The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1937
Page 4
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THJ3 BLYTHEVJLLE COUKIBR NEWS THS COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C>..'n..BABCOCK,.EdJtW < H. w. RAINES, Advertising Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., J^ew Vork, Chicago, Detroit, Bl. Louis, Pallas, jansas City, Published Kvery Afternoon Except Sunday Entered us ^ second class matter at llie yosl oflico at BlythovUle, Arkansas, wider act of Congress, October <j, jUJlf. Served by. the United Press SUBSCRIPTION BATES y By carrier In the City of BlythovUle, J5o pw ' week, or 65o per month. 13y mall, within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six tnontto, 75o for three months; by mail In .postal zones two to six, Inclusive, S6.50 per year; in /.ones seven and cIsM, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. Study Latest Example of Nazi Regimentation You. con Icarii (juile a bit about llus relative merits of democracy and autocracy by studying the undeclared war- which Mayor. LaGtiimlia of New York seems to be waging with the Nazi government of Germany. The mayor began it, as American mayors so 'often (lo, by sounding QfY at some length on the evils of dictatorship. In brief, be suggested thai New. York install a cliiimbcr of horrors at its coming world's fair, and that it put- the brown-shirtcd ligurc'of ^ : Na.zi ] in il ; as a .terrible example. Thai started tliQ i fun. The Gcntum government 1 - tytSgqA &' forma! protest with the Aini'ericaiu.gtatevDei)artme!it, protesting that ti frielidiy power hod been insulted. The Slate Uo!>art, made the obvious reply-^thut,:--while this might be so, there is no jHi|hor-'' ity .or tradition by which an Aiiiori- can government can exercise the remotest sort of control over an Aiiieri- can mayor. "- ' Theh the Gorman newspapers swung into cry. ,. - .. • ,. Dei- AngrilV remarked ^irkly that Germany might take ap. interest in' American events which "might not be precisely pleasant," unless ' Mayor LaGunrdia's "slanderous \ words""' arc retracted. Other papers followed suit. The mayor was denounced us "a shameless lout," as "an apostle of hale-'^'Uh a lliicv-es' don mentality," as- a ; ~ "nasty fellow" (someone was lacking in inventiveness, on that one). And-out of it all we get one of (he frothiest teapot, tempests by which German-American relations have been troubled since Iluey Lpnjj received a Nazi eruiscr commander while clad in green silk pajamas. The thing isn't important, of course. H is simply one of those squabbles which are inevitable when the loose organization of a democracy bumps up against the completely regimented phalanx of a dictatorship, ^ut il is rather instructive. The American government has no control at all over American mayors; the German government has complete and absolute control over German ncwspjiper editors. There 'lies the contrast. Under our system, a mayor can say; and do anything he plctises without accounting to Washington for his acts. He can make votes for himself by riling (lie feelings of a friendly Cation, as Mayor UiGuardia is now doing #ud ?s:-Big JJill Thompson once did in Chicago with'his threats to punch. King • QeQrgc of England in the nose. 11 means nothing at »ll. Undci-'the other system, mi editor says nothing wlialevey without the approval of the central government. Hfs lightest word reflects the feet- ing of his overlord. If he spoils Heh- wifc. abuse, he simply mirrors the 'mentality of the people on lop, Kach system l)4s its defects. But can any American doubt that the system of no control at all is a lot live under than the system of too •nuich control? 13. (AUK,) COUiUEll NEWS Tli? Old "Come Qii"? Ever since Ihe World War ended, t;ad disillusionment has been the lot of America. Immediately after the "war- to end wars," for instance, foreign na- lion/i began to hatch another imbroglio. America has had to whistle for moat of the. money it; loaned abroad jn at|(iition, it has liad to listen to niini- erous overseas'.•'contentions that tlie United. Stales played a minor role in tlie^vinin'nir.of the great war. Suddenly, however, we are beginning to learn, that debtor nations are considering paying off, ant) to find out —its Lord Lothian expressed himself in the House of Lords the other day— that .Britain .could not have emerged victor from the World War 'without Uiicle,,'Saiin's aid ' Honeyed words, these, but are they (.inceie? Or aic they just part of a campaign to cement tatteied bonds of Anglo-American understauding, and to luro Uncle Sam back into his role of I017-J8V Mep lend to become conservatives as they Brow • old pr, and iauyeis are always conservatives -Dr. T. M galllet, New York' University. approving president 4 plan for ." rcorgnniz- ' Ing. the suiiremc court. *..'.*• » r dm one of the people who make.u fare- Well nnd stny farewellcd — GeruWhic farrar, letired , Mctroiiolitau Opera singcf. ' .. On jour Hollywood boulevard one prettier girli than in paiK, Ircncli flluj producer Arola, ' • All she needs to do Ib to folio* uiy rul,q- don't lei anybody iiit.eitere wltli jOHr m*rrjagc. -Mrs. Marie Feathcrly, 17-year-pld " Chicago mother of Uo children, uctvliiiig O.ycar.old. llrii Johns, qf Tcjni'sce. * * » Politic!, now offers to women full outiDrtuu- Uy to go forward. and help hi Ihc perpetuation of sound . American principles. —Mrs. M. G Rqebllns, -New 'Jersey. "' far too frequpirtjy. confln e their make- Hi) the; front fa,cc view they sec rc- neeted iir the mirror, forgetful that other people sec them from other angles. -HI.el Beriis, Hollywobd make-up c.vpert. OUT OUR WAY By Williams By George Clark '.'I enjoyed this sort of thinjr >vhen we were here ou ou honeymoon. You were looking , at me msietid of th scenery." . „ ' THIS CURIOUS WORLD Ferguson ON THE. MOON ARE MEASURED BY. THE" . LENGTHS OF THEIR SHADOWS/ OF THE HOUSE , APPEM?. DIFFERENTLY AT DIFFERENT I" '• -OF THE YEAR,/ '• THE- LIGHT TIPS OF THE FEATHERS SHED. EACH ; SPRING-. THUS,R2£VEALING QUESTION-MAR« BOTTERFLIES ARE SO-NAM ED BECAUSE OF A CURIOUS SRCTT ON THE. UNDER. SIDE Op THE WINGS RESEMBLING Most of the mopn's njoimlatos are ring-shaped, .surrounding the nystcnous circular craters. . The craters are so similar in appearance to terrestrial volcanoes ll,at it Is a.vmmcd they have the same orHn However, this theory dor" not stand up under all tests : what river '.Win opposite directions in different season Often Attend Mumps, When A'iclim Is An Adult (NO. IJ7) By 1)1!. MOKRIS FISIIDKIN Kdllor, Journal of Die American. iXcriioiil Association, UI)I | O f Hj/ccia, tlic Hcallh Magazine 111 the usual mild caw of mumps. .lie symptoms first noticed • nrc icadache, vomiting. loss of appe- itc, pains in tlie back and itmhs, ml; a very: slight f cvcr These ymptoms -usually arc associated rilti'any of thc common infectious Tiie'n there may tic .some pain i thc jaw, which is increased by .v movements, by prc.vsure on the lands, and somci:mc.s ay eating ickles, lemons, or otlirr sour foods. The,swelling, may begin oil bath ides of the face at oner. i> u i u sully oiie side begins to wicll a day r two'before i thc other, in very cvcre .cases; the swclln^ may b2 -o large the person «-in not 3C j-ccOBmiable. In muucr cases, f course, the swelling may b^ light. The symptoms aflcctln c the body s a whole, seldom lust tiJ3re ( ha n :ircc or-four. day». ,|, U [ lnaj . | asl onger IfjliieVc; art 'coiniilicalions. If the.blood ot Hit paUvm. ts ex- mined, the .doctor «ili \\Mnllv find n Increase in the number of small hltc blood cells. ChlMreu do Hot ordinarily have econdary symptoms with immiiM because they, arc usually put. to ocd and kept there until well Adults, however, quite Ircoucmiv ulTcr irom'conipllciiifoiis thus' in"- ccttous organisms may pass f ' ro|n the glands in (he cheeks to those having to do with sex in cither the male or the fcius:e. This i.s a common am! serious complication and needs most careful treatment. The ordinary case of mumps rc- fliiircs little special treatment. The patient., of course, should \K kept i" bed. and should follow a light diet, principally because of thc pain caused by chewing, if there is fever and much .swelling, of course tl-.c patient .should remain in bsd for several days after the fever has subsided. AS with most swollen gland.*, the application of haat or cold may be useful In relieving trie pain. * • * Complications, however, demand much n , orc ftcr j ous attention. an; j «>c physician should be called im- niematclv |[ UKrc - K the slightest indication ot such complication.?. ror example, besides the secondary SWCllltli; O f (| !c s£ , x g| 3|J< i S| W -H|, ( e . vcr aud pain, there may be in- voivcmont O r t ) lc nerves which paw war the^salivary Rlands, or cxten- 011 oi inflammation even to the Another serious complication may : a kcconclary Infection of thc ancis (jj. g cr ,, u t v a( . C!ulb ,, ab . c-vscs and Blls . in the majority of cases, Jiow:«i the mumixs victim recovers itiioiu nny complications. In the am 'y- in 1318, there were 48000 Read Courier News Want Ads UKdlK HKIli; TODAY I'Al'HXP, llllli'l^l 1 , t li a r lit I u g; :r(imj£- ,Ytn- I'tirlc uQvvcllnltijf fiitlicrS ('oni)uctk'Ut r^ltito (o J'A'IHV SMITH, Itllrucllvc }Oun K Hkct, liliu irenienduiitil)'. Uuiiliue l'u>f pne KlKicr, «l,v yeiir* j'oun^er, •I'^SIFKll, Jilbl nut ot t-ollffe- 1 ""J <tl Ivct ar»( tali, •T^-niilfcr rrML'tiu l>ai»Unc"ii nl- iniiiiih Itt tulilc licr mill iirocecdii '« tin((, Tl'CKKH .\I,VSM)V, jvcallli}- |i[,ijbi,j. Nc.\< olie iwtln l>nrr}- itnd, llnilick^ IIL^ IH uol nxar- rlcil, uniltc* ii pin)' C,ir llU nltcu- <(iinv. 'rliln ilcvt-luliK H Hltutglti IicliivcL-u (lie sisters lor tbe niime iiinn, O»c HlKlit I.urry ilnte* Vuiilnif, At tlie h,iii lc inn,. Jennifer, aKHlnstt DllLlllllc'H urdlT*, 4llltf4 DIIU Ot TUCU T M t,e( rind ruini-K liouio :it J.'MVII (|Lt![,rflllCll. TllL' liKU'rft C01I1U (o n aliimilLiuu, L-u/iclllntc', but IjMLihiif, It In clL-tir, li ljuuuil tu llvt Jn-r o*vji Jlfi-, iil:irry TucX ,Vhl\lcy. She lifiil KPI licr Iitnrt i>n u rich bu:>lmiJ4l iroiii IIio be* 1,-limliiK, JfeamvIilU' r.urrj- [irojiosea to ll.'lliliri. 1 —over ihc ttfleiihuue. She "ull^ uiilceii (hat ul^hl, JcllclouHly iVOVV OO O.\ MTl'H 'I'HIi STOUV CHAPTER XIII "J-JURRY u;i, Jennifer. Your breakfast is ready." "I've loads of time." Jennifer, v.'iih lier hat and coat on, stood in the doorway to the small kitchen. ''Neat trick of yotirs, Miss Brett, setting the clock ahead." She pulled a chair up to the table of the cabinet which served as their morning breakfast table. "Well, yon don't want to lose your job, do you?" Daphne figured cocoa into two cups and snS)>ped of! the switch on tlie toaster. , "I don't care much if 1 do'." "Oil, Jennifer, please don't! Thirty-five a week is tile best you've.done and we're getting along so nicely." "There isn't much future in being a model," Jennifer went on hopefully. "There might be. Some day you might get lo be a photographer's model and, -v!io knows, maybe the movies will be next.'' "Daphne! Wouldn't (hat he wonderful?" Daphne buttered the toast. "Yes, il would, but 1 wouldn't entertain thc idea. Tell me about last night. Your girl friends usually have a lot ol news." Daphne was playing for time. She didn't want Jennifer to ask her what Larry had said. Jennifer looked at her sister under lowered lids and said casually, "I suppose you heard that Jerry and Peg were married at Armonk on Wednesday." "No! They eloped? I think that was a shabby thing to do." 1 * * JENNIFER put her cup down " very carefully. "Why was it? They are both oi age imd they | knew what they wanted, it wasn't anyone else's business if they wanted to." •' "It was shabby, Jennifer. Peg is only IS and girls that ago don't know their own minds. Besides Pe^'s parents should have shown more consideration. They won led Peg to 'have a "-od ecju,. cation and see a few : . people, before she settled dowii. I don't think that was very considerate ot her. I imagine her people", will be up in arrns." ' Jennifer laughed. "Grnndmaw Bretl! Lavender and old lace and love! I supposo you thinH a bride sits home of evenings and darns her husband's sox while he reads the market reports. Well, 1 don't." "Don't you?" Daphne asked and sa\y a vision of herself sitting at Larry's side while he read her architectural reports. H was., a lovely vision. A wistful vision. "I do not,", Jennifer continued. "Jennifer Brett! It's twenty'of nine! You'll have to catch a cab. Here's your purse. Darling, I'm going shopping this afternoon and I won't be home much before five. What time are you"? coming?" . •' . • .' "I neveT make plans:for Saturday afternoon," Jennifer called back over her sh'oulder, "but'don't worry" " .'. • . • •, "MISS BRETT, you're just the type bu't'you're-so restless!" Ann CockerelT.squiiytcd her ey.cs, rubbed her hands orr her smock and picked up'her charcoal pencil. "Nevertheless, you're a laifib, Daphne, to help me'out on-your one afternoon off. Just hold it 'a minute until I fix up the shoulder line and I'll let you off." . ; :: . Daphne sat m'otionlcss on .tlje dais in .silence that was unbroken for another 10 minutes. ' •"" ' "There, now, I think that,will do. ComeJand*tell me -wha't'-you think of it;'!..,-.-.'.-?' .'..,• , '.',, Daphne relaxed and stretched her crampe'd'! muscles. Then siie stepped off the dais' and walked over to the drawing-board.' "It's grand," she'said. "What time is it? I ought to go." "Your date- isn't until seven and it isn't five yet, so! sit-down! and stop looking like one of her tragic mo'nients. . Anyone would' think you'were about to make a mess of "your life. Stop dramatizing yourself.'"" ;'•' " "Please, Anne! 'Am I really doing that?" Daphne' asked-'surprised. • " • . , "Qf course you are." Ann pasted a.tissue .cover over her drawing. "It's not-like you to (Jo that and J.thuikrycu.'wgiit^o sp out of it. Get a new focus on 1 situation, I a<(nut tljat' h°P c 'fw or give you'^ny r!«ht #?UM?« ' Ween. 9 i;tragW" "Maybe you're rfgtit. Neve theless I can't help fteling .' , *ram»ti5,' isn't',t dramatic- have te; say 'No.' to. .fyjj man y Isve when you/can't toU Win yo sat down abruptly, gi ing Daphne a hopeless glaq Daphne, why notcpjrie out fla ly and. tell him that th« reas you won't marry hiirj is Ijccau you feel that you've gat to t» car* of Jennifer, that you wo marry him until you have a sii of money in the take cs of her independent,of his help', "I wouldn't ; do 'that to him/> anything in the, weftjcl.", • / jf '.'No, you wo^^nlt, Well, the why not do something about Jei nifer3'' • •: • ..» ' .'. . fj 'What can'- I-do,?about -her said w.earilyV '' ' 'didn'tknow-' y*. . IMC a • etuimig. aj goocx • saw now- but' I idbrllt -•tfhbw.'fihV 16 itjwill'U?t. "'ShefsJbplyl'.'lS^y from -her |bilt',if !I<fiad'''a coil] of, thbusarti} -'cellars Ytct >K4rig 'ot until'- sKe'-.";ands!.'iHc -trjing ;s wants to do orniarries-s'bme ni boy,' I could.-t^li li|rry,'that--i could be engaged.^Bul wliere'c 1 get $3000?!'-', • . /: ;:, ;/,""I have' it!"- -'Anne- said. ' \yill take : 9 lot (pf^dSterminkii on your,part but'. yaii''can'<Jo" Tell Jennifer that.-'sh'fs^rnust gi you $10 a week 'QUt^ot-'Wr'^ and jolly well'she' can,",You : '< save that.'. T.hit'U:rj<3 $5pJTifl year. ^ Then, !the"::c5ttra<$50>y got'inyour iraise^rjari'd^ y QU;.' save'-.-, that—will :Jc|>iffe'<"& : !'aro $GOO. tnione'yeiif''ybujcarifs ciinn A! " ' " ' '---.-'^••-'.JTi ? ^iiu.u. A* year passes, undpubteaiy '•- ,^ei.Ge^l t ' dowi, something..', Itofi'teypu: seeV'r " >Ipr -. came : into • D'aprin^'q •< j course .• I.-; do!^;'pf;'• ^hiw w so • s^pie;/rSiMi-i : ^ii< '. a . VlllnnVi'^iM^f? TnLi«:*i—*•*. -. " --—..-•• j*%- Jennifer came.'i. she said; "th'aVsJthaj....I'atri-aai one of v the ;great: army' .'of : untrj ployed • and'; I - can-1: say ;t'jn s 9r after • ,the 'passes* .Mandlebaii made at?me'before-he"-fired'tr ' jas Discovery Gains Kansas New Industry JIICKOK, Kas. (UP)—Discovery if rich deposits of natural gas in southwestern Kansas, whose residents for years liavc depended ipon wheat and other crops for a livelihood, is bringing Industrial- zation rapidly. While many industries have had engineers in the section making :csls, the first step was the beginning of a carbon making factory near this Grant County hamlet. Other (irms are expected to build in the area early in 1931. The. carbon black plant will 'be small at the start, but the archj- icct's plan provides for additions Border, Tcr., Is reported to be the icarest site of a carbon black company. Carbon black is made by burn- ng natural gas. It is used principally in toughening rubber, but also is important in the manuli\c;- ure of printing inks, paints, dyes, carbon paper and other products. The Columbia qarbou Qorripany of New York is installing the plant, on an 80-acrc site. The company has lease son approximately 50,000 acres in (tie county, o.n,' which 'it: hns drilled fire producing natural' has leases on .approxiniately 50.000 Kennedy No. 1,, is rated at about 11,000,000 feet a day.- o«e of the largest in the area. If its o.wn wells prove insufficient, the." section 'is dotted with other wells which could be used. Hawaiian To Compete in States HONOLULU. .UP)- Sheriff H K Martin of Hawaii island has announcccj.thj: department yi-lii send a team f>f police officers to, the na-' tloiiBl pistol a.nd rifle rnaldlies • at Cainp perry, o.. for the first time next September. • The Hawaiian oflicers hold 'an exceptional record livpUlol competition. Tliey have been uiidcfeat- ed .In matches. wii.h ; -:c.ivJJiarts, 1; at and : -navy.'teams' for.-', tlie ^ paslV- ycars. ; - ;:.... .•'•• •:•.-.;-.' ,'•, :.•;' Announcements. tltorjzed •(o v anriwric"5''7tie. ':fqli Ing candidates for Blytheyllis'.r nMpai offices; to be "elected AprlliB:- 1 '"- • r'- !; . " •"••' . - : -, For - Mayor. . • MARION VyiLLIft G. H."ORBAB ; : ''"-"• For Alderman,; Firet< Wfird ' J. V. .GtJAJlJ) r(fuli-'ter^> B. F. FRY (short ': term) "'JESSE YVHITE .('shijV'tifnj) For AMerraan,' Se6ohjl Wa'rt 1 .. J01»j: c. McHA'NEy, : JR. For Aldermah,' 'fhinj'^ Ward - D AIvION . McLEbp "•''" EStEfi '• >V. L." OUR BOARDING HOUSE ^ffMA-HA/YGU AND YOUR BOER WAR Witli - TH' ONLY V.ECORT? YOU HOLD IS "POPs LOK!G-t PISTAMCE SK100ZINJS AKJD SMORIM6—--YOU'D BREAK OUT IM GOOSE PIMPLES/ IP YOU HEARD A TRUCK BACK-FIRE — TH'OMLYTIME YOU EVER "FACED A MU £ZLE , WAS Wl-l^M THEY USED A SPRAY 6UM <T>tJ YOU, ALOKI6 WfTM TH' OTHERCHESTNUTS - - TH 1 - •^^T! OF COURSE THERE'S »J6 DOUBT ABOUT YOUR RECORD—IT'S AKj OPEM BOOK/ ON •PILE AT EVERY POLICE. ' STATIONS.1 REMEMBER THE THREE TIMES THEY "DECORATED YOU WITH -A BALL AKJD CHA1M—YOUR MUG WAS H(JW<3 UP, TROMTAMD SIDE VIEW IM EVERY POST OPFIC ' WITH A C1TATI OM; OF-j

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