The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX III ID I 7-7 Score Fails To Reveal Excilemeiil Of 1927 Rose Bo\v! Game RV STEVE MrOlS'NIS (llnltfd Press Staff Corrotpondwil) BIRMINGHAM,'Ala. (Ul')—Alabama's crimson 'llde, eastern representative In the New Year's Day Rose Bowl fcotfcali •game, played one o! Ui» mast thrilling gomes of the Pasadena series In lying n 7-7 score with Stanford In 1927. It was In that,year tliat Coach Wallace Wade hnd taken his toys to the bowl for u second iiicMsslvi' time. ' Stanford, led by tlle versatile Bifr Hoffman, Tricky Ulck Hyland, Bogue jind Sliljikcy, lind played brilliantly. H «ns' true lliat lhe Cards-had failed lo cash numerous scoring opportunities, Penalties had set them back frequently, A blocked punt had cost them victory The Kick-Off Pearcc, of the Tide, kicked onto Walker, ai,-,nford end, who <!io\e tack 5 to Ills J5 Hodman hurled a long' pa.« to Sblpkcy Bogiic and Hoffman made first down Hylaiul circled end lo HIP Tide S. On fourl-h down, with 6 yards to go, Bbgne tried for a field goal frpr/i placement, but failed Hyjimri /imblcd Barnes' long punt bin ShlpJ.ey recoiercd for the Cnrd.> on his 27 Short, flal pns^(.<; iram uomnnn t-JOk the Waratr charge.'! to mlfl- neld Hoftumn fumbled, and leaue of the Pde recovered on i«!s 10 Wlnslctl, All-America Alabama end, made fust down Boguc inteuepted WUlotts pats aim •»es t.wTied by mis on the Stan >oia 19 Hoffman passed liom his 17 ic, Shlpkej On .\ fare p'aj Hjland got 11 at right end cogue added 5 through (he line Hoffman lo Bhipkej mado it Hist dmn Bo"ue passed to Walkci for a toiichdonn and then convened. Hoirman's second kicl; was out at uonmU t>nf Alabama took Uij ball on her I 41), as the p^iioo cudcj {.m,,^,,, 1 7, Alabama 0 iheie uas no scoi- ing m lhe ,,,(m a and thlid pci Ei-rlj in the flnnl period A ln- bnniB donnca Iisrnes punt on me Cards' 42 Hoffman and Jdogiic made 9 Hoflman punted to In/ !cr Tajlor ni'nblco, and hianioic recoured on tlie Tide 17 Bogie Wilton and Hoffman iaile« Oi ' % inches and the Tide took posscs- «on on her k Smith nmde i „ center Barnes long punt, y,ci out on tne fatanfom jj Boeue and Wilton made 8 stiuifora w,i- pemilbed 15 10 r Holding fah.pKcj" mode a brilliant calcn ol lion- man's pass, but fumbled Kecovcreil tumble Caldwell recovered lor Ala ™ ""he ^oT' e " |iafsecl 10 Blrne ' ; Walker recovciliig for Stanford' WJHon made 5 at center BOSUL adacr Uo at, th» sa me spol Hoif man failed at center ^Cupic, Pern, Alabiuu tackle, nnwm P "t WHlon meed track (a Uu, 14 «ncl coined, but the ball V.CIH over to the Tide Jimmy Jo fl" w lCC xv, Sm ' Ul "' tlle T'Le ac fleld Whulett sm,,shed center foi ^ Johrscn shattered center for ^n'f f " 1C St!n " 0rtl 7 tirilletl centc r for «aj six inches slioil ol the EO Johnson blHtfcd into cen(S to Mth h?"' drag8ins Cnr " ta with him caldncll converted a,,r'lh Ce T 0 H AlBbami1 Card] m ,1° , hCld tilc tonorall/ca Cards in their o«n territory for The ni , remnln(tw °f « bann T ^ Slanfor(1 ECIAI ' rw/crs, aeroRE W\IV IE ATftiNED 'fiE, f ;ll Hf, WATEf? UNt«R JACKBURKE AM& •TFH* CUB/ELAN? CMDUER BECAME CHAU.EM6ER OF VARD5Z BY KNOCKING Bad News for the 'Bucs By Harry Grayson DETnOIT, Dec. 7. geniuses mid mn.sler FRIDAY, n^rii^nDar^T^Aa Long, of Toledo. The match will bo held In London In the snrli a of 1030, and thc winner will C e lo (!)<> world c)lnm . -you will siewarl bologna," said Nev;cll Williams Dank.s, master of checkers, "Clicck- to engage Long or myself in nJ -"Tfllk of .spring," smiled Bank" " "" minds Is 1 jianl r>rx mid call for a calculat- - ing and vlsiiiil mind and n retcn- • Him out ID tiiei,. mntc)l ,,, <, KOW In February. 1922. U was one of the closest In history.- fitnvarl uilin c tvrtin r'o ...h. ,_. rf _ ""' L " 7, 2934 who Is 02, wliilnj., live memory," .„ drnOTi plans to write a -book on "Stewart was used to ft, end; Garland Beavers, fullback. Jack Niwby. center; Tom Mnrnhv quarterback; "Soda" Davdson quarterback; Clyde van s£i<!' enard; Jack Dale, fullback- Crelghlon, end; Olcn no*-' tn nnd end, al! of the University of Kansas, received second o, team places or mentions. "M, I'Oots" Clements, tackle' Iic«h»i Caldw.)], Halfback, totli' Art-arm, boy.s with Alabama m-ral 4"" 01 w ago also von All-America coii's'il-" SEk i'l,F dW ' iilly " lc ^ ' «- iack, Alabama; Rncker. inn-i,, T.. I-, Miniatures are thc feature of proof, so my plan eeas- nfin- 12 days in ra to bo n tbr-ory," lie explained. It mr. so coW I.nL "we mi.M • linnkfi started lo. play check-'our bmUI." dec a red I n , il £ era at L|,C age of 5. lie was mi In-jJIunJIy got'to mnV ™ i,, n ' '| „ (IHlslllVf,- youngster, and to silence omls to 6 eL It over will K of All-Amcrlm calm' ira. his father, Dr. Wellington "I'm gnlnu ,„ n, tl ,' t ,. Hromnrd Bunks, a Detroit den-1 hook. Heat is a fimdnmmHl lltt, offered nun rewards of G and roiKT'WnUI™ •• II) ('"nr."; for allowing problems ob ' tnlnod liy corros|H)ndence. IJunki allrlbiirrs his amiwlng *J-iJiu;' j .lIJt'i'- 1 s boy who went, from Urn" state to VandertfK when •• speed to Hits, for nfUr six months,' Ills father had Co nnd more dlffi-' 1 cull problems, for which he boost-1 cd lhe ante to 50 cents nnd $1. ''"Ills didn't last, long cither, for soon the prodigy was earning nearly :i.s. imicli as th<> parent. Hanks was (i when mciuiicrs of the local checker club stumbled „„.„,, ir , ,„ •n:on what they believed to be an """"""2 a white Impossible problem. Dr. Banks "/?'' .I'™"" 1 "* carted it Home, seeking to p| ny D cholcc lor ""-^ Joke on Ills .son. "If you solve this in five minutes without moving a piece, I'll give you $25, lie told thc Ijoy, "If i'oii work it out In a week by mak- l»(f a move, you get $5." "My father was positive that I couldn't mnke head or mil of the filiation If i sweated for 10 years," learned flanks. Didn't ]lavi. lo Klfwp on It Dr. Banks submitted the prob- cin Jusl before little Newell rc- Ircd. "I toy thprc In (he dnrk about 20 minutes tieforc the key move On The Outside Looking Tn By "DUKE" A Tour Year Uvular Down Pine Bln/r wa y they're awarding a white sweater to Abb " "" " "v a. unanimous :ale m;ard, who ended his career as a mcmo»r of the Kebras this season. I'- was only the S2conu lime li —""j f\iL'X'Jini(it- (*'iin PIiifT f,, i CMm,rd s,^. ^f*>* ««n t™,,, AIJ-Amcrica h\^i ,;• Irani r,inrti>rbarr|js. |> e t« Cril" "If UMi v l;-.™ w l ' ?B ! l! . ltl "'"^ mi A)l-Anir-rlcii preu f.iihni.'i-.* lhe collections of Jules Charbneau Till? Las Angles collector has a 127-word verse of the Bible on a S 0! . S'? w '?" s ! z ? °< « P'» „ --_ ~, 0 —.-,, .-..., ,,i,.i. W J H JJK, yjj £ Mlml polnl, visible only with u mlcfo-l miniatures. snTr' >£m ler ."* ms lnc '"< ) '>''''™ mil. 52 Japanese;character'"nT'i grain or.rice, 33 .elephants ,""?. on a srnal, ., wri a rd „« ;< NOTICE F. E. R; A. Workers » IIL-IULC me Key move i™- v ' uji tm-in, cnmc lo me," elucidated Banks I to lll!vp P-cnly. "I'hcre it was, as plain as tlic big!est building In the city. It nl- owcd four jumps, and enabled me o win. "I awakened my "rather in the "orning, and asked for the prob- cm. He put tho watch on me ns isuni. 'One minute,' he announced IVo, r Three.' 'Four. 1 Bui I want- J l-'i- O^L.-JI1_( tJJIJU [] nine ytars tlmt a white sweater indicative of four years of play -u. n vanity Zebra, has been B lven a Pine Blnli player. All of which goes to show what n wealth of material the Zebras have and win they always produce slate clmni- p.nii'jilp or near state championship leains. In order to nrcak in us a re»n- br Hie nrsl year lie was cll-fble for rarslty piny and to hold'his lotion nrem, a Jewish lad had School District of Missis- sippl count , Arkansas, on th 3 t day of December, 1934, nl which vote on the qucs- bv ih °, reatlrK a bmldm 8 fnd Sm f Ievilng of a '« of 9 mUls for a building fund to b- ala " y0n thc '" 500 ssue of rXr 5a >» 1«! d Yarfcro on the 31st da } of Dep m M f ' ^" cen lhe ho "« »f 2 wise In 'h 6 P M and olher nmtlrt H 1 S 5amC lnanncr "5 is S^V e l b ? !a " for h °W'"e »»- ntul school electfons WITNESS my hand and the seal « Eaid court, ti,| s 28th day o November, 1934 ' (Seal) FRED FLEEMAN, Clerk of the Coimlj court of Mississippi county, Ar xans&s YABBRO SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS By Jno W. Widner, President, By B. B Akin, Secretary. 30-7-14-21-28 The Chicago Cuts should have an easy time taking the Pillsburfih Hues into camp , W xt ycar-at least, when Te.v. Carleton is on the' The former Cardinal hnrler. annexed in a recent deal, Is some bucknroo nen It comes lo limiting bucks of (lie deer family, nnd he's shown above at Fort, Worth, Texas, will, one he shot In Mexico NOTICE OP SPECIAL SC1I001, ELECTION IN C10SNELL SPECIAL, SCHOOL DISTRICT NO fi OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Notice is hereby given that thc -ounly Court ol Xjisslssippl Comity, Arkansas, has called a special election to be held in Goshcll Special School • District No. 0 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on he 27th day of Dec., 1934, at ^hich the qualified electors In said School District slu.,11 vote on the ?"" t10 " of , creating a building find by the levying of a tax I ,? for " building fund o be. collected annually on the assessed valuation or the taxable property in Ule district for 30 ,„!* ., l ° repay '""owed money •uti the interest thereon of a refunding bond Issue of Stich election shall be held al Gosncll, on the 27th day of Dec.. 1934, between the hours of 2 P. M., nnd C P. M, nnd otherwise in the same manner ns Is provided by law for holding annual school elections WITNESS my hand and the seal of said Court, this 22nd driy of Nov. 1934. 3 (Seal) FRED FLEEMAN, Clerk of (ho county Court of Mississippi County, Af- kansas. GOSNELL SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO B, OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. By M. E. Cook, President By O. C. Wadley, Secretary 23-30-7-14-21 The male and female albatross Now Lovalcd at 101 \orth Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor ed to make It look hard, and didn't point out the move until he called 'Four minutes and 30 seconds' "Dad gave me iio more problems." ' ' Thus, geniuses, If nny, arc developed—some!Imas at the age of , ., ••, ,; -' "«••> giving oima- -•old exhibitions In lhe neighborhood He started giving public ex- 1W Ions al 13. and has been at It almost continually since was 16 He is -17 now. Unnks, who claims lhe world checker championship, is the onlv topnotch checker player who has master chess kmr- laincnts and nmVte'.good scores "" won one of (he Uvo matches -ik J. Marshall, the American chess champion, lost in a'national foiirnnmerit a i,air _dozen years Checkers and chess require slm- '»• minds, although -mighty frw icrsons mix tlicm. "Checkr-rs is the more cvacl Same," asserted Banks: "Chess is imre Complicated in (he mid•1-V i>f EThlWIion Players -.n exhibition pli!V( , r a ° e ,"" '* checkers or chess. Noise and con 'nslon bother him not at an Banks calls his moves in sinud neons matches while riancins hv ":, *> 0:lra -> w«h a partner. •"""oT'^r n f ° pw nr ° eon - chew \ R , t ,H 1<!s " l b ° lh ct '«kers nnd C " CM - m<t . t a Bnnii- of pocket bill-1 on lhe side. He has run too I 5 mnmss at pocket billiards' '"dor hose circumstances. He al•> racels al billiards. Banks established n world speed, record-no simultaneous games u! I iiinnics—at thc Century O f 'ss last year, winniiio m rrt ,..r n - .. '"""o lo.t OW '" n " He lioitts the speed record for' i.1 exhibitions, having Tot , heckers. 35 al chess, and plav checkers blindfolclecl with "l» o hers-all in 3 hours and 55 ,,,i ' S-^^ ' °"' 1> " rt Banks established blindfold Peed record for checkers "^ me n. nn< i drnwin m „ 2 hours and 35 minutes. The prc- oi« record In a similar exhibition that produced creditable scores was 6!i hours. , Turn on Heat Next Trip Hobert Stewart, of Scotland has agreed lo meet the winner of a Arkansas All-Americans Hoarding ihc ] ar ge number of College football stars who started >laym» tlie grid Kame in Arkansas »!n schools, a Joiiesboro Tribune columnist m-ites o f AIl-Americns '-cm Arkansas: "Naturally, Schoonovcr. Hutson . , ,^ , .j^,.uu,,c,n.-i, i-iticson i!i(l Dalrymple head the list since licy were unanimous choices How- wr. a large number of otiier Won- ic-r state immortals share in tlie rational spotlight. .Yaudell H o aet , liiarterback; Ciiarl! s Corgan eiiti"-' 'Yes sir Prestone is guaranteed' YOU NKRDN'T FEAR FRRB/IN« WKATH15R WITH PRESTONK IN YOUR RADIATOR. i$2.95 Gallon Rust-Proof q> 4 Alcohol. Gallon 9 •"> PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 777 QUICK SERVICE STA. TAX PAYERSfNOTICE Paving No. 1 Sewer No. 1 Sewer No. 2 TAXES Arc Now Due ant) Payable af jjy Office G. G. CAUDILL Collector j_06 N. Broadway Mko; Again fjufll dwHi, n, m ., K U ie IVIDune wrii- Will : ;il) (linse who cashed /(heir '•'. B. R. A. cdccks ;it our slorc on Nnvomher I nth [itensc Hnip | )y and , ;;ivc us Ijjejj- names lts these thodta : have Ijocn lost. Thank you. 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