The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1937
Page 6
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PACE Milt' BUTHEVILUS COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO.,. PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK,. Editor H. W. JIAINES, Advertising'Manager Solo National Advertising Representatives; Arkansas Dallies, Inc., NOW iTorlt, Chicago, Detroit, Bl.' Louis, Dallas, K»nsas City,Memphis, Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at the post office at Blythoville, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1S11. Served by the United Prew ' SUBSCRIPTION ,- By carrier Ui the City of BtylhevHJc, 16o p<* ' wcclc, pr 65o per month, By mat!, within a radius ot 50 miles, <3.<)p per year, $1.50 for six months, 75c for three months; by" niall In postal zones two lo'siic, inclusive, 56.50 per year; in zones seven and cljjhl, flQ.W per year, payable in advance. Study Lalcsl Example of Nazi Regimentation \ You .(jail Icarn iiiiitc » bit about llws relative merits of, democracy and aiilocracy by stu'dying the undeclared wiir which Mayor. LaGuardia of Now York Hceins to be waging with the N;ui goveni'mcnl of Germany. .The mayor began it, as American mayors so often dp, by sounding pff at, some length on the evils of djetalor- ship. In brief, he sugguslpd that New, York install a chamber of horrors at its coming world's fair, and that it put the brown-shirtcd figure of u Nazi j in it as a..terrible example. 'Mm started The Geraian government'-J9<lgq(] a;,.formal protest with the A'm'pricaiuJJtai'eDepartment, protesting Unit « ifrjelid'iy power liti'd been insulted. The Stale Dopari.meiit made the obvious reply—that;;:while • this might be so, there is IIQ author-''' ity or tradition by which an American government can exercise the remotest sort of control over ail Aincri- ciin mayor. Then tlie Gorman newspapers swung into cry. ., - .-.• - , Der AngrilV remarked 4arkly that Germany might take an. interest' in' American events which "might not be precisely pleasant," unless ' Mayor LaGuardia's "slanderous i words" ' arc retracted. Other papers followed suit. The mayor was denounced as "a shameless lout," as "an aiwstlo of hate.vvilli a. thieves' (ion meJiliiJily," as- a' "nasty fellow" (someone was lacking in in- venlivoncss, on that', one). And out of it all:wo get one of the frothiest teapot tempests by which German-American relations, have beeii troubled since llticy J.png received; *i Nazi oruiser commander while clad in Krceii silk imjamiis. The thing isn't important, of course. H is simply cue of Ujosc squabbles which are inevitable when the loose organisation of a democracy bumps up against the completely regimented phdlanx of a c!ictatorshii>. But it is rather instructive. The American government has no control at all over American mayors; the German government lias complete and absolute control over German newspaper editors. There lies the •contrast. Under our system, a mayor can say; ViW,l3, (AUK,); coURUit mm and do 'anything he pleases without, accounting to Washington for jug acts, lie can make votes for hi'n\self by riling (he feelings of a friendly pa- lion, as Mnygr UGuardia is now dohur ai)<l as Bip J)ill Thompson once did in Chicitgp with'his threats to punch King George of England in the nose. It menus nothing at, all. Under the other system, an editor says nothing whatever without the approval of the centra] goverument. Hjs lightest word reflects the feeN ing of hjs overlord. If he spouts fishwife :abuse, JIQ simply rnirrors the jnculality of the people on loj>. Each system lias it? defects. But can any Amor/can doubt that the system of no control at all is a lot easier, to live niftier than the system of too xuuch control? The Old "Come Qn"? Kver since the World War ended, sat) 'disillusionment has been the lot of America. Immediately after the "war to end wars," for instance, foreign nations began to hatch another imbroglio. America has-had'-to whistle for most of the/nwney it,• loaned abroad, jn addition, it has had .to Ijatew to numerous ^-overseas ' contentions that the United. Slates played a minor role in the .lyinijiiijr; of -.the great war. Suddenly, liowcver, we are beginning to learn, that debtor nations are considering paying olf, and to find out —as Lord Lothian expressed himself in the House of Lords the other clay- that ,Britain .could not have emerged rictor from the World War without Uncle, Srtm's aid. Honeyed woids, these, but are they sincere? Or arc they just part of a. campaign to cement tattered bonds of Anglo-Apiei-ican ijmlerstHtAhng, and to luro Uncle Sam back into his role of 101748? Men tend to become conservatives as Ilicy Biow older, and lawyers &re always tqmcrvn- thts, -Dr. T. M pallid, New York 'University. approving preside!)^ plan for '. reirgiuilz- ing. the. supremo court. « . * ' • r am one of the people who ma^c n [arc- well Hurt stay Inrqwelled — Geialdine fnrrnr, retired , Metropolitan Qpera singer. * * » On jour Hollywood Uulcvsrrt oi|c ijecs much prettier glrli than in Paiii,. -Serce' Arota, French Him producer. ' ' f *., r All bhe needs to do is, lo follQ* iny rule- (lon'l lei Riiybody mteifcre w(lh ypur piftrrJage. -Mr?. Msric Fcatlierly, n.year^old Chicago nwlhcr of U ; o cliiidrcn, - advising Orycar-olti Mrs. Johns, o,f Tcnt)E^5cc. :•..*•''*' * Polilics. now oilers to women full opportunity to go forward and help in the perpetuation of sound . American principles. —Mrs. M. G. . 1 Jersey. "' : . i»r too frequeoUy confii[ 6 tliclr make- Hi' study, to t,he front {ace view they we reflected .in. the- mirror,, forgetful that o'thcr IKO- Ulc.scc Ihcin from : other angles. — S.lcl' Hollywood make-up cj-pert. ou r r OUK WAY By Williams P8J^'M#pfiJFi0,:-.i9 SIDE QLANCES By George Clark '.'I enjoyed this sort of thing when we . W erc here wl our honeymoon. You >yer e looking at me instead of the I THIS CURIOUS WORLD 3y William Ferguson ARE MEASURED BY.THE LENGTHS OF THEIR SHADOWS/ '. THROAT AV\R«Ofsh5S OP TH E. '• • ..APPEAR. AT DIFFERENT SEASONS | V • OF THE YEAR./ 'THE- LIGHT TIPS OF THE j. FEATHERS SHED. EACH :' SPRJN&, THUS, REVEALING I . PARK ' QUESTION-/ • BUTTERFU£S ARE SO-NAMEX3 BECAUSE OF A CURIOUS SPOT ON THE UNDER. SIDE OF THE; WINGS RESEMBUNG ANJ INTE/ZJ2.0GAT1OM ,., S/eSM. ' •: Most of the moon's mountains are ring-shaped, surromidfne tlie uysterious circular craters., The craters are so similar in appearance o terrestrial volcanoes that il Is assumed they have U,e same origin. However, this theory docs not stand up under all tcsls. E^T: W hal river flows in opposite dircclions in .liffcrciil se Conipjiculioiis OJ'icii Aucod Mumps, 'When Yicliju Is An Adult (NO. 157) By nit. aiouiiis KMor, .loiinul O f n, e Anicrii-jn iMpilioal A.vsoriiilinH. anrt of liygei:!. Uie Itcallh ,M:ig;i7Jnc In the usual mild case of mumps, lie . symptoms (irsl noticed ' urc icadachc, vomiting, lav- of appe- Itc. i>aiiis in the baik a»d llrato. nd. a very .slight fever. These i'mpjpms • usually arc associated •lth'q,ny of the.common inlccUous i.seascs. ' Tlic'ii there mny be some. j>ain the ja\v, \\liicli is increased by aw nvovemciits, by prmurc on the lands, and oy eating Icklcs, lemons, or other .•-our roods. The,swelling may begin on both des ol the face at once, but usu- lly one side begins to t-uell a day r'two'before'the other in very cverc -cases; the swcllim; may b3 f> large -thai, tlie peisoii w ili 1W L oc recognizable. In mii^r ca^s f course, the swelling may b- ighl. The symptoms a(Icctir. g the body 5 a whole seldom last, more than ircc or •four days, but may last ongcr tfitheVc. are •comnliciili'ons ' ' ! » • * If lUc bloocl ot the ixiticia is cx- mi ncd. 'I lie doc tor win usually liud u increase In the number of small hllc blood cells. Children do not ordinarily have ccondary symptoms with mumps wcnuse they, arc usually pu t to Kd and kept llierc uiiiil \ vc n Adults, liowever. quite frequently iffer from compUcatlons Tims in- ectlous oi-ganlsms may p.vss from Ihn _ glands in tlie cheeks to uiose having [<> di, with sex in cither the mate or tt:c fema:o. This is a common am! serious complication and needs most careful treatment. The ordinary ease of mumps requires little special treatment. The patient, of course, should bc kept in b«i, and should follow a. light, diet, principally because of the pain caused by chewing, if there Is fever and much .swelling, of course the patient should remain in bad for several <iay s a f( cr the fever has Mibsitied. As with most swollen glands, the application of heat or cold may be useful in relieving the pain. * • 4 Complications, however, demand much more .serious attention, and Hie physician should bc called Immediately if there is the slightest Ural ion of such complication.*;, ror example, besides the secondary swellln,. O r (|, c scx g i andK| , VJUl fc , \er and pa),,, there may bc Involvement of the nerves which pass near the .vOivary glands, or cxlcn- Mon of inflammation even to the spinal cord. Another serious complication may - 'i secondary infection of the seed's ^, *""* Ua ' callse aU - t>u.ssx.s and | nls " the majority of cases, hovv- eier, the mumps victim recovers without any complications. In the ar 'ny- In 1018, there were 48000 eases ot mumps, but only 72 deaths IIKOIX HUIli; TODAY UAl'HM; Ilium', c li n r tn 111 g }"tit>j;- JYim- VorJ." ud\'CFtl*lutc J,'Aci!iluvc, rL»i(« her ilecfuacd imjier'* (,'oiiijk;rtfcul <-*lnlc lo k.\ltl{Y SMITH, utlructlvc youag ;'«*' ticloe architect, mid Liroinptly llkvp lilui Iremi'niluiiiil)-. llnpliue •'I'A'XIFKH, j' Ubt uu , <,f college. «nj ill Her flr»l Jolj. , •"' Her rrKCiilK llniil.oc'. »(. lciti|itK to Kiildc Itcr null proceeds '« ilalK 'I'l'CllKH AJX3M1Y, l.nrr«' nnj, finding; he l.t «0( married, milk?* u itlny for 111* [ittcu- '•tntu, Tbl» develfJim n tftrugt^le iJOEwccii Ihu KlstcrH for IhD fcuiiie mnii, Ojtc nlKlit J.Hrrj- tlnlca Uuphiie, A1 (lie Minn- llmf Jfnuirer, tiguliLHt IJupUne'.l urilt-rs, JliltM onti ot 1'KCk'tf Mel [Illtl eOUICN llOUIC lit (IfllVIJ Jtlvl,rfll(C4l. TIlC MffttvrK COMIO to It XlllnYlllIM II, tUncillEIU', Imt Uuiilinv, it In clciir, li l»>u:iil In llvy l,er o%vii life, marry Tuck Alttsltj'. slic linil net her lietirl 'in u rloli UilKljuui] fruui tlio bc- 3Jef(uv.'liJI<' Lurry yropoacg to iJ.llillru—[ivcr Ihc telephone. She ftllJK iiKltcji that ulglit, Uultrl^ubl)' NOW GO ON WITH Tilt: STOIlx CHAPTER XIII "T-TUHRY up, Jennifer. Your breakfast is ready." "I've loads of time." Jennifer, v.'iih her hat and cout on, stood in the ttoonvny to the small kitchen. "Neat trick ot yours, Miss Brett, selling the clock ahead." She pulled a chair .up to the" table of. the cabinet which served as their morning breakfast table. "Well, you don't want to lose your job, do you';" Daphne r*urcd cocoa into Uvo cups and snipped off the switch on tlie toasler. , "I don't care much ii I do!" "Oil, Jennifer, please don't! Thirty-five a week is the best you've . done and we're gelling along so nicely." "There isn't much future in being a model," Jennifer went on hopefully. '"There might bc. Some day you might get to be a photographer's model and, \v!io knows, maybe the movies will be next/' "Daphne! Wouldn't that be wonderful?" Daphne bullcml tlie toast. "Yes, il would, but I wouldn't en- trrtafn Hie idea, Tel! me about last night. Your girl friends usually have a lot of news." Daphne was playing for lime. She didn't want Jennifer (o ask her what Larry had said. Jennifer looked at her sister under lowered lids and said casually, "I suppose you heard that Jerry and Peg were married at Armonk on Wednesday." "No! They eloped?'i'think that was a shabby thing to do." * * « JENNIFER put her cup down J very carefully. "Why was il? They are both oi age and they knew what they wanted. It wasn.'t anyone else's business ii they wanted to." f ' "• "It was shabby, Jennifer. Peg is only 18 and girls that ago don't know their own minds. Besides Peg's parents should have be.en shown more consideration. They wanted Peg to have a -"od gd,vi-. cation and see a lev/ : . peopU before she seltled down, r dgri't think that was very cons Morale. o{ her. I imagine her people will bc up in arms." Jennifer laughed. "Grandmaw Bret!! Lavender and old lace and love! I supposa you tiling a bride sits home of evenings and, darns her husband's sox while he reads the market reports. Well, I don't." "Don't you?" Paphne asked and saw a vision of herself sittiiig at Larry's side while he read her architectural reports.. It was,, a lovely vision. A wistful vision. "I do not," Jennifer continued. "Jennifer Breil! It's twentymo! nine! You'll hqye to catch a cjib. Here's your purse. Darling, I'm going shopping this afternoon and I won't bc home much before five. What time are you; coming?" . , . . : "I nev#f'make plans ; for .Saturday afternoon,"-'Je'n'njfer called back over her slipulder, "but don't worry" "•'.'.'. * • •, "MISS BHEIT, you're just the type but'yqU r rc : :so restless!" Ann Cockerell'isqinnted^her eyes, rubbed her hands orr her smock and picked up' her charcoal pencil. "Nevertheless, you're a laifib, Daphne, to help me out on-yoiir one afternpon off. Just hold it'a minute until I fix up the shoulder line and I'll let you off.'* •' V Daphne sat motionless on 'tlje dais in silence that was unbroken for another JO minutes. "There, r^ov/, I think: that iwill do. Come.lahd'teli me -whaV-you think of it:'.'.'.,-;. ,>' '. :• .,; : ' ; , Daphne relaxed .and stretched tier cramped;'muscles. Then, sjie stepped off 'the dais' and waik'W over to tlie dravying-board;' • "It's grand," she'said.' -"What time is it? I ought to go." . '-'•"Your date., isn't until seven and it isn't five yet, so'sit. down and stop looking like Cornell;in' one of her tragic : mom en Is. Anyone would'think you'were about to make a niess of'your life. Stop dramatizing yourself/'. /. "Pleas_e, Anne! ,'Am . I really doing that?" Daphne asked.'sur- prlsecl. " , : . "Of. course you arc."-Ann pasted a .tissue .cover ov9r-her drawing. "It's not-like you to do that ... , ,,_—_ d I ..think f you, ough| .to-' seal out of it, Get a isew ((xfys on'<h situation. I a.dmjt that'you rijht.but .thin^'Wi hope ess. or giv s yow'^ny rl»ht, \ ^\i*S » 4«een'or tragedy"" '] .. 'Maybe .you're right, 'Keyed theles? i can't help feeling .' .1 di-amatic, fcn't 'it dr.anuU c • *' hav« tQ B 9 y. 'No.' to thfi'mao yo ' ' «4t down abruptly, „- fa s Daphne a hppeless &h» v , Daphne, why not cppie out flat! ly and tell him th?t th« reup you won't marry him is b« you feel that you've got to U»B, car* of Jennifer, th»t you wow marry him until you have a suJ of money In the bank.'to.'take ew[| of her independent ,b'f his help'] "I wouldn't : do th^t fo him /J anythinginthe;wpHd.'.l.i • j 'ff, '.'No, you woqldn'^ -Well, the • why not do someljiinj'about J*il nifer?^ i •••;,- >,'.•...,-:[ "Vy li at ca n "• I •< do > about - her I Paphne said • wearily. '• Anne 'didn't j know.-' ac toLthat, ; oh>. ". •(•'• ..,-,-' • it; willf la?t. ! 'She's;i : 6p»;,.w"iS kn p w > and -1 .r ctn't i'eiipefct:- mU from -.her ibut-.,if«I J lia'd''''a- J couj of, thbusarid-dtjllars'Vto Kin g'o'fc until' she ; .''6ncis'.'tfe. Vn&g vs wants to- d6-or ! inatrjes'i6me ni boy,'I could,'^ii Carry; that;-i could be- engage;}.'''But wHcre c I get $20002" '. ;\.S, : '" ... "I have it!" 1 Anne-said. ' wjU take : a lot','of\detcrfhinati on your,part'but'yCu''can"<Jo': Tell Jennifer t bat -'she 'iriiist gi • you • "$ 1 o - a weelc' oitt* o£ - her °5; arid jolly .weU'she.can,..,Ypu"< save th'at.'.'J'ha.t'U;lJO'$50Q'ir( year. ^ Thqn, ;tHe 7 . ; extra3$5b --3 got' in your •raisei-aqd^yQU: i save ahai—will i.ic^e'^p^afoi $600. • Iri' one^year^ourcanfsi $110.0. Afyear pa5s^s''ffiut6\£iyrj by ' f Bat) time,"- Jenijijfer; v&U! Ji ( undoubtedly'..; S etfteilf r dowri,j some.thinB. ..; Do^'tXypu.^see*'! -t i ."Of course •'I.'vdcJ-J.'.ph?'Aiifi seems so 'sUnpie;''rti\Vjii::-Ar seems so ....... havei.a.hunch^U take 'care" ; oJ.tfiig,.._^ loves the,rnq'ney'.V?6 ask,Larry ' " after' :lhe 'pisses'-. Mandleb'VuL made at; me 'before- he":fired'6r'l today."-' : v ,...,- : ,;vr',,,.|I Be'-Ceatiriujd);;— ? i'l Gas Discovery Gains Kansas New Industry HICKOK, Kos. (UP)—Discovery of rich deposits of.natural gas in southwestern Kansas, \\-hosc rcsi- dents for years have depended upon wheat and other crops for a livelihood, is bringing industrial-, izattpn rapidly. While many industries have had engineers in the section. making tests, the first step was the beginning of a carbon making factory near this Grant County hainlel. Oilier firms are expected lo build in (he area early in 1931. The carbon black plant will'be small at the start, but the architect's plan provides for additions Borger, Tc.v., is reported lo be llic nearest site of a carbon black company. Carbon black is made by burning natural gas. It is used principally in toughening rubber, but also is important In the manufacture of printing inks, paints, dyes, carbon paper -and- other -products.•' The coliunbln carbon Company of New York is installing the plant on an 80-acrc site. The company has J?ase son apprpsinia,tely 50,000 acres in the countyl on which "it; has 'drilled five producing natural' lias leases qn .approxlniately' 50,000 Kennedy NO. I,, "is rated 'at about ll,QOO,p.pO feet a. <(ay. ; one oMhe largest in the area. If its o.»-n yells prove insufflcient, the. section J5 dotted with other wells which could be used. ' • . " " Hawaiian Pistol Team To Compete in States HONOLULU. .UP)"-5herUJ H K Martin of • Hawaii ^] an d has announced, the department ypiil send a tejtivof polise officers to the national pjstol aRd rifle matches at Camp perry, o., for the llrst time nest September. . The Zlaii'alian officers hold an ejcceptlona! record livpiilal compe tition. They have been ed'.in matches ^ith'clvUiairis^ arj and. .navy, teams for \the 'inaslV-il years. : ••.•:;.: .'••••.v,. 1 '- '• ','•:,•. '!\t Read •' Announcements I ,, /,.'. __^V,-..^ ,,>T|i . The Courier •N'ii'wf;nii§ tee'nvl thbrl?ed to anrioun'cf tfie'' fplll' ing caneUda.te6' : for" Blythevllle';r nicipal offices,' to tie "electeal April 6: .' ---. ;.:."•;:•••":':.•' . - r For-Mayor: -•' - -"i : - MARION '.WILLIAMS. ',;? G. H."PRHAB : |V -' [i Fpr^ AIdcnr^n,; ; _Firat'Wfijrdi B. F. ray ": short vterm) f js JESSE ,WHIT^ .fthbii ( 'terin).', For Al^erin»h;'gpiihi| Ward', FtQYD -A.'vyHITB^iV.ti JOHN: 0. Mc'HANElf,.JB.'.i For 'Aldermab,' Thlrd^ W»rt '•'• D AAIQN j McifipD' ; '•'• p \ >V. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With] ReacJ Courier Mows Want Ads ^ HA-HA /YOU AWDYqUP. 'BOEP.WAK "RECORP-I— TH' OWL.Y T'iECOPvD YOU HOLP IS POi 2 , LOKlG-t T7ISTAMCE SWOOZ.IMQ AUD SK.IOT2,IM<.=,-—YOU'D BREAK OUT IW GOOSE PIMPLES, IF YOU HEART: A TRUCK BACK-FIRE -~ T-'ACED A MUZZLE, WA-3 Wl-ir^M THEY USED A SPRAY f3UM ^>)0 YOU,ALOW6 WrTM TH'CttHEP, O-iESTNIJTS, "COO. TU' T2.I l^=.l_|-r / BLIGHT/ COURSE r THEp,e'£,\J6 DOUBT ABOUT YOUR WECORt?->~ IT'S AW OPEW BOOK., OK) "PILE AT EVERY POLICE ' STATIOKJ^I REMEMBER THE THREE TIMES THEY PECOPATED YOU WITH A BALL AMD 04AW MUfl WAS> HUklti UP PROMT AMD SIDE VIEW IKJ EVERY POST OFFICE, WITH A ciTATi6w;6F' A YOUK DEEDS PRIMTED \ BE. A 'COUPLE I; ^16 MOP NAEtJACE = ^^p^

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