Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 27, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1896
Page 8
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THE GOLDEN RIJLE. EXTAORDINARY »:=:=• MARK DOWN SALE Greatest Values of the Season, We advise Early Selections; . ,.. : j 3000 LADIES' SHIRT WAISTS! ; flust Be Sold ' • We have made Three Lots out of the Stock we offer. Lot. 1. Ele- X ant made Shirt Waists in many colors and styles. Best Bargains that we ever offered, Choice only 28c; Lot 2 This lot includes many different colors including Linen color and varied designs such as stripes, plaids, and figured, choice only 48c; Lot 3. are very ; fine Shirt Waists in Lawn, Dimities, Modress, Dresden Designs siich as are sold for $1.25, $1.50 and $1.75. These are all new goods, but are broken lots in sizes, choice of any 98c. Schmitt and Heinly. St. flatthew's Commandery Not , in Line for Prizes. HOOSIERS WINNERS ••/v 7 Crawfordsville' First, Indianapolis Second—Evansville Gets •' ,i , Fourth. Straws That 5how Which Way the .Wind Blows Show that lit must have blown a tre- ! menUous gale 10wards F-ishot-'s, for I they have straws of all the new shapes and sixes, straws iu straw color and j any other color you wish piled on their ; shelves and waiting to be called "the t last straw" hi the newest style bough at Fisher's by every pleased rcsidon of Eogansport. Light Derby's, Ugh nobby straw hats and jaunty handsomi bicycle caps are what we have a big run on now. LODGE DOINGS MORRIS FISHER - , THE HATTER. WHEEL TALK. -Jbongh he punctured his ti.re twice, R. Broadbent brought down the 100 mile- road 0, breaking the Australian record aftbrteen mlnutefi. The American re«Kd Is 4:40:00, held by A. B. McDon- n»i;.ofrTbte(}o. World's record is 4:21:45 by A. E.. Walters of England. THE CIVIL SERVICE LAW. Washington Post: It may an well lie understood now as a year hence tiuit nearly all t.he positions that used to be open to the victors are mow withdrawn. It. i* true tliat Congress--tho Senate and tin? House each for ilsclf—sticks :.o the record to ' old plan in disposing of its own ofiices and etiiployiuontes. It has a. large amou-nit of "spoils" arid it. doesn't care a nickel for "Uie merit system" in di- vidling than. It. steadMy votes one way aud acts 'In. another. But-despite this probable iuconsistoiicy oti the part of itho men who represent the States aud Kodaks at the Burgman GO. . rune .hard with one's best SUrl' an. the front seat. The- Fleetwlng for ladies. There are aarc of. these wheels used In this city tttxsa »H" other makes of wheels. l*re and 1 toll-gate keepers differ the people, tlie cMl service law is bouud to abide with us, Daughters of Rebekah Care Well for Wabash Sisters. - ' *- T '. ." MEHBERS INITIATED .• .,-'. -.-•. i Banquet» Reception and ^Qood Time-Officers Chosen.. The';KaigJits,of St.. Matthews matuliiiy, Knights o-f St. John, are not po i»i'Oi)C'-to step high today. Most, of t'.lu'" drill teiun'came home- thin morning from Dayton, Ohio, and thuy are in for a siege of questions as to how It l«ip- pe.ued ; :thal v Log.-mspor-t".s Knights, in whom there was so much c.otnildtMK-c. failed to secure a prize in Uie contest ) at fhe big conclave. . A special to The- .TournaJ la.sl. night from Dayton stared that Crawfords- villt' took the big poach and tliat T.o-.| gansport. was no:: In striking distunC-i; of the l:»vi.s; in: wlwi.-li it Ining. Tlio per j cents, wi-re not given. Indianapolis received tin; .second award. Columbus Olilo, secured f.hii-rd place, and Kvans- \-il-le : 'niaf.le a successful bid for. I'ourtli prize. i j$ix:e™ teams were eiwered for l.'.ir ! prize. Twelve contested and Lo-ga:iir p«»vti >vfl«-_'giveji fifth place. Tilt;,, tliyt prize for the number of, inert-iti.Line, in the big paivulu. was won 'by CTficiniiiiti, ;lie second prize in this .co'iitest going to Columtms, Oh.lo. While tilinre is considerable disappointment I'M tliL'-nsiilc there is iwrliiug' of dis- (.•mvragj.'ine.n.t; for tlie Logansporr. Kiylghts in the loss of the i>rizc. The work will not cease until tho-boys of St. Maftho_ws ccmmaiidei'.v take the place 1 fiat they should occupy, at thu head. There-was much interest in the outcome uf the con-test. THE CLOSING DAY. There "was' pleasure-unmixed at..the hall of the I. O. 0. F. at tlie corner o liroaihvay ami Pca-i-l sti-ecf Just uigbt There were many visitors from 'Wa bash, sisters Jn the auxiliary society, Daughters otf Itebckah, who c:imo at the .« pedal. Invitation of-the-local lodge, to perform .the work of inlt.i-at.ion on five new mennbers a.ud • to confer degrees. Tlie Logans-port RebekaJis sa.y tliat the work as exemplified by the Wabash tua.ni has never been excelled In Uiei local hall. After tlie work a.baiiquct'wus THE SIDEWALK OWNER, A judge charging a jury recently remarked 'tliait the owner o:' real estate owns the sidewalk In front of his own property, subject to the right of pedes- tralns to use it for traveling back and forth, but out'Sklc of 'this, he owns Uie awnewhat. Love never asks for pay In | '"'Wowalk as a part of ICs property. It cannot be used far-roller skating OL- any l>Liy ground for children without Ills Hare your bicycle insured against comswit. It' -lit. fa, he should first order <«ert. Btirgman Cycle Co., will do,)t. them to Jc-nve, and if tliey resist, he • I may use as much force as necessary to """"THE"BIOVOLE" THIEF. ' ' roux>ve ^ ' but ' uo- more - A'dn-m Fclkor of the Pharos ofllco had Ariel \vliet-I stolon from Hie i»t Eckort's Siilooii •wliero lie had It. The number Is 11,800, the Starne Jis maroon colored and' the tiircs arc STorfran & Wright make. Mr.'Fel'k-' ariad his wheel -lasu-reil in the Anierl- <2an Wheelman's Pi-otective association. Tlie'A'tnims Express company will' laetl to the highest bidder flic unclaimed 3*efcas'« 1 whfci) they have accumulated at flit-otfice-dlirin-g the past year, today ,ni "filie corner of Fifth and Broadway. i: ar.i; 1,000 packages. .Flor}' reif Sutbcrmcj. rast»berries.- Attend' Ttothermel celery sale. • Mr, James Perdue, an old sold-itr re siding at Monroe, Mich., was severe]} aflllcted with rieumatlsm but receive! prompt relief from.'pain by using Cham berlaln's Pain Balm, He says: "At times my back would acbe so badly that I could hardly raise up. If T had not gotten roller. I would not -bo here to write these (few lints. Chamberlain's Pain Bairn has done me a great deal o£ gool and I feel veiy tliankful for It." Tor sale by B. F. Keesllng. 'iijo.ved'liy a large gathering .vobckalis.and Odd Follows and.the lo•al members of. the oildur. ' - •' Another interesting feabunr;oJ"tlie 've-nlirig's work ^yas tl^e lelectJou of-offi- •ers by tlie Logansport i'odge. . The fol- u\viaig were chosen: Noble Gi;;md—Mrs. M.'Ei.-Crismotixl.i. Vice Graiid T rMi > s.- : ,Ti;nn,fe- -M.^Goltl-' berry. .. ; . . .,.,,, • Seerotivry r7: JIrs..-.T l eniiie Dclong. Treasiu-er—Mi*. Emma Harley. . • -. Aiidita'ng..Cp.»)iji.iitt(!er-Jo]in B; Barnes- $jprU.Term of Cass Circuit Court . . Ends Today. Particular and Careful Buyers. Will Notice at once that we are determined to quit business and that we will ruthlessly slaughter he prices on all goods in our Great Closing Out Sale. The following quotations tell the whole story. 50 Men's all vfool black elKviot suits, the $12 kind uow go at ifO.98 11.0 Men's all wool 20-ouuce clay worstx-d suits, iuek or frock, worth S14, slashed ie- .".,.. $7 2i ~'-~0 Mon's all wool business suits, well worth $10, now go at $5.48 200 Men's, pa lite Uiut always sold for $4 and ,?5, are offered iu our farewell saJc tit jo 48 230 Ch'ild-ren's suite, double breasted, in latest fabrics, worth 55 to ?(!, ' •, slashed down to ?3.4S 200 Children's suite, reefers and junior.*, well worth 93 and. 53.50, given' away now at '. j^gg Summer coals and vests for men and boys, only 5 .50 Man's work pants that oiny merchant wUI charge you ?1 for, our price slaughtered to • % S& 25 Dozen balbriggan mulcrsliir.!* that retail the world over lor 25c, uow.§ .1*5 300 pairs boys' knee pants, nny size, worth 23c, now go at • $ .13 100 Dozen suspenders, silk overshot, always sold at 25c. go in this goodbye sale for ; OS 100 Dozen men's seamless lOc SOC!LS now at 01 Percale dress shirts 35 Bast work sMi-ls gg Best unl-aundered shirt 30 Best white lauudercd shirt ., 5.50 and .75 Ri>lst night shirt. 9.35 .j^ . 50 Genuine 23c celluloid collars ; 15 Hals, umbrellas, children's waists, overalls, neckwear, all go at same ratio. Alpaca coals, mohair coats and vests, linen coats and restsi at your own price. Our stay in Logansport Is so limited tliat wo are compelled .to offer the goods away below cost, to get rid of them In a hurry. ' HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street. Today Is the last day of the April term of the Cass Circuit court. Busi •neis during the last few days has there fore been somewhat: rushing nud a number of eases were dismissed or other- wlUe disposed of yesterday. -Following are the suits rtius dismissed: County of Caiss vs of'tlio •Ada line Rader, 'f OlHe Cassel; cause dismissed ait. cost of plaintiff. County of Cass vs Thomas F. Ala- honey, admr. of the estate of Oscar P. I. 'Roniick"; cause dismissed at cost o£ il.-iintlff. County ot Cass vs Herman Funk, iulmr.'b* the estate of Jiunes Oseir Walton; cause dismissed at cost of plaintiff. Final rfe'pont of John Sho])e, Jr., admr. of '<% : t'itto"'of William Shopo, flled and administratoir dlsclKirged. I^Lnfil report of Luke F.ishe.r, admr, of the estiite of Simon P. Kueppcr, filed ::ud Mrs. Cooper. .The visltors ;; who ; en.|o.ved the ample hospitality <A .hue, IbqaJ- lodges, were: Mesdaiue-s W-JJK Sk : nl|y.; H. G. Florence SUNDAY BASE BALL. The Rev. E. L. Sctwams of the Broadway M. E. church will preach a sermon Sunday night on "Tlie Ohurch vs. Sunday Base Ball." Subscribe for tllie Journal. J. A. Hoover,.,S..-ITiiirsh,. A"\ T . ..'Teague, .Tohn •Ulrich, .. : -,T.. ; IrJ. Webber, WJlllnui Prcssler, KoberJt.,V-littQa, Halcli, 0. M. Stevens, Tom.Hoover, A. Grovcr, C. H. LaSelle, .George,,,Todd, Mart Field, Wagoner, J. C.:.H«ff, AJllna Small, McCoy, ArUegroyer,: [Murgy, ssjcs Hurst,. ^aiuulKiiuor, Langsitou, Mnr.'y,,,-,M r asson, JUnnie Mitten, Myj'tIe.J>ofl',,.Mabel Stober, Aun.-i rilbbeu, Ku.iise,- Jaekson; Messrs. Bert Elvi.ngtOD, 0. -M,. Stevens, Robert Slit- teai, H, J, Cnllagou, Arthur. Grover,-S. Harsh. All the foregoipg .were-.j'rom WubiWh, and made.a. flue lo'oklng and thorougliJj- jolly party. From..Peru ca.mc M>. and Mrs. Murdeu, Mr. .J. .(. Bozailli and Mrs.,Gus. Slmmbayer All present were plenscil with Uic-re- ccptlori following the fcakt; and-IJi'e-vis- itors, part of whoau totnriicd' home this mornjng, expressed their 'dclHg.ht-.with tlie entertainment. Many of.the.strang- ers remained to-.ta.ke in (the. big sho-w today.'-before returning h'ome. n ml discharged. T-lie- following State cases were stricken fro'm'"' the docket: State vs Harry Kearney;',Tohn Mclutosh: Frederick Baiter, George Parrksh. Edward Parmo- ler,-,Tonii Neff, Jay Nell, All>ert Wallace George Wallace, Jasper Long, Edward Parmeter. 1 -" •"Tlie 1 ease of Hmiry J. Banta vs .Toh-n Donaldson sheriff, was struck froji •'the docket : -The divorce suit; of Mary O'Coimei ; vs; ;Iolni O'Conncr was dropped froi: the 'docket. DEATH OF II. J. HEITBRINK. H. J. Heitbrink. casliier of the State Xa-tlonal bank, died yesterday monmig of typhoid pneumonia after an illness of but a few days. His illness wag of such sliort duration that many of his friends in Logunsport did not tnow he was sick. During Sir. Hcitbrink's ras- idenc-e in Wits city lie won.the confidence I nnd esteem-of everyone. He was born J in GermaiiiV Jn 1S(54, and- at aJi early age came to- this country and settled at Richmond. In July, 1884, Mr. Heit- brJ-uk became geuenil bookkeeper in the State Nntnoiinl bank, and since that time he has been closely connected-willi It. He had a natural capacity for- the HERE THEY GO! CHOICE OF ANY, SHOE IN STORE FOR $3.4S. MY XOTHIXG RESERVED-MEN'S AND WOMEN'S ?5, $C & ?7 FINE SHOES YOtTR CHOICE FOR $3.48. THIS SALE IS STRICTLY CASH- ALL GOODS MUST BE PAID FOR BEFORE LEAVING THE HOUSE. banking business, and T)osstessed thor ough knowledge of the business. He was wklcly kuown In banking circles. He was married about six years ago to Miss KatheubrJuk of Richmond who. with 11 son, mourns his loss. He was a member of iln> English Lutheran church and a devoted Christian. The tiuie'Of nlie funeral II,-LS not yet been annfrunced. TJio of Lueila Lyon Patrick A\-Lyou M~IS dropped. •'•D:"D: Fickle, receiver for 1 he Logaiw- port -street railway company, was allowed $1,000 far services »s such receiver. - • ' ,• John A. Getty vs James Adams et al, judgment for plain tiff for $271.87. . Hogle vs Samuel A. Good, dismissed at pi;; to tiff's cost. Clint-less Stoll, Jr.. vs Alfred Seybold.. dlsrafesnd at cost of plaintiff. 'Our'stock'of. ba-rgai-ns 'js complete .in ivory department.—Hany Frank. 1 WILL UNVEIL THE MONUMENT. - - Sunday, Tune 28ch, the memorial serv- Jcas of'tlie Knights of Pythias will be lield, and tlie monument in the cemetery plot of-the lodge will be unveiled'with -appropriate'ceremonies. TWO CHARGES OF ASSAULT. William Dolan, jr., was arrested yesterday morning upon iflit 1 charge of assault and battery preferred by Da.vid Cronin. sou of fclie ex-policoniau. He •pleaded guilty and Inis fine, with the costs amounted to $0.70. At 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon he will be arraigned on the charge of ns&iult and battery preferred by Thomas Cronin, a brother to iihe prosecuting witness in the case tried yesterday. I propose to close out all my spring and summer goods. It don't pay to carry goods over until nest season. I prefer new ones, consequently this big reduction. Low shoes and slippers are low, awfully low in price, but quality very high. Filling, the hustler for business. 412 Broadway, Logansport, Indiana. DEATH OF SARAH M'lNTOSH. Sarali Melntosh, wife of \VHllmn M<c- rntosh, and daughter of Mr. and Sirs. A. 0. Frazler. who formerly lived in this city, died at her home at Indlnna- ]W)lis Thursday evening and will bebur- Jed at Washington, Ind.. Sunday, A number of people from this city will Utend the funeral Borges's brake will ply between the corner of Fona-Mi street and Broadway aiitd the show grounds tod.'iy.leavli^: the city every thirty .minutes, beginning at X2 o'clock. Fare 10 cents. To The Ladies This a the season of the year -wh'ei* the unpleasant but necessary work of house-cleaning claims tlie attentloD ot the housekeeper and not a little d» pends on the appearance of your lace curtains as poorly done-upcurtalnispoil the effect of a well-furnished borne quicker than anything else. We have experienced help In this class of work who do nothing else and we Know we can give you perfect satisfaction.,. We are also making: a specialty this year of laundering shirt waists, being the only firm In the city using machinery; exclusively for the purpose. We will appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. The Opportunity of Your Life. A JL . . •-..'• • •/ FOR CASH ONF V We wil1 sel1 w' 1 * 110 ^ res erve. our entire $14,000.00 stock of shoes and slippers AT ACTUAL COST as we J v/iv v^i^n v/nL,I are about to remodel Q^ store room and must have the space. This is no Fake Bankrupt Old Stock nor 30c on the dollar sale but clean fresh goods bought for/the Spring trade. This is your opportunity, call early betore sizes are broken. All $oods charged must be at regular Prices. Stevenson & Klinsldk. BROADWAY.

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