The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 8, 1934
Page 3
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I'.DAY, DECEMBER 8, 1934 kick's New "First Family" latest meloilramotlc mystery thriller, is scllodukil to .open at ,tlie Roxy (htaii-i- TiifSi'sy, Wi'dr.i-s- day and Thursday, with Wary Aslor and nirjmin Cr.tti r ticadins -.11 nil Mar ,-iif.L • Tlie piclim-'. on n sloiy Ralph P.Im'k nivl noi-is Mnlloy, .inn.'. llii> bio.iili.iaklng advr-n- lurcs ol n lift/ill of internalloiml je»vl i<ilib/>fs ulio plot in steal r.n nlrntt-it prkr-lrss f.f-t of dlanninds known nn the lOnr-tilnns, ,Thn diamonds are used by socnil service "pi'rativrs us a liar'c to cali'li a ijaiii; of jov,i>! thieves eom- Ijosed of iTiipfiadP. nr>hl?s. beautiful ildVMlllWy;! ADll l/lf-l) Ol SIlCll dftrliid uhd clwnijss that Oiey liavf in niitv.'ilttn; tlui oflit'ials. The famid Karcninas. the pri/w low of the Cciilhiciit, in tract th« alteiitlnii or rival i»r,njjs v.'how battles wiili each oil.NT and wish officers of tins l-'rnncli Surets result* in told blooded murders, killing", and ilt« wounding of .v-v- cral ollier.s. The thrilling adventures of ;\ cowboy seeking to gain levcmsc an the. mint who killed his father, and his exploiis al'tor joining Uie g'MVS o! nislleis lic«d«l by (lie murderer, are proseiued In " of tlie liivlde," :i Lone Star west!in which come;; lo llm .wren of the lloxy (lu-alev l-Yldny and R:it- John Wayne, who plays tho rolrt of 1'a\ Ilayden. a-eklns! to lind the murderer and also on the .search for his brother who was'separated Iran film at ttic time or life father's death, gives another excelle'il rlumiiHcrlHillon of the liniw.s nl ihn West. VIMI supporting cast inclitdtwVir- Ijlnia Hrnwii Kilie. Lloyd Wlili.- lock, Ocorgo Hayes, Ynkima on- null. Billy O'Brien,. Lafe Mr- Kcc Hlaekli- Whltefonl. Karl nv.'lii mil' Dick Dickinson. EARLY I Only 13 More Mofjping | Days Until Christmas forKiddies for Family l«ico's "first family," General t.n/.aro Curdcnas, liis wife, land son, Cuauhtemoc. General. Cardenas has jii-st been |:ed as president to serve a six-year term, during whldi |ction of the country's economic and educational situation attempted. He succeeded President Abelardo Rodriguez. NEXT WEEK \at Blythetiille's Theatres Battled Jungle Animals, But Gets Shot by Robher CLEVELAND. IUP) -Victorious in battles witli animals in India's jungles, Eugene C. Wright suffered a bullet wound in a gas station Moid-up here, Wright, once an oil v;orker in India's ol! fields, owns a station here. He was shot, in U, e arm and lag when lie attacked a robber' ".lust my luck," )i e said "w get jsliot up in a little gasoline station I IKVCC. got a scratch in the jungle." Wright said he once killed i 35-foot boa constrictor, hcl/jcd Jii's wife kill » tlwr. E KITZ Ahead,"- First Na-j\Vife," starring Sylvia Sidney with ness new comedy' romance, the Ritz Sunday and I with lale. Dick Powell .in tile •.ory*~']£*'ii' .fgiamoroiiS ! ro-' I,hu6 combines" "HilnrtoriJ • w i th melocii'aniatic •to which several cnlchy Innrnbei'S are'added. ' r '\: |inc I'lntehinsoii, fatuous on York and txmdon stage, er boft' on the screen in •lure, playing the lending role opposite Dick Powell. | ness Alieaii" is a sort ot story in .reverse!, al- the path of youiiB love IMI smooDi, ivhlch fur- loth comedy find'-drama. is an unusually • strong I supporting players, which besides lalliday, those mentioned, Allen Jenkins, linnelly, Marjoric Gateson, liordon and Mary Trcen, lonflicl between a daugh- |hcr parents who don't ap- thc man of her choice, a ncv.' and dramatic "Woman in the Dark," lomes to the Ritz Tuesday Jdnesday. "story ol dangerous i'D- Helen Ornnt, the dangli- liie town sheriff, is in love lihn Bradley, who' is on JJter serving a prison term It was Helen liginally got him into (he |at ended in his being sen- Grant, very much averse lighter's interest in Brad- unaware of her part in threatens the es-con- |-adley is postered with Hie girl until the arrival at Isc one night of the mys- 1 Louise Loring, n (never seen but who throws lupon his chivalry.. Bellamy -is excellent Nell O'Day portrays the Helen, and Riy Wray lidid as (he .beautiful IIHS Louise Loiiny. " and Idramalir. slory of revenge I'ivs into Reiiuine love is the I.IIR theme of "lieliold My Gene Raymond and coming Thursday and Friday to the Ritz. The story is concerned with Gcnc;.!;Rayniqml r s attempt to revenge'" himself 'oh *<his' tiUra-arislor.| crat-ic..-family. Driven • lo Mexico,: when his family's British Royalty Shown On New Canadian Bills OTTAWA, ont. (UP)-The likenesses of seven members ol the dians arc portrayed ^ Ncwl°" Canada's nciv^papcr ciirreiicy, to mcd-} fbe ™"<** sh ° rtl J' "y the newly- dling forces his sweetheart lo suicide, he. Ls wonndf-d and nursed back lo health "by Sylvia Sidney. She falls in love with her patient, and he prevails upon her lo him fam- many him nnd accompany back home, visualising his ily's horror wlisn they meet her. lie iK-'tr&ys. his real purpose to her: and tolls .her lliat he does nol love tier. Broken henrted and desperate, she runs away with another man. With her disappearance Raymond, realises-.that he 'really loves her. Urged by Ills family, who have hud a change of heait, he follow.? her lo Hie oler man only to home of tlie discover that lie has been killed and that, she has confessed lo his murder. In a dramatic and surprising climax, Miss Sidney is cleared r>i the charge of murder; she and Raymond admit their love to each other and go free for a happy life together. [formed Dank of Canada. The royal family likenesses |»r- trayed on • the new bills are King | Queen Mary, prince ol' Wales. Princess Mary, Princess EllialK-lh;- Duke of York :iml Duke of Gloucester. On the reverse arc l>°i.l m yed allegorical Hgures sym- gvtcullnrt, trnnsprtvl'i- 'Amateur Killer' And His Victim An unusual screen treat is in store at the Ritz tlie.ilcr in "Men of the Night," the Columbia film \vliich plays Saturday. "Men of the Night" concerns the experiences of u young, movie- struck girl in the, who by the stress of .circumstances, is forced into an embarrassing complicity with a gang of jewel thieves. The interest is heightened when a two-fisted, young rictcc- live takes a liking to the girl, but Is led lo believe that his nflec- tion Is being used by her to betray him lo the criminals. Bruce Cabot and Judith Allen, two of the more popular screen players, register convincing portrayals as the officer and the sus- ectcd accomplice. The balance of (he strong cust, Including Charles SiiWn, Word Bond, Arthur Kankin, Matthew Bctz and Mniclal Turner, prove more Hian ndoijtiitc lo their roles. lie coxy love rebellions against im- Imarriage tics are Import- llors in the current RKO- Itiyslery drama, "Dangerous I' coming lo the Roxy thea- Iday and Monday, •story revolves around a I' four partners in the pub- Ibusincss, a beautiful woman la trusted employee ol the li authoress and the wives I of the partners. Deeper !c common business and sol> 01 the group are unstis- love angles revealed only ne strange death of one of the firm, and the siul- •owning of another, more Sjesr after that death, lo h "'f, on'V half-truths lold by those concerned Itands the whole trutb ana gels It In a surprising way. finding that he, too, Is in Hie ring of guilty. Ths wife of Robert Clmfletd had had secret meetings with his brother, while the book reader secretly adored the same Robsrt Ciiatfild wliile openly keeping company with Charles Slanton, a bachelor In the firm, who wa.« protecting the gambling losses of anolhcr of the wives. Involved as are the hidden alliances In the daily lives of this Group, their mistakes yet arc worked out In the plot, and are somewhat atoned for. Virginia Bruce, Melvyn Douglas. Conrad Nagcl, and Ian Keith head tlie cast. "1 Am .1 Thief," Warner Dros. Tlio son of a federal district judge ond the son o( a prominent phyaician were principals in n stranso murder wliicli i.i expected to reveal amateur dabbling in crime and racketeering in Tulsa, Oldfi. Phillip )<<,„- natner, lop photo, was surrendered by |,| 3 heart-broken father, Judge Franklin E. Keu- iiamer, as a confessed killer ot John Gorrell, 2.?, below. 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