The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 8, 1934
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Served b]f the United Press VOI,. XXXI—NO. 2?.(i ' Blythevlllc D»Uj New* Blytheville OcuiMt '—'n- Lead« BlythevUle UnM HOME EDITION I mi I T-i V !•. 1 ]|RVIL1,R, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, DKCKMBFn 8 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS;. WIEIIT Referendum Will Delcr- minc Fate of Baukheacl Limitation Act d Farm Debt Act Upheld By Judges LITTLE JiOCK. !><.•. 8. <U1'» — Validity of the ' F>-n*Ier-l,emp:-.e amendment Kiviiij,' farmers n !>- yoar nioratoriuii) on debts vas upheld today l>y Indent! Judge.; .). K. Murlinenii and llcnrisill Kii- G'otU»i in Mississippi A Joint ment was held here November 2), on ilic amend- in fcdeiiil court comity ;uid throughout the South. Decision of "the Arkansas judges will go to the polls next. Friday.!!* the second supporting ihe net. December ». to c-sst their ballot:;! U was defended successfully ;•! for or against continuation of the Kentucky. In two states, Alabama Bankhead coilon production co:i- and Maryland, federal judges held trol act, - - .- " •-- "• Polls will -be opened next Friday at every primary election voting place in Din ch'lckasawla dlstriel, except that there will be only one or tv;o voting - laces In Blytheville and only onn each in Manila and Leachvlllc, It was announced to<!ay by J. E. Crll/. county agricultural , There will lie 2S voting ptact-s In the Osccola dlsti-icl, the Courier News 1ms teou informed by n. II. Wren, county ngriruilnirnl tigenl nt Osccola. Many of UIBSC is'ill lie. at tlie rci'.iilar election pjnres but noine changes have been liinils 1'ov the convenience of farmers. The polling places throughout tha tounty will bo open.from 9 a.m. . to 5 p.m. on the day of the referr ciidujn. Encli box wHI-fce in charge of a cotton committeemnn who will have the assistance of representative ciliisnr, of the community who will servo as judges and clerks. After the polls close the ballots will be counted and then turned In, with reports of the results, 10 U Invalid. Many bankruptcy cusps in Arkansas will bo settled by t:K: ruling today unless nn nppcnl 19 tnk- the United States supivinc FKE.HT1 Lepanto Men Injured'Last Night in Collision at Yarbro John Potter, 41, Lcpnnto farmer, a nephew, his farm blacksmith, and t\vo negro farm hands, on their way home from the Missouri state line, were Injured when their car crashed head on into n Silver Fleet truck, enroute from ^Memphis to Missouri points, at Yarbro, on Highway SI, 4 miles the county agents offices lieforc noon Saturday. Tlie ballot to bo used carries; ~- "•• i.i5*mny ui, •* mm^> only one question: north of Blytheville, at 9:30 o'clock "Arc you In favor of continuing last »ight -. . - - ( . . 'the Bankhead act for next, year Potter was believed to hayo bee; (June 1, ,1935, 31, 193(1)?" " —-' — -•-- •• ";.'> . ,, i"Whcy.$[ay *Vot* .,::..-..-,;' • *--OnIy persons' who"iind ; -arr'inter- est in a cotton crop in 1931 or who can show chat they will have an -.•- . ..,,^...», ..,.,„..,..,. ....i Interest in'.such'n crop in "1935 j nephew, Curtis Stolts, 25, had a are.eligible to vote: " scalp wound.. Both 'were iwiiuia Official Guess Is 97,000 Bales Above Thai of a Month Ago WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 (UP)— The 19:14 cotton crop was approximately 5.000,000 bnle.s below the 1928-32 average, the department of agriculture reported today. The final .estimate of the year placed production -at £),731.000 bales, an Increase of 97.000 above ihe estimate of a month ago. The (iwragR production on 27,412,000 lines harvested was 189.2 pounds. • The crop IhK yen/- iva.i .'{,316.080 lialr-s below thai of last year and 1935.000. bales under the 'tiverngo oi the 1928-32 production. It was substantially below (he Bankhead 'ax free limit of to,«0,251 bales The department eslimnle, based •ui reports as or Dccembel- 1, in- ncalcd aboul :i.2 per cent of the .'8.412,000 acres In cultivation on July 1 had been abandoned Irav"B 27,fi 15,000 ncj-es for The drouth cut. sharply into the mi-vest, ii\ Texas, Oklahoma and vestern Arkansas but in other ire.-ts the acreage unharvested was 'nominal,", the report said. State, production estimates nnd Bankhend quoins in thousands of hale.s: Bankhead 1934 ijuotn 39 31.8 650 095 1933 Virginia . 3') North Carolina 684 South, Carolina 135 Potter was believed to hayo been mor«j seriously iim-t .than. nny.;ol his ^companions, sustaining ,1111' In 7 . JlSfy;' to. oiie ;antcle" (heh ext'cht .of which is yet undetermined, as well as |»wible internal injuries. His " This liicliidfs: Persons 'who signed 1034 -nnd " '"D". 1 -" "iJlJ-I 1IIJU cotton acreage reduction contracts. Persons who .are or wore eligl. .,..„ ,„,*. „, v,vly. Cllyl- ble for lax exemption certificates in 193J. ....... cot«Iriei'ably. Jewel Carver, 44, Potter's blacksmith and general handy-man, was bruised and had n wrenched leg. Jnck Merrlweath- er appeared (o be (fie most seriously injured of the two negroes. Other oceuprmLs- said the negro ?eorgin Missouri Tennessee Alabama Mississippi Louisiana'- Texas Oklahoma Arkansas New Xfexlc Arizona California All others • ----- . s s e n Persons 'who present proof ' lliat j <y nK driving the car when (he ey own nml h cldcnt occurrd. A cotton farm Is denned as any fnrm on which cotton has been produced commercially one or more ' years since 1927. Voting Places Farmers of the Chickasawba district will vole at the plnces where they ordinarily cast their ballots in Democratic primaries. Farmers of the Osceola district will vole al (he following boxes: Whilton lon-nship — Whiitoh school. Pecan—UzzclPs store. Ecolt—Idaho grocery at Bassetl. Carson Lake—Dycss colony, Marie, and Carson. ' . McGavock—Farmers Gin al Joiner and J. M. Speck slora at Frenchman's Bayou. ODldcn Lake—Wilson. Troy—Nodena. Burdettc—Biirdette store. Swayne—Kosa. Fletcher—Luxora and Victoria. Little River—Bui-ley Rny's stoit>, Elownh, Hatcher school, West Ringe store. Lnncy's gin, and Stillman school. Monroe—Keiscr, George Edrington's place easl of Gilder, Osceoln courlhouss. Investigating officers were skeptical of statements that the negro was driving the car. The machine had no license nlalc. Thov snld evidence indicated the car was on the wrong side of Ihe road. Both the car and truck were considerably damaged. rcmiscol Polling Places C.-\RUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Dec. 7 —County Agent M. n. Amburgey today announced the places where PemUcol county cotton producers will vote- Dee. 14 in the nation-wide Bankhead cotton act pall. Al each of Hie polls, which will l>.™ opjnsd from 9 a.m. unit! 5 p.m., committees will convene at 10 a.m. for the pni- pose of explaining the Bankhead act in an unbiased manner, Amburgey said. The polling places arc: Hermondale, Holland, : steele (Kcllcy gin), Cooler. Number 8, Tj- 'er, Haywarrt, Peacb Orchard. Demon, Cottonwood Point. Can- "dy, Braggadocio, Deering, Cnruth- f-rsvllle (courthouse). Poscola, Uaytl (city hall), Stnn- '•>. Netherlands. Wardell, Carter. PAH, '"' ^^ In raris Park I <UP) — T11 <= "West tree " • '* * white acacia 250 ycmo 11 has weathered the storms Progress ant! war and still n he garden of the church .li]lieii-ie-p a ,, n - e ; of they own nml hnra a present right c to produce cotton on n cotton farm. Persons who sign and file d witnessed written statement that they have made arrangements to '"-•^IKM ui ivLi'mpms. L produce cotton on a cotton fnrm In dismissed this morning but 1935 under n lease or shnrc-crop- negroes remained, ping agreement. r.,,,~,.n....t,.._ _« occurred • five-. occupants of the car carried lo the Blylheville ial but Potter niid Stotts later removed to the Baptist '"' at Memphis. Carver the Sarber Shop Raid Nets Grip Full of Liquor A raiding party of local officers iiraoped down on a Railroad street barber shop late yesterday and arrested John Hoivard, proprietor, on a charge of Illegal possession of intoxicating liquor. A grip full of liquor was found in Howard's bedroom, adjoining the barber shop, officers reported. Complaints against activities in cflfe.s nnd rooming houses in the area have teen received with increasing frequency, offlceis say, and further raids in the section a'c lifcely. Warns Merchants Against Cashing Stolen Checks George Means, packing company salesman who was held up on Highway Gl Thursday nighV urges that all merchants contact him before cashing checks on the Mls- Issippi county bank nl Oseeol.i 1,105 28 253 443 9G9 ". .-477, 4,428 1.26C 1.041 '94 217 995 28 245 ••112 96S 528 C02 874 2+.G 200. ,WT 884 I 2,395 3,237-,, 325 782i 875 »52![ 92 - 6.1 •' "0 90.5 255 200 11 Foreign Production lln WASHINGTON, Dec, B (UP)While American farmers reduced heir cotton crop by 3.316,000 bales (his year, (he rest of Ihe world produced a record crop, the department of agriculture reported today. World production mis estimated nl 23,^00,000 'bales as compared lo 28,100.000 bales last year. 'Hie American production was estimated at fl.7I3.0flo as compared with 13 017.000 lust year. Oulside of the United Slates— principally fndia ami Egypt-production for 1834 was estimated at 13,560,000, a record tolnl and 500000 above 1933. Upholstery on Parked Auto Found Burning Upholstery In a car, owned by a Mr. Burns, piano plnyer in B Missouri border night club, was burned early this morning but the ear was not otherwise damageiT A negro service sla'tion employe passing the house where Burns rooms, at 615 West Chickasawba street, discovered the fire at 6:30 o clock and turned in the alarm. City firemen were called out for the second tim e this morning an hour later when a spark ignited an old shingle roof of a house at IIS West Ash street, causine nteut, SIO damage. The house was occupied by Charles Bright and w T Baker atid owned by the Ifubbnrd Hardware company, Chief Head stated. Where Newest European Crisis Outer France and Italy Side With Opposing Nations ClKNOTA. Dec, u (UP)—Prance iml Italy ;look opposing sides lu- liiy In Hie potcntliilly dimgcrom liiluleiil.njiil Inrrltorliil dispute in-. :wwij VilKftsliivln and Ifunimry. flronl. Firlluln unsullied tln> riilis , 'I'lie IJiilknn eonlllcl, bronchi lie- fore th<! Lraxuo of Nations mini-! A , • ill innlil bllter talk of war rc -1'»CUOI1 solved Itself Into n" dispute over ' •((Vision- of Ihe put war trralk-s >y which Hungary — us. well aM Austria nnd Germany—lost tcrrl- .ory In fonniuion ; of lh<> new )jinublnii .stiiles. Hungary rm.s been charged wllh i terroristic campiilyn, »IH-)I n.s J,' :hs of Kln K Alexinder of Yugoslavia, designed to •ovine the treaties. liRELLFI A'rmdd ,Wn a,. emnrchln^aBnl/f in thMrauhtal inl.l- Em-ope ™kplt of dwlUng imtloii.1 mnl.Hlons nnd h Hi' J" S % r' l v li>S ^°" Sa Ilear - l " e " mlB;irlfi11 "°'-""- '«»»« Ilte-Uiosa shown above, ' Serblnn infantrymen of the Yuso-Slnvbn army, pnmrtly cai-ryHi* thdlr (nttered World svar battle Hm The mnp,-shmw (l,e mmBarian-Yugo-Shivinn harder with the town 'of Szeged, where Irregular iierb troop- crowed tH^hai-flpr, ami ^ where thonsriudi of HUM B ,,rlah retusces from Yii R n-BlavIa urc tjalhered. L. S. U. Students Hang if III JOT Their Prexy in Effigy' [RIL Id ! ief Lisls. Lack Skilled • (} Approved by FERA : Shortage of skilled' labor on FERA rolls In.BlythevilTe inny ro- sull in -further delay of a project owjin^ \yhich jtlie :'Centi-nl Ward Pnicnl-Tcuplier'-.' assocjatlon lias jeen' working" for nearly n -year. Re.rcn.ily "the .FERA.' approved he use of relief lalior In the iti- stalla'tlmi; of 'mdderii. lolleLs and tavhtorles at |he' Central Wnrd schobi. oldest in the" city, which' :>as-been, without- such facilities ilncfl over 3d years ago. Yesterday' lin agreement was renchrd imtlcr .which' 'necessary natertals nhri c-qnipujeiil could be nirchased. Thi> board 'of education lad previously agreed to mnlch S250 offered by .the P.-T. A. toward the project nnd 'yesterday .he scrip 'committee voted the nd- flllional 5225 needed" in order to get men to work on the job nl once. Today, however, it developed .tint Hie plumbers, carpenters and ilasterers that are reeded are not it present to be found on FERA rolls. So apparently the Job must await the return of depression conditions—when iwssibly skilled workers may again be found on relief rolls—or of increased prosperity—which might make it possible (o find the money lo hire tlie necessary labor. I1ATON HOUOB, La., Uec. 8. (UP)— Dr. Jame.5 Monroe Smith, Louisiana State'' university president, WHO ordered the suspensions nnd expulsions in the, Reveille csn- orshlp dispute, was hanged In ef- !\gy from the university. fl.igpoW 9-irlivljxtay;'.' ^,. " ' Urschel Will Receive. 'Substantial' Part of §200,OOOMcPaicl: WASHINGTON, Dec. I) (UP) — Federal ngeiits hnvR recovered a total of $124.000 of the Urachel kidnap ransom money, the department of justice announced today. Operative!)' round s:to,000. hidden In iho hills near Portland, Ore., yesterday, .nnd $14.000 more In the samp vicinity nboiit. three weeks ago. 11 Previously they discovered $80000-at Paradise,-Tex. The department snid nil the money so fnr recovered would be returned to Chnrle's F. Urschel, wealthy Oklahoma business man who was kidnaped and held until he paid $200,000 ransom. Justice officials said much of the balance never would be recovered because it had been spent by the kidnapers, 15 of whom have been convicted, in and near St. Paul, Minn. Vouth Is Accused Of Possessing Stolen Car ...... _. A 12-year-old boy, who nllcged- m.irte out (o Wilson and Company l'>' "»s admitted to police that he meat packers. ' ' - ' ' Means was robbert of about $540 In cheeks given by merchants In the southern district of Ihe county against, accounls in the Missis- car that a friend turned over lo him had been stolen, will probably be turned over to juvenile authorities, Police Chief Fxl Rice said today. sippi County bank. Payment onj Tile toy admitted that lie had all checks lakeu from Means'has| bee . n driving Paul Kirkendall's car, been ordered slopped. JCGI.P. Did j-ou ever see a child that was really hungry? It wasn't a very pleasant sljlil, was it? Bly- lheville relief scrip and sl.imps will probably keep you from seeing Hat ngatn Ibis vvlnlcr. Just two little pennies occasionally Is J-our part .of the job O t keeping want from Blytheville ptople tills year, (stolen Monday night, around town for a couple of days before the machine was found by police He said n friend left the car with him. Tlic toy Wd the car near 111 shome a tnlght nnd drove it during the day until Pulrolman Warriugton found the machine parked In the business section. Second Triple Emutfon RALEIGH, N. C. (UP) — The second triple execution In North Carolina's history Is scheduled for Dec 6. The flrst-the execution of three negroes—was on Nov. 1. ' M<,ll, U , 1 think III ft JadJy a T - I _ £ !or JO;! .Ip Church Groups Will U^ge . Use of-Scrip'in 'CHyist- iims Shopping anntn Glaus will cnrry help fov I hose In distress'nlons'wllli dad's ninltl-colofctl Clirlsimhs noclctlS nnd sonny's stream-lined red wri- gon when'he comes 'to Biyliieville this year if a plait In which the pnUors of local cliiirches arc Inking the lend produces'the expected results. "'"'.'• ' . "Use scrip In Ohristmns shopping" Is the slogan "which will be Impressed upon Blythcyillo housewives during the weeks J list ahead, the po.slors are 'enlisting (lie .cooperation of church women In n house lo house canvass' hi which every household lit the city will be urged lo give IU' fullest cooperation lo the scrip relief program In order thnt the unusual volume of' buying which marks Ihe pre-hollclny season may serve to fortify the local_ relief - fund ngnlnst the lienvy "demands that nrc certain lo be made ii|»n It after the first of the year. Use of scrij) nnd scrip stumps in Christmas shopping means that with every dollar of holiday spending will go a two-cent contribution to the relief fund. Blytheville people who have money (o spent! will be glnd, the ministers believe, to mnke this smnlf contribution to the welfare of those who have nothing, ' e Scrip, good at Its face value at nny Blytheville store when a two- cent relief stamp hits been attached to it. mny be purchased nt the Farmers Dank and Trust company. The money thai is paid for it Is held to redeem it after it has passed through ten transactions. The money p.-iid for the relief stamps goes 100 per cent to the relief fund. [ TO SPEED Tlint Shake-up Prospect ih Half a Block of Business n, , xv >- i ,^. lvprK 'hat Olnn Moore and OH'ltCllircS Wl|ira (Jill Pmltt, omplojes of the board r j' oc jjjy . PflMiiMl « list of 22 fellow i Irst _ Ally oen vvaltoi s. pope, Dariic "omml'i.sloiit'i Million Wns,son, nnd :.'oi))|)tio!)ci Oilffln Smith, '" v nemlieis, v,c\f named on a ipniniUtrn lo make Ilic ,.„, vitb n vlovv to icoiganl?ntlon7 .. iWKsniy, to speed handling of the refunding program. , n IKtnl rnr Ouster This ncllon followed leport.s lart •nek that Olnn Moore and RoV •s minted for lemnva! While no _ spoils were mfiile to the prfeis of TURRRI.I-, Ark,, Dec. B, (UP)-, any lefwiice to Momc m Prultt Fire, which slartcil lit ihi> nillnR diiilns the called libeling Moorp station opernlccl by Ucoit Siutdo was rushed In ahcnrt of nouspa- hcre • spread southward nlon;r n pennen foi a confeience with block of buildings today nnd con- Clgv. J M. Fntrcll nfter the board sinned seven buildings nnd did had adjourned from the governor's damage estimated conservatively at office $25,000. - ••••:.None of the property nnd stock wnn covered by Insurance, It was reported. ' The , seven buildings were one slory frame structures except .one, a two slory building with rooms on- the second floor. The, fire willed out hull n block, almost hnlf of Hie store.1 In-tha town. . ,. Miss Sim Snutlo, 14, discovered (he fire shortly ,brfor<v,noon when she ..went ' operated by lier lalh'm-'ln get drink of waler. "' '• Wlllioul the old of modern fire righting equipment ' townspeople trtfd as; best tlicy crfulri (o cop^ with- 'Ilia blaze through the' formation of a bucket brigade. Sundo was slightly Injured «> n plnco of flying glass. South-Wide Fanners Or- gani/ation Will Formu- lalc\ New Program The basis for a south-wide or- anization of actual cotton producers to seek enactment of a permanent production control plan lo take the place of the Bankhead net was laid at a meeting of farmers from six states at Washington this week, It Is stated by J. P. Tompklns, Durdctte, prcsi- ]dent of the Arkansas Farm Bureau, who was one of three Arkansas rep rescn In lives nl the mcel- 'Ing. | Another meeting, to perfect the .south-wide organization, ivlll be held at New Orleans January 18, Farmers from Texas, North car- Father and Sons Escape When Train Hits Auto BATESVILLB, Dee. 8. <UP)Three |icn;ons miraculously escaped death here shortly before noon today v.hcn a iUissouil-Paclfic freight train struck the automobile in which they were riding at o downtown croFSing. Frozen brakes «vre blamed for the nrcl- denl. The occupants were only slightly Injured. Paul Buvfey, Bales- vllle, driver of the car. was ac- :ompim!ed by his sons, Paul Jr., 11, and jerry Ball, 5. Tho automobile was dragged 50 feel and demolished. |ollna, Oklahoma, Georgia, Calif- .ornia nnd Arkansas attended the 'Washington meeting. Those from Arkansas, besides Mr. Tompklns ivere A./ B. Young, North Little Rock, nnd E. O. Anderson, Homnn. They endorsed cmitlniiniicc for one more year of 'the Bankhead act hut presented to Secretary ol Agriculture Wallace recommendations fov certain changes designed $50 on Liquor Charge •'. R. ^,yne entered n plea of guilty to a charge of Illegal possession of intoxicating liquor in municipal court yesterday anrt was fined $50. , John criner was cleared of a charge of reckless driving, • Two men .were fined $25" each on public drunkenness charges. Inequalities In existing" altotments be corrected. Mr. Tompkins was named to a committee to plan the permanent organization. Its purpose, he said will be to provide a means by which the actual growers of cotton can formulate their desires and make them known to congress slid the -administrative authorities at Washington. UTILE HOCK, Dec 8 (UP)-* ivrstlsjallon of irer.sonnel In the nle'.s $115000,000 bond refun'd- i« board was ordered lodny u veek after leporls of pclty poll- .Ic.s wllliln the. orgnnl/atlon weic Sources fiom which the United Press learned ot the ouster list lost week today relteraled the corr«t- icss of the report. / Bomt icfundlng board members admit privately there lias been Internal friction between faction?" lii personnel and consequently Inefficiency of v/oik < •-, 'Naming of »the committee l?r the special wirvey \\-as directed to eliminate Hint 'lost motion," onp boa ^U ^lenjViei s(ii(l piiyately, - Tlie coinm'ittce will innke Us re"-s. poil lo the. Leant ne,xt Wednesday, Deffr Controvewtal Cl» The bonid nbp passed a et- lion deferring action On controversial claims made by highway contractois ai\d olheis until *'& comt has delei mined the amounts due from the stale. It Is estimated there nre $100,000 worth of con-' tttl rliilms outstanding. *»' A motion passed December, 5 granting specific consideration ' in refunding of bonds held by ceitalh bnnJs and Insurance companies ,vas lesclnded by the board iuuay, _ -« , ( Hit and Run Driver "•»" Hits Wrong Automobile "Punk" Willis, Yarbro farmer nnd alleged hit-run driver, picked •lie « long cai to hit last night Willis drove his car off Hlghwa? 01 lo stuke the car of Bill Armstrong, highivay officdr, parked on. Bert gave , shouldci. Armstiong and Frnsier, companion officer, chase nfter the other car passed on nnd succeeded In overtaking it. They said Willis was at the'wlieel. Ordering Willis to follow them 'nto Blytheville they turned around and had almost reached Blyther fille when Willis drove off- on ;a' side -road. They again gave chase ' iml Willis and his companion, a Urother-in-law, abandoned their 'nr nnd ran across a cotton 'field.' They were cap'nred arid brougrit ••-... , • .-,-to town. Kays Sees Threat to Four State Colleges JONESBORO.: Ark.—President'' O. Kays addressed the' "" body at Arkans'as : Stali studen Colleg under !hc act during Its first year They askctl thnt county commit Ices be elected by the" colon growers, that growers with proven pro more students which ore jservet made .by a. group-, cf people I abolish - the foiir state college President 'Kays pointed out ,'tha if the four colleges were abolishe? by these colleges, and ' many" : 'b thm would'be forced to remain i home.' WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloud}-, slightly colder in northeast tonight." Sim ciny generally fair. • .- ; ,-j .Memphis mid vicinity — cipudy with rising temperature tonlgh and Sunday, Referee Left King LONDON, Onl. (UP) — "Pat O'SJiocker, 222-pound.. Iowa Irish man, doesn't like ''Interference' Tlie maximum temperature here when he Is xvresUlng. During a jeslcrttaj was 3J, minimum 26, match here he grabbed "Kid" Cur- cloudv. Recording to Samuel P. Us, the referee, nnd threw him Norris. official weather observer, out of the ring, three times, IhsiThe temperature last night droD- last time knocking' him cold. ' |ped to 26 degrees. '

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