The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1948
Page 2
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fW« oomtm MwelWerWay fo Redesign UN 17 SaiMNrt Stub T. fat Up Military the "'Old Guard' Never Dies )L SUM April 11. (UP)*V fei-parti$a> group of IT Senator* kodtr will launch a man to *»rw> lh« HUM Natfeei IB ftvcr of to weight mllrUry »!H»iw« th* thr*«t of aVrrtot military ton. Tb*tr •Mett* app**r te har« Kant hope of mirrmt, how***r. in th« (»c« ** npt^inu . from B*cr»l*ry »f Kate Oaani o; aftwhalt and Mn•te *w«ld*«it. Arthur M, Vaixten- berg. ...... F*rgu*on, R,, Mich., ior th* W-partuan "re- torm" group will prwent the plan la a Beoate apetch and elaborate later at » am 'ooofertnct. Perfumi will urge passage of a re*olutioh calling an Preildent Truman to *e*k a new world peace *«t- up a* a step In allaying mutual su- aplcion "driving the world into op- potlU armed camp*." H« horx* at )fa»t to wlmpUt* dUcuufon in and out o< Coiigre** on the question i>( UN rtvUion, The plan leave* the door op«n to Kutaian participation in a rcojfa- nlatd UN, but it* provisions are clearly unacceptable to the 3ovl«u. It thus amount* to a declaration that 4b* other power* proceed on th»lr own in taking "afflrmaUvi tt«p«" toward keeping the peace. Tb« propoaaJ would waive the blrf jwwer .veto oVjfj- <I'J«S[!OILI dealiuz with diracV military aggr*s*ion and violation*. of proposed agreement* to limit production of atomic weap- *ns and heavy military equipment. It would give the United States, Britain and Ruuia— if the Soviet.* are willing— a prepondeiaii voioe In a rented Security council with each nation holding two votes. Franc*, China and live amaller i;»t« would nave a vote apiece. . W««W jaeaign Arms QuoU* UkewiK, the world production of Atonic arm*, warplane* and bit gun* woula be asaigned on a quola baai*. The V-S , Britain and Russia each .would ' get X pet cent of the world total; ten per cent would go to France and Chuia; r .he remaining M per cent would be col- leeUvely lor a aro»U naUoo world polio* fore*. ; Tbe retoluUoo wa* written in coo- •urtat»n .wit h By Culberuon, international bridge authority and an auUwc-flomiBMiUtor on world ai- iaira. It would provide a nev UN tharUr OK the majority vote of participating nation*, although th* present charter provide* for revi- aioB only with the approval of ail the five great power*. laanhall lee* than three weeks •go admonlahed a Congressional e6mmUt«« to go easy on effort* to legulat* a new UN. It would have "a 1 very fatelul effect," he aaid. .Vandenberg, to wh.ote Foreign Re. Jatloru Ckxnyplttee the project will gcr for Btuay, has opposed other Congneakmal move* to re-deeiKTi Election Campaigns in Central Italy Token Seriously, Except by Voters ' •f Aw f*<Bfer (V»H*4 Free* C*m*pon4eni) ROOCA DI CAMBIO, Italy, Apill In the lit-. » . tie hill vUU«M of Central ten't runny to the candidates. But trier* art laugh* In It for the people. » mile* tram Aqulla to ^ "* *"**• •'•P <»• . h%»*t Appenin* peak* with ChiUKian Deraoeratk Candidate Arnal*> Fabrlanl, who U campaign- in* tot a ,Mt la the Chamber of Deputies. On our way we paaied famoui Oran aatM, where Muuollnl wa* from Internment by Nail soldier*. Rocca IX Oamblo, with It* hou*«* built into the mountain- •ide, equal* between two «now- ctpped pillar* of rock. W* arrived about 4:JO PJB, !• Fabriani'i nttllnc little car, At the town *)uare, the candidate began tatting -up hi* loud-ipeaker system, white hi* a«Utant drove through th» *lreeU ol the town, telling the people through another lotidtpeaker that Fmbrianl, who wa* e»il*d U yeare in Malta by the FatcUU. would *peeJi. A crowd githered quickly. They came less because of announcement. of the speech than because of the excitement arrival of a car and stranger* In the village always cau- *•*. Fabrlanl atarted apeaklng from a window In the tecond floor of the little town hall. Immediately he waa Interrupted. Trie Communist* had protMted formally hi* u*e of a public building. He moved hi* microphone to the open *quare. By that tin* a lot of th« people had wandered away, children play, ed arid ihouted through the crowd. A little group of girls—too to vote—made eye* at a little group of young men who returned theiv glance*. Wed ting Interrupt Fabrlani itan«d again. Again he wa* Interrupted, A (ay wedding party, the hippy couple and eight friends, marched through the crowd to the town hall for the civil marriage ceremony, The candidate began ag'ln. The ehattering loudly, came out of the town hall and back through the crowd to go to the church a h«lf block away for the rcliglou* ceremony. -in. ., ° mulM •wavlljr l»d«n with firewood came down th« narrow street. The candidate'* little car blocked it. 3o with much shoul- iiiK and laughter the driver* turnod the mule* and went back up the hill to take another way through the town. Fabrlanl WM w«II l*unch«d on his speech again when a laughing young man on a mule rode right through the crowd and onto the sidewalk tt> pass the car. He almost knocked over lh» candidates microphone. But this Unit most of the crowd had wandered »way. Pabrlanl gave It up, took down hit loud»peaker and got back In his car. "It doe*n't matter," he »«td, "that they didn't listen to me. This village 1* *trongly Christian Democratic anyway, and the Communl»U haven't a chance heref At letut the villager* know I came here." In contrail to the Communist and Catholic ilogan* which fill th* wall* M other towns, I *aw only on* black letter*, it said ; "Viva 11 Besso Femmlntle." Which means: "Long live the feminine sex." Read Courier New* Want Ad*. MONDAY, APRTL 11.19*1 Oil PrWlUMT Discovered in September, IVM. th« Yates Pool of western Texaa has produced more than m,000,- 000 barrels of oil, and M per sent of its well* still an flowing. YOU WOMEN WHO SUFFER N HOT FLASHESthen FEEL CHILLY- Hera's Good Ntws! Ar* you between thi *\««« of M *n< &2 and going through that trying function*! 'mtddU-ts*' period p«- cuU&r to women? Do«t this nuk* you »ufltr irom hot fiuhw. /eel clammy, so nervous, trrlUbli.weakf Then »o try Lydltv E, PlnVb*m'c Vig« table Compound to r«ll*v« aucit •ymptomil If» /Ajngu* (or UiUl wedding party, even gayer now and *log»n-on a wall here. In aprawllng Lydia E. Pinkham's VEGETABLE COMPOUND' The Third Inlsntry Regiment—the hiitorle "Old Ouird"—receive! its colors In Washington after In reactivation. Older than the Constitution, the Third w*« decommissioned In 1S4S. It will now provide pgrade troops for ill future Washington ceremonle*. Col, J. B. M«tl«ck, commanding the regiment, present* the color*. UN. Though conceding that change* are neceuary to make the world or- ganisation more effective, th> Senate preildent maintain* they muat come from within and through the regular pattern of charter revision. The new resolution would incorporate directly in the UN charter the long-stalemated U.S. proposal for world-wide control of atomic energy. An armament limitation would also be Included. If th* Soviets, or'any other big power declined to join the revisionist move, the arm* authorised lor participating nation* would be increased to assure a preponderance ol strength within th* organisation. Bugle* OeU Stung TULSA, Oik*. (UP)— A haul of $500 from the otflc* of W. L. Her- 'ring won't do th* burglar much good, Herring, in Independent oil man, explained the currency was Confederate money and a family keepsnkt. The burglar overlooked 11,000 in jewelry. BACKACHE Tor quick comforting bttp for BtckftclU, Ffcln*, CHUlni Up HUM*, *troo| cloudy uil«», circles under ejr , ptM«f*e. Lee , , mod iwtilta «nkj*w ( »te* Hear DONALD DAME Tenor, Metropolitan Opera THURSDAY, APRIL 15 f 8 p. m. I "CURTAINS" To Wash-Day Blues CUaner* hai Hi* answer to all Your cltaning problems! WE CLEAN RUGS, CURTAINS; DRAPES, SLIPCOVERS, ETC., -QUICKLY, SATISFACTORILY REMEMBER! A CLEAN, AIRY HOME ESSENTIAL TO YOUR FAMILY COMFORT! • Putting off spring cleaning; doesn't get 11 done! (let started right by Mtidinc run and fabric, to M for oar specially sterik Mrrfe*. Your best is safe with us. Rugs, curtain*, drapes, slip-covers and »lher material that require* special attention and careful handling-. G«t bwy today by jratherinf *H lh « piece, j •<* know r*«J cleaning. Then call us at 2433. Our friendly rout, man will call lor and deliver—quickly, efficiently I One Try With Us Will Convince PEERLESS CLEANERS HERE'S PRICE! HERE'S VALUE! AT JIMMII EDWARDS B*ck towers lev mak« up into < restful double bed I Handsome innerspring sofa in smart tapestry cover, with wide restful arms, makes your living room useful 24 hour* a day! Gives you an extra bedroom at low cost! Let thin versatile piece of furniture solve your "guest" problems today I Jlmmie has it! We Invite Mail Orders - Shipment Prepaid 700 Miles! $9995 2 Piece in Blue or Rose Tapestry STUDIO COUCH SUITE - - - 2 Piece in Blue or Wine Velour LIVING ROOM SUITE • - - 3 Beautiful Pieces 5 INCH POSTER BEDROOM SUITE Spend Your Mights Restful INNER-SPRING MATTRESS • • <24" With Heavy Angle Frame 90 COIL BED SPRINGS - - Upright Oil Range $69.95 TABLE TOP OIL RANGE •-- Ml 9 95 . - $ 10 M Jimmie Edwards FURNITURE COMPANY 301 East Main Street Phone 2487

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