The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 8, 1934
Page 5
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SAl'UKDAV, DECfiniBKlt 8, 1934 (ARK.) COlUtmU NEWS i«'IVE CLASSIFIED SECTION -a Directory of the City's Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily r«U pir line for consecutive Insertions: (KVe iverage words to * line) One time per line' lOe Two times per line per day ., D8c Three tlines per line per day .. 06c Six tilde* per line per day .. oSc Uouth nt* per line ......... ton Mlniihum charge He Ads oracfed lor three or eii tlmei and slopped oetore expira- ii(jn will b« cnargea tor tne niun- otir oJ tunes ihe ad appeared uco ot DUI inaae. LET US DO VQUIt WELDING AND MACHINE WORK BOILER - DRAGLINE TRAILER REPAIRING We Carry A Full. Line o[ BhiUliit' Phone 8(W BLYTHEVILLB MACHlNfc: WORKS Opi'raicu fff • tt. V. Klitr Kuy Face All OlasBlfled ndvertLilng copy suuuillita by persona rtjiaing oui- «de 61 (he city muse be accuiil- oy casti. ttalta may tiisily icuipuied from auova i»l . No responsibility will 1» taken for rtion) jliah One Incorrect ui- tierUou ol any classified aa. AdvertisuVs ordered lor irreijulki lie cue o'lie luue ruli PHILLIPS IJStMAKS JUST A FEW OF OUH MANY HAKGAINS '28 FORD . ROADSTER. Hiim- ble Stit, Keal Tin's and Motor j 89 '29 FOKD TOWN SEDAN. New Palni $165 '33 FORD TIJDOK SKDAri New Motor .-. SMS '33 CHEVROLET COACH ... ?3» '33 CHEVROLET COUPE ... $« '33 FOKD I»Kl,i'XE COUPE, ftiunolc Seal ?&t —TRUCKS & TRAILERS— I'lCKUP. Clostd '30 FOKD Cab . $16 '2i FORM PICKUP. CaB, 4,506 Miles '30 CllEY'ROLE! Closed ¥40 Cobb Uad SEBVJOB * quAl AMBULANCE Phone !6 My Coal Is BUck butvl treat you White, Fill up now. -'JOHN BUCHANAN - PHONK HIT Co.* be - -— ^ Chitwood & .Weidiriaii iletlrjcal Wiring - Metal Work Between P. O. and Chevrolet Bl i'tiOne 2W See Us About Your Coul Blytheville Gin Co. "Radiant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 2 It Wanted Solicitor for lU'iilisllo liowo fs. G. \V. Hnrliam, 1308 Hcuni. Closing Out Entire Slock of BOOTS At I'hESBNT WHOLESALE Prices Hubbard HdW. Co. CONNOR & MATLOCK ELECTRIC and ACEtXLINU WELDING No Job To«. Large or Too Small, licasohabie Prices - Guaranteed Work SE Corner Ash and Unllrdad in Old Trinity Farm bldg. For $650 unUjt^e cation make sou a Good Irauc With »; tfo$c inauiiry J. W. 'Jenltms & bon KITE GrtOCKK* BUY GROCfcKlbS KlOlil A CUMPWi-i'f iaiifc Of *'AN IK Si'/ii-ulfi UKUUmtiBo, i'rttJ ftJKAid, Vfioai'rtmjirf, l-nu- OUUt, fLOUK, MaiiLj, tl'U. in uia F. u. isias. Phiwie ii*-^-Wc Oeuver Factory Authorized SJKKVKJB Ui> ul— ruuue—ftigu 4V1 AiUn til. B. u. yt;t sALfc CO. T HUCK. Large Bouy $165 'M CI1EVUOLET T RUCK. Ijlostti Vao, Ui-'l'on. A llcai Bargain At 557 KINtillfliM 'TKAILEK; Uulti ., , Wnteis, New 'lirrs $l!)o WE 1'AY CASH FOR UUU1J UStiJJ (JAKS PHiLLJPS' UStD ; DM Ufl' _" Vlioilc 813 OPEN NIGHTS 'TIL » 1>. M. Hesiaurants Btst •'Oysters'<t River Cal Fish Chicken- Dinners Every D»y . Jimmie 0 T i3nen ioS.S. Stcund Aiitoiiiotive AU 10 GLASS CO. FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RUNT OUK FLCXJB SAttUtl At^KMO LUMbER CO. COPFEH, H'EAUltK. S'l'lllT aavei lucl ai wjiall cosi Arkiiio Lumber Co. prices on Pecnns ; Wolf Alton, 1S8 E. Main. He k!4 SOLICITOUS lo .-.CI1 conl. 118 Railroad. Phone 139. 3-ck-IU Shoo Repairing WINTER IS COMING! SPECIAL. PHICES on rep.ilr|iig slices Uelore eo|d vrcgllicr. Progressive Shoe Shop 103 S. 2nd St. (!ct Your SlIOKS ri'iuly for winter. N'uwi'sl iniiclihic Just tnslal- *il. livery Job tcnarniitcnl or money refunded, E. E. Ratcliff Across from Ilubbartl Hdw. Co. Simon P. Lee Oldest shoe niiikcr In county "IVfKle \\ r ltli A I'louccr" • 111 S. Hnllrond •' Attention Farmers! \VB BUY SOY 21EANS. C'OKN AND COW PEAS Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. . W. I'AKKER, Prop. I'lione 1U7 ALLEY OOP W. J. KNOX Iwuny iniuii' till kliuls of for ABNOHMAIj led, cnn slices to toircct A13NOKMAL fees Eggs, Poultry Filling Stations OllKAl'Kll AND UBTTBR OAB Southern Service Station AT STEELB, MO. I'hlllliis cu Products ANl'I-KNOCK OASOLINK 'H hour service "No IHlcO lo\V01- tllllU OIU'S." Position WanLtiji Will do STENOGRAPHIC work (Vt "lain. Ucusonaulo riitcn, Call or ?sa. Personal Will iiullt QUILTS I'cusonulJly. Work tieiilly done-. Mis. Leonard W. Hull, b. Lilly St. •lo ktf $25 REWARD For information leading to tha arrest and conviction of p»rtles who Buy FUESH EGOS. the (lay tlicy | siimslicd Guard's window Monday ore laid. At PJCKAHD'S Store, Nov. 12, V. E. Tociillnson, Clilcf "" Cliickasivwba, or direct from I of Mcrdiant's Patrol. For Rent .VARM KOOM 111 inorlcm, iiii'- niicc lionicil liomi'. Men ur IMS- couple preferred. I'liono 084 ai. le kit MODEHN 5 room PUUNISHFJD House, 1300 Clilcknsuwlw. Cull U8I). 1-i'k-H HOUSE, orelmnl and (jur- :lcn, Mrs, S, P, MuKluugli. 408 N. »ii si. .i-i*-n E. A. fshcr, 101 B, Davis, ' liKDKOOM; juljolnliia bath. M. preferred, an W. ICciitncliy. Tel [iliono 080. e-ck- NIOKI.Y MENT. 0AM! Wi-\f. 30-ck-i Help Wauled ruoin inotli'rn l-'UliNIHUEU npnrtmciit, prlvntc bath, enrane. WIN $; .Cm I J'uit innkr words mills ihc '"' 01 ' 11 '" s '' vt!1 ' '" f> llirr-e Iclk-i IrtliT.s in tlu> Iftisli yaw i'«»'<>iii!l I'riiilueis, Doiitjiii!. Cull 001 W ruBin l-'UnNISlltir.) APAH'l'- MKNT, OT W. Kentucky. Mrs Slik. '(jc 1:13 I ck tf lne " IJll|)L i! ' Ur;1 "" Jl| i' 3 . «>' anil ymi will [jot opiwiluiiity HlSi:> HOOM, i-loso In. Men only. 310 W. wnlmit. Jiis. H. !), Melon. 2di! kit UKUHQOM, Meinn liciU, B«r:ij!C. Men preferred, till \V. AMi. Cull 560. fjc 4 vnoni, bnlli, Unfimilsln'd AI'AllT- MKNT. P. Simon. Cull 781. 20c kit win $a,25().i)o. Miil;c inuiiiiy coiiyinj; munes, ml di'cisi's for ihiil! oixk-r firms, sjiari tlnii', cNporlqiifo iimu'ecssnry, no I'mivassiiiii. Wriic. UislU-il Ailvcr (IsltiB, lll'l UcKulb rtvcinie, Brooklyn. M. V. Mnseut Is (irny Siinh' I1AI2IIK, Mnss. (UP) — post olflto nix-scol Is » Bray id. Postiniisli-i' 11. L. Pierce found our hennery. observed by liotli Noii'ii ami Koiilli Carolina lioj'c An chibornto inosnnii liiis bcuii pliiniR'd. Di w. A Jessup, i)f Ntw York, pn'sldcnl ol Ilic Ca'v- neeic Riuiulnllon,' and Nonnaii , A. Cockc, of Charlotte, vice cliair- " L'nt. He brought It uy on u milk innn cil the lionvil of tnistcci -01 Y^J. 1 !!^ PURNlSilEp^DEO- dlol. Now II uiiswcrs lo. Ilic unini! Iho Uuko Endowment FouMation, Hie MiuiiTcl In ihi! woods nt- lir Itii inullUM' liinl Uccn killed Ijy liio City's Mayor Was ' Boss of Willard Macfc SANDOSKY, 0. (UP) —Wlllani fack, 01, (Jcad lii Hollywood,' was """" "mn of several companies !iiiili)(alii«! uti tlic raitd by former Mnyor John A. Illmmslcln, pf iilusky, more llwii 30 years nyo: 'or several ytnrs, also, lie sup- i)iii'l«(l In sliiBc custs, tlio'former llcntrlco Kii'l. now Mrs. IlinHlitt- li-ln, when slic wns Duke Endowment Fund Plans lOlh Anniversary HALBIOH, N. C, (.UP)— Tlw U'lilli iinnlvei.'i.iiy of tlie founding or Hie DuV:c Enclowinsnl : 13o k!2-13 BOOM'S, moderately priced. Mrs.of Osivir. Goal & Wood PARKS BROS. COAL CO. PHpNfi 977 FOB "Hj-Lo Alatiama" . i "Energy Illinois" • "Black Royal Kentucky" CLEAN 1 COAb—LOW '.PK1UEU WINTER is HERE; Fjll your bins now with IJic Fa mous Marne R«d Ash C»al—hiji In heal, low in ash; or Majcsti. y Circle Illinois Coal, tea from WeSterri Kcntuckj. FOR JiATTERY KERVICB Ben Clune Wi VI. Afih-^-Phonc 8. "WINTER AUTO SPECIALS" Frcstonc, Alcohol, Healers, Defrosters, tt'Ulnr-J Batteries. LET us PREPARE YOU FOR WINTER Hubbard Hdw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEPT. Phono 47<i Phone VIK YOUR OAIl FOR WINTER Cheapest Prices I'ainl jobs, Rtpatring; bodies, Si- tnontiliiif, Changlnj Transmts- siuns,. Washlnf & Greaslnj with MarTak Grtasb A, Qiuker State oil. John: Hc'arn-jJiminic Binkley BARNE7n- ''AUTO SALES CO. Phone 888 Heal Estate I FARMS >OR'SALE! j Terms Reasonable " | tTHEL B. THOMPSON Caruthersvlllc, M6.. FEED—SEED DRY WOOD—KtNDUKG We solicit your pairoiiaje on fu basis of high quality products, loi cash prices, prompt service ani, honest dealing. You gel what you pay [or hert Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W. Parker, prop. Phone .127 Erclnsivc Agents for the original genuine Montavallo Coal We also sell Brilliant, Ark. Anthracite, Illinois arid Kentucky, Coals. WONDER CITY COAL CO. FABM WN'I) KOK NW'.i-NE'/, of 6-15-ir NW'.i mv« of (5-15-11 Orig. Survey EViSWVi of H-15-12 Write Su« & Baker, ' Dyersbtirg, 1'emi;. Business Property For Sale K" 1) » clock buildings In on Ash street, small , caijt , )iayin el ,i. coiy terms for bal- u »'i 1 ' brlck Business pronerly ' UCl ' located "' ! ' lc 10 ° md ind price will uc quoted to tliosc \vlio. (fro, interested. Von ? • y ,,v busl "w*s homo and nay aunost like paying rcul W. M. Burns A Why Buy Coal From Us? 1—M years in business. 2—Quality of coal Ixnndlcd. 3—Prompt service. 4—Courtco\is treatment. 5—You yet. nil you pay for. 'Quality/ Oro'iiy" distributed by & .'..' Vh6nc-7e,' Foi- Sale , and !»W- machine. S_lcrnbcrg cotton Company Phone '2'1. '•• ". '• 8-cic-ia •BARGAINS In, Used Healers, ^vv. Co. Pair mules, *((Bciv'liarness, plow tools, corn.VThCcrnaliorial riding cultivator. Iiilcrnatlo)ml Ro«c col- Ion planter. O. U/ GRIMES. Yur- - ' ' ' ' - UP IN TH TREES 1EN .* IT WAS HO APE tHAT HAULED TH PRINCESS UP IN Til IT WAS A MAN DONT US6 VtWES AND '1'1IA'1"S TIIA-IM WHAT ABOUT —^oyoorie L A'MUGl.lKpSllE?\ f J.jl ', SHELL BE SAPL : nl V. Atovivi-iPfJF/ ^-rilr- 1 /^ I'^v HlV-iV .«C' will fcc iirniilpnl b|icnl:ci'(, Hy Hiimliu IIEV -VHIAT J OH -IT WAS THAT AWFUL HAPPENEPYf MCWSTtR AGAIN- I HEARD WHfiCE'S TH' > A GRUNT AN' A CRASH- BUT; OTHER. / WHEN t LOOKED 'ROUWO, IT WAS OOK'S WSO , - ' <'.) 1931 of ftCAGCHVICC.IHC BOOTS ANP HFT» KiinrnKt; W 'E^A m \NtLV, VL\- HI 1,1 A IS WEAKENING! i n I'fe^u.--"'"^ cm eoooofc^k »MNO \T- ) GO fc,VOMGl tt'S SO aEAUTlfUL 4MO BIG (\NO P£(^CEPUL our MERE'. ftH JULEP, I SIVAPLV CW-I'T UWDERSTA.N6 (.AONPi 1 . SHE tJOE-SWt SEEM TO BE. M- W.L 7H6 SORT OP O1HL [ THOUGHT SHE WA.S . \\ W JJy fl[;irlin OH,WELL-" GVIES PEEUN; MEW-l y/lTrt R COLO.,. DON'T ro^GE'r 'WK\- •^^~^c AS^C VASH TUBBS lOAPHERUP WITH POWDEO.MW &OYS,A'ND- V KHOW, BV)T •"•-V-IE'VE ALWWS "bEGNVtD TO fvGRtt OM WOS'V TILINGS' BUT,UP HERE CONFOUND VT, WE DON'T '"EEM TO TUtMK THE SAME AT ALL ^ JlntjA ny »E:^ HLOWN TO SJllTHKHEhN^ \VI PNIUS' I if V X X PAT OFF V *" ?>AT,P.RMAN SAM . _By Cratifi I TOLD YOU TOE SMOKESrACK WASM'T A" CANNiowF"' SiO'A/ ^OOk. WHAT' VOU DID. YOU'VE BI.OWM UP TWE . l : LE!i''y.,.vf:tTV,A;.Jp VVt'RE GOIMG TO SIMkV-VJIN/Y Timer: CHEERS I FOP. HOOK 6.ND \ LADDER MU N - , TWO/ ;-^r - /^& <~^ HI) V '53^ GV IJtJ srF-^iCCJNc: T M.nCG U. S PAT. OFF TH' NEXT TIME i BORRY A GUM FROM YOU, I'LL SET IT FROM SOMEBODY ELSE! THIS ONE'S NO GOOD' DIDN'T SHOOYft.THIMQ WITH IT 1 PUMKOj HUNTER, QUSl i EASILY OJHV/'OlTri (3UMS OF THE SAME TYPE^ TWO FATHERS AND TWO SONK COEMT OUT gARLV THIS NORMlW, ftM 1 CAME Bftcw CUITH THRKE RABBITS <£ , -•&»- j HTPte^if -"•£'• V R« P-"a]| WElt/AT LEAST 17 WAS ^ EMOUQH SO EACH OWE OF 'EM COULD CAtiRYA RftBSiT HOME) THAT'S M vou DIP! TUX? FATHERS AM 1 TWO SOMS lilLL THREE RAB- BlTS AM' EftCH ONE CARRIED OME HOME? 1 TAIN'T POSSIBLE' " e> ; ^*X y-- PUl-L OVER. • TO'fH'OJRsf BEFORE Vft GO ft.MV FAR- TKER, SEE IF VOU CAM FIGURE IT OUT fop, YOU PS El-F/ . AND HTS FRIENDS l TAIM ! t POSSIBLE, HUH? IT SURE IS.' THERE• WRS ft 6PWJbPATHEfl.| FATHER AMP n SOM J • NUMBER SIX I WENT THROUOH .FRESPORT, FOUR j MWUTES AHEAD OF SCHEDULE, DOIH3 BETTEfZ THAU FIFTY HUES ASI HOUR.' HMMM... We buy cotton plantfiijt seed and white, yellow .or mtie',1 com. See us fo rbest prices. Harold Stein' terg nt Sttrnberg Cotton -Co. • i-3 V/HATS HAPPENEP, '.MR.'' MSLUNGER DANGER!. Ulossec SERIOUS? TH6' LIMITED VA3HT B50FP.THE ' MAtH TRACK BE i POKE NUMBER SIX GETS THERE I ^ V<£. THERE'S A SWITCH AT VALLEY JUNCTION THAT TA'<ES WJMBER six OFF THE SIDE TRACK ONTO'.THe MAIN LINE, ^FTER THE LIMITEP BY.'.' BUT, IF fOIMBER: SIX i GOIKS, IT LL MEET •THE LIMITED MAYBE THE CW6!Ne6R l "*fr MftY0E..,auT VflUU SLQV/ DOWM NUMBER *t THE ENGINEER V/CWT TrIROUSH SIX.' HE V.HCH/S TOET UMrrep j '.A WARHtHS BLOCK SlfiMrtL 15 ON THE MAIN UWE/ J< '-AT FEES--RPT

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