The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 10, 1934
Page 2
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P*GE~TWO BLYTHJEVU.LE (ARK.) COURIER Social Calendar Bildsc club meeting with Mr? HRjry Ktrby Mif.' Murray ' Smart having Hie Young Matrons Bridge clt|l>. Miss Winnie Virsil Tuinei liav- In? paity at Aliiwlcnu Legion liui, " 6" pro -_ .., -<iid Georgia if a en. -j,»..,., if Glad Glils Sunday school class of Tinl Banlisl churih, 7 30 Pin. ' WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs W J. Wundcillch having Wednesday Bridge club ut country p. B o luncheon meeting at omc pf Mrs A Coiwaj. Church of Christ BIWo ttudy rmeltng 2:30 pm with Mrs. U D Baker. Junior High l'-l' A meeting at J pin 'following meeting of executive board at 3-30 ptn .THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. RiiMell Phillips htivlne the Thursday Luncheon club nt country club Mid-Week Bridge club meeting with. Mrs., M. O. ui'rcy Mrs. Carrol .Btakemoi-c having Thursday Contract club. U. D. G. meeting nt the home ' ~ ~ 1037 • . "I cliarjo or ihc rooming iit, Silent, i>ra>cis woio offered (is Mrs. J 'J' IfBlJ |>|ay«l '3«cp( Ifour of Pruyer 1 Joljowcd with piuyer by Mis. T H Sljeplserrt n> r (Do dc- Mri, Willluii)s read from HCITCW 1,3. |e 'Hwodorc Ban gnve a ta|K ol) Mexico, Mrs. Otis Shepnoi don chile, Mri, j H. smart Jr., on Arjcnilnc and Uruguay. Mrs. 0 W. Ajlllik ot) Bra«i) and Mre . R, J; >3)ay!ocX on Afilca Mrs. j. p. IrlotNl sang n. solo "Saviour, Ultc a Shepherd Lead Us' nnd Mrs, Alfred- Carpenter closed the meeting with prayer, rjl1 IJ'f afternoon session Mrs. w. "?P !i " t(i . to ,,, v ,, r, tv iivJHinii: i, f""< for the theme. Mrs. C'sriW ler guve Hie <t<mrtloii»l, "We Would Sec Jesus." -stain" was Uio theme Of Mrs, Ji. B. Woodson's lalk, Mrs i'' V,' ^'tor discussed Itnly, Mrs. t. K Blomcycr, Hungary, B P , ( , mania and Yugoslavia, ^s."Roy load, p«lcstlnc, Mrs. Waller "' sliop, china, and Mrs. mon, Japan. Mrs rtussell p ar r iind Mrs. Paul . Tip tod !j3i)g "O LH(lc Town nf fl±f h S'p"",, wlm "«• Mwra y Small at Ihc organ, W , B . ' nplon v "Why Should no Love MO So?" bingo party nt hall Yaibio Mlsslonaiy sotlcty 'meet itlg utth Mrsj Cora Berry, 2 pin. FRIDAY'S EVENTS American Legion Auxiliary meet Ing at hut ai 330 pm .,„». ,.^ a « m i!onord enlerlaln Music and lliernry depa, tmcnts «l members of the T&«v B wl" of woman's club having joint meet-1 club will, r ,'party nt i,c, S ubmInn s'tlrnbT "t h «»» « «•• s ^Nme^ when s! lc . j,*d <a*W±'?,? •""fenAve KVENT, iMlng''^.^ 80 °' U ' c "" t ?. 0 " n ^. < ? unc!I J {omc . Dc ! noilsUl1 .- ..A ball, inal wa s ; „„. L . „ Chambers snld Ihc closing prayer nic ollci-Jng taken w-HI te used for foreign relations. » : * 9 t'ntcitnlns Club. Mrs. Fred Rutherford, enlerlaln- of pencils % low scoro. Th« Ohrlslnins mo||f was use " the tallies, (lie dcrornllons ot re >»"•'••" -id mistletoe, and the r< ... ....s of birthday cake, fru snmd, and hot ohouolnlg, '•.•••: t 1 . ShT»rin-MulUn. The marriage of Miis jjirth Alu n m.,i B,,M^.i- sl , 6a| . ln ^ ^ lln and eiimlecd Saturday ovo«lnj at (h home of UIC'HCV. G rover Suthe laml, pastor of the Ulythcvlllc d cull of (lie Mcllwrtlst chiirch,- wl iwrformcd iho riles. The bride wore a fro* of tai lljht weight wool . o wi onc[i o( WncK In t,he triinnilng «n her accessories were jn pluck' Accompanying ihc young conn jwc Mr. nl|t | Mrs. B , T. Ladno Mr, and Mrs. Charles Michael, Rob m McHalTcy, Khcd Ivy, MI« tint ivy, Vance ptson and Ml*s l/irel ' Hun Born. Mr. Wid Mrs, \v. H. Jackson an nounto the birth of » son Saliir day HI the family residence on 201 street. The baby, who weighs s| n" V" class of t! Meels. The Ladles Bible Hrst Mathodlst cliursb vvns eiitf-r lalncd by Mrs. Alice Leo Prklu cvonh.g. Besides the ia member l« Rev. and Mrs. j. R. N olson, o a Dlt ' k tton clubs meeting at Won,mi's club foi all day meeting llavB Christinas Kridjc Eariy. Thc'?ulalldc motlt was attractively carried out In the bridge party gnen by Mrs L S Brtscoc and ?.Irs E n Mason nnd Mrs Suutigcon Patterson,'..of jnckson, Miss., Saturday afternoon at the Woman's chib. ; ' The 10 tables wcrei arranged in the ball room \\hich. hart n prettily decorated tree at each end Blockings hung from Die mantel wreaths decomtcd the \\mdo\u nnd boughs of holly adoined the lights The refreshment covers woe of Chribtnias design and the ccnlci pieces were red tapeis on silver slurs surrounded by wreaths The score pads nerc H!M> of Santa Clans design Individual ices of.Santa clauses, Enow balk of Lady Baltimore cnkc rolled in-coconnut and Santa Clans pacts of red and green cellophane, tied nith sil\cr ribbon nnd filled With nuts, were scncd befoic the bridge games Mrs T G Seal won first prize, a Chinese luncheon set, second h! g h, a similar gift, went to Mrs Harry W Hames,. Mr; M A Isaacs received mosaic pillow slips for third nlgli, and the Io.v score gift, a polti- selta, went to Mrs Meyer Grabcr v —"" "mi . H1IJ), Moore's glfl tor high score. , fcrvcd & chicken l rolls, date slicks and cor- '"n Binso Parly. The Holy Nanic society of Ihc Church of the Immaculate Con- ccp on will give ,, s , )r |, cs , , s , )r , cs in the Bingo party .Thursday evening, instead of Imvliig the iiiinunl holiday bazaar. These linens will 8i C ft.s iUPPlCmC " lCd W ' Ul tllc " slml Mrs. pnui Clreciwcll anil Miss PWrine Jiirboc are to be hosfe^es nnd 00 eclils will be charged. * • » ' Kcullul. Given. ...-, pupils of Miss Miirjofic Duckelt assisted the 13 younger 011- Miss Margaret Mcrritl, ,,|- nno instructor, in a rccll B ] Friday evening nt tile high school auditorium. Tii ey - ( vcra . Mo/ ,, 0 Guaixl Damon, Jcsslo Miller, Alice Uuby Nell Ogle, Majy Jean „ ,„. Patty wise, Sarii LOU Mc- Oulc n-n, Wanda TMslier, Dorothy Hlggiiison.and Pally ovcen. Miss Duckctt nlso gave a loc dunce. t * * * ' To Kiitertaln Class. Tlic Glad Girls Sunday school class or the pirsi Dll|>l , st c , ll|rch wu Have a party Tuesday evening at the homo of Misses Georgln and Jewel Lee beginning ,,t 7:30 o'clock , - -- "'omen wll , ,!?[,'* 1° te " Chrlsdnns tree l r:s s 'f,,,.« ^.^-siSsS—» dwell concluded their week ot « . ""«""• pra>er for foreign mlssiotu «ilh Hus Birllittn p ar lv special services Friday. Mis s p a t r | cta S,'. ' » £££*> «« '» Charge ^t^^v^fg 1 ™^ ^ J^^_^ •^ _gJS. ^U seUf ^ ^^ Mrs. Ramsey Duncan nnd Mr w played a piano duet anil Airs n x u piano number after Mrs, B (la'niii Blvc " tl10 (icvo ^Sandwiches and collec were sers Dinner. Members or the Golden R,,l r rk??' SC1 ° C1 clas5 ° r "": I'*' C I rW an c i,u ro!l apprised Mr. on Mrs. j. j. Bryonl| MrB former M lss RtlUl Jcnk( f w| \, » d nrwr parly Friday ,, thc presented Mr and Mrs. Bryant w-Jth a c amp with ||,d| rcct h The class members were Im-itci to be BUM.!* or Ihe Re,-, and Mr V. L..Bullcnvorth for a Ohrlstmn party (m December 21 s ' mn Bits of News Mostly Personal Mrs. Will orowdcr and son. DIN .', mid M«. Alina Bass' wcnl to Boonevllle, Ark., yesterday to be at the bedside of Walter Ciwder son iii n Crowdcr > n] at the santlnrlum. crilicalls . Miss Josephine Williilo, who ha een in u , 0 Baptist liosplUil at Memphis livodnys for n sinus drain will return home today ^Thomas Eskrldgc or'pm-l Scott Kan., who is with the U. S. Geodetic Phest Colds ^^^| .... Best treated without "dosing" STAINLESS now. if you prefer Make U a PHILCO Christmas A Gift the Entire Family Will Enjoy HUBBARD for this PHILCO 66B This powerful new Baby Grand tuncs-in foreign stations as \vell as your favorite AmerU """ """ g i a ") s - AO!«n»tU'' 'Volume Cphtbl, 'auii'tA ul"v rt ,lL , P? akcr ' Tone Control, M?W."^ F atvJiS: '&** ""'other l«*e'i»kiTi «-•« *_-. . I " -'L or 8«rvcy, spent the weekend 'wl'th his parents, Mr. ana Mrs, T, w; rldsc., He w »s »cco)m>»nk<j (rit by Mrs. lisKrldijc, who will rem'isn after the lioJldays. . :• " Mifs loiilBO pobyns, who under went ii» ojicralloii ut UK Mwi|i>hi» hospilsl. was brought hom .vcsterday.^ HOT iwrenti,'• ' Mrs. W. \ t • Dohyw, -»t for her- . . Miss uiiian p)«trl?h spent the wee|(ei)(| In Cape Qlrardenu. 7 Mo; her forincr home, Upon iier return she was Hceompanlcd by Mlis a r eartor- Blattner, W«Wo Wllj)H» and Uee U5r|iardt who relurued horte last night. ' • '..;: Mrs. Berry p. Brocte jr., 'and. daughter, Virginia, of Memph|»; »r 5 guests of Mrs, Prooks' mot)5«r, sirs. Allan Walton, u n t|l (his afternoon. They drove over Saturday. Mrs.'Pred, Brown, formerly o[ here arid now of CarutrinsviUc, Mo., IMS in (he elty S*tuf((»y. ' Spurgcot! Patterson, ot Jiekson Miss., spent Die' weekend with Mrs' Patterson and daughter, Vivian' who arc wilh Mrs, w, T. Ober^t Mr. Patterson will return next week for i's annual vacation. . • f>esl3> Hooper, who h«s been »l tlic Memphis Baptist liospllai foi- » u-cck for examination, 'was brought horn* yesterday. His con- dlllon is unchanged; He was ac companlcd by Mrs. Hooper, who has been with him, and hi* daughter, Miss Lois, aim Mrs.'chiirle's Cnwdei-, «-lio niotorcd down for them. - .Miss Melbii Harrington of r Scn- ath, Mo., who has been the guest of Miss Eslclle Hawks for the 1 past week, has returned to her home accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. o C Hawks and children. • . • V ' T. j. Crcomrcll sr., and daughter, Miss Mary Blanche, of Haytl, Mo were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Oreenwell and family for the weekend, • .Mrs. H. U Halsclj and sons, H •. jr., nnd Jerry, of Promised Land were called lo Pbntotoc, Miss because of the serious illness of ~Mrs Halsell's mother who Is an invalid. Hospital Notes Admitted to the Blythevlllc hos, S M : J* 5 ' E ' J ' Baker - ' L «' tbra '; Mildred Hood, city; Albert Mai henla, Slcelc, Mo. Dismissed: Mrs J. A. Brown, Cooler, fcjo.; Mrs. /ceil Oiiraow and baby, city 'bjct , Huffman. ; ; Creator of Psychic Bidding Play8 This Hand Like Master MONDAY, DECEMBER IQ ( - 1^4 mollicr, Solution to Previous Contract Problem BV WM. TljcKWjy, Anwrknu Bridie • This >w I'm. looking,^ttw Women's TJ»m-oi.n>ur event to be one of the mo4 poPMltr «r the National Control ChjmWpntJilb Tournaments, which Is being run In f^ew York Cfty u t j s week. .. ~: As I have t»ld before, the wo. Wfii have made «>m<i flw wor* (his year. One of the'teams will be captained by (hat colorful lit' lie lady, Mrs. I', Hal Sims. , Mru, (31ms likes the game of con- lr«cl because her husband Is ot« of the oiiteUnding figures in hridijo. She likes nothing belter than to beat him at, contract. However, several years »go she discovered that, by simply ernploy. Ilie ordinary tactics, she could'get nowhere against, him, So 5(10 ere, ated psyehlc bidding and, to this day, the still creates a |o(, of p* ? Today's Contract Problem South Is j>U>'|»s lli'c con- ir«ct «t f«ur «pad?5. During the pl»y o( th« hand, Soujh Ifids A fm<ll b,rart, What fhould West play! « 1 + AQSI Sotutioo (n i>*xt (tana, to The Eiffel torcf, In Pafis" i'Ss ompletea In 1889. " ' AJ 10 «« ' • None + AQ10 Dupllcaie— ^Nooe. vul. South We* North EAW 1*2+ -24 2 V I'aes 4 * Pass C> lead— » rasa to S|rfl6 refused to fineBS*. ijoing r|shl, up with the aee. The tep of clubs was ruffed. In dunymy arid the jack of, d|araondB cashed, Mrs. Blips di6. carding a heart. The nine of dlamends 'was play, ed next. East was forced to cover With the ten, and Mrs. Slnis nilf- ed with the nine of spades. She then led the queen of clubs, ruff- Ing In the dummy with the seven of spades. The eight ol diamonds was played, picking up East's seveii, V\d then the six and four were good, upon which the declarer discarded the ten and jack of-hearts, winning the, last trick with tlic ace of hearts in her hand. Osceola citement in any tournament in which slie parllcipaUs. Mrs. Sims is one of the rated Master players, of the Country. She explains how six-odd-can be made In today's hand. the TJay There may be better opening than the queen of diamonds, nevertheless, that is the opening West made. The king '.weaV up from dummy an,d East:played the ace, which Mrs. Sims trumped with the three of spades. She then led a small spade, working on the theory lhal the trumps should be divided two-two. Alter winning with the ace, Mrs, Sims led a small diamond and niffcd wilh the 'J»ck, of spades. TJic nueen of spades was played and the king and ten both fell East returned a club and Mrs. O Society — Personal Mrs. A. W. Young en.ttrtained her club ind eight other guests at bridge al her new home on Hale avenue Friday afternoon Mrs. P. A. White won high score prize, a sandwich tray, Mrs. Charles Lowrance won second high, a cu- tex manicuring set. The out of town guests each received a bridge pencil favor- The oul of town guests were Mrs. C. C. Watson jr., [Mrs. Ware Watson, Miss Helen I Johnson, and Miss Katherine Pit- tjnger. of Joncsboro," and Mrs. Paul Balnl jr., of Dycrsburg. * * * c. B. Driver was a Memphis visitor Saturday. ' C. M. Buck, of Blythcville spent Saturday in Osceola. Mrs. L. C. B. Young accompan- •*** *-flj \4\\,* HtVi Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey White jiave returned from a week's vlsli, Jim Goodrich, of Memphis, spent trie week end with lils parents here, Mr. and Mrs. S, L, Gladtsh Luxora . Society — Personal fifty members were present ut Hie meeting or tlic Cooperative club at the community clubhouse Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Cone Murphy was ap|»liitcd treasurer, succeeding Mr?, Roy Waters who has moved tP West Memphis, in bchalt of the club Mrs. D. N, Morris presented a parting gift to Mrsi Robert Roach, former president, who \s going to The 'mu»lc department gave 11 Cluislmas pageant, showing a snow, covered street scene wilh carol singers and. a iiumbie collage with the family and neighbors gathered around the licarih on Christmas «ve. Hcv. H. M. Lewis told the "History of carol singing." jane Carpenter read "The Night Bctorc Christmas. Carols were sung by pu- PUs of Miss Mary Symonds. • Sandwiches, cake and cofTee were served by Mines, j. N. Jerome, O M Hill,' Herbert Sullivan. Harry Carpenter N. B. Ellis, Berry Grain, w F. Collins and B. C. Lansston. , '• * » » Mrs. D. M. Morris and Mrs. S. C. Brandon jr. were guests wlion Mrs. N. B. Ellis entertained the Wednesday • bridge club last week. Mrs. Morris held high score. Mrs. Ralph Robinson and Mrs Eddie Regenold ard small son have returned from a visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. o. E. Moore at Grenada, Miss. Mrs, Robert Moore, who has been the guest of lier sister, Mrs Kelvy Cullom, returned Thursday, lo Her -home at Nashville, Tcnn Mrs. Marlenc Wilson, of Calhoun Wednesday. Mr., and Mrs. Robert Roach and son, Robert Jr., went lo DC'Will lo day lo vlsil Mrs. Roach's, jaronts Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Davidson; for several weeks, until Mr. Roach becomes located. '; ' Mrs. James Glenn, of CoHhr- vlllr, Tcnn., who has been the (iiiesl of her daughter, Mrs. Stanley B'arr Ion, foi- several weeks, lias return-' cd-lo her home. • Mrs. Rllcy B. Jones and Mrs. Dixie Crawford, of BlytUcvlllc, werr BUpsl.1 Friday of Mr. and Mrs. Walter card," -.•• Mrs. w. !•'. wiibon, who iinilSr- went an operation at Baptist I\QS- pital, Memphis, Wednesday, Is much unproved. Mrs. sain Dillahunty and children, of Memphis, are vlslllng tile former's grandmother, Mrs. OsUa Beall. Most Coughs Demand Creomukion n £ i ct them - gcl a strangle d. fight them quickly. Creomul- s(on combines 1 helps in ^ powerful but harmlesi. Pleasant to take. No narcotics. Vour own drus- Blsfis authorized to refund yo.n money-on Hie spot if. your cou^h or cold, is not relieved by Crcomul- °" ••. -Adv. 4 Eager To Please You •When you telephone or eall to advise us concerning details incident : lo the service wc render yon or to ash for cxplana- lion of office or accomiling tnattcra in which you are interested, •we feel that you arc doing us a FAVOR. We do not regard-such'calls as "TKOt^BLES." More than likely, your advice lhal our help is needed is our first intimation that w wi, | )B of particular assistance (o you. • ^ Iiitiuirics pcrluihing to your bills or relations with our of- Iices, arc welcomed by us as opiiortunitics to ncquaint you with details with which you may he imfnmiliar. There | is no phase of the relaliohship between yoii-o.ur customer—and our organization, j,i which we arc not intensely interested. The sort of service and the treatment you receive from this company, ia our most Smnoi'tant consideration. We invite your suggestions, and constructive criticism:,. Thus' can wo best serve you efficiently, promptly, courteously, ttiul economically. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Personal Attention to Eoery Customer 113 S. Broadway i« 11,0 n ,,^ t . , '• Approximately IV per cent, or £6,834,000 acres, of North Amcrr Ion's 8,085,000 square miles of surface is under Irrigation 1 18 600,000 acres of mis urea is in Ihc United States. IIP. IT LAST TIME TODAY Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nile 6:45— 10-35c DICK POW1BLL and JOSEPHINE HUTCHINSON 'in 'HAPPINESS Bernicc CJpirc Musical News Events of the Day Tuesday - Weds. L&Jy Dulova small/stender/set with diamonds |7S- s dependable 41 tr« fa«aufifulf PAT O'BRYANT JEWELER ('ifls At Moderate Prices ROXY Last Time Today Matinee & Night-Aide^ • 26c Virginia J3fuce in 'DANGEROUS CORNER' KI Brendel Comeily "Dumbell Letters" Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. iv Musical wilh TICH fllMUEH and OUCUKSTRA Novelty' iunl l,a(o s ( \' cws Evtnls . ***9W- % 0 L**iN •SOS®' r 'ev c , H »/^v' ^m ^fi^i; 1 fe^' f "•*#: FOX NK\fS COMEDY

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