. Kasserman Room 220,1.yneh Blclg. Phone 377 P. O. Box 470 Clc; aacrs - Laundry -"^ '///// ^!^Sii4l Lib'jGw, ^AL^E AlARW.' EA'iy AINT APRWD OP NO WOMAN [Si\"c AH, .. LONG AGO Uus \re.K'! SAME LULU BL'I I (• WAS GOIMO TO BEAT HIM UP, AND I' v WHAT ntKCKLKS_AN]) HIS FRIENDS HE RA^ OUT/\TOWNJ'. WELL. PLEASANT DREAW5 CONFOUMDEO; CAN'T FHEE! If excess acid causes you Stomach Ulcers, Gas Pains, In- liigcslicni,- Heartburn, GOT ' free sample cioetor'i prescription, Udga, at Kirby Bros. Drug Co. Li, ST.AIJ C'l.KANKHS Fsperienceri Workers - Qnalll-y i f cr y flm . Cieanhii; - couileo\is Service 513 W.-Aslv . phone 263 j Marvin Sawyer, Mi; NO Kt;n TAVE norrow nioney on your car to p;\y for your licenses and other bills. I Car nceil not bt- paid lor. see i •'"• W. ML'I.MNS ISudbury Uldg. p hone w AJ30LT- , 'SOMETHING FCLLCWED OSSIH: THE OTHER MIGHT! AWD OMLY TMS RIGHT AT THAT. 1 HI-/V COULD HOP I--"': ..ST OM o,- ! e: LEG OSSIK'S-J)liKINlTION! WELL, M'6W, HCWD VOU LlftE-,) A CONTtJACT AND liy Blosscr FT V/AS A MAkE A SOUMD.' I V/AS PN Ml' Sk/ITE COASTER WC-tEW 1 LOOiiED BEH'MD ^•'E AW'SAV/ RXTPRiWTS CXJMII-TG .' 30V, I V/EMT _, Ll^tT S(X7Y .'.' GHOSTS AfSE ( HOLY SMOKE.' BUMK ! a'sioesj (jpok:.' ppow - TWEY AREH'T THIS PDCTPp;vn- LEAVE At'lV I ISCMEH FIFTY TRACES... AVJD \ FEET! LAL'SH THESE FDOTPSIWTSf THAT OFF.' ARE RIGHT HERp OW THE SIDE- '/VT.TV/AS l^Lx/Xct^fAaw^ ALL WELL,OP COURSE IVE K!EVER REALLY SEEM BUT Ff?-OM PICTURES OF j A GHOST LOOKS' SpMETHIWB LI(<E A BEDSHEET FULL OF NOTHING ! WHAT A GHOST IS?

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