The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE Court Records Reveal Story 0. Henry Might-Have Written , BV » ARRY FKHGUSON Iclnd in his 'bathrobe n ' BT..YTTTEVm.lS..(ABK.) COURIER 'NEWS WASHINGTON (UP).—O. Henry .should write this story. It's about the Chanihas fnnilly Ihret lUed over on Columbia rond, anil very happily, too. , until enough jcars went •doddering l>y Hint it, was (fine for Allicnfa to pulher plg-tnlls up nnd her dolls away. Then hlgli school toys came rnp- plng on •!110 door after dusk-to take Athenla around Ibn comer to .see Gloria Bwanson, and Nicholas Clinnihas growled u •hll, us fathers will, because Ills daughter was using too much rdiinc. Other men i;ol rich or went broke.or died, tail nothing of that «Kt happened (u Nldtoliis Clinru- IWs; lits salary still was the same, will lie .sill! kepi Ills family In the | little, two-roniu apni-lmr-nt where Mrs. Clmi'iihns and Alhenln used i he bedroom anil Nicholas slept in the. living room. Athenla. was 19 whcnboysslartctl coming to the house In the evening to sec her. Anil Mrs. Charuhas made It pleasant for them with lemonade nnd taffy, Mrs Cliariilins always said to Nicholas that she willed Aliienla (o nnd a Kood husljand and Nicholas said that's right, Tinssle, Ihe K J,.J marry well. So they worked out a plan lo leave the living room free for •Athenla wh|lo Mrs. Charnhns retired to the bedroom. Nicholas was to go for long wnlte. He had lived n long lime'In Wiuililneton. but he revisited all the points of Interest - saw Ihe Lincoln Memorial : lii early evening and watched search- llehts make a niaulc, white spire ol Ihe Washington Monument at midnight. Nicholas couldjiave gone to the movies .except Hint llici-e wabiii enough money, in .summer He wit on park benches, sometime* almost until dawn. .In the winter line lie shivered and shambled along the curbstones to keep AlhcHla hnd.hcr 20th birthday and theic was a cclcbnitlon with' some Bifts-not expensive bin nice And still there was no encasement announcement for the Charuhas 'o make. although boys, still called iCKilni-Jj M t),e n, ly apartment And so one nlRhl it happened lhal Nicholas and. MIS. Cliamhiis quarreled and Ihe rest of ti,|-, story ii written on crinkly pieces of panci, spotted with big red seals in the clerk's office nl District of Columbia supreme court I" bilmlf of Mi*. Charuhns a lawn) flletl this statement: Ihe defendant would sit, hlm- ouelily In nn attempt to .•j.-il<l yoting Kentloinnn." And so,. In uUr.inptlnfi coiirauo n wncriago tl;e broilgbI a divorce suit'up. .selves, and, as was uilld ) Henry .should have wrl 1 story. A»iiuiai Carnthersvillr, CAI)U7'lU:«.SV![,[,lf, MO., rifle 7 —Committees for (he Third Animal Community Christmas live,' which will be held at tho naptfst church at fi prn. Monday,'Dei: ->1 were mimed yesterday. All churuhes ol !ht> city and the" Aincrlbnn !*- gion have united to pron'jote, ihe tree. The movement, W a.v started thr« years a^o at t|, e sii K6 estl6n Of Judge falcrllns; II. .McCarthy.-.• Olilccrs nrc: Chairman—John W. Asher- treas- ,urer—Miss Nellc Lee DorrolV secretary-Mrs, Cluy E. Michie. The cominlltees aro; ' Sollclllng-iiarry niclgley chairman; clarence Malloure, Prof p E Simpson, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Roy Hrad- Icy. James Alien,, Rosonc ilaydcn, *-•• t. Afiirphy. Cnnvar,slng_Mrs. Chiis. E Watson, chnlrrnan; M r v D p Run 'Iplpil, Mrs. picas Lynn, Mrs'. Il' !>" l^eatt. Mr... Boy BmOtey. M,v DistrlbuUnx^a c Steplian cJmlrinnn; Mrs. utltia Slmp.»n' Mrs J 0 i m Scott| Mrs ]ro||c |f j »o. Mrs. Ed Huffman, Mrs. Qtiinn 's. Audrey Adams. rnh '" r( ? la14 ' ln|f - Mli ' ! "eHo L«e Dor- loh chairman; Mrs. Kfithrvn Ed-"•'~i, Mrs. Nolle Homer/ vr .-.y nll(i decorallons-ciiiy E M chic. Mrs. S. c. Stephnn. Program-Prof. F. . Lambert a rlu, fn" 10 "" Lt>8l °" L<1 mMn * a city-wide canvass to secure old toys which members of the post «'l!l repaint and repair and have <h'e, y f0 ,r (ll1stUbllllo » to poor clill- " en HcadiiiinHcrs for rcpatrln« (he toys is In the Armory Hall. Lepanto Woman 0. E. S. District Deputy Lecturer Today's Markets Chicago Corn Closing Stock Price* NRW YORK, Dec. 7 (UP) Trading was lighter on the stock exchange, loday v/llh prices Ir regular In a narrow range. A. T. and T ' ici) Auneonda Copper ,,..., 12 liethlelicin filed .....'. 31) 7-a Chrysler m l.a Cllle.s Bi'rvlce ,. i j-'j (.'oca Cola .'.'.' Oncral Amcrlean Tnnk Cir-tie.ral Blrclrk- Oc.iieral Motors liilcriuillriiial Harvester Montgomery Ward ... rfew York Central .' I'hUflp? Petroleum 1 '.'.'.'.'.', liadlo Corp .Simmons Beds ...... .Standard .or. N.. .1. .:..". Texas Co • 38 1-8 W 1-1 M 3-lt 3!) 1-4 29 7-8 22 1-B 4 If-fl If) l-« K 1-2 n i-n M 21 'J-li :m 7-8 !2:i 1-2 9 • U- .K, Smcltlnif Zo;ille ..., Orteann Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 7 (Ul'l — A .TOuglinf tendency developed In the cotton, market ihls aflernor.n "«1 prices slipped off 10 uel tosses Just before the tl , wc ihe early market, had a sl'-idy lone and .small advances were "Hide on buying; stimulated Kood cables. open high low dose 1242 1242 12'I2 12-12 12-15 1258 I2S8 1251 1251 13C9 1259 I25D 12S4 1251 TAW 1248 12411 1225 1225 1219 1223 Dee. May OJKIII 85 7-8 37 02 1-4 M low Close. 03 1-8 3-U !)) 1-4 Dec Jan March 0cL S]>ot!i closed steaily at 1271 off New York Cotton NEW.YOHK, Dec. 7. (UP)-Cotton closed steady. open high low close ... 1249 1249' 1241 1243 ... 1250 1251 1245 )24(i ... 1257 1258-1261 12S2 .... 1258 1258 1M3 1253 •••• 1252 1252 1247 1247 ... 1225 1225 1219 1222 closed niilet ni mn im- Dec. Jan. Mar May July Oct. Ctncaan Wheat n , "Dming such times us" .the said (faiighlcj enlcrlalned her various sullors m sjl,| living room It was uetcs.wry for the defendant cilhe'r lo reliiD for the 'night or to leave nnd walj- the slrcete; until such time as he foil ready -. to retire on one occasion ..salt! defendant icmalncd at home, ,,comfortably ROXY Friday & Saturday Mattnce & Night—Iflc - 25c Bruce Cabot Judith Allen H. R. Warner 'NIGHT ALARM' SERIAL -' - CARTOON Sunday - Monday ONE DROP HAS BEEN KNOWN TO Kill | When lutpicicn louthtt Itit liin, ;i ipr«orf, oil r 1U m El Brendel Comedy "Dumb*)] Letters" 105 1-4 102 3-4 103 1-2 chapters In ihe four, counties of Poimclt, CmlBhcau;'Mississippi nml The position was formerly held by Mrs. Bogan of Ll ,.v ora , W J O w ^ ciio-scn associated grand matron. 10,000 Flight Reveals Advance in Aviation CHICAGO (UJ'j-Avlatlon's rapid jirogress Is epHomiKcd hy Ihe advance made between the first' ami len Ihotisaridth round-trip ' co .isi. to-coast fllxhl, just completed by United Air Lines on the Ivil'j-coii tliidit New Ynrtr-ciileaeo-l'aeinc Const airway, Thi; prwcnl Iwln-cnitlncd KM- liiB traasports make., the 2 700 mile flight from California toW York In approximately ) ln |r n,,. time of: the ^Ingle-engliieir nhii"' ''altliin the nrst lllKht>ven. vi'i/s go, mid the pasjx'nger fare K h-« han half. Ighlf Klve's thc"'Sod' JSU.'t"f.m" other aviation record for ,,o \(<n- n air lino can approach slid ord for long distance sc ' inall-passcnger-c-xprcss operation, nwtcad of one' in'17 flight <l.iily, unite virtually overnight "mowmm'nf I' m«". paswiujcrs and express Ir U-cen the" two M.'lboards - John EHig, Caruthewill Bank Employe, Is Married CARUTfJBRSVtiIl5. Mo.-A sin- nou»c*- t0 o 1>IS rriel " ls was the <">- rlagfl «!' Mr. Joini mils of'lhVdty Klda KovctK. o[ Jackson. Mo. , rim wedding took plat nraesvllli) .ThanksglvljiK n, y The »hjKlo ring ceremony was said by Rev. O. A. UOHWS, . of tli t bride. /I'Jicy Were .... t<wl«l l,y ,\fK, Clarice Howard and l/-on Bowers. T»o bride K in,, d(,iif>Iilor 0 [ y, »».l Mrs. J. n. H,,™,,, of j^,'; h it Is a graduate o; Ui 5 o/tk KM»c I.lKh •school ami later, •uitsiul«i •reaches College, at Cape . oirar- •loan. HI,,, is teadilHK near Jackson and will continue to lin h Cr ))osi . lion until the .school dose., In Am-n Mr. Kills B UK: -son or Mrs. Ceo ;•. Rills and tlio hit<i Mr. tails 0 J . Mo. Itc also wa< E"<IIIUIU,.|| froin (h c . Ofifc illdoo hl"h school^ and Attended Tt-adiers C'ol- niiintar or years he wa's employed I" the Rtnrdivanl Hank ni CII,K Girardcau. At,the opening of the National rtank here ilils'sprin» Mr flHs was employed as bookkeeper' After Mrs. Ellis' school ends thev ;•;» r ^ sl * at. TO Pei-gucn Avenue. lo I'olo «rli! star '1'u COHVALLIS, Ore. (UPV_» a | Panglc, star football player at Ore eon stale College.-Is one or the wilsliimlliie candidate, [£• varsity , w lo team. "• j|iToday^s Alitinnuc Pecembef V^ Scots born. state to rati war on Austria- a-s old 4ehts bellow thaPtheywish e- Mr. and Mrs. Tim Evers, of Joppa, 111.; visited MI/I. Evcrs 1 parents, Mr. nnd M rs !f pj ., - . Viola! Bcrmcll ,-IJKI Mnry Rutit May spent Wednesday nighj. with Nlnn «ml Sy\ m , nucVaba . n ^ . willl! > Handoluh spcn Tlmiiksglvliig:. \Wh her lra ren[ fit Sikesloii. Mlnard Pfcircr nnd Rnymonc I-onjf nte rimiitefiiviiii; ( |inn cr will Mrs. W. Curtner, aiinl of Mi- Long, and . Mr.,, ciit-tiier. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Long ai family, Mr. anil Mr.,. George Long were guests-of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Long for Thanlcsglvins. Mr. and Mrs. Bill FRIDAY, DECEMBER of Mr. mi" mrs. M. n. \. evl \fi Mmmii. night. , '"'•'* Tom l.ev;ls Iins been j|i .,.|(] tonsimis. but Is much improved Sam Skinner i s |]l nt |,] s home. M'.« Amife n, Bisbimi nntf Flunk nrlnslond wore quietly married Tlj.'ink.tgjving cluy Thev will make their lion ln v-'itli the parents of Mr. firljjslead The Birl-i nnd toys basketball I -Punis played MarHon loams her? fiMay i.lfjhl. Tin- (! lrls v , on ,, 3 to «. nnd ihe, boys wnn uo-20 h'^,.^ n ''l Mi!t >«-<> LOW —Atty, Hoy Harper, Steele attorney H'Jio tills week announced his affiliation will] Ward nnd rieev.^ Jaw fij-ui of this i'lly, hns Ihn dls 7, ']fl,3. tlnc • --•••• • i»v« 'H»v» Mil! VU!»- linn or graduating three times tram the same high scjioo). Harper received three diplomas from steelc high school. The [ was when It was a two-year liMi school. The next year junior work I in / of VIcks The highest fotnl for June W(> ,| ! 'f «"«» '323 was allnino,,'', J^'JI , . after spending the wcek'-ei«l" V a't Mr. and Mrs. Sexton, dr Mars- Ion, were dinner j-nwls of Miami Mrs. Den Skinner i.-,-j ( | n M night. KLlj (ilyii Sexton and :*4or,,Cnrmen i Marstou, S|) MH the week-rnd At For 1'hunc in Jr., anil g,, rats m Pl . 1n( , } Chrislliu: Clallahelr i» and .so,,, Tom. 'un<! - K'lwte, drnve ir> Me:n- l>hi? rue.scay. Miv;. Ujci);,,- JlnnW "•turned with -her brother, AY Huekaba. ffir a R ) ]on vhlt Mrs. Iinjiilet, ami dntiglitcr.s, Mlsse.-, Mamie and Mahle, or corjt- ir. ybli(!|l.. M r:. nnd Miti. K!,>y<| frainlct over the wcel:-cnd Mr and Mrs.. Qnlliard Skinner, of Hayll, visited Mr. and Mrs. liert HhmiiDr .Sunday. Jos Bob Coppage, who attends ichoo! at cape Glrardeaii, wns -he ijticst or his |, arems over the week-end. A Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nite 6:45—!0-;iac i&p- * -l&w*0ti\ >^0> ^QV ^ ^* ,c o ^&«&£* A .^^ «*^^ v* Three Diplomas from Steele High School CARUTm.7i9vriAB. Mo., Dec. 7 Checks COLDS and FEVER First Day 666 l.fquid - Tablets Salve - Nose Drops Headaches In .10 Minutes VapoRub In Convenient VICK5 COUGH DROP A TCP TO WIVES" Give "111ni" A TUXEDO i''or Chrislnias He needs one and you know i( will lie appreciated.-. . . Come in today anil lei' us show von the newer sfyk's. 8. D.- HUGHES & CO. 3 Boors West of Ri!/ Theatre Quick and beptnd»bi« Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. The Ideal Family Gift A PHILCO RADIO <P* f* ^t-.w*j* &2 Drive in Today-Let us check ihe Strength of your Anti-Freeze or put it new supply Bill WunderUch's MAIN SERVICE STATION Cor. Main & Fifth Sts. Phone 711 CARTOON - - COM BOY Sunday - Monday MATINEE & NITE_lOc-35r I HEW STAR D'lSC'OVERY! 5 SJie HITS.! Hcniice Clhirc News Events of the Day GET EUROPE- SOUTH AMERICA with this New 1935 I REMOTE CONTROL PHILCO The world at your elbow—that's the thrill that awaits you with this new Remote Control I'HILCO! lune-m fascinating programs direct from London, I ans, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Buenos Aires, etc., as well as your favorite American broadcasts—without stirnng from your chair! With the convenient end- table tuning cabinet beside you, enjoy the full beauty of glorious PHILCO tone from the sepa- rateiconsole-type speaker cabinet across the room. Both cabinets of bcautf- ful hand-rubbed walnut. Latest features include Board, Super Class "A PHILCO 118 RX $125 Patented Inclined Sounding Audio System, Tone Control, I O1.-J ____ m * , U . UJJ .-» /vuuiu system, rone Automatic Volume Control, Shadow Tuning, etc. PHILCO 11IMX A pow«rfol new PHII.CO in * modern cabinet of hand- rubbed brown Mahogany wttli black (rim and contrastln; tent»r pant). Same chassis a« the rtmot* control mode) described above. CHOOSE FROM A complete selecti NEW 1935 ffOfV PHILCOS 3«-V'up ::;'','! EASIEST TERMS Trade-in your present set! Liberal'Allowance! of Hubbai d Furniture Co.

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