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Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida • Page 15
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Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida • Page 15

Tampa Bay Timesi
St. Petersburg, Florida
Issue Date:

4 111 11 -B Sr. Petersburg Timet, Sundoy, February 8, 1967 OBITUARIES OBITUARIES LEGISLATIVE NEEDS EXPLAINED AT HEARING Dr. Leggett, 67, Dentist, Active I KOEMT, NORMAN 64, 225 145th Madeira Beach, Friday (Feb. 3, 1967). Seminole Beach Memorial Funeral Home. KORT, LOUIS, 67, 2560 62nd Ave. St. Petersburg, Saturday (Feb. 4, 1967). Simmons Disney World 'Company Town'? Man Nabbed On Rooftop Faces Charges Eldrldge Jenkins, 33, of 801 45th Ave. was arrested Friday by St. Petersburg police and charged with breaking and I In Civic Affairs MRS. JESSIE R. BRITTS wife ot bank founder. (from nI) I Dr. Gilbert H. Leggett, 67, of 1410 Fifth Avenue long a dentist in St. Petersburg, died 'J streets, roads, bridges and authority to provide fire proteo tion. The district and cities would Funeral Home. i minded him of the lumber and coal "company towns" of days KRASUSKY, CHARLES Saturday (Feb. 4, 1967) at a have power to tax property, among several Orange County commissioners that it could present obstacles to countywide drainage planning. Thirteen legislators representing Orange and Osceola counties heard explanations of the proposed bills by Helliwell and Helmet Furth of New York, counsel for the Disney 62, 740 115th Treasure I local hospital. nr. Leggett, who moved to St levy special assessments and entering, possession of burglar SEN. L. K. EDWARDS 'these people Mrs. Jessie R. Britts, Resident 30 Years gone by "Like Irvine (Marion County), where I live. The sawmill company owned every 4 1 1M imfi tirao onfilfO i j'etersuui jj in BvnTv. tools and failure to register as an ex-convict, police said. Impose a 10 per cent utility tax, although the cities could not duplicate the tax if the district Island, Saturday (Feb. 4), retired boat machine operator for International Harvester. Beach Memorial. thing, 10,000 to 15,000 acres. Mrs. Jessie R. Britts, widow in many civic affairs, tie instigated the suit which led to Ne of Bruce F. Britts, one of levied it. "These people are going to be little smarter," Edwards said. He was being held under bonds totaling $7,600. Jenkins was nabbed on the The property taxes would the chief organizers and former groes voting in the Democratic Party In Pinellas County, and was the founder of the Melrose LAXFAIR, MRS. VIOLA MAY, 74, 809 54th Ave. St. They're going to incorporate i THE riUMARY purpose of "WE FEEL, in all honesty, amount to "taxing ourselves," president of the First National roof of Florida Raceways and and sell bonds and take the in-1 Helliwell said. that there are no gimmicks, no 1 Petersburg, Saturday (Feb. 4, terest off the tax." THEY DECLARED that the the legislation, Helliwell said, is environmental control "so necessary to permit a project of Bank In St. Petersburg, died Saturday, Feb. 4, 1967 at a local 1967). Anderson McQueen. Hobby Shop, 2801 Ninth St. about 1:15 a.m. He had in his possession burglar tools and a This was a reference to the curves, no demands for concessions and no extra powers asked," Helliwell said. new governmental bodies would rest home. fact that bonds sold by the Reedy Creek District, Bay Lake MILLER, EDWIN WILLIAM, coil of rope. The three governmental not and probably could not take advantage of their powers by building the amusement park, Mrs. Britts came to St. Pe this scope and magnitude and depth of image." One such control, as stated in the proposed bills, would forbid 83, patient at Bay Pines Veter or Reedy Creek would, under DR. GILBERT H. LEGGETT lung a dentist In Pinellas. bodies would have powers for zoning, land reclamation, drain tersburg with her husband in ans Hospital, Thursday (Feb. 2, hotels and motels and restau present federal law, be exempt THE STORE owner, Marvin Osborne, 604-llth Ave. told police he had been staying 1967). Palms Memorial. 1936 from Virginia, Minn. She rants. from income tax on the interest age, irrigation, water and flood the state, counties or other po control, authority to build and These profit-making enterpris paid. Such governmental tax in the store "for the past few was a member of the Westminster Presbyterian Church of St. maintain an airport and public es would be built by private free bonds generally sell for NEMETII, MRS. THERESA, 2247 30th Ave. Tuesday weeks" because of previous at litical subdivisions from arbitrarily building roads in the dis trict or from condemning facili ties built by it. capital, they said. ower interest and are pur tempts one of them success (Jan. 31, 1967). Palms Park Young Men's Christian As Helliwell said it also "is not utility systems and power to build "cultural, recreational and educational" facilities. chased heavily by institutional ful by burglars to enter. sociation. He also brought' This caused a muttering nvestors. Osborne said: "He didn't Petersburg. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Molly B. Ryan of New Port Richey and seven grandchildren and 11 great grand scouting into the Negro commu intend in anyway" to operate school systems, although the district would be permitted to PERSONS, LYDIA 74, bother to be quiet, and I could plainly hear his footsteps on the nity and founded the St. Petersburg Non Partisan Voters 2361 East Vina del Mar, St. Pe supplement the costs of experi Pulse Of Pinellas tersburg Beach, Saturday (Feb. 4). Beach Memorial. mental schools In EPCOT. roof. So I picked up my .32 caliber automatic and thought children. Wilhelm Thurston Funeral Home is in charge of League. A native of Key West, Dr, Leggett was educated in Talta demons, 58, Largo. Petersburg, In excess of $5,000, about just hiding until the man SHAPIRO, BENJAMIN, 78, Florida Power Corporation Marriage Licenses (Applications) Marcel Henry, 29, and Doro got inside the building and sur New Court Cases etc. vs. Phil Skandallaris, et al hassee and received his bache 301 Fourth Ave. Saturday prise him." arrangements. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to the Cancer Society. $41,970.71. lor degree from Florida A and (Feb. 4, 1967), retired salesman. DIVORCES Elizabeth S. Crouch vs. Roby Charles F. Zeltman, et al vs R. Lee Williams Funeral Home. thy Lee Brown, 35, bom of Tampa. Frank T. Platka 67, Fort HOWEVER, Osborne changed Rep. Bill Fulford of Orlando called attention to a provision which would exempt the district-owned utility services from state rate regulation or from having to obtain state permission to serve an area. As owned by a governmental agency they would also be exempt, presumably, from county taxation. University. In 1924 he was awarded the degree of dentistry Jewel of the South Homes, Inc. E. Crouch. his mind and called police. Offi et al, $499.75. SKAGEN, REV. JAN O. Elizabeth D. Ebert vs. Albert Lauderdale, and Marie M. Bres- BRANDAU, MRS. FLOR G. Ebert. from Nashville's Meharry Medical College. lo, 63, Clearwater. Dek Processes, etc. vs cers surrounded the building and others climbed onto the ENCE 57, 11986 83rd Ave. 67, 11446 77th Court Semi Thomas Raymond Johnson vs. Elliot Louis Levy. 34, and William H. (Billy) Hood and Seminole, Saturday (Feb. 4 nole, Saturday (Feb. 4, 1967). Sandra Kay Johnson. roof. wife, not to exceed $5,000. He was a member of the First Institutional Baptist Church, Edna Jewel Lucas, 38, both of Tampa. Dorothy L. Crawford vs. Jo 1967). Seminole Beach Memori Seminole Beach Memorial Fu Globe Rental-Leasing Compa Detective Fred Mein charged seph Louis Crawford. George E. wood, 67, Clearwa neral Home. ny, etc. vs. William S. Roberts al Funeral Home. Sylvester Siverson vs. Mary ter, and Frances Dempsey, 54, $1,948.30. Jenkins with breaking into a service station at Ninth Street E. Broderick Siverson. Tampa. SKOU, JENS 72, 3155 69th CHRISTIAN, KIMBERLY Globe Rental-Leasing Compa Earlene Swafford vs. Ed FIRTH SAID the legislation would allow the utility systems to serve customers outside the Disney project If they wished It, Vincent Norm, 32, Largo, ana and 34th Avenue North on Jan, where he held several offices. Other affiliations Include membership in: the Omega Psi Phi fraternity, Elks Lodge 255, Knights of Pythias, Allied Medical Dental and Pharmaceutical ny, etc. vs. Elizabeth S. Dutter, AMY MARIE, 11-day-old daugb Ave. N. Saturday (Feb. 4, 1967). Swafford, and other relief. Janice Marie Ford, 20, Tampa. 83.84. 13. Bond on that charge was set Janice Marie Wishon vs. Ronald Joseph Kirchlnger, 25, Seminole Beach Funeral Home. ter of Sgt. and Mrs. Duane Dial Finance Company of James Paul Wishon, and other at $5,000. A preliminary hearing and Alice Aletha Spade, 20, both of St. Petersburg. relief. Ohio, etc. vs. Hunley Gregg and SMITH, EDWARD 97, 605 was set for Monday before Dist, 1 Justice of the Peace Jack Margaret E. Garcia vs. Alfon wife, $486.21. Stephen Charles Sallay, 61, Christian. R. Lee Williams Funeral Home. CORHAM, ALFRED LOV ERN, 75, 5645 35th Way St. so Garcia. Dial Finance Company of and Helen Marie Blazek, 63, both of St. Petersburg. Dadswell. Madison St. Saturday, (Feb. retired clerk for Consolidated Edison of New York. Vincent Saporito vs. Mary Ohio, etc. vs. Robert Maxey and Saporito. Dell Dempsey Simpson, 23, The possession of burglary wife, $160. Editha L. Dormada vs. Har Orlando, and Cairn Michele Wilhelm Thurston Funeral Joseph Nathan Shelby, et old Ross Dormada. but would not waive the supervisory authority of the State Board of Health In regard to safety of water and sewer systems. Helliwell anticipated that the Disney people would negotiate with existing public utility firms, such as Florida Power before moving to establish their own. Furth conceded, to a question Petersburg, Friday (Feb. 3, 1967). C. E. Prevatt Funeral Riffe, 22, Winter Park. tools charge hearing also was set for the same time. Bond was Home. Pauline Remick vs. Ernest C. William Conrad Kyle, 23, and al vs. Montgomery Ward and Company, in excess of $5,000. Remick. set at 52,500. Sharon Mae Keene, 19, both of Home Pinellas Park Chapel, Nicholas J. Mulier vs. Nellie STREETER, WILLIAM St. Petersburg. Jenkins yesterday was sen Association and the Florida Dental Society. His survivors include his wife, Altaire Leggett; two sons, George of St. Petersburg; and William H. of Atlanta; one sister, Mrs. Blanche Juett, East Orange, N.J.; two foster brothers, Dr. B. F. Martin, Columbus, Ohio; and Emile Martin, Tallahassee; four grandchildren, five nieces and three nephews. Funeral arrangements will be Elmer M. Pixley vs. William J. Mulier. William Robert Philipp 43, 7811 44th St. Pinellas FREY, JOHN 82, 13239 3rd tenced in Municipal Court to Edward Snipes, in excess of Diana Frances Tyner vs 24, and Suzanne Rogers Smith, Park, Saturday (Feb. 4, 1967) $5,000. serve 15 days for failing to reg Floyd Henry Tyner, and other 21. both of St. Petersburg. St. East, Madeira Beach. Seminole Beach Memorial. C. E. Prevatt Funeral Home Pi relief. ister as an ex-convict. Bill Withcrspoon and wife vs. Henry James Palmer, 50, and Delphine W. Meharg vs. Phil- Daniel Joseph Smith, in excess Maria Placa, 43, both of St. Pe nellas Park Chapel. by Sen. W. D. Gunter of Orlando, that the legislation does not in T. Meharg. of $10,000. tersburg. KITCHEN, WILLIAM 75, 1099 First Ave. Friday (Feb. Dolores J. atukas vs. John John Stephenson DeLoacne, Victim Of Stabbing Listed As 'Fair' Ellen Kinsey, et al vs. WELLS, MARY 45, 3311 Stukas. 31, Daytona Beach, and Mary Janet Ann Hume, in excess of "specifically" preclude the district building hotels, motels and 3, 1967), retired electrical engi Ellen Reiser, 22, St. Petersburg, Queen St. died Saturday (Feb. 4, 1967). Simmons Funer $10,000. neer. Wilhelm Thurston Funer MORTGAGE FORECLOSURES William H. Walker, 19, of announced later by McRae Fu Harvey Dean Kline, 19, Dune- Avant, etc. vs. William like facilities. Neither does it specifically authorize them, al Home. al Home. neral Home. 1087 4th Ave. was listed in din, and Barbara Pearl Angel- H. (Billy) Hood, and wife, in ex First Federal Savings and berger, 14, Clearwater. fair condition last night at cess of $5,000. Loan Association of St. Peters Furth said. Ventzson W. Gordon, 45 Tampa, and Wilma J. Cllne, 43 Mound Park Hospital with John G. Pitts and wife vs. Su burg, etc. vs. Paula Vaseliades To speculative questions as to et al. zanne Jane Cox, in excess of stab wound in the abdomen, Funeral Notices Oldsmar. whether large portions of the The Mutual Life Insurance $5,000. Crawford Sharp, 38, and Walker apparently was stab Company of New York, etc. vs Oleen Elizabeth Beeler, 23, both Cawthorne, Tuesday morning, February AERTS Mrs. Johnnie age 57. William D. Haas, et al. bed during a fight at Jackson Street and 3rd Avenue South at St. Petersburg Court of Louisville, Ky. the Rev. John G. Clarkson Jr. officiating. The R. Lee Williams Funeral Home is In charge of arrangements. 7, at 10:30 o'clock. Interment will be In Passed Bway February 3, 1967. She re American Savings Bank, etc, Joseph -Thomas Willis, 69, St, Memorial Park Cemetery, St. Peters sided at 2320-34th Ave. N. having come Disney property could be removed from the county tax rolls by deeding them' to the district, Furth and Helliwell emphasized that property not serving a public purpose must be taxed. burg Lodge No. 139 will conduct about 10:30 p.m., police said here from Plant City, Florida 18 years Petersburg, and Sadie Mirel vs. Joan G. Smith, etc. DAMAGE SUITS services at the grave. Masons are re St. Petersburg; Municipal Court, Thursday, Feb. 2, 1967. Judge Henry Esteva, presiding. go. Mrs. Aerts Is survived by her hus CROSIER Mr. Eloyd 80, of 534 quested to meet at the Temple at 10:15 Gulf Oil Corporation, etc. vs o'clock. band Robert St, Petersburg, four daughters, Miss Jeraldine Day, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mrs. Judith Garrett, (Partial Listing). John R. Cappa, as guardian of St. Petersburg Births St. Petersburg, Mrs. Gladys Humphrey, Ethel Rauiiia, 2451 Lakevlew NEMETH Private graveside ser Andrei Anastase Vonsiatsky aka Andre Vonsiatsky, a mi' vices for Mrs. Theresa Nemeth, boy, 6 pounds, 11 ounces, 1:22 Tempia Lane, Beneair Biutts, died Feb. 2. Masonic services will be held today at 3 p.m. at the Feaster Memorial Home, 206 First Ave. Largo, conducted by Star Lodge 78, Largo. Final service and Interment will take place Tuesday at Willoughby, Ohio. Friends may call today up until the time of services. Pinellas Park, and Mrs. BarDara Crosby, St. Petersburg. Three sisters, Mrs. Myra Marr, Mrs. Murdis White, Mrs. who passed away Tuesday were ST. ANTHONY'S HOSPITAL Mr. and Mrs. David E. 1936 Burlington a girl, p.m., Feb. 4, 1967, Ave. driving while under the influence of intoxicants, $100 and driver's license revoked nor, defendant, $821.91. held Saturday at Memorial Park. Superior Sales Company of native of Hungary, Mrs. Nemeth Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie G. Sto-vaU, 1706 63rd St. a girl, 8 Mae Jones, one brother, Mr. Homer Johnson, all of St. Petersburg. Three urandchildren. Friends will be received came here 20 years ago from St. 9 pound, one ounce, 7:50 p.m., three months. Texas vs. Open Road Camper, Louis, Mo. and resided at 2247-30th Avenue North. She Is survived by not to exceed $5,000. pounds, 8 ounces, 3:10 a.m Feb. 4, 1967. Melvin D. Fullprton, 5054 Fourth Ave. drivng while DUKES Asbury F. Dukes, age 81, hus The National Bank of St. Pe a niece, Mrs. Mary Weiss of St. at the Thomas J. Brett Funeral Home, 4810 Central where funeral services will be conducted Tuesday afternoon, February 7, at 1 o'clock, with the Louis, Mo. The Palms Memorial was tersburg, etc. vs. George under the influence of Intoxl In charge of arrangements. Gore and wife, $1,080.15. cants, $100 and driver's license Reverend Wendall Lilly officiating, in The National Bank of St. Pe terment will follow In Royal Palm cem SKAGEN Rev. Jan O. B. 67, revoked three months. etery. 11 446-77th Court N. Seminole. Died tersburg, etc. vs. Norma Cristi FIRTH SAID the cities of Reedy Creek and Bay Lake would have "the usual police powers," in addition to the proprietary powers of the Reedy Creek District. Disney World will lack one feature common to organized government. "It was felt undesirable to provide a jail in this recreational community," Furth said. Sen. Beth Johnson of Orlando, chairman of the Orange County delegation, said further hearings on the bills will be band of Gertrude Butler Dukes, passed away Thursday, February 2. He resided at 145 Third Avenue NorWi, coming here forty years ago from Branchville, S.C. Also survived by a brother, Clifton, Decatur, Georgia. Friends may call at Rhodes East Chapel, 635 Fourth Street North, where services will be conducted by Reverend Edward Drew, Monday morning, February 6, at 11:00 o'clock. Interment will be in Ellis Amburgey, 1209 Fifth Saturday (Feb. 4, 1967), riere ani, $1,988. Ave. engaging in a business EBLUMENBERG Miss Mary Louise, 77, Irving M. Moskovitz vs years from Sturgeon Bay, re tired In 1956, after serving 41 years In the Methodist ministry. Survived Brinks Signal Company, Inc. without a city license, $50 sus pended on condition get license, by wife, Laila two sons, John in excess of $298,000. 344 14th Ave. passed away l-eo. 3, 1967 at a local hospital, born in McCool, came here 12 years ago from Brooklyn, N.Y., a Protestant. vived by five sisters, Mrs. J. D. Simpson, Potts Camp, Miss.j Miss Jennie Mat-Arthur Byrd, no address of Riverside, Ernest, of Las Cruces, New Mexico; brothers, Lewis of Feb. 2, 1967. Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Evans, 5449 55th Ave. a boy, 7 pounds, 14 ounces, 4:32 a.m., Feb. 3., 1967. Mr. and Mrs. Manuel McAI-pin, 6748 78th Ave. Pinellas girl, 6 pounds, 5 ounces, 9:52 a.m., Feb. 3, 1967. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Colli, 6732 37th Ave. a boy, 9 pounds, 6 ounces, 10:50 Feb. 3, 1967. Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Brewer, 127 Southwest Lincoln Circle a boy, 7 pounds, 9 ounces, 8:24 p.m., Feb. 3, 1967. Mr. and Mrs. Jean P. Colt, 10345 San Martin Blvd. a girl, 7 pounds, 4 ounces, 8:57 p.m., Feb. 3, 1967. Grover C. Criswell, et al MOUND PARK Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Glenn, 3998 57th Ave. a boy, 6 pounds, 12 ounces, 11:45 p.m., Feb. 3, 1967. Mr. and Donald Ariola, 2040 28th Ave. a boy, 6 pounds, 15 ounces, 1:15 a.m., Feb. 4, 1967. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lindsey, 2117 6th Ave. a boy, 7 pounds, 4'i ounces, 9:55 a.m., Feb. 4, 1967. Mr. and Mrs. George Tramel, 2545 21st St a boy, 7 pounds, 15 ounces, 2:10 p.m., Feb. 4, 1967. Mr. and Mrs. Tommie La listed, 30, concealed weapon. New York City; treen of Norway vs. Brinks bignal company in excess of $350,000 HART Paul M. Hart, age 78, husband Mike Howell, no address list sisters, Mrs. Anna Schroeder In Nor' way; Mrs. Louise McMahon; Mrs. Opal Zuckerman, et vir vs ed, disorderly conduct, 90 days, Martha Tarbox, Mrs. Harriet Jensen all of Maine, three grandchildren Lee Blumenberg, Mrs. Annls T. Blumen-berg, Mrs. B. B. Nesbitt, St. Petersburg; Miss Helen Blumenberg, Memphis, Tenn. Friends may call at the C. E. Prevatt Memorial 7 to 9 p.m. today where funeral services will be Gulf Coast Holding Company, 30 days suspended; disorderly conduct, 90 days, 30 days sus Friends will be received at the Seminole Beach Funeral Home, 5100 Seminole Road, this afternoon and evening 2 to 4 et al, in excess of $5,000, Annie S. Fiske vs. City of St pended. p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. where services of Mary Saussey Hart, passed away Thursday, February 2. He resided at 14587 Maplewood Drive, Largo, coming to Florida 19 years ago from Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. Hart moved to Largo from St. Petersburg In May, 1966. Also survived by a grandson, Russell H. Donovan, Gross Point, Mich. Friends may call at Rhodes West Chapel, 900-49th St. No. where services will be conducted by Reverend Roy Morrod, Monday morning, February 6, at 11:00 o'clbck. interment will be later. conducted Monday at 2 p.m. Rev. jonn S. Gatewood Jr. officiating. Interment to be later. will be conducted by the Rev. A fred Vaught, pastor of the Seminole Methodist Church, Monday morning at 10:00 o'clock. The Interment will follow at Wood lawn Memorial Park I0WER Mrs. Elsie 99, passed ma rr Vick, 1766 27th St. 8., a away Saturday, (Feb. 4, 1967). She resided at 12383-144 St. N. Largo. girl, 5 pounds, 7 ounces, 12:14 DIGNITY BS PRICELESS cemetery. p.m., Feb. 4, 1967. She came here 14 years ago Anderson, Ind. Born in Randolph SKOU (John) Jens 72. He resided HOFFMEISTER Hell A. Hoffmelster, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Johnson, 1013 60th St. Gulfport, a boy, at 3155-69N1 Ave. Seminole, died Sat I County, Indiana; She was a member of the Anona Methodist Church; age 82, husband of Esther Sowden Hoff- urday (Feb. 4, 1967). Here one and one- 8 pounds, 14 ounces, 5:23 I survived by a son. Russell Bower, half years from Huntington Station. L. meister, passed away Friday, February 3. He resided at 4210 24th Avenue North, coming here eleven years ago I Largo; two grandchildren. Services p.m., Feb. 4, 1967. N.Y. Retired machinist with the Arma will be conducted Sunday at 6 p.m With this and you in mind C. E. Prevatt offers COMPLETE S17C00 FUNERAL SERVICES I up Corporation of Garden City, N.Y.; Lu theran; member of the Rldgewood Bar- the Car T. Bouchard Funeral Mr. and Mrs. William E. Saye, 4139 43rd St. a girl, 6 pounds, 3 ounces, 3:35 a.m., Feb. 4, 1967. Rev. and Mrs. Charles D. Wilson, 6900 20th St. a girl, 7 pounds, 2 ounces, 12:35 a.m., Feb. 4, 1967. Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. Shaf-er, 2919 51st St. a boy, 6 pounds, 4 ounces, 1:45 p.m., Feb. 4, 1967. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Shaf-er, 4161 Whiting Cirlce, a ADVERTISEMENT from Indianapolis, Ind. Survived By a son, Wesley Jeffersonvllle, a Yet, the things that go to make up Dignity at the hour of need do have a price. I Chapel, Larqo, with the Rev. Jessie racks 2533; Veteran of World War I brother, Paul Hoffmeister, Phoenix, If. Epps officiating. Final services FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS He is survived by wife, Karen J.t two grandsons, one granddaugh land burial will be In Anderson, In- daughter, Mrs. Edith Anderson of St, ter and one great grandson. Friends Idiana. Friends may call Sunday from Petersburg; and two grandsons. Mill PAULINE FLORIST 7120 Central 345-1950 Central Plaza 896-1 1M I' to 9 p.m. tary rites will be conducted at 3:30 p.m. Monday, Seminole Beach Memoria may call at Rhodes West Chapel, 900 49th St. where services will be conducted by Rev. Richard T. Gillespie, Monday afternoon, February at 2:00 1 RITTS Mrs. Jessie, widow of the la.e P0SN0 FLOWERS 347-1219 Pasadena Av. N. Just off Central Chapel, 5100 Seminole Road, by the Ridgewood Grove Barracks 2533 and Veterans of World War followed by Bruce F. Britts, president of the First National Bank of St. Petersburg from o'clock. Interment will be in Memorial Park Cemetery. Nitram Lodge 188, a tunerai service at 4 p.m. with Rev, i36 to 1945, passed away Saturday, Feb. 1967. Born In Kalamazoo, Mich will conduct services at the Martin W. Rupprecht. Interment later grave. Masons are requested to meet at in Denmark. Friends may call at the Mrs. Britts came to St. Petersburg in the Temple at ciock. chapel Sunday, 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. from Virginia, she was Rare Art Treasures Jmember of the Westminster Presbyteri-fan Church here. Surviving are; her KOENIT Norman W. 64, 225 145th SPENCER Mr. Raymond Eliot, 56, 1008 Ave. Madeira Beach, Fla. Died Fri daughter Mrs. Molly Britts Ryan of day (Feb. 3, 1967). Born in Cleveland, (New Port Richey; seven grandchildren Ohio, here ten vears. A retired tool no 11 great grandchildren, t-unerai Eighth Avenue Largo, died Thursday Feb. 2. Friends may call at the Feaster Memorial Home, Largo, today from 2 until 1 p.m., private funeral services will be held Monday with interment at Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park. and die maker for the Standard Oil rvices will be conducted 10:30 a.m, iMonday in Wilhelm Thurston Chapel, Company. He was a member of Our Saviour Lutheran Church of St. Pe Eighth St. N. with the Rev. tersburg. He is survived by his wife, faul Hollar officiating, interment will Mrs. Viroinia L.t two sisters, Mrs. "How in the Memorial Park Cemetery. WELLS Mary 45, passed away tends may call at Wilhelm Thurston uneral Home after 10 a.m. Sunday Louise Schmidt, Cleveland, Ohio, and Mrs. Arleene Greenlee of Chester, W.Va. Friends will be received at the Seminole Beach Memorial Funeral Home, 5100 Seminole Road, Alt. 19 this afternoon and evening from 2 to ANDAU Mrs. Florence 57, 986 83rd Ave. Seminole died Sat- 4 p.m. and 7 to p.m. A funeral ser oay (February 4, 1967). Born in heeling, w. came here six 8 Our Park Boulevard Chapel recently opened to serve the residents of Pinellas Park, and the surrounding County communities. vice will De conoucieo ai uur saviour Lutheran Church, 301-58th St. S. St. Petersburg. Monday at 1 p.m. with ears ago from Claysville, Pa. She is Feb. 4, 1967. She resided at 3311 Queens Street N. Survived by her husband. Floyd on son, Benton one daughter, Mrs. Jacquelln Dean; two brothers, Bernard Merlet, Isadore Mer-let, and two grandchildren. Friends may call at the Simmons Funeral Home, 4th St. N. at 35th where there will be recitation of the rosary, Monday evening Feb. 6. at 7 p.m. Funeral mass will be tield Tuesday morning Feb. 7, 1967 at 9 a.m. from St. Pauls Roman Catholic Church with Father Allan celebrant. Interment will follow In Memorial Park Cemetery. Simmons Funeral Home in charge of arrangements. memDer of the American Legion miliary, Clearwater. Survivors include the Rev. Milan G. Weerts officiating TYRONE BLVD. CHAPEL 801 59th SL No. St Petersburg Tel. 342-8821 C. E. Prevatt stands ready to serve the residents of Gulfport, Holiday hies, and St. Petersburg area at our Tyrone Boulevard Chapel. Interment will follow in Woodlawn husband. Arthur her mother, Memorial Cemetery. rs. Frances Giffin, Wheeling, W. PARK BLVD. CHAPEL Pinellas Park 6100 Park Blvd. Tel. 544-6679 sister Mrs. Eleanor Montandon heeling, W. sister-in-law, Mrs. ugene Marin. Sem nole; an aunt, LEONARD Cecil G. Leonard, age 66, husband of Ethel L. Leonard, passed away Friday, February 3. He resided at 453V1i Fifth Avenue North, coming rs. Elizabeth L. Casev. St. Pelers- rg. Friends will be received at the fwinole Beach Memorial Funeral here one year ago from Elmhurst me, 5100 Seminole Road (Alt. 19) Long Island, New York. Also survived evening 7 to. 9 p.m. and Monday bv three sisters, Miss Mary Leonard, 4 and 7 to 9 p.m.. where funeral Mrs. Edward Samuels, both of Silver rvices will be conducted Tuesday af- OIL PAINTINGS for TRUE ART LOVERS Buy Great Values Five days 70 off appraised values Sea Scape by Rosetti, noted Italian painter. A superb picture. Gallery frame 36" size. Appraised value $850. Now $250. Exquisite woodland scene 24" 28" by Brantenberg, German artist. Appraised $600 this sale $189 3" gold leaf frame. Gorgeous floral 4" hand carved Honduras Mahogany Frame 24" 36" Dutch painter, Boggey Rare value 1 200, Now $360. superb Paris scene by Bianchard, the celebrated French painter. Carved 4" frame. Appraised insurance value $1500. Now $450. sure to tee our fine display, hundreds of classic, academic paintings, many siies, subjects. Prices SS te $50,000 Nothing like it elsewhere also frames Vi price en this sale Buy new and save. 31 YEARS IN ST. PETERSBURG Lewis Art Galleries and HEALTH FOODS 894-4398 211 3rd St. So. 1 I fcflfTlKviet JL City, Nex Mexico, Mrs. William Moore, at 2:00 o'clock by the Rev. Knas Park, L.I., New Torn; severa laymond L. Wiechmann. Interment nieces and nephews. Friends may call MEMBER, THE ORDER WiSSr Of THE GOLDEN RULE 'i follow in Memorial Park Ceme- at Rhodes East Chapel, 635 Fourth Street North, where services will be conducted by the Reverend waiter w. Gitinouncemenfa fCISTIAN Infant VlnnkArltJ AmV ar. 11 days, passed away Wednes- rco. i67 Glendale, Arizona. Is survived by her parents Sgt. and Duane Christian, two brothers, rry Lee, Scott Alan all of Glendale; I'PrrWl nrinintrut. b-4 Ur Britts, Mrs. Jessie Morey, Mr. Joseph S. Smith, Mr. Edward C. Smith, Mr. John P. FOR INFORMATION CALL it 'MliguDICIIIJ (VII. 0IIU lM. Sexton, Detroit, Mich.t maternal fsndparents. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard 'erock, St. Petersburg. Graveside WMikm ices win be conducted at 10 a.m. yay at Royal Palm Cemetery with IURIAL ESTATES ILHELD1 1 HURST0I1 1 24-HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE AVAILABLE $10.00 Discover how reasonable a funeral service with proper dignity can be. CO. PREVATT Funeral Homes "Remember pre-planning means peace of mind!" A Park of Beauty and Dignity. Making this Decision Together, brings Peace of Mind. Garden Mausoleums and Westminster Crypts, at a cost within the means of everyone. Entrance First Avenue South, Corner 58th Street One short block from Central Ave. Irrevocable Trust Fund. TtrtM, Ctwttsr limousines 141-7761 zhnezaljioim, Jha MI eth SI. N. 4 Central An. PUom 896-3141 NATURAL HEALTH FOOD Expert Nutritionist en Duty

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