The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 10, 1934
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE THE DOlUMAJfT NKWBPA1"*W OF NOHTHBAtfr VOL. XXXI—NO. 227 aiyilieville Duly Ne»i BlythevtUe Ccuri« Mlulalppi Valley Leader Blythev-W* NEWS HOME EDFTION , MONDAY, DRCEMKER in, ENDED Bl Smila'('Hans.Pays An Ktirly (lull 1 To fy-Ycav-Old Ward of Ciiv Nation-Wide C 1 c a n u n Boosts Price of Heroin by lOOPerCenl . " WASHINGTON, Dec. 10 (UP) — Federal agents smashed through, more underworld hideaway* todn'y' in their .unprecedented narcotic! drive iind brought, the total imm-' ter of suspects held to 791. Today's raids, cllinaxitirj the week end offensive, netted another so-called "big shot." Ilnrry J. Anslinger. federal mircoilo chief said. Two "big shots" now are held, Anslinger said. One was caught in Baltimore Saturday and another In San Fianclsco today. He said the raids had been highly successful In curbing the narcotic traffic and pointer! lo ai doubling of (he price of Illicit,' heroin in Washington lo $800 per Heroin, he said, wns lhe chief' narcotic seized in , tile, rinds. He said that tills drug was brought, Into tills country mostly through Ranin Clans arrived ahead of schedule today to pay an earlv ,'lsil lo f. s-ycaf-old boy, mother is unable (o provide n living for him and whose father and th-. latter's second \wCe arc sought for assaulting the. child. The boy, u bright-eyed, blond headed lad, has been lhe ward or police since they, investigated a complaint the other day and round ilie accused rather and steti- untlicr (;ig. ' With Uie boy on their hands and no place in particular to send him officdivi have kept Uie. youth mound (he cily linir ami inaimgcd to feed him and Iind him n warm plate to sleep. AfU'r a dny or two orricors became thoroughly attached to thcti- '••mporarv "mascot" and decided they would dress him up. This inoinini; members of Iho sheriff's forco iincl.clty police got IJietr heads anil llie'ii- purees lo- Bclhcr and decided lo buy ilieir icharge nn entire new onuil of clothing. Incliidini! a nalr of spllfy leather boots. After the boy, so nervous with excitement he could hardly hold the packages. Iind received thc fillls he was can-led out to Police Chier Ed Rice's house for a "p-.n-i- flcaiion" in a real bnllilub and a chfince to slip Into Iiis new clothes. While many boys his age might think clothes rather dlsap- polnlinK Christmas Bins the little fellow couldnV think of. anything better than u chance to dress up.' Hidden to BaiK Kidnap Attempt F ormcr County Superin- Here Named To After .-idiilleratlon which mav L • .' LaW£cn ° r Hamburs. forum run as high as 10 limes,'Anslinger P y sunerinlendent or cdu- snid, the original ounce of heroin , °"' w(is n 1 """" ' executive. see- ls peddled to addicts ror around » ^ ,°- "L e AvkaiKns Eiiucalbu 5400 per ounce mound Astociation Saturday, sticcceding J - Eighteen arrcsU were made h," ^i Ku ^ eft ' tlaIH - Mt " ' -' Arkansas. Thirteen persons in- M, ° ° C Jttnuary Lltlle Rock. and r n e Lourt Orders « nl T Settle IWO R oa .K,-,iiec.;,,).fl. -l. ''' were settled by the. state supie-nc courr twlay. ' ' . Recovery of 501112 sa.COO left, by IA M. Lawrence from W, A. Rnth- errcrd. was-insu-uetcd in one opinion, s. M. Casey, executor of r)i c cntale. instittiied suit ajainst Ruth- orcrcl after Lawrencs'a death last year. The hi s h pomi amrmc-sl tne chancery court,verdict (.hat Rulh- «nnl? ' fl ™ tlul «n«y" acqiilved the S6.000 worth or'stocks and bonds three days Ijcfore (he <j e alh ,,t Lawrence. In lhe other 'case (lie high tribunal upheld the circuit court's action in setting aside th= will of W. J. Coop, mad? nt the a=e ct '"• ,. W - Ja Co °P sought reversal <-i lhe decision. B^nfc Commissioner Marion \V:is- spn will receive $15.984 and a stock assessment of $8076 in iiis SMU against John K. Gibson as J'.e result or a reversal handed down ly the supreme court in the sctiiemenl. of an account in ;n IliiC-lVi'iU Twin City tank O f wa!- iiui Ridge. The Lawrence count" chancellor listed "set-offs" that TOmrl have given Wasson some -4,000 settlement on a $28000 Enters Not Guilty Plea To Cotton Act Charge BATESVJLLE, Art-., Dec. 10 (UP) 7-0-10 v. noyl. former Newark attorney. pleaded not guilty j,, fe( i,oral court here today to charges or mtikmg false statements In seek' acreagc bmid t, arra ' bond. i [e i VBS niTesied bv fetieral officers at p 0 ~ahonlas last nlS The federal Indictment rbare« Hoyi swore in negotlalln. for fifs acreage redncUon contract thai he farmed M acres south or New.rk An investigation by the countv 052111 slioivcd this claim ralss. for Leaving Scene of Accident Punk Willis «-as fined $10 in m i ( . nlclpil court Saturday by Judge C A. Cunningham for leaving the scene of an accident. ' E. s. Davis railed lo app»ar and his bond was forfclled on a charge °f parking on a highway at the •scene of an accident. . the organization during the morn- ling. Miss Lawson's appoiiilnicnt )was umouiiLed tollottint n m""t I ing of the executive, committee' 'during the ifteinoon . | Mi«s lanson L5 videl ImAii in IsUil^ cducihonUiicles ln\mg been' :|)dcntirled with schools of Vnt iUUe bachelor i ind masters degie^s nt teacoriy college and then taught in I high 'chools or the slite for ->lx years. She then was appolntsd deputy state super in teiiiisn't or edii cnlioii nml .served In thai capacity for six years. After her resignation, she becai->« 'surKrintendent of education in I Mississippi county, a position (which'sha held until a lures t i year ago. In the pust year, .-lie nas been identified with Parent Teacher work and at 'present is r. vice president of (lie S'ate P. T. A. association. Members of the executive cow mittee which approved Miss LQU son's appointment are: J j Do.vne. superintendent of Lonole schools; Mr. Phlpps nnd Col. „ R. Hnll. sti|ierlntciulent of Littk- Rock schools. in addition ( 0 these, memter.5 of (he board of trustees or lhe association- who were present at the meeting dur- the morning, were: Crawford Greene, represenlnllve of i-r- State Department of Education- Miss Constance Mitchell o f tlie Arkansas Stale Teachers college" Coinvay; Dr. J. R. Grant, preil- or Ouachita college,' Arka- deiphia and H. D. Morton, siir-c-r- mtcndent of schools at Hambiug. Says Barring of Negroes From Juries Not Proved WASHINGTON, Dec. 10 «jp>_ ., y ' Ge "' T1 'omns E. Knlulit Alabama, conceded before the sn prenie court today in a brief filed cLin'n ^r 01151101 ' 0 ct>se -' i lll at ex- ciiision of negroes systematically 'Tom juries would violate the '--• tcenth Meeting Is Postponed ..jJJ 11 evangelistic meeting, sched- "•" '° have openid last evening at ' clll "'ch of God, has been post- l»ned ,,, U1 | aftor the Iloi i day . s n lm i. bcr " nnnouuced. Ne« 1C M»^\ W ' "• Ro[ » rt «o n - of isew Madrid, -MO «•' services early ,„ ",,; mmry . ., SINGLE COPIES FivF'CENTS Gliarges Libby Holman Never Legally Married Al !" c c " n "°" . lortay tiled a petition I?, conn she claimed thai tin; m nr- OSCEOLA. Art:., Dec. 10 (UP)- '., h ..»,,» HTJJUJI.-> i-f.sigre<i waifir-Kci:- vice about'8 o'clock Sunday ,night *' but it. win bo •rnesdiiy nlRht or Wednesday 'inornliJK lie lore ' normal' i-lemlc ficrvice can 'bo.-ro- osiabllshcd. . * •. '•';.' \ An'accident .to lhe lurge Qiijlije ' at the plant tlirewthc entire load •'• on a small citRlne, which 'burned'-V • out, •<>(iU5ln« tlio eomplcle -bi-eatc- •>-down In scrvlcb, It was reported, i' One nnall eng'Jiie wnfj-piit Itc-t- condition yesterday . lo 'prbylde T, ci • iti i power ror • pumping water.' There'' : '"° olllps Helpless On may-be n partial resiimptloh of Nni-ll, Atl .' n i i elcclrtc- sen-Ice by lonight, May- 1 ; 01th Atlantic; Cold •n-..Rogers said, nnd he expressed (! aims Siv I iv/v- • Joiiniloncc that by Tuesday night, < " mlmt> O1X MVCb ir, nl latest, Wednesday morning, jji' Tln»/.,i P " repairs and suppleinehtnry' Inslal- s,,n, 1 7 s 'aliojis c:in be fomplcled to permit, V6!fp „, ' .'" rccl>al - loll »y "> Ihn A "»<unipUon of fun service. '- .I', ,,",?*' wnvc wlllc!l CIUlse <i This Is the first time In the Ills- ,, ™ e a MH , l> , n ' Ul Uwl "» sl)1 )'- tory or the osceola municipal Ughi- nl A,! ,1^ 1H| Lra »sporl«l[on nlong nnd water-plant Hint lhe city, has The to w Tf , been without cither hunts'oi • \m- ][v ^ ° W cljl "ned nt bast, six ter'for longer' lhan'an hour or. •[-»,„ , two. ' .'.••; ,„. vciseis, Mirmlcd | w m w ,, v The three Negroes Held ,Ih Hold-up of White Men | .» jmi.^.n»wi» ^ *"M* . snJYLJl Ul IIIG '• • '; (i- i c ™» - . "UiW. wallowed in wave" Tivo negro women iind one negro "Woxnnately 600 miles north' of man have been jailed by police In llle Azores with rewue '<shi'iK Hi- «n . ,._i., , . _ • . (-lnn.i:.i.- . . >...ivm, . QH1]JS Eugenio Grew, adopted daughter of Raudolph Clark Grew, brother 01' tbe U. S. AmbSosador to Ja- pau. has been spirited from tbe family estate. In Mancliestcr,' Mass., to a secret biding place lo present kldnanera from carrying out abducllou Ibreals. Below is her tnollior, Aira. Helen Jones Coffin Grew. Tiie case Is In the hands o( Federal ageiits. Dr. L. N, Cissell Opens Veterinary Office Here Dr. N. L. Cissrll, accredited veterinarian and graduate or St. Jos- •s In lhe Atljinlic. Japanese freighter seven of the ..stflndiiig (jy, " ^l, 0 ^^!!! 1 ; '**»<«* ''.'tairy Die alleged hold-up robbery of Earl Moody, farmer of the ..Gosncll 'section - Moody'reported to .police .thatjh? ai held up ind robbed of $60 Ssu urday night n a negro ssction of ihe city Moody said h-> had boen lislting in a ii"pro houj;, accorj Inj lo police^ ind nar lield dp \Wf,ji i M he had »alied only a I'lortdUnneillHayors Sfifilf FeAevat on r,LS i ay home ' - cuerdl Afilick Is Manager of Gee Sales Company nppio\unately 100 inllas off 'BUI "cgnt mm the coast guard cutter fniT'f'r"'?, ' !tandl " B b ^ tmii y 'o lake ofr thc crew or 12 nr moie to Provide Jobs DuPonts Admit Paying "Graft" to Sell Powder WASHINGTON, DOC. 10. (UP)_ DuPonl company-o/nrlnls lold the senate munitions committee today that-'^rart" was'Involved In powder sales In China In 1929 t Chairman Gerald p Nja lead doc imeiUs showing (hat the shaiiK 111 offlcc or thc DiiPontV lycsluffs ucp-ntment ftrranged to my u four per cent commission to tin ' nnt'-ft n t»rHt.1.1.. * . . .." WASH1-7GTON, Dee 10 (UP)^. .ccSr^mtrfuaine™'^ 1 B C,re Sales Co Im'toia? nL/'"?! 1101 "? olt ; L Icl ' e ' betn inco-poial-d uitli Mr Ow ns „, Amoid, i,,,i, , U , * tiouble piebident and William Afflick sec- winter" ™J « ii m CClllcli thls rotary and treasurer.' Mr. Aflllck. HI,™,,,,/,. „ ?,„ l ?F, EOVMnine'nt who recently pnrelmed an interest g,",, for iniofmli" ' Works in lhe Him, will b ft manager of H>=- "The re.iTSoa'd ^ said. corporalion, which handles Pri?kl- isoooom'in Mres nnd Delco Ualillng syslems. ' Since Mr. Afrllck camn hern from Chica»ci three year, ago he has been associated with his brother, c. W. AtTltck, hi the real eslale business. Osceola District Deputies Give Sheriff Gold Badge SherllT Clarence Wilson has been presented wllh n gold badge ns n Christmas gift by members or his force In the Osceola dislrlct or lhe county. 'the sheriff Is proud of his new badge and wears it, but it's not noticeable unless he has occasion to reveal it since Mississippi county's highest law ' enforcement ofllcer doesn't go in for display. r ? ller -' i'"" P f ''°' n lsons «»- work," Paul nctto'rsT'ciiicaKo"^- icary or the mayors conference . Milk is supposed (o be' an In- impeiuabfe fowl for bxblr<s anil srowing children. The milk of human kindness tn Blythcvlllc people will supply tbal food lo many iilythcvlllc chililrcn this winter. Use relief scrip and stamps for all purchases ana !n paying all bifls—lhal's nil you have lo rto as your part of the job of keeping Ihc- milk flowing. Knight denied, however, flint evidence produced in behalf or Clarence Morris, one of lhe Scotls- boro defendants, proved such ev- !lu.slon. The court is scheduled lo act 'ooii on lhe appeals of Norrls and Hayu-ood Patlerson, two of th- nine negro defendants, accused or having assaulted two white girls m Alabama. It, Is the second thre the case has come ' court. Forty-Six Pay Taxes on ,, Million Dollar Incomes WASHINGTON, Dec. 10 (UP)— Forty-six millionaires, 15 more lhan in 1832, paid nearly $26.000,CCO in federal income taxes itti year, on incomes In excess of Sl- 000,000. thc bureau" or internal revenue reported today. The 40 taxpayers, income lax returns showed, paid 7 per cent of the total personal Income tnx. In the peak 1929 pros|)erity year 513 " 'ere listed wllh annual f more than $1,000,000. Mo., has opened nn office at lhe Bob Harris bam on Wnlnut street. Dr. Cissell has had 12 years experience In private practice in Southeast Missouri. He served in thc veterinary corps during lhe World war and for live years wns svllh the division of meat Inspection, bureau of animal husbandry, where a thorough knowledge is gained or the diseases lo which animals ore subject, and in lhe field service of Uie bureau. He was assigned to lhe appraisal at cattle in the droulh area of Arkan- EOS last summer and later was transferred lo work on the control of nbortkm In cattle. Quarterly Conference i at Yarbro Tuesday The Rev. Sam B. Wiggins of Joncsboro, presiding eld?r of die Joncskoro district of Mclhodist clmrclie.1, will conduct the first quMtcrly conference of thc new church year for Promised Land and Ynrbro churches, at the Y.-U-bro church Tuesday evening, 7 o'clock. "I've gol a 1931 n:oJd. pejttf cclion. U'nnl u-i'/l you give me on a fraac-ij>. J " Rankin in Race For Speakership Sccrclary of Slate Hull Addresses J'iirni Bureau 1 Federal ion NASHVILLE,' Ti'im., Dec. 10 (UP)—Foiir out or every live people In the world nrc livlni; "iiround w below HIP poverty line," Secretary or Sliue Cordell Hull told the American Farm Jiiirmii ..Fi'dem- llon today. 'rnrlffs and llielr "mam vlrlnui offspring"—ipioUs, liccnss av,iu-'o mould and t'xcluume eoiHrols-iive dninugliiK asrtcnltiiro more limn ever : before, Hull said. Not alone Tji-lciilUn-o In suffering, he said ;Hull enve a strong defense nr lhe "Yankee trading" policy muter Reciprocal -Hading agreements M opposed to barter s}slcm.<s of tar- elBn trade. , " -• v Muttons are carrying policies or sell sufficiency to "ulcer absur>|li?» Hull said. "Sooner or later EtoU":- inen cvei-ywhore will be. llterully •Mven back: in lhe direction of •onornli! J!imll.y," he nald. Points lo Higher liK> m ,ic WASHINGTON, Dec. 10 (UP) — Form Income In approximately n billion, dollnrs nlmve last, year despite lhe worst drouth on record Prraldoiil Roosevelt told the American Farm Bureau Federation to- dayj at-Nashville In a short Ida- phone-address. •• p oh a ]lo^Mer trnniictlon J What part O f dial wis Bm ft?t Nyca'kKlMDj K K 'v SDSOJ h II Jij* *" miW '° r lllc com ' Only (lie four pci c"nt • Onw\ He added that when ol- Ponl exm.lhr, leuhKA of Ui» " tam -' llale -taction wn 3 Henderson and Ahgell Awarded Nobel Prizes OLSO. Norway, Dec. 10 (UP)_ Arthnr Hemtenion. British presl- dent O f (ho. wol .jd dl=ar,nament coifsrcnce, and Sir Norman Angell, British uiillioi- and lecturer were nwnrtled the '- Nobel prizes for 1934 nml 1B33 itap tlvclv, It was announced today "Mr. Hende ' '' peace "Mr. Henderson worked the ------- ...ut. «>WIR[;H. JU|- [/Jg vul: rtl*.l\ll.1lls UUJIUt'5 COHIpajly IO. accompltshmont of peace and Sir Helena following nn inveslisalion Norman Angell prepared the by the tribunal. There has been work, salrt Dr. Christian Lange, £ o«><= disposition at Helena not Ic sokesman fo ""-""' * l; - — *- ---•••-"— , . nge spokesman for the Nobel commit tee in awarding the priies. Social Register Left Out Harvard Prexy's Name CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (TJp) —Society folks were surprised when, on re.idlng the latest edition they discovered that Dr .James Bryant Conant, \vT>o becaiire president; of Harvard university last year, hadn't "made" the Social Register . Then H developed that Dr. Conant had not applied to have his name published in the register It was believed that had he done so his name would have been Included. Wai' Talk at League Coutv cil Table P r c c c <1 e-s Peaceful Agreement (1KNKVA, nee. 10. III!')—YU-' l,(>sl.uli .Hid iruncdry adopted '••''-'•' compromise solution of MiKHliistpnl iircsentii u cinidl. dnlo for 9|icnknr nt Mia national lloiwo of Ucin'e«ciitatlve.H In John K. HnnMu, lihmvii aliovo at Ills desk in tho caiiltnl. Ilnn- kliii wlin-irlll sliirt'lila clKlitli Icrm In. ilio MniiHO Jan. 3, In making, a ilntorralijod Jlyhl Tor ttio (lost made Vacant by ilio doath at 8|ionkor Ilonry T. Blylhevillc Higher Than Some, Lower, Tliatf Many Arkansas Cities ROCK, Ark.-T'lie cost of resldenllal electric service In Blylhevlllc Is .wnieivhat higher limn in FV)rt Smith. Is approximately the snmc as In Little. Hoek nnt! Pay- etlevtlle, and is lower in most brackets than In pine ElufJ, Cnniden, B Dorado, Riissellv'ile. Stuttgart, anc Hoi Springs, according to a com parlson. iuade public yesterday by the slate Paet Finding Tribunal. The comparison was ninde Ic support new rates announced by the Arkn)isn.s utilities company fo: nccept the rate reduction, althoug it would give that city rcsldcnlia j service nt a lower coH thtin is 1107 provided In any Arkansas city served by a private company. Som9- what loii-er rules now in effect nt Joncsboro, which is served by n municipal plant, are offset by the facl that the Jonesboro plant pays m taxes, p. A. Lasley, chairman of the Fact Finding Tribunal, explained. The comparison showed monthly costs ot service •• to various classes of residential consumers as follows: 30 K. W. H. per Month— For! Ceylon Carter Fined For Biting Bull COLOMBO, Ceylon. (up)-piead- ng guilty to having bitten (he tongue of a bull, Nicholas Appu, a carter, has been , to fhree . . Smith. $2.33; (proposed Jieu- weeks rigorous Imprisonment by the. Municipal Court of Colombo. The bull was one of two harnessed to a wagon driven by Appu. According to the Inspector who Drosecuted, Appu pulled out th- bull's tongue and bit orr a piece, which he spat into the road. Evidence showed It was usual for carters lo bile (he ears and lalls of bulls which were refractory. Cotton Hous? Burns , n OSCEOLA, Ark. — Til c cottoliK,. u ,,..o,,,i,jji<jii L-muigciicy air- .ousc nt the Planters gin wns de- ports were developed under tho stroyed by fire Saturday, result-ICWA program. Approximately ng in lhe destrucllon or a con- ..*>•• ' stderable quantity of planllng seed. Thc loss Is undetermined. rate), $2.34; Llllle Rock. J2.-10; B'v, Ihevllle, S2.43; Pine BlulT, $2.50; Payettevllle, $2.55; Hot Springs $3.14. (Rates at cnmden. El Dorado, nnssellvlllc and Sluttgnrt ar« the same as at Pino Bluff). SO K. W. H. per Month—Helena. $3.35; Port Smith, S3.40; Little Rock S3.40; PInt> Bluff, $3.OT; BlyJhevitle $3.03; Fayettevllle, $3.15; Hot Springs, $4.37. 100 K. W. H. p!r Mon111—Helena, 44.75; Fort Smith, 54.90; Uttls Rock. $5.10; Biythevllle, S5.13; Fayetle- ville, $5.25; Pino. Bluff, $6.10; Hot Springs, $0.75. 200 K. w. H, per Month—Helena, $7.55; Port smith, $7.90; Little Rock, $8.10; Blytbeville. $3.13- Payettevllle, $8.25; Pine Bluff. $10.10; Hot Springs, $11.50. 300 K. W. H. per Month^Helona, $9.35; Little Rock, $10.70; Fort Smith, $10.90; Btythevttle. $11.13- Payeltevtile, $11.25; Pine BlufT. $13.10; Hot Springs. $16.25. CWA Opens 32 Airports OLYMPIA, Wash. (UP)—Thirty- two Washington .emergency air-- tlU-Jr (hi )ii-a«- of I urojic. lr«(r- cinnnvA, neo. in aw-ru ,ltllr rnlonte hmled llle threat of win itcioss lhe counell taplu or ..the l.engi|c of Naltons tod.iy, resisting efToiW of the big powers .0 compiomlso Uie dispute be- -wccii Hungary and Yugoslavlar- " Nicholas Tllulescu, or Iluinanla, Wnltln? foi the Little Entciitc, declared that Huhgaiy's Inslst- ince on revision oi lhe post-un'r iintln i^hlch carved out nc\v -ouni'lcH in Eniope, coiulllutea a threat ot war. To each demand of Iliuijai; u icuslon," he suid, "thp thres ilciivwd nations liavj icpVcd »ltli u cnlesorlcd! ntict nnal 'ho'. ro. Insist would no longei be tho work or peace bill of wm " Yugoslav Threat He\ paled Ills ipccch aliatUrcd thc hops- nil almospheio • which had Lesn "ngcntsercd by a lesolulion or For•Ign AllnWei Plcne Ijivnl of I ranee, qeM^ned to cmb political terrorism and. appease YURO- slnvl.i. ..Hungnrlan' dlrelowre.! that Yugoslavia has threatened lo \Ulhr diTO lici appeal to the league mid act on hoi own" unless •sho ob- t.ilns satisfaction fiom Hungaiy caused giavs concern Tho Yugoslav threat, uvoaled ast nlghl Ijy Hungarians, was saW lo hai/c the support or 'Rumania and C/cehoslovakl»V tho ii'hcr, or lhe Ltlllo Entente. Slluatlon Qrave , , ^.-Tnp developments a"> a result of the new disclosure caused' Ihe en- lire central European 1 conflict, Jo bo viewed n-j ImvliiB leacned 'Us most delicate a,nd dangerous stage" '-.By acjlng 'on he(- ofsii." Yuzo- slnylo would no longei accept ^ League of Nations'Million to,(ho charges ngalpU Himeory of harboring (errorhU and the nss»«Mns resj onsiblo foi the uilling O f Krnn Alexander It wns explained Yugoslavia would seek a direct accotmt- •"" nllli Hungary/ Workmen Take Over ' • Job From FERA WEST BRANCH; i a . (U p> _ When dwindling relief funds threatened closing of an FERA project ot a rock qtmir/ near here, workmen organized tlielnselves into a co-operative company, rented the machinery u«cd bj the FERA. sold (he r output to Individuals,- and maintained operation of the quarry' .Lenders or (ha project ,aid they expected H to rurntsh \-ork for members throughout the comln- winter The rock- crusher project is slm- nr to other co-opeiatlves In which abandoned relief projccls have b«-i lurned Into self-snpponln^ movements Little money ts gained from the venture but it assures workers of a few da } ~; work, and na^cs each week and will seive to sustain per sons «bo o(lier«lsc would bo irn- employed this winter Last winter a wpod-safllns co-operallve was maintained here The woodcutting «nve work to a group of men, nho ed trees and cut them into P.1 V r saWB ' t " lem tn '° stove I His returns used as n payroll with a. pur! of lh e tioo v l ttsjf Slale Yields Fossil Bones : 0 ' Wjo. (UP) -Nine thousand pounds of-fossil . averaging HO million jaus old have been shipped out of Ihs n™ 6 New , Yor k ^ Or. Barnum Bros n, curator of the American Museum of Natural History. Th« ttelcloiu uere once creatures called Sanropeds, noted for husc bodies and feel, but small brains, WEATHER" ' '•; Arkalisn. 1 ;—Generally fair, coWer n south and central porllons tonight Tuesday fnlr, not quite so cold In south portion. •Memphis end vicinity — Partly ;loudy tonight, lowest tempera- lure 20 to.24. Tuesday fair. The maximum • temperalure here yesterday was 43, 'minimum 29, .—= off.u.>.. L .uL^tj clear, .according to Samuel P. Nor»278,248 was spent Improving fields rts, official Heather observer. Last ror actual use or Jor emergency,night Uie temperature dropped to landings on established airways, (24.

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