The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1948
Page 7
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MONDAY, APRIL 12, 1948 ELYTHF.VII.I.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS U.S. to Offer Holy Land Truce Plan Proposal it Final <| : Attempt Before UN Assembly Meets By Robert Manning (Unll«d Prwa Staff Correspondent) NEW YORK, April 12. (UP)—The United States will present to United Nations diplomats today specific proposals for »n immediate truce in the bloody fighting between Arabs and Jews of Palestine. The American suggestions will open a last-ditch attempt by the United States to quit the Holy Land before the General Assembly convenes In emergency session Friday to attempt a fresh solution of the Palestine problem. American officials said American Delegate Warren Austin, would have some "concrete" truce suggestions at t private meeting of Security Council delegates. The session was called by Austin for 8 a. m. GST in his Manhattan offices. Austin reportedly was hopeful that a truce would be reached despite the fiim refusal by both sides to alter their conflicting conditions for a halt in the fighting. 4b£rab officials, it was learned, are- 'Islanding that the UN or Britain disband the Jewish underground Haganha army and ship illegal Jewish immigrants out of Palestine before firing ceases. Jews have demanded some assurances that a truce does not Involve abandonment of the UN's Palestine partition program. The United States and a majority of UN countries were unwilling to give this guarantee, however, since the United States already has abandoned Its support for partition and proposed Instead in indefinite UN trusteeship for Palestine. Only Four Dajrj Remain The Security council had only four days In which to work out a truce before the general assembly convenes. In that same brief period, the United States faced the difficult Job of rallying »t least some Security Council backing for Its trusteeship program. So far only vague outlines of the trusteeship plan have been unveiled by the United States but reliable sources have said it principal purpose is to keep the Holy Land within the strategic control of the Western powers. J ce the Assembly convenes on ly mornlngr, the 57 UN count-1 vill have only 29 days in which w> imd a substitute for Britain's rule over Palestine. The British are getting out on May 15. wheather or not the UN is ready with a new administration. Many UN diplomats doubted that the assembly could agree on a trusteeship or any other solution and get It into anything resembling working shape by May 15. For that reason, there was increasing pressure on British authorities to remain longer In the Holy Land, giving the UN opportunity to work out a new formula or, If that fails, to revive the dying partition program. Expansion Boosts Russia's War Potential nit |rMrtilii>4<iitrMlv«r potential t»dl)r, •koprini ftmiu. Belonot ij world's fortmott inuniliom TO SYMBOLS Coppci Lead MagnCiitt NicVil Tmli machine loolj, heat* , ltc< TOTAL POPULATION 1.003,124 . 7,020,1*3 11,047.000 1,877,000 », 3 09.000 23,910.000 . I5.W4.153 HIOO.QOO MILITARY MIGHT Atmiri of nalloni vithin Ruj. lion ipheie hort I.OU.OOO nun in 77 lull/ aimed divi- itons. 150.000 1(5,000 160,000 125,000 65.000 «0.000 57.000 Romania Hungary Albania Eulgon'a Finfand •* fcrai Runic fltr»p«'j ' . 42.&09 49,358 134,538 35,875 120,818 91,584 95,554 Fmeigcd in pojUar period c'l leading coal producer, je foacquijilion of Silesia any. Nolion hoi olso made grtglindjllrialp "OW hoi pott o"f Donilg plorilal Pilsen ii Eutopt'i fa Uionlum mines ot Joacnimith world's thiid Joigcil OfUr ftuuia M*dLt«crant«ii outlet. « fcai ic<ond lorgeil i*s*fi«i Jn »tro1 dtpoiiti. Film Producer Describes Rioting Mobs in Uprisings in Borronquiila Sheer Comfort ri PACK MIAMI, flu., April 12. (UP)—An* American film producer who wu flown out of riot-torn BtiTinoum* Co ombU. Saturday said today the rioting mobs ran llirouah the city burning and looting shops and screnmtng Incoherently "like cr«zy Andre de la Verre of Croton-on- Ihc-lludson. N. Y.. w«< in Colombia to film wild animals In the interior of the country. He lett Saturday aboard a Pun American plane, IJp la VCITO expressed doubt that the rioting In Barrauqullla was an organized revolution. "The mobs seemed to be nude up of kids," he said. "Soms were 13 or U years old. However, each group w'emed to have 411 older leader." nx la Verre watched a mob of about 500 persons storm the newspaper Ln Pren-sa and burn a cathedral. In the newspaper plant, "they broke all tl le windows, neon tlfrns and everyt'ilnx else breakable with stonc.i." lie said. "Then some of them got Into the building. They tossed out telephone!, typewriters, mid adding machines. OOiers In the street caught them and smashed them to bits," "They started rire.i In the plant and up to this time no police were In sight. 1 was watching from my hotel room. Finally, three policemen arrived and the crowd quieted. One man, however, who appeared. to be an agitator, tried to force I aside Hie policeman blocking the door. The policeman shot him in lits tracks." "The cathedral was burned and all the shops downtown aere looted of everything of value." De la Verre snld. "What they coujdn't us« they burned. Hundreds of people carried fierce-looking machetes. Others carried lend pipes. Those unarmed carried red flass." 'National Boy of Year' Ends Carter in New York NEW YORK, April 12. (UP) — Prank Harrison. 14, of Vnldosta, Oa ended his official career as "National Boy of the Ycnr" at noon Saturday From (lion until Tuesday evening when he's scheduled for t nationwide radio broadcast, he'll Bee New H ™FH*? -n rs - s " newtrcc) and television camera* ao4 appeared already on OIM n4a* show. ^^^ This afternoon h»'ll ipeod with boys his own age, watching boxiac matches and a glee elub concert nt the Madison Square Bojt C'Juii* New York, Airport News The breakfast flight to West Helena planned by the Blytheville Private Fliers Association was cancelled because of high winds. Wind velocities here were estimated yesterday up to 40 miles an hour with , gustiness. The pilot club's breakfast night! will be made April 25 instead wea- 1 tlier permitting. The flpFA will' make a flight of the new Osceola • Municipal Airport Sunday, when a group of Osceola aviations enthus-' Map above shows the tremendous "natural, industrial \nd human resources'that have been added to' Russl \ war-potential by it* control, through military aid pact*, of satellite countries., Also shown are resources ot Scandinavian countries, which lie under shadow of further Soviet expansion. Russia a,,d Us "Iron cnrt\ln" satellies are shown in diagonal shading. iaste will tx hosts at t breakfast. Ground school classes at the Municipal Airport will start at 8 p.m. during the Summer months, it was announced today.. C. v. Sebaugh flew to Magnolia In his Navion last week. Harold Wright flew to Jackson in an Aeronca last, week. Man Plummets 705 Feet Over falls; Is Unhurt dream. Smith was fishing In (lie river above Lloyd Shoals Dam ncnr here when a strong current swept his JACKSON, Ga., April ij. (UP) —1 smn " boat into midstream. Ilk cf- If it weren't for those skinned el- r forls to row the boat back near the bank were to no avail. The flood current rushed Smith and hi:, uoat thward the falls of a 105-foot dam and plummeted him Marshal PC tain Asks Lawyers to Reopen His Trial PARIS, April IS. (UP)—Marshal Philippe Petaln, who headed Ihi collaborationist Vichy government during the last war, has asked his lawyers to reopen his trial, the United Press learned today. retain, now nearly SI. w u sentenced to life imprisonment for treason in August, io«. He i* nerving out his time on the lonely little island cnlled He D'Veu off the Hi iiiaii, and his only visitor except for prison officials and his attorneys is his wife, who has Uken up resilience on the Island, and |oes almost dnily to ttie prison to MI him. Jasciuc-s Isorni and Jean Ix- maire. petain's attorneys, made pub- bows. would A. B. Smith or Griffin, think It all happened in Freeman or Klrkwoori, Mo., Na Transient pilots who landed here during last week, include the following: J. H. B««sley of Muskogee, Okla., Bonanza; John S. McGuire of North Frankfort, ill,, Piper cub; Rex Howard of peoria, ni.. Navion; Walter Looney and Frank. Walker of Springfield. Mo., Luscombe; Marvin Kyger of Columbus, O, Cessna; Rhea Lewis Jr. of Halls, Tenn., Aeronca; C. R. Hullgensteln of East St. Louis, 111.. Bonanza; Harold Fryer of Columbus, O., Tay- lorcraft; W. 3. Carroll of Huston, La., Beechcraft; W. S. Young of Shreveport, La., Beechcraft; Guy L/Vf/e 'Easy tune OKH tom-tom. Car different. I take car to Pontiac dealer once in v:hile so it make good music." %&& by foctory-frain»d cxpcrtf 6 Cyl. $3.95 8 Cyl. $4.45 Smith Ponliac Co, 126 South Lilly St. Phon« 4371 J^avion. over the edge into a deep pool In the stream b«Sow, Two women saw Smith hm tie. over the dam, and their screams brought Georgia Power Co. sub-jtatlon employees lo the rescue. They haiilert Smith ashore from the slippery rock to which h« clunit. Smith was treated for skinned elbows. Now Open For Business! BLYTHEVILLE GLASS COMPANY Highway 61 South Joe Atkins Bldg. AUTO GLASS installed While You Waif SAFETY GLASS - WINDOW GLASS STRUCTURAL GLASS STORE FRONT METAL PLATE GLASS MIRRORS A Complete Giass Service ALSO GLASS BLOCKS FURNSTURE and DESK TOPS WE ALSO DO CAULKING! P!ione3142 F. A. STANLEY, Owner and Manager Screen actress Dona l)iak» is nil set for a restful night In this sheer sleeping suit, modeled nflcr the ones in style In lino. Dona wears it In a iceVie in the movie, "So Tliis Is New York." llct todny A collection or documents they assert throw new Ug'hi on Pc- tain's allcRc-tl collaborntlonlst pollcs' during the war. It Includes quotations trom by Winston Churchill, nn of Vlchy-Unlled written hy Ameri- official history States relations a .„.„..._ can Prof. William L,. iJinRcr, nnd extracts from the dairies of Clulcnr.- ra Clano, Mussolini's son-in-law 'ho wa.5 executed. There Is nolhltur In tli c collection •lilch hns not hccn putili.slicft iti it only came to light after pelnln's trial. tvith n g MONROE ,M r ^fa •^v E-Z RIDE TRACTOR SEAT Iriirlor mile* » tnr prnfil. \|| Hii* Mimrnr I-:./. Kiel liuii'o i>f MLM.OIIIP I" 1 . rwuiiiu- l>riv«- j-imr iriii'tor in ..oinfnrl. KllH | r . c - lor urlir. (;,., „,, lo ;>.-, ,, or „„, „ v.!"" : !."- r .,v. lll< :-' 1 .."'. 1 : 1 ."'." 1 •"»<!!'.'»«--eir«. ^osslhli! ivitl, i| lr j iiclor Srat. Kirs* ) ciiun'0 i>r :i2.i,(]nip (,j| r i, lr (,, r vri uufSTMKM- M;K»I:I; r«,.,:;™H,I" I'.v.lns^o iM,,, lr nr variiililc rate niilninnlkiilly give!. Minir com- ' tnlin-ll,. [,.,yor 2SO-li>. m. n . riiicr.ii AS i.«w *s ~IH. win $26-95 («•• >ui^ownV."Oriry~*2f^,S '(ir iKolrU complete v|lh •r-l „,-,,!. IMrc. /.„.(,. M« ror or Ililltrlalr, .Mich. ^mmmmm Srnlt l,>fit 4f ,rnc- tnrniHili-1.1. In.'lnllnl in IS m;nulea. m . F i^A, SEE YOUR IMPLEMENT DEALER If HP Cannot Supply—Cull, Write or Wir« John Miles Miller Co. Distributor 123 West Ash St. Ulytheville, Ark. A Phone 2007 Jsin They're going places, the young men who fly the planes of the U. S. Air Force. They're getting the best aviation training in the world . . . training that is preparing them for interesting and profitable careers in aviation. You can join them by becoming an Aviation Cadet. Under skilled instruction, you learn to fly the nation's finest and fastest planes. You draw $75 per month, plus food, quarters, uniforms, medical and denta! care. After successfully completing the 52-week course, you are commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force Reserve and assigned to active flying duty. Your monthly income jumps up to $336 {including night pay) and you have a chance to apply for a Regular Air Fore* Commission. You can qualify for this unusual opportunity if you are single, between 20 and 26'/a years old, have had two years of college (or can pass an equivalent Air Force examination). Get all the details at any U. S. Army or U. S. Air Force Recruiting Station. Or write to Headquarters, U. S. Air Force, Attention: Aviation Cadet Branch, Washington 25, D. C. Pilot training class** start July 1 and Ocfofcw 75 1948. Moil Air Bases or* equipped h> grvv compltle qualifying txominatiom, U. S. ARMY AND U. S. AIR FORCE RECRUITING SERVICE CAREERS WITH A FUTURE U. S. Army and U.S. Air Force U. S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION City Hall Second Floor

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