The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, March 10, 1937
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VOL. XXXIII—NO. 304 ' BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS •v- <w, Blythevllle Courier Blylhevllle Dally nin^fli.m,, tr n ~«i,i *fi (._ J N^A^^oPjrojvT^ s ^ RKANSAS - AND BOimiEA9T MIS80UHI "ARKANSAS, WKDNRSDAY, JIAHCH 10, 1037" SINGLE COPIES PIVN CENTS Contracts Will Be Awarded at Once if Proposals Arc Satisfactory 'flic Sikeslon Ensiiicerin» anil l.'niistnictioij (Jo. of; Nikcslcn, •Mix. lias ten awarded (he KCM- <?ral (outran for the Itii-e-Sli.v factory liuildiue, it n-as aiiriouiic- ''il l>v B. A. Ij-nrh shortly aflcr 3 o'clock this afternoon. Award of the contract, Mr. Lynch said, was made rnntlneenf upon coi- Icciion or all pledges lo the factory fund. Successful bidders on the factory building which 'BlytMsville is Ip erect for the use of tlie nice-Slix Dry Goods Co., will probably be announced late this afternoon. J. Mf!l Brooks, secretary of the Blythevilie industrial Association, Inc., said at noon today. Tlie .ten members of the association, which OTIS organized to handle (he factory uroject in behalf of citizens who subscribed the $70,000 fund with which the building is to te erected, spent two hours this morning examining bids. , They took a recess a' 12 o'clock and reconvened at 2 o'clock to continue their work. Eight bids were submitted on the general contract, Mr. Brookr said, and about the same number on separate contracts for the installation of heating and automatic sprinkler systems. While the lowest and-best bids JIM not. been determined prior to the reconvening of the asso- . cialion this afternoon it was ap- . parent that the $10.000 subscribe foi- Ihe erection of tlie buijdin •would no ' more than cover iL- cost. ! • - • ... .i,^' \ meeting ia'st' "Wit'' mern- oeis or the association. examined the situation-with respect to collection of pledges and decided' IhV it was_s_,nch as ito permit Ihunccrt- ate-. award; ot.vcontracts for th"e building;, provided; t hc bids-opened. 1 !,,today Iprovjd' satisfactory -ft * i ' 1 ;,. l ? e 'n<?fes$ary, however,-to collect -In -fullijair .subscriptions 1 .' whicl ,$120,000 Allotted for Dyess Power Project WASHINGTON — Tlie Hural Electrification Administration advised Senator Caraway Tuesday llial $120,000 had been 'allotted for construction of «. power plant and lines in Mississippi county, Arkansas. The project will serve 542 farm honies, the majority of them in Dyess Colony, rural rehabilitation project. Estimates Include $50000 for construction of 43 mile's of rural lines, and $70,000 for u generating plant. PENS JUDICIARY PLAN IJEARli W ONCOIIIL Mayoral Candidate's Resignation as Alderman Is Accepted Marion mayor at Williams, candidate for ths April election, for- : ii - T( A^''-Lynch,- chairman i'of the Chalnber,-,,pf;:;cbiiunerce iiidustriai committee,'--which sponsored -the factory undertaking, is -presideiil of , Ihe-Blythevilie Industrial Association, Inc. Other members besides Mr. Brooks, are J. A Leech George Hubbard, Joe Isaacs' Richard jiedcl, c. S. Lemons, Hu»h' Harbert,. Rupert Crafton and Jesse Taylor, attorney for the association..' All were present day's sessions. ' • I'UT€LS. YOU BY BOB BURNS __ The real value of a thinj entirely depends on how much we want it. We all have a lot of things we jest take for granted because they've always been there. We'd appreciate em a lot more if we'd jest stop every once i,, a wh .. e and t (o fl T^' 0 .', 1 ' 1 th "'^rld we'd do if we didn't have 'em. n^'w"^!," 16 - Winter tl)at we ltad •i. . 5 lmrd dow " 1:o «' c - Snow piled up to the second story windows. Everbo dows. Everybody o t th ' d marooned in ° sil >' t hls ore Th " W " ow ot hls store There wasn't nothin' but a f c U r S ' 10 , W Q V ar " «w eye could ff ± , Not af sign of life - Sitdden- I>. on top of the 1)111, w ],ere Main Street dips down to Lick skUleFlie saw snow flyin' up In the air/ It kept gcttin' closer and closer On down the middle or Main street came this flurry of snow salim- up into the air. up Finally It reached undcrncath-mv uncle's window and lie couW lean out nnd st:e what it was. It was a nttie old man with n lon» Kn v "card, shovelin' a trench. My uncle says "Where in the world did sou come from?" The little old man sl> ys "I dug my way here from forty miles back in the mountains." iy uncle says -Yon miist be des- c to dig your way all this dis- ti m t , 1 j rou B l1 lhe sn°»'-" And tlie ""I* old man says "Yes Sir, we've out-of nutmeg for two weeks.-" )M7 Estialre Fo.iturcs . .inc.' : - •- .»!*.•» tici-uuji, iu]-- mally tendered his resignation as flrst. ward alderman at the re-Miter monthly meeting of the city council last liight. His resignation was accepted by resolution of the Council and a proclamation was or- aered prepared for a special etec ( ion to mi the aldermanic vacancy to be held concurrently with the jeneral municipal election April a Mr. Williams informally announced some time ago that he would resign the office of alder- nan. Acting on his statement and allU «P»tln g his resignation two candidates had already announced they would make the race to fill out Williams' iiuexp'ired term of Charley Corey, operator of a beer garden ai Railroad and Ash streets appeared before the council to make a iSei-sorial'. plea that the city de- ast. ii| ..actions, designed to close his pli ce of business or > at least prevent sale of beer there. Corey said - that happenings 'along R road street, whicli aram&il council; to action - to close be e the blockTcSijld-'nbt him and asked for a • • ' Lewis Forces Move to Build Rival National Labor Organization DF/HIOIT, Mar. 10 (UP)_ Chrysler Corporation today you'ghl to remove approximately C.OOO sit. down strikers from nine plants when its attorneys filed u petition for an Injunction B'lth Circuit JucW Allen KimlKill. WASHINGTON, —The Committee Mar. for 10 (Ul=) .remained' sllenr but informed Corey that ' alread >' "»de its . -:'"'.? .places. action iiivolvm Corey is no !i' Railroad street 'beer ', municipal without d places have court. Tor selling-'- 1 beer permit. ,f«- 0 : other been closed. /The monthly .reports of the rtc Partmeiital heads of the municiml idministrntio:,. ivere rcceived P New York Cotton NEW Gotten closed .steady. open hii'h " ar - -.;.... 1412 1429 MR y 1374 1391 ""? ...... 1364 1378 Oct - ...... 1318 1334 ..... 1311 1325 Ian 1314 132G .,„. (up |_ VWL. low 1411 1373 1364 1318 1310 1314 • 1426 1384 1368 132K 1319 131B --.. iut-1 iij^u iji-j • jlin Spols closed steady at 1444, up n. Spot Average Is 14.13 ine average price of 7-B inch 'iddlmg cotton on the ten designated _spot markets todav was 14 n •"'I Chicago Wheat ——— \ yi3s P i e " lllsh Iaw olosc 121 124 1-4 120 3-4 121 7-8 Closing Stock Price* NEW YORK, March'10. (UP)— llic stock market today advanced one to five points with the industrial average Just under the hi->hest since 1930. Tobacco and traction stocks were the only weak positions. Trading increased. A T and T ; . 175 1-8 American Waterworks .. 25 1-4 Anaconda Copper 69 1-2 Bethlehem Steel 104 t 2 Chrysler j 3I Cities Service' .... 4 i <> Coca Cola ,- 1M General, American Tank General Electric 6! i 4 General Motors 55 5 __j Inlemational Harvester 110 JfcKesson-Robbins Montgomery Ward New York Central . Packard Phillips Petroietim .....' Radio Corp ......... St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Bed Standard of N J Studeuaker ' Texas Corp , U S Smelling .'.'". U S steel. ..'""" Warner Bros ..'..'":"".' Zonlie . ' 14 3-4 68 3-8 53 7-8 11 1-8 51 5-8 12 1-4 4 52 5-8 103 5-8 125 1-4 15 3-8 .71-2 Organization prepared today to establish thc first of a series of 'ocal unions directly ru-allm* the national - structure of the Araeri- i" Federation of Labor. Tiie move, approved by leaders it the t-n c. I. o. Ul ,i 011 _. v . lllcll the federation suspended last fall, was viewed as an indication Ihat the C. I. o. shortly wou ..| sever'all lies to the federation create a new workers organization on a permanent basis Simultaneously the C j o launched campaigns to unionize employes in southern and New England textile mills, coaslal shlp- "ords. and southwestern oil fields fhe federation also pushed organ-' •zing wort competing In several industries with the C 1 o William Green, -federation president, frankly admitted that he considered the resolution to initiate a national structure as indicating that the C. I. O. decided to function as a rjval organim- on to the American Federation h,,'"". 6 next-stage win probably be lo set iin a national organization with a name," he said. Reject-A:'- P. •:or r h--AlTHhfio ^nTSBUROH, Mar. 10 '(UP,-. 1 .y! l der.., w hich Cu'rnegie- ;epl coriioration's' "com- •'aiw union", would 'become ailli- .Pedern- today Bar Will Make Choice '}, \ lor Federal Judgfeship JONESBORoTTrk. _ Chanc'cllo, •>• >. Gautnoy, president of till* Arkansas Bur Association, has' announced that a meeting O f : the eastern Arkansas Bar Association wIII bs called to ascertain the choice of the attorneys of this district foi 1 j^w-raor to the late Pedern Judge John E. Martlneau. s 'file choice of (he bar association will be forwarded to Senators Joe i. Robinson nod Hattlc Carawaj "nil congressmen from Arkansas. ' the place where the mretliig- win oo held has not. been determined "i letters, being sent to the members they arc being quizzed as to where they desire the meeting to be lield. Date of the meetingwin l>o announced later. A large number of probable successors to Judge Martinean have been mentioned nnd several comity bar associations have endorsed various members of their associations' , .. v*'.- WUIILU D^come iated..,«-ith-the American F ftf. r ?. 6 ?;'. was rejected' by . .(he employes' representatives ' ?j"P a " 5 ', "nion leaders, wlio Hen'r"^? *il"' J °' In P ' ^W l )rM i- dent .of the metal trades dp S r ••SS"o' 6 V he rccterati011 ' lc ™pd the craft ,,ni on p!illl ,., Imp . and ., • r*"'" 'jiitufi uian ""cable" ip the steel industry annmmnoi'l *i._' .- -J nice 1,1 ti - VW1 *","«uon_y it mi -a-they woiUri continue ^niiuu B, employes representation p,an ^ .act, independent .of the com- Frey came here to "explore" the '"•"•- unWn situation 1 ! hoping .steel union would „ Lnvis' CommKtee tin. - - rival of for Industrial „. "Would Bring Chnni Prey suggested a skeleton set-up was reported, which contem: orgBinzntton of steel work- ~~.fts, as contrasted lo the unionism of Lewis. Ir. Fny," said omp,, ' Mar : member of the emuloves representatives' grievance ^committee or "little supreme court" me grievance committee had in riled Frey to Pittsburgh to "advise" a future course. "The craft union set-up" Mar- .in said, "would bring dinos lo the steel industry." St. Louis Plants Iille ST. LOUIS, Mar. 10 (Up)—As- isher body plants of^Gc'iieral Motors corporation were halted mfmh Wh f" a " undcl "mined number of employes suddenly topiwd working. * Company officials did not com- iient on the strike other than to :onnrm that the assembly lines vere idle. Opportunities f or onomic Development ATLANTA, On., Mar. 10 (UP)— The South was described as the nation's new economic, frontier oward which industries arc moving as editors, research workers •>nd agricultural workers convened today at "the second session of the Southwestern Council The South is the final economic liontier where industrial development will provide new purchasing lower and 'create the greatest po- Jcnttal market in :,the western hemisphere, John Temple Graves, Birmingham, declared. ,- "The people of the South them- •es," he said, "must be bo'th . possessing and more self hoss'essed/' We 'mfts't' invite "the lederol government :to go on with measures -tOM-ebuilct- and- make sc- mre the rural life of our region Otherwise we face destruction" .Hugh McRae, 'Wilmington, N C president, told the council "either 'e must remake . the South and Its people, bring new methods of agriculture and life, or fnce dls .-. ntegration.': A : telegram, approving the ob- ectlyes of the .council was received from Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace. LflYHLISTS .CULL Moniiccllo Senator Sharn : I r-i . . . . . . I !v Criticn Members Fell low U'lTUi KOCK, Mar. 10 101') — llie house of representatives this aflcinoon missed, 7K In 4, Stnate. Hill No. 435 providing 5150,000,000 for rrtiiild!n f i,f i'i.ite bonds. ROCK. Mnr. 10. iupt- Senalor W . p. Norrell of Montl- wllo this iijorning described the S !"'*! , ns Mn « Arkansas' greatest, delriment, Speaking on the floor of the up- or hoiiss. Senator N6rrcl| »-ns ou- slii mil 530 by Edward ill Stirt Annual City Cleari-up on flfarch 15 The annual spring clean-up' by -he city street department will >pen Moitdny, March' 15, j oe car- ley, city engineer, announced to- lay In asking the co-operation of ill. residents of the .city in the :ity in the removal of cmis, trash and debris from their propertv Mr. Carney pointed out flint residents should have accunrala- of trash placed in contain- r piled along the alley line n. the rear of their property so that such debris will be readilv accessible to street department employes ivho ivill niake their winds of the city In trucks to emove and dispose of the trn4i ers or Georgia Legislature Revives Wet Measure ATLANTA. Ga., Mar. 10 (UP) — Legislation to repeal Georgia's bone dry law got a new lease° on Ifc today in thc state house of representatives when the bodv voted. 99 to 76, to reconsider the repeal bill which was yesterday. 109 to 84. New Orleans Cotton NPVV ORLEANS. Mar. to (UP) —Cotton futures held around i dollar a bale gain today after profit taking took a part of the day's rise to new highs early in the af- tcrnoon. Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. open . 1402 . 1369 . 13S8 . 1317 . 1319 1321 high 1409 1385 1371 1328 1330 1325 low close H02 H07 1368 1375 1351 1360 1316 1319 1321 Spots closed steady at 1415, \ Chicago Corn 1320 1322 1321 .to 10. open high | ow May 1 10 3-8 111 103 j. . Jill 105 3-4 106 7-8 104 1-2 105 c i a , e 10 9 5.3 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. III., Mar ,0 (UP)—Hogs: receipts 9000 Top 10.25 170-230 Ibs 10.10-10.25 Lighter weights 7.00-9.80 Bulk sows 9.50-9.65 Cattle: receipts 2,500 Steers 8.40-10.00 Mixed..heifers :and - 7.50-9.00 ... Slaughter- heifers 6.25-1015 Heel -cows -. 5,00-0.50 Courier Will Present Weekly Food Section Courier News readers tomorrow will find the week-end advertising of local grocery stores and markets in a special food section, which will be a. regular Thursday .feature of this paper in the future. Accompanying n, c advertising will bo carefully selected and seasonable menus, recipes and articles of interest and value to home makers. Look for this' new feature in tomorrow's Courier News. House m of I'rescott wldctrwoitld'set up a seven-man commission to encourage agriculture and industry. If passed. 18 (o 1C. "1 want lo say," Norrell said that the legislature Is the K rentest drawback lo the state of Arkansas ",\T mem !y s «f the general as- iembly would come here to reduce taxes and attract new Industrie nto the state Instead of creatliii 'eyrjobs we cotjld then say we lux accomplished something." Nothing- to Do with TuurLrls Senator R. a . Thompson of Eureka Springs, adminislratlion lead cr, fostered the bill.-In the senate .- He stated that Arkansas has J os | mil ions ol dollai-s in tourist lrnd l •*"•' would lose valuable limber lane 1 "Sit Down For Higher DEFEND »i! Farm Wage Insui-gciit Tanks and Italian Troops M e n a c c Madrid from Northeast MADRID. Mar. 10 (UP) CABUTHERSVILbE, Mo., Mar, It).—Seven farm workers who "snt down" for higher wages nnd shorter hours on the T. J. Grcsuwell farm near unyll yesterday nre sll- "ng in tlie carulhcrsvlllc tall today. , : Tlie men. nil white, sharecroppers and day laborers on the Gvci'iuvell The place, quit work yesterday morning .„. ,. y .'"'' — i no i"""-. i mi WOIK yesterday morn ne loyalist Kovernincnl called 100,001) and chased from the MA* neLroes ecrinis to the defense of -Madrid «'ho declined to join them In Ihe today as Insurgent tank armadas ' swept toward lust outpost. „ forward rapidly despite stubborn resistcncc. the nationalist army forces ro Wncn Mr. O.recnwcll ar- from the nortlic-iut >'»'?<! they explained to htm that Gundnlujura, the capital's "ley were "sitting down" for $t')5 '""' r< "' «" ckjht-hour day. Tlie pre. sent Its mechanized vailing WU gc rate fo r farm labor is $1 per day and the hours nre usually considerably more llutn _ through (en towns c| S nl - . , n 30-iullc front and pushed Qrcciiwcll's reply was lo notify loyalist lines back 12 miles In 'authorities inl Iluyll and Consln- 101 "' fi '''<•' J«ck Southern arrested the ECV- 21 hours. i, ... ' "• ull<; * oouiLiern arrested the ECV- Autiiorllles said (he spearhead cn °" eluirges of "forcing persons I lite new imllonnllsl offensive to nbniKlon employment." -fti ev arc northeast was two re- '" Jnil here In defunll ot $300" ball the the If provision were not mads tc ef feel reforestation. ."This bill," Noriell answered, "has about, as much to-do, with tourists 'hot, '{'".'"-"'"R-"HI which tin. ho se.ssnt o the temperance com miUee had lo do with temperance iout^ha.tjhe^icc w? ..reforestation, niit for tx on too. Rock, providing fo funds In cities of < It ]„,, • I—-MVU. lt provides levying ot a one-lialf mm („„ . ,- " --- V I.I.IL JIUJI tilx Q[J all .tax-able property In cities where the fund. Is established 01 * 1 l ° amend uor regulatory mea- i« 328, a -janor fees to deput^'^ H ^ attorneys, was passed. Bond Debate Delayed le^H 1 *'?"/ 011 f ° rccs lost °>» eglslatlve fight-on the floor of the House, while winning „ SCOOI1 ° ™ puddly 80 -'— proi>ose[| stnlc public relations"office = uiitlrc state government e«;ed when nnll-admlnistra- «•«. n R' 47 A f i \ 5 " f0rces '""Stcrcd '' mA , to » lof 51 votes was needed to make the measure a law. u had been .passed last week In the sen- »te. The administration's victory for he morning session was found in " ° f " lc motlo » hi Tile opposition to the motion ct , cd , t , hBt the *'«y ™ to allow administration forc- , * tain ^ditional votes and oul n S mcasurt; 's Pnssabc with- ou n ltcrM h ifercd by Rep, -arroll county. a '" Cnrimc ' U John K. Butt of force the old road Improvement bonds that are noiv being ,--,.- «curlty for (lie present re' und in j bonds. mSi"; '""P™ 1 ""* »8»lnst the '"•HO to tlelay consideration of the 'gtd house membei-s with "beer? ,{? 1<Hlm llBtca ' i of the lead- 11 s incy posed as being. Vetoes License Cul Governor Bailey yesterday vetoed _Ji!!?I C . Bill 202 by Senator Joe w. Ir, »S. f ° r a onc - tbi rd reduction "i motor vehicle license fees £ne governor said In his veto *""•" tliat the bill would violate contract B s I934 re " ot brin b " 1 would '"P 2 ' 11 Homes '" ° I;I road Improvement ts In 62 counties. .___ hc • governor approved 24 bills nd allowed two to become, law il »? , h ' s sia ° mtm c. The latter ° r ' 2Cd 11SC ot l' art of "'«automobile license fees to maliitslti street lights and Hre hv- arants and authorized publication notices In trade Journals of oii .. enforced Italian army g 14.000 men, ivcr u wide arcii. Caiilain Slaii'i by Crew AHUACIION, Frimce, Mur. 10 Ul'l — Pablo Juan Boo, only known survivor of the crew of (.11 u |i-. « .•-.- .1. i.i. i til 11V Ufc JJUU m|| divisions, cnc1 ' pending arraignment, Marc} deployed " ue fore Justice D. A. nedgs a Hayil. All of the men, it was said cam< to this section from Arkansas lasl year. They plcekd ration on tin Grecmvell place lust fall and some "' ll.'cm had iniulc arningeinents FIRS;? \ IB TESIIRf FOR .,,,v,. atnvi VIILII iiu nad no know ledge of ally visits tp his place Uj organlicrs for the Southern Tenant Farinei, Union or anv •aim Inbor organlzitton. ......... ,,„,,,.„, u , _ l]0 ciuw of ".-Hill 'ma inacic arningeinents lie freighter Mar Cantubrtco, told, to aliarocrop there this year .rhc\ icscuors that the VC'MOIN cnplnln "',' e «• D- Busier j, uubb Biiel'l ,iad been shot hi mii-Atlantlc be- Clftllel nM Bunnle Wattes and Hoi imrsc the crew suspected him ori liowcn wing in communication with na , ar ™»«cll said that ha had no tionulist warships, it - - - mown today, , Boo, picked lip bj a Trench IshiiB boat after he had Jumped ,'vcrboard from the Mm Canla- ! >rlcn. escnplng- n boarding party rom the cnilscr Cnnnilns \\ns ield under provisional arrest while pencil authorities decided what o do with him. After Ihe Mar Cantnbricos can- tain was :e.xecutcd. Boo told rcs- ir'nri!; l h \ flrst nmle ' rranca /laila, touk'.cpmnmnd mid cliani:, ,.« tile: rebel's• co'tlrsc Instead of vying for the strait, of Gibraltar *• arl, turned -the .5li!p iiorth^lnTli : » Nantes, .France. Then steamed .outliwar.1 in t | )c i a ,, c , mmUy fo , n •oilu'-l Dl "' sh sl ' l|)!> cn loutc I" •In this manner it W1)s hoped lo :\vc crcAenco lo the Mar Cnn- uarlcos cninounafe which made \'h- 1nPP r i M" ke " 1D Brlllsl1 steamer iba of Newcastle, -England. Mar C.inlalirlco at Fcrrnl HENDAYE, Franco - s p a n h h ?ronlier, Mnr. Ifl (up) —'poi-clgn liplomnts were advised today by •lie San Sebastian ,,illlt B ry com- '"amler that the captured loyalist relghter Mar Cantnbrlco Jim;I nr !nv»i Bt Ferro1 ' C1llcf "oUonnllst '»val ..arecnnl, 12 miles northeast f Corunna, on the Bay of Bis- RJ.S. IS HEUBT Well Known Gosncll Man Succumbs Suddenly at Age of 71 Richard William Stevenson evenson Crawford 71. prominent resident t>l tlie Gosncll community died suddenly at lib home at 8 o'clock nst night of ,, heart attack Mr Crawford had been in lit health harl and |,een dcnlh fairly Mr. Crawford hnd made his ionic in the ciMKdl community r cr many years and was a member or i family thil has figured argcly in the riev ( ;opment of the 'cctlon. iflernotM 1 SCrviccs v ' fre llcld thls h th! Rev. J. L. [Newsom of- riciatlng. Interment was made at vorth Sr,v,-[;a cemetery. Tlie Cobb rimual JTome was In charge of funeral r.rrangemenl.-- M. E. cook. c. E. Cook, George Potter, Henry Young. .Elvin Van Cleve and P. K. itoseberry served as pallbearers. Mr. Crawford is survived by Ms ne, Mrs. Mamie Klirabetli Craword; three daughters, Mrs. John Moslcy and Mrs. Harvey Hart of r TF .J Mrs ' B u Sanders tf Holland; three sons, Clarence I Crawford of Gosnell, H R Craword of .Dell and Dixie Crawford of Blylhevllle, and five brothers G. N and M. B. Crawford of Gosncll, and I. y., Meetj'ug of Candidates foi All City Offices' MANILA, A)k Mar 10 —; warm!} contest_d municipal dec loji ne\t ApiiliO «as assured for Manila uhen Voters of tlib cltj issembled In a mass meeting at ,ho .city linll last night, placed in nomination eight candidates for ina.vor, 14 for tlie five cily.couii- fi.ll, seats, and provided contests |>lso for the offices of recorder city attorney and treasurer • ' ' The candidates: For mayor—R. J. McKinnon Eri ""'" J. E, Threlkclrl, I,.' v Fo'x, Joe V—«, M L""^ If mil" aU'jastlces aier <T "- &' , w^lTili^i'Ms'suggested that ', *Pio?f^^^&^ l . JWt * tiia Jlw °' •** ripyiCieS '' cou,r .ould bedes,rabl e toe,,-' , . , Stevens. V. B. Beriy, Louis Ncedhnm and Dnvld. R. N. Bob •V II. Wlllln For recorder—Guy McHenry and Waller Wright. For city attorney—R. S. Hudson ind n. A. West. For treasurer—Ed Essig and A «. Moore. For city council—R. J. McKln- non, Han-y Golden, G. O. Canada. Hlley Dunkln, Harry Mike, Burt Griffitli, Harbert Griffin I u ?hcdd, W. R. Brown, Jess Pierce ' " Ballard, Lee Rosenberg] Bai-owsky and Henry Ashabranucr. Mrs. Henry Robinson Is Dead at Memphis Mrs. Henry Robinson, a sister of w. H. Minyard, died at the Mem- Phis Methodist hospital this morn- uig at 5:30 o'clock. Mrs, Robinson |iad been seriously 111 since Friday but seemed much improved until r'cstcrday when Mr. and Mrs. Millyard were again called to be with Ucr. • , Funeral services .will be held to- norroiv mornihg either at the residence. 871 University, or the Cole-- wnson Rineral Home, 1400 Union Both Mr. and Mrs. Robinson had visited here as the guests of the Afinyards. Presents Case for Measure Advocated by Presidenl Roosevelt WASHINGTON, Mar. 10. (UP>_ Alty aen nomei s Ciimminn'; today cm i led the fight for President KOMcvcit'B siipicmu court rcorganl- zntion plan before n foimal senate judicial y committee hearing w heic he WHS subjected to u toneiit of critical t|iiest!ons Cummhigv appearance came lust Iwchc Iwi'ii after President Roosevelt piesentcd the case foi his nro- ""am lo the nation in a fireside While the'attorney general was ""•--'•- the pointed questions of r« --•••ocratlc nnd Ropubllcan foes of tlic plan, Senator Key pftt- jnnn (Dem, Nov.) pjojm,ed infoi- uially a fimdnmental change In i[ 10 Presidential p!an-a O hnn|c uhich would permanently Increase (ho membeishlp of Ihe supreme comt to clthei n o, 15 ItlcmDcr _. Seeks "Optn-Mlnded" Court cummhigs deplored the Intent ot he president's pjan w io ob i n |, "- judiciary Ihat* «|II be open- such as wages. 1 ,,,,H ^ 9 ™ the ^hearing 1 recessed rJ J 01 *! 0 "^ ; whe » Sollclfoi Si m 3Unley_Reed will lestitj, •• Pittman, & supporter of [he president's- plan, suggested that" the. committee '-•- f" 1 —> • to -en- ,,m, . n ™,, 0ry f ° r large the court th I I ltt Z a M pa !! >U(l out 'he president's pi an the sl/e of hej.supremij C o«rt might not j Increase,! n _ ft ij, lf »l_<jasllces 10 shoulH witiJ^u. v..l__-r . per legislature "and the constitution ' cat tons which are W0re " EVCr easUy 1 '° ) " i "'" C " S bustness "»«' Roowvflt on Air F President Kooseveit last nil-lit called fo, swift enactment of hs court reorganization bill to "save jic.constRstion from the court and the coin t from Itself """ He asseitel the high tribunal had • ,^°J^:"l 1( ^«P"».sa-su- read into .M mipli- not tflcre tnH • idea to bo He disavowed any int<i(t, ^ pact.' the court with "spineless ' puppets wno would dlsregardi'lhe i , .'i" d ' cclde ctlsc;! nii n = nnglit- wlsh them decided, and asserted the processes of constitutional ameud-i menl « ere too slow f or \the pressiu-J problems of the day ° A major section of the address is devoted to answering the three most-frequcntly heard criticisms of- his proposal-that It Is nn effort to' pack' the court, that It would cie-' ate a precedent which a Inline president «lth dictatorial ambition', could turn to his advantage and that the solution O r the problem he,, rather In ft constitutional amend-- nent f ifth Adult Succumbs :.' to Spinal Meningitis vlllc. tJl!** of thc new acts Provide lor| H( '"rs- E. .Crawford "nprpremei.,,. 2[ the c __ plto __ $ , 0 _ -» ]«» "or a new room, snd $1.000 u> PUI-cbase materials to be used in & WPA project for building new driveways., parking xireas nnd sfde- ' (Continued on page tliree) C, W. and of Blythe- Plants so shaded ithat.they receive one one-huiidredth'.''of": fior- mal daylight grow.. 1 - little •*'; better than plants lir total.darkness.-.: Former Manila Officers Rewarded With New Hats MANILA. Ark.—Members of the fly council here purchased for C W. Tipton nnd A. D. Breedou for- ner mayor and marshal, respectively, two of (lie best hats in town'In recognition for their services ' ' Mr. Tipton and Mr. Brcedon resigned, their positions last week, Mr Tipton having moved outside the corporate nmils of the city while Mr. Brccdou is planning to move to a farm lia recently .purchased near Donlphau. M 0 . JACKSON, Mich.-^ar Van --Arsdale's BufT-Orpington hen laid Siamese twin eggs, Both were regulation size and shape, but they we-JAIned at the ends''by'-a lonz tube ;somethlng like the 7 handle of a dumbbell. ..••••• rk - The fifth ' death as a result of, spinal : iicningttis was reported Sunday vhen Charles McLoughlln, 55 of iear Caraway died hi the isolation vaid at the tent city refugee camp icrc The body was taken to his ionic for burial. Seventeen Cralghead and Poin- sctt county people ore now receiv- n<j treatment tor \ie disease awl several suspects are under close observation of physicians. .Herbert Sanderson, m charge of operations of the tent citj, slated that practically all people !me re- lumed to tlieir homes with the exception of those under quarantine. Ninety »rc how III camp Navy Workers Killed PHILADELPHfA, Mar. 10 : (UP) — Three WPA workers ^'ere killed at the Philadelphia navy jard today when they were caught beneath ;the iboom -of a traveling WEATHER Arkansas-Partly cloudy, v -™rin- er except in extreme north«-«vt l»rtion tonight Thursday cloudy colder In northwest Memphis and viclmtj—Fair and warmer tonight Lowest tempei- atme 41 to 48 Thursday pirtly Tlie niatlmum temperature lieie, yesteiday *as 54, 'mfnimitm 31, clear, accordnig to • Samuel p Norrls, official weather observer.

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