Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 8, 1895 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1895
Page 8
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The Assignee Sale Of the Schmitt & Heffley Golden Rule Dry Goods House Is Now In Full Blast. The Rooms are Crowded Daily with Men, Women and Young People who are IM lie Harvest ol a Li As is well known to the people of this sectioo, the Goldea Rule carried one of the most select stocks in the county, all of which is goicg at from Half Price Down. It is a loss of time to enumerate bargain?; everything goes at a birgain, and all who have been in large Dry Goods Houses know what is offered at this sale, which is by . . . Order of the Cass Circuit Court. . . If you haven't the ready cash, it will handsomely pay you to borrow it, even though you j.nay pay a high rate of interest. DON'T DELAY! Strike While The Iron Is Hot. W. D. PRATT, Trustee. FOOLESONO BROS. Undertakers and Embalmers Acd Retail Dealers in FURNITURE Of all Kinds and UPHOLSTERING. 421 BROflDWftY. Promptly Attended to Day or Night. Phoue No. 09.] DAII Y JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING, FEB. 8. J.G. BRIDGE. A N O S O R G A N S BEST STANDARD MAKES. PRICES LOW. TERMS EASY 41O Broadway, Rear Hauk's Jewelry Store. A New Hack Line. I have started a Hack and Parcel Delivery and in the future I can fc> found at the corner of 4th street and Broadway, wherel will be prepared from 9 o'clock in the morninp: to 0 iu the evening to deliver parcels 01 •rtrry passengers to and from, any part of.the city- My Charges Will Be Reasonable. I will endeavor to give the best services possible for the money. If «ou have a parcel to deliver or a passenger to deliver, or aay li«Ut work ffb-it «»n be done with a street haok, I vrill be glad to do it. What could yon do that.a customers would appreciate more than calling the hack for kiiu? Special rates will b« given you. Leare.orders at 13oh screat Livery Stable or Geo. Harrison's 6V7Broad WftV. Tours-Truly. Wm Lynas. will laundry— good work To Mr and Mrs Theodore Sharp, of Noble township, a daughter. The baas baking powder ID the world at Bun Fisher's drug store. Mrs J B Mdssln-ofor entertained the Thimole Club Wednesday noon. Once tried always used, Ben Fisher's pure Baking Powder and extract of Vanilla. 0 •cine' to the low pressure of gas the bleb, school was dismissed yesterday morning. You cio enjoy yourseU socially and get a good supper at the First Presbyterian Church tonight. Frank Bauer Is no longer employed at McTnggart's bakery. He la engaged la manufacturing ooodles. Alex Appal of Peru has taken the Logansport agency for the Cole brew eryofPeru. and with his wife, locate here. Tbe gang of bridge builders that has been, at work on, toe new Grass Creek bridge, left this city yesterday for PblladelphiB. Djspepala seldom causes death, but permits victims to live on in misery. Hood's SarsaparUla cures dyspepsia and all stomach troubles. B'.ghop W. H. Warren of Denver, Colorado, will preside at the M. E Conference to be held here March 27 as stated In the Journal some time, ago. [( you do uot find my extract of Vinilla stronger and sweeter than what you have been using, I will re- fond your money — Ben Fisher, the Druggist. Tne ladles are taking much interest in the competition In writing an advertisement for Line Pilling Several excellent onei have already been handed in. A masquerade carnival given by the Sic itlng Club occurred at the rink last night. A large number were in attendance and a good time was enjoyed by all. Tne Frictions of Life and How to Reduce loam." will be the su h j-ict of by Judge D. P. B*Id*ia nextSuoday afteri.oon, in the K. R. Y. 11. C A rooms. Mrs. E, F. Keller (rave a progressive euchre party Wednesday nlzht at the Murdock hotel. Mrs. E, W. Alexander was given the lady's prize. RcfresQmenis were served. Lire Pilling Is In receipt of his new sample Cjlumbia bicycle. It Is a very neat looking and well equipped michine. Ii has adjust b!e handle bars and can ba taken all apart in. two minutes. Weight 21 pounds and warranted tocirry a mia weighing 800. Oae hundred dollars. Buy the beet Columbia machine. ; lOIJB NAME IN PRINT. lirmn of* Person it Character Con- Luff lUNportvr* »nd Their In the city yesterday: J S foxuf Star City. C B. Gosby of Marion. W G Sutioo of Dunkirk. D P. Thomas of Cscoden. H W Wolcoit of Wulcott. Ed F Newton of Wioacoac. C E. Crane of Crawfordsville. John Smith of Young America: B F Loutbaln U it Indianapolis on business. •J N Berry is visiting friends ID Kokomo- C F Maule of Lafayette was here yesterday. Tom McCarty was at Young America yesterday. L Etnmett has returned from, a visit at Good I and. J. M. Berry bas been at Kokomo on business for a day or two, Sliss Mlnrie Potthoff Is the guest of frieodo at Peru. Mrs. S. P- 'Trafflin Is visiting rela. lives a! Kokomo ibis week. J H. Muller of Lafayette was in the city yesterday oa business. Mrs Q'llncy Myers returned from a vli-lt at Coicneo yi-sterday. Jessie Hayes of tvikotno. was the guest Of Irieods In the City yesterday. G-orce Boeder claims to bo the champion CDecker pluyer of the city. Miss Anna Morgan left yesterday for a week's vjsic with relatives io Chicago. Mr. and Mrs Chas. Gifford are entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Nash Of Windfall. Ind. A J Oibora who has been visiting in Coio-ido for tbe past week or two has returotd home. Mrs. R. W. Anderson of Royal Con. ter, has gone to Chattanooga, Tenn., to visit with relatives. Mrs. G. W. Prescott of Terre Haute, is suendlng a few days with berdaugn, ter Mrs. John F. Johnson of this ciiy. Peru Caronlcle: Mrs Lizzie Terry of '^ogansport is visiting her folks In the city. ..timekeeper Harrison of the Wabaen, went to Loganeport this morning. Rev. E. S Scott was In Indianapolis yesterday looking" after the incorporation of the Winooa Presbyterian A-sembly and Summer School company. Mrs L E Wi'lett returned yesterday to her home at Glrard. Kansas after making bar home for some time with her daughter, Mrs. Ed Ernerich of this cuy. J. Ja. Grain has returned to his home at W«bash after visiting bis hroihar. J. E. Crain, the architect The former is ths recorder .elect of Wabash county. Idavllle Observer: Miss Mae Loyd, of Loeansport. who has been spending the winter In Bopedale and after being the guesc of Miss Etta Foust, a few days returned home on Tnursday.... Miss Louie Bishop Is spending the week with friends in Logansport. Secretary of State W. D. Owen arrived In Logansport at midnight last night. H- was not in Indianapolis at the time of the Denison House fire. An. Owen was lo Logansport at the Ime. Tnetr effects at the Deoison Jouse were not, damaged to any great extent. Peru Journal: Tbomaa Durlog ame up from Logansport this noon . ..Prfte Borneman went to Logaos- >ort this morning on business.... Mr. od Mrs. Alex Auple went to Logans>ort this moroiog and will hereafter reside there. Mr. Apple has secured he agency for the J. O. Cole Drewery n that city. Most Stores reduce the price on slow sellers, we are giving 14 off on all Suits and Over- A coats. We offer the choice of our entire stock. THE PROGRESS. Cor. Market and Fourth Street. Logansport, - - Indiana. SUITS TO ORDERS20CASH Extraordinary Values, E<i«ttl lo Wliat Otticr Tailors Ciiar«e !*4:O.OO t't>r. W- iirti Turning: <»u r Great Qmuititscs of Work, ami oar Customer.- urc l-'eriecily S;ui.-tie-<l. Prices are Very Low. Carl W, Keller, Tailor & Draper. 311 Market St. "DIRT DEFIES THE KINO." THEN SAPOLIO' IS GREATER THAN ROYALTY ITSELF. Peruvians Dlup'eased. Peru Cbronioie: A vury small crowd aw a young man named Eldon under- ake to play R p Van Winkle at the pera bouse last night.- Eldon may ie a very good actor and the equal of oe Jefferson, as bis play bills slate, ut you ian't gel tae people who saw 1m and his company last night elieve anything else but that they re an aggregation of first class jiya. Ir. Patterson wili confer a lasting avor on his patrons by keeping such ompanies at a respectful distance ereafter. "Wanted a-, a Emory JljiS, wtio id a principal itness in the famous Girrigus con- piracy case at Kokomo, and who is nder $1.5CO la the Graat circuit court 'here tbe ca^e was la=t tried, Is said o have disappeared. He is a barber y trade, and there is a report aoroad hat be sought refuge in Logansport. le is wanted. Money to Loan .t 4 o'ir cent, 5 per cent., 6 per cent od 8 percent,, long or short time. xmiult J. T. CocKBURir, Boom S, Spry Building. Will Xot "Aft." Zslla Ntcbolaus la unuu again filling a liirge spice in tbe public eye. Ao DOUQ -ed to appear at a mu*lc hall in New York In a burlesque, Zjlla failed to make her debut, asr-ignlugas a reason that George Gould did not wieb to appear, and offered her an Irresistible inducement to keep i>lT thi- stage. Tne pro&sibllity U thatZalia. being dcbtltute of voice or dramatic talent, could not carry out her contract, and as sbe would not draw heavily simply on account of her relations with the Gould faml y, tbe manager who engaged her dumped the "actress." A Chicago panor of Sunday has a telegram from J7aw York relating to tbe c-ocellatlon of her engagement which redds: Although %iUa Nictnlaua signed a contract with Manager Krause, of tbe Imperial Music Hall, to appear in the production of his new burlesque, 1 Rubber Roy" her debut is uonn nounced. It is said that George Gould objects to bor appearance and BO i enow the talk about tbe suit fihe once brought against him. To give color to this Idea, Zilla Nlcholaue wae seen at the Imperial a week ago Mon • day, when she was engaged in conversation with an unknown man. It is suggested that be made her an offer to cancel the engagement. She has not been seen, since. T\iere will b3 a business meeting o! 1 Our Club" tonight. A full attendance Is desired. OUR LITERARY LADIES- A Chance to Display Your Talent. To the-lady composing 1he best advertisement on shoes, either .in poetry or prose, I will present an elegant pair of hand-made wlippers. Tae advertisement to be left •• t my store on or before Feb , 14tb. ISdS. Tbe be-t composed advertisement to be decided by three competent judges. I am to have the privilege of using i any or all compositions for advertising. The composition mast not exceed 2-50 words, ilusc be written on one e of the paper ouly. Lixc W. FILLING. 412 Broadway, ADDITIONAL. IlK'IJi. ' To Mr. and Mrs. M. Cahl of Toledo dirret. a eon. At 2 a. m Uie thermometer ebowed twelve degrees below zero. Wm. Douglass has bought for $3.000 i be Worth street property of C. M. Manna. • Tna best I buve ever used," il what they all say of Ben Fisher'B Baking Powder. Cy Fury was yesterday notified of the death at Muncie of a aister-in -law, Mrs. Cyrus Tyner. Rav S. A, Oft. D, D., L L D., president of Wittenberg College. Sprlnetield. Oito. will deliver an ad- dri-88 oo ' Higher Educaiiua" at St. Luke's Luiueran church next Wednesday • vt»o ing Fvsb iS'.h Mikes, note of thU and attend, Dr Ore officiated both at tbe laying of the corner stone and at the dedication of the church ten yearn ago. The I>cp»rim.-iit Coiled Out. A fluu buroed out ai » houoo on the West Side near Po*lon's grocery last olifbt about 6:80 o'clock. No damage was done. The department was c*lled «n alarm biing sent in from box . 23. ABOITC FEET. We have seen a great many essays on feet; but the oest tbintr we hav* :ver seen on them were Filling's shoes. A gentleman or lady may be known by the shoes they wear; and •when one see a fine appearing, durable shoe tbsre is reisoa to believe that it came from the ecter- prieing shoe house of Pilling'* 4i2 Broad trty. McGHirer*. 31<-«<ilre. Tbe case of Minnie McGulre vg. the estate of Sirah McGulio deceased was yesterday settled by Judge Mo- Conoel 1 , rendering judgment for the plaintiff for $214 The demand WM for aileged services during the life of the laie Sarah McGulre, the lime of the service being 105 days at $2 a day. May bate HIM Fret. Richard Jonneon who has been brought home from Chesterton, Ind., by a brother, Sam'l Johosoo, is Bald to be in danger of losing both feet. H» Is 10 a very serious condition, and though the feet havo beeo so badlf frozen as to render amputation necef- sary, it la faired ho could not survive the operation. Cheap T- lephoite Service. Marion is Oecet by two telephone Companies wnicb. prop'se to reduce prices On electrical conversation. The Central Union is already established and the Harrison company has a^ked • for a franchise while the Pboeoix ii knocking at the door and promUinif all torts of tblogs. Tne Hirrieon company ii the same one that asked the L-Jgidriport council for a franchlie some time ago. The International Convculloo. Too 14.Q luternatlonarl Ct E ideavor Convention is to be h«ld In Boston Sins.. July 10 w 14. 1895 Christian Endeavorers are Isard | work laying plan* for proper entertain ; menl olibe expected thousands. It 11 safe to say that 60 000 delegates will attend under fivorable condition!. Boston will furnUh a seating capacity for the meetings ' for 36 000 people. The colors for the '95 convention ftr* white and arlnwn.

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