The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1934
Page 7
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FHIDAY, DUCEMB8K.7, 1931 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) CQUKIEH- NEWS r- PAGE CLASSIFIED SECTION -. a Directory of the City's Wtmts CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION P»Uy r«w per llue tor Bye Insertions: (Five avertce words to a line) Oup time per lift* ,.,,,,..... lOe Two times [>er Une p«r day .. ow Three times per line per day . , 09c Bix times per line per da; .. 05c Month rate per line ......... 60c Minimum pharge Mo Adi ordered (or tnree or til times and (topped before expire uoa will be charged for (tie number o! times tbe ad appeared and adu£t<aent ol Dill maae. ; All Ctoslflea Advertising copy tubmltltd by persona residing out tide ol die city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be computed (row above table. No rctpoiuiDUli; <w!U te ukeu Jar more than one inconect In- iertion at aay clt.aifled ad. Advenlsltg OMered, (or irregular lubertioos take -the- one time rate. PHILLIPS' USEDCARS JUST A KISW Of " : QUR MANY BARGAINS '28 FORD ROADSTER. Rumble Scat, Real Tires and Motor ...... ............. $69 '29 FOKD TOWN SK0AN. New Pajnt .... ................ S165 '33 FORP TKPOR SEDAN. Now Motor , ............. ? '33 CHEVROLET COACII . . . 5385 '33 CHEVROLET COUPE ... '» FQHD DEHJXB COUPS. Sett —TRUCKS & TRAILERS— '30 FORD Cal> .. PICKUP. Closed 5105 '31 FORD riCKUP. ; Cab, i,500 '30 CHEVROLET -. CloseU Cab, large Body Closed $16 Cobb Uadertakiflf Co., loc SERVICE cjj QUALITY 'AMBUWNOE ' ' LET US DO YOUR WELDING ANP MAUHINK WORK BOILKR - DRAGLINE TRAILER REPAIRING tVc Carry A Full Line p( S)ia(tl»s Phone $08 BLYTHEVIlvLE MACHlNIi WORKS Operaled by WM»ei.FHl "P »">*• JOHN BUCHANAN - VHQXK 107 ~Sec Us About Your Coal Blytheville Gin Co. : "Radiant Alabartia" "Premium Kentucky" CALL i'14 \V aiuecl B. F. Kljer Roy P»c« Chitwoou & Wcidman : Electrical Wiring - Metal Work Between P. O. and Clievrolct Bide. Phone 266 Closing Out Entire Bl,ock of BOOTS At PRESENT WHOLESALE Prices Hubbard Hdw. Co. Pair mules, wngoit, harness, plow tools, corn, Intei'imllonnl rldins cultivator, Intenmiional lioive cotton planter. O. D. GRIMES. Yur- bro road. Op kU For hlgtesv prices on Pecans see Wolf Arloi), JB8 R. Mitln. Me kH SOLICITORS to :,ell coal. 118 S. Railraid. Phone-13!l. a-ck-10 CONNOR & MATLOCK ELECTRIC and ACETYUNE WELDING No Job Too Large or Too Small. Reasonable Prices - Guaranteed Work SE Corner Ash and Railroad In Old Trinity Farm Bldg. Farmers! For $6.50 unit the cotton we will make you a Good MATTRESS. "Trade with a Home Industry" UPHOLSTERERS.- J. W. Jenkins & Sou J16 S. Railroad r - Plionc 139 RITE PRICE GHOCERY BUY GROCERIES BIGHT A COMPLETE LINE OF FANCY <fc STAPLE GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES, PHO- DUOE, FLOUR, MEAL, ETC. In Old P. O. Bldg. Phone 23*—We Deliver Aulbortud PRIGIDAIRE SERVICE Factor; Trained Mechanics 'Day 67—Piiono—Nlghl 3(tt 4U7 Main St. B. 3. GEE SALES CO. T RUCK. 1 I- 2 I 011 ' 'M CHEVROLET T EUCK. Closed Cab, l!;-Ton. A Real Bargain At ........ S 51 KIN'UHAM ' TRAILER, New Tires Dual WE F^V CASH-FQR ' totibtf dSftS UAKfir £. PHILLIPS' USfcD lAKLOl Ciiraer Waiiiut A 1st Streets" I'none 813 OPEN NIGHTS TIL 'J P. M. AUTO GLASS AHK-MO LUMBEB CO. PHONE 40 FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUR FLOOR SANDEH ARKMO LUMBER CO. Attention Farmers! \VE BUY SOY BEANS, COHN AND COW PEAS Farmers Cash Feed 8c Seed Co. J. W, PARKER. Prop, Phone 12 Shoe Repairing WINTER IS COMING I SPECIAL PRICES oil ICIia shops before cold tvcntbor, Progressive Shoe Shop 103 S. anil St. Gel Your SHOES ready lor winter. Ni'wtsl machine just iiuUI- lecl. Every job tuaranteed or rnouey refunded. • E. E. Rntcliff Across from Hubbnrd Hdw. Co, Simon P. Lee Oldest shoe maker In county "Trnde With A pioneer" 111 S. Railroad W. J. KNOX iiavlng made nil kinds of shoes for ABNORMAL feet, cnu repair sli'ocs lo correct ABNORMAL fee< Eggs, Pouitiy Stations CHEAPER AND BETl'Ell GAS Southern Service Station AT STEBLK, MO. Phillips OG I'l-odncis Atm-KNOCK OASOHNfc; ~'f liotu- scrvltc '^o price lower (him gurs." i'ositioii Wanted will do STENOQHAI'JIIO work «t or 192. Hcasoimblo rales. Call M« Personal Will quill QUILTS reiisouaWy. Work neiilly tlono. Mrs. Leonard W. Holt, B. Lilly St. 1c ktf $25 REWARD For Information leading to lh« nr- i'or Sale BARGAINS'.'" In Used Healers. I.lubbaixl Hd\v. Co. IJEUIIOOM. \ sleuni heat,', uavaso. Mcua» : cfcrrci|.': 011 W. Ash. Cull 5W.' • , • BektB For Rctit WAltM UOOM In mudwv f(ir- nncc denied lionic. Men or htii,- ,css couiili; preferred. 1'lionu iio! ' '-'•!• Vu kt( •i l<7um"b»jh UllflllJ)lsl]((l /tl'ART- MKNT. F. Simon. Cull 7<Ji. / Joe ktf TWO nicely FUltNISHUn T1EU- HOOMS moderately priced. Mrs; B; A ' r'slier, lOj B. Davis. ai-pk-2p ndjoliilng bath. «» Ijrcfqrred, 3(3 w. Kentucky. Tele- pliono 080. 8-clc-lf UgiiLY •' raRNlSIlBD MKNT, CALL, 202-W. APART- v 30-ck-tJ MODKHN 5 room FUKNISIIKIJ house, IMli Clilckusnwbh. Cull -3W. . - 7-ck-H .HI-BO HOUSE, orchard «nd unr-i ]. Mi's, ,S. F, Mwdnmli, WJ N. 1 Illli Bti -1-pk-ll '•I room modern FUHNISHED nnai'lmiml, private Iwlh, tturnyio. ffl Uoiignn. unll.noi W.< 1-ck-u Harold Sternberg Wo Buy and Sell Cotton Planting Seed and Corn ,While, Yellow or Mixed Us Voi- licsl 1'riccn 1 ' SXBIP (ucl at Email cost > Arkmp Lumber- Co. Restaurants Best Oysters &-River ,Cat Fish Cblckcn Dinners Every Bay Jimmie O'Brien 105 S. Second Automotive Coa) & Wood PARKS BROS. 0)ALm PHONE 977 FOR • "Hi-Lo Alabama" "Energy Illinois" ''Black Royal Kentucky" CLEAN COAL—LOW PRICED WINTER 18 HERE! Fill jvur bins now witb the Fa- raous Marne Ktd Ash Coat—high In luat, low In a&u; or Majestic l<niUty Circle Illinois Coal, best jqnaUtjr from Western Kentucky. PEED—SEED DRY WOOD—KINDLING FOR BATTERY: SERVICE Ben'Clune 200 W. Ash Phone 8. "WINTER AUTO SPECIALS" De- FOR Preston*, Alcohol, Heaters, rrostera, Willcra Balttrits. LET US PREPARE YOU WINTER Hubbard Hdw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEFT. Phone 476 Phone tTX YOUR CAK FOR WINTER Cheapest Prices Paint jobs, Repairing bodies, Si- moniiinj, Chancing Transmissions, Washing & Greasing with Marfak Grease ~i Quaker State oil. John Hoarh—Jimmie Binkley BAKNETT AIITO SALES CO. Phono 883 We solicit your patronaRo on the basis of high quality products, low cash prices, prompt service and honest dealing. You get what you pay for here Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. VV. Parker, prop, phone 127 Why Buy Coal From 'Us? We will give a cash discount of 25 cents (at tile time (lie order Is placed) for cadi of your first two tons of COAL purchased from us It you will tell us the reason j-ou bought U from this firm. Heal Estate FARMS FOR .SALE! . Terms Reasonable CTHEt, p. THOMPSON CaniUtcrevillc, Mo. Some Itcasons Why You Should Trade With Us••! '•" -•••'.' 'jl — 30 years Ui • business. -.:' ; j 2— Quality of conlj.liniKllcd.' "' ' T j 3— I'roinpl sciTlcc. 1 4— Courteous treatment. 5— You sol, n,U jpu . i«y : for. MUM I,,1M) FOR SAI.K NW.i -NE',i ol G-15-1I NW« NW!i pf 6rl5-ll Orig. Sutvcy.'E',-: SW!}' o( H-15-ia Write Sugg & Baker, • ' Tcnn. Business P rope fly For Sale Seven brick store buildings ill •>W block o|i l Ash slrtcl, small casli l>ayjueiu, easy tcnns for bal- "QUAU'lY GROUP" by Distributed ; 76 GAY & I3ILU1NGS A mia , e < also, brick business property 1 " st «ei," located III !!ic 100 block, price will lie quoted who uro interested. You to t iioso n? i y ,,v almost like, paying, rent. W.M. Burns 'ARCUCV -- '• Coal Co. VniUs nl Slcrnberg Gill I'iionc 116 HIGH GHAI3E KENTUCKY COAL, all sizes: ALABAMA RED ASH QUICK F1RB ALABAMA WOOD, K1NPLINO, COIJN, HAY li you ore down In the mouth Hunk of Jonah; lie came ' out alright'." • '' ' rest nnd conviction of parties who smnslicd Oimnre winnow Mondny, Buy FRESH EGGS the ctaj Nov. 13. V. E. Tomllmon. Chlel ore laid. At PICKARD'S Store closu In. Men only. of Merchant's Patrol. 1044 Cmckasftivba, or direct from 310 W. Walnut. Sirs. 1«. U. Nqloii. WHAT IS THIS, WELL-GO UP AN 1 GET HER, VOU STONE-HEAOEP 5TOOGOO5.' DON'T STAND tHERE LOOKIN GO UP THERE? NOTHIN' hi GV- WHERE YOU BEEN?'. •'•'WHAT .'• HAPPENED T'YOU? OOOOoHH-l DONTKNGW,' OOQVi - IT WAS AW£UL.'.' A GREAT,HU6E,TWO-LEGGED MONSTER- AN AP£-OOoOOHH GONE.'-SHE WENT UP-KERWOOSH; LIKE THAT.' LIKE BUMPS ON A UO&/ flir SO/N/ WHATEVER GOT T.M' PRINCESS AINT GONlNA. MAKEANVSWlPES AT US' BOOTS AND HEIt BUDDIES 50'. you e,Q.OOU . OUR W^V® WILDER'AND WHOOPS; CH&E.«,S FOR OH, DtApf-weA.S'/! THERE OOfi H6H HOUSE, PLEASE, NOUP ROYAL H16HN6SS, LET'S 6O HOME HURTV-WUftTV TrttH 6W£ 0£> 5HOE.HOUt4. SALESMAN SAM PLAYING SAKE! «y Small 1 . THAT PROB'LV REAL SILVER PRESENTS} I.OOKIT HERE, PU2Z/ I 3UST 6OT AM \YO(J SAID IT 1 . IMVITftTIQM TO TH' SCMMOOPi-SCHMAPPS ) WHV, DON'T WEDDIXJG! I GOTTA GET BUSY AM'SEMD / '/A PICH OUT EM A PRESEWT.' . _ ^^--^A PIECE OF SILVER PROM OUR SAY/ THW's A DIRTV AMVWAV, LOTS ot= PEOPLE GIVE PLftTED STUFF I DOM'TCHA THINI^ IT OJOULp BB BETT6R To SEND STERLING WELL,MOT''PER \ ME.' DOYA SUPPOSE ) SET IN W PUTCH? »T SftVS ^ R.S.V. R RIGHT X? ON THE IMViTftTlOM.'}- \ND HiS FRIENDS AND V«TCH YOU FOR AWILE/MR.^ M5LLING5R ? FRECKLES MiNJOIF I GST OUT YcUB PA3 ANO PEWC!L ; So^ \J -,'op'LLj.GST v/HAT'r&J CAMS FOX,A RIGHT...AW? IT WCMT Bp PICTCW ! THE EXESCSS'CY IS HERE, RIGHT WOW.'/ I -HAVE To WRITE A COMPOSITION ABOUT A % RAILROAD TELecRAPHER, AKID I FIGURED THJS ,\VOULD BE THS BSST PLACE TO COMS R>R FIRST-HAND |( M.ATtoN .7 \'/E'RE SUPPOSED TO V/P(1TE ABOUT AN EMERGENCY, HA. c> Pe^J!^ l Q OJ4 A RAILROAD...AMD THEM TELL V/HAT PART THE TELEGRAPHER PLMS iw THE DRAMA.'.' I DON'T QUITE GET THE COMS RK3HT W, FRECKLES... GIAD TO You I TMl^lG IS CWHINS OVER THE WIRE.'

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