The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1955
Page 3
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 34, 19M BtYTHfTlLL* (ARK.) COUBIER NEWS PACK THREE Latest Report on Ike Leaves GOP Up a Tree By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican party and its would-be presidents are up a tree until Jan. 1 unless before then President Eisenhower says he won't run again. Over the weekend, Dr. Paul Dudley White, the Boston Heart specialist directing Eisenhower's convalescence, said it can't be determined for another two or three months whether his patient has fully recovered. Bwt a full recovery doesn't mean Eisenhower will try for re-electfor in 1956. It would seem unlikely, bavins had one serious heart ta- tack, that he would seelf another four years in the White House It'* generally assumed Eisenhower won't run. Yet, until he says something one way or the other the Republican hopefuls who would like to fill his shoes someday can hardly publicly proclaim their candidacy. That means time lost in building their fences and lining up delegates ,to nyct summer's Republican convention. Switch of Plans At the same time the Republican .National Committee, which has to plan for the convention, will have to switch some of it: plans and much of its thinking if Eisenhower doesn't run. Until Eisenhower's heart attack in September, the Republicans were building their hopes around Eisenhower's running. He was their main hope of winning. Apparently he still is, if not person at least by proxy. Judging from their current statements. Republicans seem to think terms of running on Eisenhower's record if he himself can't run. Goodwin Knight, California's Republican governor and himself a possible candidate for president, acknowledged last night in the Meet the Press • TV program there's been a lot of confusion in Republican ranks. Must Mark Time So until Eisenhower finally says yes or no about running again, the party and its still unannounced candidates must mark time and gnaw their fingernails. They're all in a state of suspension now. Eisenhower knows this. And he has probably made up his mind not to run. But saying so is a matter of timing. His energies have been so restricted by his doctors he has had little time, if any, for 'political discussions. He'R need time to talk things over with his advisers and the party's top politicians because of the effect of his announcement-r- Jf it's not to --un—on his party and its candidates. The big gulf that separates the thinking of some of the top Republicans, on both foreign and mestic problems, could split the party wide open before the convention unless some way is found to prevent a split. Eisenhower may try to find that way before stepping out of the picture. For that reason, in order "to have time for reflection and consultation, he may wait until January or early February before announcing his decision. MOVABLE BRIpCEVVORK—Looking like a giant jackknife. an A.V.L. mobile bridge is lowered into place to span a ditch at the U-S. Army's Baumholder training area in Germany Watching the demonstration are visiting Turkish and British officers. Southpaws Made, Not Born, Texas School Man Believes Eidom Critically Hurt in Wreck SAN ANTONIO, Tex., WP) — Frank Eidom, 23, former Southern Methodist University football star, was reported in critical condition with a skull fracture at Brooke Army Medical, Centor after an auto, crash near Gonzales, Tex., yesterday. Police a Gonzales said Eidom ap- parenly fell asleep a the wheel and hit a tree alongside Highway 90 about 25 miles northeast of Console*. Eidom, now in the Army was alone. In 1954, his senior ycart that saw him play the greatest game of his career against Arkansas, Eidom was named All-Southwest Conference. DALLAS, Tex. I'/Pt—A school man said today that a three-year survey convinced him that, contrary to popular belief, southpaws get that way in their first few months of life. "Left-handed ness positively is not inherited, us most people think," said H M. Wiley, president of Wheeler County, Tex., School Board. Wiley has interviewed 17,662 pupils in the schools of Amarillo and other Texas cities. He says left-handedness rises during war and depression years because "times of tension bring neglect in the training of children." "Mothers should begin teaching right-handedness from the day a baby can grasp a toy." It's A Handicap A southpaw himself, Wiley says he hopes to reduce left-handedness because it "handicaps a person throughout life." "That's because we live in a right- handed culture — tools, machinery, instrument boards, scissors, pencil Bladder'Weakness' If worried by "Bladder Weakness" [Oettinc Up NlRhts (too frequent, burning <"• Itching urlncitlon) or Strong. Cloudy Urine] due to common Kidney and Bladder Irritations try CYSTEX for quick, gratifying. comforting help. A billion CYSTEX tablets used In past 25 years prove safety nnd success. Ask druggist for CYSTEX under money-back guarantee. See now much better you feel tomorrow. sharpeners and other devices," he said. When he began his survey, he was insured that left-handedness is covered by Mendel's laws of inheritance and remains fixed at 5 per cent—a. percentage, established some 40 years ago in surveys by psychologist June Etta Downey. But, he said, he found that 1,654 persons, or 9 per cent of those he surveyed, are left-handed: He also found that 562 persons born from 1922 to 1928 in the group are left- handed. . "Our country never had a more tranquil period than this period/ he said. "Parents gave their babies more ana aeuer attention then." Of the 297 born during the peak depression year of 1932, 12 per cent, were left-handed, he said. ROK Voices New Demand For Unification SEOUL (fl>) — Sou* Kore» com memorated the 10th United Na. tions Day today with a renewed bid for unification of the divided peninsul* at the earliest possible date. "We demand unification of Korea and re-emphasize that It should not be delayed any longer from the standpoint of our survival, the U. N. Association of Korea declared in a resolution to the U. N. General Assembly. President Syngman Rhee paid tribute to the Allied dead of the Korean War In a message: "Real peace will come to the world if the men buried here are not forgotten." Gen. I. D. White, commander of the U. S. 8th Army in Korea, told the anniversary crowd of more than 2,000 in Seoul: "The victory is not secure so long as there remain those who would enslave their fellowmen." Red's Elephant Hero in Zoo BERLIN W 1 )— Visitors to the Warsaw zoo now can feed candy to a Red veteran decorated in the Indochina battle of Dicn Blen Phu. The hero is Jasio, a big elephant donated by the Communist Vietminh government of North Viet Nam. "During the famous battle of Dien Bien Phu, he carried weapons, ammunition and food under a hail of enemy bullets to advanced lines." the East German news service ADN summed up Jasio's combat activities. WANTED: eyes and ears Because of its (imitations, radar is not enough to safeguard this country from a sneak air attack. For complete vigilance, the eyes and ears of civilian volunteer plane spotters are needed in the Ground Observer Corps. Join today and help protect your nation and your community. Contact Civil Defense. Wake Up! Sign Up! Look Up! JOIN TUB GROUND OBSERVER CORPS Callorwrite Civil Defense Blytheville's Skywatch chairman is Roy Moore. This ad run as public service by Ttie Ulytnevilli' Courier News Siamese Twins In Wisconsin MADISON, Wis. (ff> — Siamese twin girls were born yesterday at Madison General Hospital to a 36- year-old Dane County woman. The girls are Joined at the abdomen, but apparently are normal In all other respects. The physician, who would not reveal tho natrw of the parents, liuld it would tako four or five days study to determine what might be done surgically to separate the girls. The parents have one other child, the physician said. Both the mother and twins are reported in good condition. Nebraska has about 4,0 n o,000 head of cattle. WE GIVE YOU TRAD-IN FOR ANY OLD WATCH SOAOO 20 Got on old-fashioned STEM- Setitlhyetit! It's AUTOMATIC! And See HowYw Save! Regular - $49.95 Less Trade-in $20.00 You $nQ95* Pay only [^J $1 a Week VISIT OUR CLOCK AND GIFT DEPT. 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Just one of these wonderfully strengthening cjpsulcs give you the full vitamin and iron content nature provide. m tlw following groups of foods befor.mooting: I ^0.1 >f Hltnriild mi* Vi »• « I"" 4 ... •< lr«i* ™>j« !•'<• . lib. M""" V, h. «f l«n !».«, '/, Ib. rf b^ I/! Ib. ny for fmnf . Valve hi Hi * <*•• BEXEL JfHUl MIM»I« ' »ro««««)WTi*tiH .-.««««• MIJ«»tl Woods Drug Store 121 W. Mam Phone S-4507 Smart new line* in black glove-grain leather Correct «9ttrmsiii Style artly different shoe, designed to th a blue or grey suit, is one of the nd he.~t reasons for Jarmnn's ity. You'll have to .-ee itir. shop eciate f"ll\ it? M-tip stylin:; and iti nicircd jrlme-jiriiiii leather. You'll israr a |>;ur to know what gentle it proude?. Come see us soon. „ : POST teen '. and i» : ESQUIRE TOVI FRIfNDtT IWOf tTORf THE PRICE OF THE UNPRICEABLE... Water is beyond price, yot at intervals you get a water hill. Water is free, yet someone has fixed a clolar and cents value on nature's unpriceable Rift. By what right? Go out into the country and you'll find the farmer getting all (he water he wants, merely for the effort of digging a well and working a pump. He gets no water bill. Go up into the unspoiled mountains, dip your cup in a bubbling spring and drink your fill. Bring home a few barrels full. No one will impose any charge for what you take. Go down to the nearest river bank. Fill as many buckets as you can haul away. You won't have to pay a cent for their contents. Or the next time it rains, put out tubs and basins. Or do as they do in Bermuda: make your entire roof a collecting system leading to a cistern. No meter will register payments due. But ask the farmer what it cost to dig his well and how much energy is consumed in operating it. Figure the expense ol your trip to the mountains, not forgetting the price of the barrels. Compute the value—of the time consumed in hauling river water, adding the doctor's bills in case you fail to boil it before using. And compare the amount of water you obtain with the cost of installing and mtaintaining a Bermuda-type roof collection system. Waer is free to all. But it isn't always available whore people want it in a condition safe for them to use. It's the water works' job to lake over the task of collecting water, transporting water and making sure tha he waer delivered is safe for human consumpion and suitable for human use, 21 hours a day, .'ih'.i days a year. And that's what you pay for when you pay jour water bill. Blytheville Water Co. "Water It Your Cheapest Commodity" INVENTORY REDUCTION DISCOUNTS UP TO -ON- Frigidaire Refrigerators, Ranges, Freezers, Washers, Dryers, Water Heaters FRIGIDAIRE 20 Cu. Ft. 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