The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 8, 1934
Page 2
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PAGE TWO' LYTHEVllLE (AKK,) COUHiflt NEWS Social Calendar MONDAY'S EVi.Nl& Circles of W M U First IJtu- ilEl church 1, Mrs Walter Bishop, 2, Mrs.- Russell Fair; 3, nt tlio ciiurcli, W. M. S. First Methodist church having program meeting at tlie church, 2:30 p.m. The Ch-cle of the Woman's Auxiliary 61 the First Presbyterian church will mccl as follows til 2:30 p.m.: 1, wild Mrs. Chrute Bright: 2, with Mrs. J. r. Pride; 3, wllh Mrs. S, E. Vail. TUESDAY'S EVENTS Tuesday . Bridge club meeting tt-idi Afrs. Harry Klrby. Mrs. Murray Smart having Hie Young Matrons Bridge, club. Miss Winnie Virgil Turner having parly nt American Lesion li'.il, 8 p.m. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. \V. J. Wmxjcrllch havliis Wednesday Urlclgc club at country club. P. E. O. luncheon meeting :il home of Mrs. A. Conway. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs rui'scll Phillips having the Thursday Luncheon club at roun- (ry club. Mid-Week Bridge club meeting with Mrs. M. O. Usrey. Mrs. Carrol Blakemore having Thursday Contract club. U. D. - C. m ' ' ' ' of Mrs. j. S Walnut street Nut Cups of Candied Orange Peeling C. mectlnj at Ihc home ' "' Barnes, 1037 West .llaiulis, t'atlcfii Star Slembers lla\c Slipper Several state officers of Ihe Masonic lodge and order fo liic Xu( en/is like (hcsc, mudr froih MKK STREET METHODIST V, E. Chalfaiii^ Pastor Sunday Services: School, 9-45 a Hi. Worship, 10:60 a.- m. Sermon subject: "Tlie Purpose of the Bible." . Remember to bring your Biblo to church. Service at Lone Oak, 3:30 p. ,a. Young People's service 7:00 n m Church, 1:30 p. m. Sermon subject: "Launch Out." Undio-Devotional, Monday 10'3o in. over KLCN. Mld-Wcek Fellowship, Wednesday, 1:30 p. m. Mis. J, M. Murray and A. Church leaders. We arc boosting ihc use of lily- (hcvillc Scrip as a Christian \viiy to observe Chrlatriias. ' . . Busy times come willi these urc- days because jo litany 01 >is tiiust use lingers instead, of our head? mid money If we , «re lo remember all our friend wilii gifk, cvciu fiinnll ones Or course, the things n m t can In) niaclc in th 0 kitchen come nrst to my mind | IIH | 10 ., 0 , ( cm Star, the Rev. and Mrs. Al- 5'<>li can't do bctlir"ti)Hn \o °rm'k"e' frcd Carpenter, the nev. and Mra. Vo«r own right In your nmoiml Stuart II. Salmon mid the " "" '"'' ' .. ..... mid Mis w. V. Wtnnnck nn<l local ] t '« « cood Ihl.ig to uet your mcmbcis of the Eastern Star were s <-\> a specialty, l-'imve n frien sucsts of the local I' and A M f01 ' Instance ' sucsts of the local I', and A. M uss o e oca I', and A. M. 1 ' nsance who's maJtlii" on chapter 134 last evening for Ilio fliiiinllllcs of hut dips fron,° ciin- nillml rlilfiL- CIIHMH,. rrk.m~.. ... n .-» riirfl nvhnn'A i\. Al anunl duck 130 present. supper. There were B. Hunn of o.^eola, erand ' of (he grand lodge, J, W. , , . ens -,c Ihomns of Little nock,.Branrt sec- cost 1» infiitcsslhlal for [he bas- retaiy of Ihc ginnd lodge, Or. K6ts =>>'<: iiiatlo from a part of Urn Tucl.ei of Manet,tc, niitional grand frl1 "' "'? l iisuully j s wasted. ' lyler of. the Order of the" Eastern Slui, u S A, E. R. Begun of Ltijoia, riepulv grimd master of Arkansas, Mis Barnes of Lcjianto, district Biand lecturer, Mrs. E. R Bogan of Liixoru, associate gram! coiidi'cctress. initl Mrs. J. T. Alford of Blslhevillc, Former grand Mar- llm.'&jiokc briefly. The cnlcitalnmeiil was in cliureu of Mr. DC an who wlti, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas furiilEhcd music. ' And Bridegroom Uecn, Dancing Eva Nelson and Mnrto nmi New York city. They' went (o ini>»i..,wi io ~A.:..._. ...... si. Louis, today^rt the wpcK- enit 1th Mr, BaViicttc's , mother nnd sister. Harmon Robinson underwent an operation loday nt, tlio Memphis Baptist liospital for appendicitis ills mother, Mrs. Edwin Robinson and his uncle, Marvin Robinson Colhei onto talned 18 coiiples with a shower party Thursday evening nt the Colllci home in compliment to Mr and Mis Harold Wright Uie latter Ihc former Miss Marie , = enjoyed throughout. Iho evening before the serving of refreshments; o a $ Kcd rc'pp6r>Clu!i letcs Footbjll Boys " Members of Ihis .year's football Icaiu of the .city high school, several leathers, John Holland and J P. Friend, were guests of the Red Pepper club for a dinner lit the country club last evening. 'Hie 62 present were served n three couisc menu at n table nr- langcd in "U' shape In lh c ball loom The red arid white color moliff \vas used. For (he informal program a mock football game had been ar- iPiiseci i» Miss Mary Spain Vsrcy was Ihe referee. Brief talks were made bj these: "Kick-oft," MIES Usrcy, ' Receiver,' 1 j. vv. Pur- flt, Tncllc," John Burns; "Covering n Pass,' Basil Locke; "Playing the Bail' Hershel Mosley "interference." Dick Tipton; "Bnck- ng the Line," Eddie Saliba; "Center, "Robert Baxter. "In Apprecia tlon was - •- - he, coach verc N Reichcl «•*"> -ere hi Memphis Th,^ {XT^^^* > Mrs. Hunter C. Sims nnd Mrs J.!" 11 . ""<'. Wikiberg \von htc I>uir . was gnen by Carney Las- The "cheer leaders" OtFici . l.iiks were made by . ae y W U. McCluikm., rtosa M. Jhlrdy. MJSI, Luna B. Williclm, cluu siiunwr, John Holland, Murray Hafrls, nay Larkin, Charles Brug- don and J. p. Friend., It \ios .viinounccil (hat DicV rip on i.. t | been named captain of the 193 0 team with Hcrshcl Mosley as allerratc. Murray Harris and J. W Purllc were named honorary captains for the 1831 Mason a. Individual "captains' were U«ed for each game. Dtu Ing the evening music 'was furnished bj Miss Vanela Sasc ' * * . • tlm« ooil Aisocljlion Jkcls Mrs,. OIU, Bradbury cmcrloincd Cemetery A.ssoclatioii • with luncheon inceUng a'tVi,(* tomilrv ST.ILW "!iS::.^ -™* . this *n i * J1 ° .- luit mdcting of the ; ycAr V erc' *nies A. B Holland; Leslie Mooic "-- 1 • ' - • -' J. Wile, and Mn>. J. A. Luckctl and Mrs Earl Potter^ of Dell. • vxl^fi^ brl *' r^SSo^fff^ SVr^^o Sot ^UT^rfCArio .heads of famnnik'. Am ftT .t rtaMB «».„*.- .u.,- .. r ' "v ^-m io 9 >»"• »• wvAnrtt UL * AU 4. • ( ,nead3 of famousj Americana. private , l-'imve n friend Instance who's maJtlii" ° cilcd orange fuel. Sets of loiir or tight Iii varied olors tire channinj ^ cspcdal- thc Rficlpe /or cut [iceJ from four or Bits oj Mostly Persoiial Mr. aiul Mrs. W. T.' Barnolle arrived lionic ycstei'rtiiy from three weeks spent in Chicago, Detroit arc with him. Miss A(in DiiimvAitt ra siB, Ji st as If you ,vcic paring mi np - pic cover j,cel with Vviitcr h eh .1 teaspoon snll has bee . as een atltctl. Bring (o the boiling point mid simmer :io minutes. Drain Cover wllh frcdi «,iier ami boil 'i.""' l«cl Is lender, about half s\ri, 10l "',v t ", kl '' B l ' nrc " ot to """* stiips. Drain agiiin. Use two sauce puns and ( ,i,(. i cup inicl 1-2 oii]i wulef in Bl'lng (o Hi,, boiling point and add green vcgcluble colwlng vA*M ll n b ' ltcl1 of Ii> ' rlll> :lml ' r *<* Vegetable, coloring lu ( | lc olh j.. r TOlch Divide peel and aild half ,nl]i"»'ru^ t!C - , Blm " ltr •*»'*> iiiivji hyiuj) ]j; Dpfjijy HUsorbrc) rift out of syrup onto oiled paper ind let cool a f cw minuses, As soon as ceo enough lo Handle, shape she wariu iieti |j,(6 roseblootii cuiH Vrcislug (he petals down olio small wliitc card-board bases - . covered with soinc of tlio' syrup in which n lc p cc , VV(ls cook . -.-_ ...,.„,, MVIIU, IIIQ inov I" Place, use the pink timed i4l for. flower cehtei and the V™ l>eel for leaves al the base of the I'ccl Should Be u ols f Success in making these cln, jlos in Having peel moist H |th syrui) which nol onh sticks HIL S?. «*«!'»» Ml makes UICIH plfable and easily shaped In planning a set of i meet col era. it miiy help (0 (i to know thai the uncolorcd peel make i lo\el praiiec-tiiited lose Grnpefiuit peel makes a delicate \ello\\ lost, oil, or vegetable c'ploimgs may be used for other shades nnd the nlnk:, •Another doiic ous v, u to use the »l«ps of ouldu-d we. Is to '« hem in Mciidoi pieces about, two Indies long and dip in coating t'hocblsKc, usliit cither bitter I sweet chocolate 01 a uimbuiatioi That Extra Trick Necessar, for Top Score in Tournamentfe HES 3KCOND BAPTIST CIIUKCII West Muhi at 18lh SI. .1. T. Rfnfro, Pastor Phone 724-W liiWc School, 10: A. M. Begun, Supl. Sermon by liic pastor, )!• A M, 6: P. M. , ; Sermon by (he pastor, 7: P. M. W.M.S., Monday. 3; p. M. W ju, Mrs. J. C. Harnish. Mid-week meeting, Wednesday 7:30 P. M. FIRST BAPTIST (JI1UKCH Walnul and Ei&hlh Alfred Carpenter, Pastor Sunday: 0:45, Bible School, A J. Ilolley, Supl. 10:46 A. M. Morning Worship, Sermon topic, "Desired ol the im- tions," 0:30 A. M., Training School, Miss lima Wilholm, Director. 7:30 P. M., Preaching Service, lopie- "Why Christ was made flesh. Wednesday: 7:30 !>. M.. Unified AFId-iveek service. Monday: 2:30 P. M., Womani Missionary Society. riiisi METHODIST onijitcii • W. V. Womack, Paslor Church School, 9:45 n. m. Morning Worship, 10:55 a. m Si-mum subject, "Why The Ef Leagues al (i:45 p. in. Evening Worship, 7:30 ]>. m Subject, "Craving the Whole 01 Life." Visitors welcome to nil (he services. Rift in Romanes, Hollywood Colls ry Solution to Previous Contract Pfoblem rii- Mi. . • Sccrclary, American Bridge l.cagiit I wo Cinciiinali boys win i mv e n tough Job on their hands at the National Contract Championship Tournament, because- Ihcy win have (wo coveted lilies to defend .lie National Open Contract Pair Championship and : ' •* National •--•^iK^^^-STtihjrit Mrs. Hunter C. Sims and Mrs w. J. Wundcrllbh were in Memphis Thursday. Mrs. Abncr Driver jr., of Osceola, was Ihc guest, of her mother yesterday. Before her recent mar- I'tagc Mrs. Driver was Miss Georgia. Mosley. Mrs. Mablc McKay relumed Friday from st. Louis where, will, Parker Nichols of CariithersVillc she had accompanied Mrs. H. Me-' :r In ...... ..>IM.JI,>£ 1VUU IUL Championship last December m CincinmUi and. with their teammates, Philip „„,) Albert stcincr they won Uie Tcam-of-Four lille' Hull is n keen player, «s is well demonstrated In today'.; hand on milch he makes-five" hearts, Bear in mind that in champion- ?onuict''rr,' ts , j " st mn!cills your " IC ace ° r llcl "' ts from (Ul »miy conimct is not always enough. If " •- •• - • J Today's Conduct 1'roblcni KiSutli Is^plasiiiE (ho f)n Iract fit six spades W(.st ojVbris the ijiieon ot dUhiotidi How Would jou plai the fund l<> uUKo Uie cotitfact? A Q.! a 4 :i V A.I i<) S ii ^ Nono + A Q 10 Solution iii next issim fiVe ' 3 ' 011 ' u Now returned a small club kin Teachers of Agriculture to Meet Here Saturday .Eastern Arkansas vocational iw- riculturc teachers will ho],) ( , group conference at Blylhevillc Saturday, December 15, according 10 an nmiouncomciit by a I oll° ' ^ nltl ,'-""el>es insn-ueio,- nt cvillc high school Plum will te „„„„, (or ,5,35 vilics of the Future rarmcrs of iicrlw. instructors who will al- n f llllc ™ lf < ;rc «o "I- Blylhuvlllc nclucle tlslncr Bcnll. Wilson- '; ,, M T ', l)ol " cr; Ml "''"" rt " ! "»s. l) cite; ii lly wintinore. Dell; K. Walker Reeves. Kciser. ,,nd 'ihnorc. ..! • •••"•" "'•"• "I'uncu Ulc HVi! (if clute^Jlnll could easily see that. Abbey Theater Players ;. • '^n U, S. Tour nig. liraaclwiiy audiences will,'' their rciwtolrc, whlcli goes trom hilar- «age antics to^turk i>lcrcii: B '•' Theater flavors if Ihc club n . —."«"v*j t-iauriuiucc ^"e uiuica Slates CenieC^oclti^ •*?* I^WS ^'^. ^ ^ , y w to 00 cities in 25 states .ome nc»; |»i ays W |«tcd ff om n le ^^&^sS, fe"ST(,-' B i.I&«^S; ,->4 MI.H, liicy ^Vi their nectar straight. Imllm. ,.,..! '•••••- ","" "' "•' junu •••••I." »u;i will! 1110 Kill" L ici make the extra trick or you tlropping North's (|ucen. East bc- oin srnr),™ U my low " llltch i-" °" 1 ° r tni 'niK.' discarded ; iraini score. , [diamond. The I'liiy j West returned the king o! When E-.HI opened Ulc llvi! of \* tstacs - whlcl1 i(1111 «'on with (h< "'- " "™- N( w lie led a snmll (tlamoild winnuif in dummy with the kiu<* played Ihc lack of clubs and discarded the losing spade. Tlic lei'1 oi clubs was now cashed and the losing diamond discarded. Now Hall spread uie hand and I allowed West to. make his kin" or hCiirUs, but by refusing | 0 !„,.„ eider the club or heart lincwc full made live odd on tliu h'md for the lop score. It a small spade tc're u|icn«| MIC dec hirer would | mVE lo nllow West K Q r, K 7 4 •' !' 5 + K '•' s i; i A A S v i ii ii s i 4 .'. I :i *Q7 W N S Ucile .1 :> 5 i * Q \d .S T Swill, ' + V A H> T V A Q,( i; » K i; * A .1 i o n 2 l>li|ilk-iil>.-—All vul. il'c>r \oiifi f |'i.«H I V , 1 "as I v i , •--...„ unit, iv, tlu lu huld the trick with the cmccii iind when West returned the spade' tie hand , mlst be .stripped of diamonds, the ncc of hearts cashed Iind West put Into the lend wltl . He kinc ol lu-iirls, which force, him lo lead u c lub. failed, n club , n cu (night lit- rulfcd nnd that he might ras y lose a spade and n heart:. jialls first. play WHS lo refuse Hie and go right up wilu the . Some players n ,i B li(. make Uie nlstako of returning to their hand ' ' , r ' to c . '!! ll!sse - B ." L »"» G«vc up Ihc " 1 ''ncssc inicl Immediately led Roiitliliick (Jiiiis .(nil NOIITH ADAMS. Mass. ilJPi Nicholas Dclucgro has .shlncd His last shoe. On a rccCnl Saturday night, h c shut the doors ol iii s s t. 0 p aiiil went iut orctircmcnl ,\ i, 00( ; Wiwk for 37 years, he imi , )uen ul Ihc same locailon since JOM. Nallvc s ~Miir| 1 racl1ce~ sys ,|, nN ;£ed exchange or wives in Tahiti. or tlic l-Tciicli society Is A. KYIi, [{AH, iNOHK ami THKOAT CLASSES .FITTED O,' Ingratu.; I i'honu'-Jt'o i C.'oriK-r Main's (••i 1 -- l i I'hniit; '.jfi5 FIKST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Sixth sutf Mahi 1. Knimelt Bu((cf»or(n, Minister Uiblc School, 9:45 A. M M T Moon, Superintendent,. Object Ireson by minister: "Three inci) tied in a church." Worship and sermon al n A M Sermon: "Five P's in a p oc i ••, . bvaugciisllc service lit 6 P M Church niglu and Bible study icrvicc, Wednesday, u:30 to 8:15 Ii. J. Klciniliciisl, I'aslor Sunday-school, 0 n. m Morning Sen-ice, io ;i . ,„ iiice of tlic Word of God in Jeremiah's Life." _ Bible, 5:3(f p. m ' Evening Worship, ? :3 o p m Al Scnnon theme: "riocg-s Betray. wi n^SS?^ ,;;-[::* iii^tritclibi) clrtss jnccis Wotirfiv and Wednesday. 3:30 p. m. Adult class on Hible Pimdamcn- (als mecls Friday, 7 p m . "Come Hum with us and we will do tlicc eood." Num. 10, 29. 3illtlSTIAN SCiE\CE SOCJETV •'pod Ihe Only Cause and Creator is (he subject of the Lesson- Sermon whfcli will be read in ail .Weridy Barrle, Irish .movlo actress, Is resllrie arid playing In Hollywood—i>ud waiting, too. For her reported .rpmanta witli ^Voolworth Dohohiid, heir to dliiio Bloro miilioiis and a. cousin of Barbafa (futton Mdfvaril, haa struck objections In tbe form oi .goribiiue'a mother, who sayi tbey^ra too young to wed. Cliurclies of Ohrisl, Scientist, Su;i- day monilng lit U o'clock. The Golden Text is: "The Lord he Is the true God ; he is the living Ctorl, an everlasting King:Hc Imth made the earth by his power,- he hath establisiwd the world by his wisdom, and hath stretched out the heavens:by liis discretion" (Jeremiah 10:10, 13) Among (lie citations from tlie Bible winch comprise the LCSEOII- Sermon is the following:' "For in him, we live, and move, and have our being" (Acts 17:28). The LcssomSermon will also include the following paesaic from tlic Christian ;ScIenec textbook, 'Science and Health''win,. Key 16 the Scriptures," by Mary Daker Eddy. "There is but one creator and creation. This creation consists of the unfolding of spiriluil ideas and their identities, which are embraced in Ihe infinite Mind and forever ..reflected"' (pp. ' 502, 503). A Christian Science message is broiitfcnst, every Wednesday ;il 10:30 a.m. ovci- KLCN. FIKSt. I'UESBVTDRIAN UllUUCH S. H. Salmon, Pastor" Sunday Church School, 3:45 am Morning: Worship, 11:00 a. m Sermon Subject, "The Redeemer' The Sin Bearing Servant," Young People of the ' Church :M p. m. , Evening Service, 7:3o p m Sermon Subject "Across Barriers' Comes Ood's Work," Son Celebrated licr High SSass BOSTON. (UP)-A solemn liigl nuss ot requleni at tho Church o he Sacred Hft'arl, East Boston fo "Vfrs. Elizabeth-Crawford, was cele Jratcd by her soi!, the Very William R. Crawford, S.J. Today's Markets Stock Prices NEW roftK, 'Dec. 8 (UP) Stocks sagged In today's short! session wllh volume small. Some ' losses amounted to' one' or two jwlnls bin m' / n majority or Instances they were -fractional ' mate 07,000 bale's 16 0,731,000, which wus about !u line -w|th •CK|iecli>. lions today mid uidctflcc'd 116 effect on the coltoh''fiiiirKcT.' i Pi:'.i>.B5- closed four' to six [joints' hljljci 1 with December at 1240 and 'March ' ' ' ' A. T. and T. ...,;' Anaconda Copjjer Belli. Steel ..;.; Chrysler ..... ,,. Cities Service . . Coca coin ____ ecu. Am. Tank 100 111-2 30 3-4 ' 39 5-8 .11-2 159 1-2 ...... 37 1 -2 ------ ...... Gen, Electric ...... 20 1-8 Gen. Motors ...... Jut. Harvester '. ... Montgomery Ward N. v. central ... Packard ...... " Pet. .:'," ... Spots closed steady al 1277,; i|'p Simmons Beds ... Standard or. N. J. Texas Co. ' U. R. Steel'",'.'.'.'.'. McKeSEon-Robbins Zonite ,.....,.. u. S. Smelling".'.'.' 32 3 39 1-8 29 1-2 22 : •• 43-8 15 • - '' Ii 1-2 10 7-8 •n 'i\ 1-8. 38 . 9 Dec Afay Chicaao Wheat open higi, j ow closa 1017-8 102 1-4 101 3-8 101 1-2 1033-4 104 102 7-6 103 Chicago Corn open hi 8 |, i ow closc Dec. 94 3-8 31 1.2 <J 2 3-4 !)2 7-8 May 91 1-2 91 5-8 89 3-4 90 Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 0, (UP)-Cotton closed steady. o'i>eii high IQ, ^ ec 1244 1245 1244 ~ia« J!in 124U 1252 1S« 1247 ^ ar 1253 1258 1352 1254 "*-'' '25'' '2S7 1253 1254 J"'y ••-... 1240 1251 1248 12« UCl ....;. 1534 IXJ7 1222 , 2 ;, 3 DCC .;.: Jan .... Mar .... May ;;.'. July ...•: Get open ' higli low close . 1S41 1247 12M '1210 .1246 1249 1245 '1240 . 1252 1257 1252 1257 . 1258 1259 1254 1250 : 1250 1253 1250 125 1223 1227 1223 '1227 Chicken thieves Busy South of BlytHeville Au epidemic of chicken thievery ins cost, residents of Ihc commmi- ity soiilh ;of ; . Blythcvillc . along Highway 61- several hundreds birds, accord^;;' fo : Lee • McMurlry,. who ™ '' elwlecl 'i» c •• !t*s lii °" l ' orills nockof Marauders smashed leeks oh his tint £ Mr M8 ""«*r mat they may have chloroform or som^hlng m the he,, house tefoic The niimbci of buds taken in recent •.«<:<.!* Is rcgaided itb proof lhat an o.ganhcd band of thieves is ill ivork . Soinc Russian Caueaswils consider stealing a rchgioui obll KR tioii Neie Orleans Lofton NEW ORLEANS? Dec. K. (UP) ' raised its esti- TEXA JOYNER& BONIFIELD 'i'KXACO I'ilODlJCTS Saturday Only Mad'nce 2:30 2r )C IF , FORGOTTEN HOW /, " Then this grond «n- ; ' lu briny you n Koul Aijlu Radio A (lift for Hit . Entire, Kumlly PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ANi) 111 QUICK SERVICE STATION ROXY Last Time Today Matinee £ Nighl—iOc - 25 Bruce Cabot Judith Allen H. B. Wanier in 'NIGHT ALARM' SERIAL - - CAUTOON Sunday • Monday ONE DROP HAS BEEN KNOWN TO KIUJ _. , '' •:-.K\ ff, "»wil /DOUOIAJ- ;>.• (««IN 0-ttl(M..MOOillj IA'NMIIH' "Dunihi'll Lctlcrs" THOMAS MflGHAN , JACKIE SEARL o. ?:; PEGGIE r Dorothy Peterson SERIAL - - CARTOON Sunday - Monday MATINEE & NITE—l6^35 A N [ W S T A fi DIS C 0_V [ B YI 5 SO.NG HITS 1 • 7-STAH CAST: RIOTOUS.FPN' CJnuc U\cn(s of the Day

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