The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1937
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MAHC1I 9, 1037 (ARft.y COtftifeft NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consccu- Unfuinlshcd or Furnished six room modem cottage, electric refrlg- , , ... , , . , ,. ! cralloil, mar i;riidc and liluh Mr. ami rHrs. Blythcvillu and all who selected my firm as schools. 303 Holly, Catuos. see kit Hie licsl place to pm'diasc their used cars. Your response llll; IJC»l IJICllU IV MUIVIIU^V ILlt-IL H.7.-II v...~. 1 ~lll I l.P>lH.lll^kJ ,. ,.„„„, f,,,.,., 1_| » , , hus far exceeded'my highest e.M.eclnfious, and 1 should, UT^lK K'cnttanS live ipserMons: One tipio ?cr line 10c' • Two times per line per day ... 08c Twee times per Hue per dny .. OGc fed ungrateful indeed if I failed to thiink you. Six times per hnc P«r flay .... 05c Monti) rate per Hue 60c Cards of Thanki" 50o & 75c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six limes and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of liaies the ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Hates may be easily computed from above table. • Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes (he one time rate. No responsibility will te taken far more than one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Bus. Opportunities R. G. CASH, Used Car Mgr. HERE ARE 12 URAL USED CAR BARGAINS '55 CHEVKOI'ET Master Coach willi Uailio OOAOJJ wllli heater and 1831 la? $325 •31 CHEVUOLET MASTER ., SPORT SEDAN. NC-W Paint $345 •Jl C1IEVK OI/ET 0 O A U It. Locks and runs RQoA .... $215 '30 CHEVROLET 1 1-2 TON TllUCK. Extra good tires. This truck is in iicrfcct condition $415 33 CHEVROLET COACH .. $105 Kill! Also bedroom. Call 12-W. nce 2e KU '35 FOlil) V-8 COUi'E liaclio anil Heater . Two Hoom Furnished Apnrlmonl. Newly redecorated. Couple only. -Mrs. Wyatt Henley, 1315 W. Main Cc kid Modern 3-room FURNISHED $395 Apartment, 22-1 Dougan. Mrs. A. 135 FOIID v-s DELUXE si:- I OAN •3C FOiti) v-s Di:i.DM; COWE with Ifadio .... S145 •35 HODGE DELUXE COUI'E willi lUitio 1-,'SK •K PLYMOUTH COACH. Set uf (i-l'ly Tires>5 Oc ktf <i3U5 2 newly decorated unfurnished rooms, adjoining bath. Private entrance. Couple only, A|>j)!y at 51C S. Franklin after'5 P. M. Oc kll Beauty Culture IS THE COMING PROFESSION Learn lilts pleasant work which pays well. New class opening—state supervised Reasonable Tuition Mrs. William Berryman Elaine Beauty Shop Business Directory ^fOST COMPLETE STOCK SPRAY AIATEHiALS and INSECTICIDES in this locality . For use on all Fruit Trees, Shrubbery and Vegetables Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. J. W. Shouse Wilson Kenrj WE ATTEND TO ALL DETAILS Let's Talk It Over—Phone 100 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Sporting Goods of all kinds Uniforms &. equipment for base call, handball, Softball, soccer ball tennis, track & boxing. •' Best Prices "MY COAL IS BLACK— DT I TREAT YOU WHITE' I Also Pay Best Prices lor Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 107 Coal & Wood Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky COAL Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Phone 278 Chickasawba & B. I II You Want Wood, We Have It! Ash & Oak Kentucky Lump Coal. $0.50 ton Economy Coal Co. 221 W. Cherrv ' Phone 4 Carter Trailer with llcdy Bcslcr Krakcs. Only ! G. M. A. C. Payment Plan Many Other Lute Models to Choose From Poultry & Eggs I'OULTKY WANTED W<> pay highest market prices for nil kinds poultry, Fisher & Galncs at Gallics Grocery & Market. 11 W. Main. I'hOJle 033 Wanted To Buy r e Pay $G-$7.50 per ton for crap Iron, , Radiators $11.50, Metals 3c to 12c lb., Iso buyjiides & old batteries AKIAN AUTO I'ARTS 28 E. Main , Phone 170 TQRE BUILDING on W. Main St.. near new factory site. Kca- ' WE BUY Wool & Scrap Iron BlytlieVille Iron & Metal Co. ihcrry & R. R. Phone 448 AYE PAY CASH FQR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Elubbard 2nd Hand Furniture Store Fhone 1031 Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture 301-303 E. Main For Sale ,IY HOME, 919 W. Main. Mrs. E S. Sternberg. Call 98V s- For Rent Ice bedroom, large closet, adjoins bath,' 212 W. Kentucky. B-ck-4-8 onable. L. Fowler. 3-ck-tf icely Furnishes STEAMHEATED BEDROOM, ball). Call 560. 4c k room furnished apt.. 1015 w. As!.. Call 445-W. Mrs. Goodwin. 10-tf "unilshod, steamhoatccl Apartment Telephones 197 and 571. 9c ktf ilcdem 4- Room FURNISHED Apartment. Phone 280. 20o ht room furnished i.i>artment. "103! IV. Asll. Call SGS. 27-c-k-t BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES Custom Hatching MARILYN HATCHERY Hwy, Ql North, Blythcvlllc Wanted WALNUT AT FH'TII £>T. THONIC Kltf '30 CIIKVHOUCT SI-DAN ...J115 73 C!IKVKOI.I:T SUDAN' ...575! •;o roni) Tunon '31 CllKVKOl.K'r COACH ... J151 '30 HE KOTO SKI) AN '30 I'Oitl) SUDAN '30 VOK1) COUPE '29 1-'()U!) TUIIOK ¥ 74 '30 FOK1> roiisli dry or Gootl work. Mrs. Mick, 010 Lake. •J-plc-9 llitvp You Visited Our New Modern Service Station? \Vliltc Hose Gasoline (JcoilyPar Tires Wlllnvil 'lliittrrlM " RiKul Service On - Cias - Tires - Wrecks 21 HOUR KEUVlOE Call 0.13 For Prompt Srrvlrv Tom Little Chevrolet Co, American Landmark., HORIZONTAL 1 The -—-, [ C ]Q1 liomc o( An- Ifjo 1 drew Jtickson. — 9 lie was the • Democratic president ot the U.S. 14 Regions. 15 Those committing larceny, •J 6 Snare. 17 To nllol. 18 Finish, 19 Heart. 20 Container •wcliiht. 21 Mister. 22 Hour. Answer <o Frcvjous ;v C 5,Prices. . VER11C; S .L Yonnsj white Plymouth Rock HENS. SI.50 each; rooster free with each IB hens or single' roosters. $1.50. -\Ubott-Johns on Poultry Farm Barfleld road. Cleaners - Laundry COWT, '29 l-'Ottl) sr.DAN S li '2S FOIID TUHOI1 ....i S (J5 '29 roitn coon-; s ^"> '10 WIKVIIOLUT SUDAN ...SMltt 30 CHliVltOLEi' COACH ... SH5 Vou JJaj- liny Any of These Curs s Low As S5.00 io ?15.0D Down and ?3.50 to $5.00 Per Week. Come in — jusk Tliwn Orir All Arc In Ilutininr; Coinllliuii "A SAVE I'LACU TO SAVE" Phillips Used STAR CLEANEHS Experienced Workers - Quality Cleaning - Courteous Service 510 W. Ash ' Phone 2GG Marvin Sawyer. iMtfr. Batteries BATTEIIY SERVICE Call J. Ben Chine Phono 8 at Tom .Jackson's 23 To ridicule. li Portuguese money. 25 Deposited. 27 SKI eagle. W Strict, 30 Italian river. i-try fluency. Supply cveryllilnsi j •" By way of. to trustworthy person «l no money 32 Festers. risk. Eai'iilnss 'tip to $200 111 a *"> Male Help Wanted * "'' MAHR1KD MAN to run local yro- month. mailed (ice. Write 10M Monmouth, Clncln- rull, .O. ACT QUICK. Wrcckcr Service - C!u» & Oil Open All Night Phillips Service Center Phones 7"1 - 810 Itoy Calvin, Mgr., used, fur Dc'pt. Read courier News Want Ada JWffiat22SJ|] asszszjEBSSH ll JliS» Inc. COAL - FEED - KINDLING I'HONJ.; 7U particle,.' 36 Falsehood. 37 Melodies. 42 Road, 1 Incubalion 43 A —— Of it broods. \vns l=jcsident 2Misluko, ell s in- 3 Back, aland. 4 Chart. 46 Rowing (ooJs, 5 Exists. 47 Drove. ° Nimble. MSnsIi. 7 Fence'door, 40 Seasons. 8 Bofof«, 51 To peel. . '•> Lawyer's 52 To rnalitt n cliargo. sweater. 13 Russian empress. IV Qir(. 20 Things Uiat twinkle. 21 Worth. 23 Lake. 2* Uevjaah. 25 Thin. 26 Dower property. 29 Stepped upon 30 Nobleman. 33 Moulh parts. Sj 3 5 Andrew ' Jackson was of , descent. 37 To worship.' 33 Impolite. water. 40 Preposition, 4 1 Single things. .43 To value. 44 Verbal, "4.5 Death notice. nickname, Pronoun, 35 Electrified 53 Animal ,*m. II Scarlet 54 Auction, ' 12 Senior. Hickory." lOWaysldo hotel 50 Sloth. .61 Falhcr. 52 Measure, '-i By Hurnlin .iM'jllS'THIWK.KYErjjBLir WHEMVDU^ New Bargains! Vc have soms especially gcod bar- ains in cars, trucks and ptck-ups. See Our's Before You Buy! D36 International 'A Ton Pick-Up 1035 Ford Ha Ton Truck J929 Chevrolet Sedan 1931 Chevrolet Roadster 1330 Oakland Sedan Delta Implements, Inc. Cotton Seed]II~ STONEVILLE — DPL HALF & HALF BEST PRICES BSytheville Gin Co. .SED BRICK. Cheap. A. K. carter, C07 N. 5th St. 3-p-k-10 Shoe Repairing ~~CITY SHOE SHOP" Try us once Then try us twice After that you'll let us Do your shoe work the Rest of your life. WM. FREEMAN & J. B. HOLT 4 doors east Penney 's NEW DEAL SHOE SHOT 121 West Main. , Simon P. Lee in charge 4 Photos FREE with Each Order for Half Sole Job Personal TVTFlVf OET VIGOR AT ONCE.' J-io-LJiX. Ncw O s tTCX Tonlc Ta b- lets contain raw' oyster invigorators and other stimulants. One dose peps up organs, glands. If not delighted, maker refunds few cents paid.. Call, write Kirby Bros. lirug stores. PLUMBING! Ixturcs, pipe, fittings, all bath- :om accessories, valves, electric ater systems for farms. Water Iteners, filters or any other item -iinected with plumbing or heat"PETE" THE PLUMBER air young draft mares and liar- ness, reasonable. Guaranteed tc c sound and good workers. Wt. .500 Ibs. Joe Craig, Phone 74. 27c ktl VEHJH TEU.IW I HAOOL' TIED UP TO ALL THIS MESS \THIMK HOW GOOD W A TS J5TAR7ED OVER.) IT MAKES' OUC BAG i FOOD^ASTE, OF SALT- f^AVGOTTA ADMIT IT WAS > HAVE WLIE HAMGIKI UPIMTH'AIC-BUT IT'S A CIWCH HE WAS GOUE WHEM WE GOT THERe BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES MUSIC HAT H CUARMS-~ •AT six octao< STWUtW .VOLJ GO 6PO1V. A OAK iX PtMK, 6PO\V tt VO WJMT PENSMV, W 11^ PIAMO ^ THU COI.ONIO WASH TUBBS I'VE NEVER A SUCKER VET—THIMKIT' OVER, Mules For Sale DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC. MINNOWS O. C. Haute, 300 E. Main iOOD ALFALFA HAY, rcD:cn- ably priced. Mrs. li. L. Turner Farm Loans $500 Up ALSO LOANS ON BUSINESS BUILDINGS, RESIDENCES PILLING STATIONS. Don H. Kasserman Room 220—Lynch bid". P. O. Box 4TQ 3HOICE SEED carefully saved for our own se. BARGAIN. Electric Gin Co. LOXORA. ARK. H?EE! If cx'xsss acid causes you ' Stomach Ulcers. Gas Pains! : Indigestion. Heartburn, GET free sample doctor's prescription, Udgo, at Kirby Bros. Drug Co. NO RED TAPE Borrow money on your car to pay for your licenses anci other bills. SPECIAL BARGAIN New your Row PLANTER For Model A John Deere Tractor Also Several Good Used CULTIVATORS PAUL BYRUM Six head of Good MULES for sale. Sec Paul Dyruin. Scktf Room and Board $6 PER WEEK i Enjoy comforts of - -- steam heat, Car need not be paid for. See hot and cold water good food al! o. W. MCLLINS fur this ' low price. Suubnry Bldg. Phone 495 j Teabojy Hotel III i;. slain -..—*.„,, SOMJ4S, HNJE VOU TOUP AMMBOOV 1 (NEVeRMINP!I'M TAXtN' NO CHANCES, HONiEV,< ASCWTHE MAGM5T HIDPcN UNDER THE — ~" " " ' FRECKLES AND HIS FK1KNDS I kHO\</>feUtUTHiM-< I'M CRA-2/, SHERIFF....BUT IT'S A OKIE-LEGGED SOME- THIMS,! TELL >ou! fr FOLLOWED Mr sou RIGHT TO THE HOUSE .' HE WAS OW HIS SKA1E COASTER .' I KtfOV/ THERE AREM'T ffJCH] 1HWGS AS GHOSTS', BUT CALL IT WHAT -YbO WILL, IT FOLLOWED M/ BOY wriHOUr MAXIMS A SOUWD I AMD IT, WAS OME-LEGGSD....OWLY THE R1GJ-TT PSOTPRIUTS SHOW OW THE PAVE^. THE SIlKtMI'T CIIKCKS OUT! iTu.- 1 --^ BOWWOW PULLINS A FAST ONE ..FOR THE NEXT WEEK VOU' RE COOMN 1 ALL OPEASVS MEALS, THEY LOOM UP, WHITE AWD EERIE ) ,•'' ' " *'•?% \ 'j OMTHE SIDEV/ALK.' AND THEY'RE \' I AWT'SO "'' '" FIPTEEK 1 FEET AR^frr! If^AGIHET IT... ) GOOD OM SlMGLE FOcrrpRiMrS FIFTEEW FEET APART! B£rnr?3 COME OVER RIGHT AWAY.' By Blosscr " -^V 't-i lm' (&$$&! i ar~'" ~is&^- HE V/AS SCARED STIFF? SAt£ HE COULDN'T BE OF AMY HELP .'...CLAIMS HE'S A FWGE:pPPIf-fr EXPEPT, ArJp THAT IF "THIS THIWG HAD WALKED ON ITS HANDS, IT D CATCH ! COMIK1G s, OVER.?

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