The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1932
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Scrwd bit the United I'ress IE COURIER NEWS VGl'APKH OK NORTHEA BT AKKANRAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI T11K DOMINANT NKWBl'APHH OK NORTHEA SI 1 ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST IKMRDITION VOL XXIX—NO. 211 "BlvOicvillc Dally News, nuihiivlllu Courier. Mississippi Volley Leader. Hlyllii'Vllle Hi-raid. BhVTIIKVll.l.K, ARKANSAS, MONDAY. NOVKM11KK 21. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS OF LiSHI PHI IS MM SIT 10,532,745 Bales Ginned Prior to November 14ihl When 1 Kaymoiul Kobins Was Found Ark-Mo Counsel Seeking To Show Discrepancies in K.olwlicn Survey. Cross fMimifiatiun o! wit in-::-:: •= :n llu 1 the city'-' ansa:.-1 WASHINGTON. Ncv. 21. iUI') -| The census buiean today oslijiia'.eJ 1 cotton ginned fiom the rj:« Kni.vtb ! i prior to NuVL-mb;.'!' 11 at lf),. r f:!:!.74fi | M.yk-s t.-cnipar. 1 ;! with !4,^u7.Gi:i i>:i'v> i I over (ho siiini; purled last yrsr :in:l , Il.%2,ffi7 tol's in i«0. Cilniiiiifj activity hi I:'.'-' varifl'.r. Mules ri'|io:le:i as fallows: Aliib.niKt B-ilJ.'^'i Arizona 3li.fc(10 Arkans-K 1.087.IM7 California ii:i,102 Horiil-.s 14.558 )n;ia 731.UM jx-^pl.l .v.i tl<-.::• : :il uu yiii\L!i:.vj;.-• L Yissuiri Power company rate co'.i- \'itt. case V.-2S msil'.-r way here !';- M'jlin; to ihott- discrepancies in the nnpy.> niiidi- lur the ci'.y in an attempt to rcd'.i'.c 111'; wid; vammr Iji-'Avtr-n it'-; survey ari'l civ: mad" for thc company, which lira ako hum submitted lu Mas-] ter V. G. Holland. Suneys and appraisals made by engineers for (he power company and the clly conlr.isted sharply. The city's engineers valued powc-r company properties serving Dly- Ihcville at S28-2.M1. and the company's expert witnc-ars valued th: properties at S-!28.'JOO. City witnesses at earlier hearings csli- matcd :i return of 8.2 per i:ent i n the pow;r company's -invest-1 iisenl hero should the city owlin- irnrc rcdi.rir.L' ratvs 20 pL-r ucnt I be ellcttive. The company's wil-] nesses contended that the new rate, now held in abeyance by a restraining order, would Mi;.:ouri New Mexico North Carolina Okla'r.osua Eontli (Jarolina Tennessee Texas Virginia All others . S7IJ.VJ1 1.011, -181 ... 41.571 .. 551.9111 .. U90.428 . C11.03!! .. 33UM 3.118,730 ... 1M.4B9 .... S.OU7 S[LF GH TEMPIE irnthevRvilln Man, Critic-i ally Wounded, Still i Slopes for Death. CARUTIIERSVIU.E, Mo.— It not|. citiD-negsing relatives and tin: company enough return | tondants tu let him "finish to meet depreciation charges anil j job." Louis Wesley Nelson, at- Examine Drv Leader Who Frv.'-nol' FiKiiilv lo Hide in Carolina Hills. AKHEVILLK. N. C., Nov. 21. <U1>> —Alienists examined Col. Riiynnnd Robins In a sunltarlimi today In ! discover wlnl If anv ailment the noted prohibition lender nnd frl'.'lv.l of Profldcnt Iloovrr has bc;n .suf- ferliu; [rom since lie disappeared in September i , Colonel Robins still maintained, i according b offldiils at the Air>:if lachlan hospital, that his name wai i 'JRcynoMs Rogers," I'r.e iiiime nn- • der which for six \vo?k.i he ranni'-'d ! the Ncrth' carollmi ninmilalns i prospcctiM] tor minerals, mingled frith Indians, nnd made frbnds it 1 !"', the natives. | '-The colonel, who disappeared ! when he was'on his way to n While; with I'rcslcteni lloo- Little Rock Robbery Suspect Under Arrest MEMI'IIIS, Nov. 21. (Ul')-Thi' finger prints Inkcn from the Liuti-. mobile used In n $4.000 payroll ho!'.l- j up In Ijllllt! Rwk reeunlly rurr 1 - sixincl Lu Ifiosc of .Inrk llJivshy.i 2S, Memphis, under uriTsl In (••in; T- tlon with Ihc kldnnplm: airl r >h- biMy ol Oeoi'Ke Keilpalh, pallce :m- noimml todny. llensley denied he had nn I'.'n- nccllon wllii llir l.lttlj li"L'k r-ib- hriy. Hi: .surrendered lo olllccn l-ili- SunJny when lie l::imc:l lit- w.i-i i wnulrcl for tine* Honing In thr rub-1 urry ot Redpalh. (he the j —. 58-1 in Mould force the company to oper-j yenr-old carpenter, who shot him-!,,„;._., ate nl nn actual loss. self in the right temple twice with ~ U1UI "-' Leo P. Koberlien, engineer of [ a revolver Friday, remained in a Hcovcl '' ill? W. A. Fuller company of St. j critical condition today. I Rogers." Louis was questioned for almost | Little hope is held for him. as'early September, and ruii:ors that three hours this morning by 7..; both shots took effect in his ] i !n va murdered him led to an intensive swircl). wild, rugged Great Smoky mountains of North Carolina, Raymond Robbins, dry crusader and friend of Prosldont was found alive nnd safe, masquerading Robins, upper left, has beer yer. slili Insisted en relalnlni! his licntlly as- Rogers nnd refused lo recognl/? his wlfu and olli'jr relatives. .Di. Mark A. GrllTiu. iiroprHor of the sfinllarhnn nnd hlm. c 2ir a [ np'icd alienist, threw <ltiubl on r-3- ' n'*n.: Robins Is an amnesia v'icliiii. "I linve navor .said that Mr. Rabins suiters from amnesia, air.l •! have innde no diagnosis of the cas^ to date," he declared. PDLIGJ l!i [RSI Quotes AnuM'ican Treaty Riilificdtioii in Support of Position. OENKVA. Nov. 21. < UP)— -lupin refused licfore the Icugiie of nations council today to rcllmpilsh l:er ]»•>- ilUon In Munchnrlii, and China rc- lorlo-J by llivcnt«nln K to extend Hi? boyoott a, :n lnsl Japanese Rate Boost Pica Con- IrastwJ With Cut in Competitive. Tariffs. • l.OiJIH, .Nov. 21 (UP)— If "iinfulr competition" by r.illr.inih la allov.xd (o continus I:v two yrurs, ever/ common c?x- rli-.- v.-lll be f(rc:d olf the. mltl- wiricin rlvtra, Cleveland Newton, n liirmi:! 1 ccnsri:s';mnn, told the Win nuiiial ronvcnlloil of the Mlssls- 'lr-1 Viillcy iiutcclnllDU liere to- dny. ! Hi:wl'n. gentral. counsel for the |i\!:ro='.utlon, rald'hu luul hoped l)nigc lines would bi nhle to co-" with tlic riillroiids, iow n]i)icnrij "(here must he. a finish light Iwlwccn the two." '"I'hcre l« n place In Ihe scheme cf American Irnnsportntlcn for tuth the barges and Ihc rnllroud!, lint (here Is no plncc for the un- fulr ladies the railroads arc HS- livj to nut us out of buslncsi," Ncwlon (lechivcd. , . "Reynolds Dr. Griffin said he did not know 1 nia'-oueriuling as Reynolds I LJl - vjmmi aiuu ut: utu uuu MIU.V rifncu nii<M|jiuiuiiun^ 01 n'e rvci- '•'tn iiivlcrlously missing sines how loni; Mrs.'Robins mm her hus- l osc part to uvovo Hint .Him- w-«j band's fninily would leave Robins i not guilty of trcatv violation In a guns of bootleggers might , n h ,. snl i|| ar i, im . i Mnnclmrla, Mnlsuokn told the The location ol A. Piitlersan of Kansas City, Mo., head, the first going in (he temple W liittier, isolated mountain hamlet 00 miles from Ashevllle. wliers -UJ «r f, H n ».-.»•. fn,. (Ui-, »r»i-Ai- nnin- ni til cfni^iiin mif *Vi« *•«., ^.*- \,<»-. i'"»vi.n,t, ^..u.ui.-. and coining out the top of his I chief attorney for the pawor company in the rate case. Koberiien j head ( and the '• second shot re- j -personally mnde the survey of the' maining in thc head. ; i'power company's properties- forj .Mr. Nelson has b:en a-resident ^ mp city-which varied sharply from I of This' city since 1920. the survey made by a Kansas Cityj .Mr. Nelson explained that after Rotins'wcs found, is indicated on the map, upper right, and the doctor added, "ir hs is Mr. Robins . Tho uosltion or the two i wns outlined in speeches by Ynsok-- 1 .v.alsuoka for Japan.and Dr. Wellington Koo for China. Tf.clr deadlock croalcil n Hi'nve crisis for tho league, with Ihc withdrawn! of Jnimn from sneni- bc'fhlp thrculcned. book, "Ti-.e Aspirin Atse." It was nil iibout the Jura-mad, cynical you Hi of today. In an Interview then, liho snkl. "Murrluisc would dlsornnnlzj my wholo life . . . but I'd be uliul to do it for the gcnulnsly worth- man." Well, she's found lilm. will lie mnriled In February to the Americnn, IJrltlsh aiul _ French Interpretations of the Kel- Uen' Wnaon. '10, New York writer. I Ma' "fn every way I am able to tell | Icnijue of nations countll thixt ilii- the man is perfectly normal." the firm for Hie power eating breakfast Friday at . about enpineerinj rr.nip.iny. six o'clock, she prepared to clean The course of the questioning "!> lhc kitchen atid Mr. .Nelson this morning indicated that thel u ' ent into »' e living room. Ifc was power company will admit errors MO 80 to work at seven o'clock, ill the. report made by the Burns- 1 bci "S employed by J. P. Peterson. McEonald company of Kansas City ! a priinitiv,^ rf the region is s ho*i, a beard, was in good health. He was agents who located -him. below. Robins, who had grown | ^« f «^ cicely ciianled, by : Icdera\h lnv[our But lz: Mrs. Hob- which were advcrs- to the power contractor. At about six - Nelson huarcl a shot company and will attempt to es- Und went to the living room to ' what the trouble was and . - found Mr. Nelson walking company, through counsel, claimed around the room m a dazed con- latlish the errors by further evi- sec deuce. Specific errors which the | were marie, were by inclusion of BurdiHtc in population served tl-rasiEh the DlylliBVille system. Kotcrlicn's curvcy wns in the i-atuiT of a check on the Burns- Mcnonaid report and apparent discrepancies in liis survey on the tasis cf errors in the Burns-Mc- dilion, apparently trying to find the bed. She nskcd him what he had done and he talked to her n few minutes, but as soon as he was seated upon tlv lied he raised the revolver and lircd another bullet into his head before she could stop him. She then cnlleil Ronald report, as v:c!l ns Inaccur-1 for help and neighbors took the gun away from him. Besides his wife. Mr. Nelson has six children, who have all been notified of the deplorable tragedy, and all of who mere llinn likely coir.; to their his own estimates, jj.'Sn's the p:ivrr company is at- fcmplins to briii'? out. Koberlien's veptrl £h'.v. eil Lu:-;ora as well as Ui;rdelte served by the P-lytheville F.v£lein. father's bedside. CrawScrd Green Heads Educational Association Crawford Greene, superintendent j of the city schccls. was riecl;."" I president cf tha Northeast Arkau- ] fns Education assoriatin in n I n-LCctiiig at Joncsbaro Saturday. !!? vas formerly at thc V.ead ol the Northeast Arkansas Athletic asso- . elation which is affiliated with til'" group, ft. s. Rainwater. M:p?rin- (cmtiMit of Lawrence county s:ho5ls v.'as named vice president. D;an E. L. WhU.sitt, of Arkansas A. an:l M.. at jonestoi-o. secretary, ana 1 Mrs. W. L. Skaggs. .suporinlcndcn! cf Greene county cc^ools. treasurer. Now m:mt:rs of the brurc] ar? R. E. Fullbright, superintendent o! • the Wclncr schools, and R. F. Writ- more. .sup3rint;ndcnt of thr Mirtecl Tree sphcols. Practically nil O f the Icochrrs ir JtLvisfippi county schools attend?:" t^'o two day session. SriESllftBFi Illinois Republican Confid- ehr President Will Sign Bill. Research Smart May Aid'" War Upon Disease. WASHINGTON. Nov. 21 (UPi —! Robert F. Smarl. son o( Mr. find A confident r-'-'cdiction Hint Pros- Mrs. J. H. Smart, and now p-o- :'dcnl Kcover would sign a beer fessor of biology at the Unlver.iltv bill \vhen passed by congress was' of Richmond, Richmond, Va.. 13 marie by Rep. Britten, Republican, conducting an investigation In liis Illinois. aft.2r a th? chief executive today. thero Is lothlng (o cause me to tellevc tha! there is anything wron» with him." T..K. Hyatt, Ihc Wlilttlor man from" whom Rogers intended to buv an automobile and pay cash for it. country. pan cannot consider any substitute f^r the tircsenl yovernuianl In thfi Mancliurlnn slate of Manchukuo. Matsuoka's voice roso nearly to a shout when he read the United Slates simile's ratification of (lie Kellogg Pact, recognizing that the right of self-protection may be extended beyond the bonier.? of n declared he met Robins when tlw latter first came here. Robins then ejeclarei he had comc.:frnm Now York / city to seek pejico in the nioimtains, according to the motor car dialer, and sMmed entirely normal. ''! RED The Japanese delcgnle spoke foi 60 minutes. Dr. Wellington Koo. chief Chinese delegate, loikcd nl the ceil- InR ns though day dreaming. Tlic council adjourned nfler Mal- suoka's speech to convene ngnln at 4 p.m. to hear Dr. Kco. conference with field which may lead to an Import- VipOl'OUS 'Effort Planned c today. , ant jmdtng in disease provenlloii. j _ _, '. n , . ror Llosing Days of An- l ant ending in disease pro ! Dr. William H. Wcstcn. htii \VASHINGTON. Nov. 21 (UP)—i the department of Cryptoffrnmmi: i p nrv ._ a : ml lie wet blrc drive for immcdUto Botany at Harvard Univ:rslty. un- nlla! Campaign. Tlie wet blrc drive for immediate Botany at Harvard Univ:rslty. un- repeal of Ihc I8lh aniendmcnt to- dor whom Mr. Smart studied li"=l riav secured ndciod impeSiis when year in preparation for his Ph. D Representative Dyer. Missouri, degree, states that findings of IhiF ankins; Republican on Ihe house investigation will be of world-wide udlclnry committee, mid ho was interest. Old Resident o Sncc'im^s At Home ol His Nephew. Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon for .John H riarris, C5, an old resident of this i-itv. \vlio died late Saturday af- crnoou nephew. at the home Ansel Harris. of his 'confident" his committee would. -romiiltv ion. "I believe it i. ; ! one of the first Smart U working on a srcur report a repeal rcsoHi-. of orgiul j sms known as Mvzomv- | cetcs. claimed bv bolnni'ls ?s fnn- '• gi. and by zoologists as animi!- hin-s thc committee will do." s nna i lav |nz characterisllr.s of b-st'.i Dyer said. He said he would fight | Thcy arc known a.s border-lino •-•-• proposal for esiicnsivc hear- i Enn Jsms. and in their life cyrls" on prchibilion rejical. oe-. p nss through a stage of feeding tvo- clariii'j (tint, such a step would be ' | ca i O f th; lower animals rnch o:- "frr delay only". amoeba. At thn same lime Rcnresentative ; ,, ovgnlli$IT15 Bre kno ., VI1 ,, Vmson. KcnUicky. n ranking Demo- , dlsen«-p'o-'iiclnir h"-- v.-hic-h mist retwrt a bill. ; L*JJ Jii iuuim in iiiun i mini in n>i^/. , r , tnts. and Professor Smart's invrs- for revenue" Ml., announced he.[ "^il^ I, Mn E ma* lo *t, r" i.. S "™; r Lr'^ ". mMsur =.m1,i^ whether or not Ibev mnv l Committeo Will Probe East Tennesitee Voting WASHINGTON. Nov. 21 (UP> — Chnirman Racon of thc special hcusc comniltlcc tnvestigatint; al'•£"-<?<[ election irregularities an- iioiincpd today that a sub-commit- lt C'hns been appointed to conduct an inquiry Into the east Tennessee cciKrccslcnal race where form- rr rcpresentnllvc Carroll Reecc defeated Ccngresinian Lovcttc. Both arc^ republicans. Nelson. Republican, Maine, win ) 1C ad the group which will conduct the Tennessee Invesiig.uion. Ragon said Ihe committee, which Inst \vcck held hecrinjs in Plniadeip^ift, would go to. Tennessee to conduct at least n prrlicn of tholr inquiry. However tt? said no d^rinito cl.-itc'has been ft l. Although Mr. Karris had berv in ill health for some times hi' death was unexpected. An at- inck c.f Influenza is believed I have been the immediate caus of Ihe illness which sent him to bed and caused his death sud-' denly late Saturday. For several years Mr. Harris had lived on tlic -econd floor of Ihe Hale build- ng. He engaged in the insurance end real estate ; busliu(5s here for many years. The Rev. W. J. LcRoy. pastor rf the Luke Street Methodist church, officiated at the services hold at the Cobb chnpel. Interment was made nt Maple Grove cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking company was in chnrgc of fim- ernl arrangements. The deceased is survived bv his sister. Mrs. John Chism. his half- brother, c. II. Harris, and Ihrce slop-daughters, Mrs. C. B. Utns- ford, Mrs. Tom Little mid Mrs, Cora Whitmarsh, and a step-son, Charley Walker. in committee and on the floor of I inc iioiiss. Vnson said lip was "here lo v.-ork" and faw no reason why the ' ways prd menus committee could 1:01 hold informal sessions before confess meets lo G et the bor-r bill ready. into tho hutnnn blcxxl- Ptrcp.m for disease prevention. Find- av lead to an important dl^for medical science simila 1 to t^-ai mace during the world wat ". was found that thc larva' were more efficient than an ; ns bloo<l-po:sDmnj prevcn- of Vnrl- NFW YORK. Nov. 21 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open Hiijh I,ow Close Dec ... Mor ... Jul ... Oct ... Spots quiet. 610 016 C,R 055 647 661 closed 611) GIG 626 637 647 CC2 at 611 620 630 640 G54 605 611 621 632 643 656 !«!. (atlvos. Prorcssc.r Smart attended the city high school before s>oin<> :• Mississippi college-. Cliton. Mi« nnd later attended Harvard Un! vcrslty. Ho has been a monitor o the faculty ^t tbe Unlvcrsltv Richmond for two years and Us had a . loav« tit nternca fo 'nrtlier study at Harvard 615, oft 10, CMcayo Wheat CHICAGO, Nov. 21 (UP)—Wheat closed: Doccmlioi-. 42 3-4; July, •ID 1-4. Orfp'tna i ftftnn NE\V ORLEANS. Nov. 21 (UP) —Cotton closed quiet. Open Hleli Low Close Dec 610 610 601 603 Jan G1S 615 603 610 Mar fi21 624 617 620 May 635 035 628 630 Jul 645 641 638 641 Oct 6^8 658 654 654b Will Bepin Evangelistic Meetinii on Lilly Strce The Rev. J. H. Filzsernld will b» gin nn evangelistic meeting tcni?' i>t thc Baotlst mission on Sou Lilly street. His subject for IV opening service, to begin at o'clock, will be: "Does tho E: Side Need a Revival." "Do Von Need Jesus? He N;i i You" is to he thc genon! lh?m? of ' tr.o nightly srvices whlcli will b: featured with group singing. Thc public Is invited. membership in the Chlcknsawba district of Mississippi county took another jump Saturday, a n d prospects f o r ac'nlcv-'.iicnl of the 2.COO member quota ap- •arcd better Icday than since Ihc :enlng of thc roll call. Red Cross leaders spoke in a umber of churches yesterday in i apiical to the public to Join, nd vigorous effort is planned for ic closing days of the cam- atgn, which ends Thursday. Following are members not prev- rrly reported: Dr. C. C. Stevens, Ben Blanton :. E. Maurock, C. E. Nel!s=n, C. . Douslas. Mif.? Clara Ruble, P. E. Atkinson. Lloyd Hltt. Eunice (Continued on page three) Mrs. Runcrt Craflon Seriously Injured in Accident Near Wilson. Mrs. Rupert Craflon was srr- IciiFly Injured when her car turned over near Wilsnn late yofitcr- dav afternoon. Other occupant.- of the car. Inrliidlm; Mrs. Crafton's •even-wocks-old dTiinhtcr. her mother, ^frs. Tom Martin, hcr sls- 'cr. Mks Virginia Mnrlln. nnd a nurse o.scatx 1 :! with minor bruisrs. The parlv was nMiirnlng hero Election of De'aii JoHn liamson Fails to Receive Confirmation. .t UTTLE ROCK. Nov. 21. (UP) — Protests by a negro Episcopal bishop that, thc color line had been drawn at the celebration of the hcly communion at a diocesan convention today had ended In tr.c invalidation of the election of thc Very Rev. John Williamson as blsliop c! the diocese of Arkansas. Official notice ot the failure of lhe Rev. Mr. Williamson to obtain thc confirmation of a majority of the 73 bls'iops of the church was sent to the Rev. H. A. Stow-31! Pine Bluff, president of tho stand- Ing committee for the diocese from th? presiding lilshcu of Ihr church, thc Mest- Rev. James D: n'f Perry, Provldoncc. R. I. T'nc Rev. Mr. Williamson, dean of Trlnily cathedral at Little Rock, was elected bishop at Iho ICth annual convention of thc diocese at Newoort last May. Bishop E. Thomas Donby. Little Ro:k. bishop fo' negro work In the .-cuthwestsrn staler, proles(cj l^e election of Rev Williamson. "llcsllle f:rcss are martialliij heir iiri:i\!Kil strentth hi !> tpvj- ilul cirort lo prevent fu'.thcr dc- •elnpmonl or thc Mississippi river ind tributary nysteius. The ines must flghl tor their lives." Newton urged n union of agrl : cultural and Industrial leaders to ild In the fight to promote waterways transportation. "H Is your flghl as well ns ours," Newton told the 000 Industrial and agricultural loaders gathered for the two day session. 'The Mississippi Valley nssoch,- llon Is not oppcsed to the railroads, but : .docs'.-demand, a square deal from they," Mcwloii "oald. j. ,He charged thc raljronrts, while npply Ins. - f or a J^ : oer:. .cent r*! e Ini-rchtii?;' •linvu-'nrntitiiiCid^'fdSiic-'^ lloiu rnnglng from 3:1 to 50 por cent on commodities which co;n- irlse river Imfflc. W. R. Cherry, Father oi Locel Man, Is Dead W. R. Cherry, 72, fatlwr of J. Louis Oherry, died at .Ills home in Paris, Ark., at midnight last night following a stroke ot apoplexy thr*> wcclr.s ngo. Funeral services will probably IK held tomorrow In that city. Mr. nnd Mrs. Cherry left immediately lor Paris where th-y will remain until th= ot the week. The deccnsod wns nn o'.itstsnd- ng ngurc In that part of the state, laving been n banker and planter. He Is survived by his wife, tbrw oils, J. Louis Cherry of here. Bob Cherry of New York and Rufus iherry ot Little Rock, and two v inngiUers. Mrs. Dow McGchec o! Oklahoma nnd n daughter who re- iides in Kansas. : Winnie Ruth JiwH Begins Last Fight PHOENIX, Ariz., Nov. 21. (UP from a visit, in Mlssisslnul when J—Winnie Elulh Judd tcday a tire blew out, causing Miss Vlr- olnla MorUn. (he driver, lo lose •ontrnl of (he cnr. Mrs. Crafton. vho was reported fo hnvp .sustained a frncturcil nel"is. was rushed to Campbell's clinic H Memphfr. in a CD!)!) ambulnnrc. Something We All Want Is more mDneyl An3 it's something all of us can get— through Courier News Want Ads. Hero's an nd FOR SALE—Model "A" I'-l Ten Ford Truck. Perfect condition. Very reasonable. that ran recently In the "For Sale" column of the Courier News and brou?ht excellent results for the advertiser. Sell what you don't need for cash. P':one your Ad to COURIER NEWS Call 306 New Anti-Shoplifting Method Is Planned BOSTON. (UPi — Co-oprration between the Juv?nlle courl and store irot/'ctlon dcpirimcnti in the -nndlln^ of Invnllo casrs is n!an- nfd hero, following .1 stmjv cf Ihe -elallonshfi) between juvenib delinquency and shopllftln?. Stork A. T. and T ............. 10) 3-4 Annconda Copper ...... 95- Anbiirn ................. 45 1- Caterpillar Tractor ...... 81 Chrysler ................ 16 I- nitlcs Sen Ice ........... 3 Coca Cola .............. 82 1.. Continental Baking — 41- Cienerol Klectrlc ........ 16 1 General Nfotors ......... 13 1- Mlddlewest MontBomery Word New York Central Packard Hadlo Simmons Beds I- 13723 5- 81- hat may be hcr last great figh o escaix; the fcimynian's noose. SK attorneys were to present oral rgmnenLs before the state suprsmr ourt for a new trial for the womar •horn a Jtirj- decided killed Mr.= itrne.-i Anns Lore!. Djfenso arru- iicnls were b.nscrt on six nKCrl^c' rrors. chif of. which was th; al- cgatlon that Superior Jud^: H^w- rd Speakman erred when ^e reused to Instruct Iho trial jury in self-defense verdict. Fun! Louisiana Negro, Victim of "Lynch Law" WIN'SHOHO. Li.. Nov. 21. (UP1J Th; l)0dy of a nesro. victim of "lynch law," wa' found wil'.i two bullet wounds, suspended from -a tree on the roadside near Wlsner, 15 miles south of bore. Sunday. The negro, identifies as William House. 28. had b:en arrested'sev- eral days aso on complaint of tw:> omen who said he had insulted . He was removed frcm !':e lo- Jail by Town Marshal R. L. jraham and started on h's \vav o Wlsncr to bo placed in tte Jail for safekeeping. Enroute- lo \Vlsner a group of 20 iwn tcok the negro awiy from Jraham. Aged Local Resident Breaks Leg in Fall Mrs. Fannie Ray. 87. broke her right ie? just below thc Mi f'«v day morning when flic fell at t'T nome of niece. Mr?. A. M^. Butt with whom she resides. S'IP. war lakcn lo the Blytticvlll" hospital ir a Cobb ambulance whore s^3 l! lesting very well today. Mrs. Ray has b?en nn Inv-ill since hcr leg war, partbllv para Ivwd two years aoo ni"l f'O liml wenkened o.s she was walking acros. a floor. Local Pastor to Hold Meeting at Dyersbur Tho Rev. E. K. Littmer. paste of the F1r<t Chrlstlin cburc'^, went. . .. —..-..... to Dysrsburg, Tcnn., tcday when pi 11 ' n year a<?<\ tho minimum tern- Standard of N. J 3I'5-8'he will conduct a ten days evan- ]perature wns 59; degrees and the Tcxns Co 10 igelLstlc meeting at the First Chris-! maximum, 68'degrees, cloudy wllh Communistic Russia Ready to "Fold Up" PAN ANOELO, Tex. (UP)— Com- ni-nistlc Russia Is about rcadv to fcld UD", believes Dr. Dswey Suton. sur?eon. who recently rc- cd his practice here after <trdyin« In Eiirepc. He described Ihe nation as ons of »reat machines, industrial plants nd hunzrv stomachs "the areat- oxrJoitetion of humanity In tho history of the world". WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair, colder o*«bt In extreme r.orthwest norilon. tonight Tuesday fair, rising temperatures. Acr.-rdlne to the ofTlclol wtath- •* ob e cn-er. Charles PhlDlps, Jr., the minimum temnerature liera ,-cp'rrdnv wss 37 dewets and the vavlmiim, 65 dcgre.c.'i. clear. To- 10 U. 'S. Steel 35 5-RI tian church 6f that city. 12.21 inches ot rain, /

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