The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 8, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE srx idcThal 'Will Roll Fnto §!anford Relieves '.Tide Will Roll To Viclory Again In Rose Bowl BY HARIIY OlIAYSON Sports liVWInr .\HA Service Dixie preens its "football f<-!ii!ici'.s us another southern team prepares to Invade the Pasadena nose Bowl mi N'ew Year's nay. Southern conchw, football im>n mid lenavmrs itn mighty proud thnt one of Ihelr section, wn.s cho- fion as the opponent »f s(ji They feel Unit, in Invillin; 1 Alabama, the Pacific coa-sl school again recognized Hie gridiron giime below the Masou-Dixon line as (wing a.s good as there is. ' Alabama was not (he (lr;,t <;«olc« ot everybody in ihe somh wait, however. "The southwest,. wished it wen possible for Minnesota to purtici- .patc, the Ooplinrs nhiyeil a more repr<ss»nl:ulve schedule',' «ajs Ray Morrison, the- Somhen Methodist strategist. "Alabama was •a close second choice wlili ns, and NO Lclle^e Alabama will win" Naturally all Texas will be puling for Alabama," asserts Jimmlc Kills, wisest of the nice Owls who wero strong ' candidates for the excursion until they slipped before Texas Christian in the Ifltli .if an II-game' grind. "StaiifbKl chose: a worthy rival Alabama should again prove too imieh fot- (he far wesleiners" la the word from Major r ^ ml Heesc Neyland. wiu-lng. coach m Uio Teiiiwwcf 1'onmlMr.s. who gave thQ crimson Tide Its llclit- i*t Ixitllc jji losing, ^ • » Tradition Kjini* 'liiinii "Alabama has a'Brent team with speed, power nnd skill, and will be tough In California.;'. tnlfyraphs Dan McGiijfln, who is leaving Vnn- derbUl after 30 years. "I will string aloujf with Alabama not only because 1 have seen the squad in action, but also because 1 have known Frank Thomas for many years and have confidence in his product," declares Harry Mchre of the Ocor- fiia Biillilogs. "Few hi the Land of Cclton doubt that Thomn.5 has tbe toani nnd tlic management lo carry the lads through the game. "Alabama goes Into the batlb about as well fortified as any past Tuscalobsa team, and In mldlllon Ibis anaj lias the tradition mid Influence of past Tide : (cams encouraging it on." in three previous trips lo the Arrojo Seco, Alalmmn won twice and dieu "Tin: b.ieks. Howull, Jimmy Angellclt, Rilcy Smith and Joe Demyaiiovlch, should be able to match Stanford's Bobby Qra' 1 M>M and all the rest." continue Mdii e "Alabama's line Is flanked by Don Hulson and clay Bryant, superb rods, • The Incklfts BUI Lee and Ralph • AVIinllcy' the guards, Charley MBIT and Urn Moriow; find the center, .K»y Francis, aic juM what one would expect of Capstone combination— big. (bruising forwards who know the irewers before <iwstion.s are "Theie' also aic two move Icnins that Stanford nmy ••i'lsli Thomas had left-at boms before the first day of 1935 draws lo a close. Here arc die linhllnn Jaco s of t Nev, Y«,n, D,y. r,of t to rfeht ,„ nother Record Run for the Iron Horse Gives Tide F.ilgc "A mighty sweet oftMislvc and flcfcnshe ngBregallon will deploy against Stanford. ••How ell is n rcn , A n-America back-running, passing a ,, ( , hlei . tag Second to Howcll in the con- stcllallon is Hiitsoii. a large raii- *L ™ d «"P, "5 lost, an adept pass reeever, and sturdy defensive mr.n. By Harry Grayson • NEW YORK, Dec. 8. - Coachc were only mildly amused at Pudg Ilpffelflnger's blast tlml present (:«y football players, linemen it K.rticiilnr, were :.ofties. Yale's All-America guniv) of 1689 '90. and '91 pointed to the myrlne of substitutions, and stressed th fact that in his time it was no at all unusual for athletes to block and tackle throughout, entire Masons without bolnc taken At certain Intervals each ycai we hear a similar echo from (he past, when some old-timer .recalls tlie deeds of :i Heffelflngei-, O'Dca \'o<>, nr Hlnkoy, remarkable men 1:0 doubt, but nevertheless seen in the flatterinjf light of distance. is only natural for veterans to believe. Hint the warriors they knew best were superior lo l.'ose of today.' Due anybody who knows a loot- ball from n. squash realizes that the modem yamc calls for a higher tyjw of athlete. There is no question but that Heffelfinger O'Den, Poe, Hlnkey. and other Brand figures of the glamorous would stand out, were they performing today, but there also is no disputing the fact tbat the finme Iras progressed beyond their wildest imagination. As ncrnie Bicraian, ihe splendid Minnesota mentor,- explains, "More interest, more men ou't, natural advancement, ami-closer appllcn- TJie flld-ciiners plnyed nothing more than ^, glorlded game of Ui B - of-ivar," snyj Harry Mehre, guide of Ihe Georgia Bulldogs. "I Plnyed lo .j-cnrs njo and the Plnjers of loday ure vastly | m . proved ovor iifosc 'of mv collfgc . So one easily can figure how , ll ? y ,r,, Blirai1 or »">•» o; the s, 1'oolbnll romiires not only the ' , rnc ""' h , R '"I ">f»wn thai If did In Ihe old ilnys. bnl. much more speed and brnlns. Thai Isn't wm debai On T]ie Outside Looking In By "DUKE" "• Reminiscences Ben' Epstein, Arknnsss Gazelle ports editor, in reminiscences of he past grid season writes that he 39 minute battle between Wai- Ridge and Blytheville, plnyed hi the daylight and half In arkness. stands out'as one of the of the season for him. iL I V hlnk " 8°o<l while hnm , Cai "" g "^Present fe,J ™ " bclter OI1C th n» S ° ns , losl grol 'l' "f Row ^"' «hlch % included Freddie I.ikcs Memphis Backs score nil the way Coach Quigicy of Little Rock|. Biirdelte boys played Sing ion, and highly which smothered Alp-',, " wsicy of Little Rock aurociie boys playec in Ihol g crc! «tMl something of n sur-"» another game and Rose p , risc whcn hc "«nicd two Mem- thc '>' second straight 1 v.rtHi. P' lls !>acks as the standout hnri-- 12. highly regarded Washington stile Jmolv Q u| Sley Ham. 24-0.. on January i /o,,!""'! Bradford ot I a'' ".ere isn't much diffcrenre l\*L " IC bcft of ll1 DOtunnn IV,* i >. L ' in*.*. \ c|J...;,,„ /-.„„, , •"- ""ntui tfnir i'itlll- phis backs as the standout back- lield men his team faced the past between Elme Ihe two." Laycisn expresses Hie i — j*i-t< ^ API esses iii° Popular opinion of outside coaches" Alabama /.HH*,. «^ _. . "Alabama this year's .critics team j nil picked Harrison the Memphis team .... -. the opposition. Con- idermg Central 40-odd to 0 trl- imph over LUtlc Sock and u ic rtlng : dong battle that Messick gave Central maybe Die undefeated Blytheville Chickasnws (7 to 0 conquerors of Mcsslck) wouldn't hnvc >cen such a doormat for not Springs or Pine Bluff after all. Profcjsor Praised New . Governor's Voice „ , all they have to do | s to study Governor-elect James M Curley, who, according to Prof Frederick C. 'Packard ]r, of irurl , has R of Three Boys, One Girls Rural Cage Games Played Three boys games and one girls game were played this "week In the junior hlgfi school division of the rural schools >roimd robin basketball series nt'llit- nrmory here The nurnctte boys lost .to the )sll boys In the one game by the, close score of 18 to 16. Dell led at the half, 9 to 5. Yarbro boys ran roughshod over Oosnell boys in another game. Tlic iarbro team was out In front by a score of 30 to G whcn the game ™. c - ", I ientii "K by a one-sided Annorel „ - ....„, sustained second straight loss, 17 to In the girls game Dell riefc.-itcd Yarbro by a score of 17 to 8. Biklichteal Rnssin, has n "Founlaln of Tears," which has f .J 1 Op of TOtcr cvcr >' minute for Ihe lust 300 years. - COMMISSIONER'S SAI.K NOTICE is hereby given that Ihe undersigned commissioner. In compliance with the terms of n decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the ChtcJcasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas on the 28 day of November, 1934, wherein American Crntral Ufe Ins. Co. was Plaintiff, No. 5332 Carnegie Grant Will Aid Professor's Search . , . (UI')-A Carnfjrie Brant will allow Dr. L. S. CreS- mon. protc.5sor o[ anthropology to continue n thorough search of the Benliam falls region in ot ° f the Des- lor . Explorations the lul - ma <le Airing r ^ lCtl lllat R race of men, perhaps te • Piofessor Packard, In charge of fu,!, i ? ltlcrs o( No«h America. the recording oY-tho Harvard ac- Ucd thcrc ™ nt , . r «r future «£e, aLw included -- - - - I Smithsonian Institution, -~-l:s asserl. that the boys of today nre pampered and pivcii too much care wheTW thev are Injured or not, "These well-meaning old oenlle men simply <10 nol um teretnnd ... " le morc open game of today calls for more players. The boys nre as rugged as ever. They also nre faster, more alert, „,$ ^, c» ch on' quicker. This fol nw, .naturally, for eligibility ten "re" ; men,s .„ h ig)lPr mv ^^ (cotton, inventor. , American^, aufchorrpnde 'Remus . born.. ment fcu.tes Uncle Sam Aaracter for tra- t der, for cash, on n credit of (hree months, at the front door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law. in the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, ou the 3 dav of January, 1935. the followin" real estate, lo ; \vit: Northwest, </. of the Southwest Vi of Section 13. Township 14 N. FiAiigc 8, ensl ,Sald Sale will be had to satisfy said decree in ||, c »»„ of &Uor,n July ,J? 19P3e 3 r . ' CCIlt intCrKt f ~'« The purchaser at said sale will be required to execute tend with approved security .to secure the payment of ihe purchase money nn<l n lien will bo retained upon' said property as additional security for the payment, of such nm- chase money. Witness my hand and »„> wa | of said Court, on this, Uw 8 rtiv or December. 1931 " 5 R. I'. OAINKS Comniisstoner in C wm ,, sc a brilliant o slve inetnan on the offense but substitution frequently K .jij , ,„ a more foimidablc defensive man on the line of fire "Georgia had a' fine running guard during the past se n £ n b ,it , , , _ „,, lt vi/ncu UOUIn foolish if i, c <| W llot meul " body who is dependable "Some arc stronger in one style of play than others. For example rft!«-hM \i-rn ,.^^ „ v.^,.,. ***"iyit, FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. . INSURANCE DEPT. WRESTLING AHMORY, MONDAY NITE 'AHKBR Onl of 3 V s Falls, 2 JOHNNY 'lotir Until MARK Sec One Card. And You'll ."ever Miss Another! lie was Inffi-lnr In nnollier player on Ihn defense. I certainly would nnl hove brfji a good coaeh liart I nnl. pIHrffl the spots fr,r both fjim- ilar >;lfinitfons exlsl Ijolij ln i n . hiif and had:Held nl proclloallv t l&"<> If'.l I.r,ok .ilifaj ' • The more polished players gtail- alf. A roarli has-to handle his ifii v;li)i an fj'(> Inward Ihn n e y(, atiflutlf. nt ilirr footl/all followf/ A r.p\i>mli,| squad this year dor-sin "lean an (ijjpf.nscil clientele Hie- aext. "l; n much tried in mate || nr u few mere than that stick It out Same alter fame, )ie would hnve an Inexperienced set of scrubs on hLs bands the following season ;'Modeai playcre can take It aiid flail It out will) tlie hardiest of the Ctrl .school If the occasion arises "How about, (he I] Ynlcti wiio stacled luiishcd and turned in one of Ihe mast notnble victories' In years against fVinceton? ya! e ' used only 1C men against Harvard and Ccoiijiii only 15 against Ynln' Oregon state's starling 11 stuck in' there and held an outstanding Southern California team to a ' tic a year ago. "Xfaoy modem players go "rough a. season withoiil a letup, ns Umiberg played every minute v Illinois' arduous .schedule of the .ast campaign. Tommy Tomb, the Columbia quarterback, was out of Uic lineup nnly once, and then for only u, few minutes. "How about the Brown Iron Ten, who had a remarkable season ithout a .•single Mibstllution sev- •al 'yeais ago? "There was a band ot modern durables Umt should - help si | enc( . old-time liig-or-wnr stars who pro- f ess to believe that l))o boys of -oclny nre softies." Healthiest in ihe 11. Longest Pheasant Tail , In Montana Won Prize PHOID, Mont, (Ul'l-nicy have ong tails nn birds hereabouts A local mercantile company' conducted a contest, offering prizes for he ;wr.?on submitting tlie' longest Plreasant talj taken UiLs soa.saf he winner .submitted an e 39(1 Two Fronts Point in Cleveland to Upturn CLEVELAND (Up) _. indications of business upgrade here have I come recently from two front::. The HPKI Christinas mason In years is predicted, with amioiinc"- nif-nt by department stores that thr-y will Incrcnu; their sonson's sales staffs hy IO.MO. Tliree rcpresentn- llves of Rateon ncp'nrts, rue., told [ At the Olympic games of cc A D ero proclaimed himself victor in "an • and tet M^ ecl to name with 80 prizes which he had extorted r °m tno judges. of generally Improved biislnoss eon-1 dflloiis, with rising stoc-k mar i :e i| andlilgher living co'.t-s in uws. At Pur Phone til Nlglit— Sunday— Anytime Quick al ,a Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. Mow Located at 101 N'orlli Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU IION EDWARDS, Proprietor ill makes of rebolltTypewriter,,, wain* Machines and Calcu Repairinj—Parts—Kibions The Search for VALUES The gold or silver minev does much work before his mine is-on a paying basis. That's "development work." He carries' on in the hope that soon he will come to the pay-streak and will have his reward. Compare this miner to your reading of the advertisements. Not everything you read is of vital interest to you at the moment. But many thousands of others are reading. One finds a well-recommended suit or overcoat at an attractive price. That's a pay-streak for him. Another rejoices to find a sales announcement of coal, or coke, or furniture. Another wants the latest automobile or ra^io, and is mightily pleased to find the advertisemen|jihat tells all about it. The advertisements carried in this newspaper are helpful in the business of living. They tell of equipment, appliances, things for personal and household needs. Take note of the things you now have in regular use. Whaffh-st called them to your attention? It's likely-that, you first read about them in an advertisement. Other good values await your choosing in the advertisements in this issue. .:,•..: ^

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