The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1956 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1956
Page 7
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.THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 195« BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Overseas with BILLY GRAHAM By George Burnham (Chattanooga News-Free Press Writer) KOTTAYAM, India—Indian people who* gathered to hear Christ preach the Sermon On the Mount must have looked something like the thousands who sat on the hillsides at Kottayam to hear Billy Graham. This is not an attempt to compare trie two speakers. The people are the story. Billy stood on a platform in the center of a clearing. People covered the hillside all around him. Almost as far as the eye could see it was a Ma of white, dotted with splashes of color, that rose and fell with the levels of the hills. The women were dressed in their billowing white robes and.the men attiredJn loose llttlng clothes that defy descrlp' tlon. It appears that men get tanglei up in a. sheet while getting out ot bed and then wear it that way the lest of the day. Americans would he more comfortable if they dressed like the people-of India. They dress for weather, not'to impress people THE LISTENERS had come from miles around. They were of al ages—young • boys who couldn't sit still, teen-agers whose eyes followed shapely Indian girls, mothers with little children, agent parents whose faces reflected hard years of working fields. There were Jacobites with long beards. They had heard of this outstanding young preacher from the other Peiping Regime May Get Canada's Recognition OTTAWA (P)— Canada still will withhold recognition of R«d China —but her government may recog- niw the Peiping regime in the future. ' , Foreign Secretary Lester B. Pear- aon told the House of Commons Tuesday that-the government had reviewed the question of diplomat. ic relations "in the. light of .the cessation of hostilities in Korea and Indochina . . . and of the recent policy of the Peiping government." "We feel," he said, "that the careful policy we have been follow ing and are still following.has been the right one: rejecting on the one hand immediate diplomatic recognition, bu-t rejecting on the other view that a Communist regime In Peiping can never be recognizec 13 the government of China." Short Story. ISOLA, Miss. (IP)— A masterpiece of brevity and action was compos- id tht other day by a first grader called upon to tell a short story about Ms pet. The story, recorded on the spot by the teacher, Mrs. E. B. Tinning: "My calf—h« bull. He butts." POWERFUL NEW LEWYT with "finger-tip" cleaning! tUrVi n*w fr»edem Irem tUvn- Ing rfrwdgaryt BOTH CUANIR AND NOZZLE ROLL ON WHtELSl No tarrying or arm-main! A "finger-tip" touch roll! |h« noxtlo ovor rugi and floori—rolli th* NO OTHrt CtfANfft GtVjES YOU so MUCH fox row MOMEW NEW LOW PRICE '59 95 PLUSI Mlwlnlppl County'. OMnt Appliance Duter Adams Appliance Co., Inc. «W« Service Wi»t W« Stll* Mt-M w. M»ta rn.' side of the world and had been planning for many months to hear him speak, it was a mood of expectancy as they looked toward the platform. " ' » » » BILLY BEGAN to speak through a Malayan interpreter. A few days before it was In Tamiland and Te- legu. JHe said, "God is going to do big things at these meetings i» Southern India. He is not going to do them because I am a great preacher. I am not a great preacher. He is going to do these big things because Christians in India and your friends around the world have been praying. God answers prayers. "The message I am going to preach is 2,000 years old, but it is as modern as tomorrow's newspaper. I will preach Jesus and Him Crucified." And that is what he preached— with simplicity, conviction and power. It touched a lot of people in a lot of different ways. Preachers were brought together in a spirit of unity never before known in India. Missionaries from abroad said they were going back to their remote outposts with new zeal and a sense of - urgency. Non-Christians responded by the thousands to the message of peace for the present and hope for the future. "Only God.could have done this," Billy commented. His thoughts, too, had drifted back to the Sermon on the Mount as" he looked out over more than 30,000 people. Christ could not be seen but many said they felt His presence. STARR GAZING By BETTSE NKLLB STAKK C*irlei Newi Staff Correspondent Baylor University was chartered on this date in 1845. The U. S. Flag was raised on Guam on this date in 1899. Christian Endeavor Society was organized on Feb. 2, 1881 at Portland, Maine by the Rev. Francis E.'Clark. He died in 1927 at the age of 76. Income tax (there I go again) amendment was ratified on Feb. 13, 1913. Interstate Commerce Commission was established on Feb. 4, 1887. Its members originally were five, then increased to seven in 1906 and now there are eleven. They are appointed for six year terms by the President of the United States, with the approval of the Senate. Sinclair Lewis was born on Feb. 7, 1885. His first novel, "Our Mr. Wren," was published in 1914. Baltimore's big fire began on Feb. 7, 1904. There were 2600 buildings lost during the fire. Baltimore being a border city suffered much loss in buildings -' IP during flip OMtrrT"3fr "f 'Vl° 01 War. What I remember most about Baltimore were the snow white steps that lead up to the residential section and the sea food dinners' on Chesapeake Bay. You know, too, it's known as the "Monumenta' City." Never saw as many monuments in all of my life. With the drop of a hat, up goes a monument. Guess you know while held a prisoner at Serve RONCO spaghetti • macaroni pore egg noodles Come in and see it. We'll give you a liberal trade-in for your old washer, easy terms This GENUINE MAYTAG washer costs scarcely more than the lowest- priced washer you can buy! $]29?5 We Give Quality Stamps Adams Appliance Co., Inc. "We Service What We Sell" 206 - 208 W. Main Phone .2-2071 CAN'T STOP THE QUEEN MAR* WITH A CLOTHESLINE . . any more than y«, cdn keep a tornado from hitting your -house. But you can buy insurance — the right kind, in the right amount. We'll be ' fllad to advise. NOBLE GILL AGENCY GLENCOE BLDG. Pho. 3-6868 G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. FUEL OIL "I Sell That Stuff Phone 2-2089 Visit Conny's Conoco St met, Ash & Division the bombardment of Fort McHenry in Baltimore Harbor by a British fleet In 1914, Francis Scott Key, a native of Maryland, wrote the "Star-Spangled Banner." He was a lawyer, you know, and had established his law practice in Washington, D. C. He entered the service of his country in 1812 and for lovers of roses, none can surpass the rose named in his honor. Well! I didn't know the mention of Baltimore would lead to all this. I get lots sometimes and don't know where I'll wind up. 'Scuse me if you aren't interested. William Penn had this to say: "No pain, no palm; no thorns, no throne; no gall, no glory; no cross, no .crown." Why can't we have just plain old ordinary American styles and no borrow from the Italians and Japanese? Ain't ours good enough? Evidently not. If you've heard this one, stop me, "If you wish in this world to advance, your merits you're bound to enhance; you must stir it and stump it, and blow your own trumpet, or trust me, you haven't a chance." Long sentences in a short composition are like large rooms in a little house. It is the wretchedness of being rich that you have to live with rich people. George Bernard Shaw said, the liar's punishment is not in the least that he is not believed, but thai he cannot believe anyone else. Only deeds give strength to life; only moderation gives it charm. It's been said a man knows life too early, a woman too late. A pessimist is one who feels bad when he feels good for fear he'll feel worse when he feels better. He ga,ins wisdom in a happy way, woh gains it by another's experience. Golly, don't tell me the time has come again for Cherry pie. I thought last February I'd never want to sea another slice as long as I live. I've said before and I'll 'say it again, there's no town on earth he could "squeeze" the eggs in it the size of Osceola that^has^ as I atl( j it goes without saying, he did. Biscuits cut out with thimbles are another of his fetes, he enjoys only when grandma pays him a many dessert card parties and it seems when February comes, the first thing that pops in the head of a hostess, is cherry something or other ... and you know what, I'll eat it every time. 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