The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE EIGHT BE BT TEr S '.Salary Limil Causes Picin- B^jte^W' Job Here ' V ^ m ^"[?r?_« «« N ?« Oareota; -Jone s boro7 York Giants nnd head of the Blylheulle Bascljall association •> rttwn in tl^.i /"?!«. ..I i field mid grandstand nt Uie municipal park nnd fairgrounds from the Mississippi County Fulr As- toeinilon. lie also staled that the $1.000 deposit required of all clubs In the Northeast Arkansas league to protect (heir players In possible .salary. clnlrns, hart tot-en placed will) the Nalionai Basetal! Association. • " Apparently the Northeast Arkansas league Is definitely lo be n Siil* 1 ?., - C "' CUlt . .«"» ,!•*«• »•«'• IB flale.sville. Oicen of (lie 1 president of Hie league, has announced that (lie loop will be confined lo six clnl«—niyllievllle nn on the diamond. Up i'vl and played sov'crnl iio.slto j the Infield \villi cwlllnfoia COURIEK NEWS He pitch- l|~v i 't r i -r-. SHi' • r s p ' )or Choice TUESDAY, MARCH 9, 1931 LONDON. (UP)-Dritlsh mam Handle Indians' Business (|u Affair.;; Hrowns lo Fur- iw< •v.hlch !•> to the Giant- owned Blytlievllle farm In the doubtful Northeast Arkansas league has ? c ' 00 d ndvlsed his associates hero that ."rfccf , Val Plcinlch, shied to manage i tiptui- .thft. riftil »)iih ,,~i .._ |Li>,'Ul. was vqii'd , I'araijoiild e. Wlicii into the tali-no recently lialesvllle was ..,....„.,, «ji> vtu lv iitmiliyc -the-local club, will' not come here but Ihal a nmnager will tie named in Ihe near fnluic Tlie salary limit voted toy (he league nt it.s last meeting is said In have caused n change In the plan to ha\e Plcinlch mintage the local club. It is understood that the salary limit w as too low io make Ihe position interesting nnd it was un- Ihat If Ualesville did s ari'aiiBcineiHs lliat an ii club would be Bought for majoi league for the- former Catcher. Terry sent a check for $050 here to covejvrcnl on thc nthletlc Reduced Prices On Good Itecoiulifioned Used Cars 193G FOKD V-S COACH. Ori>- Talnl. r.oiv juicage. Good Tires. 1'lenty of I'cii in Motor. A, ll.irf.ili, . JJIU 1035 CHEVROI.RT CO At H. Car Has Hatllo A Ili-ali-r. Clean Ul'holslcn. ltu m . 1'erfMt Ofllcis Would Asll $H5. Our Price Is 1S15 CHEVHOLET COAljH. Color Illack. fjoo'd 'lire's Mofor in 1'crfecl Condi, «oiu We Saic Voi, S50 On This C'ai. Buy u xuw .1930 C11 E V It O I, E T TOWN' SEDAN. This CM Is (1,6 btandaS-d Serjcj,. is Lighter in Welghl. Chcs Good Gas Mileage. Kn.uii>- Peil -Hilli Trunk, Kiulio. You Would E\nccl To 1'ny More Than We Arc Askin? For T|,K Cm. A Good liuj Al t Iii5 'M-fEKAl'iiAtSE COACH '""s Car Is Clean In bicry Itespect. Has Good Tires Mileage. \ , Iteduceti Tliis Car To .. 1335 TEHKAl'LVNK SEDAN. ll;i!> Car Was Trailed in On '3J ijtotlei 'i-frrapl.iiic fey ! Local Ilcsfdcnl. 'i'liis Car Is i n I'erfecl'Comli- ti»ii and Carrjs a Reduced. Price ' For Tins Week Only . . . $ l(l:i 13-i.i 1JOUOE COUl'K. * M'I,I S Car Ifas Clean UiilioMcrr Good tires and Smooth Running; Mofor. Kormcily Owned bj Loral Citizen. Lirenw; for 1937 included For °">>- 528(1 1932 FORD ''tt'» ^ ^* —• PrCK-UP. In rtrtt™Mr- Condition. Has N'civ Tires and 1937 [j. cense. "The nest Bu s in ' DHn • 5215 1935 INTERNATIONAL PICKUP. you Can look nl This Truck ana Tell u Ilasn'i Had Ifard II Good Tir fs All .itouud $-165 1923 CHEVHOI.FT T K U U h. || Only the loop. Blyilievlllc fans will m -ol)al)ly Have (o \ralt until nlront Ayrll lo before lln-y have any dellnlte Idea of Jusl n-Jio will play with (h c oca club Ihis year. Cnmlldalcs for Ihn Cilant farm leaiiis ure now nrrlvlnit at Gulfport, Miss, where l»cy will work out without dcste-' nation as players of any panicn jnr club for some time Eveniu nlly they will he .segregated Into three clubs. Jersey City of the Intcniatioiml league. Gcemvood of Tryouts for all local yoiillLs w i )0 j>nt lo tmkc n try for the lean, "1 be held in April alxnit the me thc Ulytlieville B roii p arrives from Oulfporl. H is under stood that Manager Terry of Ihe Omuls has assured rci)rc.senla- t ves tlmt local piayers will be C ren. every 0 |,|x,,tunily to" llmkc the team. The season will open Rend Courier.News Want-Ads' iRe for' the Fort Smith li':i, Jimmy Lltieno. Me is a. Set Results i. nish New IVJana^oi' ri|;h(. OKCICOLA, Mar. o.-Tho same liitfJm'ss .setup wiiicli led Osecola j..,, ,-ns ri-n.- w .,i ,,. to a iiicmsfiil financiul reason In iui^eMlon-ind 'vill Viot i l!ii.'ir imiMeii- |)rofe.ssion:ilTlKr St. l.onis IJio-m- • r, ^ ba^etall voiiliiro, will handle the ed to 'amioimce (i,,; lci ,; io ,. I'''.-.. affaii.s ot IJ W Indians ll,k yc , u , ^ib^t (u Ulo approval o u," At :, recent raecllnv; of tho <"»« bosses, uoard nt directors, Ken p. riuUeiV "V W.M, K. JlrKENXfiV ifirf.ily, AmcrJran Rthlge lx;\ K uc Isc (,•"' My f ' icml ' Klltl Br >" i » 1 of.Clevc- • l oti' 'Perhaps it | s becau.'.o li« hrosv.i:|.. : - k or uefense. which others, les . -.! : C> \'J' ( "'• f ° ! 'i- l>raii; lo ovcrloolf. '-t I'ciilay's bam) is a rase In paint OM'.and Illnsimn,, ., ,. flt | lt r delicate WM !|;;|,;, : [,,1,, „( (j,,,!,^ ,, y lhe ^^^ 'Jho prooicin, a' simple one, uu.iiu 111 dircciors, HOI, p. liuller ', liromineni business man and sports' H enlluisia-'ii, was re-clcclcd pi(-',i- I ili'iil. I). Fi-rd 'IViylor, Jr., \\:v. re-: |j chosen srerplnry and l)iis!i)(.ss- maiuiBi-r. llutler and Taylor will reiiresent lhe Indians at tlie ln,«j- i ness meetings of the league iis I 1,,,.. ,11.1 I... . _. J The- vjinnuarrt 'nf thp imiJuu-i n T wll! rHK)it for nrst prno(lrrt> nhoiil l*VollOn NoSf '.(HI mirlrlfn .-.r A....II .,.'.' . . •"" |"«"-(II,C HJJ'JIlt • '.he middle of April, according toi Mr. Taylor. Contracts were s(m (, 1 cut February 17 lo etrslil nieiiiijer^i nf tlie 102C second place wlimevi I So far only (!„. colracls of oii'l-' 1 licldrr Thomas Mabry, Conway- _ Lcavift Iilanic Sinkcy have been re- "V .'. P. FUJKNI) wo Piiinc favorites au'd i oft ,i siinv; Invincibles" fell by tin- side tot nfaht at, the Amej'i- I.(';;ion Brappllng B i, 0 . v _ AAK374 <»()!) f.> K Q 7 C 3 Duplicate—N'ont vu!. J' West Xorlf, K asl Pnis v v ',,, lss / J, 1 '-"" ;i * ' , Pass I ass -1A p ass ipenins lead—^vj. 3 and Chlo. |nrin'«l (iiunrd. Alfred "KliT" K'C! J r-, , lev. /'nrkin, pliehn-lnlMder, aiifl ! .,.^ ' !irll ' s (I (li(l "'t d" » , " ""Is. Cireenbriiir. jj cfl . I,',,, }l lllil ;(si' showman, consld- : u ' as which of the two „]-,(„ M , u . CTiiLerncldiT. balked at the ,,^1 '! , to ° to "R h f or lhe to <'staWisli first. The declarer offered (hem and demand- ! '" of " lc <'«-" followers of » ilcs= «t wronu and venl dovn< ncre Ihan 40 orr cent raise" "r ,.' , °. '"''' '"»»'• '«"''<! his rauld, :^b««!ih his 'vron «ue4 waf ' ferrclKrv said the lr.<l, ,,IT"r •*•„,( „„'. ^ '" ' 1(: " S(> »>« '»> tlwchy Lcav-: 1 """ ""Silt carele.ilv t-c nndt- wsl Other.s who were ,c,u con- ^ I ",',' , Flx ' I1<; "- Ci '»'«i^n, iu ..."ve,, Ihe- h,st of pluvers iracl-i were: Wulle-r Iti( t "i m,, • " lixl<;il l"at went to ih,-,v> ,-„,], ! Ei-;t w/i», u,« ,...'.. ' . »"•»<»" Pitcher; rjene willm™ i,,, , ,, . - " -• ln ' 2 »'J"»-i'^ o,,l of the rim G i ifford Today's Contract Problem Von nro the dealer and hold Lie follov.'ini; cards. Would W bid fhc heart suit first, or He club-suit? Hear in mind "'••'t you lun-e a void spade suit: therefore, the biridinji by your opponents ini';hl t-nsily go ".Vn<-' f|«ide—four spadw." . t A None .-^',.'•i;•-,! V A K 10 OS •:'.'/! :'•&. f o »5 - r; ,^_,,, vu*-;—uiuisji niauu- --!•-•«.ui l[lc ^ y . AU'lursrs .itre •spending $25,000 a v l soi ' y Co "" c " of tll(! DtprtWiit y«'«ir Oil . ivnltriiii* i.^rAAHsiK-i j._ _'__ Ol RH.Tnl in,* .-, .^.i ' T.. . Wonc vnl. n in JICJM issue. f!ie Jack of t-JuUs with lhe ace. nnd -Cturncd a Irump. Tlii.s trick was '•cm v.'llli f ac ,j m , ( , n j,, ( i ln ,,],|y ^ T id Uircii rounds of inuups were taken, removing the adverse trumps. Smith, - who ihoiujltt liis contract t cineh, led a diamond. East re- 'used lo win the first round, but •Wien a diamond was r-nntinued he v.'on tile second trick with tile ace «« cashed the ace ol limits and then-led a club. South was compelled to concede | a elul) trick to West, thereby los""B liis contract. f>ou(!i first, ;,fler clearing lU'mps, should have led a heait, K'X^ ilien no play by East could >)dup ii, hearts would have been , '(i',.' A lcltei ' lioldup in diamonds I --r. mfiplder; Paul Uiiuxite, catehcr. Tlirre SoM in Hot finrmi.f • pound- i™^ 1 ;^;™^— 1 ™""":-^,,,,? 1 "IK. powerful Loaviu' -.Tl,,.i'll„ !,'•'...""' ' ! ' S rl!1(1 l"»"«l l>een of no aval]. NICK CVTCil •We ,l,ave a limited siipplv of " ec Alfalfn Eecrt. a! ,d pitee 1, i traclve. Also WV crn: toas of Stonevlllc No. j- A Cotlon Seed one year from the. breeder we "Used and gi ama 1)j( , m nn<| state tested. We have wvcrnl Will sell or trade for nny other, ynrlcty of Cotton Seed or licans L- R. Matthews Gin Co, Tel. 1511-n Varlmi, Ark. C'olloii, Cotlon Srcil and Coal TON Good. , 1929 FORD 1.5 TOX TRUCK . TRyCK Lt nuM ! -Wl'ceK s co . $19 Broadway Sales, inc Wrecker Service /'Best Pj'iccs Joyner Motor Sales ni! "' '""' (lle «"»' in 'V live a v,i u"' 0 ,"' "'"W'™' wilt, jn st inontey 'ra,r, i '', | lt v -,?, f " lG , e lle ' Jilllsc " r ' to rre „„„„, Tl npl. ppiullnn- me- Ihiee. The tm • ? ' "" : i kiahoma A. world's , «, , ' of <- 0 uUi U „ ' • nl J' lluivl »e ' H v i " C01llln(! aro " ntl '"«- r . s mlUcu-cH v «^ , Werf & Wcrt OFTOMETUISTS oe Isaacs' stnrs HAVE SKCUr!l!|> SEUVSORS cir A»V RADIO MECHANIC «'lio will piuranire lo r<- yoiir radio to r rst c)ass A Oijwplclc l.m,. nf Tjil-rs „, larls - - B(, s t r,^, Tire &. li ;l t Phone Jamc.s O'Bannon an<l Edwnrd -iiiilli, lh.> LV.-O Fronike imnd (-.('(erwrif-hts, eiHurtaincd the "™.S4 la Uc S1 t lwly thrco . ^Tl^^^^^^^ "il .t ll.lllllC r_<th>'fH> l-ornrn,,.! ^1... ,:. , r tight nnd i> (save — - - - ~.i ni(o ATp- j : rvney.'s wliite paiitsi. Glifford of- ! ' In t!u> main event OP LEE nW^ Steels .Girls Lose To I'mniiutiil Inn finrly Vliiyrlrd —and ,, liiirliiu; tin I'rarsnif>s'nf the "liri-u-V l)clow Itrl'lyc. Niistrils tense, sensitive, aful - widely .li^tenlled.'nic rxlrfine li|, is ^ornlcd — .iml frciiuoilly :, tlijrlil un-lilt is oliservcl!. . A. P. TRrtVI(3..j\clmini.if.-n- Iriv. NOTU'K M Is .hereby G ii-cn ||i!-l t,-- j Mlwlssippl County, 'A liavinj; claims naainss Scnath i n Regional Play o.—The Sieele high All nfl rnn ' Trade Mark Registered WE SELL ONLY SEED WE GROW . H. ALEXANDER •Scot). Arkansas -,.-. I ' , -"u>, i.i.iuji.-i :'.f;:Hnst -a ' -•- Mjfstalo are required lo exhibit Ih'.'m. i" 1 ' MUm-r' L 'in n?n" 1 ';,'! t '- t ' fUfd f01 ' a ' ! io-v-ji'i ,ii,<.r to the mineKit'ncd, ns ad- • - 1ul '«-'i in ;'n t>? snid pstatc. t^fore<.•?)!« : S rcniiri. fiille Of thp •;.-,T,,t!, 1 ,; of „,„ ^ j"-.'---.-..'..- °_ UI i-f adniiri.;tiation upm, ^\ and if s, ]C ), 0 | ri i ms bc I)n , ' ' thcv A. P. TRAVrs. A\I) sT);i(:m;i:s ,, ,,,.., CITY 01- i!iYrm:vii,u: \KK Dale Mari'l, 1. i[i;tT. siivv' ,%•„,. ' [ bcr Corner niviMnn st and'tV-^-" BKiwhi,. Avi\. NuiHter of -,'o.-il--' ]. sr/e of Int. 50 K- too,; No ,«„-,'-' p ; value of Ivor's. .$300- buiirli.,--' „' j "rick or frau;,-. tramr- .",:'--i-| i of roof, compp.-itiri!-,: m->(..p-V of i rxlen'nr walls, v;ood; main ; Inside -pariiticns. word- m of fwitnda-iiai-s. con-"vt-- . lJUildins on the Innn „,: front; <!islniice lo i 5 fl. or nioiv: distance u> birildlnif on rsrh .-.jr-c. nmre; bulldln-j io '.:• <<.,- CJrcc^-v S!cr<! a,,,j i •'•land: bnildinj In be- 1:> by fi ".MH'l- t;f yroiir.d. 1 :, A. K; ;.' -• K. A .Nelwn: oilier 01 1 -,• •'. 1. Flake. 1 <'"ilify (lia! tho aLovc ui'rrt'- are lo 'h: i my kn,-,-,v;,:vi,;e r.iul I; -H.-f. . A i)i'!:f-alio,, for perinil i;-,- , i-Ji*. U.» -JO LJ I i. of thj players of Uie storfe Curry, captain. It's liai-tl to l«ll whether Mrr Denny Shulc, wife of the National PGA champion, is delighted or horrificil al what she's got there in her hand. Jt's a fiiant crav.-lish and she caught it oft Key Largo, Fin. You might say that when it conies lo fishing, she's a howling success. If you are an observant type, you'll note one whiskey in stores attracting crowds of eager people. Kentucky's "double-rich "straight Bourbon! {M?sg?AMi'«>f»K KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BO.URB.ON WHISKEY 1MI1 ITocrts Archery HTTI.E ROCK. Ark. (UP)-A .1.! has (icon intro.1ii;cd in tl« Ar- Assenibly to en- i Now Locate.! at 101 Norl^ Secoml ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON FDWARDS, rrorriclop mata of Rebnm Typewriters, Aa d in ff MacWntI , ni Caki.l:,lors-Reiiairing-p a r! S _i{j b t, 0 nj : ,'l r,f 1«W Rates I^MiC Terms PrMnpt Service Prepayment Privileges Anywhere in Mississippi OomiSy Wilson and Wdrthington 1st Nnlionnl Bank Uld B . BlyihcvilJe, Art. • AulhorlMil Morljaw Loan Solicilor f 0r The PruflcnlUl Im« ra ,, cc Company of America rccrli-er! by: RUTH nry-j Ciiv c 2-5-9-ia-Ui-in. W A N T E 1) Souernment loan Cotton 'hone 1G7 COTTOW features tint win rol|.y,,n r . OWncr nrds c'«n No ;, )imo\(.s lur hnc :, (rimp cut -jncXs ri n hl to cool and sweet. You ],ij, 0 smo i; er too, have a surprise comjn^ i n "PRINCE ALBERTIias rich, full bodied llavor-if you linov/wha / ii:t-ait," op-nM Walter Murley, ftartiiiirtorullone.lVtoKcrschei and K. K. Kobir!/ know means, all riglu. Priare A!! cri. is their tobacco, too, for * n> "ty, n;cl!o\v " - Hi-ottos. V,':ilt nrtd^: "I've bec'n ro!linx Prince Albert for now and li!r» ft more every year!" OUR OFFER ES YOUR OPPORTUMiTY- Roll > r,=.-,-!f .10 , wc |'| C ;,,,MC, f mm f, .,„ If JO" tlcn'l fiml them ihe fir.til, t«i\i-,\ r.wn cis-Artlu* joa ever smo'<ccl, r Hfi v-Ilh i!-.e rt.i of (lie lednccoinil williln n iT-.cntl, froin [Jits dAls. an fulf mrrchr.ic tries, ptui r «»'.»cr.

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