The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 19, 1932
Page 1
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Vf>rr<>{] In/ the Untied Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP IE COURIER NEWS VSPAPER OP NORTnkA KT ilJI'.MC.»o ,KII-> ortii.niiE.iDm .,, or.,-,,,,.. ^^ J ~- T • » ^—F B'V ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M1SSOUUI VOL. XXIX—NO. 210 Blythevllle Dally News. HMliuvlJlu CourU-r."" "„„..,,,,,. "" -—— _____^--• Mississippi Valley l.raelcrjilytlicvllle llrrald. "'-' HihVIU.K, AltKANSAS, SATUUDAY, NOVKMl'KK l!>, 10:12 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ! •' 1 This- Rrseno AVus a llowlin"; SUCITSS YvVhimJ'ion Solon's D-r'th May Give Democrats Power at Short Session. SEATTLE. Nov. 19. (UP)—S:m- /\ lor Wcilev Jones. vel?r:ui nijinb:-'' k I of tin; Ui>ll?d Stat?s £;:iat_* iron i N Washington, dipj al Moiinl Bak:r | sanitarium near here today. His followed a physical breakdown in health afl»r his defeat for rvoleclion in Inst v.'O^k'i election. He liatl ;»rv?il tills slaio in coiiKrcis for 33 years. [ DfcupltninlFti at Defeat The immediate cans? of divilh ! was given as heart disease. J r .nes; ivns 69. Relative.-; sa::l io Imi' h-jin I disappointed bitterly at l:is defpat. i Us fust since he went to cor.^res's' in 1893 as conaressnian at hrgc. for I this siate. ! Jones rankci high in the councils of Use Republican parts. H? ms rhainnnfi of (he senate appropriations committee. His death threatened to lhr-w [In balance cf power in the forllicjm- ir.g short session of coivjrwi IT thr nemocrals. The ainarent victory, hi Colorado of Carl Sclniyler. R-™ib- lican. had atturcd tin Republicans a one vot? majority at the December session. May Name Di>iin>?rut Governor Roland Ilarlhv. a P.-- publiPiin. has bren n political toe of Senator Jones nnrl. t'tere wis speculation tcn'ay whether h" vnu'-i i"j;)aint n Rerjublican nr D?mocrat I to como!pte It:? term which <•>•pi™* iinvi March. The veteran legislator, who wi|!> Senator Gilbert, Haimn of TOWI ! .?:?•?. tte oirv-st member of ccnwcw l\ >n point of service, was left with V a,weak heart -after 1 a" series of up - '•rntions three v'tap; ago. Femtor JOUDS was <••' ardent drv find (h^ author of the "fiv nnd ten' prohibition enforcement law. PUHS HELP IN IT' -i'Ul Calk. Official I'i' : inlv In'o Kxlraorclin- rir" Session. WASHINGTON. Nov. 19. (UP)— . I President 11 cover loduy c,illed the I flisl c.ilrnordlnnry «>l)liiH iii.-utink ! of his administration and in nil I and .10 mh".Ui> .ration received | plecgcs of support in a ;l2lcrinln- ed drive toward new economies In the operation of th? milkm] KOV- crnincnt. One cabinet' memtjur lo!d the t United I'r.'ss (hat tlie qur.itian of j European war debt revision did jv.t I arise. He said the discussions, were devoted entirely (o th: domestic budget situation. Tf.e threatened $2,000.060.000 deficit was discussed an:l tin: demand for economy laid before ths caht- Santa Claus Pays Kavly Call on Local Minister If you don'l Ix-licvc In Sanlu Cliiiis. tnlk In i lie Kvv. I'. Q. Kui-iiMHiMor nl Hie l''il'.st Mi'lll- cliini'lL In Ills nuiil yi's- li-nlay wns JICO ill bills aluidi- ul to mi iiiisl'jnod kHloi- wlilch Hiild "hny you ,1 ciirlnlniiis Snip unfortunately failed to watch his diet. Therefore whei ihosc Who Own Personal Taxes Must ['ay Up Or Lose Their Property. Attachments have brim Issued and nollces iiosted for the .sale of properly of as residents of Ihe Illy- tl:evll!o school district wild have failoj to pay their prop- trly Inxes, It. was aimounced today by J. C. Mclltine-y, hiieelal deputy collector of delinquent personal properly taxes (or this district. Roiucvelt to Study Dr-bls Mr. Mcllaney stilled t.'nat ho Is . .Al.HANY, N. v., Nov l!l {VI')— fitnrLlng <fb\vn the list ol dclln- Prcsidenl-elect -Roosevelt Ipfi the I Huent personal property inws In executive mansion at 11:45 a.m. to-' al|ihnliellcal order, nnd will l.v dav f° r ''Is country home nt Hyda ,'attachments and post sale notices n he chased '• ^ nrk n ' lwre '« will study Ihe war | as rapidly as he cnn gel lo it. Kaythe Bronx,!, l 5 " lln[ ' 011 ovor tns wrck-cnj i moud Bomnr has been deputize.-) lo net officers. They rc'Ejiondcd with proniUes of c.xiwnsc rjdiictlons. a cat tlircugh a narrpv: aperture between hvo l)uil'lln,;s in the Bronx | <lebt 5l ' l| nf |o u ovor the weak-en j intend Bom New York, he became wedged in nbnut a loot from 'the we«l i " Peil: ' rnl! °" for his WIllto " ousc ' assl ? 1 lllm ' ii~ L i iu.,1 me hire-i. l Rsnlmt whom New York, he became wedged in nbnut a foot from the siresl. He, ^.^ronce"^^!, President Hoover regretted a number of bones he had picked clean din-in- lh e past fc,v Tl-e iwvcrnor set ™I,„ inJi .v _. .. . 3 *- ' ! '' c bU't-'" 1 " M.t out in n driving ; -••«!<. uvvn L.t.iui:u jimy rL'UL'triii ircu momns.^ Finally rescuers, as seen above, had to dig Ihrnush n 12-incii ruin lo motor to Hyde Park. He wns ! propeily by payment of delinquent i • - - ' • - - • - 'CnninnnfpH hi* *u-/\ r-n „•.-,! r- 1 I I ivric • n^r. r.r*ft 11 KJ.. i .. .1 will lo release him. The cat. of course, had Warrants Unreturnetl in 17 Grand Jury Cases The identity of defcndanls nam- in 17 o'it of 53 true bills •Services St. Matthews Church Monday Morning. OSCEOLA, ATk.. Nov. 10.—Re- ejuicm mass will te said by t;o Rev. Father J. J. Thompson of Blyihi- villc at- St. Witthsws Osthol-'c church in Osceola Monc'ay morning at 9:30 o'clock for Franc!- MOr- ris Semmes, attorney of Tuscumbia, -Ala., who died at lh? home of l:is sister. Mrs. Claude p-°rrin in Osccola at noon Friday. Interment follow in Violc; cemetery. Deal for "101" Property Nearly Complete; May Be Brewery Site. ATLANTA. Nov. 13 (UP)—The Atlanta Constitution said today it had learned negotiations were virtually concluded here Thursday night for the purchase of Col. Zach- Miller's famous 101 ranch in Oklaho'.nn bv agents of Al Capone in anticipation of running n V">i- ti:nat- brewery there if the 18th amendment Is repealed. Acliial «eiiin? of Ihe necessary PC! __ iij3 ic _ turned bv- the rec,?nt .inn- has not. ynt been revealed pending return nf he-neh v.-arr.inls issued to the sheriff's offim for service. Grand Inry inrlictmeiits are not mnrie nubile until entered in m- rliciincnl records tn the circuit rlork's office after bench warrants 1-nve 1-,-en served by the sheriff. Secrecy is observed by court officials as a mecauUonnry measure to present possible escape of nis ncme in ajauama..lle was nov^r | - inriinted oartias before they can ! p.ble to make the return trip, and I be taken into custody. I while }:k condition was known tnl ,--- - - --- . - bench warrants arc | be serious, his d;3th yesterday v.-as i '° 'uive admitt"d the denl was as held nnservcd for several montlis I without warning. At hLs bMlsiric 5 Bonrt r>- clorecl. before eternities are able to locate | wsrc his wife anrl a son. Raobncl. j Th(1 lf)l property compiLws a to- p'-'rsons named. Mi-, sommes was 4fi years dtl. He i ' n ' of 2 . 1(1 " acres now. although was the son of the lale S. S. and i formerly it was 17.488 acres. of Os- ! A; outlined by the Constitution - !,„ ,' the nronosed deal would result in Mr. Ssmmis has" fcc2n hers since | liners was not done, the Consti- August, when he came from n Mem- I tution said, but that detail Is to phis; hospital after a lonj illness, i be handled in Chicago by John to recupsrate befcre. rotiirnhn? to ] Capone. Al's younzer brother. n.?.xt his hems in Alabama..He was nov^r | v '' r "k. accirdinq to the newspaper. E. Beach, Pawhuska, Okla.. for receivers of 101. wns said Prices A. T. and T Anaconda Copper ... Auburn Cnternillar Tractor .. Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General Electric General Motors lliddlewest Utilities Montgomery Ward . New York Central ... Packard Radio 109 3-8 .. 9 S-<! . 45 3-4 .. 8 . 1C 1-2 . . 33-8 . 82 . 16 5-8 . 14 1-8 ... R-1G . 14 1-8 .. 24 1-2 .. 9. 7-R 73-8 .Mrs. Fannie Morris Semmes of ceola and was a gran^on cf th c'istingiiishcel Admiral Semmes. He was born in Oscsoln in Mav at. 1S84. was e-ducaled at Chrhti-in Brclhcrs celiese in Mimnhis. i>nd was marred in inno to Mis'; .MiT- nic Harrington of Mamnhls. F-r tVr past twenty years he has mad; hi-j home in Tuscunibla. Ala. Surviving are his wife. Mrs. Mln- I '~1 ill" I vll< flJ.lljlUMU Ul.lll MUIILII Itvillll* 1JJ Riphacl Colcncl Miller retaining his home, j which is now in hands of rec-?iv- Bank Cashier - ................... Simmons ncds ......... 81-4 Standard of N. J ..... 31 3-8 Taxas Co ............. 15 7-Z U. S. Stool ............ 36 1-8 „_ , _. , ^ * v ..,- une naiHiiv eiiLuruu uic ^nuuu^- Wr. and Edward Martin, all ol Tus-1 !o ,, bank lodav while another re- A Cotton NEW YORK. Nov. 19. <UP)- Cclton closed .slcacy. Ot>»n Hl^h Low Clr>sD Dec CIS G18 G07 *<i Jan 620 624 Mar. 031 R34 May 640 044 July 651 653 Oct 667 6fi7 014 623 (W4 643 R58 019 G23 -- . v.iu.- . fllll IU [7MV 1111.1 ^ton. Jamaica: RiEter Ann:'S stand with their backs to the "f Notrn Dam; convoiit. O'"i(ln- \ holdup man. Mrs. M. A. Mnrli'i and Mrs. Anna S. \)7.?F\\ of M->muhls: Mrs. F. n. nib,-.,, „[ T -n- FH.. Pro-rilt .S™im».s of D-- "oit. Ml-h.: Middle»on F"mmf;= of Morrilicn Ark nn;i Mrs. C." B. ^iTin of O^c^oln 648 GS2 Spots clonxl at 625. off 10. tnii?t. Or! fans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 19. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Oo--!ii Hieli Lw close . G14 615 C05 610 . 619 621 (312 si 1 ? Dec Jan. Mar. May July Oct. 623 639 648 684 630 G42 650 G66 622 032 641 638 62fi 636 647 GSlb Spots ctosjd at 615. off ID, st-jady Chicago Wheat CIUCAGO. Nov. IS. (UP)—Wheat closed: December 43 1-8; July. 49 7-R. Battles Bandits, Wins CHARLESTON, Tcnn., Nov. 19 (TiP)— A emv hnlrcd "oanfc cashier , T, s " mmM - ai1(i f^ 1 today took a chance to reach a iam Hampton. Rjpricl, I gl!n and bat ,. cd bandlts accompanied by two sccrot service ] l;OTS ' n «u costs within tn days men and stale troo'psrs. I Otherwise, it will be sold by the. | sheriff to satisfy Inx claims. Thr Tenntsses Mine Town ! m S! 1I<xl> Mr - Me » ft! icy medicied " """^ *^ n I will produce something approach- lo nave Martial Law I lll «" 10 ° !>«'• cent collection or i«r sonal projKrly (axes, whlc!: in for- WILDER, Tenn.. Nov. 19. (UP)—| mer J ' ears hnvc bccl1 atiou.-il guardsmen, mustered into naW ' service as "state polio;." were ca- route here today to' Wabllsh martial law In .this strike lorn -inlnj area. "Civil law. has broken down," Charles Love, state commlsslcner cf labor, said tn his report to Gov. Henry Horlon recommencing t.inl state trcops lake ovr> the area In which dynamiting. ambushing threats and indlmldatlon have terrorized the population slnca bsl July. The score'of since psllcoiaiiel officers ordered here by the governor will patrol the district In-.uniform and fully armed. They will h.iV3 power of arrest. llrlrn Tliiyrs Hrld Film Arl.nss ol' |IK- Y £ ? 1T7^V Mpm - .jf: V- i"-;' IV l ~t>r\\ **•. - VlM&S car 'Recognition by Boy of 12 l-'urls Nation-Wide Search for Missinp Man. FOOTBALL Final Yule 19, Harvard 0. Third ({mirier Michigan':), Mlnnrsoln 0. nuke 7, North Carolina (I. Colmnbln t), SyrueiiM-. 0. Srrond (JuarU'r Georgia 7. Auburn 0. Tiiliiiic IK. Scwiincc! 0. Notre Dame 12, Navy 0. First Quarter Cleorstn Tech (I, 1'Morlda 0. .:, N. C., Nov. 19 (UP) —John Urtilsr. njphsw of iinml itoblin, wNiw discovery In a "• v.-i-rlerii Ncrlii Carolina 'mountain vllljijc last nledil ended n .77-day ', | nation-wide search, unnounc::! to| cay lhal Culcne-l Robins had en- lleied (lie Norlinrn hospital here. V. ! Ureler ana his uncb bfl Whit- • [tier. N. C., whurs the prohibition jC.tlvct-alii was Identified njnrly'to- idny. nnd camo 13 Ashsvtlle by mo- ' I lor. It ha<l IXXMI reported previously Hint Colonel Robins would oijle'r 111-' Appalachian Hall sanitarium. Impubsllitc Hindenbin-fr Offers Qian- cellorshin to Nnzi Leader Conditionally. "FRLTN. Nnv. 19 (UP)—President von Hlndenburg is wlllinv to appoint Adolph Hitler chancellor on condition that he continue the cetieral policies of Ihe von Papen cabinet and leave the composition of tl'e new cabinet In the presi- K r " dent's hands, the United Press " p " U. S. Chamber of Cotn- 1 merce Taxation Committee Submits Report. NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 19 (UP) —Directors of the United Stales Chamber of Commerce in session '•ere tcd^w e-xnmmcrl the report nf their committee on federal tnx- atlon which favors n possible tux en beer but imposes Imposition of GREEK MED FOR PpEKV Local Mnn Expected to Hcarl Norllieast Arkansas Educators. The election of Crawford Oreone rlni^mlciil of TUvnicvlUc nnl>- r-nhools, ns nrrsldenl. of the Northcnst Arknnsns Kducntlnnnl Animal Selections Made 1'isl Niehl by Motion Picture Academy. HOLLYWOOD, Cal.. Nov.. in (UPl—The Ural film apucnrnnco of Helen lliiyc.s us a mature actress wets so Impressive tlmt Holly waul '^_ save tho uren|.::a 'rci'formnnce o f any ticlrcss dur- year 31. . , nc-cordlnp lo le.ichers who return- slon "0:!oiijl lUyrnond Robins Is at present ut the Norbiirn hospital In Ashevlllc nnd under thu cave of Dr. Mark Griffin of tils city. Th2 doctor line Riven orders that no one Is lo be nllowoj to .^2 or sjienk with Coisncl Romm hut Ihil .fcs'.iv. to b; kept Millet nnd free from dls- luitancos of all sorts. "Mis. Rollins Is <!xp:ctcd to enrli Ashovillo by motor tills af- leincon, coming from lier home 'in Florida. arlffin. who Is now In char?? «f the CKO, stales that II Is ;'.to- lulely ImposslWc lo give a correct diagnosis of the caso until iftcr lurllier observation." . ' ..'.. It • was iwlntcd ,out. h:tc. th^t" though Norburn hoJpltnl Is a <jji>-' cial hospital, Dr. C,riairi..ln chavo- of tho Robins ca« part : .'biyner of the Appalachian Hall ssinttnrlnm. a hospital-tor treatment of n-'rvous The honor was and .we»WHI»SaiM.' tfni' froin J some"fo'i-m*' ofTamriesiar'"- rj LI HHJI.IIUT i .11 ti 1,111 j[i[]>ii ; ••••"•• j • n\vnrds Bold .stntucs to Is prncllcally certain, ''j™ 0 rMtionalh'n for the best hrrc- -lati-? Inst night by n It was said tlmt when Mrs:' bnllot of the en-1 Robins was Informed eit her" homo" tire membership i I" Brook^vll!,;,. Fla., that', her hu's- of tho Acadimv band was in the mountain retrsat. of Motion pic-lslic nsscrted she could not believe ho wa s a victim of amnesia: that sciences which an- hi iho Industry. ed to their homes here last nleht '.After Frederic March had been """ nlfcndlni; 1 the first day's F,?S- j announrcd the winner of thn Ixist u".nlo nctlnc; award n. recount nf ui"r>ilii" In .loncsboro yesterday, j votes early .today ellsclomd Mississippi comty teachers nt- m " sL fllnre lllc honor wl '» Icntlcel the mp"lln(f in li"-"n num- ' ncc Dcery. Bcorv Ter-.--iv"(i he - . mnnv of (hem Inking pnrt vot!1 tl ' ni1 Mnrcl1 ''"t mider ncnd- °- mv - rlltos rmvcrnlu? the conlesl n 011 Uic !>rnmain or scvvine In or- flelnl or exccullve capacities On today's moaram will 1,« tolk.liv Siiiii-rlnlPiitli-iil nco. Doylr ., • » "• m i iv • n v ouiJL'i ii 11 fin n-in v 11:11. ijayir . , ,, ,_ nnv other iww tnxcs hy the next I nf Osccoia nn 'The Problems of' M " Hnycs ' con,res.s. TlllMon g^^. nrodwriy won congress. The report, submitted by Red- Ilelrt Proctor, Vermont, chairman of Ihij committee, states no new laxcs should - be levied "unless con-rcss foresees a deficit so (rr^ a;: to threaten national credit." O£-r Important, nronosttls In the committee report nrc: First, no changes In the federal (using system except they be based on reductions In (jovorinnental Second, consideration of a manufacturers sales tax If It Is decided at the short session of Conor later that additional rev's are needed. nominee miir.t poll nt- lenst two voles more than Ills nearest corn! prHt/ir to win. Miss Hayes, long ei favorite on Ihe academy vote (Ihronijli her nctlnn In Inchuteil | Mmlelon C]nud,it." "The Sin of The ncndcinv rntetl Mips Hayes nnd Lynn mained outside. Cashier J. E. Bro'.hers an-? sijtcrs who snn-iv; ] Quiscnberry and others were ord- iro Father Ol!v<-r f--?;nr,n- ef Kinz- j ered to put their hands up and for Chancelloi Ark.-Thn Craiz>«•.«* comity bur nssoclntlon hv ncplamallon l ast nlaht nomlnat- •Jd .Tiidoo .1. P. Gautncv for chan- "Minr to succeed Governor-elect •'. M. Futrell of Pm-Mould. Om-prnw Putrell announced he would anpnlnt us his surcc'sor an itloniev lo be selected by the Tawvcrs of the counties In the district. Various counties are select n? nominees and a vote will f" taken at a meeting of lawj-crs of the district. The bar nl<o endorsed th" can- rtfdar-.v cf j m i w Gordon Friw.son for United. Slates district attorney for tlv> castPin district of Arkan- Mine Workers Beaten by Masked Men TAYLORV1LLE. 111.. Nov. 19. (UP)—A band of masked men estimated at 25 fired on and beat three miners en route to work at th; P;abody mine at Kincatd to- rfy. Reports to Sheriff Charles Wic- n?ke of Christian county said onp miner wns wounded by a bwiet and the other two were wounded from blows. Will Distribute $5,300 In Christmas Savings Bstwcsn the first and tenth of December 250 members of the Bly- tl'.evillc Christmas Savings club will receive approximately $5,000. This will bo sent out by the Farmer: Bank and Trust company whlcl tns siKmsored such clubs for 1! years. -s Informed In reliable quarters' Tlilrd, not to advocate foday. . . . The president told Hitler In l>"-l- conversntlon today that he hael no objections in principle to entrusting the government lo the Nazis but would not appoint Hitler unconditionally. Hitler told the president he wanted several days to think over lhe proposition. The president specified that Hlt- .er adopt a definite economic scheme such ns the "cnc year plan" inaugurated by von Papen. R^.n Mars Dedication of Kitty Hawk Beacon WRIGHT MEMORIAL. Kitty Hawk, N. C.. Nov. 19. (UP)—Drte- rfln? rain today dampened the nation's tribute to the'Wright brothers in who:e memory a SO-foat granite bsacon, erected by the United States government, was dedicated tcday on the spat where Orrtlle and Wilbur Wright mace tile first flight In heavier than air craft. Arrival of Secretary of War Patrick Hurley, the chief speaker, was announced by the firing of 10 guns. Orville Wright, only survivor of the air who proved man could fly, was the guest of honor as he vls- Itid the scene of his and his brn-'s successful aerial -ixpcriment of 29 years ago. Enormous crowds, expected If the weather had been fair, had dwindled to approximately- 1.500 persons as the steady c'o«npour con- tlniKd, gen- TnH.ion Schools". Yer.terdnv's nrc^ram (nlks by Mrs. C. I.. Moore .Ir.. of j Osccola. MK, Minn D. Wllhrlm: p.hovc Marie „..„.. „ -,„„ ^"•1 Miss Se-lmn Lonlz of Dlythe- ' f.-ontaiine. the other two nomlniU- i-llle and Miss Maxlne Hnlstcad of j ed for the honor. Misora. ' | ' Blythcvlllc wns delcimincd the i £:..J D O J,, n t f. r , t nlarr for lioldlntr thn sprint: 111-' rln " D ? Q ' / OI , rlrst frn\y nnel track meet, at a meet- , WojH3fl "Ride" Ine of (he ill?trlcl athlelir a«ncl- . nllnn iiekl yrs("rdnv in cnnnrrtlon i CHICAGO Nov IP (UPl—Th" with the merlin* of the cduenltw- : tot| of ' vmwn w ," wmmMv pi nssoelnthn. when several „,,,' h( , shot |hr in the rules and regula-, ,,,,, ,„ f artomrtll- varlous inc^U wcro. v ,. ns fm]|lt! , odny Bt ^ ^ .^ fl • road near Chicago Hekhts. was the'' county highway f'n"<i for made. One Important rhnnse ernl sales tax under present con- ' il-rlsion to hnlel all Klrls basket i she nrchnhly wf- tVc first ditlons because It would encourage ball tournaments In Iwo division j " : ,n nv. r'-lc victim" i'i incrcows In expenditures, develop , Inslead of thrre division courts. • whero tho "rl;k" a tenelency on grounds of pollltcal. enncdlency to ral:e Income taxes,: and In general lead to prolonged controversy. Fourth, an organization of rep- [M executive committee nmcnu 01 - rcsentntivcs of federal and state h ov i n< , lnpsc matters decided at governments to coordinate the; .,„ nnnnnl snrins mcotlne as hcre- nnlional and state systems of tax- | t 0 f orc -n,^ practically docs away atlon and end the many Instances j. w jt n y 10 ncccsslly of n spring his memory was always perfect. She had contcneJod through thes period of his absence that he-'KM been kidnaped because of Ins nrohlbltlon activities, which were known to have aroused the animosity of Florida bootleggers and rum runners'. \ n-* 'iiiuuicr »•»» 'he determination! where many nnnitsters havs teen lo !.:avc the arrangements for nnd killed In thai manner, eleclslon ns (o lhe plac.0 of hold , the various tournaments with tnu the various tournaments wt Ihe executive committee Instead of j Will P*rfr>ii Sale n{ Christmas Fireworks Thn sale nf fireworks. n'Mioiich New Prospects Every Day and these prospects watch Courier Rental Columns. If you have a vacancy, be sure It's listed there. Tnis a? NICE front bjdrcom. mar bath, Private home. which appeared recently In the Classified Column of the Courier News nrotnptly rent- 'd the room. These Want Ads are inexpensive and depsrin- *nblo. Place jour ad now. with COURIER NEWS Call 306 I wiin me ncci^uy ui « .-nnni&i .••-: .-^nn; .n iircv\i)rKS. n'tnoiien i meeting of the atli'otlc nssocla'lon. I rrnlilhitcd b'-' a city ordinance. I E A FnlbrlcM of Wclner wns-*' 111 1)e psrmltlrd from Dcr»mber elected present of the athlelic- IPth lf > January 1st. nccontb!? ti nssoclnllon Fred Keller of Jones- j nnnouncpinent bv clfv nuthorltles l:oro is v.cp-w"!i»'-nl. Miss Rosa: nr flclals. InvcsttKatlni; aft»r in- Hardy of niylhcvillc, secretary, ! nlllr| M had ben made, drearer" Gco Doyle of Osccola. treasurer.] ttlRfl nn orctinanco neainst the sale and W W Baker of Marion was ! of fireworks is effective but will named the fifth member of the ' » ot '"> enforced durinR the 12-rinv cxecnth'c committee. The literary and track meet will be held on lhe last Friday and Saturday In Auvll In Blylhcvlllc. Tennessee Gets New R. F. C. Relief Loan WASHINGTON. Nov. 1!). IUP>- Rellef loans to Tennessee. Michigan and Utah totaling $411,030 were granted by the Reconstruction Finance corporation too>y. Tennessee received $213,500, Michigan S68.000, and Utah 423.533. The Tennessee will te used tn 3(5 counties. Shelby county Is cx- l>octcd lo receive $115.000. Tennessee previously has received J.4G7.536 for relief pur(>osos, out of iring . ._ deference to requests of local merchant-; and the traditional deslro of children for Christmas fireworks. WEATHER ARKANSAS— Fair. ro!dor. with hard freeze tonight. Sundo" fair. flsln? temperatures in west and central portions. « According to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips jh., the minimum • temperature here yesterday -KM 21 degrees and the maximum, 36 degrees, clourty with Identified by Boy I WHITTIER. N. C., Nov. 19 (UP) —Carl Byrd Fisher, an alert yoimf- •• sl-?r cf 12. with detoctive InEliritJis. was rwpmslbb for the soiut'on.of .. a imtlonal mystery and tee .flscov- • '< ery of the long missing Col lia'/r ' mond Robins, prohibition leader i nnd internatlonol character. "- ; ; The Fisher boy. Intrigued by the i prcsenc; of n straneer In town, . ' i made frlands with the n=n'cpm;r J h-3 knew ns "Reynolds Rogers," .-] v.ent on lilkbi with him. compared i hlf f,^tur;s with tl'cup of his sus- ! plclons that his friend was .the -i mirsinc man. . ; Robins. In the hands of staU Ktul federsl aiit!:orlti:5. today was t removei from 111; ra::n tn a hfctH to .111 Asr.evill?. fr. c.. hasp! til. ' When "Rogers" arrived in Whit- i tics two months a?o he Attracted 1 the Immediate, attention el towns- | neopb by liis evident culture and j tV-i fact that li? n^ver np-«;ared to inrt: fmidE. Much of h!.s tlm^ was j occiinlcd In what. he tfrnvyl nros- ' rwctlng In the Mils, and it was .->n • : some cf these Jaunts Into the hills • (hot. ha took youm? Flst;r alons. .- Csrl enjoyed the companionship but constantly wondered at th° wsntlty of his frlenf. Tnen O n5 dav hs saw n picture of CilOMl Rcb- Ins In a coav of "Grit." a ma»a- zlno to which lie ititscrlb:?. '"HS wrote to H:e m<»'.s headcuar- 'ors and slnrt~f »):•• (rot,, o f ] n . vfEtioatlcn that led t* c-:!onel Rob- Ins discovery by federal croMbl- Ho;i cfflelals. Ooint back to pick nnct shorel i and wash pan of a prosrtcctor fo- ' rrcclpus mptals was wiih Robins seme-thin? In the nature of a re- : i-crslon to type. In his youth he . was one of the thousands who : sweot ln;o thp cold n,?lds of the : Klondike. Unlike mon of the ' others, he returned to the United States wealthy. His recltel lo the villagers of : his .Intention to wek the yellow metal in the brawling mountain streams of the Smokies. was not p\Tltln«. Traces of ROM have been fornd !n tliKe waters and pros- ; pcclors are not unknown In the ; region. cn.i of the wildest In the i eastern part of the country. for Hoover They were, however, uLUAiimuu, «>o u^ititjci, uiuuny wnn iney were, nowever, astonisneu .05 Inches of snow aiid. rain. To- (when he mounted a soap bnx one day a >'car a?o the minimum tem- day in the main street of Whlttler peraturc was 54 degrees and the I and made an impassioned speech maximum, 65 degrees, cloudy with ' In favor of the re-election of-fttK 1 91 liinlu,,. nt naTn I t^AHf UAA..AV ^''^^ «°s of rain. | Went Hoover.

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