The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 10, 1948
Page 9
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SATURDAY, APRIL 10-1948 BLYTIIEVILLR (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our BoordhT^HkTuse with PAGE NWB —' FKECKLES * HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BL068EB Wouldn't TheyT — BUNCH. WE PRACTICED HOW TO KNOCK TBUL \TTO BILL \IEECK; / i TII^*W^ } WL-I_J oi-JY L. Vtr *--^g^j OMEARTHED THE SECRET OFp! OSCAR'S PROWESS v»nHTH& BLUDGEON.'-«»-AT SVvlAN\P CITY THEY SIMPLY LOCKED WE MAM IM THE CALABOOSE SAWS FOOD, TO KEEP H\M. i ' ' PRIME 8ATTIMG PORM. / POUNDER OOT IM ONE PUNCH A MKTIOMAL. GUARD PLATCW TO PROD THE T 80Y PAST THOSE A CrtlLi PARLORS' -S is TUB seNT«Nce THIS COURT THAT. BELLF 07 THC BAYOU, _VOU HWf BEEN1 ' FOUND GUILTY OF BM- HANCW6 YOUR CHARMS By THE USB OF A SOOTH. ERN ACCEMr THAT 13 BOTH FALSE AMD WJ'Re^jCKTag^iaSy po OF IT/ ' fucn . CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Notice Hefp Wanted, malt T»o n«it m«n. 18-25. lor special k ' , MU " "« >bl » W IM" tcly - Clr ""nlshed. Kx- .i " Mr ' Plrks ' N ° bl « "«<'. . r , 3-« p.m. 4>9-pJc-l« 17-2«."WrltiT~io~ur own tlcluf ArtrmT '« h "&» '«*?•« yo*u vo,f " p * y whlle y° u le "i- S" orr £ f.7J y " ud Alr r °' ce Recruiting °" lc «. Cltr Hall, Blytbevllle. 4|7-ck-14 ~ --_ 8AU3MAN WANTED ™ — •- dealers the rtmous Ashley ThermoaUtlcally Controlled Woodburn- inc Heater Our tT«h Te»r. ASHLEY WOOD STOVE CO., Columbia, s. C. . «UO-pk-lI H«/p Wanted, Female ^CREDIT clerk needed. Younjf woman with previous bookkeeping: experience to post, take credit applications and follow-up accounts. Salary in line with ability and past experience. Apply to Mr. Kessler. MONTGOMERY WARD. 4-9-pk-14 By Renee Shann COPYRIGHT BY RCNEE SHANN; DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SERVICE. INC. THE STORY, P.tU.e. M..< IOC. I. ilirrr <lm<» « ncrk <• Hftcnri drrtftuiuUlMc •chool n I. tkc only trttdojB allowed htr bT the Iwa eld-fBHhloaeil aunli wh* »«rr trouxtl krr up ..d wl<k S. ™i * " '" "" "..trj. Sb« «lTT.j. mum. komt OB |ht • l.-lklr.,. P.. I Tjijrlor t «k«. tkr • ««e ir.l. i>d f or , o ~ic tint ..„ I" JJ"* lr * l> «' «• »l«k Her ma. • «l I'.ile.rt 1. ii,« proper l« nlfc I. > itruie younit nan. D.r CT*• l««. M. .crldeni K.I,. ,k, „«,» ' • «llc < r «n k t , Los* and Found Private Room* •earoom, men prelcrred. Phone < _ 4|10-pk-17 *Klroo=,, h. Phone S338 room. Prione 3]15-plt-22 for Rent L«r»« (ardeit np«c«. Phanr 4605. «.'7-pic-H | Two room furnished house on Rose Street. Call 3633 or 2486. a.-i n.nV_i /i The "pU«ng-juribu," or "klhi m"«u a ,' rr" "",,."* frult Erowin ^ mrecUy from the trunk The larger tn« tree, the larger the of bananas. The Truit of bunch . e ru of thU native M.Uy Peninsula tr«. kr »,. Ie tlln K »»—<•. and >kc irrrpi.. II, ..n. :«J" «• .•««« ki « «« "turiy Sl.rt- loi* Ike lollowlnr s.mcdiiT ror <e« and morlr.. Skr I^IU kl» ker • »1. woild »n^r (lion It. r-»t« irT"""'!; kowtT ". "b«» A«nt «," .1 i. •. P>I<t "" t« KO I. Co Stortford <••! irry S»lurd*> t« ck» K r • llbr.rr Book. p.»l mcrl . k«r .1 Ikt .Ullnn. Th fy k»vc lr> • ltd P»clr»<T Irll. r»,l .kc k.. . I w PATIENCE said, » little anx- l iously as they entered the cinema: "You won't let me lose my train back, will you? It goes at "I'll want to, but it you Insist—" "I do." | He held her hand In the plc- jtures. He longed to kiss her good|by on the platlorm, but decided against it. Maybe next Saturday .or the one after— l "We'll do this again?" i 'If I can." < "You could surely tell Aunt Helen that you quite like coming to change her library book." "Yes. 1 might do that." ; "And in the meantime—111 look out ;or you on the train on Monday." i "I'll be there." She was leaning out of the window now. She rather wished he'd kiss her goodby. And (elt a little shocked at herseU for wishing It, Get home safely. Don't speak "> any strange men, remember." She laughed gaily. "I_shouldn't be likely to." to Test Shelter* Against Blast Effects WASHINGTON, April 10. (UP) _ The Army will begin explosion tests June l to tind the best type of underground, shelter against atomic- bombs. The experiments will be held at Dugway Proving Grounds, near salt Lake City. Utah. No atomic bombs will b« used but engineers will touch off TNT charges ranging up to 320030 pounds. Test shelters «•!)! be constructed in every variety of soil and rock. The actual shelters will oe made of concrete and steel. however, is tasteless Ind is not eaten by the natives. "1 was a strange man! Still, l had hard work to make you speak to me. H "Ah, but you didn't seem at nil strange. I'd seen you so often traveling down in the same carriage." "Oh! So you had noticed me?" "But of course." "Mouse, you're adorable! Gosh, (hat's made you go quite pink!" "pHE guard blew his whistle. She leaned out of the window im- ^ulsiveiy, holding out her hand •-o him. "Goodby, and thank you." He. ran along the troin as It began to move slowly down the platform. "Mouse?" he called. "Well?" "I suppose you know Tm to love with you?" She gasped. She didn't know what to say to him. She just stood there at the window watching him waving to him as at last he stopped running, her heart thump- Ing madly. Then she sank down in the seat wondering if she were dreaming. She sat very still her hands folded in her lap. trying to quiet down a little. Wa* this the way her mother had felt when first she'd met her father? Well she, her daughter, knew what had happened. She'd run away. Been cut off completely by her family Been deserted by her lover and left to die of a broken heart. Shouldn't that be a warning to Oh, U only her mother had ived so that she. Patience, could liavc grown up with her to guide tier! She'd have understood that a time was bound to come when something like this would happen How could Aunt Helen and Aunt Alice be expected to know the way she was feeling? They were Iwo old maids. They'd probably neither of them ever been in love In their lives. i |'THEY were In the sitting-room when she gol In, silling In their | cuslomary chairs either side ol 1 tlie fire. Two middle-need spinsters, neatly dressed, with kindly blue eyes and softly ipeakmg voices. Except perhaps Aunt Helen's which on occasions could have an edge to It, Just as nef eyes too could flash sparks It something happened to annoy ner. They were flashing sparks now at Patience, still In a daze, was suddenly remembering that she'd not got the library book. "But, dear child, when did you last have it?" asked Aunt Alice mildly. "It's not like you to lost things." 'It's really most tiresome of you," said Aunt Helen sternly. "The very thing I sent you Into Stortford to get." "I know, Aunt Helen. I truly am most terribly sorry. I'm afraid I must have left It in the train." The elder Miss Melville made a clicking sound of disapproval. "I must say I (eel most vexed about it." Her aunt looked at her more closely. "You're looking very flushed. Why is that, I wonder?" "Perhap« because I've been hurrying." 'Patience denr, your eyes are very bright," sa)d her Aunt Alice, peering at her anxiously over the top of her steel-rimmed spectacles. "Helen, you don't think she'i got a temperature? I really do think the dear child looks Quite feverish." Patience moved towards the door. She said she was perfectly well. No, of course there was nothing wrong with Her. "I think perhaps a hot drink and an early night might be a good Idea," said her Aunt Alice who was never In bed a moment later than 10 whatever might bap- pen. r Patience slid from the room and prayed that when she came down again they would question her no further. But she'd stay upstairs for a litUe while. She wanted to be alone. To go over ft all again To savor the wonder of It all. The joy. To turn over in ner mind how she could possibly manage to meet him. in Stortford again next Saturday. <To Be Continued) «rt . ' did "' t g ° ln for P° lltici - J»d ge _l know everything that a man running for president shouldn't say!" ^~^^™""^^^^""a«iiiaaaaaaiilial Rial Ettatt, Business, Farm and Auto LOANS For b.vlnr, refinancing building:, remodcllnr Farm Undi and Auto loam. Quick Service. ITED INSURANCE AGENCY 1st—TnwiM ••_•- ^ . ^•"••^ii^rfi r. H. A. »nd G. I. Loam •• New and Exitttnc H«BK . Floor *• F. "Dee" Dietrich, Manage Innr>nc« Sen-Ice" Phone 510 HERE'S SAFE STORAGE • For Furs • For Woolent f, . )T/ 3*2?&fa< 1%0-jiT ~* VJ -I K'u-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Street Phone 4474-4475 Planting Seed See Us For Your Requirement" Blytheville Soybean Corporation Phones SEE YOUR KAISER-FRAZER DEALER Get A New Car RIGHT AWAY! IN BLYTHEVILLE IT'S "61" Motor Company COTTON FARMERS cotlon *td , e rmin»l« ,.„„. Rtt!(lce chopprnjt Chemically dHinlc >nd Plow the same tr»w mor« cotton. •IATZ CtRTIFIED VARIETIES AVA1LABUI ». * P. L. \.. H, per 94 Ik. bit ................ ,, 0 . M |b. b« t ...................... I()M : »l«neville Z-B, Rowdtn 4J-B, ftr Other rarietki Half * R.ll (Hibredl |«r st Ib. bar SlonevllI* 2-C, per 5* ifc. b , t ..... ... . Cokcr. 100 Wilt ReslsUnl, per 5« Ib. bat ' i(i'« > Paula, per 50 Ib. ha s ....... ........ Ji'jJ Empire, ptr St Ib. b>r ....... ... .. '. '.'. ".'.'.'.','.'",".'. C«me in »ni» p]»c« your orn>r or get jonr jnpply loday. BLYi'HEVILI.E 5OVBKAN CORP. Ph»ne 85« Bl?lhtvllle, Ark. Phone I!T Branches I.eacUvllle, Ark. farilwell. Mo Hornersvllle, and Scn»th, Mo. I'UISCIl-LA'S I'OI> By AL VERMEER Listen, Botts! There's no use and courage. • throwing those ...a keen, A Visit (o Arbell By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANK THREE HOURS I QUJSriONID THAT WE«El ARNOLD VIC, BUT HE WONT SAY A WORD. SENT TO WASHINGTON fOR HIS PRINTS. MASriNGJON, WE'RE JUST ABOUT RtADV TO NOILE TMf MURDER CMARSE AGAINST YWJ I'D RATHSR \OU KEPT EARL IN 7H6 JU6A lime lONStR.SKOWL.CERTAlN SHouiim'r PINO our YII ws WHEN VOU LET HIM GO, INSPECTOR. I'll PUT HIM UNDER HOUSE ARREST WASH TUBES By LESLIE TURNER HOW* mr. 6o«» i THOUSHT THE OIOLV I CM) SEE IT NOW_ Y BV1HE WAY, 1>(Ke, UT5LOOK.W OK STASf 5" M EICELSIOH STUDIOS... Second Attack By FRED HARMAN YOU START-1JM PRAIRIE FIRE.' SWWEOE-UM DUFFAIO HERE COME THEM YANP TH^ \ INJLWS ASAIrV /IMJUNSAI'4 S This Ought to Help By V. T. HAMLIN IN NORTH *'*NiFrfANT TIME IN HUMAN H15TORr...pUT IN N<J.SHAPE ro -VDIN OOP THERE NOW; •UT THU A PI?K;E OPPORTLJH HOOTS AND UK Talking H Over By EDGAR MARTIN

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