The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 10, 1934
Page 3
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ER 10, 19.34 JLYTHEVII-LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Great' Britain Thrilled by Royal Wedding Says Willuli-awal of Money for Kennel I Plant Was to Follow Rate Cut ST. LOUIS, Mo.—A pelillon of the Arkansas-Missouri Power coin- pany for a permanent injunction! lo block construction of a munlcf- i pa) electric plant at Kennetl. Mo., was taken under advisement by Federal Judge "Marls following a hearing here Saturday at which counsel for the utility company charged that Die- Public Works AdminiElrailrai had broken Ik promise to Withdraw financial support from Ihe Kenncli project fof- lowing a reduction of rates hy the Arkansas-Missouri company. I For tiie purpose of Imilding th D municipal pkuit Ihe city of n c -n- i rietl has sold S120.MJO of bonds to the I-WA and has received a fcd- ,eral gram of $30,000. The Arkan- Jsas-Mluiourl Power company is operating | (! Kennetl under a 20-. year l'niH<.-lil«i> which expires nr-xt February 10. I N'n Written Agreement | A. •/,. Patterson of Kansas City, onr; of Hie. company:; allorney.s, said llifi siBrreinnnt lo withdraw federal aid from ihe project, was inaAn al « eanterencf. four monlhs ago, but that nfler the company reduced Its rates to llic level con- i templates liy Uie municipal plum,! Iho r-WA went ahead wltli ihe Brant and purchased the city's bonds, .ludp.e Paris asked If there was n wi-IUcii ngrcemeht, and Patterson said there was not, mil, he was prepared to prove thn oral agreement. There as un denial or the charge and no testimony was taken. Patterson asserted (hat conslruc- lion of tlie munietpfll plant would put the privalc plant out of business and destroy an investment of $400,000 for the sake of providing «20,iXKi worth of employment. Loss of the business at Kennetl, one of the largest of the 92 towns served by Ihe company, would result in Ihe company being unable to pay interest on its S3.000 of bonds he said. Counsel for the company argued that for..equitable reasons the injunction shouid he "ranted. Franchise Soon Will Expire For the City of Kennctt, Attorney Robert B. Fizucll argued that the situation was similar lo that at California, Mo., wherein Federal .?ud»c Merrill E. Otis at Kansas City refused to grant an injunction sought by the Missouri ; Ulililies the California case Judge Otis held that Congress had (he- power -to- ! appropnatc nioney for loans and grants for the purpose ,of relieving ,• unemployment under..the general welfare clame of the Constitution. The corporation seeking the injunction at California did not have a franchise, and in 'the- Kennctt case the franc-lite Is soon to 'expire. - Jiid-je Paris salt) {do question was one of "crying importance" and took the case under advisement. Indicating he would not decide it until the United States Supreme Court hns passed on the California case. Attorneys have 20 days ill which lo file briefs. By agreement, work on the municipal plant is not. to orocc-ed pemlin* a decision of the case. [big talk, lo Iliclr wives thai morn- Ing about -how many- utiensnnU flu>)< would liag. Miiddenly theiv WAS a diuinmlni; WMiiid. niil (,f ihp ilild; under- Kiowlli in, Hi- vnnd'ililn tnv. nnvi- l>h«is»iils. They MVcjit upward lUTOM (lie highway, inn i'Vfn n ilivcl lUvvor iwuMii'C slnii nm'cUy t'nnii||li in mtv; litlllnn {'tin ui Iliom. I."nvlnc their .slioljinni in tli? C.H-, Die Inmlrrs ii'apr-d oul, picked un U>« two birds, boih lions, nml slsii-t- ' PAGE THRSK British Ban Free Beer For Hoboes al Yuletide WORCESTER, ICiiiilnnd (UPI — Christinas Day In ilia workhouse wuii'l lie ((IB lioljoiis' delight It iis«! to be liiTi! llils year. It's ijo- '>!!! to be a tiatif-tlry, soft-drinks oi-nislon as a result of Hie work- lions? authorities' ilcclslun 10 put a b:m on frci' baer as an uld to Ihe^Yult'ilde ft'stlvllk-s. Time wus whtn ilie "arLsi<)cr:u-y of Hit: road," who put In at Hi; wm-klioiiH- here on Chrl.stimis IJiiy, coul;l count on n tunkiinl ol b;-i-r Witli their dinner. TJir> Ui:Jii3.-n)iH)l L'ecomo so strong lliaf trnmp.^ from r.nnil lo bcr-llno Clirlslmns, ' Tlili yw (hi:l?d lhat if (lioy '•' hw l:r."i- Die in 6t'l John o' rtroal.i Wor,-c-2lfr on Cllll.l ., Illis yi'iu- Is sofl. i|rlnl;,s, li-a, rtatr Tilt' uvfi'«i(i> child's voi-nhulnvy ut l year |» ihrm wnrch, ni a nlmii: , and at J-iihout liOO, COMMON PMLDSJ '/Hrllcvu Hiti'illMrcAftliri Mm in naf?rlls mid L-uhljln^ on cEiu«1. , t ,,,,. Vlni COMFORT O»Ut Oilllcrl ny Prlgldalre Hnl'c - Snnilnry I'lnl - 7o Quart - 12c CHAIGS DAIRY Phone 74 Tlili was (He nlitin-ing xcenc in l/-,ii<lon's niioton Wcslmlnslw Abbey ns Iho Dnh- of Kent fourth -mi ,r .,i , Mary, and Prirn^; Mavta, daup.luer or Prince KK-holas of G,«e, w , J., "tv 'nK e's „ !l' ,* ^ filled Ihe Abtoy ,o t^dly « tlmainas ml ^ ),,,,d the colony Ihro^h',,! e^ eif ,, h , 1 1 !' ^ t ^\ r«e the rostrum on *,*„ a,, stnndi,,, th« Archb.h,,;, of Canterh.r, ,,„„ ,he A ,,,,L,op 'of Vo,,, ^ ", „ ' „ " ,, '"'•'"""•"te «*Ui^- cf U.c trid" and brWssraoiu Hank the rostrum on each side, Won't You Please Give My Daddy Some Kind of an Xmas Job 'Hie Duke and Diu'hess of Kent case will be sold complelc for re- .seen Here aiid'lhc Hist lvn>- i<>- ! SS! HfmntT""",-,, AIS ° l ! 10 """^ |10 '- C '" ™'» ™™> ' «' * »,»!', ^'" e ° °" th ° k ' Ma] l)y " Du-adwood hunter. Oth,)" C °, ° C , °'l "V" 11 " 1 - ™ '^"i-ted scclns sl B ns of a the old landmark. mour.tnln lion, an animal that Hits el1 hl Ulc "I"* Itllbi /•• i- Tm I — Canadian Wild Animals Are Working Southward Dog and Guns Flivver Bags Pheasants s? DEADWOOD, s. D. (up)-wiid nmmals from northern Canadian forests are working southward, ac- O N OT (inly my Daildy 1ml lola of iillntr DuilulDH am liyhm u, find Wdi-li. Any Und O f a Job will ilo Jiiui ao no cini IUWB u linpiiy ClirloiuuiN. Kveu a iW day.i work will timko all tlio ilKfeniiiro liPlwi'Oii a ihcary day unit a bapuy n"o. Your jaiM may need cleanlui: nil, nr riimo od,| repair job i!(iulil be done- around ynm hriuo; your liloi^' luitlil iii'cil un oxlni elorlt for Ihu lioliday trii.ld; j-oiir "Ificrt lulijht need ail miru. },, m ] : . liijtsjirr or hnliwu- <;[ sman Mini. Yun nilrhl want soiao wmiil cut or Inn leaver, rnkeil; ymn- anioiiifibllu may iilJil n lllllo 'rermtr J<di i>r even IK'.lnlhiK. Won't you sen If ilierii Isn't somo kind of a job around VOUIl place tlinl nocib lo ), 0 don,, now'.' I'lcnsc! I am gijlii >; to IIIUIK my Hlocliln.-r up ciiristmas u\'a |, 0 . «iii»i'! Daildy sa.Vii "tnmtnnn" will neihi Kaula in !mr iioiiFf, sm-ely. A Ui at iw can !iclp fe fftU fef- frtrt In Blvo n joh lo overy un. ouiplojoil fallio;- or family head hi UrU coinniunlty. A few, il/iyH tv'oilf will help to glra tlielr families a happy Clnlstmas and IHMCllcnlly eiory Ijomc, nloro or Hhca of bualiioEu haa iionty of odd jolm lo lio done. Look around your hroiiilHcii, even ulreicli a point It iie'canHniy, lni( try lo crcalo » Job ot Homo iioi-1 for sonic unfortunate fiillier. Tlien call Iho U. S. NaClon- a! lli-nmiilo>uu)iit Ofdco ami a ••tpiallffoil v, 3 riiOr will be apnt at oum { n ilu Uin work. Tlia-U. 8. Kmploymenl Seivlco li opoiatcd for I bo benellt of emiHoyors' and prnsiiccthe cmployoua \\itlioiitc08t lo clllici. It h oullioly n. Pocleral iVnn-ltollcl Ascney nclhij; as n i-leariiig bouio tor loc.U employment, i.vt'ii tnako .llito.ciivhilmna a nii'rry one In our community . . , lulls will i|o III Will you' liolpt U. S. NATIONAL RE-EMPLOYMENT SERVICE a minute^ liertfs what she smokes Two Locomotives. 4C Yrs. Old, StiSi in Operation P1TCHBURO, Mass. (UP)—Two •((/-year-old locomotives still are. in use here. They operate over what Is known as the John Gushing railroad, which bears (he name of ils builder. H is a single-tracked system, now electrified, which Cush- inj use.-) in connection with his srain business. An astute business man, legend ! ,-„,„ „ ,, has it that when he built the lit-1 mainagc cei monj, .ne Entnlns ro\.i! tie roatl dishing mailed free pass-' Kct! -' '' vllosa " Ilicil uiarked Un first Introduction of n es to all the railway presidents l>""crss into the British royul circle 'n tills g^ii'i-ilion lly • hroughout tlie country. Not real-, and Um-hrys of Konl ' «mg that no pasficngers were ever i "' _ lo ride over the dishing road.'^, .'~ " " one- Quaker Cify , these }n-esidents, as n mailer of courtesy, sent Gushing free passes or ihelr roads. And It is recalled tliat tlicrcaftcr ensuing now long ' si - it i TI ":any wel-known fi Hotel Under llammei" uliclfr thft bammer. " .generations the stopping place of ":any well-known figureji. bus t -oue HOSIERY . QIOVES UNDEUWfAR JACK APPI.EBAUM fta^^a^feg^EntfriiKtiiiTg'^'^ the cigarette that's MILDER that TASTES BETTEB © 1S)I. tram t Mrtu Toncw c<

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