The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1948
Page 3
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>f it* Wartime President's Widow Unveils Bronze Statue of FDR Bought by Britain's Citizenry t Hm<w Muim Dnltwl Pr*M Staff forre. th ' V "" V ' ilM th " American friend, Franklin Delano Roo«evell, i, IT'' '""' m " Jectlc wrei " 0 »r- Mr*. We.nor R«>M V elt. .stately blackl in " M "" B0rd r < v "'"" i th « ~'»> ^ ? f J"!* 1 «">»n<»wr Joined in Hlbute befor* the lo-ioot, 10-inch Bronza n g | ]rf standing upon « H. fool base of glistening stone. 'The « in and .shillings of at least 200,000 Him'u Vom chan » el Pilous to srottbh shepherd.,, i rom pl ., n ' mlni»l«w tfl cockney newsboys It co< MfiO.OOfl. and contribution; ;•«« I limited to $1 each. j Tlie thrilllnij "Hallelujah*" ot me (jreat hymn rang through the newly refurbished square, center of American activity dining the war »nd known lo most or. as the EKenhoweiplaU." A crowd of more than 15,000 filled (he .square In bright Spring sunshine. The stalue stands within the turfed which the square, dur- Iti , the war a greasy American jMtary car-park ha.s become fac- loward No. 30, which was head- Train Kills Three Near Morrilton Violent Deaths in Srot. total Nine Over th« Weekend (By United Prnui) At lea.u nln e persons riled bv violence over the week-end in Ar! kansa,. Traffic accident,, took four llve.s and two were killed In the crash of «n army airplane. One person committed suicide one was BT.YTirari.LLB (ARK.) OOUHTB* - ' ' ooiin&Ti^i^E 'AKK..J OOUKTEH TOW* ^r»S^ f * merican Friendshl 'P Rolfs fnto~Vi^a ' ffiSW^jr, , '*$""J2z::: -•w/^^™ ' " mvi .HHVU1L. tll]f burned to death and another nu _ shot by an officer. -. Of Gen. Dwighl D."Eisen- .. The . 1I . al * Mt single tragedy was hover ami the United Slates mill- ! th ? . col " s '°" of an automobile and '"T. i a Missouri Pacific (rain in the citv ' It 1-s flanked bv two Illy pools ! Hml{s o! Mor '11ton In which three M to 1» ifel, n-ith central foun- I H lwnrfale - Calif., persons were kill- tains. Chi the walls or the pools are ! ? d •*•";•;• F «J'e Rush. 34, was killed carved the -four freedoms" Mr i lnsi »"«V- Her daughter, Mrs j, me Roosevelt and Winston Churchill' 1 J* eM *' 19 . and her son-iu-law Do- p"t»<n'J! wartime premier, slated in' I L 3 " J?"**' 30 ' <liert '" a Morrillon the Atlantic Charier—freedom of '< hos l> Ual w»n after the accident V>eech. freedom of worship, freedoni i Mr , a " d Mrs - Recce, had been mar- from Tvant. freedom from fear. one we< * FT»R Shown SUndlnr , T*'° ""V, 1 from S(oll( A1 > Base. ( The ,„„ p,,sideiH, l.^deplcied ^"T ? £3 S '« Im'crT*' ' C! """- B " |10 " " " lcfc - A " ' crnshed '» NortK Llltle R« kP s»T «S15»^^^^x^^F^ me lapel. The five and nni>-h.,|r TV>varf-,n,o •»-_ , ' -~ Jl P 1 the lapel. The five and ono-H-If ton plinth on which the sis I'.c stnnris Is of (he same glistening Portland stone which makes the low coping around the parked oval of the square. King George VI led his people in their tribute. The. royal family , oY'Yas*" A 'TlTt was with him. Churchill was there, I "rash 11^,, ' and present leaders of the British - • • y Tex,, and staff ° f Indi sit Ijfcl deep, halting voice. JEBnd Churchill had said, when /louse of commons legalized government, u. s. Aambassador Lewis W. Douglas replied to the King's brief speech. "He was one of u>e outstanding men of our time." Hie king said in the """ ~" ">».> i^&nu&cii the memorial: "H may well be that the man »'hom we honor today not only • nticipated hlstorv. but altered ius i course, anri altered it in a wav which saved freedom and earned the ! gratitude of the human race for | But perhaps a greater tribute! came from the little people: The Boer War pensioner who sent six pence- arirt' wrote, "he was my friend. «nd he helped 11.5 through our darkest hour." The Lancashire Woman who said "one of the good things or my life has been the fact I lived In the" period that FDR was doing so much good for the world." Memorial Fund Oversubscribed The Manx farmer who called him « fortress of strength and renewed confidence " There were the people who over- illbflcribed the memorial fund in one week, and who came today to bars their heads with the royal • nd great before the statue. The Royal Marine Band played «« honor guards o( U S. Marines and Royal Marines marched into the .square to take their places before the memorial. Just before 11 a.m. came the shining limousines carrying the royal family, Mrs. Roosevelt, and other dignitaries. The Archbishop o f Canterbury S :ed the crowd to Join the choir St. Paul's Cathedral In slm-ine : thwenty-lhlrd psalm. The statue. King George said in Inviting Mr.s. Roosevelt to loose the shrouds covering It. wTll be forever "a reminder of our comradeship with the American people. In the (lark days ol war.'' "We shall look at It." he sajrl "mid renew our pledge to continue to share with that people the ideals of pence and freedom for which Texarkana John polls. On Training Fli s ht They were on a navigational proficiency problem to Little Rock «'lien the plane apparently ran out "' '--• Ume before Ihe T^- V7 •— J , ....". .adioed lo Adams Field In Little Rock that they were —,, ... fJ . uL.i. CUJVR. tit.*i iiiry werR dangerously low on gas. Field attendants spotted Ihe plane and] saw it a.s it crashed. Both bodies were thrown clear of the plane Dale Smith, 19. O f Dongola InJ Searcy County, was killed when'hisl car left Highway 65 and overturned ' near St. Joe. Two other omipa.-t- of the cv. Ruth Jones, 21, ,nd Homer Smlthson, 20, also were Injured. Clarence Dale Mayo. 22, a World Wsr II veteran of Bigelow. was .on. perry Comity Sheriff Baylor i -rouse said Mayo shot himself with ' i 20-gauge shotgun.. -A Negro woman—Corrine Lowder- ' •milk—was burned to death when fire destroyed her apartment. An- ! other Negro woman in an adjoining i apartment discovered the flames but was unable to rescue the victim, j Theodore Roosevelt Curry, • Nf- i Jews Use Plane To Attack Arabs Holy Land Warfare Gains in Intensity Around Jerusalem JERUSALEM. April <]2 IUl'1- Britlsh ground forces shot, clown a Haganah trainer plane today hi the first incident, of Us kind or the British Army sources reported thai an Arab lesion convoy allegedly under Hai;anah attack sent sped lo Ihe scene, were shot at "by the plane, anri thereupon shot It down The Haganah pilot ira.s reported Killed. Haganah sources hnd no comment on th c incident, The British Army report corrected an earlier account by British official sources, which said the Haganah -plane was brought down by a Royal Air Force crnft. The plane was reported 'downed near . Kfar Fzio, midway between Jerusalem and .Hebron. Unconfirmed reports circulated that. Neve Paacob. four miles North of Jerusalem, had been surrounded by men of the Arab legion. Reports from Tel Aviv SHirt a British soldier was killed In a cafe at Rchovoth when Jews held up three soldiers and took their wea- pons. Tel Aviv advices also said Arab civilians evacuated sarnr and Rl Ifarnlj, astride thc I'alcstinc-Jiiftii lilBhwny, and armed Syrians look H over. Thc village Is surrounded '»' Jewish settlements. Aground, the bitter warfare went »'i miabatcn. The mnin siruuBle was belli;; wnsetl on the western "Puroaches lo Jerusalem. There, especially in the On.siol area, the Arabs and Jews were righting for l-niHrol of the roads over which thc loml lor the 100.000 Jews ill Jcnl- Milcin must move. In Hanileh. an Arab town six miles Enst ol Jaffa. H.'iRimah men I bleiv tip about 10 houses. Other Htl- Knuah troops wrecked brirtBCs on Ibe Hnifa-JcuIn hlghwnv in an cf- jfort to cut off Arab forces In thc Jcjifii-Tiillcarcui-Nabliu triangle from upper Galilee. ' Reliable Arab sources reported thnt Dr. Hussein Khaliril, secretary of thc Arab Illglicr Committee, appealed to King Abdullah ol Trans- Jordan to intervene In Palestine on behalf of [he Arabs 250 Arabs, including women and children al Der Ynssin near Jerusalem Friday. r nie massacre was curried out by members of the Irfiini Zvni Leuinl and Stern Group, Jewish undercround bands. [Associated Industries ; Stress Free Enterprise i J. II Craln, of the Iff Wilson ami : Company, nl Wihon. hn.s been nam- ed.lo ihr board ot directors {or the ["Associated Industrie., of Arkansas." ; which \v»s inc.'0i'[>0]alcd recently The new corporation, licnriqunr- ters ill which ivll) be in I.Uile Rout, < was nmajilzed in create and mnln- • lain an association of mainifac- ;tmm and productive m«nnlwtlons oJ,. /or their iniitiml bcnc- ilit.s. lly-Liws tj[ thccorixirntioii call for 1 LiicoiiraRcmeni of ludiistrlal re- jSCHicli, promolion of the welfare ol free cntcrprisi: anti ihe welfare of I employees cngascd In miuiurnctur- I itiR and production, by .mciu ol policies coiuUiciivctosouiul I1 inployre-cinplojc;- relationship. ; Tins 01'KntiUni.ion will cooperate 'with all other iiHcief-tort organizations m promoting the of mnmifncUn-crs, nroriucers, and cl'-- 1/.CHS ot Arkansas. Mr. Roosevelt strove with such un tiring faith." gro, wa.s killed enrly Saturday morning by Little Rock Detective Sgt. Dennis Jones. The offii-cr said the Negro pulled a stiqtgcin on him when he aurt another officer attempted to question him. Prosecuting Attorney Edwin D. Dunnaway yesterday absolved the officers ot any blame. Real Estate Meet Tonight \ Members ot Ihe Rlyihcville Real •; Estate Boarri will hold their monlh- : ly dinni-i-meetliiB nt 8:30 tomornr.v niRln »t the Fly-Inn at the Municipal Airport. Missourians Plan Singing Convention The semi-amnml meeting for thc Souths. 0 .',, Missouri Singing Convention will be nt the Campbell High School. In Campbell Mo., next. Sunday beginning at 11:00 a.m. I Richard Hammonds, president pf , the convention announced today. ; The program will feature" miar- tcLs. trios, duets. and*solos. us wl! las group singing. Ttie first eigl.i l (o resister and appear on j the procrnni will receive $5 each. Head Courier News Want. Ails. Final Ritet Conducted For Wardell, Mo., Farmsr Service* lor Kriwln Mttelln. Wardell, Mo., farmer who look his own life Kruifly, were conducted ytwier- d»y nfleruoon at Die lioine nf ,1 brothoi by the Rev, R'lbort Smith Baptist minister nl Wardell. Burial was In liry Bayou (Semi 1 . (cry, four mtlrs Nlrrlh of llnyti, Mo, Mr. Maclm w'i>K 3G. Pemiscot Coroner Jnfk Ki-llev nf Haytl termeil Mr. MacUu's ileaih mileUle mid Ihat no formal inquest was necessary. Mr. Maclln. who shot lilmiclf hi llw heail.K-lth • |j gnueMhotKun. was said to have been despondent. Mr. Kc'ley said. He had been sep- R rut MI from his wife, Mr.s. Clarn Muclln. He shot JilniMtr In « house on lite (aim of his brother, Lewis Mac- lln. whom lie'hail been living with hi* father. Wilbur Mnclln. Mr. Mnclln also h survived by another brother, Bland Mnclln of'War- ilell; three daiiKhters, Mks Kdwlni Maclln, Miss Rowmury Maelfe ^^ Miss ttinult Lou M«lln, all ai UL 2. Poilageville; »nd t»o ti^tn, tin. IXiyle O«tnes of Jllnt, Ml«h. tat Mrs, MuiTay Paxentl oi ~ '" ' Term. FOR A GENERAL CHECK-UP Chance* Ar* If Will Corl You L«i Than You Think Our .skilled mechanics go over your car carefully— testing, in.speciing, adjusting. We'll give you a report of any work we think your car needs to put it in top condition. SERV1CI IS BIST FOR YOUR CAR RIOARBLtSS OF MAKI SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY It* West AsK How to shorten a mile (and stretch a gallon ) Com* /n-fcorn how Packard "tafely-tprint" power B.V.I you wonderful new goso/m« economy I You'd" naturally «xpect Packard ownej-j to marvel at the turbine .<mnr>lbn(.t.< of the new '48 Packard's. (And they do.) You'd expect them to prais* Packard's new "safety-sprint" power - the new kind of reserve power that hreew* them around other cars and fast highway busses ,.. into the clear. (And they do.) But the big .surprise-thc advance-" mcnt that excites these owners most of »ll-is the way these Packard* get extr* milenge aul nf et-fry g*ilon! 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