The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 12, 1948
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BLYnffiVILLE COURIER NEWS - . &*nrf,K \J& HOK L HLA b I AHKANfiAK A K!<) *i/~il k'rvj L< a ori >.. n .. n ...... VOL. XLY—NO. 18 Blylhevllle Courier Blylhcville Daily New* Mississippi Vallev L«ader Blylhevllle Herald Burglars Force Door to Off ice And Obtain $250 Burglars entered the offices of the Life Insurance Company pf Georgia in the Hoium Building sometime over the week-end and escaped wilh .ipproximalcly $250, mostly in small bills. James McMuilin, manager of the Blytheville dLstrict of the insuran.-e firm, said today that the burglary occurred between 5 p.m. Saturday when the office was closed' for the week-end and 8 o'clock this morning when U was re-opcncd for business. The money was token Troni a strong box in a steel filing cabinet. ' It is believed that entrance WAS gained through the front door. There is evidence that the lock on the front door had been tampered with. The lock on the filing cabinet was forced with an instrument and the strong box containing the money was not locked. The burglar overlooked approximately $35 in currency and silver in the bottom of the strong box. t Members ol the sheriffs office are investigating the burglary. Election Board Certifies Ballots Municipal Officials To Take Oaths at City Council Session Two new city officials nnd four others re-elected last Tuesday will be sworn in tomorrow night at the monthly meeting of Ihe City Council at 1:30 In City Hall. Returns from municipal elections in Blytheville. and Osceola were certified today by members of the Mississippi County Election Commission. Colombia Severs Diplomatic Ties WithSovietUnion Government Charges That Russians Were Behind Bogota Revolt ^WASHINGTON. April 12. (U p) _ The Colombian government, charging thai Russian agents were behind i. bloody insurrection in Bogota, today broke off diplomatic relations witli the Soviet Union, the government radio in Bogota announced. The government radio also announced that delegates to the ninth IiUer-Americnn Conference had decided to go ahead wilh the iutc-- rupted meeting io show that "Communism could not triumph over Colomnia and the resl of the nations Sk 1ls hemisphere." J^fiere W«A no official word from the delegates. ho*-ever. Two Russian agents were arrested yesterd.i" . connection with the riots an-- •». | n which more than *>0 per. ••• killed in Ihe cap- .tal cit; .• dogola. They <vc,-c among 16 ,••„.. <gn agents caught in- Eligating . .orders, the governmc'it • aid. The oilier "foreign agents" were not identified Immediately in pooled dispatches from American correspondents Io the stale Department here. Apparently some of the alle»e.-l foreign agents were killed. A pooled dispatch said lersely "some were taken alive." .Tlie radio said thai UN, 15 agenU were. caught "in flagrante"—or caught in the acl. Food now is the major problem In the rubble-strewn capital. The government Is appealing In farmers to bring In food. The government airplanes are flying over Ihe roads leading to the capital to see that they are kept clear. Seek to Amid Profifeerlnc Merchant* were iirged not to profiteer during the crisis* but to tfjjjlbcir goods »t prices which ex- flBEa before the revolt broke out Iff day, A new coalition government was *<>rmed and present Mariano Ospi- aha Pcrit warned his countrymen that failure to cooperate wilh tha nev government would be interpreted a.i:"an act of treason." As soldiers patrolled the rubble• Ire.wn. struts of Bogota, Secretary n ^> *.V.i<flCje-.;>rge O. Marshall and otriej delegates to Hie ninth Inter- Arnerican* expu-ftrd. determination to continue irt*r i3aV.r?y They said they will meet again in ihe Colombian capital if - possible, but elsewheie.if necessary. Amon» other sites mentioned were Havana Mexico City, Panama City and Lima Peru. Reports received at the State Department from the U.S. embassy in Bogota and from American correspondents on Ihe scene Indicaleri that the delegates are bent on finishing their work to .show ihat they are not "at the mercy of any transitory emergency occurring in any of their countries." The picturesque mountain capita! counted more than 3UQ dead and hundreds more injured In thr. uprising which began with the assassination of a leftist political leader on Friday. No Americans Killed No Americans were listed amor.? the deart. Thirty women attached to the U. S. delegation and abo*t same number connected with T conference groups were evac- sd frcm Bogota by U.S. Army planes yesterday. Further evacualions were under consideration because of the increasingly critical food shortage. So rcarce were meat mid milk that the Army took over their distribution. Staff members of the U. S. Embassy said they hadn't had a square meal in three days. But Secretary of State Marshall was reported determined to stick it out in the ruined city until the delegates decide where and when they will continue their hemispheric meeting. I Report,= if, the State Department ', here said todav may provide the — . , first real test for the hard-pressed) tfo\SICir\n f\f coalition government. j Ixw YI OlUfl C/l The department was advised that | the new government's future may well depend on whether the workers heed ii.s appeal and return to their jobs President Ospina Perez pleaded vitii them to go back "not for Teachers Hear Explanation of Gill School Plan Missco Association Elects Officers at County Convention Mississippi County Teachers elected officers for the following year, and heard an explanation of Noble Gill's plan for the "Learn-to-Ltve Education" program, which has Bfiiued attention throughout, ihe country because of its emphasis on learner incentive and its overall ef- .'ort io keep communism from lh» schools, al the Mississippi County Education Association Meeting in iiie Blytheville High School Saturday. Miss Louise Phillips, teacher of Wilson, was named president, of the Mississippi County Ediiciitlmi Association for the following year. B'll Sharpiey or Blnckwater Is vice president; Mrs. A. B. Fairfleld. of Central School in Blylhevllle Is secre- i'lVAKKANBAK^ANU SOUTUKAS'l MISSOUKI APRIL 12, 1948 TWKLVJE PACKS Myrtle McDouaal 2fiO teachers at- tary; and Miss trensuier. Approximately tended and from this group a committee wns selected to work with Mr. Gill in completing his "Learn to Live Education" Program. One elementary (earlier from Mississippi County will receive SlWMl nrxl year in recognition of her work as Ihe teacher h»vinj; dune ih<- most effective work. There will he IS additional merit awards or *HIM> each. A similar award is planed for tha Negro teacher showing the greatest accomplishment in the competition among the Negro schools of the county. The Mississippi County Farm Bureau, sponsor of the school Improvement tilaii, has a committee at work seeking- approximately no.000 to pay Uie awards. Mr. Gill was the first to ham Sudbury, City Attorney Percy A. Wright, Second Ward Alderman Jodie L. Nabere and Third Ward Aldcrmnn Rupert Crnfton. To Discuss Parkins Meters Tlie Council will heaf proiwsitions of parking meter manufacturers tomorrow night. Mayor E. R. Jackson said today. Voters last Tuesday decided overwhelmingly in favor of. in^stalling parking meters in downturn B]ytheville. nding tencher will be named from each section and from these 18, one will be selected as winner of the SIOOO award, Mr. Gjll explained to teachers of Hie county association, Saturday. Mr. Gill pointed out to the teachers that this plan was aimed at making each individual in Mississippi County conscious of education. He stated that in 1938, only 3/J per ent uf the Hotal income in the : It will hf ..•)>>.t*^'Jfi» nily-Council ] Uniled Slates was spent on educate determine the specific points at j lion; iu 1940 it declined to 5.3 per 1 cent, and, in 1946 only l.s per cent of the total income went for education. In .Mississippi County, with which the meters will be installed, Tile election commission met this morning in the office of Dave S. Lflney. secretary, in Osceola. "Everything was in order," Mr. Laney said. No one appeared before Ihe commission Io contest any election results and no other business was transacted, he said. Other members of the commission are Leroy Carter of Leachville, chairman, and Oliver Clark of Frenchman's Bayou. Annexation Move Okayed Btylhcville voters also approved expansion of ihe city limits to lake in well-populated residential and industrial areas adjacent 1*1 but lying outside of the corporate limits. They also voted Io include on the tax- books levy on all real and personal property to provide revenue for maintenance of the city library. In the Osceola balloting. Mayor Ben F. Butler. Sr., was re-elected and two new aldermen were chosen. They were Tim Bowles and c. W. WaUon, whn represent the First Ward. Osceola officials re-elected were City Marshal Jake Thrailfcill. Recorder Herbert Bryant, First Ward Aldermen Dave S. Lnney and Clay Ayers. Second Ward Aldermen W. W. Prewitl and A. W. Young and Miss Josephine Montague, city trca.suror. bia for your own future and for our nation's traditions." institutions and $528 Heeded to Put Red Cross Drive Over fop in North Missco Latest reports from Mrs. Floyd Haralsou. executive secretary for the Chtckasawba District of the American Red Cross shows that only *Vf.o1 must be raised before North KSS5issippl County will have reached its $11,084.W. Lake Street and F^ust solicitors .Jinimic Edwards and Jack Robin- i»on report nn additional SI9, which brings their total contributions to »m. An additional {50 was reported for the West End business district, which Is being led by Jack Thro Charles pcnn. Guss Eberdt and E M. McCall. New York Cotton May •'illy Oct. Dec. Mar. open . 3M7 . 3295 . 322S . 3193 3720 3t»7 3297 3^25 am low 36SO 3628 3273 3200 3176 1:30 37!) 3643 329! 3219 3191 Ferguson Asks Revision of UN's Charter an income of more than $100,000,000. less than »1.00D,000, or less than one per cent is .spent on education. There are 23.000 school age children, and only 13.000 in school, according to Mr. Gill. The teacher incentive program, sponsored by the Mississippi Coun- ly Farm Bureau, calls for a complete survey ol educational facilities, a thorough check to determine why students fail to finish their cduca:ion, a more just way to pay ! En sl teachers commensurate with their merits, and is aimed ab preventing indirect penetration of Communism through our schools. Mr. Gill explained that the program was not a finished plan. an,l thai after the first year, similar programs would be set up for high school'teachers. Champion Speller; Runner-Up Joanne Cullom (runner-up) (champion > Joanne Oullom. eighth irr«de ntltdcnt fro,,, Manila, went down on Ihe word ••thoroughly." which Bobby Williams, la-year-old seventh R , n rte student from Dyess, spelled correctly Ui win thr Mississippi County Spell- I'lft Bee. held In BfyUieville !».« Friday. He will represent the comuy i,, Memphis. April 16. In th« Mid-South SpeHiiiK Bee. Martha Tart, eighth grade student from Promised Land, was third pl.ce winner In the oontwt but she was not present when the pictures of the winners were vnK.l.. Forrester/ Urges New Draft Act, UMT as Guarantees of Peace for Ry Keg (,'haney llnltut Prew Staff Corronpondrnl WASHINGTON. April 13. , U.P.l-Secretary of [>fen«, ,i», 11H po,.. reslal, RMerling that Russia does not yet have the .torn bomb, .wld today that tlie oriris still favor peace. But he ur R ed congress to move "at once and'with firm and resohUe pui-liose" toward the enactment of selective service and universal * training legislation. These measures, a I told tlie House Armed Services CoinmlUee, wilt keep Ihe odds In favor of peace "through the years ahead.' Forreslal testified HS the commit- , H had been exueclrd that the miners would begin returning to _..„ ttlr Pit with Ihe nltiht shift Inle year approved UiAv leglslalion but lo 't»y.. But some union district It has since been Ixitlled up In the I"" 1 ' 15 ™ hart conditioned the return ------ on the conleinpl action. , K, C. Adams, editor of Ihe United Mine Workers Journal, nml a fre- qucul sixikesiiian lor t^wls. said he did not know what effect the Golds- 'War of Nerves' Shifts to Vienna Russians Impose New Restrictions On Travel by Auto BERLIN. April 12. CUPl-Ru troops set up checkpoints on Bnt.s)j-m«j highway* in the soviet two rone <* Austria today, exlendin '-to Vienna .the .WWr^Sf v %SrVai timtykp been j^r-j&gAtv...... - -.tlp^ allies '— " ";f i The started yesterday wlien llieyuned bac-t sir automobile ioiirts "of B officers at Semrnering, 50 miles litary tee befian hemlllRJ on a bill to draft some 500,000 youths used IB through 2f,. The committee last CBKTS Lewis Ends Miners Strike But Not Quickly Enough To AvoidContempt Citation Boss of UMW Again Must Face Stem Judge in Federal Court «hut«l WASHINGTON, April 12. <U.I>.)_J,,lm I, Lewi, th-j four- week *>ft «,«! .lrik« todny, but !«, '- 1 Another telegram advised th e mi-*, uers that their pension ' * cause of the slrlke—had been com con"ill despitr th. a«tllnii«iil, »'illlf<l Mlnr Wwker, c |,| r , ,„ »l.nd (Hal WediiMilay an Ihe ftmlrnipt (^ eoiirt rhurjtf. Tlie charge u that Lewis illsobcv- «l an April 3 court, order to ccill off tlie alrjke "forlhwilh." In » move Io liend off Hit- government's contempt action. 1,1*^ had dramatically culled off ihe crlpplluB strike shortly before. Goldsborough convened his court, preliminary' heinlng on the contempt elm r w unrt Ixwls' molinu to qilllKh Hie A(> ,|| ;, OJ .,| C| . But the mniitm'pi didn't work. OoldsboroiiBh ruled that the strike settlement did not clenr l^wls of the cimteinpt charge. Th« rutlni promptly r »|»«d Mxnt rtouht u i» h»w m.nj „,!- llrr, would gl) l» win k— JrsiiHr »rttl«mtnt ol the |«-mlun dU|>uU which Inurlird att Ihe wnlkiiut Man^h IS. House Rules Committee. While Forrestal wait Ustltylng l>r. Albert KlmtHn int It prominent educate™ »nd clertytneii urjed ConeretM to <lp|»y antiiiu on ' Senate Group Opens Hearing On Farm Bill WASHINGTON'. April 12. (U.P.I —Sen Homer Ferguson. U.. Mich., called today for a drastic reorgau- isitirm of the United Nations to stop the world armament race toward a third world wnr. WASHINGTON. April 12. (UP) — Sen. Bcorge D. Aikeu. R., Vt., sai,1 today Ihat prospects "look very favorable" for this session of Congress to pa.=s a Ions-range farm program including a revision, of «he price- stipport system, The Senate Agriculture Committee opened two weeks of hearings on such farm legislation. It was drafted by a seven-man subcommittee which Aiken headed. Secretary of Agriculture Clinton I P. Anderson wa-s scheduled as first witness. Others who will testify include repieseniativcs of leadinj Tarm organizations. Aifcen wfs confident the Senate would approve long-range farm legislation thir year. And he said pros- Soiilheasl of Vienna on the highway leading to the British Zoire after demands for new type Identity cards witli photographs were re- lused by the British. The Austrian war of nerve* con- linued today, when other SnvieL troops established a checkpoint on Ihe iniernalional Highway Io Ihe British-operated Schwechat Airport eight r.-.ll(w inside the Soviet Zone Vienna. Two British trains were halted at Scmmcrmg this morning with demand.-, that British troops show the new identity cards, but thev were permuted to pass when the British lefmec! to show anything bul the rejulnr Pour-Power gray identification card. GUI. Alexander Galloway. British high commissioner for the Brltisn Zone of Austria, cancelled a scheduled tour of the British Zone antl rushed back io Vienna Io take command ol the new situation created for the British by the Russians. H.'th-ranxing American and British officers licit! hurried conferences in Vienna. In Germany, the Russians demanded the Western allies close two emergency automobile aid stations on the- Berlin superhighway, the allies only road link lo the West. The British and Americans agreed. The restrictions followed a weekend Soviet order refusing to renew the passes of British and America:! technicians responsible for maintaining the allies' telegraph and teletype communications with the Western -iones. The Western technicians will be permitted in the Soviel Zone after next Thursday. The Americans protested -,he order and the British said lliey also would prole.=t. pects for House approval ;io»- ap- Ferguson proposed thai, with or ,.„.„ .„ , c without Russia, the big powers sur-lpeared to be Improving render their UN Security Council Some influential House members have been cool toward acting on a long-range farm program at this military aggression and agree to limit world armaments sharply. He introduced a resolution sponsored by 16 senators of both political parties. It called for the most session. They preferred to extend present laws for a year or tv.o and postpone consideration of a long, r . , ic revision of UN yet proposed in; 1950. range program until next year Con gress. In » Senalc speech Ferguson warned Ihat the world is drifting toward World War in because (h c big powers, including Ihe United States, are playing "the old game of self- interest and power politics." Until the new system can be brought into effect, withor without Russia. Ferguson maintained lhal the united stales should be kept militarily strong and economically sound in order that she mav assume leadership in world affairs!" Ferguson Introduced the resolution as a basis for "concrete discus- chances for aclual congres- approva] looked slim. Bolh sion Us sional H. Vanctenberg lake congressional efforts UN charter. The subcommittee's bill calls for an alternative parity formula and for supporting prices of farm products according to a "sliding scale' of parity. Liquor Store Looted At Frenchman's Bayou ' The Clark Whiskey Store at Frenchman's Bayou was entered by burglars late Saturday night with a large quantity of whiskey reported taken. Burglars gained entrance to the building- by boring a large hole in the side of the building with n brace and bit and crawling through. if South Mis- tnveetigsttng Dogs Under Quarantine For Period of Six Weeks Mayor E. R. Jackson said today Ihat « six-weeks' quarantine has been placed on all dogs in Blytheville due to the recent outbreak of rabies In Memphis and South Mississippi County. "All clogs fnund on the streets of, Blytheville during the six-week Showers thr draft until "the rltcuU nf the European ree«v*ry program h»»e been MTU." ,,_-, .-did not t pi ich directly g^gle controversy OVcr whether the emphasis-Ill new military-pre., . nes« measures should be plated OB the Air Fdrce. He repeated previous statement*- ihnl lie considers a balanced fighting f o , ce o! tlle A ,._ my. Navy and Air Force necessary to mert the. nnllon't lecurity requirements. "The comfortable «asurance of > push-button war Is an illusion " he said. ' Forreslnl snid there Is a "deadly parallel" between Russia's actionn today and Hitler's 10 years ago. "This record shows that despotism, whatever its form has > re _ compulsion to aggression " he said. > But despite Hussia's efforts lo "ex- tinmiish freedom In Europe" For- reslal said "Ihe odds are nol yet on Russia or wnr." "The odd, are ,<j|| on Ihe United Slates and |ici»,;c," ho i-iid. "And if Hie llnitfrt Slatrn acl, ,| „„,,,. »«<! «i(h runlule purpose, Ike Olid, will cnntinue tu resl „„ the United .St a le S , nrt ,„.„,., th h the years ahead." Analyzing lh e strength of the Soviet Union and the United States Forreslal said: t 1. The Uniied Slates must' give assistance to Western European nations as "a strictly military matter" to avoid being left alone and Isolated In a Communist world. 3- The industrial and inventive capacities of (he U. S. -make np a potential that overshadows'the ca- pabillKes of the Communist regime " But Russia, he snid. is making up for Its deficiencies by obtaining industrial equipment and from Soviet satellites. .i 3: t" Th ? U " ltcd SlMrs Possesses the knowledge and Ihe capacity to make the atom bomb, and »s yet the Soviets do not." However, he added this would not "necessarily turn the scale of war If war should Dr. Einstein and the 10 educators and clergymen said In a letter o all .senators lh*t war "is not Imminent." They said, however, that adoption of selective «ervt« would be "Interpmed everywhere is the t winning O f mobilization for war " Cites UMW Boss the g resources Weather borough ruling would have buck-to-work ardor. "Hc <U'wis> didn't' tell them In go nut," Adams salu. ."The miners will do what they damn please." Meanwhile, the Office of Defense Trinsporlaliou ^ jald , It would take no Immediate action to rescind Its order reducing operations on coal- burning railroads to one-half of normal effective Thursday. "We'll lake no notion until we .we coal." he «ild. Lewis reached agreement on the pension dispute this morning anri promptly wired his miners: "'Pensions limited, aurcL-ineiil Is now honnred." Vcitr l« Dlvlilril I tu 1 Settlement of the pcnsioh Issue— which touched off the coal slrlke on M^rch 16—wBs readied al »n curly mornlnii conference of Ihe three trustees of the United Mine Workers Welfare Fund. II was reached by a 2 lo 1 vote. Lewis »nd Sen. styles Bridges R.. N. H.. the new "Impartial" Ihlrd irustrc. voted for lhe pension plan. K/.ra Van Horn, representing the operators, voled n«a1nst It. The settlement provides n iicn- slon f>f $100 a ninnth for miners aged 62 or older with ao years of service and who retired after Mny M. 19«. , Tlie word from the conl fields wos thai the miners probably would so hnr.k to the pits with the nlghl shift late today. But some locnl union leaders said lhe miners would nol go back while Lewis and lhe union faced con- teinpt charges. Bridges had been named third Iruslf e Jtirtga T. Alan Oold«- boroiiKh, who Jiuit j. e ar slapped »IO,000 flue on j,,l,n u Lewis, and 1 Workers, today cited L*wls lo n'p- | P»»r 111 Federal court In Washlni- lon, p. C., and fac. trial on new emti-|>es of oont«inpi. u f Court u c culled off tin-'mincry walkout. I«H.HOI iniiokly enough to cnpu a new charge failure 1 0 not on i Issued by another lilm_lo end lhe strike Italian Workers Stage Walk-Out One-Hour Strike, Lee 1 By Communists, Ends Without Violence Hy J. Edward Murray l/nlird PrtM Staff CorreapoiUeni HOMB, April 1J. IITP)—A Com- munlsl-led one-hour slrlke of several million Italian workers pawed off quietly this morning, with no reports ol violence, although t#o persons were killed »nd a number injured in an election bomblnr lait ciljlil. . The strike utgun al 10 a.m. <Rom» Summer ilmei 12 a.m. O8T). Labor leaders said It was ''at leant,'SO pel- lent eltectlve" • inong nhe 6000000 inemberx of |he Ittiljan General Coiiledcrallon of Labor. An Interior Ministry spokesman said there w*a no way to estimate th« »trlae'« •[- lecllvcness. of Ihe millions of laborer* who slopped work from 10 «^m. t« II a.m. all over'Italy did not know about last nlRhr-« violence. It happened so late It WM reported only by one Communist front newspaper. The interior ministry refused to confirm it until Ihe strike WM over, ( • The bombiiiK occurred at the tiny village of UaHiiello, near Locoe in Ihe "Bloody Pugiia" region ' of Southern limy w ] ler , CommunUt. lender HRlmiro Togllattl wu booed 10 cln.,'1 agu. B"mb Hurled from Wlndaw Tilt bomb wu thrown from t.h* wiucio* ol a nearby building Into a crowd lathered Io )i«ir Olu»ppt Calasso, secretary of th« local Clinmber of Labor, who !< a candidate ol the (Joninnmljt front ticket. . The explnoioii killed a l«-y««r-oM boy »ud > 47-year-old m*n. Oaluao wiis among a number Injured, bilk '. The interior ,e without dejay. of contempt for! '"'"'-^''V «"id six person* were in- weck-nld order'-""'*' 1 " elk "" l '5'' Communist, said ,tt iiiriir* ......i.. ; *«''« badly hurt. Iwb critically. . Th« death, brought • to 1« tht number wild h»y«'died as a'feiuit of political violence ilnee the elettoral • c»mp«ljfn opened, officially-on Peb. 3. Eleven of these were "adherent* of the Communist front and thre« s were killed in Sicily. Today. j«n-', «r«l «trlk« was, called k> prot«» Ihe death W tlisappeuranc* of I la'- / tor leaders In Sicily during Ihe pwt two years, l)e Gaitperl End* Camp«i(it I'leiiner Alciile de Gusperi wouiid '. up two months of pampalinlng with ' a speech bctore a crowd of SO.000 In Oor:oa yesterday. He to'ld Iheni tht Communists were working, u » "IItlh column" In Haly and wert ' plotting to overllnow the government liy force for "outflde (lowers." DC Gn.spcri s»id Ills government would take ue«poux away from tht „ leftists "to prevent recourse to irm» Domestic Itelattons lor the pnrpo.1t of o.verwhelmhi»; [ oilier parties." Korcmn Mlulsler Count Carlo ! Sfoi7.a dbiiumsti'at.ed Ihe govern- j ment's determination to defeat ' Communism by dismissing " Tribunal to Rule On Divorce Cases Arkansas Tribunal To Decide Legality of Decree Validations H'lTLS ROCK. All:, April 12 — (I/Pi—The ArknnsHs Supreme Court today advanced and took under .siltnnis<iion an appeal to miltint!le Hie divorce snarl it caused Inil .Jnnuary by throwing out the Pu- Inskl County Court. Hy inkluir lhi> ( . lt . se iituler sub- mlsslim lodnv. the court could timid ,'*','.' " s nlir ' 1|! 1 ' L ' xt Monday. court will consider acllon of Chfinrpllnr p,™,,, r,T ••«;—•• ^"i""»""»i" oyn'smissmg itaiyt he liinpTon. i n . « Be w "' ' Cn """»"^ ambassador to W?rsaV, thn'l h«d bc'cn Bi'anlcd bv Mi? i Amllro * 10 . Donlnl ' wll ° 1efl Polanl1 ' ert chancellor of the "(Kc^l^^M \ '"""' SL ' i ' j County court i Knrly ihl, year, the supreme court ! Pwm/^C Wl'// Wrt# declared iw uncomiliiitlonal and O Vf flCO f f III I.TUl nnn-exlslenl the fulaskl Domestic Relations Court Hint had been set up by the 1!H7 General Assemb'lv D ^* J'J A. Iruslfc I»*L .SatiM'dny after Ifouse 1 •n.c7oi/rrsnVd'thc"lV 8 'isla\m^ _. .. Spenker Joseph W. Martin. Jr.. - ed appointive powers" o tie "se"': : ff^f P ft* ci/J£*n+ l»kln(t Ihe :>la v away from the ad- j tiv c lirnuch of the government bv i'Of r I 6510601 ministration, called Lewis and Van naming Mr,. Hale a., the fir. "ha Horn to his office. i cellor. COLUMBIA. S. C... April U. ( UM'rt Volilfil Decrre ! In I he case to lie considered i Judge Dodite had (frnnled n (livorc'oc : Mary Gertrude Pope of Little Rock. usiiiR a voided decree as n recommendation by a master In chancery, . April U. (OP) —Former Secretary of Stale Jamex F. Byrnes today crossed himself off ns » possible candidate Tor the Democratic presidential nomination. Byrnes, in answer to a latter from quarantine will be killed.' Mayor Jackson said, "and dog owners me warned to keep their pels up." "So far there has hcen no report of rabid dogs In Blylhevillc." he said, "and this quarantine Is a precautionary measure to prevent such an outbreak here." He also warned dog-owners to have Ihcir pets vaccinated and u purchase licenses in compliance with a city ordinance. However, he pointed out Ihat even If dogs have been vaccinated and have » license they must be kept up during the quarantine. Soybeans in Northeast, portion lo^ and tonight. Tuesday partly extreme South extreme East. Nol so warm day . cloudy, showers in «nd South portion. AMinimum this morning— M. Maximum ycsterda v— 82 Minimum Sunday— 50. ' Maximum Saturday— 68. Sunset today— S^.io. Sunrise tomorroioNVSI Precipitation, M hours Io T a.m today— .0.1. Total since Jan. 1— 18.57. Mean temperature i midway b«- twetn high and low)— 70.S. Normal me«n for April— 61, Thl» Date Fjul Ve»r Minimum this morning — 48 Maximum yesterday — 74. ' the burglary. (Trice, I. a. h. May JuJv open 379 . 373 high 385b 375 low 379 M3 I:3f» Precipitation. Jan. —7.08. to this dale 'Therf «rf nboiit. !MO. 00(1 "tier r In th« national fdrests of the United States. In IS minutes. Martin aol Lewis and Van Horn to a^ree on the appointment of Bridges as the Impartial trustee- Then the trustees made the sft- llcment In meetings ycstctday and to< ' ai '- I "'e position )ictd by Mrs. Hate be-I William McGnrlty, president of the Cnnlempt Case TVix-crd* | fore her own court was set uu 1 South Carolina Tfoun« Democratic Despite the selllement. Ihe gov-| Attorneys for Elmer pope told (lie i club!i saltt: ermnpiii went ahead with its plans court thai Mrs ttnle had In effect ; "' d « not * ish "'!' name presents* to get a contempt citmlon against resiijned as master in chancery as a candidate for the Democratic Lewis and Ihe Union. before she became ihe chancellor I nomination for the presidency and Five minutes after I-ewis aniioun- | They also argued thai Judge Dodge <berefore would not want you <cr ced Ihe aKreement. Uwls' lawyers sliould rehear all the leslimonv to ' yo " r «Mocl»te» In the Young Denio- appeared in Federal Judge T. Ainu decide If Ihe divorce should" be ' cl » u c Club to make such a proposal "' — "- 1 - "-- grained. ' "" "Anything less is not judicial aa- llon. but is merely 3 surrender to the .-demands for expediency," their petition Said. pension agreement. Asked bv re-!- Pope's attorneys raised a second porters If Ihe Rovmnwnt still tu- question, whether Judge Dodge lias tended to press ihe contempt the authmiiy to back-date the rie- charg.e. hc replied: . ( C recs to the' lime they were oriujl- AhsoHiii-ly.' ually granted by Mrs. Hale- JudKe Ihe govemmeni asked > con- Uorigc soufiht to tack-date his order tempt citation on giounds ty:wls re- • in Hie fop,- case, but provided that fused Io oi>cy a week-old courl, ih e divorce become effective on order direotinp him to call off Ihe the dale he sisned It strike "forthwith." ; ! Scheduled to be heard by Oolds^; 2,000 Attend Funeral borough at thf same time was » n , D -. Amer Tobacco motion by Lewis to vacate the court «•" Kepi Zimmerman Anaconda CopBer order, as well as a government re-] KENNETT. Mo.. April 12. (U.P.I Beth Steel^^^ quest to issue an BO-riay Tart-Hart-1 —More than 2,000 Persons including' Chrysler ."!!!!! ley Injunction against the union. a congressional delegalion and : Cocn Cola t^wis Insist* that lie never called stale-wide friends attended funeral! Gen Electric""" his miners out; that he merely not-j services here yesterday for Con- Gen Motors ." Ifted them In * loiter March 12 . gressinau Onillc ^immcrman. 'Montgomery Wart lhal the operators hart "dishonor-1 Zimmerman. 67. died lu his Wash- N Y central ed" their contract with the union. 1 Ingion office last Wednesday. He Int Harvester keeping with his argument. 1 was representative in congress from* North Am Aviation ' GoldsboroilKh's crnjrl to fight the administration's contempt action. Assistant U. S. Attorney General H. Graham Morrison was in the courtroom when he learned of the , »l the state convention." ! McGarlly asked the one-timt "assistant president" to the lat« Franklin D. Roosevelt If Vie would | allow the club to present his name as a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination at the State Democratic Convention here May is. Byrnes expressed appreciation for i Ihe confidence and good will of the Young Democrats. New York Stocks 35 S-S 34 3-4 S9 1-] HO 3« Iu . l.cwij technically did nn!. call off 'the icih Missouri District and had | Republic Steel the strike, as such. He simply ad- f served ten Southeast Missouri coun-; Radio 1 Socoiiy Vacuum' atleiidance »t! Sludebaker vised the miners Ihat the contract \. tics for is years. "Is now honored." j Among those In Bui that WM exixrled In b« nil i final riles were Forrest C. Donnoll 1 Standard of'tf | «_ •«.«,.. •». ,. l«nd..Jnmcs P. Kern, Utiltert Stal« Texas Corp ., sn LEWIS oo P««e It I senators. ! Packard 5« l-> 14 1-J BO I-* ll»3-4 j M 5-1 * Vt n 1-1 19 • TJ 7-S M 41-3

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