The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, November 18, 1932
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V'-rrfd bti the United Press LYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NKW8PAPEK OH NOBTHRA ST ARKANBASATO TOlSS55?feSSSli ' *-•***• ' T k^ VOL. XXIX—NO. 200 Blyllievillc Dally News, itlyllirvllle Courier. yalli-y Loader, Ulythevllle Herald] HI/YTMRV1U.K, AUKANSAS, FRIDAY, NOVKMHKK 18, l!):i'<> .'.- SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS U. S. DEFICIT L [lunger Marchers Leave West Coast Lcmli/alion Will Fin Pvctluccrs Ready to Serve Their Trac'c. ! KlJU'Olt.'S XOTK: This is the] I;isl cf six sloiiiv. cm the niL'fvn( i um of .beer, a I liy (Ike rrcnit | cMltms. i. last cf six sloliiv. 0! k \ itiuvrmrnl fci rciun *v mcvcmtnt inU'H.'.incil BY WII.MK TIIOUNTOX NEA Service Writer j CConyrisi'-t. 1932, MEA ScrviCD. Ills) | Amrrirj's br-jwcrs are all S3t to! ccme back with a rush iiiat will mate the California gold rush laak like a Sunday school picnic. M<m; cf tliL> plants v;-leh have | liEcn kept in coniilion by the' iiinnufaotiirc of near-bser avc ' ready (a start producing nt a im- ment's notice. Owners of others are getting cash ready to plunks inta j refitting their plants as scon as I they see daylight ahead. The stocks ol breweries and allied industries,' tuch ns cork nnd sea! companies ( and botllc makers, r.av-2 b:eii soar-! 1<rnc beginning of n new march on Washington is shown in this picture of Ing on wings of hope. Cleveland' marchers and others in San Francisco. 'Ihe marchers plan lo travel east by n lender addressing "fiee rides," galhcr- malt syrup In the country. There have been many such rc- iurcrporations, and other ready- iugs for beer throughout, the coun- Jry,. In. Pittsburgh 50,000 shares of reorganized Fort'-Pitt, Brewery Accuse Guard Officer In Automobile Death makers of bottling materials men as they go. The purpose is to put pressure on Congress to enforce their demands for received a flood of orders. I • employment relief. Similar marches are starting from iii'Ulv.rsl points There have been ninny fir(jn- j ' cial reorganizations, like that byj which P.ibst of Milwaukee was recently absorbed hy tlic Premier Mall Products Co. of Chicago. Pabsl k an old brewery tracing back to 1844. while tie Premier Co. is ol IKJst-prohibition date, and has Ire- come one of til? largest makers of Leaders Demand Immedi- t the ii Ik' .were'. ^ M~ sold in two hours, less than 211 breweries thru- cut the country arc ready to start shipping beer the minute the .law IKrmits. They have slocks on hmul which insure no delay. It would lake a week perhaps k> issue the necessary permits. There Aren't as Many Among the famous breweries thus ready for action are Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis, Schlitz. Paost-Premier and Miller in Milwaukee, Ruppeit In New York, Rayner in San Francisco. Alamo in San Anlonio, Abncr-nniry in Washington, aiij Schmidt in Phil- A .• Action On II Unemployment Relief Promise • \ • •* • • ••-,' ALBANY, N. Y., NOV. 18 (UP)-A demand that 'he carry out- ira- tr.ediately his campaign pledge of unemployment relief was presented io President-elect Roosevelt today by a delegation of a "hunger marchers army" now forming in New York state. After an hour with the governor the delegation departed declaring Roosevelt was "too vague" in regard to their demands. Three delegates called on the governor in his study. They asked him to state his position on a ?ash payment of S50 by the fed- LITTLE ROCK. Nov. 13. (UP) — Adam Penzel, 72, retired grocar, was killed late last, night when he was struck by an automobile driven by Col. Edward Wo=dfoul. an officer in thc Arkansas national guard. I Woodfoid was charged with manslaughter and release:! under $500 bond. '.'... adelphia. All these and many more have cereal beverage permits. ral Government to every idle per- and they have In Iheir slora?2 vats anyw-herc from a month lo three months' supply- of real beer from which the alcohol has not yet be?n removed. These breweries are widely scat- Icrcd throughout the country, of Hie 211 permit breweries now operating, 44 are in Pennsylvania. 30 in New York. 12 in New Jersey eight each in Illinois and California, nine in Minnesota, live in Maryland. 27 in Wisconsin. 18 in Ohio, four in Missouri, three in Colorado! nnd three in Indiana. Tha otherr. arc scattered throughout t're m- . tion. An ifca of thc reduction in even these apparently large num- ters is had in the fact that before prohibition Pennsylvania had JGC New York 101, Ohio 73, and Wisconsin 72. All of wMch means that the or- ganbed brewing interests hav3 been . not dead, but sleeping. And not exactly sleeping cither, for in 1925 the U. s. Brewers' Asso:iation began its campaign for repeal. This association includes mojt of Uie big brewers j n t]-, e C0 unlry. It was or- ponizcd 'n 1R52 by Frederick Lauer of Reading, pa., ami grew to have great political power in the country until the Anti-Saloon L;r.g-,ie came along nnd went, it one batter. There is now nn doubt whatever the arroganc3 of Ihis organized brewing power was one of In? greatest factors in its abolition. Thc brewers admitted as much in 1010 when, in a series of curious adv->r- tUcments .they rcgrct(?d "thj fa menial association" whtc- linked them to the worst saloons, confe-s- cd that they were largely responsible for this, and offered to show ; f given a chance that they w?re ready to reform th3 saloon and to promote temperance. Rise and Fall of Beer T;:O rise of lager oeer (and that is what modern Americans hav" always moant by beer) dates from 1842. The flood of German immigration which came In thc latter halt of the last century led to the building of the great mid-western breweries, and was gradually converting the United StatM from a whisky-drinking to a beer-drink. Ing country. The names of Pabst Schliiz. nro;rlein, Lcisy, stroh Ehrft. Ruppert. Bnsch were writ- ton large against. tl:c sky. But the (Continued on page three) urged anpropriation of SIOO.- 100,000 fav the slate's jobless, dc- nanded Ihe use of armories for the use of . the marchers' army, promise that, they would not b: nolestcd by Ihe police. Land Owners Give 5 Cents Per Acre to Finance Effort m Congress. About 20 Mississippi county landowner;;, meeting at Die city hall lust night, expressed nnini- :mous approval of plans to raise 'rtEPEI 1 HELB II Discussion Today ProHnii- n"i-y to Moctintr With Governor Roosevelt. WASHINGTON, Nov. IB (III 1 )--! President iioovrr loday plucrd Hie her fuvcrid budget whole jinitilcni of war dcbls before his "olflclnl fniully" at die fust full cabinet im-cllns! since lale suiniiH'r. The rc-crcntlon of the 1 wnr debt fumllng cainml.?,lnn was hcllcvetl to linn! lieoii one t.-f the polnls lit u^ ; y enr |,y the. president's plan s,ul:m!UcO U>' Him dollar::, Ihe r:ib!ncl (cr approval us in 1 - j rnn^nicnls went, forward for ii^xt Tue.'day'.s conference between Mr. Hoover and Prestdeul-elect Roosevelt. Thc cabinet meeting ended al 12:30 P. M,. Aside [mm Secretary rf Agriculture Hyde's comment (hut the meeting had dciiH chlelly with "financial matlera" th e member refustd lo discuss the session. Rankin Will Make Drive for Inflation WASHINGTON, Nov. Ill (UP) — A clrlu- for :\ two billion dollar maximum nnreiu'.y Inllallon \vns b.'Hiin lmt:iy by Hcpi'Cjt'nlriilvr liunkln, Democrat, Mississippi, \\lrn mis a SciidT IIIM year In ilw Itinise light for currency expansion through piuuniiu 01 a iximis hill. Kmikln, ;i I'liniildiile lor Miiaknshlp cf the next ran UK Hi:' prlnlhu: '.'iioiiBh itddlllcmal federal rc.itrvi: curancy In I'tinnl (hu dejlcll. He pivdlclccl the ledcrnl uovcruni (all' id lj;ilance Us ujoks fir ns much HU twu.hll- WASHINGTON, Nov. 1.1 tUP) — Hoii'c Majority Leader Itnlnoy nnd Chairman Collier of the ways anil means committee today conferred on President Hoover's In- vltntion tc- attend the debt dls- 1'iirslon at. the While House on i Wednesday nnd agreed lo accept. Following (hu conference fiatney, who Is alto a member ot die ways and mean.'; committee, whlcli iMore Serious Charge May Be Piegerred -Against Negro Youth. Lounio Bini:;orc. liegio youlli, Idenlinecl as the •"peeper" who peered Into n bedroom "at the J. A. Chapln residence, 325 East Kentucky, Wednesday night, was ordered returned to the county Jnil by Judge C. A. Cunningham In municipal court yesterday afternoon needing decision is to lils punishmcnj 7 ; ' The ncsfp wns arrested" by Allen "Speedy" Thompson. 1 , deputy constable, who had responded to a call'from.the Chapin house.- He was identified by the Chnpins ™ "P^pei- The nrgro was must puss on measure, snid Ihe he lullch cither reduction of the debts. debt revision stood firmly or cancel- RICE CUBE fill- Efforts 'Rcnc\vecl as Red Cross Rpll Call Enters ! ins the peace : serious charge though a more may be lodged for , learly an hour to a icng re:ltal j acl . c by Sam Weissmon, representative. Tnc , ocnl if the Unemployed Workers Coun- il of New York Oitv, Milton Stone. i against him. , Glenn-Smith clrRlnajc tax re lie! I lJ P ni * Thornton was cleared ot | bill, and tacked up their words j L C >Y!l°/J™ 1 ' c . 1 ! )l ' s .. l ?^ chicf '. wilh checks for their own cohtri-1 ; was accused of throwing a stick , . HI.11 ^ln;t.lva *U1 L1LUJI VrmL LUIIXI1 ' . ,. J 11 , Eo:scvclt listened pnlieully f" jh ut!cns at thc rate of 5 cents per' of stove wood through an Ash int*ln ow dnii^ tn n ..^»irr vnol+ol t - llfCC* C3 EO " WinCtOW OUt City \\li~ .... ,„.„. , ibcr of commerce!"^ 5 cmM Wellllf J' h!m onl >' as has acreed to handle solicitation a . """ so , en l ™ lkl "S ^ar the cafe of funds in Ihis territory for the * horlly , llfter ""> '^ick came hurt- rs" and York, secretary or Winter Relief. ma rch- Sulllvan of New ira oiiuwan 01 ni;» , organization conducting the •of thc Conference | fol . the O1( , ml -Smith bill. J. Drainage nssociation, thc nglH Mel) ! Brocks, chamber of commerce A secret service man stood at i secretary, said tcday that a meet- •JecseieH's side during the eniire Ing similar (o that held here last onference. which broke up with night would te held at Dell next he delegation asserting "Cover-, Tuesday night, and thai others lor. you are too vague on our de-1 would be arranged shortly In this nands. | and neighboring counties. i The Glenn-Smith bill provides I for government assistance In the I refinancing of drainage district Buckshot Lodged in Cavity GREENVILLE. S. C. (UP)- • obligations, and would bring about day were iVnen a Greenville man came into -• ling through the window. County Gets Relief Loan FromR.F.C. WASHINGTON, Nov. 18. Indlana. Missouri and Arkansas ti- a dentist's office recently to have a tooth extracted, the dentist uncovered a buckshot that had become lodg;d in the cavity 40 years ago. granted Reconstritctlor a net reduction in drainage taxes Finance corporation relief loans ii- The year 1028 was the second largest In the history of foreign financing in the United States. The Rest Way to Say It 's throurh Ihe Courier News Want Ad columns! If you have rooms for rent, let people know It. Here's an Ad— CLOSE IN-2 newly decorated rooms, furnished nicely for housekeeping. that appeared recently in the Classified Colums of the COURIER NEWS and found a renter. Courier News Want Ads carry your message to thousands of people dally. Place your sd by calling .106 | of from 50 to 75 per cent, its taling S38CUG8. advocates say. received $287.268, In- The land owners nt last night's dlana $85.000, and Missouri $7.900. meeting represented about 7,5001 The Arkansas loan will meet re- acres of land, practically all of. Uef needs In 25 counties from No- it in Drainage District 17. If a'vernier 1 to December 31. Arkansas similar response Is recr^d from j already has had OSI.031.900. ether !and owners little difficulty i The counties to receive the money will be experienced In raising a , in Arkansas are Clay. D?slm. Woa-J- substantial sum. The money wllll'uff. Randolph, Lawrence. Lincoln be mecl to pay the expenses of j Madison. Crlttcnden. Washington witnesses to congressional hear-1 Polk. Scott. Carroll. Saline. Lee ings on thc bill and for similar' Ashley. Little River. Sharp, Mlfsis- purposes, (slppi. TSfnton. Tzard. Whit-:. Plk? An effort will be made to ob-jConway. Howard and MonUrmier, tain adoption of the bill at (he I The Pv. F. C. will notify t're Ar- rnnreaching short session of thelkansas bureau of later the old congress, (f tills falls con- fdencc Is fell that It can be put 'hroiiith thc new congress, which ' will be called into special Son amounts to be allotted each county later, It was announced. _ r iome time ago County Jud?e Zil scon after President-elect! B - Harrison announced that he waf Kooscvclt lakes office. ' ' applying tor S100.COO of R. F. C. mrnsv for Mississippi county. Thc actual loan, u appears will be considerably 1»«. In view of the t*t lhat only $287.268 was approved fo 25 Arkansas cov.nths. This. how;v- er. Is only for tte period ending December 31. and may b; supplemented with additional loans hter H was Judgj Harrison's Indies tlcn In making the application to use thc R. p. c. money to glvi unemployed men work on roa' end bridge construction. DriVe Pickets From Illinois Highway SPRINGFIELD. 111., Nov. 18 (UP) —State police and striking miners clashed again today at the Cora mine of the Peabody Coal company, 14 miles north of here, and again thc officers drove away the pickets ''Ith tear gas. Forced off the highway by the gas attack, pickets stood on snow banks in corn fields and jeered and booed at men who. protected by ! the stale police and deputy sheriffs, went to thc mine to work. Its Final : Week. L x u m i n « r s Urge Suit Againsl Lt. Gov. Wilson for $10,500. LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 18. (UP) — Hcconls of Die Peoples Dniik of Stephen* "have been falsified and handled In nn Incompetent, Inaccurate, anil Inadequate manner," n report filed by stnle bunk examiners with the comptroller said. A recommendation tlml Immediate, steps be taken lo recover $10,- Tills Is thc route followed by 500 from Lt. Ciov. Lawrence Wilson Amy Johnson Molllson In her rec- and the surety on his banJ lo cover lord breaking (1,200 mile flight from alleged misused funds also wns: England lo Ciipctown. South Africa, made by the exiimlnen. . over mountains, Wilson, appointed liquidator-cf tropical Jungles, .the bank In March, 1031, resigned November 1, 1033, as liquidator for three banks. In-(hat tlm?. the o£- Pinlners rciwrt, said, Ihe "various expense accounts of his administration have amounted'to 72.V jwr cent of (oinl receipts." / Of tho amount declared misused $4,830 was listed as "uimccomited for" and $5,768 ns "Improperly nc- ' counted for." oover to Demand Dras- lic Expense Cuts in Budget Now Being Draftee!. WAHIIlNCiTON, Nov. 13 (Ul 1 ) — A'deficit, which Democratic leaden esllmnlc will run lo $2,000,000,CCO for Ilils fiscal year, dares the KnvernmeiiC In tho faco a. 1 ) work on Die new budget dwlnss Into Uic final tnp. : . C.'nfertnccs which President Kir,ver l^i holdlns with his cabipct nii'inlwra iivs eJijiEcted lo producp .. Ihe mr.!,l druslle economy program' of Ihl.'i udmiiililralion. :< "The president wants every cic- liarlmciil cut to tho Ixme." Secretary of War Hurle.y said after nn nx-swlnjlnjj Kcsslcn In the president's ofTlcu. . ' Membera of the house appropriations committee, now meeting, sliaro that fcoHtiR. The country Is running Into debt at the rate ofr nearly ?5,pgo minute, If Democratic estimate's if the situation are correct. ;.; Revenues I)ls»ppclnllnf This fiscal year began July :'& vx|:eusc(i have outrun revenues by :7CO.OOO,000 up (o now. At the nine rntlo the deficit will be 52,'100,000,000 by June 30 next, In the opinion of chairman Dyrns of he house appropriations commlt- over mountains, desert, sands, and H. A. Dnugherty, state bank A close 1 race Ixjtwecn jfhrce con- cslaiiU; for the Caribbean cruise offered' (or the largest number of Red, Cross Incnu tcrshlps Is an- ncunccd by J. A. Walcnunn, chnlr- rnnn of Ihe Red Cross roll call committee. Moncv turned In to Mr. Water- nan shows the following sland- ugs of tho contest leaders: Mrs. J.,F. Lontl. 162; Miss Ruth Wlilt- vorth. 142: MLss Mary Ellen Slcv- ;ns. 137. The roll call closes next Thursday, November 24, nnd vigorous effort is planned during the ic- nalning week to reach the 2,000 neinbcrshlp quota set for the local chapter. Thc chnplcr roll call has never fallen below 1.500 mem- rs. Eacli of the contestants in thc membership race hns received numerous promises from persons who have not yet turned In their 'iioncy. An appeal Is taued lo 'hem to pay their membership dues c i £ : Rmlner, who filed the report, said In part: ; "Rccorfc of the Institution to March 29, 1D31. tn which your ex- nnilner had made a previous examination to account for its bundling under the admlnlslradon of Wlliam A. Smith, special dcimty bank commtsslcner, were In ncod 't once, as they not count n the contest If turned In lalcr than ne;:t Thursday. Where more venicnt the money mav be paid 'o Mr. Waterman or to Mrs. Har•non Seford, whose office Is In 'he courthouse, with a notation 'hnk it be credited to one of the contestants. Mississippi county and Arkansas Mr. Waterman pointed out. owe ill especial debt to the Red Cross, •or the past ten years Ihis slate '^PS received approximately 10 per Tnt of the funds of the National "•ed Crors, while its contributions 'lave been only a small fraction (Continued nn Pnyp T«oi 'Vprr York Cotton NEW YORK. Nov. 18. (UP) — Cotton closed bnrelv steady. Jan. M«r. May July Oct. Op->u (1'5 631 640 650 C63 676 B3] C38 648 (i53 fifiS G81 Liw G21 629 638 643 r.SI 613 disc C21 029 638 649 fit 673 Had Sought $25,000 of F. W. Cartwright for Death of M. L. Crawford. Atay Mollison Beats Husband's Tittle From England to fSbuth Africa. CAPETOWN. S. A., Nov. 18 (U P)—Amy Johnson Molllson arrived here at 3:30 P. M. Cape time Icday (l):30 A. M. central stmid- nrd lime); breaking her husband's record for an England-to-Capc- tflwn (light by 10' hours and 20 minutes after n solo lllght of C, 20(1 miles across cca, jungle, desert and mountain. Thousands who had walled al thc nlrdrcmn all night cheered Miss Johnson. Her husband, Caplain James A. Molllson, made the England-Capetown (light In 4 days 17 hours and 10 minutes. Ills young wife's lime was 4 days, G hcurs and 53 minutes. Miss Johnson (lev; over a route surveyed by thc British air ministry but considered OSCEOLA, Ark., Nov. 18 — A cr0 i ln f or a j r mnll jury In circuit couri at Wynne u, e Mediterranean, (lew'ovcr'^MO awarded Mrs. Kulalla French Craw- miles O f thc Sahara, and ove ford and her daughlcr. Miss La- vernc Crawford. Judgment for Sl,000 in Ih'elr damage suit against Finley W. Cartwrlght, Osccola hardware merchant, whom they loo citing- crosscl sued for $25,000 ' fcr tnc laying of their husband and father, M. L. Crawford. Attorneys for the plaintiffs said they hod not yet decided whether motion for a new trial will be nicd. The plaintiffs have until Wednesday of next week to' file motion for n new trial. and fol- M. L. Crawford was shot killed here In itfarch, 1931, lowing (rouble Qirtwrf.jht Wheat CHICAGO. Nov. 18. (UP>—Wh.'nt closed: December, 42 1-9; July 48 3-4. Spois closed at G35, off 5, qubt, V/iff. ()rif>. rr> <t f'nftnn NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 18. (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. Open Hl?h Low Clow DfC 623 GM (120 Jan 630 Mar 639 May 649 6fiO 631 045 <!55 665 670 626 63G G46 6*1 626 637 646 July . Oct 674 670 672 073 Si>ots closed al fi25, off 3, steady. over Mrs Cartwright's assertion that Crawford had been annoying her with his attentions. Cart- wrlght plead self defense to the charge of murder, his first trial resulting In a hung Jury, am" he was acquitted nt the second hearing. Thc damage suV.. was tried this week at Wynne on A change of venue from Mississippi county circuit court. Representing Mrs. Crr.wford and her daughter were A. P. Barham, S. L. Oladlsh and A. W. Young of Osceola and John Conper of West Memphis. carl« right was defended in thc suit by his brother-in-law, Wlls T. Davis, Memphis attorney, and J. T. Coston of ceola. Woo! Is Legal Tender ROSEBURG, Ore. (UP)—Wool is being accepted as legal tender by a local haberdashery from debtors who advised thc management they were unable to pay their debts In cash, Thc. wcol Is to bo stored and converted into cusli at a later dat«, This to di-.e to two things: ',. the disappointing revenues lom'the now tax law. The treas- j iry laiit night r<r?".<\t OclbbM •" revenues .exceeding .September'n by ',;•more thmi $30,000,000,: but ' they are still running .far ;below,' cxpec- ,.•• tnllons..-'Total ool'.ertlpps-for the - -fjrcj . t-iyy nipnttiiXofvlhc'^wal'.-. "wiire" »™,5*a,3mi" less'' 1 thaif '' last ycur, despite 'the' new taxes.---.' Thc second reason is-the failure of congress to economize as much ns ivns necess.iry. Cc:igress ta!X;<1 ot great lenjlh aboul economy iut nnt a burenu or a commls- ilon of iiny size hns been icd. POH will Work for B«r - : WASHINGTON, Nov. 10 (Ui'lT—! ihalrman J>o» of the powerful house rules committee today announced his Intention to clo'nM n his power to force modification cf Ihe Volstead act nt the :cnilni; slmii scrslon of congress. Poll, a leader among southern Democrats In Ihc house, heads tho committee which under house rules Is empowered to give legislative right of way to any Llll reporfed by an ordinary conmilltee. ---. Sues Tn Force Payment Of War Risk Insurance Jungles and mountains In whlcl tier light plane might have bcei lost forever. She kept the Eng land-Capetown record In the fore mcsl "flying family" of Orea Britain. Miss Johnson made a safe land- Ing In contrast to that of her iiucband who was so dazed by the loss cf sleep that the lights of Ihc city nnd the airport confused him and lie missed thc landing field. Captain Nfollison landec* on the soft sand of the beach nnd hb plane turned over. Suit has been filed in federal court nt Jonesboro by Mrs. Llv- vy Scott of till? city seeking' 'to force payment of a $10.000-.war risk Insurance claim In the death ol her son. " ' ' Thc woman's son who was discharged from the United States military service In 1919. died : In 1025. It l s alleged that he died of tuberculosis contrncted while serving In the nrmy. The nrtlon was filed for Mrs. Scott by George W. Barham of Barham and Holland, local" law firm. Will Conduct Services at Episcopal Church The Rev. C. C. Burke, of Marlanna, ,will conduct ser.'lces at the St. Stephens Episcopal church Sunday mcrnlng, 11 o'clock. Closing Si nek r" >•/<•»•• A. T. and T 107 1-2 Anaconda Copper 03-8 Auburn 44 Caterpillar. Tractor 31-3 Chrysler . 157-0 Cities service 31-4 Coca Cola — 81 5-8 General Elsctdc 16 1-8 General Motors 14 MiddlewMt Utilities 1-4 Montgomery Ward .... 13 1-4 New York Central .... 23 3-8 Packard 27-8 Radio 7 ' Simmons Beds 8 Standard of N. J 31 Texas Co 15 1-4 U. S. Steel ;; K 1-4 AdoIoH Hitler Will Meet 'Von Hindenburg BERLIN. Nov. 18. (UP)—Adolph Hitler, leader of the Nazis, who is esp:cted to phy an important part In the formation of the new German cabinet, agreed today to meet President Paul von Hindenburg here Saturday. Hitler started by air from Munich to the capital where he -is due this afternoon, In previous negotiations the German fascist leader has demanded "ihe chancellorship or nothing." WEATHER ARKANSAS—Generally fair, not so cold in west find central por- tlciiis tonight. Saturday partly cloudy and warmer In extreme east. •'•••_ According to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips, Jr., Ihe minimum temperature here y«3tcrday w»s 33 degrees »nd . the maximum, 35 degrees, cloudy.-Today a year ago the minimum temperature was 60 degrws and the maximum, 77 -dffrws, cloudy. • "

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