The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1937
Page 3
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.WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10, 1937' BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIRR NEWS (Conllnucil Prom Page 1) walks at the eapttol and for landscaping Hie grounds. . Other cliis sighed created a sla,te Flood Commission and provided for n new Board ol Trustees tar the Arkansas Tuberculosis Sntiltorlum at Boonevllle. Among the 32 bills passed by llic house yesterday wns one by senator Wagner of Crawford placing co-operative banking associations under tlie supervision of tlie state bank department. It provoked one of the bitterest light- 1 ; or the session. 7'he vole was 55 to 30. The bill prevents the organization of any additional co-operative banks and provides that If a re"- ularly organized bank opens a teller's window in the town where a co-operative iaslitution is operating, the latter must liquidate ivitJi- in 12 months. i the Tiiom|>son-Pagan chain store Ipill, which .sought to license anil tax chain stores on the basis of the number of stores operated by each concern, w as rejected by a 14- to-15 vote in the senate after Senator Thompson had charged that heavy pressure had been brought to bear against the measure The mil, a substitute for another introduced earlier In the session, was amended several times last week after healed debate. Manila Society — Personal Mr. and Mrs, Ira D. Shedd o! Manila are the parents of an eight and one-half pound boy, born Saturday afternoon. The baby has not been named. De Wayne Broom, injured in a motorcycle accident Saturday night, is: reported to be in an improved condition. i '.Mrs. Wendell Phillips and sons, Jiriimie and Ronald Gean, of Blytheville, visited her mother, fvlrs. Grace Mclntosh. Sunday. ;Mrs. Ida Daugherty of Manila left last Monday night for Flint, Mich, she plans lo make her home (2iere. 'C. W. Tipfoiy transacted businesj iri Memphis Tuesday. ; N. W. Wagner jr. .lias returned from a few days visit in WlnneM, • Tom McMasters, carpenter O f bis JcJty, who stuck a splinter in his finger last week, causing his hand to become infected is reported better today but. unable to return,.to ,-v?ofk.'='..,; ',. .Attorney ..Robert A. west, who recently moved.into.the cowan build- .ing.across the street from the post office here, is remodeling his office' :Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bob David left Tuesday afternoon for Dyersburg Tenn.,! W here Mrs., David's sister' Mrs. Mary Canada/ is ill. Mrs. Pelc Scott, who has been ill for the last few days is improving. Number Nine News Mrs. Viola Stovall and daughter, Alfrieda, motored Mrs. Ray Catty to her home in Canalou, Mo., Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Collins nnd children spent Sunday with Mrs. Collins' mother at Puxlco. • Margaret Wade of Steele, Mo., is visiting in this community. Mr. jnid Mrs. Eugene Loirery and family. Mr. and Mrs. Eris Bi-adshaw and children, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Browning and Herbert Browning, all of Blytheville. spent Sunday with Mr. and Airs. Percy Stovall. Miss Louise Thompson entertained a number of friends with a parly Saturday night. Little Doris Jean Collins spent several days with her grandpar- ts, Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Whittle '' Puxico. jSill Hall was called to Missouri by the death of an uncle. Osccola Society — Personal Sir. .ami Mrs. lil.idnvoou 'Hosts. the advent of s Dliiestcln, Mrs. Jean shell, Mrs. AU- I brcy C'ownn, Miss Sue Elder, Miss Vcrlindd Eichmlller. nnd Miss Malilda Emils, llulh Fatrley Hostess. . The seventh nnd eighth grade clllb ' . ? home of 22. en- f '" 8 A U al ley on Qulnn . p"' with the green and yellow color "'e home of P ill) f-anley on motif in decorations and tallies, Mr. "venue. Game., and contest* were lwl bv llle s P on501 '. Mlss Christine ind P n " in home on Kcissr avenue, five Davls. He returned to Newport Tuesday morning. I I Mr. nnd Mrs. H. O, Knclljeit mo-' torcd to Jonesboro, Ark.. 'Sunday j nnd sprat the dny visiting Mrs.' Knelbert's pnroil.s, Mr. anil MT.S J. J. Cross. Miss Deity Glnsscook of Advance, -\1o. ; Is here spending the week wllli her lirolhir ntid his wife, Mr. nnd Mrs. Prod Glasscort, Anduy Raker si>:;t>t Die wpck r »'<l n cumpboll, vlslttiiij his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. w. A, flancr. Miss Witiuln Mills, nil instructor In Die grade schools, spent (Jto weekend in si. Louis visiting .'rlends. Mr. and Mrs. lAinnr Thompson KDOIU th« past week in Uu, c .»..„.., Ark., visitinj and uttov.llnv to business. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. W. Slinirloi- re- ras "untie fou' Mrs I w 'wnlipri i work '" v ' Dlot ct'metsry, under the £^V^K^^^3^^>£ I,UXOIA. ^ ^ ^ .. igressive club. _ _ WorkrVs Caiiiu-II Merit ! Mr > ani1 Mrs. D. S. • Oltlemlovt jr. I l«"ip(l Sunday from not. Springs. Sunday School teachers flivl ol- navc returned from a six weeks I Ark - wller <! "icy littvp been lor the leers of the Baptist church mat '"itiilfon i» Miami, Mti. . Jiasi week vacationing .''till 1 ***.„ T-» A nil.*.- I-..' ..:..l.. ! \T..^ « \1T ny\11>/l>\ it. .. n..,(.._.I ... ' M tS.S Myi'lll! CIllHOll Of OCS AVC IE Tuesday cve- ipent a lew thiys -i)i! her mini, Mrs. Cora Reno. Miss Chllton foriiicrly attended .high school here nnd Is now teaching In l!ie DCS Arc sc-liools Mrs. i\)in Blf-set of Cao'J m.--. 'Jeiui was here Tuesday visiting Mrs. p. E. Tcnslcr, lay School Builder eiuillcd, "Kx- I'issjbU. While they were away Dr. I n - Mr ' ""'' Mrs - Jcn " Stickler of leers of the Baptist church met '"itiilfon i» Miami, Mti. . Jiasi week vacallonl vllh Mrs. D. A. Siler last niglH. Mrs. A. W. Bowen is confined to s ^'', Ut ' ChlHc Mrs. j. S. McCants was natmxl her room witli a throat infection. M0 " ret « r "f<l home chairman of a committee to ar-. Mrs. G. w. Hamilton i.s on an ex- L" ll!i " ll( ' r "« vi "!5 EP .•onae dcconilioiK for ir/istpr wv, tended visit to relatives In T^vinu. ''' e vIsHliiB her m. .g the busln2s.s, Miss Cora uogaii Sliirlcy, home from an extended ivtewecl an article from the Hun- visit willi leltlves In Winslow and >y School Builder entitled, "Kx- I'issjbU. While they were away Dr. 1CPC flllrt [Tnn, i/\ Afott Ttlo.n " f (?/»n,i t,',il (tlnil- hnln/> 1-n-tlnr.nm t .^.1 las Fine Arts Program | throughout. Mrs. Leonard Pendergrast and • a,., ...... /.ii--> i iLiguj,,. j| rs _ Bollard renaergrasc and Mrs. a. B. segraves and Mrs II.' son, Gene, havc reUirnetl from a. .Nf. Rheubmh were Joint 'hostesses /six weeks visit with the former's lo the Literary department, of the sister. Mrs. John Lance, in Dairoit Progressive club at the former's Midi. liOJiie yesterday afternoon. j Mrs. Olto Davenport is visiting In a program arranged by Mrs. relatives at her former liome in Dwlght H. nlaek'A'oort tr.o Dutch iOr>n, Mo.. Itils week, nrtists. vermeer and Jau Stcen,' Mr. and Mrs. Roy Dlllnnl and were sludlcdr Mrs. c. M. Hanvcll Louis Poolc nre in Memphis today discussed the life and style ol Jan for the funeral of their cousin, .Mrs Stcen and showed prints of his W. H. Robinson, paintings., | —: • Rucbens- and Van Dyck. leading Flemish artists, were given bv Mrs.' J., B. Bunn. " j Mrs. Segraves spoke on "Why We SUtdy Art." j During the social hour instrumental music ivns rendered by Mary Virginia Segraves. Mrs,-Maggie Bavbiers and Kve- lyn Rheubush were guests. Hayli Society — Personal Enlertains Chib. Mrs.. L. D. Massey was hostess to her Tuesday bridge club at h?r home in the west end of town yesterday afternoon, with an extra table of guests. ; A color scheme of green and yellow was carried out-In refreshments and with a profusion of jonquils in Ihe living room, sun jiarlor and tlinhig room. . Mrs. Hale Jackson was awarded the club prize and Mrs, Ruth Hale 1 Carlisle the guest prize. K_ « * Sir. and Mrs. Lapirtcs .Hosis. , Covers were laid for H at a dinner party given by Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lapirtes at their home lost, night. A three course turkey dinner was served.. The lace covered table held a cer.»-rpiece of jonquils aifa ferns with candles on'e'acii side. Following the dinner .the guests enjoyed a theater pnrtj/ atUJie'Gejn theater. •> •-•>"••.-.'?• Wii'-y.' .- Those present were Mr. ?.nj Mrs. Clarence Moore,'Hale Jackson, Welby Young, George H. Deer, Eugene Packard, Raymond Fisher. Ecn PROTECTS SKIN AGAINST HARD WATER Tins clear, golden lotion counteracts fj;c drying, roughening erTcct of hard, alkaline wafer. Used regularly, U helps keep skin smooth and lovely because it sal. wi:es. Convenient lo me, it dries quickly,'is never sticky, greasy or gummy. At all toilet goods counters. Chamberlain halmratories, Inc., Des Moincs, la. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Simpson and .•hiklrcir spent Sunday in Para- ;ould, Ark., visiting Mrs. Simpson's iister, Mrs. Lola Raymond. John Davis, who is employed at Newport, Ark., arrived here' Sunday ta spend a few days visiting his parents, Mr. and. Mrs. J. L. . . PnrngoiiM were here over the week end visiting Mr. am! Mrs. Dave I'illow. Mrs. C. D. Stannil spent Monday and Tuesday in Memphis vis- itl"2 her sister, Mrs.'Hattle Woodwar<l. Tuesday Mrs. Slannil left foi Hot Springs, Ark., where she will s p?nd the" next three weeks vacationing. CAK1> Ol' THANKS The family of the, Into Mrs.' Delta! Whitriier Is deeply erale- fitl lo everyone who has heen so kind (hiring the (rngedy whtch look the llle ot Mrs. <WliUcncr and son, Jolnii'Lnclaii. : i ,' i' t NERVES ON EDGE? 705 Jitctrtr .A iv., Hot Springs^ Ark., ?aid: "! never urns an opportunity 10 recommend Dr. I'ieuV* l-avorile Prescription as a IONIC ffir tt Ins done mr a WOrlil of y,xid. '1' 0 |, c n c . fit lfi»3t- vvlia li^v< JllltlDr tuncliotlll diiturl.a'iice.^ 'al\o lo Ki»e' a |iersun more jlrciiBlli and imprcrr Ifci apMIIIP, I do!!'! In-llfvc Dr. I'irrcc'j Ka vorirc rrtscrilition can lie hrat." liny ,„,» Calotabs Help Nature To Throw Off a Gold Millions have found in Calotabs n most, valuahle a!fl in the treatment ot colds. They take one or two tablets the first night and repeat the third or fourth nlghl if needed. How do Calotabs help Nature throw oil a cold? First, Calotabs arc one of the most thorough and dependable of all Intestinal cllminants thus cleansing the Intestinal tract of the Eerm-ladcD toucus and • toxlnes. Scconfl, Calotabs are diuretic to ths kidneys, promoting the elimination of cold poisons from (he blood. Thui Calotabs serve the'double purpose ol a purgative and diuretic, bottrol which are needed in Uie treatment of colds. Calotabs are quite economical- only twenty-flve cents for the family package,' ten cents lor the trial ' •••'• ' - • •We arc interested in obtaining a live-wire,' energetic man as (he sole reprusenliid'vc off our compnny in lilythevillc. \ . . •''-._'• Communicalc with J. Frank Hall, Manager ' : Mutual Life Insurance Go. of New York/-- ''I-,,' P. 0. Itox 12.], Memphis, PICKARD GROCERY & MARKET 10-M Chiekasawba We Deliver Phnnc fi7S For Your lU'iiclil. \Vc Receive Fresh Sea Food Twice Weekly Buy H Here — Get It Fresh 5K1H Read Courier News Want Ads. Chamberlain's Lotion BIG $1.00 BOTTLE OF 'OLD KICKATO' NOW ONLY 49c \ ' To inlroilucc i fine old Indian medicine and prove it* wonderlui value for relieving «tomacli, kidney ;and liver (roublcj, we will sell for n ;/tw days the regular $1 bottle (twelve ounces, two wcclts 1 treat. men!) for 49 ccnli. Limit three lo a cuilorncr. We alio guarantee to refund iull purchase price lo any person v,'rto is not satisfied that the medicine U worth at leasl ten limes what He paid for it. Within (waive Kour. OLD KICKATO will d,, Vf poisons from your system as black as any ink trial ever came from a hottle. U causes a more natural action Ihan any other medicine we Know of. It is a good treatment .01 rheumatic end neuritis pains in a ,.. t neck, back, hips and legs, giving almost instant relief in nearly every case. Five or six doses take away tired feeling nnd induce healthy sleep. Every person needs a thorough cleansing out of his system four or five limes a year. This makes you lest lively to appendicitis and , other dangcious diteases. Old Kick- Indian Tonic will help a sick itomach, g a)i bloalinR and name,, 'Jn (en minulei. Miil-onJcrj filled lo any poinl in U S. A.— lOc «lr« OLD KICKATO Why Suffer Longer Than Necessary? Dr. Miles Anti T Pain Pills Relieve Quickly DR. MILES ANTI - PAIN put you back on your feel PILLS were made for just one again "rarin* to go", purpose—to relieve pain. Users D R- MILES ANTI - PAIN write that they "work like P ILL S act quickly. You don't magic". 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