The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1937
Page 5
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CHEVROLET Ice bt'uroom, lartje closi-i. inljoins tatli. 212 W. Kentiifky. B-tk-1-8 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Uaily rato per line lov consmi- livc ii'.sertions: One Utie yer' line ...... ...... IOC Two limes per line'iKr day ... 03u Tliive tilncs per Htic per day .. (Hie Six • liciiss |)er line' per clay .... 05c "Month into per line !..> ...... U0c Uirds of'Tliante ...... Stic & 7!jc Minimum cliunjc 50c Ads ordered for tlircc or nix (Inns and stppirecT before exiilra- linn \\l\\ l;o charged for 'the number; of times Mic-ad appeared ami 1 adjustment of bill made. '•'All Chus-siried Advcrti-ving copy. eiibiuiltnl •!>)' poivns nuidiiig oul- slclc ot lliu city IIIM.V. t'o nwoni- nanietr ]>y cabli. Italcs may l;c easily computed from above table. Advertising ordeml for irregular iiLscrlioj)y take. 1 * llie one lime rate. • No responsibility will be taken for more than one. incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Bus. 'Opportunities We ' liaYL' an opening lor 2 ambitious young men. Attractive compensation for those we .select. For appointment call 01. 10-ck-l',! Cars 1'Olil) V-S COACH. Original I'ainl. I,"W Milciiti-. (lucil Tires, i'lrnty of IVii in junior. A lt:ir£:iin . - $170 in i r.v it OLD !• COACH. Car Has lladio * llmk-r. Clcitit (JiilrulsU'iy. rittns IVrfrct. OllirrslVuutclAsli SlIS. Our I'rtee Is ..... ¥I'!. r > 10M OlUvVHOI.liT COACH. Colur Illiicl', Guod Th'rs. Meter in rriTecl fomli- lion. \Ve Save Yuu $511 On Tin's Ciir. Buy It Nmv l-'ur Only .............. S3'J5 i <; ii i: v K o i, I:T TOWN- SUDAN. This Car Is (lie Slandanl Kerirs. Is l.ifhd'i- iii Weight. (Jivi's Cnod tjiis Mileage. M<]ln|>- neil with TrtMik, Kadio. Vou Would Kipccl Tol'ay alurc Tlian ^Ve Ai'e Aski"K For Tliis <; a r. A Oecd liny At .... ........ $j'Ja Beauty Culture lif..THK COM1NO PROFESSION Learn tliis plcmnnl, work which pays well. New da.vs opening—state supervised Reasonable Tuition i\!rs. WilUain llerryinan Elaine Beauty Shop Business Directory MOST COMPLETE STOCK Sl'ltAV AIiVTKKIAIiS and INSECTICIDES in tins locality Fur use on all Fruit Trees, Shrubbery and Vegetables Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. J. \V. Sliousc Wilson Henry er \\'U ATTKNU TO AU. DUTAli; I.«l'5 Talk It Over—Plione 100 E. C.- UOBIN'SON LUSinKU CO. Xti -jMOjuii • 7 oT ilii Uniforms k piiiiinmcnt for u Dall, Irandhall. softhull, soccer ball • knnis, track iSi boxing. Best Prices "MV COAL IS ULAClv- « UT r TUI;AT YOU WIHTE V I Also Pay Best E'rices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 101 Coal & Wood . If You want Wood, We Have It! Ash & Oak. Kentucky Lump Coal, SG.50 ton Economy Coal Co. 221 W. Chcrrv phone 41 Alabama, ' Illinois, Kentucky i: o A i, Shaver-Foster Gin Co. 'hone 278 - Chicknsnnba & R. I Shoe Repairing NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP 121 West Main. .Simon P. Lee in charge 4 Photos FREE willi Each Ordc for Half Sole Job CITY SHOE SHOP Try u.s once Then li-v.iis lAviec Ailer: Ilial:"you'll let, us Do your the Host of your life. M.'lKKCAIrtX & J. IS. IK •i doors cast Pcnney'.s" I'lulM; riMUII. This Car Is Clean In livery Hr.S[iL-cE. H:is Cuml Tires. I,mi- Mileage. We Iteiluc'eil This Car 'I'u .. 5 DM TUKUAi'LANu SEDAN. 'J'his Oar IVas Tiiufcil in On ".11 Model Terraphine by 'Loral Resident. Tliis Car Is In Perfeel Conili- lion anil Cairys u IU'- tlucecl Price l-'ui- Tins Week Only i u:;:; DODUI; wiui'K. rnis" Car Hiis Clean L'lilioUtcry. Coiid Tires iuul Smoolli Kinniiiij; Motor. Formerly Owned by Local License for W37 Include;! For Only S280 — TRUCKS — 033 l-'() K K "Ii" MOl)i:i, PICK-111'. In I'trfccl iMo- elianirnl Comlitian. llns N'civ Tires ami 1B37 License. Tile Best Buy in Town .' S21 1035 INTERNATIONAL PICKUP. Vou Can Look ill This Truck ami Tell [I Hasn't Had Hard Use. Cioinl Tires All Ttuiiml 5at 1029 CHEVROLET 1;-. TON T K U C K. Kuiis" Ouort. ,.. Only $ r 102!) FOIti) IV, TON TRUCK. •••'•' D'rivu' H Off' For Only S • ISK CHEVROLET Iir. TON "TRUCK. Dual "wheels. Good Ilcil anil Kcaily To C!u 1'or Only si Broadway Sales, Inc. Phone, 111 New Used Car Lot Lorateil in •1(10 Bloi-k on West Main SI. 13 a l lories HATTKliV SERVICE Call J. Ben Ciune Phone 8 at Tom Jackson's 1-ORI-: HUILIJING o»w.Mu> St., near nc\v factory silt. Hea- iiiiule. Ii. l''owlcr. 3-ck-lV irely T'lirnl.sbeii. S'l BEDROOM, tath. Call 51JO. •le !;•!-! room furnished ;i)it., 1015 w. Ash. Call 415-W. Mrs. Goodwill. IS-tf .irnisiiecl, sleamhcalccl /n Telephones 197 and 571. Bc kt/ CMlcrn •! Room FUHNIKHKD Aiiarliimil. I'Jionc 280. :?fc ktf room fiimishcd [,|iaitiiieiit. 10^1 W. Asli. Call ties. 27-c-k-ll ni'nrnishcd nr I-'iirnlslieil sis room modern cottage, clccliic refrt<<- •ation, IKIU- erade und lilj-'h Jiools. 111)!) Holly, Call tK>. WALNUT A'l 1 Till; IM,ACH TO 11 S HUY A (Jiiarantfc! K & U W D C A H S (Ulern 3-rooin A|wrliiR'iit, 224 l 'ert. FURNISHED "Ban. Mrs. A. •lie ktf newly deconiti'tl initiunislied rooms, Hdjniiiini! taih. 1'rivnle lirnnce. Couple oniy. Apply at 1(1 S. 1'Yanklin iiiler j |\ M. EC kll '.'IS raid) V-8 Tl'DOIi. t'ulor (inn SK'lnl. l.ouks ,v Runs' like NCH ................ SIM '3^! I'OHl) riU)Olt. Mcilel •'!»"• : •I (!>•!. Ne» ''Tires ,t 1'aini ?J!I" •115 l''01t l) V-8 Id; COlll'li. Heater and W ' " lU'Ciisc ....',.,:. SWZ •xi (;in;vi(((i.KT siiOAN. u»-' •:'.'• ^ usually cu-iin One SiiW. •;« CHKVitoi.i-T COACH. '37 '; License. A Good liny for 5193 — T It U C K S — ' ' '31! Clli:VUOI.i:T LOUR Wheel H.'ise Stake lintlj'. A (ino;l Stock Hmlv $lil. r< miticm 08vi by tjovcmnii'iil lest. W. J. Usri'iek iind Snn, Cottonwool I'lUin, Jonesboro, Ark, 10-pk-13 New Bargains! We liiivq some e.specldlly BOOI! Ixir- (;a(»s In ears, triiekK iiiul pick-ups, See Our'H lie'orc YOU Buy| I'JUli Inlerniilloniil >;, 'J'oii l'lck-U|) I9a5 rorcl Hi 'j'on Truck 192D Chevrolet Bcdnn 1031 Clicvrolct Roadster 1930 Oakland Sedan Delta Kooni and Hoard $6 PER WEEK tijoy coniforla of steam heat, ot and cold water, good toad, all or this Io\v price, VealKidy Hold 1(1 I-:. Main Losit 4 HOUSE MULES about 1000 Ibs. end). Color: blue & sorrel. 2, about- 800 iijs.'color: dark, white nos=; black. REWARD. Ralph Brakcnsick o rldalio Gro-cry, Bassctt. Ark. 10-pk-13 Wan lod LAUNDRY, rougli dry or linislml. Good u-ork. Mrs. Mick, C16 Luke. 2-pk-9 I'XHtl) V-8 TRUCK. Mctiii'. Have On This New. Onu 5515 3= H)l!|) V-S TRUCK, lie- enndilioneil and llcxdy To (Jo '. $:«iS '^1 CI1EVUOI.KT Long Wheel L'asc AVith Hotly. Only . S'<!i)Ci "J-j Cl.lKVItOLKT PICK-Ur. • A-1 Condition. Xpir I'iiiri) S;!,'(5 Small l>c\vn Payment - F.usy T cl '" ls Phillips Used Car Lot Plinnc 810 Itoy Cali'in, jlljjr., Useil Car:l>e|il. Inc. otion'SeedTF STONEVHAE — UfL HALF .t llAl'jl' 1 11EST PRICES Blythcville Gin Co. USEO lilUCK, CUcii|). A. K. Carter, CQ7 N. 5th St. 3p k-t-'J PLlJMBlNG! iaxlurcs, pipe, nttlnss, all balli- room accessories, .valves, electric water Ky'.steiD.'i for Sunns. Water sortenei'K. Illttrs or any other item ccnueclcd wlllr pliimblna or hcal- Over! Tin-in ' Krotu! I!iu'- 10:15 ma (UK, 15111.i.i ISI33 llcal |1)35 |'()Rl) (!()ACH, H»y ........ JTO V-8 IE35 I'OUn V-R CplJl'i:. Itadl" :icirt lltaJc'r. 'Only .'..... lliMv'. WH\\ . Itadiii. "" ptVJs COTTON SEED!!! CUOICI3 PPL .NO. 11' corroN caro(Hlly savcrt'tor our own . : .,'-'-,. ' .Gin Co. ' Male Help Wauled mti- MAKKI1U3 MAN'tp |lii cery ittency., Supply lu ii'iislwoviliy person ut, no money risk. Kai-jilni(u up iu $iuo lu a month. DrUHIs nuiileil Tree. Write /-ANOL, 101J -Moiiinoulli. Cljicia'- nnll, 0. AO'l 1 . QUICK. KLECTH10 & WELDING AT DEBT i'UICUB PUOMl'T SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, Ii I'ly Tires >:i(i5 TIll'CJK. | . PETE" THE PLUMBER Pulr youiiB draft -iimres and IK ness, reasonable. Onnraulecct to be .sound mid good worker;.. Wt. 2,500 ibs. JQC Craig, Plionc 7-t. j . ' 27c ktf For Sale or Kuril' MY HOME,'919 W. Mail). Mrs. S. S. Sternbei'B. Call 98-J. 8-ck-lf SPECIAL BARGAIN New Four Row PLANTER For-Model A John Dccrc Tractoi Also Several Good Used CULTIVATORS PAUL BYRUM Kx« Tires SWU TRUCK. 7.50x31) 'Vires .. 5315 PHONE 18 Ol'TOMIiTItlSTS Over Jou Isnacs' Store ••\YE MAKK 'KM SEli" Phono 610 III If'iC, Alexander; Graham Bell 1 patented an apparatus for Uans- roltUl>s "t»o pr nwrc teJcgraphi' isl signuls tMilliairjously" on a single uirc Gay & Billings, Snc, Peed . Kindling: Plume 7t> Hnvc You Visited Our New Alfiili'i'ir Service ,S(nlioit? •^yj'llij Hose Oasollnc (iooilyear Tires Wlllafil ISaltfrlOD Ho.iil .Service On - (las - Tires - \Vrrchs IM HOUlt SKKV1UE Call 033 Kor I'rninrit Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Phono 700'- !•' (> H II TRUCK V-K Superior Coal S: Mlnfng Co.1 Easy c. 'ji. A. (!. 1'ayment I'ian Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Phone (iSa Mules For Sale DELTA iMPl,i:i.l!!NT6, INC. MINNOWS (J. C. HiiwUs, 35Q E. Six jicntl of .Gootl MUL-KS for sale. Sec Paul Byriim. Ik; kit 24 Hour Wrecker Service JJcat I'riccs Joyner Motor Sales Ciiii inoo Storage ALLEY OOP AW. SUPPOSIM'OL' »l-'U3 DID GET AWAY - DOM'T BE OOWM-HEARTED, PAL BOCK UP, I 5AV.' SOMETHING W, AI;UBAl)Y! Wrecker Service - Oaa &, Oil Open All Nif/Id Phillips Service Center Plumes T,T_ - "810 SALE We ii.ivr- ;i iimiLcil tupply oC nice Altnlfa. feed, and prlco is atliueil\e. Also SLHcia'i tons of Slancvllta No, 4-A Cotton seed ono year tcom- the breeder, \vc. inlicrt nnd ulnnccl them tind stale tehlcd. Wo have so\cial Inindied bii.hel 1 of Ilcuns nnil Pens. Will ,(;ll 01 twlc fni any other viirlcty o( Cotton seed 01- L. R, Motthewo Gin Co. 'id. 151!-rn Vnilno, Aik. C'olloj), Cot(oi! Sceil Jiul Coal Hy Hamlin Wanted To Buy WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Hutibard 2nd Hand ^t We i';iy ,?G-§7.50 [icr ton for Scnip Iron, Hndiiitors $1.91.50, Jlctals Sc to 12c llj., also buy liidos & old baltories A HI AN AUTO ."AltTS 128 E. Main Pho llc 170 BUT r GUESS ] ATTA soy, FELLA.' THATS TH' YOU'RE RIGHT.;\WAYTO TALK! MOW STIR THERE'S MO USE WOUR STUMPS - LE'S TAKE BAWUiJ' ^(^, US A.WALK' ABOUT IT.' WOWHEEg IM WE'LL JUST MOSEY AROUKT AXJ' PAV A FEW VISITS _:. TO OUR PRIEMDS' W'TOWN- BUT, I MAD IM, I TELL. i oou'T see MOW HE EVER COULD HAVE ESCAPED ' THOSE \DOKiT uvs Ane so EXCITED ^ ABOUT'/ 90 OR OENiSV. •\VASIJTUBHS J ESSy i> is^T WE BUY Hides & Metals Wool & Scrap Iron BlylhcvHle Iron ,<i Metal CD. Cherry &'R. n. Plionc H8 Poullry & Eggs VOl;i,TIlY WAXTlvD We pay highest market prices for «ll kinds poultry. Ks |, cr & Gaincs at Gaincs Grocery & Mar- hrl, 11 \V. Main. BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES'. Custom Hatchin^ • MARILYN TiATCHlSKY llwy, fil North, Blythcville Personal GET VIGOR AT OIICE; New Oslrcx Tonic Tablets contain raw oyster invigorators and other stimulants. One dose peps up organs, glands. If. not delighted, maker refunds lew! cents paid. Call, write Kirby Bros, ijrug Stores. . , u\'!?ER CGST.7ACT. WHY SHOULD/ KE MIGHT CJUIT Tl'£ Voiinf; while Plymouth Rock HENS, $1.EO each; rooster free ^-itlr „ <Mch 13 liens or single roosters $1.50. Abbotl-Johcison Poultry Farm Barficld road. ('Icaiiers - Laundry Farm Loans $500 Up ALSO LOANS ON BUSINESS BUILDINGS, RESIDENCES, PILLING STATIONS. Don H. Kasserman Room 220. Lynch Bklg. Phone 877 P. O. Box 170 FREE! If excess acid causes you Stomach Ulcers, Gas p.iins, Indigestion,- Heartburn, GET ' free .sample doctor's prescription, Udga, at Kirby Bios. Drug Co. ^ mW^^m il 1^ I «(>• /mf W.ARMJ EA*y " 1 LONG AGO ixic \V.K\I WNT AFRAID I SAME LUUl Bfc'l I K Of- NO WOMAN./ WAS fiOIMG TO BEAT -,~ -"M HIM UP, AND GuEf-S \U \ WHOT HAPPr^'EP. I'-UKCKLUS ANIJTUIS FRIENDS HE RAN PUTfMDWN! ) ™AT CONFOUNDS? WELL, PLEASANT DREAMS, >/ 8 °W WOW CANT liy Crarif ^p&sf&fc fe ™a»®fcfcV i'/U/,.,,^ T. M. DEC. U. S. P*T. OFF. ' T Ifc*-"' WELL, M'BOS', HOW'D YOULlKE A CONTRACT 'AMP A $!O RMSE? OSSIIi'S ABOLT" *S vin'^^^Vitv' "— »7«y R «"y^r-«ar to pay • oiS^c^,;*™' f0 ca™St^mf 1Cr ^ nS 510 w..Ash. -. ritor,e. 2<iO j -j! ™. Mmixs'' Ssnvycr, Jlgr. iSudbury Didg. Phone 4M Fct.LCWED OSS!E THE OTV-ISK WIGHT ! . AMD OMLY THE A" r... •] RIGHT FOCTTPPIS n; AW AS DAV.' r^ ATTH.VT! Kr/7 ''TMEY'RE AT j COULD /,i.r<rmf. FifTtETI-l \ HOP P.--•! ...^i APART.' / FEirr ow o.-'e: T)-«f I^RCVES IT V/AS A GHCETT.' AM' rr DIDN'T MAKE A 6OLMD. 1 I V/AS SKATTE COASTER WHEW I LOOKED BEH'MD COMING. 1 BCTT", I WEK/T L1KE£ SIXTV -. GHOSTS ARE I HOLY ST-IO^E. 1 UK! a'sioesj Look) FROM THEY AREN'T (THIS R3GTP»WT SUPPOSED7D S ID THE: WEXT LEAVE At.IV ( IS O^EfS FIFTY TRACES'....AMD \ PEET.'t-AL!3H THESE FDOrPBIJ^rrsT THAT OPF.' /| ARE RIGHT HERE V^ ON THE SIDE- / / liy Blosscr j-KW DO YOU ^ WELL, OF COUASE I've IOJCV,/? DO^rtXJ j NEVER REALLY SEEM ONE, KWOV/WHATA / BUT Ff?OM PICTURES OF GHOST IS? / THEf^ A GHOST LOOKS _, SOMETH1KK3 LIKE A BEDSHEET FULL OF

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