The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1955 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1955
Page 5
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1958 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGEFIVB Agri Committee To Quiz Farmers Senate Group Begins Fact-Finding Tour Of Farming Areas By OVID A. MARTIN Associated Tress Farm Reporter ST. PAUL, Minn, (ft— The Democratic-controlled Senate Agriculture Committee was not ready today to follow the lead of two potential party presidential candidates on the big .farm issue. Opening a nationwide tour to weigh farmer views on sagging prices and income, committee members brushed aside—for the time at least—action of Adla Stevenson and Gov. Averell Harriman of New York advocating a return to high, rigid farm price supports of the Truman regime. To Talk With Farmers Last week Harriman and Stevenson criticized the Eisenhower administration program of flexible price floors as being inadequate to assure farm prosperty and urged renewal of the old system. "We want to hear from the farmers themselves before we make any decision on new legislation," said Committee Chairman Ellenrier (D-La'i. His words were echoed by Senators .Holland (D- Fla) and Young (R-ND). In its tour, the committee plans to visit the Western corn belt, the spring wheat area, the West Coast the Southwest, the South and Northeast before returning to Washington to draft legislation. Holland said he would continue to light for the flexible support system. He said Democrats are about as badly split on the hicth- versus-flexible issue as they were a year ago when many voted for the GOP plan. Eilender declared there is no chance of Congress restoring high, rigid supports next year. President •Eisenhower would veto them if it did, he said. FIRE (Continued from Page 1) HARRISON QUEEN* — Margie Camel was 1955 Homecoming Queen for Harrison High School Friday night. She was crowned at the Harrison-Hernando, Miss., football game played at Haley Field and won by Harrison 58-0. (Courier News Photo) Commodity And Stock Markets— New York Cotton (12:30 quotations) bee 3303 3310 3370 3297 Mar 3197 3204 3140 3202 May 3130 3146 3051 3132 July 3019 3022 2883 2995 New Orleans Cotton Dec 3302 3303 3234 3303 Mar 3207 3210 3117 3210 May 3139 3144 3025 3135 July 3020 3021 2890 2990 BIG THREE (Continued from Page 1) the situation created by the Saar plebiscite. Unless they did so, the Russians could be expected to toughen their attitude in the Geneva bargaining because of the prospect of new French-German bickering. Audience With Pope Dulles flew here from Rome with Italian Foreign Minister Gaetano Martino and U.S. Ajnbassa- dor Clare Soothe Luce. During his 19-hour stay in the Italian capital he had an audience with Pope Pius XH. He said they had discussed ' 'our mutual desires for an enduring peace rooted in Justice and true liberty." In discussions with Italian President Giovanni Gronchi and Premier Antonio Segni, Dulles prom- sed to support Italy's application for membership in the United Nations and sought to boost Italian morale by showing the importance he attaches to Italy's position in world affairs. But he apparently stopped short of promising to should run down Hutson Street I bring Italy into Western consulta- where three or four plugs would be | tions wnlc " n USU ally are limited to spaced between 61 and Broadway This system, he stated would be designed to provide enough water to supplement the well and tank at the compress where several plugs wuild be located. Yesterday, the city's new pumper couldn't be supplied by the four- incher to which it was connected. "Thus, Head pointed out, it had to be shut off as the pumper emptied the line of water. As the pressure built up again, firemen could bring it back Into play. Blytheville Water Co. provides the city its fire plug service, but only on order of City Council. Temporary Offices Wright pointed out that.his firm Is opening offices in Jimmy Stevenson's real estate offices in the Glencoe Building. Telephones, with the same number which was used at the old address, were being connected there this morning, he stated. Poles Seek Release of POWs LONDON l.-fl — More than 1,000 Polish exiles met in London last night to demand release of Poles held in the Soviet Union. Gen. Wiadyslaw Anders, commander of Free Polish forces in World War II, told the meeting there has been no word of 20.000 Polish soldiers taken to Russia as prisoners in 1939 and 1944. He added that 1' 2 million Polish civilians were deported to Russia in 1939-40—"And the Big Three. Census Figures Show Decrease For Arkansas WASHINGTON liB— Arkansas was credited with its smallest population in 35 years yesterday in a Census Bureau report which estimated that the population of the United States increased 10',-i million between 1950 and July 1, 1954. The report, showing a continued migration westward, estimated that Arkansas lost 111.000 inhabitants since the 1950 census which listed the state with 1,909.511 residents compared to the 1940 census of 1,949.387. Only seven states were estimated to'have lost population during the period. Besides Arkansas, they were Oklahoma. Mississippi. Ala-- bama. West Virginia, Vermont and Maine. Arkansas led the losers numerically and percentage wise 5.8 per cent. Negro Deaths Doris Jean Speights Services for Doris Jean Speights, infant daughter of Cager and Canzata Speights, who died this morn- negligible num-1 ing at her home on Lilly Street, will ber have returned to their homes." i be conducted at 11 a.m. tomorrow The meeting adopted a resolution < at the Home Funeral Home by Rev. appealing to ' world opinion and ' C. S. Shockley. Burial will be democratic governments to work ^ Burton Spur Cemetery, for our countrymen." ' She is srvived by her parents. Chicago Wheat Dec .... 201 201% 199 199i/ 8 May .... 198 199 197 197 Chicago Corn Dec 124% 1251/, 124 124 May 131 132 130|i 131% Chicago Soybeans Nav 230 1 /, 232 230 2311/2 Jan 234:" B 236 234 235!' 2 Mar .... 237 238' ', 237 238 July .... 235? 8 236'i 234% 236 New York Stocks A T and T 178 Amer Tobacco 76 3-4 Anaconda Copper 655-8 Beth Steel 1561-4 Chrysler 94 3-8 Coca-Cola 127 3-4 Gen Electric 48 Ben Motors 136 7-8 Montgomery Ward 90 1-2 N Y Central 47 Int Harvester 37 3-4 Republic Steel 493-8 Radio 44 1-8 Socony Vacuum 58 3-4 Studebaker 10 Standard of N J 134 Texas Corp 109 1-2 Sears 103 1-8 U S Steel 56 3-8 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. Mt— (TJSDA)— Hogs 15,500; mostly 25 lower; bulk 180-240 Ib 1. 2 and 3 grades 13.75-14.00; several hundred head 14.00; grade 1 around 210-215 Ib 14.25; few 250-260 Ib 2 and 3 grade 13.60-75; top 14.25 lowest since Dec. 16, 1944 when peak was 14.50; 140-170 Ib 12.75-13.75; 100-130 Ib scarce at 11.00-12.25; sows 450 Ib down 13.00-25; over 450 Ib 12.25-75; boars 8.00-11.00; few light weights 11.50. Cattle 9,200; calves 1,700; not enough sales steers and heifers to establish trend; choice mixed yearlings 20.50-22.50; small lots up to 23.00; few choice steers 21.50-22.50; cows utility and commercial 10.5013.00 ;canners and cutters 7.5010.00; bulls unchanged; utility and commercial 12.00 - 14.00; vealers good and choice largely 20.00-25.00; few prime 28.00; cull to good kinds 10.00-20.00. CADILLAC FOB '56 — Cadillac will present this four-door hardtop model for the first time when its 1956 line comes out tomorrow. A restyled appearance and new 285 h. p. and 305 h. p. engines coupled with new transmission systems highlight the new models, which are sold by Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet here. SAAR Plane Crash Toll Now Eight NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (.?/ — Two more deaths have brought to eight the total killed by the crash of millionaire sportsman Joel Thome's plane into an apartment house last Monday night. Miss Anna Presincano, 41, Lyndhurst, N. J., and Mrs. Laura Marchica, 38, succumbed yesterday to burns. They were sisters of Mike Preston. 31, who is still in critical condition as is Mrs. Marchica's daughter Patricia, 9. 26 Hurt In Wreck OTTER POINT, Md. Lfl—.Twenty- six persons were injured when part of a Pennsylvania Rail Road train 'was derailed in this northeastern Maryland section yesterday. Fourteen cars left the tracks. Egyptian Queens: j;- Boy-catching coordinates in Trade's exciting Egyptian Print Corduroy teamed with a fine-cotton contrast blouse. A new day, play and party fashion. Egyptian Jumper: 3 to 6x ... 1 Q.95 7 to 14 ... "| Q.95 it's Whitsitts "Because You Like Smart Things" (Continued from Page 1) He promised immediate parliamentary elections certain to set up a new government pledged to work for speedy reunion of the Saar with Germany. , Hoffmann said he would serve until a new parliament is elected but pro-German leaders met this morning and sa,id they would not accept him as a caretaker head of government. Instead they proposed Heinrich Welsch, chairman of the executive board of the Saar railroads. Hoffmann, 64, has been in power since 1947. By defeating the Europeaniza- tion statute—which had taken five years to work out in Paris and Bonn—the Saarlanders inflicted a bitter humiliation on the French and raised a grim question mark over French-German relations. The Europeanization plan would have put the Saar's defense and commissioner of the seven-nation V.'estern European Union while maintaining its customs and currency union with France. The statute was signed ty West -German Chancellor Konrau Adenauer in Paris a year ago as the price lor French agreement to West German rearmament. Linked With France The 991-square-mile territory,, occupied by France after World War II, now is linked in an economic union with France and the French control its foreign relations and defense. France previously has said re- jection of the Europeanization plan would maintain the present alignment, but a French spokesman conceded today that new negotiations with West Germany on the Saar might now be necessary, "We are first of all democrats and we have to abide by the will of the majority." one Paris official said. Leaders of all political parties in Bonn—except the ailing Adenauer, who had backed the agreement to the hilt—hailed the result of the plebiscite as a "vote for Germany." They left no doubt they expect the French to hand over the territory eventually. In their lavishly financed blitz campaign, the Saar's three pro- German parties made four chief demands: 1. The right to Saar self-determination in full democratic freedom; 2. Political unification with Germany; 3. An end to the present (French* orientation of the Saar's economy; 4. Rejection of the present Saar regime. Plea for Understanding The pro-Germans appealed today to the "French people and the peoples of the Western world to understand the Saar people and to respect their decision." Urging that the Saar be consulted on any discussions on its future, they asserted their victory really was a step forward on the road to European unity and was not directed against France. Heinrich Schneider, chairman of the Democratic party and a former Nazi, and the heads of the two other pro-German parties put in an appearance before.hundreds of newsmen as the results were an- DIEM (Continued from Page 1) tions, were certain to renew their pressure for the elections, probably during the Big Four fore r ministers' conference opening Geneva this week. The referendum marked the second—and apparently final—ousting of Bao Dai from power. Puppet emperor of the kingdom of Annam under the prewar French and during the Japanese occupation, he abdicated in 1945 under pressure from the Communist-led Vietminh and subsequently fled to Hong Kong. The French returned him in 1949 as chief of state, but his influence waned steadily after he went back to France last year and Diem's star rose. nounced. "We won for Germany,' Schneider declared. "The Saar has recognized it is a part of Germany. This must be considered in any coming solution of the Saar question." The Saar was taken from Germany at the end of World Wai and placed under a League of Nations trusteeship. In 1935 more than 90 per cent of the Saarland- ers voted to join Hitler's Reich France's, desire to control the Saar's economy stems from its close proximity to the vast iron deposits of French Lorraine. By controlling the mills which process that iron, the French can keep close to a steel equality with Germany's Ruhr. at GUARD'S Exclusive BRIDAL SERVICE JUST FOR YOU — to help you CHOOSE and coordinate your Gofrmm Sterling, with china and crystal — to REGISTER your tableware jMtt«rn« so other* will know what "add-lo gifts" they should select for you. ** oat HKttilK nae authoriladvi SttVHS — CHINA AND CRYSTAL COORDINATOR . . . designed t» mata it «««y for yo« to iclact your PATTERNS — ill in perfect taste! Wo gladly offer our expert coWMei 10 awitt you m makJng you choices. U«o our con»enient REGISTRY SERVICE . . . y«ir sterling pattern is registered with tu, alto the pi»oM purchased, &o we can advise your friend* and r«J«tlTM what silver you Be«d — aJoo cnloa and crystal. And every packag* 7011 wilt receive wiH be beautifully gift-wrtpped through ow fjft-w»p nrric*. eft- ««« Guard's 'at: Si, lark, »•• I I ^ I Siss Jewelry Store fork, ft* W* M. * Ask *> m our Bridal Cowwlor — sh« will gladly ode; her aport helping yo« K ]tc( your tUrtf, ohina and crystal — all In perfect uata I H you Ao not tun GorhM'i NEW coof* tutor, we ttift oopy k> r*t»l*c< «w «hi ittt*m*ia.» tbown fe Mb fattW 1 * ***• LINDSEY (Continued rrom Page 1) at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow at Cobb Funeral Home Chapel by the Rev. P. H. Jernlgan and the Rev. C. P. Pitts. Burial will be in Elmwood Cemetery. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Lela Llnciscy; a son, Elmer Und»y of Blytheville; a daughter, Mri. Ruth Smothermon of BlythevlUe; one granddaughter, Linda Joe Lindsey and a grandson, John Undsey Smothermon. Pallbearers will be W. I. Malin, H. D. Burns, Vernon Osborne, Scott Alley, Jodie L. Nabors, Herman Oden, G. O. poetz and Fred Boyett. Honorary pallbearers will be all his friends, the family said. IMPORTANT Medical Facti For Every Man Who Has Passed His 40th Birthday Men,Too, Go Thru "Change of Life" DOCTORS CALL IT "MALE CLIMACTERIC" New Sift Discovwy Compounded For Counteracting Effact on Body and Blood Changes One To Usual Def icieticies That Oftw Occur During Middle Age. Docton, employeis and scientists all tgtet Ihat after th« fint 40 years, the human body undeigws important normal changes. This change occurs in HEN as well as WOMEN! Men, it you are over 40. In good hwllh... hut feel nervous, piijsieally vtab In lefx, back and arms, can't sleep, find it difficult la make decisions... are quick-tempered, alwiyi tired and suffer from that terrible "what's the use" feeling...chances are you ara going through "change at life," or as doctors call ft, HALE CLIMACTERIC. And at this time it's more important than aver thai youf system isn't deficient in the very vitamins and minerals nature created to counteract and offset the distressing symptoms of these "after 40" body and blood changes. 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