The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1944
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MAY 18, 19dd Places Emphasis On Maintenance Trucks, Buses, Cars Cannot Be Replaced, t ODT Official Warns increasing emphasis must be placed on the maintenance and rehabilitation of trucks, buses and pn&seuger cars In th e months ahead If Ihcre is to be no bugging down of the nation's transportation machinery, R. T. Lawrence. District Manager nf tlie Office of Defense Transportation in Memphis, declared yesterday, "It Is very evident", he emphasized, "that, the demands of the war will prevent any extensive replace-, mem of civilian automotive vehicles during the months ahead. The few trucks and buses that can be built will lie needed for critical replacements." A stockpile of new tola model trucks and automobiles lia.s been liraelicnlly exhausted. The 19H schedule of tieiv manufacture included 61.000 medium weight trucks, 24,(JGO heavy trucks and 3.8,000 Irailers. Only about 25 per cent of Ihcse trucks arc .scheduled for production during the first half of 10-44, and no resumption of passenger car production is now contemplated. .. . • "If this production schedule is measured against, a normal and accumulated demand for more than n million trucks alone," said Mr. Lawrence, "II is obvious that no truck owner should be encouraged to expect that lie will automatically obtain a new'truck as a replacement for the worn-out or ont-mod- C(j truck which lie now owns." Despite this pessimistic oultook, however, there is a , blighter side. The replacement pails situation is better. With more adequate supply eT parts which should be available JWs year, the nation's trucks and »Mtomobilcs can be kept in operation by minimum overhauling and by regular preventive maintenance. While this improved situation will not mean that there will be a generous supply of parts on every dealer's shelves for all vehicles, the supply should permit an orderly overhaul of essential trucks said Mr. Lawrence. N OTIC E Notice is hereby given that tlie undersigned will within the time fixed, by uaw apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell beer at retail at 707 Chickasawba Ave., Blythcville, Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he is .1 citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character,'that he lias never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by tlie undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the tinder- signed lias never been convicted of violating tlie laws of "this stale, or any other state, relating to.llie'salc of alcoholic liquors. Elbcrl Huffman. Subscribed and sworn lo before me this n'dny of May, 1944. Samuel P. Noi-ris (Seal) Nolary Public. My commission expires Sept 8 1M6. • • ft' 'Notice of a-»- -Notice is hereby given that the undersigned mort- gagee in a mortgage executed by O. C. Baker to the United States on the 21 day of March, 194-)'and duly filed in the ofiicc of the Recorder in am! for Mississippi County, Arkansas; tlie said O. C. Baker having waived all rights of appraisement, sale and redemption under the laws of the State of Arkansas; pursuant to the jwwers granted under the terms of the aforementioned mortgage, and by the laws of the State of Arkansas,'Will on the I3th day of Stay, 1944, between the hours of 9 , o'clock in.tlie forenoon and 5 o'clock in the afternoon of said date, at| Missco, 0 miles West of Wilson, in the County of Mississippi, State of Arkansas, offer for sale to the highest and best bidder for cash, the following described property, to-wit: 1 Blue Jersey Cow, 1 John Deere iniclitlebuslcr, I John Deere Cultivator. 2-collars and 2 seU plow gear, 1 John Deere Wagon, sweeps. Witness my hand Ihis (he 17th day of >«, 1044, United Stales of America; by Hobcrt W. Downs, County Supervisor. Notice of Sale Notice is hereby given thai the undersigned mort- gagee in n mortgage executed by Emory Williams to the United States oh the 24 day of March, 1914 and duly filed in the office of the H.kcorcler in and for Mississippi BLYTHEVJLLIi (AUK.) COURIER NEWS . ffif' Beochhe'cid Operation The photo above shows a tense moment under (be elcclrie light o( emergency operating room in evacuation hospital on beachhead as, under constant danger ot German bombardment, Capt. Donald Wrork, left, celebrated Rockford, 111., brain surgeon, performs a lielicale operation. I'alicnl is soldier who sustained licnd wounds from shrapnel. Example 'of German Jitters German jitters over (he known strength and fierceness of France's underground army find cxpressio" in fiequcnt roundups of civilians in hope of finding members of the "Maquis" or eudence of anti-Nazi activity. The photo above shows a German patrol watched by the officer in charge, as they search bUbpcUccl Henchmen. (Photo from March of Time's "Underground Report" from _,• NEA.j. , , County, Arkansas: 'the said Emory Williams'-'having waived all right;; of appraisement, sale and redemption under tlie laws of the State of Arkansas; pursuant to the powers granted under the terms of the aforementioned mortgage, and by the laws of the State of Arkansas, will on. the Iflth day. of May, 19-M, between the hours of Q o'clock in the forenoon and 5 o'clock In the afternoon of said date, at Missco 9 miles w. of Wilson, in the County of Mississippi, State of Arkansas, offer for sale to tlie highest and best bidder for cash,- the following described property, to-wit; 1 Black Horse Mule, 1 Brown Horse Mule, 1 Yellow Jersey Cow, 1 Wagon, 1 John Deere Cultivator, 1 Case middlebus- tcr, 1 John Deere Turning Plow, 1 Shopmadc Harrow, 1 Avcry Planter, 2 collars and 2 sets plow gear. Witness my hand this the nth day of Ma}-, 1944, United States of America, by Robert W. Downs, County Supervisor. Nolicc or Snle^Notlce Is hereby given that the undersigned mort- gagee in a mortgage executed by w. H. Stiirdivjint to the United States on the 23 day pi March, 1D44, nrkl duly filed-iiv tire-office'bl Me-Recorder in and.lor Mississippi County. Arkansas; tlie said W. H. Sturdi- vaiit having waived i\ll rights of ap- lirnlseincnt, sale and redemption under llic laws of the sfate of Arkansas; pursuant . to the powers granted under Ihe terms of the aforementioned- mortgage, aii.l by the laws of the State of Arkansas, will on (lie 19 day of May, 19-M, between the hours" of 9 o'clock hi the forenoon and 5 o'clock in the afternoon of said date, at Missco, 9 miles \Vcst of Wilson, in the County of Mississippi, State of Arkansas, offer for sale to the highest and tet bidder for cash, the following described property, to-wit: 1 lilack AInre, 1 Sorrel Mare, 1 sliopmartc Trailer; 1 Moline Cultivator, 1 John Deere Breaking Plow. 1 set harness, 1 National Cooker, 1 McCormici-- Deering Mtddlebuster, 1 Moline Planter, 1 Iron Beam Single stoi* Witness ray hand tills the 17 day of May, 1DH United States of America By Robert w. Downs, County 'Supervisor. Read Courier News Wmit Ads. tlMES, indeed, HAVE CHANGED' Remember... it wosn'l so long ago... when you could step into your favorMc food 5 , 0 ,e ond load your shopping bog w llh that good old/JtW»-Cal SU p, < ^^.Chili Hoi Brown B ea n s , SDaghclt., Hominy, Tomoio Juice? There v,er e over a score of JfWQHAr Finer Foods on display from which to selecl whol sorjed your fancy. Why, you could pick any of them ol rondom, knowing they were jusl chock full of zcsf and flavor thai can come only from fines! ffesh vegclobles prepared by folb who know how .. .and care! No, Ihose limes arc nol gone forever. Our Boys (and our Girls in ine services, loo) will bring us p cocc agoifl ;„ duc fm ^ ^ Ihe shorlagw we must now endure will be forgollen. In Ihe mean lime; our factories are busy ond our workers ore keep, ing in practice producing all we con to help Peace come sooner. We lhank you all ... housewives,'relailers and distributors who so umlerslar.dingly are bearing wilh us during lhe;c ti'mei of enforced shortages. THEG. S. SUPPIGER COMPANY G. S, Suppigcr, Prcj. ST.'LOUIS MISSOURI •.llavlllt..™;,.. Cc nv .,,.,|nA\ Coll,nsy,IU,lll.,, Ml. Summil, Cnd. H. D. Richardson In Second Battle ' Of Bougainville WITH THE AMERICAN (CX) BOUC.AINVIU.E — Richardson. 28, sou DIVISION AT t'fc Howe D. of Mr. and Mrs. G, W. lilchiu'dson, IfiOl W. Vine slreel, Hlylhevllle, Ark., has returned from Ihe jicw fronlltnes of Ihe enlarged Empress Augusta liny benchhend whore he wns engaged in an important operation In the second baltle of Itougutnvillo which forced the Jap- .inese into the Interior jungle on a broad front, lilehardson is assigned to Ihe eomimmlcalions section of an lu- fiinlry battalion which is seeing Us -ccond mnjor nction In (lie South 1'nclfie wnr llienler. A veteran of the battle of Guadalcanal 'who has been overseas for 2fi mhiths. Richardson hns received Ihe Combat Infantryman's Badge for the satisfactory performance of his duty In military operations. Tho regiment lo -which lie belong!;, (lie first U.S. iirmy troops lo see offensive action in World Wnr If, was cited by tho President lust year for gajliuitry in action on Ihe 'Canal. SiirhiR Urines l*octrv STIUAVATKIl, Minn. ' tup) — 'Ihe mlvcnl of spring hns Inspired n wnvn of poetry writing by himatcs ot the slate prison here and n current Issue of tlie prison paper, the Mirror, carries two full pages of poems. Some of the titles were "Soliloquy," ."Nightfall." A Rainy Day In May." "Buy War Bonds," "Dream Rendezvous," "lie hi lid Prison Walls." "River of Years" and "Hitlers Prayer" The "longest- poem was called "Blbtiomancy Perception." Political ;•;.' Announcements Tt.e Courier News IIM bten »u- thorlzcd to announce the following candidacies, subject to th« Demo- crallc primary In August: ' STATB KEI'IiKSENTATIVE ALENE WOKO (for re-election, Post No. 2) W. J. WUNDERUCH .'' (for rc-elccllon. Post No. 1) J. LEE DEARDEN (for re-eleclloii, Post No. 3) LUGIEN E. COLEMAN E. C. "GENE" FLEEMAN (Post No. 4) SHERIFF AND COIXEOTOB HALE JACKSON (for re-eleotlon) W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON COUNT1T TKEASURKK R. B. (SKEET) STOUT MISS DELLA PURTLE COUNTS JUDGE ROLAND GREEN (for re-election) C1KCUIT COUKT C'f.KKR HARVEY MORRiq (For re-election) '•' COUNTY CLEBKii •• T. W. POTTER * (for re-eleetlcin) P.AGE SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON wv WILLIAM u. <;iuu>v, n. ». Corinth was culled "the eve of Circcce." Situated on the south side pf Hie Isthmus between the uiatn- liind luiil the IVlopoiuieslun IVnln- «ula, it WHS on the gmil lines of trade and travel between the cast nnd.the west in NIC ancient world, nml wa.t a elly of domlnntlni; importance. Athens excelled it ns an educational center, but otherwise it ( was the chief city of Greece, 'Hie city was destroyed by tho Homiuis I,, 14f! u. c.. but exnclly u hundred years Inter Julius CneSav restored it nnd mnde it n Hoimm colony. -Hie population In Paul's lime iv«.s piinly Koiimn, partly Greek, nnd partly Jewish, wllh the additional mixture of races usually found | n n seaport. In this cily Paul remained a year nl n half (InrliiR his second inl.s-- slonury journey. Here lie met Aqulln nnd I'rJsciliii, nn( | lived w l(h them, working at his craft, for they were tcntmakere. ti c spoke at first In the synagogue, but us Inleiisu opposflkm developed on (lie piul of some of the Jews. Paul lurned lo the Gcnllles, However, a number of Hie Jews, Including (he ruler ot the synagogue, Cilspus, iicccplcd Paul's 'teaching, nnd Joined the Christian group. The Christians met for woishlp In the house of Justus, which adjoined (lie synagogue, and (here was much opposition on Die pail ot unbelieving- jews. Tlie situation was tie-1 unlike Hint lit nlnmsl every use, but the persecution In Corlntli seems to IIHVC been particularly Intolerant and biltci-. In view of all tills It Is noteworthy Hint the highest note In Paul's letters to (lie fJorlnthliniK, the longest thai lie wrote, Is the sermon on Love In Ihe famous Thirteenth Chapter of the First Kpislle. in recollection of all that his enemies had sought lo do asulnsi him, Pn«| might | mvc snug n song of hate, or at least have poured out moral Indignation. In- stend lie wrote of l-ove us the greatest of all things, and ns wo read the story in Acts 18, nnd .sec how loveless 'aiid hntoful were I he efforts to destroy Paul, various iired Husbands! Rundown Wives! Want New Pep, Vim> Energy? 'rVI 11 v "* llli: lWM«vfVt,r>^ B of Vlnmlu Ih out. oiilcr tlitin intiT yraii. 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Love "sitffeiTlh loni! inn) is kind"' "Is not easily provoked 11 ; "H no fivll" "ucjirelh nil Ihlnij.v" What wonderful words tioiu a mail who. hud stiffm-it su emi'lly from tlmse whose IlioughLs anil ways wei'« Just the opposlle. The church at Corlnlli WHS faced with all the problems of ilu> oiirly church wllh which Iho NOW Tiv,i«- nu'iil as 11 whole has made us fa- nillliir. Tlii-rc were lluise, evidently at- Imelod by •wine phase of tin' new religion, who fulled ti> -mill/,; Us moral ileinaiuls, , or who eiuTtal over Into their new nsMidatlon iiU-ns nnd way.s more lyiilcal of Ilio pagan community, ilieiv weir .such probli'ius as the culliii; or meal offered to Iduls. nnd (here wcro divisions mill .strife, siicli nsclmrches hare displayed nil tlmiurjh tht> hts- Itiry of ChrlsU'iidoin. Hence, (he Kiilslles to the Corinthians offer 'us tlur must lull- M'd'hllcrSfenWs" Plan Activities Graduation Week MANILA, Ark., Mny 18~Tlic till- mint senior picnic, (o t)c held lo- nuiriow will liinuuurnlc sonlor uc- tlvitli'.'i for conunnicumciit i^cck for meiiibei's of lite gimliiatliijj elnss of Mnnlln llltjh School. Hnccnlniu'ciiti! services will- l;o lii'lcl Hiimlfty nltci'tioon, 2:30 o'clock, nl the BiiiHIst cliiircli, wltli the llcv. Ii-viii M, I'llucc us si>e«ker. C'luss mvmbvrK will be cnlcrinlnc<( Moiuliiv niijlil wilh n Ihciitoi- ]iar- ly Blvcn by Mrs. 'U'nijiie, with clnss nlKlil folliwcil hy u fornml reccp- ilon KI lio held 'nic.siluy nlyiii ul ilw KiOiuol nii(lltuV|iui)i Uiminienri'iiu'iil exercises will he lii'M 'I'liui'Mluy night,iMny 25 ill 8 o'clock, »| llic'"iiii(llUH'luiii, when llH> aililre.s,s will, lie Blvi'ii by J. P, Woiiiuck. ; Miss L« Wiuidn lluck will 1)0 Jiinln iilclnve of Hie early cliiircli In ill) Ms ri'iilkni. class G'liinfbrd,. Milut,alorlan. •• •• Senior memorial, ttils~>c'ar Is a Khool drinking fountain, ,, When v-mall Is used, one trans-' iwil nltme tan do the work of*K) iiimltu planes carry Infe the eain*' "umber If regular airmail i«fteA?* YOU PAY MORE FOR EXTRA-MILEAGE RECAPPING "6 '.70 (You Furnish Ilecniip.iblc Tires) Our cxiici'ts use tlie finest'Goad- ywir hnilcriuls niul moiliods to give' your 'smoolliies' sfil'o, sure-footed treads for ninny more miles. Doil't talto chancGs with a tread bare tire . . . bring it in today for fast, low- cost recapping. ; No certificate needed. I/TRUCKERS We'll give you 1-ccapping that's clean as a whistle, < sells for a ao »e- Type "A" or "B" GOOD/YEAR TIRES NOTHING SYNTHETIC BUT THE RUBBER 1Q.50 plus 17 ,(ax |6..iO\16) Rig, good-looking Goodyears with the famous .safe, silent tread design and the strong, rccappnbta carcass of low-stretch Supcrlwist Cord, Ijiu'it to give you a longer run for your money—nothing synthetic but the rubber. We've got 'em, so when you see a certificate, see us. SAVE! EXPERT TIRE REPAIRS See us for fust, Jow-cost w, , pairs that may 4.'50 ••>''. *' savo your tire. | Good tubes save tires . . . don't risk needless 'flats' with poor tubes when your certificflte entitles you to today's beat... a new Goodyear Synthetic Rubber Tube, ~' ~ INNER TUBES 5.65 J (600x16) MERCURY BICYCLES.. .31.18 (Plus Tax) GOODYEAR BATTERIES.... I^r A Complete Line of Car and Home Supplies. GOOD/YEAR " TIRES " GOODYEAR I / .Vl '.;I;5 : J!M?' ^S'S 1 ' 410 W;-Mttitt'IM fe'l; Phone 2492

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