The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1948
Page 9
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MOKPAT. APKIL la, »4i CAB Rejects Low Cost Airline Plan Applicant Blamee .Refusal on Board'* ' Ignorance ef Proposal By Chirk* CwtHry 1 , tfnlted Pro* Aviation Writer WASHINTON, April 12. (UP) - «*rnue. U. Solomon w«nt« to run an airline whose stewardesses ar€ more than "glorified entertainers." But the civil Aeronautics Board SHJ-B no Out of Ignorance. Earn contends H« aerial busline, now a paper wutnt, I* called Atlantic All-lints. Solomon claim* he can charge a cent, a mile l ess u )!(n th< . hlgn . fainting carrier, which are patron- Iwd by well-to-do [oik. He also says he want.s no mall lubsidy and that's one of the main reasons he ha.s just filed a very agitated complaint with the board for refusing him routes In the recent Middle Atlantic and Boston- New Orleans cases, "In almost ruthless fashion" Sam alleges, the board questions his cost estimates, refusing him routes because it fears he would go broke. When the treasury, through ninil subsidy, pays the difference between ' estimated and actual costs, this,Is kfceplable, Solomon says. But the •Ttinard "refuses to permit private citizens io risk their money." says the petition for reconsideration of the two route cases. Explains Operations Solomon says the board shows '» complete lack of knowledge of Atlantic's proposal." which is to make air transportation available to people who can't afford to ride on present airlines. He says it would be done this way: The operation would be compact, embracing the Middle Atlantic area and a Washington-New Orleans route. There would be more • acats per plane, short hauls vvo-l eliminate luxury features. There j would be no free meals. Customers would carry their own baggage! aboard. I "The third member of the crew . is not to be a glorified entertainer j but is to perform positive functions." he said, Reservations would be held to * ' minimum. Th e price of a ticket would include ground transport to airports as well as flying. All this would bring air transportation within reach of 9,000.000 per- I sons to whom it now is denied. Solon .asserts. The present airlines ire shown a "studied unwilling«" to offer low-cost area service, he says. 'Solomon says his company spent- flSO.OOO on the route cases and the ' board .brushed him off with an allegedly ' unsupported finding that! his cost estimates were wrong and ; that.he would divert business" from ' other airlines. unK.r OOUKICT Home Fires Burn T5B Years Since 1790. 3 fire has burned steadily in this fireplace. Mrs. Ida Owens, no« 72, has been throwing another log or two on the fire ever since she inherited the log cabin in Sahrda, N. C. Mrs. Owens's son has pledged to keep Ihe fire burning after she's gone. son am if- ffte. A tombstone in Indian ceme-' t«ry. Upper .Sandusky, Ohio, reads-1 "Christiana, /wife of, John Haag died Feb. 317 1859^- * v---^J « i Kentucky's Civil Air Patrol Plans Survival Tests LOUISVILLE. Ky.. April 12. (Tjp) —The Kentucky civil Air Patrol an auxiliary of the United states Air Forces, this Summer will conduct "Operation Dogpalch." concentrating on "survival in the United States." instead of the Arctic the jungle or the desert. IA. Cot. Charles E. Hail, commanding officer of the Kentucky Wing Headquarters 53. CAP, said the general plan outlined calls for 1 a number of Kentucky squadrons to be alerted on an undefined date Upon receipt of the alert, al] squadrons will proceed upon the assumption a national emergency exists, and each squadron win go to a designated location—either Into the hills of Kentucky or into caves which have already'been surveyed for their strategic use. All aircraft in possession of these squadrons will be flown to secret landing strips where another group will camouflage both. Colonel Hall said technicians will make surveys of different types of food which can be raised within the Immediate vicinity of Operation Dogpatch to supplement food rations that 1 Would' be on hand. Air Force Unable To Carry On Long Distance Bombing , BELOIT, Wis., April 12. (UP) — pen. Carl Spanlz told newsmen here Saturday that despite Increased approbations, the United , states Ajr Force would be unable to undertake mass bomb'inc of enemy cities trom American bases. Spaalz who directed the devastation "saturation" .bombing of Germany and Japan, said a 5,000 mile non-stop flight of an Army bomber had "no great significance in establishing the feat as of strategic importance." "We have not yet reached the point where we can carry out. sustained bombing at great .distances, and I don't know when we will," Spaatz said. People who think they will be able to sit back in the'next war and let military aircraft do the Job are oil wet," he added. "They had better square up their thlng- ing with facts." Eniwetok Tests to Show How Much Atom Bomb Has Improved MOB XWB Sffffti U MyUr T WASHINGTON, April 11. <UP)_ The prim* nurpoM -of the atomic test* gain* on at Eniwelok in' to find out just how much better th* bomb has became ntnce Nmutkt, a scientific source ha» uld, "You don't have to go t» Eni- wetok to check »n alrplana bom* sight." he added, "und n lot rock- rig >nd guided mltuilM, they a««m to be dolnf a lot nf work with them right her* in 1h* united Staten." It Is no secret, ho continued, tha^ atomic weapons have been Improved «t the Los AUmoa, N. M , bomb plant since Nagasaki was destroyed In 1945. What la needed now, h* said, in a thorough, scientific measurement of the newJbomb'a atomic efficiency and Its blast, »hock, heat, and radiation eflects, The Blklnt test* failed to provide, all the data scientists wanted of the Nagasaki type bomb* detonat«<l there in 1M«. instrumentation of the air burst at Bikini failed because the bomb missed it* aiming point by some 600 yards. In many other respects, the Bl- klnl tests turned out to be, "a scientific tele." "There hasn't been a genuinely scientific test of the bomb »tnce the first atomic explosion at Ala- mogorcto (N. M.), " the United Prew '<as told. Not until the Eniwetok program was laid out, that 1». The Kniwetok plani. u announced )* th. mc *i«r«y Commlialcm, called for "routine «perlmenu and (**!* of atomic weapon*" under laboratory control condition*," That. In the opinion of scientist*, rules out air drops CM- anything eUe that might to haywire. "If it's to b* a laboratory test, why take a chance thai the bomb won't go off when and where you w«nt It to?" one scientist .-| id. "If Ihe Air Force want*- more data on bomb ballistics." he added, 'It can get them IK well with dummy bombs as with ll*e ones. There's no need U> waste a cosily atomic bomb for any »uch purpose as that." This scientist saw no reason why atomic warheads can't be rt<>F»;npd for guided mlullei. for all he knows< they have been. But he also saw no necessity for Inking guided mls- sll«s to Eniwetok—with or without atomic warheads. No authoritative, source will s»y how much Ihe bomb h»s been Improved since the war ended. Unlll the Eniwetok tests ire concluded, no one will kn<rw. UounUIn «o*U wuld v» th« winl*r» hl»h »p In rocky tbo44i *«n It not fur r««- Inc wind*. Without win* U •*«•« iwmr th» mow In i»oU, th* «nt- nul> would b* tuubl* ie retch th, •canty mon tad lichen m whleh they HT». Rend Courier News Want Ads. 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