The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 19, 1944
Page 3
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•^FRIDAY, MAY 10/iiMd.,,. BLYTHEVILLE (AMi) COUUIEK NKWS Published .Every Friday In the Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. FARM NEWS-FEATURES EASE THREE Enter the Plant-to-Prosper .O^ 1 • ''" testa sponsored by the Courier _News and Commercitl" Appeal. Strain Quickly for Best Milk i Impurities Dissolve Unless Straining Is Completed Promptly To keep the quality of milk at a high level, Mississippi County homemakers were advised Ihis week by Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county home demonstration agent, of the necessity of proper straining. She explained that, through the strain- In!; of milk is a very simple operation, unless it is done correctly with the pVoper type of strainer the quality of milk will be greatly reduced. The mlnule milking is completed, the milk should Ire removed from the barn and strained through a single-service type strainer. Strain- Ing must be done immediately to remove particles which might dissolve if allowed to remain in the milk for any length of lime. Much material that gets Into milk dissolves readily, causing bacteria to start work «t oticc. Of the lliicc types of strainers most commonly used on Mississippi County farms, Miss Coleman said, the one known as the single-service cotton disc filter is by far the most effective and the only one approved by use under the Arkansas Dairy Law. Collon filter pads will remove two and one-half times ns much foreign matter as cheesecloth and four times as much as a wire strainer. Both cloth and wire strainers are too open and permit many picc- t nf foreign matter to p.iss through h the milk. It is almost impossi- to keep them clean and sanitary; she added, therefore they mas serve as sources of contamination. ; Cotton filters, on the other hand ns well as being inexpensive and Dusting Kills Garden Insects (I'fcoto Irom Rohm & »oas Laboratories, Adult and Iary« of Mexican Btan Beetle. -? v BY 1IENKY I,. FREE Written for NKA Beans are among the first of the vegetables to be attacked by insect pests and diseases. Mos,t common is the Mexican Bean Beetle; bill following- closely come Leaf Hoppers, Leaf Beetles and Red Spiders. Insects arc easily controlled with spray or dust used regularly. Diseases cannot be cured once they have possession of your garden but they can be checked and, in many cases, prevented. The Mexican bean bettle chews plant foliage; leaf beetles eat round holes in the foliage and their larvae chew the stems and the roots; leaf hoppers and red spiders suck plant juices for a living. liotenone or lethane are effective against both chewing and sucking insects. Rotcnone combinations effective, cannot harbor germs because they are discarded after use 'Ihe strainer is simple and easy to assemble, and can thus be kept clcai with no trouble, Miss Coleman explained. IAVI MONEY-1 gallon JAVE TIME-Ttm»'l n» T.chid. walli m«r bi •f T.dil*. f»v.i you 1» «•••! >• «««P« *H quickly wo.tiid with gallon! •( polnl. ihobby walipapM. mild Mop «nd wnlir. * GOES ON OVER OLD WALLPAPER! QUICK TO DRYl EASY TO APPLY I • Think of redecorating a room b»- tween breakfast and lunchl You can with Techida - Pittsburgh's amazing now development in wall point. Two toun ii plenty of time to apply Techide. THEN ONLY ONE HOUR FOR DRYINGI You «avo on labor • costs—save the- expensa of scraping off old wallpaper—and lave on th» cost of painr.Techide is ideal for painting over wallpaper, plaster, brick, tic. PITTSBURGH PAINTS MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. (Formerly Ark-Mo Lumber Co.) BLYTHEVILLE :-: ARKANSAS WADf IN I COLM* are best applied' in dust form, following manufacturer's directions. Dusting should commence when the bean plants first appeal-, niiil continue at five lo seven day intervals. Dust both surfaces of the foliage carefully. Sucking insects are killed by the poison coining in contact with or entering their bodies, especially through tliclr breathing pores, other than by the mouth. The Mexican Ijcau beetle Is dirty yellow round beetle about quarter-inch long with eight black spots on each wing. The yellow grubs covered with firey dark spines cio most of the damage. Dusting when the insects arc young will prevent Ihc aclull lieetles from laying their orange-colored eggs on the underside of the leaves. A s«iall hand duster with a curved sixiut will shoot the dust up under tlie leaves. Diseases of beans are more prevalent during wet weather and become voisc when plants are grown too close together or grow too luxuriantly. To avoid spreading disease, do not work in your garden when the foliage is wet from rain, or covered with dew. There is no satisfactory control other than planting illsease- resistant varieties from a reliable dealer. Cannibalism Among Chicks Can Be Ayoided In .answer to inquiries from North Mississippi County poultry producers concerning cnimibnllsm nniong young growing chicks nncl even among old liens, Cora Lee Colc- nmn, county home demonstration agent, tins week explained the causes and outlined control methods. Cannibalism is a habit that develops-.from faulty brooding 'and management practices, the most common of wh'lch" arc Vo'6 high a brooding temperature, overcrowding, insufficient feed or feeders, lack of green leed or fiber in the ration, and inadequate rations, she stated. If control measures are taken early, the habit can be easily checked, but once established it may continue with the hens as long as they live. The brooder temperature should be kept about 75 degrees under the hover after the chicks are five weeks old. No attempt should be made to warm the whole house. Too much heat causes slow and poor feathering, Miss Coleman reminded. Because chicks grow very rapidly the first few weeks, they must have adequate space. Day-old chicks need one-half square foot of floor space ench, hence a 10-by-l2-foot house will take care of 250 chicks. With plenty of green range and outdoor rans this will be sufficient space to carry them until Hie cockerels are sold at 12 weeks of age. If chicks have a good green range, niasli feeders can be left empty during a part of the day, but enough feeders should be provided to allow each growing chick two inches of feeder space. Gelling chicks outdoors'with plenty of range and green Iced will control most'cases of cannibalism. In some Instances ,the addition of one tablespoon of table salt to each gallon of water has proved helpful. Gardeners Can Control Insects Various insecticides Recommended To Kill Plant-Eating Pests Constant vigilance against heavy insect Infestation In Mississippi Comity Victory gardens is required at this time of tne season, accord- Ing to Miss Cora Lee Colcmim, county home demonstration agent. To control Insects, Ihe gardener will need the following Insecticides, she explained: (I) Either lead or cnlclum nr- senate for chewlni; insects sticli us potato beetles and cabbape worms; <2) either crj'ollle or barium fluo- slllcatc (Uutox) for blister beetles and other chewing Insects thai cannot be controlled wlln lead 01 calcium m.scnale. Cryolite, a white powder usually dyed pink to keei: it from being mistaken for flour, or bnrliiin fluoslllcnte also Used foi chewing Insecl.s on beans; and (3) nicotine sulfate (Dlackleaf 40) foi sucking Insects like aphlds. If cutworms or grasshoppers bollier, it irniv be necessary to ndd Paris green to the list, she added. Some roteuone (dcrris or cube) can be used In place ,of iilcollne. It will also control most insects that cry- olite will, but'the supply Is scarce this year. Blister beetles, cucumber beetle. 1 ;, and flea beetles will not feed on plants dusted or sprayed with calcium or lead arscnate; on the otner hand, they can be readily killed with cryolite. Where blister beetles are In a swarm, she recommended that the dust be first applied in a circle around the swarm, then diistcd on the insects by a continuation of tnc circular movement. Because bean plants may be killed by calcium or lead arsenatc, Miss Coleman suggested that sucli chewing insects as the bean leaf beetle, the Mexican bean beetle, the com carworm, 'and soybean caterpillar be controlled with cryolite. As a rtust, cryolite is used undiluted or mixed with an equal part of sulfur or flour. As a spray, three level tablcspoonsful are used to each gallon of water. Miss Coleman outlined four factors to keep In whirl when using cryolite: (1) A light application is sufficient; <2) plants snould be dry; (3) lime should not be mixed with it; and (4) vegetables treated with it should be .washed carefully. Cry- olite should not be used on edible parts of plants within two weeks of the lime they arc-to .bo eaten, she warned. •• ,'!;/'(•!; Aphlds, small, soft-bodied : insects whicn teed on almost every-crop'by sucking juices from the plants, she explained, thrive In cool spring •eather before summer lady beetles nd parasites have a chance 1 to ring them under control. Nicotine sulfate, commonly known y the trade name of Blacklcaf 40, s the standard Insecticide for their ontrol. Miss Coleman stated. A ahlespoonfnl of soap flakes is dls- olved in a gallon of water nnd one cnspoon of nicotine sulfate is add - tl to this suds for a spray. -A dust Is inude by adding one ounce of nicotine sulfntc lo one pound of hydrnted lime. Nicotine Is effective only when the temperature Is about 10 de- Bi'ces; therefore It should be applied during the middle of a warm day. The spray or dust must hit the uphills to kill IhiMii, Miss Colemini reminded. For this reason n sprayer or dusler that directs the In- scrtlclilc iipivnrd Is usually nccos- F.S.A. News The results of a study recently completed shows that Favin Security fiimlllra Increased their production of food for (he market anil for home use lust year. The study shows that the average FSA family In Arkansas produced 5% gallons of milk, HO dozen eggs, -111 pounds of meat, and Ulili Jars of canned vegetables nnd fruit. Arkansas FSA families increased their pork sales in 1(143 enough to furnish around 0000 fighting men their egg sales enough to feed more than '.i'1,000 men, their sales of heel and veal enough lo supply nciirh 20.000 men. In Arknnsns, 18,240 families who were on Ihc Bun: SrciirJly program In 1942 iinrf 1!M3. Increased their production of chickens for sale by more than 200,000 Worm Poison Mode Available To Farmers Here hrniiKh' Ihe .effolts of (he Mississippi County Farm nurrnu nnd Ihi' county ageiil, 1 nn emergency shipment of ono (on of sodium fluosllk'Hte Is on Its way Irom UurlliiKton, Iowa, lo be used hi the control of winy worms. The poison Is being allocated by the iiiimtti of Kntomoloisy and J'limt Qimrnnllne, Denver, Colo. Army worms have appeared in a number of email grain fields In live lilylhevlllc and Lcachville area. British medical units whlcli Include full dressing station cnulp- meiil, • oiicHitlux .apparatus, medicines mid dressings arc dropped by IKirachulc to succor front-Una "'minded. To make your car last, have 'the'- engine tuned every six months. • OLIVER FARM EQUIPMENT Sales and Service HARRISON AUTO PARTS CO. 611 W. Ash Phone 2i52 Your John Deere Tractor is fighting the battle on the Home Front! And, like every soldier, at home or abroad, it is entitled to the best of everything . , , 'for the belter you treat it the better will it serve. Give your Soldier of ihe Soil a two or chrec day furlough at out service shop before you send it into action again. Let our experts go over it from end to end, do a job of inspecting, tightening, adjusting and trouble-shooting. The time to do this is vhen you can spare your equipment. It ii a protective step to save you expense and costly delay at a time when you need vital dependable service. Missco Implement Co. BLYTHEVlLtE OSCEOLA BONDS*SAVE SCRAP pounds, Tliul menus thnl these Ill- lie farmers made fried chicken available to more Iliun 153,00(1 lighting men, liecnnsc (lie lotnl production of chickens by Kurin Security famllli'.i in Arkansas wns over U.000,000 pounds. PSA families in Arkansas Increase-il their production of I'ligs by 30 per cent. Ihrso increases repirscnl nclual Inrreiises made on Ihc farms of (he Mime families and not made by Including additional l\\rn\ Security biimnvm. fnmtllrs mmle Ihi'sc increases In siitlc of the fact (hat (heir .sons and daugliters, on whom Iliev Inul di!|ieml<'d for tlielr labor, iuul none into military .service or were working in war plants. WELDING! if Acetylene Welding •k Electric Welding * Cold Welding Dcst lliiiilimtcnl—Hitsl Machinists—licsl Wovli Delta Implements, Inc. D. P. L 14 Cottonseed 1 3-32 to IVs Inch Staple Early Variety ALSO ARKSOY SOYBEANS 2913 See Dell, Ark. Phone 635 EARL MAGERS GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service Also—Vuifani/inj,' and Tire 'Repair WADE COAL CO. N.Hwy. (i.l CEILING THICKS Phone 2291 Oil for Biggest U.S.Airline ^^^^ .__^*-»*"» LaGuardia Field, N. Y.—Sinclair's unique oil-jccp drains and fills .giant American Airlines' Flagship with Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. American Airlines, Inc., biggest TJ. S..Airline, relies on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively to save wear on its costly air- i • ' ' -* plane engines. Now that your car needs all possible protection, give it the same protection given these planes. Buy Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil from your Sinclair Dealer. , • SINCLAIR PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL , J. ALLEN Pkoae 2665 — Afeit ~ Irytfcenlle, Ark. PLUMBING AND HEATING Pumps . . . Well l>i t ics . . . SIrainc/a . BUTLER ENGINEERING CO. Osceoln, Ark. . Phone-610 Buying Logs Of All Kinds. BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Hlytlicvillo, Ark. OTICE FARMERS Since your planting is late, plant the best and fastest grower — D. & P. L. No. 14 Certified, Delinled, Ceresan Treated COTTONSEED $120 Per Ton Only A Small Amount Left BILL CRAWFORD 3 Corner Ash ,& 2nd Sts. j; Phone 593 or 3258 Published By The Delta Implement Co., Blytheville Vnl 2 Friday, May 19, No. 38 Pim'l. forget to snvc waste kitchen fats of all kinilsi. Your grocer will pay 'le and 2 meal points per pound for fats—and they're lindly needed in the munitions plants. DI Andrew Jenkins, farmiri); 1 mile North of lUicola, Mo., has an F-20 tractor and new li-nclor'culliviilor for sale. DI New equipment, deliveries of (he past \vcck include: tractor side delivery rakes to Victor C'liflon, of No. 9, and K. 0. Adams, of Ulyllievillc; a 2-row cotton chopper to U. L. AIcAdoo, farmiiiff on East Highway 18; a" a-row tractor cultivator (o G. I. Hyrd, of Million] Kidgc; a HnKand hay press to B. C. Land Co., of I.eachvillc; and a tractor disc harrow lo I). L. Shcppard, of Roseland. -DI- ,)e.sse Krccli, fiirming on Clear Lai lias 2 1'1-iiich bottom plows ior sale. kc Road, -Dili) our shc>i>s this week: A Fartnall A for overhaul for J. J,. Austin, of Holland; and an I''-20 for a cold welding job for J. H. Mauldin, of Slccle. DI We still have a small <)uanlily of DeKalb Hybrid Seed Corn on hand . . Let us know if you need seed corn. ' , ''.'•••'DI Jack Droke, who was until a few weeks .ago our simp foreman, writes thai he's in radio training school at the Naval Armory in Michigan City, Ind. Jack says he likes i(. ' -DI\Vc have just received a small shipment of Athens bush and bog disc harrows. Place your order now. TANK UP YOUR ALBUM DON-t HAVI IT nVCK HALfWAY ** » M» fi;iMrf »•"('

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