The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 18, 1932
Page 5
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PR1DAY,NOV!^[BER. 18, 1932 BIA'TIIRVILLK, (ARK.) COURIER Classified Advertising Kates Minimum Charge CDc Count 5 Average Words to a Llua Moiuli rate ycr lint', per mumh 60e Hlx times, per lino per day . (Joe Three times per line per , uuy 06c One tune per lino luu illl AUs run Irregularly lute me one tune rate. \,»i«'itt>—To overhaul .jour IMC sweeper. \ioi& ijuaiaii hvuner uuuiic btrvlce, % .cna rurn. Cu. t-iiuiit,' u&O, GKO. WRIGHT'S Wull Street Lunch, Greyhound Hus. Station. Phunc lie. 31p-lt 11-31 INSUKANCK WHAT PLAN' HAVE YOU FOR I he education of the boy or uh'IV Lei us explain Hie features of Vur new policy, "CHILD'S EDUCATIONAL ENDOWMENT", matures as cash at the age your child H ready for college. JUFI-'EKSOM STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. W. M. 13UKNS, AGENT. 17c-k 12-17 FOR SALE—20, 40, 80-Acre farms i mile pave.-! sujita 01 Blyihc- •.ille, on easy p.ijnu-nts. otr.or Inrins further out Ur %M tj $5j p--c here. J. W. BADEt?. lilythevilb. Itic-klt ANNOUNCEMENTS Ut'HOLSTKKI.N'G and reniiSshmg lurinturc. li. B. Oakes, nO w. Mam bi. ir- rt-li-1 EXPERT Typewriter and adding iiinciiine repairing. U. t>. Bmiu- ciuiupu llli K Kosc. Phone 165W. ic-k 12-1 ARTISTIC SHO-CAKDS Small signs Sale Banners liAKVlii' MCCALL 305 E. MAIII 2p-kli!-2 PAY TAXES NOW PAVING 1 AND SliWER 1 TAXES FOR 1932 ARE NOW DUE AND PAYABLE AT MY OFFICE. PLEASE PAY BEFORE DECEM- Bt.ll 31 AND AVOID PENALTIES. G. G. CAUD1LL Collector I Office ucrosa from Noble Hotel. ICc-klvi-ld AUTO.MOTIVK NEW FORD HATTKIUES. Rcnlnl talterlcs, i-cclmrelnK and rcpalr- .ng. 'I'll Tii'e & Ii:iilery Btalloii. 18C-K 11-ia WANTED TO BUY COHN WANTIvU-Mnriljn try, Ulythalllu. Hulcli- I'lc-kU WANTED—Turkeys. Ucese, lions and Ducks. I'lGCllA' WICiCJLV OR UUUUKlt STORE, lie-kit Dell and Vicinity Miss Floye Potter hus relumed to -l:er home in 1'oll.s Camp, Mbs., after a week's visit wllh Miss \Vi\r- USED SIOYIM tmi Ranges, H, J.i Dodso.i l-'urnllure. 4c-kl2-lj GOOU RANGE OR COAL heathi'! I GARAGES USED CAR SALE NOV. IGlh — DEC. 1st A COMPLETE CLEAN UP 29 Chevrolet Coach $ 35.00 29 Ford Tudor i.5.00 :;9 Ford Pick Up 89.0U 21) Nash Sedan U5.UO 28 Chevrolet Touring 4U.GU 27 1'oiuiac Coupe 37.50 28 Hupinobllc Coii|ie ...... 47.5U Wabors Trailer, l*-u. body, new 32x{i 'Ihcs " 115.CO Trailer Body lljfl 05.0D |BARGAINS! BARGAINS! SHOUSK - larn.i. COMPANY stove. Phone COL>. "WANTED Uix-lui Miss Dorothy Imn/. hus b:on dismissed from the Ulyll:cvllle hus- I'l'.al. She Is greatly improved. Mr. mid Mrs. U. U. Cvali; of Kemdl, Ark., avo vlslllng ihcir daughter. M rs secoy. J. C. Henderson made a business (rip i o Mlsslsslpiil 'I'uosrtiiy. Museum to Exhibit Largest Fossil Elephant LINCOLN, Neb. (UP)—"Archy" an eiulH-lon iniunmoih, is sswi to htniul on four h'gs In ll'.e University of Nebraska museum in M DI -- rlll Hull, assuming once agntn Ills pcsltlou of iiinslcr c( his kind. The ninininoili, properly labeled 'Arcliisdlskodon Mnlncml," is COAL ANi> WOO!) . ^ 'M !> 'MMf'or"?, 1 ,'"'?, 0 ' lll '' i j MI «M M«>'"«s «":! Kao',,11,'who are MicU. -Mr. Hill, 11D W. As. Utlmtln B I1, L . A. ,,,,d M. college"she was accompanied by Mr. u,,,| Mrs SITriATTnv^xvVrjTi.'n" Moore of "^'H^viiie. -____°jll^!.lH ) -_. Mrs ' J< w - aordon h»> reliirned TO. THOSE seeking Jobs thor° mll * r hol1 "e after a vrec k's sluy Cwiiler News Wnnt-Ails ul.'uri ' ' h " " lolh(v|1 . -Mrs E. J. Urowne n result picdiiclns service at, low , , Cni ' 1 Wiiltace had i« her COM. pliune 300 : w ° '" ls 1)cl ' 11 '"• _.' jCUCil recently | !OT s | 5 [ cr , Ml5 Ti( . STKAYKI) lllm - llll(l cnildren of Moulin. ViT.TC77T—^, S ; J ' 1 '' ri ' em!l " wns »' 'IVinu'ssci; blHAYLU — u.Qwii horse mule, °n business iho nril of blind in r|»ia eye. Five dollar rcwnrd. u. o. Wurrliigton, Gosm-ll. 12pkl-j PHONE 477 E. P. | WONDER CITY COAL CO. ____ EXPERT MECHANICS and Wrecs- j MONTbV ALLO-STK A VEN ii' ou-v.ce. & I-uuitT C nil infill,. JJAY 1 l-'ilY 1'OH It EL) SIPSEY, OLD BEN & KEN- 'lUCKY COALS. 10p-k 12-10 DcSOTO SALES & SERVICE Commercial Auto Kcpairnig I ROV BAKliK. JOE WILLIAMS | 1'HONE BBS COAL - WOOD - CORN COLLINS COAL COMPANY R. UY. & Chic. PHONE' VJ ijf-K 12-8 1JEAUTY I'AKJUOKS WE SPECIALIZE IN HAIR TINTING W DYEING NELI/S HKAUTY SHOP, HIIUIU; U2 20U K 11--U SCALP TREATMENTS OUK .SPECIALTY McADAM'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 2«8 H8C-K 11-2B HOMECltAFf FREE denionstraticn on latest sc\vi^'4 art.. SINGISRCHAl'T ru^s, toys and Bifts. LINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 2-lp-k 11-J-l DRESSMAKING DRESSMAKING—Coats relincd, alterations a SDCcialty. Rut .Thpmpion, .Gqli Hotel. ..20c-kil PHONE 101 "Our coal is black treat you white." STRAYED — 1 h;n/cd fncc liny Miire. 1 brown Marc, 1 bluo , __^_ llerse Mule, 1 blown Horse Mu'.i 1 . WASHING 75c - - GREASING 75c Koll| y il;l ^ Bryeiins or E. 0. DAi" Si MIGHT SUHV1CE PHONE S55 24P-IC 11-25 AUTOMOBILE Glass, now und used auio pans. Jackson -Auto Parts Co. Phone W. ac-t.n-a BUCHANAN. _ but we ! ° on 21c-kll2l GET READY FOR COLL) WEATHER. Aufi curtains and tops repaired. H. H. Wright Phone 888. 10p-k23 KINDLING and WOOD lor healing and ccoking. We deliver. W. M. Smith, Phone 980 or Gateway Store. 21p-k H-m Trantham Coal & 'lYansfer Co. Dealers in Kentucky and Sunlight Coal Sycamore 6; R. H .bt. Phone 964. COAL at low prices. Phone 48. Prompt Delivery. BLYTHL'VILLE COAL CO., Walnut & Railroad Sta. 8C-K 12-u HOOftl & HOARD ( WEEKLY. Aiso Housekeeping rocms. Frog Pond Cafe. l'Jc-tl RCOf.l & EOAHD—Close In. 109 W. , Ash^Mrs. E. Gay.... 2p : kl2-2 CLEANERS. TAILORS TO BE WELL DRESSED YOU MUST BE WELL PRESSED PRF.SS WHILE YOU WAIT HUDSON TAILOR SHOP CLEANERS 12c-pl2-i2 N'TOE MEALS. 25 CCll'.S. Phone 307. Gtfi West Ash Street. -5c-l: 12-5 FOU KENT STORE building, 611 Franklin. $8 L. Fowler, Phone 450J. 4cklt TWO "UNFURNISHED Apartments. REDUCED Henis. Phone 383 or •151 15c K-tf Aciams, lilythevllle, and receive flu Reward. 7p-kl2-1 520 HATS CLEANED and .K>-shnpe;I, loc. Hudson Tailor Shop. Phone 53. 12c-tl2-12 MRS. T. R. WATSON--$5.50 weekly. 112 E. Cherry. Phone 682. Hc-k 12-14 FOR SALE RADIO SERVICE EXPERT RADIO service. • TUBE testing FREE. Phone 57, WAKL1- FIEIJ), Parkhurst Oo. 18c-kl2-18 RADIOS REPAIRED. Work guav- antecrt. estimates free. R. L. Dcdman, Walpole Electric Shop. Plione 3H. Kp-k 12-14 ELECTRICAL DUST-PROOF BAGS, Brushes a'.'d Rubber Covered Ccrd (or yo:;r electric s\vcc|x:f. Helfncr Eleclnc Service, ^ Olllen Furn. Co., C::ll D80. Mc-k 12-14 . NEW LOW PRICES cu Iamp7, irons,, etc. WALPOLE ELECTRIC SHOP. 31-S. I5c-k 12-15 TAXI IN A HURRY? CALL STRINGER TAXI PHONE 270 18c-hl2-!8 AUTO ULASS WOVEN WIRE FENCING THE ARKMO LUMBER YARDS ONE 12 GAUGE Automatic ' shotgun. Phone 15M-F2. 18e-k23 Y "STOCK SHRUBS—All prices. We set them our. Hester's Fruit nncl Produce. 123 Fast Main. IDp-l; 11-10 LIVE STOCK FOSl SALE—Jersey Milch . Cow? willi young calvos. Sec R. M. Heck at Harris' Barn. 10p-kll-10 MILCil COWS for sale or trade. Hester's Fruit & Produce. 19p-kI110 FARMERS Imvlnsr livestock to sell or if they desire to buy they \vil! find it convenient pnd eccn- orr.icr.l to use Courier News Wani- Ads. FARM LANDS ,-frr...-7--.---: S'LUMUING REDUCED RATES on plumb!.:? work- done before .cold wcnthe.'. A. G. Aiken, Call 804W. lCc-kl2-13 FOR SALE—53 acres in cultivation. 3 houses, big barn, in 6 miles of Blytheviilo. 1 mile 'ot pond school. $25.00 per acre, terms. 'hone 687 or 888. W. T. Barnett. GC-K-TF RESTAURANTS GREEN BEETLE CAFE BEST EATS IN TOWN OPEN DAY <k NIGHT 18p-kl2-!8 W E 31 T Hi: MAKES 'EM SEE Office Over Joe Store Isaac's Ford Service EXPEUT FOKD IJKP.MIiS WRECKER SERVICE PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 810-777 DON'T DELAY. t!ie time to buj a farm or home in to\vn is when prices nre low, this may last, we all hope not. If you want property at lo\v prices sec us for prices and terms. W. M. BURNS COMPANY, INC. <>c-k 1<!-0 Have You Tried ACTON the best Second Hand FURNITURE IJOUGHT AND SOLD R. J. Godson 301 li. Main Phone Ijj *'iS Phone 100 For Free Sample E.C. LUMBER by I'rof. Ilunry Osborn Ileld, of the museum cf nilnral h!s- Wry, to loo. the largest /o;.ill phiint ever found. In the universty LAUREL, Mon-.."'('01')—A' nd sugar beet, Uncarllwd near Oiirtls, Neb., the mammoth mrasurcs 14 icet to (he! lli"'iSp h^bcen^cmoved 11 *' 1 shoulder blaiev-ina IB feet lo Inuced on lhc ranch of skull. The largest section of llio or elephants, 11 in tho university nuisciiiii will be nllollcit lo "Ai 1 - ehy" na toou ns he has bitn cs- roth, near here, this season. 1 , 'hull ncrci of Innd produced the re ol 105 tons of beet*. " Read Courier New*'Want A4*. OUR BOAKDJNC HOUSE WELL, HOOPUE —I GOT A PENCIL AN' PAPER TO "DO <bOME VlGURthJ ON ICt-CUBE SAY, BY 6EOR6ETOWN, WONt>ETt-*~TvV WAV HE LAID BACK- HI& EARS AN 1 INTO TH 1 HAM V\(XKS AW KRAUT AT TO Tl4AT &NORJN' LIKE A."BUFFALO IN A MUT3 WALLOW Mrs. nob McKluno l:ow Ihe JolniBcn hns returned lo nls home at Kensolt. Ark., after a IINV weeks slay her,?. Mis. Lvli! is hi Oosnell invlnsj been called there by (he ui- css of JicMatlicr. Paul Yelveilon. Pitxico News Mr. and M.S. j. tortalncd wllh u Saturdny iilglU. Amons those who look dinner with Leora 1'rilclmrd Smulay were 1-enn nnd Venn Barnes, Pansy Kazcr. Mettle and 2cUIc Slerllng, La Rue nciiuir, and Margie Miller. Mrs. 1 Lucle RHZUI-, who Im.s been 111 for some Urn?, Is bLtlcr, Margie Miller nuc! /.olllc Sterling 3|ienl Snlnrdiiy nJBht with Ruddle Ijmnnv, 1-cora Prllcl.nrcl und liutli Jones altciulcd tlic parly given by ^^ll.•y Gnrrett of Number Nine Tuesday night ot last week, Maye Fisher and Lcora Prltch- lormation leading lo return •" silverware stolen uom my home night of Nov. 3. E, M. McCall. OC-K li-3 HORNED RIM GLASSES with o gold nose and ear pisces In Wcrt cas3. O« p ner may have same by callluir at •Courier and for ad. • 13c-k2l Thc famous cress of snow In the , Holy Cross National Forest of Co!- 'orado Is formed by two snowfllled FURNISHED HOUSE, clos= In. Call j crcvlc-?.s on ttw slitc of the moun- spent last Frlclny Miss NcM Harris, phone D2 tSc-klO The cross Is visible for miles. Mnymo V. Julian. ,voo ,Kt VKMJER- FER Nou^e <>ufa. - JEST OM TH' JfllL BIROS POOT- ,Sft &IT Tft SET RT A ot- &RU6 1 . UOOKlT Tuts «)ILL '^^^&&736X • FOR \1lif. FEPORA 61RIV off TO ft UT, AlASl THE F6PORAS HW6 FRIENDS, FRVEKOS, WtP Wei ARE RtCElVUNG X e\l£N M0«>l TUt 61RUS ARE SURROUND£0 BY SOM6 OF THE MOST £L16l8tE 6AOHEU5RS |N>UU SPAIN. <KN0 EftSY BUV SOKE CHEAP CIOTW6S HIS FRIKNDS .SAILIMG TVKWUSH THE LEFT SIDE OF "WE LINE, FRECKLES TA1«:ES IT 1K1 THE CLEAR-.-. .. ....SCORIKX; A TOUCH [X3w^l / TYlkS THE SCORE, ~ (TOWE TO PAPA HIS TIME, RED Tl-tROV/S A LOWS OKIE TO BARELY SETTIMS IT AWAY.... PASSES OW TH£ RIGHT SIDE OF THEIR. U WE, BUT ABE BLOCkED OR. ATTSMPTS TO KICK FBECKi. THE SPECIAL • S1GMAL HE AMD RED HAV£ •FRA//£D....

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